Akatsuki no Naruto

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Now before I start this chapter, I want to tell you guys something. Before, I showed you sweet, heart-warming, or as some may call, sappy. But now you are going to be introduced to Naruto's profession. Assassination. I just wanted to warn you all that there will be blood, gore and some brutal kills in this chapter and future ones. Thank you for your time and now without further ado, I present chapter 3

Chapter 3: the jinchuriki of Takigakure and Redemption

In a secured area, there were guards everywhere. Their job, protect this man who helps fund Otogakure with supplies, in exchange, he gets money, land, and all the woman he wants.

Inside a hallway, two guards were conversing with each other.

"So who are we supposed to protect this guy from?" one guard said.

"You know, assassins, angry mobs, the usual." The other said.

"I don't see why Orochimaru-sama doesn't kill this guy."

"Probably because the old snake bastard's really desperate." Said a voice.

"What? What'd you say?" one of the guards looked at the other, but watched in horror as blood flowed down his mouth and nose and then slowly his head fell off from his neck. The guard was so scared that he wanted to scream, but he never got the chance, as a hand burst through his chest, holding his heart, before crushing it. After the hand was ripped out, the dead guard fell onto the floor in a pool of his and the other guard's blood.

Standing over the bodies was a man wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it and hood over his head. He looked down at the corpses with red glowing eyes. "Pitiful scum." He said before he disappeared.


"Alright everyone, look alive." An Oto-nin wearing bulky armor addressing to twenty other Oto-nin; no doubt he was in command of them. "We are to protect this man with our very lives and-" but before he could finish, he was crushed by a hooded man landing on him and was stabbed through the head with a kunai. The man twisted and turned the kunai really getting into the brains.

The twenty oto-nin looked in horror as their commander was killed effortlessly. The man slowly stood up reveal his red glowing eyes and what looked like horns coming out of his head. The oto-nin were scared shitless as they all thought he was a demon. The man cracked his neck making them jump at the sounds of his bones crunching. The man stared at them not saying a word, frightening them. Then suddenly two trench knives came out of his sleeves and into his grip. The man just stared at them and said.

"It's my lucky day." He said darkly with excitement as chakra manifested into the blades extending them into long swords made of chakra. The man then dashed at them and started massacring them.

A frightened oto-nin fell to the floor and scrambled to the wall as he saw his fellow shinobi get massacred. The hooded man hacked through them all, cutting their limbs off and decapitating them. He saw the man stab both of the eyes of an oto-nin and left him screaming on the floor bleeding out. He saw him grab one of their heads and snapped their neck effortlessly. He saw hit cut one of the oto-nin's arms off and grabbed it just to repeatedly beat another oto-nin with it into a bloody pulp. He saw pierce his hand straight into an oto-nin's back and rip his spine out, to then stabbed another oto-nin through the head with the vertebrae. Never had he seen such horror, and he was a jounin. There only stood one more oto-nin, besides him, who stood with a kunai in his hand, but he was trembling like a leaf. Just like him, this oto-nin was frightened of the demon man.

The hooded man just stood there like a statue, no… like a hawk eyeing it's prey, toying with it with fear. Just looking at him with those soulless eyes, just made the oto-nin feel like voiding his bowels, before his death even came. As the oto-nin stared into his eyes, he felt he was staring straight into depths of hell. Seeing the fires of destruction and torturous horror inside those eyes. Taunting him, haunting him with the horrible actions he had done over the years. It was too much for. Too Much! He Couldn't Take It Anymore! The oto-nin stabbed himself in the throat. He committed suicide out of fear that was only influenced by a single stare.

"Pathetic scum. Committing suicide from just a stare, how pitiful. But then again… you weren't the first." The hooded man said.

The oto-nin watched in horror as the hooded man approached him. In fear, the oto-nin grabbed his legs and started to quiver in a fetal position. The hooded man stopped in front of the oto-nin and crouched in front of him with his red glowing eyes staring at his own. "Where is he?" the hooded man demanded answers.

"H-he's Just Behind That Door!" the oto-nin quickly answered with fear evident in his voice.

"…Thank you" the man thanked him, before he stabbed him in the brain with a kunai.

On the other side of the door, a man in a green business suit who had a bit of a girth and only had hair around the dome of his head, but not the top, was trying to rape a girl, who kept kicking and crying. Suddenly the door was kicked open.

"What The Hell?!" the green suited man yelled. There entering the room was a hooded man, whose only part of his face that was showing were his red soulless eyes and horns at the top of his head. The suited man was paralyzed with fear, thinking that this thing must be the Shinigami. The girl he was holding took the opportunity of getting out of his hold by kicking him in the groin. She then ran out of the room, running straight pass the hooded man who just stood there staring at the suited scumbag, holding his crotch.

"Who The Fuck Are You?!" the suited man yelled. Suddenly he heard the girl who kicked him scream. He looked passed the hooded man to see the bodies of the oto-nin that were supposed to protect. He looked on in fear as he saw all the brutal ways they were killed. He then noticed the man walking towards him. Reacting in fear, the suited man grabbed a kunai. "Stay Away! I May Not Look It, But I Am Pretty Handy With A Kunai! Do You Know Who I Am?!"

"Kaizo Yurio, weapons supplier, loves to torture innocence in private and rape young girls and women, not caring for age. You are funding otogakure for protection. A very foolish decision." The hooded man said in a monotone voice.

Kaizo was shaking like a leaf. This man, no, this thing, knew who he was, and what he loves to do. He was scared shitless. The hooded man stopped right in front of him and stared at him with his soulless eyes.

"Now kit." The hooded man said. Suddenly a fox kit jumped out of the top of the man's hood and bit onto Kaizo's neck sending him to the ground. The fox kit bit so deep into his neck that as it pulled away, he ripped a chunk of meat from Kaizo's neck.

Kaizo screamed as he grabbed his wounded bleeding neck. He tried to grab the kunai that was on the floor, but the horned man slammed his foot on Kaizo's arm. Kaizo looked up at the man, only to be frozen in fear as he saw what he looked like without his hood. He saw what looked like a mask; it looked demonic. It had a pair of horns on the top of it's head, a spike coming out of the chin, two pairs of fangs, one pair on his top teeth and another on the bottom, a pair of nostrils, but no nose, and finally, bandage wrappings over his eyes, but you could still see the red glow of his eyes. Kaizo was so terrified, that he voided his bowels.

The masked man firmly placed his foot on Kaizo's elbow and then grabbed his forearm. Kaizo knew what he was planning to do.

"No… no… no, no, no, no, no, no" the masked man then pulled the forearm, ripping it out from it's socket, making it bend the wrong way. Kaizo screamed at the top of his lungs that everyone in the area heard it.

The demon man grabbed Kaizo and slammed his head onto the corner of a table, making it bleed, then slammed his face through the nearest window, cutting his entire face, making it bleed.

Kaizo's bleeding was then turned toward the demon man, facing him. The last thing Kaizo ever saw was the demon's face and his soul piercing eyes, before the demon man took his thumbs and stabbed them right through Kaizo's eyes, gouging them. Kaizo kept on screaming at the intense pain he was feeling, but he was silenced for good when the demon man twisted Kaizo's head, successfully snapping his neck.

The demon man released Kaizo, letting him fall to the ground. The demon man stared at the corpse with his soulless glowing red eyes. The young fox kit walked by his side staring at the corpse as well. The demon man reached a finger into his earhole and said "Mission accomplished. Target: Kaizo Yurio, has been eliminated."

"Roger that Hashi. Meet you back at base." Said a male voice on the other line of the earcom he had.

Hashi bent down and grabbed the fox kit and placed him on his head, then pulled the hood over him and his head. Hashi then turned to see the girl still there, frozen in fear at the sight of the bodies in front of her. He made his way to her and touched her shoulder, making her flinch. "Let's get you out of here." Hashi said as he and the girl were engulfed in a yellow flash.

Oto-nin ran all the way towards where they heard the scream to see the corpses of the oto-nin that were assigned to protect Kaizo. The oto-nin froze in horror and disgust at the sight, some even puked. Some of them got out of their horrified state.

"Check the bodies" said an oto-nin wearing bulky armor and a giant rope tied in a knot around his waist ordered.

"Yes, general Dai." The ones who got out of their daze said. Dai looked at the bodies with a glare; whoever did this was skilled and a master at killing.

"General Dai. You better come and see this, sir." said one of the oto-nins. Dai made his walked into the next room to see the bloody, man handled corpse of Kaizo Yurio. "Looks like the work of an assassin, a rather sloppy one." Dai said "Well boys that only leaves one question." they all turned to him "Who's going to be the lucky one to tell Orocimaru-sama about Kaizo's unfortunate happening." Everyone froze.

"S-shouldn't you be the one to do that, sir?" asked an oto-nin.

"I have other things that I must attend to. But you on the other hand seem to have some free time on your hands. You tell Orochimaru-sama." Dai said.

"But sir-" the oto-nin was cut off by a stab to the throat.

"Never talk back to your commanding officer." Dai said as he ripped his kunai out of the now dead oto-nin's neck. He turned around and pointed at another oto-nin. "You there. You tell Orochimaru-sama." The chosen oto-nin gulped.

"Y-yes, Genera Dai." He answered in fear of getting stabbed to death as well.

Far away from the area, a flash of gold appeared and as it vanished, in it's place was Hashi and the girl. The girl moved away from Hashi and just stared at him.

"You are free now. Go back to your village. A new dawn is entering the world." And with that, Hashi vanished in a flash of yellow light. The girl cried tears of joy and had a happy smile on her face.

"Arigatou" the young girl said, as she then made her way back to her home village nearby.


Hashi and the fox kit made their way back to the base, where he met Yahiko and Obito.

"It is done." Hashi said in monotone.

"Good." Yahiko said. "And could you show a little emotion in your voice."

"Hashi is a soldier for peace who must never show emotion." Hashi said.

"Oh cut the crap Naruto, and take that damn thing off." Obito said.

Hashi sighed and took unwrapped the ribbons that were tying his mask up, and took his mask off to reveal a smiling, sun kissed blonde haired teen with whisker mark-like birth marks, three on each cheek, and the left side of his face crushed on his forehead, chin and the bottom of his lips. "Sorry, I just get real into my character."

"Just ease up, okay." Obito said.

"This coming from a guy who acts like a complete child when he puts on his mask." Naruto said with a grin.

"He's got you there, 'Tobi'" Yahiko said with a smirk.

"That's Obito." Obito said. "Come on Naruto, better head home so Rin can clean the blood off of your cloak."

"Uh, can you just clean it off with a Water jutsu?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto, I'm a Katon user, I don't know a single Water jutsu." Obito said.

"You got to know some kind of Water jutsu." Naruto said in a bit of desperation.

"Uh… something wrong at home?" Yahiko asked.

"Rin-chan has been a bit on edge lately, for some reason. And she doesn't really like it when Naruto gets his clothes all dirty." Obito said with nervous smile.

"Oh come on, it can't be that bad." Yahiko said.


"How Many Times Have I Told You Not To Dirty Your Clothes?!" Rin yelled making Naruto flinch from fear. "It's going to take me all day to clean this blood off your cloak. This is all your fault Obito."

"My fault?!" Obito exclaimed.

"Yes Your Fault, For Making Him An Assassin In The First Place!" Rin yelled at her fiancé.

"But I-"


"Yes ma'am" Obito said and sat in silence, like an obedient dog.

"Who put a bee in her underwear?" Naruto whispered to Obito.

"What Was That?!" Rin yelled making Naruto flinch.

"Nothing ma'am." he quickly said putting his hands up defensively. Obito and Mamoru snickered at the sight, but stopped when Rin hit him in the head with a frying pan.

"What are you laughing at?!"

"Ow. That Hurt Damn It!" Obito exclaimed, but he started to regret it when he saw Rin start to cry. "Uh… Rin-chan, don't cry, please." But it was too late.

"I (sob) am such a (sob) horrible girlfriend." Rin cried.

"Smooth move, Casanova." Naruto said with a dull look.

"No Rin-chan, you are a perfect girlfriend; and I am lucky to have you." Obito said holding her in a hug.

"Thank you, Obito-kun." Rin said drying her tears. "I'm hungry now." she said separating from him and heading into the kitchen, leaving the two spikey haired boys and fox kit with confused looks.

"What just happened?" Naruto asked.

"Well… you see Naruto, when two people are in love, they usually… ah who am I kidding, I have no freaking idea." Obito said sitting down next to Naruto at the table. "First she's been puking constantly, then the mood swings… and now that." Obito pointed to Rin eating and onion covered in maple syrup. "I don't understand what's going on." he said placing his elbow on the table and his laid his chin on his hand.

Naruto just looked at Obito with an 'are you serious' look. 'And he says I'm an idiot.' As Rin made her way to them, Naruto just decided to take a shot in the dark. "Rin, are you pregnant?" he asked making Rin pause with a surprised look, Obito's jaw drop and Mamoru with his eyes widened.

"Oh… well, now that you mention it, yes. I wanted it to be a surprise." Rin said with a smile and scratching the back of her head. Obito froze just staring at Rin. "Obito-kun… are you alright?"

Naruto looked on with a smirk. 'Three, two, one.' Obito moved as fast as lightning, as he pulled Rin into and embrace and spinning her around with so much joy.

"We're Going To Be Parents!" Obito exclaimed with so much joy.

"Obito-kun, could you please put me down, before I vomit again." Rin asked feeling a bit dizzy.

"Oh, sorry." Obito apologized putting his fiancé down. "But I'm Just So Happy! This Is What I've Dreamed Of Since We Were Still A Part Of Team 7! I-" Obito was then shut up by Rin locking her lips with his. As they separated, Rin looked at him with a genuine smile.

"You talk too much." she said making Obito blush and smile in embarrassment while scratching the back of his head.

"Wow… I'm going to be a brother." Naruto whispered.

"What was that, Naruto-kun?" Naruto looked up to see Rin and Obito smiling at him.

"Oh, i-it was nothing Rin-chan." Naruto quickly said putting his hands up in defense. Rin and Obito just chuckled with joy, since they heard Naruto; and what he said made them happy.

Suddenly a smoke cloud appeared in the middle of the room. As it faded away, it revealed Yahiko. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything." he said.

"Yahiko? What are you doing here?" Obito asked.

"I'm here for Naruto. I've got a new mission for him." Yahiko said.

"A mission? Already?" Naruto said a bit surprised.

"But he just got back." Rin said.

"I know, but he's the only one I can think of who can really help on this one." Yahiko said. Naruto got up from his seat and went to go get his mask and cloak. "Uh, you might want to wash the blood off from those things." Yahiko suggested.

"I Know! Just Because You Are The Boss Of the Akatsuki, Doesn't Mean You Are The Boss Of My House!" Rin yelled grabbing the cloak and mask walking away with them to clean them. Yahiko had a surprised look on his face that sweet, goody-two-shoe Rin actually yelled at him like that.

