The 1000 deaths of the fellowship, the estended death of the fellowship.

Authors note: yep I'm bizarrely back, but not with TTT but the extended edition since I feel it needed a mention.


Sam kills random drunken hobbit #11 in a jealous rage after it hits on Rosie.

~Midgewater Marshes~

Sam sinks into the swamp after one to many helpings of shepards pie.

~Rivendell- Gilraen (Aragorn's mother)'s grave~

Aragorn is kneeling before the grave as Lord Elrond approaches

"She thought in Rivendell you would be safe..."

*The statute above Gilraen's grave falls on Aragorn, crushing him to his death*

"Apparantly she was wrong"

~Rivendell Gates~

Frodo: "Mordor Gandalf? Is it left or right?"

Gandalf: "Right"

*Frodo turns right and promptly falls inot a very large, deep hole*

Gandalf: "Oh wait, I meant left"

~Lothlorien treetops~

Aragorn is arguing with Haldir, getting a tad enthusiastic he gives the elf a small shove....resulting in the elf falling off the ledge and to his death hundreds of feet below. Aragorn peers over the edge and stamps his foot.

"Damn! That's the forth time that's happened to me today"

"I wonder why they wont let us in" replies Legolas sarcastically

~Lothlorien departure scene~

Legolas: "Lembas, elvish waybread, one small bite can fill the stomach of a grown man."

Merry (to Pippin): "How many did you eat?"

Pippen: "Four"

*They do the 'full hobbit burp thing', and then a surprised look briefly passes over their faces and they explode, spreading hobbit and Lembas all over the Aduin.*

*Two random Lorien elves approach and view the carnage*

Random Lorien elf #1: Another Lembas/Hobbit related death

Random Lorien elf #2: When *will* they learn?

Deathroll: Sam: 2, Aragorn: 1, Frodo: 1, Haldir: 1, Pippin: 1, Merry: 1. Well strangely today it would appear Sam is the winner. o_O ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

TTT preview/ trailer

Aragorn slams open the doors dramatically and starts his rugged ranger walk down the hall. The doors bounce back on their hinges and slam back into the ranger


Theoden winces.