Warnings for blood, gore, and m/m. Proceed at your own risk.

Written for Candy-of-Doom's birthday yesterday, and once again inspired by her art.

Zoro pushed in the door to their small house, breathing out a sigh of relief at finally being home. All day long he had to force smiles and politeness with people whose smiles and polite words were just as fake as his own. At least at home he didn't have to put on a mask of perfection; he was free to be himself.

"Zoro?" A voice called from the kitchen. "Is that you?"

Zoro smiled at the sound. Besides the chance to loosen his tie and be himself, the best part of being home was Sanji. Sanji was the only person who could understand him, who saw eye to eye with him. Not to mention they shared similar tastes and opinions on important matters. In the end, Sanji was Zoro's other half.

"Come in here," Sanji called again.

Zoro obeyed willingly. In fact, after the day he had just had, he was more than happy to go to the blond, just to see his face. Zoro could hold him, feel the beat of his heart, and feel truly at home for the first time since he'd woken up in Sanji's arms that morning.

The kitchen was a mess, though Zoro had seen worse, Sanji usually kept his kitchen so neat and orderly. To see it so destroyed was more than a little unusual. The blond himself was standing at the counter, a cleaver in one hand that he was bringing down repeatedly onto a chunk of meat on the counter, sending more of the mess spraying up onto the wall.

"Having some trouble?" Zoro asked knowingly. The blond always struggled at the same cut every time he did this.

Sanji pouted, turning to face his lover. "I need your expertise on this one," He said stiffly, not willing to admit he still hadn't learned the proper technique.

Zoro chuckled, stepping up behind the blond, his chest pressing against the man's back. Sanji leaned back slightly, enjoying the feeling of Zoro's body pressed against his.

"Listen carefully," Zoro instructed, twining his fingers with the blond's on the handle of the cleaver. "You'll never get through the bone, go through the tendons instead," Zoro guided Sanji's arm up, brining it down in one clean swing, severing the tendons at the joint of the shoulder, freeing the arm from its socket.

Sanji smiled in satisfaction and twisted his head to look his lover in the eye. "You're talented. How long have you been doing this?"

Zoro looked tenderly down at his latest victim, a young business man with a large pocketbook and greedy fingers. He'd been a good looking guy, thick dark hair and a splash of freckles on his face gave him a lovable charm, but his need to step on people to achieve wealth was hardly a desirable trait. In a way, the man had been a sort of predator. Zoro had just shown him what it was like to be the prey.

"A while," Zoro answered with a smirk.

Sanji pulled away, just enough to turn in Zoro's arms and face him properly. The blond was as much a mess as the rest of the kitchen, and Zoro had to keep himself from laughing, wondering just how long Sanji had been trying to sever that arm. Blood had soaked into his shirt, the fabric a deep crimson and clinging to his lithe body. His shining golden hair was splattered with blood and fragments of bone. Sanji's blue eyes stood out against the spray of red on his face.

Zoro's eyes looked down to his lips. They were surprisingly clean, given the state the rest of him was in, and Zoro realized he must have been licking them. He must have been licking the blood from his lips.

Curiously, Zoro reached past his lover and rubbed his fingers into a puddle of blood beneath the now severed arm. He brought them back, satisfied with the amount of blood on them, and pressed them to Sanji's lips.

Sanji didn't look horrified, shocked, or disturbed the way some of Zoro's past lovers might have. Instead, Sanji's lips parted, allowing his tongue to taste the blood on Zoro's fingers. His eyes met Zoro's as he took the fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean with a delicious combination of tongue and lips.

Zoro shuddered happily, pulling his fingers from the blond's mouth and replacing them with his lips. He smeared the blood on the Sanji's lips, and chased the taste of it in Sanji's mouth with his tongue. It was the perfect seasoning to the blond's already perfect flavor. Sanji tasted like smoke and spices, and the coppery tang of blood only added to the array of delicious flavors that made up Zoro's lover.

Zoro pressed Sanji back against the counter, deepening the kiss and seeking out more of that flavor. He was so distracted in his quest that he didn't notice the blond reaching behind him, seeking something out, until Sanji's hand returned to view. It was coated in blood and Sanji smiled to himself as he smeared trails of it down Zoro's jaw and neck.

Zoro didn't realize what he was doing until Sanji abruptly pulled away from the kiss, giving Zoro one wicked smile before moving to follow his freshly drawn trails of blood with his mouth, cleaning them from Zoro's bronzed skin as he went. Zoro groaned, feeling the blond's lips trail down the skin of his neck, sucking the more stubborn spots, and grating his teeth gently against the sensitive flesh.

Sanji's nimble fingers worked at his tie; Sanji was much better at undoing tie knots than Zoro was, seeing as he actually enjoyed dressing this way. The tie was unknotted swiftly and pulled gently from his neck. Sanji tossed it aside, making for the buttons that were preventing him from getting to his prize.