"What's her problem?" Yahiko asked.

"Long story." Obito said.

"She's pregnant." Naruto just said bluntly, shocking Yahiko.

"Oh… well then, congratulations Obito." Yahiko said shaking the Uchiha's hand. "Once you get your cloak and mask back, meet me at the base." he said shushining away in a puff of smoke.

"I Heard A Poof! Would It Kill Him To Use A Different Shushin?! Open A Window For Kami's Sake!" Rin yelled from the other room.

"These are going to be a long nine months, huh?" Naruto said, getting a nod from Obito.


Naruto and Mamoru, who was on his head, arrived at the base with his cloak on and his mask in his hand. He made his way in to meet Yahiko and Obito, who arrived by his space-time jutsu no doubt. "So what's this mission?" Naruto asked.

"You are being assigned a retrieval mission." Yahiko said with authority in his voice.

"The target?" Naruto asked with a focused stare.

"The Nanbi jinchuriki."

"The Nanbi jinchuriki, eh?" Naruto said with a raised eyebrows "Permission to ask a series of questions, sir?"

"Permission granted." Yahiko agreed.

"Why am I being selected?"

"Since you are the Kyuubi jinchuriki, you have a greater chance of convincing her to join us."

"Does she still reside in Takigakure?"


"Is Kakuzu joining me to retrieve her? And if so, is Hidan joining as well."

"No. Kakuzu is an S-ranked criminal in his village. If he is seen it will cause a panic, most likely leading to frightening the Nanbi jinchuriki, which is of course, not something we wish for. Besides, Kakuzu despises his old village and holds a deep hatred for it."

"Then am I going in alone?"

"No. We are also sending Itachi and Kisame as well, just in case."

"You said I had a greater advantage of convincing her, what of Bee?"

"You are serious when you have to be and have controlled your loud and brash nature, while Bee is too eccentric that he might lose her interest in joining Akatsuki."

"What kind of opposition will I be facing?"

"Nothing, unless you cause a stir in Taki, then you will have to deal with Chunin, Jounin and ANBU. Is that all?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. You leave in a hour." as Yahiko finished Naruto grabbed Mamoru and put him in the little pouch inside his cloak and shushined away.

"That went a lot different than what I expected in my head." Obito said.

"Same here." Yahiko agreed.


Naruto packed all the essentials in his sealing scrolls and went to the base's entrance to meet with Itachi and Kisame, with Mamoru inside his cloak.

"About time you showed up gaki." Kisame said with a toothy grin.

"Are you and the guppy brain all set?" Naruto asked.

"Guppy Brain?!" Kisame exclaimed with irritation.

"Yes. We are prepared for travel." Itachi said with an emotionless expression, but on the inside he was smiling at the insult he delivered to Kisame.

"Good." Naruto said. He then put on his mask, and then suddenlt the air around Kisame and Itachi became heavy and cold. "Let us go." Hashi said emotionlessly before dashing into the trees. Itachi and Kisame followed closely, but they were shocked at the sudden change that had just happened. Naruto had done a 180 turn. He was no longer Naruto Uzumaki Senju, the golden hair kind boy with a huge happy grin and mischievous personality. Now he was Hashi no Shi, the being who has devoted his life to spilling the blood of countless lives all the name of peace.


The four set up camp after a day of traveling. They sat around the fire and started eating the pork from the boar Kisame killed earlier.

"So kid, been wondering, where'd you get the idea of that mask of yours?" Kisame asked Naruto. Naruto kept on chewing his pork before swallowing it and looking straight at Kisame.

"I got the idea from a picture of the Gedo Mazo Statue that Nagato once summoned after he went a bit… you know." Naruto looked at his mask. "I figured that since I have to wear a mask, why not one that can strike fear into pathetic maggots that are lower than scum."

"Nice." Kisame said grinning. "You still thinking about your old village and your friends."

"Pretty hard to forget when you have so many memories of them." Naruto said then touching his scarred left face. "Especially since I wake up to a piece of it I'll have forever." Mamoru went to his best friend's side and rubbed against him to try and give him comfort.

"Ah, don't whine about a little injury gaki." Kisame said. Itachi was a bit annoyed by it, since that injury is in no way little.

"Actually, I don't hate it." Naruto said surprising the three. "I consider it a blessing."

"Are you serious?" Kisame was actually surprised.

"Please, explain." Itachi said, surprising Kisame at the fact that silent emotionless Itachi, the same one he had been partners with for years, was actually interested in something that wasn't his business.

"The reason I got these scars in the first place was because I save my friends lives, at the risk of losing my own." Naruto said. "Every time I wake up in the morning, I think of all the lives I've taken over time. I don't regret it, but I always wonder; is this really me? Is this what I am destined to be? A tool for murder? Have I really sold my soul for the one thing I never wanted to become? Am I still Naruto Uzumaki?" Naruto said getting lost in thought. Itachi and Kisame pitied the kid. "But these scars help me… whenever I look into my reflection and see these; they are a reminder of who I was, what I fought for, what I believed in, who I loved. It is then I realize that no matter how much blood I spill and what actions I take, I am still Naruto Uzumaki, because I fight for, believe in, and love the same things and people. It is who I am. I also realize something that many in our respective villages never could see." The last line caught the other two's attention. "The profession I once followed is completely different from the one I now follow." Naruto said. Kisame had one of his eyebrows raised, while Itachi still had his face composed, but on the inside was curious as a child.

"Shinobi are meant to endure. Assassins are meant to kill. There is no common ground." Kisame and Itachi were shocked at his words. "A shinobi kills, but only for those he has sworn to protect, those he cares about, those he loves, those who he would never turn his back on. Assassins kill when they are told to, and only for that reason. We are not the same. And we never will be." Naruto finished.

"So then, what does that make you?" Kisame asked.

"Isn't it clear?" Naruto said. "I am Naruto Uzumaki. I fight for what I believe in. And I will die as so." Kisame and Itachi now have gained a new level of respect for the boy. Whether he was a shinobi or assassin, one thing was clear. He knew who he was. "Well isn't that nice." Naruto said looking into the sky. Itachi and Kisame looked up into the sky to see a shooting star.

"Making a wish?" Kisame asked.

"I already made one." Naruto said.


The team of four made it to Takigakure. In order to gain access into the village, the four had to go through an underwater cave system below a large waterfall. Mamoru was lucky that he was inside Naruto's cloak, or he would've been hit with by the waterfall, like last time. The place was built around a large tree, and it was very beautiful.

"This place it beautiful." Naruto said. Instead of wearing his Hashi no Shi mask, Naruto wore a mask, like the one his old sensei Kakashi usually wears, and a hat like Itachi and Kisame's. He figured that his hand made mask wasn't really the best thing to wear to make a first impression; especially when you have to convince someone who's life was very likely to be a living hell, just like his old one. "Why does Kakuzu even hate this place?"

"It's because he was assigned to assassinate your ancestor Hashirama, but failed to do so." Itachi said.

"And since he screwed up, they decided to punish him, by sending him off to jail." Kisame said.

"Really? Seems kind of harsh. I mean if everyone was afraid of Madara, then what on Kami's Earth made them think it was a good idea to kill my great, great grandpops, when he was stronger than Madara?" Naruto said folding his arms with a dull look in his eyes.

"Power, kid. It makes people go nuts." Kisame said getting a nod from Naruto in response.

"We'll scout ahead, if we see the Nanbi jinchuriki, we will inform you of her location." Itachi said, getting a nod from Naruto before he and Kisame vanish to a remote part of the village. Naruto stood there for a moment as Mamoru popped his head of the collar of the cloak.

"Want to see how the ramen is here?" Naruto said to the fox kit smiling, getting a nod from the smiling kitsune.


The two had left the local ramen stand. "Man that ramen was too watery, 'ttebayo." Naruto complained to his little partner. Mamoru yipped something to him. "Oh yeah, the Naruto fishcakes on the other hand was great. Best I've ever had."

"Naruto. Do you copy, over?" Itachi's voice rang in his head, thanks to his earcom.

"Yeah, I'm here. Did you find her?" Naruto replied.


A young girl about 15 years old with mocha colored skin ran out of a bar. She had short mint green that ended at her shoulders, it was spiky at the bottom of it, and it had an orange clip in it. Her eyes were orange. She wore a short sleeveless white midriff shirt with fishnet armor underneath, long white armlets, and fishnet shorts with a short white apron skirt over it. She also carried a cylindrical object in red wrapping on her back. She ran away with tears in her eyes, not daring to look back.

"You Never Deserved To Wear This In The First Place, You Little Slut!" yelled a random shinobi holding her hitai-ate in his hand.

"Too bad she left. I wanted to beat on her more." Another Taki shinobi said "And even though she's a demon, I wouldn't mind f-" but the shinobi suddenly went mute when he felt a surge of killer intent behind him. The two shinobi turned around to see a masked man with a straw hat sitting on a lone chair in the middle of the room, with his fingers entwined and locked with one another.

"Wouldn't mind what?" the masked man said creepily. His eyes were hidden from sight thanks to his straw hat. The two men just stayed silent, shaking like leaves. "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" the masked man said. "Oh that's right. The Nibi is in Kumo. You two, along with the rest of this place no doubt, just love to harm an innocent little insect that doesn't even bite back."

"W-What Are You Talking About?! T-That Thing Isn't Innocent!" one of the men gained their voice back, only to lose it again when the masked man spiked up his killer intent even more.

"All she does is try her best to be an excellent kunoichi, to protect her home, and gain the respect from all you, but you all just harm her and spit on her compassion and loyalty. Scum. Worthless scum, the lot of you." The masked man said with malice in his voice and anger coursing through his veins.

"Alright pal that's enough of your crap." said a huge bulky shinobi, three times the mask man's height as he grabbed his shoulder. Big mistake. The masked man grabbed the shinobi's hand and effortlessly twisted it so hard that it became loose from it's sockets. As the shinobi screamed, the masked man, moving as quickly as the wind, stood up, grabbed his chair and slammed it upside the man's jaw. The masked man then punched the man in the gut, making him vomit blood, before he was sent flying through the wall. Everyone was shocked as to how fast the mysterious man had taken down, not just a shinobi, but a jounin, like it was nothing. All the shinobi in the bar surrounded him with their kunai ready, but they were all frightened of the man. The man turned back to the first two shinobi and pointed at the hitai-ate in the first one's hand.

"Give that to me." he said.

"W-what?" the shinobi said.

"You have stolen it from her, now I am taking it back. Stripping a fellow shinobi of their own hitai-ate is disgraceful." the masked man said with a hidden glare.

"Hey, Hold Up! How do you know she didn't steal it?!" The man said pointing at the hitai-ate. The masked man pushed hit hat down, hiding his entire face.

"She is a jinchuriki. Jinchuriki fight their whole entire lives. They are bound to earn something after fight for so long, and they deserve it whole-heartedly. If you feel that they do not at all." The man then took off his hat revealing a masked face that looked demonic, complete with fangs, horns, and having a bandage wrapped around his eyes, but behind it his eyes glowed red, scaring the crap out of everyone. "Then I'll have to teach you a lesson. One that you'll never forget."


The girl from earlier sat against a wall holding her knees close to her with an emotionless expression on her face. She had her cylindrical object next to her. She had wiped away her tears as she remembered the bad things that had happened to her over her life. Her parents died from a fire from a group of hate filled villagers, she became homeless, had food tossed at her in spite, attacked by her fellow villagers, and now she was stripped of her shinobi hitai-ate after rightfully deserving it by working hard to gain it. She hated her village, and she wanted out.

'I'm getting out of here… but how?' she thought. A shadow then appeared, looming over her. The girl looked up to see a man wearing a mask that covered the bottom half of his face, and a straw hat on top of his head. He wore a black cloak that had red clouds designed on them.

"Ohayo." The man said cheerfully tipping his hat to her. The young girl just stared at the man with her emotionless expression, before looking back down to the ground. The man had a sad look in his eyes; he knew that look anywhere, after all, he once had it himself. "Not having a good day?" the man said sitting down next to her.

"Go away." She said looking the other way.

"Yeah, life hasn't been that good to me either." The man said looking down to the ground, his hat hiding his eyes. "Pain, misery, anger. Story of my life."

"What do you want?" the girl asked harshly.

"I wanted to offer you something." The man said turning his head to her.

"What?" the girl asked not really caring.

"A chance." The man said. "A chance for you to be happy. A chance to reach your full potential. A chance to belong." He said with compassion in his eyes. He then stood up and offered her his hand. "Come with me Fu, and I promise you'll be happy." Fu didn't buy what this guy was saying, he sounded suspicious. He probably was here to kill her; waiting for her to let her guard and then WHAM! No more Fu. Fu started to think on what to do, until she got it. The perfect idea to kill two birds with one stone. She smirked at her little plan.

"Okay, I'll go with you." Fu said standing up. "If, you help get my brother out of jail." Fu said crossing her arms.

"Why is your brother in jail?" the man asked.

"You know who I am, right?" Fu asked, getting a nod from the man. "Then you also know that people around here don't really like me, and the reason why." The man nodded again, but this time had a glint of sadness in his eyes. "Well since people don't like me here, they don't like my brother either. When he tried to protect me, they beat him and arrested him. I haven't seen him since I was a little girl. If you save my brother, then I'll go with you. Deal?"

"Deal." The man said with a nod. "Where is the jail."

"It's at the northeast side of the village. I heard he's on the 50th floor." Fu told him.

"I promise Fu-chan, I will get your brother back. I will meet you back here later tonight." The man said as he jumped onto a building and started making his way towards the jail. Fu was still standing there with a blush on her face, because of the suffix the mysterious man added to her name.

'Fu-chan… that's a first.'

A little away, the man landed on top of a building and looked around for anyone. When he saw the coast was clear, he went "Psst" and then suddenly a fox kit popped his head out of his cloak. "Okay Mamoru, I need you to keep an eye on Fu-chan. If anything happens, contact me through your mind link, okay?"

Mamoru jumped out of the cloak and gave a mock salute to Naruto, before running off to keep an eye on the Nanbi jinchuriki. Naruto stood up and started heading towards the village's jail.


A guard was making his patrol as he suddenly felt a spark of chakra. The guard got his katana ready as he prepared for the worst. Suddenly his world went black. Naruto stood over the man with his hand in a chopping position. He then grabbed the man's unconscious body and put it inside a nearby barrel. He poked some holes at the top of the barrel before putting him in, so that he could breathe. Naruto went into stealth mode as he then started making his way to the 50th floor. As he walked along some beams, he started to overhear what some of the guards we saying.

"Rika sure is being a pain in my ass lately." said one guard rubbing the back of his neck.

"What's it about this time?" one of the other guards asked.

"She's afraid of letting Rito go to the academy." The first guard told her.

