I love you more than Law itself.

Mike - a detective working the drugs cases in New York married to Harvey.

Harvey - A senior partner married to Mike.

Idea - Mike gets shot and Harvey has to take care of him, while making their relationship knew to those Harvey works for.

Donna knows everything of course and is one of Mike's close friends.

Trevor is Mike's partner and married to Jenny a primary school teacher.

It was just a normal day for Harvey Specter, he woke up to his arms around his handsome husband, they laughed as they headed down to their cars and kissed good bye, to Harvey it was turning out to be just another normal day but little did he know just how life was going to kick him in the balls.

"Good morning Donna" Harvey said as he walked into his office.

"I wonder what has you so happy" Donna laughed.

"Do you have my files? I told Jackson to give them to you before he leaves last night" Harvey asked.

"Jackson didn't give me anything last night, Harvey" Donna replied.

"I swear if Mike wasn't a cop I would have him as my Associate" Harvey sighed.

"I'm sure he would jump at the offer I know how he misses you when he has to go undercover" Donna smiled.

"Aw good you're here" Jessica said coming into his office "I need you and Louis to work on a case and play nice" She told him dropping the file on his desk before walking out.

"So have you and Mike talked about the upcoming party here at the firm?" Donna asked as Harvey looked over the file.

"Not really, I mean he would find it boring" Harvey replied standing up.

"In other words you haven't told him because that would mean telling him no one but myself knows you're married to another man" Donna translated.

"Donna, I mean it has yet to come up" Harvey snapped.

"You know I'm right that's why you're angry" Donna said walking out of the office.

Harvey sighed, he knew she was right, it had been at the centre of every fight Harvey and Mike have had over the course of their relationship.

Harvey shook his head and walked out of his office passing Donna and made his way to Louis's office.

"It would seem we have a case together" Harvey said slamming the file down as he took his seat.

"Yes I know, Jessica told me this morning" Louis said looking up.

"Sorry but your wife didn't want me to leave" Harvey smirked.

"I don't…"

"Have a wife, it's still funny" Harvey interrupted.

Louis sighed and stood up "Shall we go meet with our client?"

"Lead the way" Harvey mocked.

Harvey made sure to turn his phone off; he knew no one would call him on it anyways before he went into the conference room.

Meanwhile on the over side of town Mike and his parent, Trevor where waiting for the perfect moment to arrest the drug dealer they were watching.

"So has Harvey brought up the party yet?" Trevor asked.

Mike took a sip of his coffee and sighed "Not yet, I really don't think he will."

"Why not? I mean you guys have been together for what four years" Trevor replied.

"I know how long it's been Trevor. But Harvey hasn't really told anyone but his family and Donna that he is married to a man" Mike took another sip of his drink.

"Want me to have a few words with him?" Trevor offered.

"No thanks" Mike smiled "It's okay really, he'll do it when the time is right"

"That's bullshit and you know it" Trevor answered.

Mike rolled his eyes, he knew his friend was right but he just wanted to believe for a little while longer that Harvey was going to tell the world of their love.

"Looks like we're up" Mike said putting his drink down and nodding to the deal going on in front of them.

Mike and Trevor made their way over to the drug dealer and his supplier they had to catch them at moment of the deal.

The drug dealer pulled out a brown envelope containing money while the supplier pulled a bag from inside his jacket pocket.

"Freeze, NYPD" Trevor Yelled holding his gun at them.

The supplier turn to run but found Mike standing there holding his gun and smiling.

"You're not going anywhere pal"

Trevor had managed to get the drug dealer into his car when he heard a loud bang.

Turning quickly he found his parent on the floor blood staining his shirt.

"Mike" Trevor yelled rushing over to his fallen parent.