Zoro let him work, eyes closed while Sanji's lips continued to tease his skin, feeling the tickle of those deft fingers as they brushed against the skin of his chest. When Zoro was free of his shirt, Sanji wasted no time in drawing more patterns of blood across Zoro's bronzed and muscular torso. Zoro watched the art work being formed on his skin, the pattern of swirls and lines centering around the parts of his body that were the most sensitive. Zoro's excitement grew when he pictured Sanji following these marks with his mouth; his tongue and teeth playing with Zoro and making him writhe with need.

The last of the bloody pattern laid out at Zoro's hip, Sanji stepped back for a moment to admire his work, before he set to work cleaning his lover up once again. He traced the path of blood down to Zoro's collar bone and across his chest, drawing a hiss and a groan from Zoro as he played with each nipple in turn, being sure to clean them both off thoroughly. He moved down his lover's abs, falling to his knees as he moved further down, ravishing the tensing abs and teasing Zoro's navel with a playful lick.

Zoro had by passed the corner of 'pretty aroused' some time ago and had been fully hit by absolute need. When Sanji finished cleaning the last of the blood from Zoro's body (and teasing the skin around Zoro's beltline while he was at it), Zoro pulled him up roughly by the hair. Again this was an action few of his past lover's had appreciated, but Sanji let out a pleased moan and allowed Zoro to claim his lips once again.

Zoro made quick work of his lover's belt, yanking it from the belt loops and forcing a cry from Sanji when the yanking force caused his pelvis to come against Zoro's own. Zoro smiled down at him, admiring the blond's flushed face and lidded eyes as he undid the button on Sanji's slacks and slid both them and the underwear beneath down to pool at his feet. Zoro left Sanji in his shirt though, the blood soaked material sticking to the blond's slim waist was more arousing to Zoro than seeing the man fully naked.

Sanji let out a needy whimper when Zoro's hand found his cock, and Zoro returned it with a pleased hum when Sanji's hands set about freeing Zoro from his pants as well. He popped the button with relative ease, and slid Zoro's pants down to join his own on the floor.

Zoro looked down between them. There was a lot of blood pooled on the floor. Sanji really did make a mess today. Not that Zoro minded in the slightest. The gore puddled beneath their feet and splashed up the walls was proof of Zoro's accomplishments, and proof of Sanji's willingness to put up with the things most people hated about Zoro.

Zoro gave Sanji one harsh shove, causing him to land with a splat in the blood below. This time Sanji did give him a look, though not one of disgust or hatred, but one of mild annoyance at being so rudely interrupted in his pleasure. Sanji didn't mind Zoro being rough; in fact most of the time he got off on it, but being so unceremoniously pushed apparently was not included in Sanji's fantasies.

Zoro would make up for it though. He joined Sanji, kneeling in the puddle of cold blood and tugging his lover closer by the hips. He met Sanji's eyes, matching their intense gaze as he soaked his fingers in the puddle of blood beneath them.

Without much warning, he pushed one finger inside of Sanji. The blond threw his head back, releasing a sharp cry of ecstasy. His hips bucked, forcing Zoro's finger deeper, and Zoro chuckled at the enthusiastic response. With Sanji's willing permission, Zoro forced his finger in deeper before pulling back, thrusting in again and again, rhythmically. Sanji let out a quiet moan with every thrust, and growled when Zoro brushed against the parts of Sanji that drove him wild.

Zoro added a second finger, pleased by the increased volume of his lover's moans. Sanji let his body fall back and Zoro was amazed at the display beneath him. Sanji's hair was soaking with the blood beneath him, painting a pattern on the floor as he thrashed his head. His already soaked shirt was a mess of deep red splotches and bloody hand prints where he had been grabbing for something to hold on to.

Zoro couldn't hold back any longer, and Sanji was certainly reaching the end of his restraint. He shook with ever thrust of Zoro's fingers, and his breath was coming out in short, harsh gasps. Removing his fingers from the blond, Zoro repositioned the other man's hips, lined up his cock, and thrust in.

Sanji cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, but Zoro didn't give him time to recover before he pulled out and thrust in again. Sanji tensed in pain at the action, and Zoro saw stars. He wasn't going to last long like this, but he built up a punishing rhythm, rocking Sanji's body into the blood bath around them. He took Sanji's cock in his hand, working it in time with his thrusts, teasing the head with his thumb each time.

Sanji came first; a loud shout that almost sounded surprised left his lips as he spilled over his chest in between them. Zoro held on as long as he could but followed not long after, growling in his pleasure as he emptied himself inside of Sanji.

They lay together in the mess of the kitchen, breathing in the smell of blood and sex. Zoro rolled off of Sanji, landing on the blood splattered floor next to him. Sanji lay panting, rubbing as a spot of come on his shirt, smearing it in with the blood. He was the picture of macabre perfection; coated in blood of Zoro's latest kill. Zoro couldn't fight off the swell of pride in his chest.

"Does it ever bother you?" Zoro asked, looking pointedly up at the cutting board.

Sanji followed his gaze and shrugged. "Not really. I'm always looking for new things to cook, this kind of works out for me. Which reminds me," Sanji pulled himself up, finding his pants and pulling out his cigarettes. "If I don't get back to work, dinner will never be ready tonight."