"Your wife really needs to lighten up." said a third guard.

"I know, I-"

"Hey guys, did you hear?" said a new guard making his way to the other three.

"Hear what?" one of the other guards asked.

"Well, some shinobi from a bar took away the Nanbi brat's hitai-ate, but then some guy came out nowhere and beat them up, along with the rest of the shinobi that were in the bar." The guard told them.

"All by himself?" asked one of the other guards in astonishment.

"Yeah. It wasn't a pretty sight."

"They should have just killed the brat." Said a guard.

"well they were getting their butts kicked."

"No you baka, I'm talking about the Nanbi brat."

"Oh, yeah, I agree."

"Same here."

"Life would be better without her and the rest of her kind."

That made Naruto pissed. On impulse, he jumped down to the floor and started beating the four guards up. They didn't stand a chance. Naruto landed on one of their heads, slamming it hard on the ground. He then chopped at the back of another's neck, knocking them out, and then finally he grabbed the last two's heads and slammed them together, affectively knocking the two out. Naruto stared at them with a glare filled with rage and disgust.

"Scum, the lot of them." Naruto said as he grabbed them bodies one by one and placed them in the shadows, where no one could see them. He didn't want to use his kage bushins, just in case there was someone who could sense the chakra he'd used just to create them. After taking care of the bodies, Naruto went back into the shadows and made his way deeper into the jail. 'Being in this village. The hatred towards Fu… it reminds me of Konoha.' Naruto thought. If it wasn't for the friends that he made there, or his dream of becoming Hokage, Naruto probably would have never wanted to go back.


Itachi and Kisame were making their way to the way they came in. They spotted Fu, and saw that she was making a dash for the exit, which was where they came. As they were on her tail, a barrage of kunai was sent towards them. They were about to deflect them, but they noticed explosive tags on them. The two shushined away, and managed to escape the explosion.

"That'll cause a problem." Itachi said.

"Fine by me, let them come." Kisame said, itching for a fight.

"We can't stay here. Taki shinobi shall arrive any minute, and we cannot be spotted. We are here to get the Nanbi jinchuriki, if we fight any of the shinobi of Taki, we will deliver the wrong intentions for Akatsuki." Itachi told his sadistic partner.

"I hate it when you're right." Kisame said with a disappointed look. "What about the gakis?"

"We shall find the Nanbi jinchuriki once we find a way out of the village. And I don't believe I have to say anything else about Naruto." Itachi said.

"Not overestimating him are you?" Kisame said with a toothy grin.

"If you knew the things he has done before becoming a part of Akatsuki, then you'd understand that we don't have to worry about him now." Itachi said as he and Kisame vanished in a swirl of leaves.


Fu was running through the underwater cave system. She didn't dare look back, but if she did, she would've noticed the fox kit running after her. 'I'm almost there.' Fu thought. She had tears in her eyes. She was finally leaving the place that had never wanted anything to do with her, that hurt her, took away her parents, made her life a living hell. She was so close to freedom, that she could taste it. As she was close to the exit, Fu sprinted all the way there, until she finally made it out. 'I Did It! I'm-' but suddenly before she could even finish her thought, she was knocked out from a single punch to the face.

Mamoru ran out of the underwater cave system in time to see Fu being taken away by a giant man wearing bulky armor that cover his entire body, and four oto-nin by his side. The armored man had a giant war hammer on his back, what looked like a traditional samurai helmet over his head, and Fu sling over his shoulder. Mamoru looked at them with one thought on his mind. 'This can't be good.'


A guard was whistling a tune as he swung his key around his finger.

"Would You Stop Whistling, Goddammit!" another guard yelled at the whistling one, who just ignored him and kept on whistling. "Honestly Daibo, I just wish you would-" suddenly the guard heard a wail and turned around to see Daibo was gone. "Disappear…" before the guard could even take out his katana, he was attack from behind and left unconscious.

Naruto had the keys Daibo had in his hands, as he looked down at the unconscious guard. Naruto walked down the hall to see all the criminals who were behind bars, but none of them had mint green hair, orange eyes, or mocha colored skin.

"Well look at you good looking." Said a filthy convict with long greasy black hair holding the bars and having his face stick out. "You got a firm and delicious body there. How 'bout bringing it over." The criminal said making kissy noises.

"You a rapist?" Naruto asked, but had a strong feeling he was correct.

"And murderer, why? That turn ya-" but before he could even finish his sentence, Naruto stabbed him in both his eyes with his index and middle finger, piercing through them. The convict screamed at the pain, and then screamed even louder as they were ripped out. Naruto had his Hashi mask on, he put it on as quick as lightning. He had the eyes of the convict in his hands.

"Hmm, I wonder. Tell me if you can see this." Naruto said as he released the two eyeballs from his grip, letting them fall, then stomping on them. The man just kept on screaming as he held his empty eye sockets and lay on the floor, bleeding out. "Is that a yes or a no?" Hashi joked as he watched the criminal, who was in agony. Hashi turned around towards another criminal who was frightened out of his wits. Hashi appeared in front of his cell and grabbed the convict by the shirt and brought him to the bars so he could be face-to-mask with the criminal. "Where is the Nanbi jinchuriki's brother?"

"What are you talking about? The Nanbi brat doesn't have a brother. She's an only child." The convict said with fear in his voice. Not liking the brat comment, Hashi grabbed the convicts head and repeatedly slammed his head against the bars. As he released him, he walked back down the hall, leaving the convict on the floor with his head bleeding.

"Ugh… what the hell hit me." The guard from earlier said.

"Me." The guard turned around to see a man with a hideous demonic face that had horns and a bandage wrapped around his eyes. Hashi grabbed the frightened man by the neck and slammed him into the wall. "Where is Fu's brother?" Hashi demanded answers.

"The Nanbi jinchuriki? She doesn't have a brother." The guard told him. Hashi squeezed his neck even tighter as he brought him close to his face, while his hiden eye glowed red through the bandages.

"Don't you dare lie to me." Hashi said menacingly.

"I'm not." The guard choked out. "She doesn't even have a brother. I mean maybe she was going to have one because her mother was pregnant when she died, but other than that, no others. The Nanbi jinchuriki is just an only child." Hashi released the guard, who took the advantage and ran away to sound the alarm. Hashi was gone now, Naruto had returned with his Kakashi and straw hat. Behind his mask, he had a smile as he realized what had just happened. "And here I thought foxes were the only clever beings."

"Baka! Go Find Her!" Kurama yelled out. Suddenly the alarm went off. "Oh crap." Kurama and Naruto sighed simultaneously. "Well, what now, baka."

"We'll help." Kushina said within Naruto's mind.

"Naruto, summon us. We'll distract the guards, while you go and find Fu." Minato said to his son inside of his mind.

"Listen to them kit." Kurama said. "Mamoru just told me through the mind link that some oto-nin and one huge son of a bitch got to her, and are taking her away." Seeing there was no time to argue, Naruto made his trademark sealing sign, and created two kage bushin. He then placed his hand on the two clones and suddenly they were engulfed in golden flames. As the flames faded away, there stood Minato and Kushina who were in their Kyuubi Mode state.

"Go take care of them sochi." Minato said as he and Kushina disappeared in golden flashes.

"You might want to hurry kit." Kurama said. Naruto nodded as he sped down the hallway looking for a way out.


Mamoru was quietly following the group of Oto-nin and the mysterious giant, who was carrying Fu. Mamoru then felt Naruto making his way to them and decided to act now to help his best friend and partner. Mamoru ran behind a giant boulder and went Kyuubi Mode to get their attention. In which the little fox kit succeeded to do so. They group of oto and giant stopped, sensing the enormous amount of chakra. The armored giant had a steel armored mask that had a skinny rectangular hole on it for him to see through; you couldn't see his eyes, but they were there, and they were narrowed.

"Hold the girl." The giant armored man said as he tossed Fu to one of the oto-nin. The armored giant took out his giant war hammer as made his way to the boulder. He then left his giant hammer and slammed it onto the boulder, destroying it into rubble. As the dust from the attack cleared, all he saw was a little fox kit sitting there with it's tail swaying side to side. "What The Hell Is This?!" the armored man yelled.

"Isn't it obvious?" a voice said behind the armored man. The armored man turned around to see a man wearing a black cloak with red clouds on, a bottom jaw covering mask, and stray hat. "You've just been ambushed."

"Ambushed?! What The Hell Are You-" suddenly the armored man was tackled by a ball of fire from behind sending him to the ground. The armored man looked up to see the fox kit was made of golden flames now. "That explains it." The armored man stood up as if nothing had happened to him. "But you can't defeat me. I Am Shiuishi! Oto's Iron Beast! And I Got My Eyes On You Now Mugiwara!" the man cried pointing his war hammer at him.

'Why do I feel like he's talking about someone else.' Naruto thought.

(*Cough* Luffy *Cough*)

Fu started to wake up. She blinked a few times, and then noticed she was being carried bridal style. She looked up to see the man from earlier, who just looked down and smiled at her.

"I see you're finally awake Bagu-hime." The masked man said with eye smiles and what she could guess as a real smile underneath his mask. The new nickname he had given her made her blush. Suddenly the masked man and the fox kit jumped high in the air, dodging the dashing strike that Shiushi. As they landed, the masked man summoned a clone with a Rasengan in it's hand and slammed it on the back of Shiushi, but as it came in contact with his armored, it dissipated. The clone looked at his hand that once held his father's signature jutsu, before he was crushed by Shuishi's war hammer. Naruto felt the headache from that attack his duplicate just perished from.

"I see you are star struck from my magnificent armor" Shuishi said in his low and strong voice, as he pointed his war hammer at the masked man.

'Not really.' Naruto thought with dull eyes.

"This armor is a redesigned version of the one Doto Kazahana had created." Shiushi said with pride.

"Aw crap, so justu won't work on it." Naruto said gritting his teeth.

"Ah, so you are familiar with this masterpiece, created by the ingenious Doto of Yukigakure." Shuishi said, surprised he has knowledge of the armor he was wearing.

"Familiar with it? Yes. Masterpiece? Yeah, for cowards. Genius? No way in hell." Naruto said. Shuishi just grunted as a response. Naruto then summoned a Kage Bushin to appear next to him, and gave him Fu. "Get Fu-chan away from here, while I take this guy on. Mamoru, you go with them, and protect Fu if anything comes after you, got it?" Naruto order, getting a nod from the fox kit and clone, before they started to leave the area. "Now that that's taken care of." He tilted his hat to cover his face before he took it away from his face to reveal a demonic face complete with horns and fangs. "Shall we begin?"


An eight year old Fu was standing in the middle of a grassy plain, wearing a red sun dress and green slippers. The sun was shining brightly down on her face that she had to put her hand over her eyes to see the area around her. As she searched around the place, she found two figures in the distance with their backs facing her; a man and a woman.

The man had dark mocha skin, a fine build, and coal black hair. He wore a black shirt with the Takigakure symbol on the back of it, a pair of burnt brown shorts that went a little passed his knees, and black sandals.

The woman had fair skin, a slender and slightly curvy body, and mint green hair that went down to her lower back. She wore a long red, short sleeve kimono, a pair of beige pants that stopped at her calves that could be seen as the kimono blew through the wind, exposing a bit of her legs and black sandals. Fu's had tears of joy go down her eyes and a big grin crept onto her face as she knew who these two were.

"K-kaa-san… tou-chan…" Fu wiped away her tears, before she started to run to them with a huge smile on her face "Kaa-san! Tou-chan!" she cried out to her parents as she ran all the way to them, but as she was in closing distance, her parents suddenly burst in flames and then quickly turned into nothing but ashes. Fu had a look of shock upon her face, before she looked to her clenched hand. Her hand was meant to hold the hand of what she believed was her mother, but as she unclenched her hand, all she saw were ashes on them. Fu started to have tears of sadness pouring down her eyes. She bit her bottom lip as she started to sob, before collapsing to the ground on her knees, crying and wailing as the ashes of her parents flowed with the wind and danced around her.


"Josho Chikyu nadare no jutsu!" (Rising Earth Avalanche technique) Shuishi screamed as he pumped chakra into his war hammer and smashed it into the ground. The earth in front of Shuishi started to rise and break making a giant wave of earth and rocks heading straight towards Hashi. Hashi collected chakra to his feet and immediately jumped high into the air. As he was air borne, Hashi created a Kage Bushin that grabbed his arm and swung him around and then threw him straight towards Shuishi. 'Fool. What does he think he will accomplish with a move like that.' Shuishi thought. Naruto smirked behind his mask as his fist was cocked back. Just as he was close to Shuishi, Hashi thrust his fist into Shuishi's torso section, making the armored giant skid back. Shuishi was shocked at what just happened. 'How?!' Shuishi thought as he looked at his torso armor to see it was dented.

'Kami, That Hurt!' Hashi thought unclenching his fist and shaking it out 'Even though my attacks that are enhanced with wind chakra are powerful, it would just be a waste of time to just keep bashing at him blindly. I have to think smart.' Hashi went into his thinking pose, with was grabbing his chin and tapping it with his index finger. Suddenly Shuishi started to chuckle.

"I am impressed. It's not easy to dent my armor." Shuishi said, but Hashi didn't give a response, he just stood there tapping his chin. After a moment, Shuishi started to get pissed. "Don't You Dare Ignore Me!" he yelled charging at him and took a swing at him, but Hashi just hopped back, not losing his composure. Shuishi was really getting pissed off now as Hashi just still continued to tap his chin. "I'm Going To Crush You!" Shuishi yelled as he repeatedly swung his war hammer at Hashi, but the demon masked shinobi just kept effortlessly dodging and ducking, while still tapping his chin. "You love that chin so much, don't ya? Then I'm Gonna Break It!" Shuishi yelled as he then swung his war hammer up with all his might, but Hashi flipped away from the attack. Shuishi swung his war hammer to hard; it went over his head and behind his back, then was indented into the ground behind him. Shuishi tried to pull it out, but all it was doing was giving him back pains; his armor may help him from getting hurt from jutsu, but it can be a real pain itself at times. Shuishi released his grip on his war hammer and then turned around to grab it, but there on the tip of the handle of his weapon was Hashi crouching on it, in front of Shuishi's face. Hashi still had his finger tapping his chin; he raised his free hand and gathered some wind chakra to it and then he thrust his palm straight to Shuishi's face sending him flying back.

'Of course, the art of the silent fist.' Hashi thought smirking behind his mask


"Silent fist?" Naruto asked his mentor. Obito nodded in response. "What is it?"

"The art of fighting, without even fighting." Obito said.

"Sounds like doing nothing." Naruto said with a dulled look.

"Not if your opponent is doing all the fighting." Obito said with a smirk. "Now Naruto, I want you to attack me." Obito ordered.

