Welcome Home - Fluffy addition pt 2

"You're a bastard!" Sanji growled fiercely, his words venomous and filled with malice.

Zoro looked almost sorrowfully down at the bag at his feet. Long blond hair trailed out of the top, splattered with blood. The cook always did get bent out of shape when Zoro brought home a woman.

"How could you do that to a helpless lady!" Sanji roared.

"She was hardly helpless," Zoro snorted, turning his head and gesturing to the smatter or bruises and cuts on the side of his face.

Sanji's face softened slightly at the sight of Zoro's abused face.

Zoro reached out and tugged the blond closer to him. Of course, Sanji fought him tooth and nail, refusing to comply peacefully while he was so angry with Zoro, but Zoro's strength won out and he held to the blond tight.

"I'm sorry," He whispered gently into Sanji's ear.

Sanji sighed sadly, glancing down at the blond hair winding out from the sack. He felt sorry for the poor girl but…

"It's okay," Sanji sighed, turning in Zoro's arms and gently brushing his fingers against the broken skin of Zoro's jaw. "I'll get started on dinner, we'll clean up after."