"Seriously?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow. Obito nodded in confirmation. Naruto just smirked and got into his battle stance. "Alright then Obito, I hope you're ready for an ass whooping!" Naruto exclaimed with confidence as he charged at Obito. All Obito did was smirk as he swerved around Naruto's punch, but it was feint. Naruto jumped and tried to send a spin kick to Obito's head, but Obito ducked under it. Naruto then sent lightning fast strikes, but Obito kept dodging every single one. 'Damn it! I knew Obito was fast, but I didn't think he'd be this good.' Obito then swerved around one of the strikes and ended up behind Naruto. 'Then again, he was able to keep up with Tou-chan.' Naruto thought as he turned to Obito who was just smiling.

"You're going to have to do better than that, Naruto." Obito said, his smile not faltering in the slightest. Naruto then charged and sent a chop to Obito, who moved to the side. Naruto then sent an upward high kick to try and knock Obito's block off, but Obito just jumped back. Naruto smirked as he built up wind chakra to his feet. As he slammed his foot down, he launched himself towards Obito, but he put too much wind chakra that he rocketed towards Obito, who just moved to the side to dodge Naruto, and the young blonde hit the ground, then rebounded of the ground and repeatedly ricochet of the ground, before hitting it one last time and then tumbling all the way to a complete stop. Naruto just looked up to the sky with dizzy eyes as his head hurt from the multiple impacts. Obito just shook his head, before using his special shushin to appear in front of Naruto's head. Obito bent down with a smile. Naruto just pointed his finger at Obito.

"You win this round." Naruto said dropping his arm down. "So what other fighting styles are there?"

"Well there's Aikido." Obito answered. Naruto got up.

"What's that?" Naruto asked holding his head, feeling dizzy.

"It's similar to Judo, but it incorporates blows." Obito said

"Uh… what?" Naruto asked confused

"Strike me." Obito ordered. Naruto just shrugged his shoulders and sent a punch at Obito. Obito just moved to the side a bit and grabbed Naruto's wrist. He then twisted it so that Naruto was bending, then firmly placed Naruto's captive arm behind the young blonde's back and then pushed him down to the ground. Obito had Naruto pinned down, still holding his arm. "Did I make it clear?" Obito asked with a grin.

"Crystal." Naruto said groaning

Flashback End

"Aikido could also work as well, but I'll have to use chakra for it. That armor may absorb chakra, but it can still soften the impact of the attacks." Hashi said to himself. Shuishi got up and started to stumble a bit, because of his hefty armor, but he managed to keep his balance. "Well, it's better than getting my ass kicked." Hashi hopped off the handle and grabbed the war hammer, then started to build up wind chakra into his hands, helping him lift the giant hammer high in the air. He then started to transfer the wind chakra into the war hammer. If Shuishi wasn't pissed before, then he sure was now. The sight of the demon masked runt holding his hammer drove him over the edge. Shuishi charged at Naruto with his fist cocked back. Naruto just stood there holding the hammer high in the air as Shuishi charged at him. As Shuishi got close to him, Hashi slammed the hammer down on Shuishi. As the hammer smashed Shuishi down, a shockwave of wind followed after. Powerful winds blew everywhere, making the grass blew with the wind, flowers losing their petals, the leaves of trees rustling and flying away with the wind, and the bark of the trees received cuts from the strength of the winds. Shusihi laid there, the back of his armor damaged with cracks and dents. 'I guess he was more of a rage driven bloodlust fighter than a shinobi' Hashi thought as released the hammer.


The eight year old Fu was crying as the plain that was once grassy and full of nature, was now a plain of fire, ash and soot. The trees burning, dead from the fire, and others were dead even though they weren't on fire. The earth was black and crumbling, looking like ash, and all life was completely devoid. It looked like the aftermath of a full out battlefield. Fu had tears pouring down her eye and a little mucus going down her nose. She felt angry, sadden, and alone.

"You're all alone." Said a raspy metallic-like voice "And you know whose fault it is? Those damn villagers. They made your life a living hell; that's why you ran away, because they are the real monsters."

An orange light shined above Fu as the wind picked up. Fu looked up to see a giant rhinoceros beetle with six wings and a whip like tail growing out of it's abdomen. The giant insect had a helmet-like skull that covered it's eyes, but had several slits over it's eyes to provide vision. It also had spike protrusions on it's shoulders and a row of slits on each shoulder, and six legs, three on each side.

"They have harmed you and your family for your entire life. They took your parents away from you, making you orphaned, leaving you to die in the streets; and that was just the beginning." The giant rhinoceros beetle spoke.

"What do you want from me?" Fu asked as she looked down to the ground as she cried.

"To take away the pain. The grueling pain that harms me as well. I wish to take it all away." The giant insect said.

"Leave Me Alone!" Fu yelled. The rhinoceros beetle just stayed silent. "It's All Your Fault!"

"The pain…" the beetle spoke.

"You're The Reason Why They All Hate Me!" Fu yelled at the giant insect.

"The stinging pain." The rhinoceros beetle said.

"You're The Reason Why My Life Was A Misery!"

"The horrifying pain." The insect said.

"You're The Reason… why they're gone…" Fu said taking the ashes in her hands. "Why I can never see them again… my kaa-san… my tou-chan… my family." Fu's eyes started to shed tears as she bit her bottom lip. Fu slammed her hands hard onto the ground. "You're The Reason Why That Happened!" Fu yelled at the rhinoceros beetle with tears pouring down her eyes like a waterfall. "I HATE YOU!"

The giant beetle just flew in the sky looking down at the crying girl, not speaking another word as he felt the excruciating pain that he was now sharing with the girl.


Hashi looked down at Shuishi, who seemed defeated, but Hashi wanted to be safe than sorry, so he crouched down and was about to take Shuishi's helmet off, but suddenly he felt Kurama try to contact him through his mind. "What's wrong Kurama?"

"It's the girl. Her emotions are getting the better of her that she's leaking out Chomei's malevolent chakra." The Bijju king told his host.

"Uh oh"

"Get Your As Over To Her, Right Now! Or Else, She'll Become A Beacon For Unwanted Company!" Kurama demanded his host. Hashi then stood up and suddenly felt his kage bushin dispel, giving him the location of Fu and Mamoru. Hashi then took off to find the female jinchuriki and fox, so he could calm Fu down. Hashi had failed to notice Shuishi's finger twitched.


Hashi had finally made it in time to see Fu being surrounded by a cloak of orange chakra. 'Kurama, are we able to enter Fu's mind?' Hashi asked the fox king through his mind.


Fu stayed in that same spot still crying her heart out. The giant rhinoceros beetle landed in front of her looking down at her as her emotions took over. He hated seeing her this way; in truth Chomei was the nicest of his family, but it still rubbed him the wrong way when some human acts like a total prick.

"They are gone… I'll never see them again…" Fu said hugging her legs "I'm all alone… I don't want to be alone... why? Why?!" Fu cried even more "Can't Anyone Understand Me?!" Fu cried.

"I can." A voice said behind her. Fu turned around to see a boy, who looked about seven years old, with blonde spiky hair, cerulean eyes, and six whisker-like birthmarks marks on his cheeks, three on each cheek. He wore a short sleeve white shirt, with a red land of fire symbol on the front of it and the sleeves, dark navy blue pants, and blue shinobi sandals. "Yo." The boy simply said with a huge toothy grin and his hand up in greetings. Fu was a bit scared by the boy's presence, but when he said that he understood her, that made her give him all her attention.

"You… understand me?" Fu asked.

"Sure, you're speaking Japanese, right?" the boy said as he then laughed. Fu just gave him an angry pout.

"Shut Up, And Go Away!" she yelled.

"Calm down, I was just kidding Fu-chan." The blonde said with a big smile. Fu looked at him with wide eyes.

"How do you know my name?" Fu asked curiously. The boy just grinned at her. The boy then walked right up to the rhinoceros beetle and just looked at it.

"Oh, Company! I love company. What's your name little guy?" the giant beetle asked with excitement in meeting a new person. This surprised Fu; all the giant insect ever talked about was pain, and wanting to take it away from her so she could feel better. Maybe he really did mean it when he said he wanted to help her.

"The name's Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm going to be next Hokage!" Naruto announce proudly, pounding his fist against his chest.

"Well it's nice to meet you. I'm…"

"Chomei." Naruto said, making the rhinoceros beetle pause. The beetle looked Naruto straight in the eyes.

"You know who I am?" Chomei asked the little blonde boy.

"Yep. You're the Nanbi no kabutomushi; usually calls himself Lucky Seven Chomei." Naruto said. Chomei was surprised that this newcomer knew exactly who he was.

"Have you been stalking me?" Chomei said, a little weary of the blonde.

"How can I do that, when we've just met? Besides, the only way I could stalk you is if I stalked Fu; and I got the feeling she'd beat the crap out of me if she did." Naruto said pointing his thumb at the mint green haired girl.

"Now why would she beat the crap out of you?" Chomei asked.

"Well look at her." Naruto turned to Fu. "In her eyes, you can tell she's fierce and independent, which is cool in my book; especially considering how cute she is." Naruto said, but then realized he said that last part out loud, and immediately covered his mouth on instinct with a blush evident on his face. Fu blushed as well as she looked down, but when Naruto turned back to Chomei, she looked back at him with a smile on her face, with the blush still there as well.

'He thinks I'm cute.' Fu thought as she pushed her down spikey hair behind her ear.

"A-anyway, I knew all that stuff from him." Naruto said pointing to something behind Fu. Fu looked behind herself to see a giant nine tailed fox. She screamed in shock and fear with her face going all scared anime style, and then she ran behind Naruto, cowering behind him in fear of the Fox. Naruto smiled because he thought that she looked cute when she was scared.

"Kurama!" Chomei exclaimed the giant fox's name with so much joy and excitement. Chomei then flapped his wings and started zooming around his brother. "Kurama, I'm So Happy To See You Again! Are You Happy To See Me?! How's It Been?! Have You See Any Of The Others?! Is This Boy Your Jinchuriki?! Huh?! Huh?! Huh?!" a very excited Chomei rapidly bombarded Kurama with so many questions. Naruto just smiled and chuckled a bit at the sight.

'He's very cheerful, isn't he?' the young blonde thought. Fu just looked on in astonishment.

'So this is my Bijuu? He's so… cheerful.' Fu thought surprised that her Bijuu actually seemed nice. Kurama sighed at his brother's antics.

"Hello Chomei, it's nice to see you." Kurama said, a little annoyed of his brother zooming around him. Fu looked at Naruto.

"You were telling the truth." Fu said. Naruto turned to Fu with a confused expression. "You really do understand me, don't you?" Fu said. Naruto put his hands behind his head.

"Yes and no. I do know the pain of having your village despise you for having a bijuu inside of you, seeing you more as the creature than the jailor, but I never knew how it was having your parents for years before they were taken away from you; my parents sacrificed themselves sealing Kurama inside me and saving my life." Naruto told Fu.

"They sealed him inside you? Don't you hate them?!" Fu asked. Naruto just shook his head.

"Not at all." Naruto answered, making Fu raise an eyebrow. "At first I was very angry at my dad, since he was the one to seal Kurama into me, but I soon understood why he had to do it, I mean myself along with my long lost sister were the only ones to contain both halves of Kurama's chakra, but in truth, I'm actually happy to have Kurama within me." Naruto said with a small smile. Chomei stopped zipping around his brother and looked at the boy along with Fu. The mint green haired girl and the giant rhinoceros beetle looked at Naruto with shocked looks on their faces.

"Are you serious?" Fu asked still in shock. Naruto nodded his head in response. "But why?"

"Because I became friends with Kurama." Naruto said like it was obvious. Fu and Chomei were both surprised by that. "Fu; you and I have had harsh lives, but so did the Bijuu. They've lived on this earth for like over nine thousand years feeling the same pain as we do. We; us jinchuriki are the only ones who can truly understand them. The only downside is that the people of are village don't treat us as we want them to, but other than that, being a jinchuriki is a god thing. It's a blessing in disguise." Naruto told Fu with a genuine smile on his face. Fu and Chomei looked at Naruto, shocked at what he said. Kurama on the other hand just smiled.

'You really are something else kit.' Kurama thought, his smile still on his face.

"Fu." Naruto said the Nanbi jinchuriki's name, getting her attention. "I know you still might feel indifferent of what I said, but I think you should give you bijuu a chance. I promise you that you won't regret it." Naruto said with a smile. Fu still looked indifferent, but then she saw that Chomei landed in front of her with a smile on his face.

"I'm willing to give it a try." Chomei said with what Fu believed was a genuine smile. Scratch that, she knew that was a genuine smile. "Ladies first." Chomei insisted. Fu was a little surprised, but she got out of it.

"Oh, um, right." Fu then cleared her throat. "My name is Fu." Fu introduced herself, bowing at her bijuu.

"It's very nice to meet you Fu. I am Lucky Seven Chomei." Chomei introduced himself with a huge grin on his face.

"Cool, then I'll be lucky too!" Fu said with a huge grin on her face as well. "I hope we can become the best of friends." Fu said with a hopeful smile.

"I'd really like that Fu-chan." Chomei said with genuinely happy smile. Fu blushed at the suffix and returned the smile with one of her own.

"Okay, now that we're buddy, buddy and all, can we all get a dose of reality, because that prick you were fighting is heading our way kit." Kurama told his blonde jinchuriki.

"Dammit." Naruto cursed. He then held out his hand to Fu, getting a questioning look from her. "Want to go back to the world together?" Naruto said with a genuine smile. Fu smiled with a little tint of pink on her cheeks.

"Sure." Fu said taking Naruto's hand. Then they were engulfed in bright white light.


Fu started to flutter her eyes open. When she fully opened her eyes she saw an older version of the blonde boy, but he had less baby fat on his face and the left side of his face was crush, except for his cheek which had his whisker marks that were completely intacted. "Naruto?" Fu said the blonde's name getting a grin from the boy. Fu touched Naruto's scarred face with her hand. "What happened to you?" Fu asked shocked at his outward appearance.

"It's a long story." Naruto said. Mamoru, who was keeping an eye out, yipped to his partner, warning him about someone coming. Naruto nodded and put on his demonic looking mask. "You might want to hang on." Hashi said. Fu nodded as she wrapped her arms around Hashi's neck. Suddenly Hashi and Mamoru jumped high in the air, avoiding a swing from the giant war hammer that Shuishi sent at them, destroying the tree they were hiding behind in the process. Hashi and Mamoru landed far away from the armored giant facing him with a glare from the two.

"Next time, make sure I'm dead. Now Hand Over The Jinchuriki!" Shuishi yelled aiming his war hammer at Hashi.

"Only when Hell freezes over, and I highly doubt that day will ever come." Hashi said.

"Wrong answer." Shuishi raised his war hammer up high in the air and added chakra into it. "Josho Chikyu Nadare no Jutsu!" Shuishi yelled as he slammed his hammer down. The earth in front of Shuishi started to rise and break making a giant wave of earth and rocks heading straight towards Hashi and company. Hashi and Mamoru jumped into the air. 'He can dodge it, but the jagged and broken rocks with pierce their skin and break their bones when they land.' Shuishi said with a malicious grin behind his mask. As the started to descend, Hashi already had an idea.

"Mamoru, take my hand!" Hashi told his partner. Mamoru nodded, and the little fox kit extended his paw, letting Hashi grab it. Hashi then placed the fox kit onto Fu. "No hold on!" Hashi then used his forearms to hold Fu, so he could use his hands to make a cross seal. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" Hashi exclaimed. A clone of Hashi then appeared far from the right of them. Hashi sent wind chakra to his arms and then threw Fu and Mamoru at the clone. Fu screamed as she held the fox kit tightly so he wouldn't fall. The clone the successfully grabbed the teenage girl and fox kit.

"I'll Kill You For This Naruto!" Fu yelled.

"Glad you're okay too, Fu." Clone Hashi said.

The real Hashi had taken out one of his special pronged kunai with his father's Hiraishin seal on it. He added wind chakra to it and then threw hit towards Shuishi. The kunai zipped passed Shuishi, but not before cutting his helmet leaving a gash. Hashi then was engulfed in a yellow flash, which made Fu and Shuishi's eyes widened.

'No Way!' the two thought in shock. Hashi then appeared behind Shuishi. The masked shinobi sent wind chakra to his feet and sweep kicked Shusihi's legs sending him to the ground. Hash rolled out of the way of the falling giant, and as Shuishi landed, Hashi used the same foot he sweep kicked him with to send an axe kick at Shuishi's helmet, making the giant scream in agony. Hashi then jumped back and got into a fighting stance.

'That Fucking Brat!' Hashi exclaimed in his head. Luckily for him, the helmet absorb some of the chakra that build up the power of the hit, but the heel of Hashi's foot crushed the right side of his helmet, crushing his eye making it useless. Shuishi rolled onto his front side and got up with the help of his hammer that he used like a staff to pick himself up. Blood leaked out the dented right side of his mask. 'I'll Crush Him!' Shuishi thought with much anger and fury. Hashi then gathered wind chakra into his hands, feeling that he'd probably need to use some aikido. Shuishi glared at him behind his mask with his one good eye. He then made a series of hand signs with just one hand. Hashi was surprised to see someone else besides Haku to actually do such a thing. As Shuishi finished his hand seals, he then stomped on the ground, making huge rocks rise out of the ground. Hashi's eyes widened as he saw the rocks Shuishi summoned were floting around him.

'How the hell is he doing that?' Hashi thought with awe at the jutsu.

"Chikyushukai no Justu!" (Orbiting Earth technique) Shuishi exclaimed. Shuishi the grabbed the handle of his war hammer tightly with both his hands and the swung it at the rock floating in front of him. Once the hammer hit the rock it was sent rocketing towards Hashi. Hashi managed to dodge it, but he then noticed another rocketing towards him. Shuishi kept hitting rocks towards Hashi, who proceeded to dodge them. Shuishi then raised his war hammer high in the air and yelled "Josho Chikyu Nadare no Jutsu!" and then slammed his hammer down creating another one of his earth based avalanche techniques. Hashi quickly grabbed his pronged kunai and then quickly jumped in the air, narrowly missing the jutsu. Shuishi then when through a series of hand signs, and when finished, the armored giant yelled out "Doton: Dosekiryu!" Out of the ground came a dragon made of earth heading towards Hashi. Fu and Mamoru, along with the Hashi clone, were watching the battle and as they saw the earth dragon heading towards Hashi, Fu immediately worried for the boy and was afraid that the jutsu was going to hit him.

"Naruto!" Fu cried his real name as she saw the jutsu was about to hit him. Mamoru on the other hand was calm about it. He knew Naruto wouldn't be done in like this; he had faith in his partner/best friend. As the earth dragon closed in on Hashi, said masked shinobi quickly went through a series of hand signs.

"Futon: Renkudan!" (Wind release: Drilling Air Bullet) Hashi exclaimed as he then inhaled a grand quantity of air and then blew it out creating a harsh wind that not only sent a bullet of air in one direction, but also sent Hashi in the other direction; successfully helping him dodge the earth dragon that sped passed him.

"Yeah! Go Naruto!" Fu cheered for the masked blonde. Mamoru nodded at his best friend's quick thinking. The Hashi cloned smiled beneath his mask, knowing his creator would outsmart his opponent.

'Damn Bastard!' Shuishi thought as he saw Hashi land onto the top of a tree. He then saw Hashi was ready to throw his kunai once again. 'Oh no brat, you aren't going to get me this time!' Hashi yelled in his thoughts, crossing his arms in an x-block. Hashi just smirk behind his mask. He gathered wind chakra into his feet, before throughing the kunai at Shuishi. As the kunai flew straight at the armored giant, it impacted into his x-block, making Shuishi grin. As he put down his arms, Hashi appeared in front of him in a yellow flash. Hashi was off the ground, in the air, right in front of Shuishi. Using his momentum, Hashi grabbed Shuishi's hammer and then sent both his feet into Shuishi's torso, delivering a double kick that sent Shuishi flying backwards and hitting the ground. Hashi stood where he was with the war hammer in his hand. Shuishi sat up and glared at the masked shinobi with his lone eye. "Give That Back!" he ordered. Hashi just stood there for a moment, but then he surrounded himself in wind chakra, which isn't an easy feat for him. With the wind chakra surrounding him, Hashi then quickly spun around and then released the hammer, sending it far away from the battlefield. Hashi then faced Shuishi.

"You want it?" Hashi said to Shuishi. He then pointed his thumb behind him. "Go get it."

Shuishi gave a furious battle cry before he dashed towards Hashi and then sent a fist to him. Hashi quickly sent wind chakra to his hands and forearms. As the fist came closer to Hashi's face, the masked shinobi connected his forearm with Shuishi's forearm and pushed it away to the side, making the armored giant miss. Shuishi then tried to uppercut Hashi, but Hashi moved to the side avoiding the hit and used the advantage Shuishi gave him and sent a wind powered fist straight below Shuishi's armpit and successfully sent him back, denting his armor and breaking one of his ribs in the process. After groaning and flinching from the pain, Shuishi sent a kick to Hashi, but Hashi moved to the side and then grabbed Shuishi's leg and with the help of his wind chakra, he tossed Shuishi down to the ground. Hashi then jumped high in the air, gathering wind chakra into his feet, and then summoned a kage bushin to grab his arm and toss him straight down towards Shuishi. As he rocketed to Shuishi, he aimed both his legs to Shuishi and then slammed both his legs onto Shuishi's torso area. The force with the added wind chakra was so great that Shuishi coughed up blood. Shuishi laid there, blood leaking down his mask, seemingly defeated. Far at the side, Fu was cheering for Naruto, jumping in the air with joy.

"Hooray For Naruto! The Strongest Shinobi Around! Woohoo!" Fu cheered for the blonde with so much joy and respect. Mamoru smiled for his best friend's victory, as the clone from earlier dispelled. Hashi was making his way towards them, when suddenly Shuishi quickly got up and dashed at Hashi. Hashi quickly turned at sent wind chakra to his arm and quickly blocked the punch with his forearm, but since he didn't have enough time to send enough wind chakra, he felt the a fraction of the pain the punch delivered; which was so great that it cracked Hashi's bone. Hashi groaned in pain, but then noticed Shuishi finishing up a hand sign.

"Doton: Dosekiryu!" Shuishi screamed. The earth beneath Hashi then shot at him succuessfully hitting him. The intensity and strength of the jutsu sent Hashi flying into the air with him barely conscious. Shuishi then jumped into the air appearing over Hashi. Suddenly his war hammer flew straight toward the two. Shuishi grabbed his war hammer when it was in his reach and then sent chakra to it. "Game Over, Brat!" Shuishi cried as he then slammed the hammer down onto Hashi, sending the masked shinobi hard onto the cold ground. Fu stared in shock at what just happened. As Shuishi landed a ways from Hashi, he then started to make his way towards the unconscious kid, but suddenly he was hit with a fireball. Shuishi was sent back a bit, and then glared at who sent the fireball to meet an unexpected sight. The fox kit from earlier was standing in front of Shuishi, only the young kitling looked as if he was made of golden flames, and also had a glare sent directly at him. "What? Now a little bitty fox kit is going to stand in my way?" Shuishi said then burst out laughing. Mamoru then jumped into the air and used his Kyuubi chakra to quickly roll in the air becoming a living ball of fire, and then used the chakra to send him straight at Shuishi. Shuishi continued to laugh, but was then silenced when he felt the pain of getting hit with the powerful attack, sending him skidding back. Shuishi looked at his torso armor to see it was cracked; the chakra Mamoru used was too intense for the armor to absorb that it actually caused damage to the armor. Shuishi glared at the little golden flamed fox kit, who glared back at him. "You're going to regret that, you little fleabag." Shuishi said menacingly. Shuishi then roared and raised his war hammer high in the air before slamming it down toward the fox kit, but the kitling had vanished in a yellow flash. 'Where the hell did that little rat go?' Shuishi thought. He then saw a golden tail sway over his head, meaning that the golden fox kit was on top of his head. Shuishi then slammed his hammer over his head, which the kit easily avoided. Shuishi then got a major headache and fell to the ground. Mamoru just stared at the armored giant with a sweat drop expression.

'I don't believe how stupid this guy is.' Mamoru thought. Shuishi then started to rise from the ground.

"Okay, now you are really starting to piss me off, You Little Runt!" Shuishi yelled as he sent his hammer down on the fox, only for the little kit to vanish in a golden flash again. Shuishi looked around for the fox kit to see it behind him. "Hold Still, You Runt!" Shuishi yelled slamming his hammer down again trying to hit the fox kit, only for the kit to avoid it again. As Fu looked on with fearful eyes, her bijuu started to talk to her.

"Fu-chan, what are you doing?" Chomei said to his jinchuriki. Fu woke up from her frightened dze, and started to listen to her bijuu. "Hurry up and save your friend, while the kit has the metal moron distracted." Chomei told her.

"But what can I do?!" Fu asked her bijuu.

"What are you talking about?! You're a kunoichi, you know exactly what to do." Chomei said. Fu blushed at the fact that her bijuu actually believed in her. "Here, allow me to help." Chomei said. Suddenly Fu felt strange, as something came out of her back and took form. She looked behind herself to see she grew a pair of insect wings. The wings then started to rapidly flap, separating Fu from the ground and into the air. Fu couldn't believe it. She's flying. She Is Freaking Flying! Fu had a huge grin on her face. "Now let's go save your friend!" Chomei exclaimed with much energy.

"Yeah!" Fu agreed as she quickly flew towards the masked blonde. She quickly gotten used to her wings; it felt natural to her. Fu then scooped up Hashi and flew away from the area. Mamoru saw Fu fly away with Hashi and smiled, as he then followed them.

"Hey, Where Are You Going Coward!?" Shuishi yelled. He then noticed that Hashi was gone as well. "Oh, Goddammit!" Shuishi cursed.


Fu had landed a far distance from that metal maniac, and now she was cradling Naruto in her arms. She took off his Hashi mask, so that he could breathe better. She looked at him with eyes of hope for him to wake up and something else.


Mamoru was keeping an eye out, but he was also looking at his best friend and Fu. It seems that whatever Naruto had done in Fu's mindscape, he had not only helped her with her bijuu, and most possibly convinced her in joining Akatsuki, but also gained her trust, respect and affection, all together. Mamoru smiled at that. 'You sure got a way with people, Naruto.' Mamoru thought. Mamoru then sensed Shusihi getting closer. Mamoru went up to Fu and yipped to her.

"I can't understand you, but I got an idea of what you're saying." Fu looked at him with determination in her eyes. "I'm ready." Fu placed Naruto on her back. "First, let's put Naruto someplace safer." Mamoru nodded in agreement. As Fu started walking away to put Naruto in a safe place, she looked at his face with sadness and affection. 'Naruto… this might be it for me, but if it's to keep you safe, then I'll be okay with that.' Fu thought as a lone tear escaped her eye. 'Thank you, for all you've done for me in just a short time. Thank you… Naruto-kun.'


Shuishi was trekking all the way where he last sensed the fox kit's chakra signature; he may be powerful, but the unique chakra he used is easy to detect. Shuishi was continuing forward, when suddenly he was surrounded by blinding bright substance that covered the entire area. Shuish looked at one of his shoulder guards to see some of the substance on it. He touched it and looked at it closely with his lone eye. "Powder?" Shuishi said.

"Hiden: Rinpungakure no Jutsu" (Secret: Hiding in Scale Powder Technique) Fu whispered her jutsu's name.

Shuishi started carefully walking around when suddenly he was hit across the helmet by what felt like the attack that he got hit earlier from… The Fox Kit! Shuishi tried to sense for him, but he also sensed another chakra signature zooming around as well; it was throwing his senses off. Shuishi kept getting hit around his armored body by the little fox kit that his armor. "Damn Little Rat!" Shuishi yelled. He then pumped chakra into his war hammer and raised it in the air. "Josho-" but before he could continue his jutsu, he was tackled hard in his torso. The blow was so powerful that actually lost the grip on his hammer. He was sent skidding onto the ground, the armor on his torso cracked even more. Shuishi then heard something rocket towards him. He looked straight up to see a silhouette coming down on him.

"Soko Panchi!" Fu cried with her fist extended straight at Shuishi. Her entire arm looked like it was made of steel.

"Oh shit." Shuishi cursed, right before Fu's fist connected to his torso. The impact was so great that it actually broke through his armor. Shushi coughed up blood that stained the inside of his armor and leaked out of it. Fu then took out her first from the hole in his armor and then sent chakra to her other arm and started punching Shuishi in the masked face. Shuishi pointed his hand towards his war hammer. The giant hammer started to move, like it was connected to Shuishi himself. Shuishi waved his hand towards himself; suddenly the war hammer flew straight towards him and smashed Fu in the back sending her flying off him. Shuishi grabbed his hammer as it did it's job and used it to help him get back up to his feet. "Not bad you little bitch. You're just lucky that I need you alive." Shuishi said. Shuishi then swung his hammer behind himself and successfully hit Mamoru sending him into a tree.

"Kit-kun!" Fu yelled her nickname for Mamoru, since she didn't know his name yet, as the little fox kit fell to the cold ground, where he transformed back and was badly injured. Fu quickly made her way towards Mamoru, but Shuishi appeared in front of her and swung his hammer at her, but Fu flipped over him and then kicked him in the back of the head. Fu ran to Mamoru, went to her knees in front of him, scooped him up and cradled him in her arms. "Kit… I'm so sorry." Fu started to shed tears as she held the little injured fox kit.

"Oh don't worry about him." Shuishi said making his way to them gripping his hammer tightly. "After I crush him, I'll just take you away and then after we're done with you, you can make it up to him, In Hell!" Shuishi stopped in front of them. Mamoru open his eyes a bit and saw Shuishi in front of them. The little fox kit got out of Fu's hold and fell to the ground and whined.

"Kit!" Fu cried his name, seeing him in pain. Mamoru just tried to stand up and take a step towards Shuishi, but he just fell back to the ground. "Kit stop." Fu said tears pouring out of her eyes, but the little fox kit still kept trying to get back up and fight. "Please, kit, just stop." Fu pleaded, but the fox kit refused to give up. Mamoru kept trying to get back up and fight, but he was too injured to continue. Shuishi just chuckled at the sight.

"Not so tough now are you?" Shuishi said looking down at the injured kitling. Mamoru made it to Shuishi's armored foot and tried biting it, even though he knew it was futile, Mamoru refused to give up. "Aw~, now isn't that cute. You sure are a fighter." Shuishi said with a smug smirk. Shuishi then pulled back his foot away from Mamoru and was about to kick him.

"No!" Fu yelled. Fu quickly grabbed Mamoru and shield him from the attack. Shuishi's kick Fu straight back into the tree, leaving her badly injured as well. Mamoru tried to get out of her grip again so that he could try and protect her, but Fu just held him, not wanting to let him go. "No kit… that's enough." Fu said. Mamoru whined with sorrow at the fact that he couldn't live up to his name. "Don't cry kit. You tried your best, and I am so thankful for you doing so." Fu said with tears of sadness and pride for the little brave fox kit.

"It's time for bed demon girl. Don't worry; you can visit him and your dear parents later." Shuishi said as he then raised his war hammer high in the air. Fu closed her eyes tightly and held Mamoru close to her.

'I'm sorry, Naruto-kun.' Fu thought as the giant hammer came down on her.

Minutes Earlier

Naruto woke up to find he was in his mindscape. It change over time; the ankle high water had reduced drastically, and only little puddles litter the place. There were also grass and flowers appearing around the place. Things have been going great ever since he became a part of Akatsuki; he was surrounded by people who actually did care for him, he became best friends with Kurama, he met fellow jinchuriki, and now he had his parents within himself. Things were going pretty well for him that it affected his mindscape, starting to change from something dark into something he was sure was going to be beautiful.

"Glad to see you're not dead yet kit." Kurama said behind Naruto. Naruto turned around to see the giant fox king and his parents.

"Mom, dad, you're alright." Naruto said getting up from the floor.

"Of course we are, we can't get killed remember?" Minato said. He and Kushina dispelled and went back into Naruto, but sadly they arrived to see their son get hit with a powerful earth jutsu.

"Naruto-kun, You've Got To Wake Up And Kick That Armored Lunk Head's Ass, Dattebane!" Kushina yelled with fire in her eyes. Minato just chuckled and sweat a bit at his wife's eccentric personality.

"He got me pretty bad. I'm going to need some help." Naruto said.

"Sorry Naruto, we used up our portion of Kurama's chakra to by you some time. I'm afraid you're on your own now." Minato said sadly, really wanting to help his son in battle.

"Dammit!" Naruto cursed.

"Language!" Kushina scolded her son.

"Sorry mom." Naruto apologized looking to the ground, afraid of his mother's stern look.

"Wait, you cussed before Naruto did." Minato said.

"So?" Kushina asked sending her stern glare at her husband.

"So, since he's already an assassin and seen as an adult already, shouldn't he be free to do as he pleases?" Minato said, but as he spoke those words, he was in real trouble. Kushina then grabbed Minato's shoulder and then crushed it making him scream in agony. She then put Minato in a headlock with she had a scary looking pissed of expression.

"Who's Side Are You On, Baka?! Are You Suggesting That Our Child Should Go And Get A Girl Pregnant?!" Kushina yelled at her husband, obviously ticked.

"No, no, Kushina-chan! I'm suggesting that he old enough to swear, Honest!" Minato cried as his wife was strangling the life out of him.

"Shut Up Minato-baka!" Kushina yelled at her husband. Naruto felt like smiling at the sight, because it reminded him of Sakura and him, but he had to focus; he had to wake up and save Fu and Mamoru from that armored wacko.

"Kit." Kurama called to Naruto. Naruto looked up to his bijuu and friend. "Chomei had contacted me through a mental link. Fu and Mamoru are fighting that metal headed freak, and it's not looking too good."

"What?!" Naruto yelled out. "I Got To Save Them!" Naruto then looked up at the bijuu king. "Kurama, I am asking, may I please use your power?" Naruto asked.

"You already got it, kit; no need to ask permission." Kurama said with a smirk. Naruto nodded before he vanished, and returned to the world.

"That's my sochi!" Kushina exclaimed proudly, still choking Minato in her headlock. Kurama just shook his head at the sight with an amused smile.


As the hammer in Shuishi's hands went straight down to crush Fu and Mamoru, who both prepared for the pain that awaited them. As the hammer smashed down, Shuishi noticed the lack of metal meeting flesh and screams of pain. Shuishi lifted his hammer to see there were no bodies. Shuishi then realized the hug chakra signature coming from the top of a tree at his left. Shuishi looked up to see a young teenage boy made of golden flame and black tattoo designs on his body, and black patterns on the left side of his body that made it look like he was crushed before. Shuishi could tell that that teen was the masked bastard he was fighting. Fu looked up at the golden flamed boy with much happiness and relief.

"Naruto-kun." Fu said the teenage boy's name with much joy in her voice.

"Glad to see you're still alright Fu-chan." Naruto looked down to her with a smile on his face. As the golden boy looked at his fox partner, he saw the very bad condition Mamoru was in. Seeing his best friend like this made Naruto angry.

"I'm sorry Naruto. I tried to help as much as I could, but I couldn't keep him from getting hurt." Fu said with fresh tears coming out of her eyes. Naruto continued to look at the injured fox kit. "You should be very proud though; he was so brave, he risked his life for you and me, and he was still trying to fight, even though he knew he couldn't anymore. He's a true protector." Fu said holding the little fox kit closer to her, as she cried.

"I know." Naruto said. Fu looked up at the golden boy. "After all, that's why I named him Mamoru." Naruto said with a genuine smile.

"Josho Chikyu Nadare no Jutsu!" Shuishi yelled as he slammed his hammer down, creating his giant wave of crumbled and jagged rocks. As his jutsu ended, he saw that the three were gone, but felt the boy's chakra signature behind him. Shuishi quickly turned around to see the golden boy, carrying the Nanbi jinchuriki and fox behind him. The boy walked to a tree and placed Fu down, before he crouched down and placed a hand on Mamoru. Some of the golden flames that covered Naruto had went inside Mamoru's body.

"Kurama's chakra will heal him. Just stay here while I take care of this guy." Naruto said. Fu nodded as she continued to cradle the little fox kit. Naruto then stood up and turned his back to her. "Oh, and Fu." Fu looked up at the golden flamed boy. Naruto turned his head to Fu giving her a genuine smile. "I'm really proud of you, and I'm happy that you and Chomei are friends." Naruto said. Fu blushed at his words and returned a smile to Naruto. The golden flamed boy turned to Shuishi who didn't seemed frightened by Naruto's enhanced power.

"So what are you going to do now, you br-" but before he could finish his sentence, Shuishi felt a tremendous force punch him in his exposed torso, sending him flying back. Naruto summoned chakra arms to grab Shuishi and then started to repeatedly slam him down to the ground. The chakra was so intense and just kept coming that the armor was now proving useless. Naruto used one of his chakra hands to take away Shuishi's war hammer and put it in his hands. Shuishi hit the floor hard, his body actually in pain. Suddenly Naruto appeared above him and built up wind chakra into the giant hammer and then slammed it down on him. The attack was so intense that it had broken his torso armor even more; the power of the winds that were released on impact made him cough up even more blood.

'Damn this hammer's heavy, but one more attack like that and it's over for this bastard.' Naruto thought. He then used all his strength to lift the hammer high in the air, building wind chakra into it. Shuishi saw that Naruto was going to use the same attack again, so he immediately lifted his hand up high. Suddenly the hammer escaped Naruto's grip and was floating in the air. Naruto was in shock and confusion at the sight. 'How the hell is he doing that?!' Naruto thought. Suddenly, Naruto was grabbed by the throat from Shuishi. Shuishi stood up and held Naruto high in the air. "I bet you've been wondering how I am able to control my war hammer in such a way." Shuishi said as his hammer came into his hand. "You see, I forged the hammer myself, and in the process, I added my blood into the mix." Shuishi told Naruto.

"Why?" Naruto asked, curious of why he would do so.

"You see, chakra is a continuous flow; it flows in our bodies, especially in our blood. Did you know that we can control our blood, even when it is spilled?" Shuishi lectured to Naruto. "Since my blood exists within my hammer, it is also a part of me; I can control it with my chakra to either retract or repel it, just like a magnet." Shuishi explained to the golden boy. Naruto was actually impressed with what Shuishi had done; it gave him some ideas. "Now it's time for you to meet you maker." Shuishi said. Shuishi held his hammer high, ready to break Naruto's skull in.

"Naruto, Cut His Arm Off!" Kurama yelled within Naruto's mind.

'But his armor-'

"Just Do It!" Kurama yelled. Naruto trusted the bijuu king with all his heart, so he quickly took out his trench knife. Naruto quickly pumped his wind chakra into the blade, creating a wind blade. He then quickly lifted his wind blade and swiftly sent it to Shuishi's arms. Shuishi's forearm, along with his hammer, had flown off to the side. Shuishi screamed in agony as he felt the pain of losing half of his arm. Naruto then sent a double kick to Shuishi's face, making the armored giant release him. Naruto jumped back with a grin on his face.

'I get it now.' Naruto thought with a huge toothy grin. Shuishi looked at his arm with shock.

'But my armor is supposed…' then Shuishi realized what the problem was. 'My armor.' Shuishi looked at his torso armor that had a huge gaping hole in it. 'He said if my torso armor was too damaged then the chakra absorption won't work anymore.' Shuishi tried to go for his hammer, but Naruto quickly flashed to it, grabbed it, and then sent an upswing to Shuishi. The hit from the hammer sent Shuishi's mask and helmet flying of his head, revealing a man that looked in his late twenties, who had shoulder length brunette hair and cheek bones. As Shuishi was dazed from the attack, Naruto started charging up a Rasengan. The Rasengan was three times bigger than a regular one.

"Take This!" Naruto yelled as he charged at Shuishi. "Odama Rasengan." Naruto cried the name of his jutsu. Naruto slammed the large spiraling sphere of chakra into Shuishi's torso. Shuishi was then sent flying by the power and magnitude of the jutsu that he crashed through numerous trees. As Shuishi went through the final tree, he laid there, defeated. Naruto cancelled his Kyuubi mode and made his way to Fu and Mamoru.

"Naruto-kun, You Did It!" Fu exclaimed with joy.

"How's Mamoru?" Naruto asked as he bent down in front of them. As if on cue, Mamoru started opening his eyes, and looked up to see his best friend smiling at him. "Hey there sleeping beauty; had a nice nap?" Naruto joked. Mamoru just looked down, not being able to look his friend in the eye. Seeing his friend wasn't happy, Naruto showed concern on his face. "What's wrong?" Naruto asked. Mamoru started yipping something. "What do you mean you failed me?" Naruto asked confused. Mamoru yipped again. "Mamoru." Naruto took the fox kit from Fu's hands and looked at him in the eyes. "You shouldn't feel that way about yourself. You saved my life, protected Fu, and still refused to give up when the odds were against you. I am sincerely proud of you, and you have showed today that you deserved to be named Mamoru." Mamoru had grown a smile with happiness thanks to his best friend's words. Mamoru then yipped some more. "I'm the one who should be thanking you." Naruto said. Naruto then hugged his best friend. "I love you Mamoru." Naruto said. Mamoru started licking Naruto's face with much affection, making the blonde laugh a bit. "Cut it out, ha, ha, that tickles, ha, ha, ha." Naruto said while laughing at the fox's actions. Fu smiled at the sight, happy to see them both okay. "Fu." Naruto said the mint green haired girl's name, getting her attention. "About the offer I gave you earlier, about joining the Akatsuki." Naruto said.

"Will you be there?" Fu asked. Naruto nodded in response. "Then I'll gladly join." Fu said. Naruto then had a huge grin on his face.

"Yatta!" Naruto cheered, thrusting his fist into the air. Naruto realized that he got over-excited again, so he calmed himself down and started to try acting cool. "I mean, that's good." Naruto said with a tint of pink on his cheeks. Fu giggled and Mamoru smiled at Naruto's actions. He was one great guy.

Naruto smiled at the two, but his eyes then widened as he sensed trouble. Naruto quickly gave Mamoru to Fu and took out his two trench knives and quickly turned around, crossing them together as they caught the handle of the war hammer that almost hit him. Fu and Mamoru saw with their eyes widened that Shuishi was up again with his hammer's blunt end inches from Naruto's face.

"Nice reflexes." Shuishi commented. Naruto just stayed silent, glaring at Shuishi. "So this is what you look like without those masks of yours. Gotta say, can't blame you for hiding something so ugly." Shuishi said with a grin. Naruto just pushed away Shuishi's hammer and kicked him away with a wind powered kick. Shuishi stopped moving back and glared at Naruto. "Before we finish this, tell me; how were you able to send powerful strikes my way, when my armor was clearly impenetrable from regular attacks?" Shuishi asked.

"Well, I see no harm in telling you since you're about to die anyway." Naruto said. "You see, my affinity is wind, and as I looked through the scrolls for wind justu, I realized that wind could be used in countless ways. Make one faster, making their attacks deadly by adding wind to their hands and feet giving them more force behind it, and they can chop through wood and body parts like butter, make someone jump high up to the atmosphere, the list goes on and on, but in order to make my attacks that strong in the first place, I had to train my body extensively in chakra control in order to use it in such ways, and truth be told I'm actually pretty sloppy in using them as such." Naruto explained. Shuishi and Fu's jaws gaped at his explanation.

'He's a genius!' Fu thought gaining more respect for Naruto. Shuishi was shocked at how intelligent and powerful the boy was; he is a very worthy opponent.

"I'll admit kid, you're pretty strong." Shuishi complimented. "But I'm still standing." Shuishi said smirking.

"Not for long." A voice said. Suddenly, Shuishi's legs were cut off in one quick swipe. Shuishi fell to the ground, but used his war hammer to hold himself up. When he looked up with his eyes widen at seeing two extremely dangerous characters.

"Where've you guys been?" Naruto asked the new arrivals. One just gave him a toothy grin, while the other just had an emotionless impassive look. Fu looked at the two with her eyes widened with fear.

'No way.' Fu thought with shock.

"Getting into trouble as usual?" Itachi said keeping his composure.

"It's a habit." Naruto replied.

"And I see you disobey Obito's orders and stopped wearing your mask, tsk, tsk, tsk." Kisame said still having his toothy grin.

"Oh, you mean this?" Naruto said, holding up his demon mask with a smirk on his face. "I just considered that you'd probably need it more than I do, fish face." Naruto taunted. Fu couldn't help but giggle at Naruto's words, while Mamoru snickered and Itachi had a faint smirk on his face, all the while Kisame had a pissed off look on his face. Shuishi looked at Naruto with an incredulous look; he actually insulted 'The Kisame Hoshigaki.'

'Kid's got balls.' Shuishi thought.

"Itachi." Naruto said the Uchiha's name. Itachi nodded, knowing exactly what Naruto needed him to do.

"Mangekyo Sharingan." Itachi said activating his powerful dojutsu. Shuishi stared into the eyes of the missing konoha-nin. A few moments passed before Shuishi released air that he didn't even know he was holding. Itach closed his eyes, before he reopened them to reveal his normal sharingan. "Apparently Orochimaru is collecting jinchuriki." Itachi informed the others. Kisame just stayed silent, along with Naruto; the latter narrowing his eyes.

'Orochimaru-teme after bijuu? Why? I thought his only goal was to obtain the sharingan?' Naruto thought. Fu's eyes had fear within them; the hebi sannin wishes to obtain her bijuu, and the stories she heard about him scared her to high hell. "Now that we have our intel." Naruto pumped chakra into one of his trench knives, making a wind sword. "There's only one thing left to do." Naruto made his way towards Shuishi. "Before you die, I gotta say, you were one hell of an opponent." Naruto complimented with his demon mask covering his face..

"You too kid. You too." Shuishi said chuckling. And in one swift motion, Naruto cut Shuishi's head off; his last sight was Hashi's red glowing eyes that pierced his soul. The headless body of the armor fighter had fallen down to the ground, blood leaking out of his headless corpse. Naruto had already taken off his mask and replaced it with his lower-half mask and straw hat on top of his head. Naruto tipped his hat before he turned and walk towards Fu. Naruto crouched down in front of the mint green haired girl, still tipping his hat, hiding his face from her.

"Do you need to get anything from the village?" Naruto asked. Fu just shook her head in response. Naruto then lifted his hat to reveal his smiling unmasked face. "Well then, it's time we get moving, yeah?" Naruto said with a wide smile on his face. Fu just smiled back and nodded.


Naruto with Mamoru in his cloak, Fu, Itachi and Kisame were jumping from tree to tree. Fu was excited about joining the Akatsuki, she had heard from Naruto that there were already two other jinchuriki in the organization; the Hachibi vessel and the Nibi vessel. As they were jumping from tree to tree, Naruto smelt something and stopped onto a branch. The others stopped and looked back to him.

"What's wrong Naruto-kun?" Fu asked.

"It couldn't be." Naruto said. Fu tilted her head in confusion as the two senior Akatsuki members just kept on looking at him. Naruto suddenly sped towards a different direction.

"Naruto!" Fu called out the masked blonde's name. Fu followed after Naruto, with Kisame and Itachi behind her. Naruto had smelt something that had the scent of burning rock, and he had a thought of what he hoped it was. As Naruto made it to a clearing, he saw rumble there as well. He dashed all the way to the rumble to find a giant hole, and in that hole was a meteorite. Naruto was speechless from seeing the sight, but then a big huge grin appeared on his face. Naruto then started to shake with excitement building up, until…

"YATTA!" Naruto screamed, jumping into the air with excitement bursting out of his soul. Fu and the other two Akatsuki members came just in time to find Naruto jumping with excitement. Mamoru, hearing his best friend's excitement, poked his head out to see a meteorite, which explained everything. Fu, Itachi and Kisame walked up beside Naruto to see the meteorite.

"You're excited over a rock? Boy how pathetic." Kisame said. Naruto stopped jumping for joy, and then turned to Kisame with his eyes narrowed.

"And you call yourself a swordsman." Naruto said. Itachi raised an eyebrow and Fu looked at Naruto with disbelief, while Kisame actually felt insulted by the comment and had a pissed off look on his face, although he was confused about where Naruto got that idea. Naruto slid down to the giant space rock and touched it with his gloved hand. "Do you know what this is?" Naruto said.

"Uh, it's a rock kid." Kisame said, still not getting why he was so excited.

"Not just any rock. It's A Meteorite!" Naruto exclaimed with pride. Fu grew wings, thanks to Chomei, and flew down next to Naruto.

"What's so important about a meteorite, Naruto-kun?" Fu asked.

"Ever since I had been training to become an assassin for the Akatsuki, I got into kenjutsu, and one thing I really wanted to do is make my very own sword." Naruto explained to his fellow jinchuriki.

"I see. Meteorites have metal within them." Itachi said.

"Exactly. It's the perfect material to create my sword." Naruto said. Naruto took out a medium sized scroll, placed it onto the ground and unsealed it. Once the scroll was unsealed, and even bigger scroll came out of it; on that you carry onto your back. Naruto then made his signature seal. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted his signature jutsu. Clones then appeared around the meteorite and together lifted it up. Naruto unraveled his scroll and rolled it under the meteorite. The clones then slowly placed it down, glad that they didn't have to hold the heavy rock anymore, and then the original Naruto sealed the meteorite into the scroll. Naruto released his jutsu, and then rolled up the scroll and sealed it back into the smaller one it was originally contained in. "Okay, now we can head back to HQ." Naruto said pocketing the scroll. The three nodded as they all now headed back to the Akatsuki headquarters.


Naruto and the others finally made it to the base, to meet up with Obito, Yahiko, Konan, Killer Bee, who was wearing his Akatsuki cloak unzipped, and Yugito Nii, the Nibi jinchuriki.

Yugito has long, straight, blonde hair with taut bandages and dark eyes. She wore the organization's cloak which was zipped down a bit to reveal her short sleeve black and purple blouse that had designs of clouds on them; she also wore black pants that also had designs of clouds on them, purple fingerless gloves and a chain of blue beads wound around her left hand. She also wears her Kumo forehead protector, sandal, kunai holster strapped around her right thigh, and bandages around her arms and legs, as well as a red belt around her waist.

"Hey, anyone missed me?" Naruto said with a big grin on his face.

"Not really." Konan said with a smirk.

"You cut me deep Konan-chan." Naruto said shaking his head and patting his heart, but still retained a smirk on his face. "Anyway, mission accomplished." Naruto gently grabbed Fu's hand and brought her to the others. "Everyone, meet Fu, Chomei's jinchuriki."

"Uh, hi." Fu greeted sheepishly. Konan then walked up to Fu and hugged her.

"Glad to see there's another girl joining." Konan said as she then pulled away from the young jinchuriki girl. "My name is Konan, I hope we can be the best of friends." Konan said, making Fu blush a bit.

"The others are Yahiko, he's the leader of the Akatsuki." Naruot introduced their organization's leader.

"Hi there." Yahiko said with a big grin.

"My mentor, Obito." Naruto introduced his sensei.

"Nice to meet you." Obito said, nodding his head. Fu leaned closer to Naruto.

"Is he your father?" Fu asked.

"What? Is this because of the left side of my face?" Naruto asked raising his eyebrow.

"No, it's not that." Fu quickly said waving her hands defensively. "It's just you guys sort of look alike, plus you have admiration for him written all over your face." Naruto blushed at that, and the fact that Obito kept on smiling, most probably meaning that he heard them, wasn't really helping. Naruto started clearing his throat.

"Anyway, the other two are Killer Bee, the Hachibi Gyuuki's jinchuriki." Naruto gestured to the dark skinned man.

"A jinchuriki girl, I see. It's nice to meet ya, the name's the rappin' Killer Bee, vessel of the only Gyuuki no Hachibi, yo!" Bee rapped. Fu had a sweat drop expression.

"And the last one is Yugito Nii, a member who has recently joined the ranks and is the Nibi Matatabi's jinchuriki." Naruto gestured to the blonde woman.

"It's nice to meet you, Fu-san." Yugito said with a small smile on her face. Fu smiled at meeting two other jinchuriki, besides Naruto.

"Fu's agreed to join our ranks." Naruto said.

"Excellent. Yugito, Bee, get Fu set up." Yahiko said. The two elder jinchuriki nodded at Yahiko, before they took Fu with them to get her set up. At first Fu was hesitant to go with the two Kumo shinobi, but her worries were washed away when Naruto nodded to her in confirmation. As Naruto saw his fellow jinchuriki leave, Naruto turned to the three Akatsuki members in front of him.

"We have a problem." Naruto said. Yahiko, Obito and Konan now had serious looks upon their faces.

"What is it?" Yahiko asked. Naruto turned to Itachi and nodded to him.

"Apparently, Orochimaru is collecting the bijuu." Itachi informed the three elder Akatsuki members. Yahiko, Obito and Konan's eye widened, before their expressions became serious again.

"This isn't good." Yahiko said.

"I don't understand. I thought Orochimaru only wanted the sharingan, why would he want the tailed beasts?" Konan asked the question that was everyone's mind.

"Whatever the reason, the next time I see him, I'm Going To Kill His Ass!" Naruto exclaimed slamming his fist into his palm.

"Konan, you best go and inform Nagato of the news behind our old 'friend'." Yahiko said. Konan bowed to him, before shushining away. "Itachi, I'd like to hear more about this new info." Yahiko said. Itachi nodded before he followed Yahiko to somewhere else. Kisame had already left to go train, since he can't stay in one place for too long or else he would get jittery. Naruto was about to leave when he noticed Obito had a far off look on his face.

"Hey, uh… are you okay Obito?" Naruto asked. Obito got out of his stupor state before looking at Naruto.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine." Obito said, waving it off. Naruto knew his mentor was lying, but he didn't delve into it; if his sensei didn't want to share any info with him, he didn't have to, but if it's important he has to tell the truth sooner or later.

"Well, alright. Anyway, I'm going to go find Zabuza." Naruto said heading out.

"You want to visit Haku again don't you?" Obito said wiggling one of his eyebrows. Naruto blushed at the comment.

"No, actually, I wanted him to teach me." Naruto said.

"Teach you in what?" Obito asked.


"You want to what?" Zabuza asked.

"I want to make a sword, so I came to you so you could teach me how to." Naruto said.

"Why didn't you go to Kisame?" Zabuza asked.

"One, I don't think he makes a good teacher. Two, I don't he knows how to make a sword. And three, compared to him, you're actually sane." Naruto pointed out his reasons.

"Well, you got some good points there." Zabuza said. Zabuza started scratching his chin, thinking it over. "Alright then, I'll help, but don't think this'll give you a free pass to try anything on Haku." Zabuza said menacingly.

"I'll admit it Zabuza, I like Haku, but I'm here to make a sword, and right now that's the only thing that matters." Naruto said getting serious about making a sword. Zabuza smirked underneath his bandages at the boy's excitement.

"Alright then, but before you make your sword, you should practice making a few so you could get the hang of it." Zabuza said. Naruto nodded understandingly.


"So how does it look?" Naruto asked as he showed Zabuza a massive broadsword with a heavy double-edged blade, notched on both sides near the tip, a spiked pommel. The grip is plain, but the guard was skeletal and demonic, with a design of Naruto's demon mask on one side and a human skull with what looked like bandages over it's eyes on one side, leading to a rib cage from which the blade emerges, and a spiked crosstree that extended out of the skull.

(Pretty much like Dante's sword from the Devil May Cry series, except it's a little different)

"So this is what you want your sword to look like?" Zabuza asked. Naruto nodded in response. "Well not bad kid, but…" Zabuza grabbed the sword from Naruto and slammed it onto a stone, making the thing vibrate. "See that? It shouldn't vibrate like that, and it didn't even leave that much of a scratch."

"Guess I got a lot to learn then, 'ttebayo." Naruto said a little down.

"True, but you got potential kid." Zbuza said. Naruto smiled at Zabuza's comment. "Now make another."

"Yes Sir!" Naruto exclaimed giving Zabuza a mock salute. Zabuza smirked at the kid's enthusiasm.

'Who would've thought that the gaki who had no skill back in Wave country would actually have potential in swordsmanship? I'm actually glad we met, kid.' Zabuza thought with a smile hidden behind his bandages.


In Konoha, Sakura was walking down the street heading towards the Uchiha compound. She hadn't seen Sasuke in a while; so she decided to pay him a little visit and see if he wanted to spend time with her, but not as a date only as friends. Ever since Naruto's death, Sakura's feelings for Sasuke had been fading and replaced with feelings for Naruto. Since that day, she looked back on days back when they were team 7 and realized that Naruto had always been there for her more than Sasuke, and it just made her feelings for the 'deceased' blonde grow. No one will ever replace Naruto in her heart; not now, not ever.

As Sakura was walking down the path, she saw someone walking down it as well. The person had fair skin and short dark blue hair that was in a leveled hime-cut style just above her forehead, with chin-length strands framing her face. She wore a cream colored hooded-jacket with a fire symbol on the upper right and left sleeves and fur around the cuffs and hem, with navy blue pants and the standard shinobi sandals. Sakura knew exactly who that was, causing the pinkette to smile.

"Hey, Hinata!" Sakura called out the heiress' name. Hinata made her flinch and make an eeping noise. Hinata turned around to see Sakura jogging all the way up to her.

"Oh, h-hello S-Sakura-s-san, how a-are you tod-day" Hinata stuttered. Sakura stopped in front of Hinata bento box in her hands.

"I see you got a bento box." Sakura said with a devious look on her face. "Is that for a certain Uchiha?" Sakura asked teasingly. Hinata blushed at the question.

"I-It's just a way to sh-show my th-thanks to him." Hinata said.

"Thank? Thanks for what?" Sakura asked. Sakura had seen Sasuke talk to her a few time when the rest of the rookie nine were hanging out, but she never saw them alone together.

"W-Well, you see, one day I-I was at the park c-crying, and Sasuke-kun found me and a-asked what was t-troubling me." Hinata said. Sakura was surprised; normally Sasuke would walk away and ignore someone crying, because he felt it was none of his concern, so this really surprised her. "You see, my clan always saw me as a lost cause; they expected great things from me, but I just made them very disappointed, but none were more disappointed than my father. Sasuke-kun understood my pain and decided to help me in getting stronger; he didn't have to, but he chose to, and that's why I'm bringing him this, as a sign of my gratitude." Hinata said with a blush. Sakura was shocked at Sasuke's actions of assisting Hinata in her training; it was so out of character from the Sasuke that first joined Team 7, and that brought a smile to Sakura's face.

'You've really change, haven't you Sasuke.' Sakura thought with a genuine smile upon her face. "Well, I was on my way to see Sasuke, you want to go together?" Sakura said. Hinata blushed before nodding her head. Sakura gave a big grin to Hinata, before they walked to the Uchiha compound together.


Sasuke was sitting in a lotus position in his mother's old garden. The garden had luscious flowers, bonsai here and there, a big sakura tree, and a little pond with koi fish swimming in it with a waterfall streaming down to it from a rock formation. Sasuke wore loose fitting black robes that were tucked into black loose fitting kimono pants and he also wore a long sleeves black haori. On Sasuke's lap was a katana that he held with both his hands.

The katana has an ornate bronze guard that was oval shaped; the handle seemed to be braided from white and black material. It had a relief of a dragon at the end point of the hilt; the scabbard was black, made of traditional lacquered wood, and features several metallic ornaments on it's far end. On the scabbard was a relief of a hawk. It also has a yellow sageo, the cord used to tie the katana around the waist.

(Like Vergil's katana from Devil May Cry 3&4, but with a hawk design on the scabbard)

Sasuke was meditating, deep in thought, when he suddenly felt a presence in the garden; an unfriendly one. "Let us get things started, Tamashi." Sasuke said as he unsheathed the katana in his hand a bit. Suddenly four figures pounced on Sasuke. The lone Uchiha completely unsheathe his katana and blocked the kunai the four mysterious figures had in their hands, trying to use it to strike Sasuke from above. The lone Uchiha then pushed them away and sheathed back his katana. "Haven't you've ever learned to never disturb someone when they are deep in thought." Sasuke said as he looked at the four intruders.

The four mysterious beings all looked identical. They wore black long sleeve skin tight shirts, black pants, black gloves, bandages around their ankles, black sandals, black masks that covered their entire heads, and red goggles over their eyes.

"What exactly are you doing in my home?" Sasuke demanded answers. The four remained silent, not bothering to answer. "I see." Sasuke just said as he unsheathed his katana a bit. Suddenly one of the mysertious intruders dashed towards Sasuke with a kunai in hand, ready to strike. In one swift fluid motion, Sasuke swung his katana up and then sheathed his katana back into his scabbard. "You shouldn't have done that." Sasuke said. Then suddenly the attacker's hand was sperated from it's wrist. The other three jumped to the rooftops, leaving their teammate behind. As Sasuke saw them jump away, he noticed the one who attacked him started to melt, until it was a pile of white goo. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the pile. 'Now that was unexpected.' Sasuke thought. The Uchiha then jumped up to the roof to meet one of the attackers. The attacker stuck his hand out and suddenly, spikes of wood came out of it's hand. Sasuke's composure remained unfazed, but inside he was shocked. She unsheathed his katana and quickly cut every single wooden spike to pieces. The black shinobi then jumped into the air and extended his arms towards Sasuke, creating tentacles, that resembled roots, from them that went after the Uchiha, but Sasuke quickly went through a series of hand signs and yelled out "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!" As he blew, a huge fireball was then sent hurtling straight towards the attacker, incinerating his root-like tentacles and engulfing then black clad man.


Sakura and Hinata were nearing the compound when they heard an explosion from within it, making the two stop in their tracks.

"W-What was t-that?" Hinata asked.

"I don't know, but it might have been Sasuke, and he could be in trouble. Let's Go Hinata!" Sakura exclaimed as she ran deeper into the compound. Hinata was right behind Sakura, still holding the bento in her hands. Suddenly two black clad individuals jumped down in front of them, making them once again stop dead in their tracks. "Who The Hell Are You Two?!" Sakura yelled. The two mysterious individuals just stood their silently, one of them tilting their head. "Well Whoever You Are, Get Out Of My Way!" Sakura yelled as she walked forward, but one of the black clad shinobi tried to strike her. Sakura saw the attack and jumped back, but the other extended his hand and shot spiked pieces of wood at her. Sakura noticed they were closing in on her, but Hinata jumped in front of Sakura and used her Juken style to bat away the wood. Sakura took the opportunity to jump over Hinata and send a punch down towards the two. The two jumped back a bit, but they both lost their footing as the impact of Sakura's punch created a shockwave and rocks coming out of the ground. Sakura took her chance by speeding at one of them and slamming her fist into one of their stomachs and used the momentum to slam him down hard onto the ground. As Sakura pulled her fist back she noticed some white fluid on her hand, and looked down at her defeated to see him melt into a pile of white goo. "Ew, gross." Sakura said feeling disgusted. The other attacker dashed towards Sakura, his hand turned into a wooden spike and was ready to cut her up, but as he swung at her, his arm was pushed to the side as he then was slammed into the chest sending him skidding back.

"Don't you dare touch my friend." Hinata said. Sakura turned to see Hinata in her Juken stance, protecting her from the black clad shinobi.

"Hinata, you saved me. And You Didn't Stutter!" Sakura exclaimed with joy and pride for her friend. Sakura walked up next to Hinata and got into her fighting stance. "Give it up, pal. It's two against one; you can't win!" Sakura exclaimed with much confidence. The mysterious black clad stranger created another made his other hand into a single wooden claw, and then slammed both his claws into the ground. Sakura and Hinata were preparing for anything, but sadly they didn't expect for roots to shoot out of the ground and wrap themselves around the two. They tried to struggle out of it, but they felt their very chakra being sucked out of them, making them weak. 'Dammit! These roots are sucking the chakra from right out of our bodies, I can't do shit, and neither can Hinata.' Sakura thought with anger as she felt her energy being absorbed by the roots. The black clad man tilted his head to the side, before he dashed at the two with his claws pulled back, ready to cut them up. Sakura closed her eyes, preparing for the painful death, but she felt nothing at all.

"Sasuke-kun." Hinata said. Sakura opened her eyes to see Sasuke crouched down in front of the mysterious attacker with his katana out. As Sasuke stood up, sheathed his sword, and as it was completely inside the scabbard, the attacker and roots that held Sakura and Hinata in place, were cut to pieces. As the black clad enemy melted into white goo, Sasuke made his way to Hinata and extended his hand to her. Hinata blushed at the kind gesture as she took his hand, and was then helped up by the raven haired boy. Sakura expected Sasuke to help her up to, but he didn't.

"Are you going to get up? Or do you love the ground so much you wish to get intimate with it." Sasuke said, his face showing no emotion. Sakura glared at Sasuke, while Hinata blushed at the last part.

"Geez, thanks for asking if I was fine Sasuke, you're so sweet." Sakura said sarcastically as she picked herself up. Suddenly two ANBU appeared at the compound. One was a male who wore a Kumo (Bear) mask, while the other was a female who wore a Neko (Cat) mask.

"Is everyone alright?" the Kumo ANBU asked.

"Yeah, but we were attack just attacked by some creeps all dressed in black." Sakura told the ANBU.

"We had heard from other shinobi that they spotted some questionable characters in black clothing; do you know where they went?" the Neko masked ANBU asked.

"Actually, they're right here." Sasuke said pointing to the white goo on the floor. "When they are defeated, they melt into this strange goo like substance." Sasuke informed them.

"Best to get a sample for Hokage-sama." Neko said. Kumo took out a bag and collected some of the goo and placed it inside the bag. "If you see any more of these mysterious intruders running around the village, inform us." Neko said. Neko and Kumo then shushined away in a swirl of leaves, leaving the three genin alone together.

"Well, today was pretty exciting wasn't it?" Sakura said. Sasuke gave her his famous 'hn', before he was about to head back to his home. "Hey where are you going?!" Sakura asked.

"Home." Sasuke said as he continued to walk away.

"Um, S-Sasuke-kun." Hinata said the lone Uchiha's name. Sasuke turned to her to see her offering a bento box. "It's to show my gratitude for helping with my training." Hinata said. Sasuke took the bento and looked inside. It was freshly cut tomatoes, with shrimp fried rice on the side. It was his favorite meal that his mother used to make him. Sasuke smiled at the meal that Hinata gave him, before he closed it.

"Thank you, Hinata." Sasuke said with the smile still on his face. Hinata blushed at the thanks from lone Uchiha. Sakura saw the bond between them grow and decided that she should help make that bond stronger.

"Come on Sasuke, let's get you dressed." Sakura said pushing her teammate towards his home.

"Excuse me?" Sasuke asked.

"You are going to come spend time with me and Hinata; all that time in your house isn't good for you." Sakura said.


"It's either you get dressed and come with us willingly, or else I'm going to force you." Sakura threatened. Sasuke just sighed as he started to make his way to his compound to get dressed as to not deal with Sakura's brash actions. "And leave that sword of yours."

"My blade has a name. Tamashi. And he goes with me everywhere, no exceptions." Sasuke said as he continued walking. Sakura sighed in frustration at her teammate's stubbornness.

"Bu the way Hinata, thanks for saving me there." Sakura said.

"Oh, i-it w-was no p-problem, S-Sakura-san." Hinata stuttered.

"Did you really mean it? When you said we were friends?" Sakura asked. Hinata blushed from embarrassment as she nodded. Suddenly Hinata was tackled into a hug from Sakura, making the Hyuuga blush even redder. "I'm so happy we're finally friends, Hinata." Sakura said. She then pulled back and gripped Hinata's hand. "I promise Hinata, I'll always be watching your back and be by your side, I promise." Sakura said.

"R-Really?" Hinata asked with shock.

"Of course, and I never go back on my word. Believe It!" Sakura shouted. Hinata blushed as she saw an image of Naruto for a moment before her attention was brought back to Sakura who was grinning at her. Hinata smiled as she nodded, before the two hugged each other for a moment, before separating.

"I'm back." Sasuke said. He was dressed in his usual clothes which were his high color blue shirt, white shorts, arm warmers, and sandals. Sasuke still had Tamashi in his hand; like he said, he takes it everywhere, no exceptions.

(In case you're wondering, Tamashi means soul.)

"Great! Now Let's Head Out! Shannaroo!" Sakura shouted out as she headed out of the compound with the two dark hair heirs behind her.

"S-she's very excited." Hinata said.

"Sadly, she's always this way." Sasuke said. Hinata just smiled as she followed her new friend to wherever the road takes them.


"Alright gaki, I think you've done it." Zabuza said. Naruto presented Zabuza his sword. Zabuza took the large blade from Naruto and sliced a rock in half.

"Impressive." Obito said as he walked into the room with Haku next to him.

"Yep, kid, I think you've finally done it." Zabuza said giving the broadsword back to Naruto.

"Sweet! Now I Can Get Started On The Real Sword!" Naruto exclaimed with much excitement as he put the sword he held away.

"Huh?" said Zabuza and Obito.

"But Naruto-kun, I thought that this would be your sword?" Haku said.

"Actually, I wanted to practice making it, before I actually got started making it with the special kind of material I collected." Naruto said. The other's wondered what the material was, while Mamoru was waiting to see their reactions to the 'special material.'

"What kind of material?" Zabuza asked. Naruto grinned at the three as he took out a small scroll. He then laid it on the floor, and unsealed it creating a cloud of smoke to reveal a bigger scroll. Naruto then unseal that scroll, making another cloud of smoke to reveal a meteorite. The giant space rock made the three other Akatsuki members' eyes widened as big as saucer's, which was exactly what Mamoru was expecting. "So Zabuza, do you think we can make a sword out of a meteorite?" Naruto asked. Zabuza then placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Kid, we'll make a sword unlike any other." Zabuza said as he smiled underneath his bandages.

Naruto started getting to work by adding coal to the furnace of the room, while Zabuza brought along the giant stone hammer tool. Naruto grabbed a stone stake that he firmly place stop of the meteorite. Zabuza then started hammering the stake, breaking off pieces the meteorite. Naruto then went to the mechanism that gave the fire more air to keep on heating and started using it to keep the fire alive, while Zabuza collect the pieces of the meteorite into a stone bucket. Zabuza then placed the bucket on a table and used the extending claw tool to grab the bucket and then put it into the fire, leaving it to melt. It had just become night time, and Naruto was putting more coal into the fire to fuel it. Zabuza smiled at the kid's progress and was actually starting to really like the kid; in a way, he reminded him of himself.

It had become morning and Naruto used the claw tool to grab the bucket that became lava and then dipped it into a sword shaped hole. Naruto then took out a kunai and cut the palm of his hand and let his blood that he laced with his and Kurama's chakra into it.

"Kid, why'd you do that?" Zabuza asked.

"Someone told me he did this to have full control over his weapon, without the need to touch it." Naruto said. Zabuza was intrigued by this theory, and wanted to see it in action once the sword was done. As it hardened from cooling down a bit, Naruto used metal gloves to grab the sword, so he wouldn't get burned. He then placed it on an anvil and used a metal mallet hammer to shape the blade into what he wished. As he shaped it the way he wanted to, Naruto put the sword into water, so it may cool down.

After a long and grueling process, Naruto had made his dream sword. His massive broadsword with double-edged blade, and it was black in color, except for the bandages ove the eyes of the demon head and human skull's eyes.

"Not a bad blade, kid." Zabuza complimented. "Now all you got to do is know how to use it." Zabuza said.

"Could you teach me how?" Naruto asked.

"Sure." Zabuza said with a nod. "But first you should name it. So what's it going to be gaki?" Zabuza said. Naruto examined his new sword, and then smiled as he came up with the perfect name for it.

"Shokan" Naruto said as he looked at his hand-made sword.

"Redemption? I like it." Zabuza said with a smirk behind his bandages. Naruto made swift slashes into the air with his new sword, before he threw his sword into a rock, stabbing deep into it, and then with a movement of his hand and some chakra, the sword flew back to Naruto, slowing him to grab the handle, before thrust it forward.

"With this blade, I shall bring peace and redeem the world!" Naruto proclaimed with much confidence and conviction.


That night, after kenjtsu training with Zabuza, Naruto limped all the way back to bed after dinner. Zabuza had shown him no mercy as he expected from the swordsman, but damn was it intense; Naruto actually felt he was going to die. As Mamoru jumped onto the bed and curled up into a ball, Naruto placed his sword to the side and took out his sketchpad and started sketching it. After a while, Naruto had finished sketching the sword, and the demon head and human skull design, Naruto put the sketchpad back in his drawer and then laid on top his bed.

"Today was pretty good, right Mamoru?" Naruto said. "Mamoru?" Naruto said his best friend's name to see the little fox kit was already sound asleep. Naruto just laughed a bit as he lied down onto his bed. "Goodnight Mamoru. Goodnight kaa-san, tou-chan."

"Goodnight Naruto." Minato said within his son's mind

"Goodnight Naruto-kun." Kushina wished her son goodnight.

"Goodnight Kurama." Naruto said.

"Goodnight kit." Kurama said as he then went back to sleep.

Naruto looked out to the stars through the window in front of him. 'Goodnight, Sakura-chan, Baa-chan, Ero-jiji, Sasuke-teme, and Kakashi sensei. I hope you guys have sweet dreams.' Naruto thought, before he closed his eyes and entered the land of dreams.

End of Chapter 3

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