I love you more than Law itself.

Mike - a detective working the drugs cases in New York married to Harvey.

Harvey - A senior partner married to Mike.

Idea - Mike gets shot and Harvey has to take care of him, while making their relationship knew to those Harvey works for.

Donna knows everything of course and is one of Mike's close friends.

Trevor is Mike's partner and married to Jenny a primary school teacher.

As the weeks went on Harvey stayed by Mike's side having Donna bring his paper work from the office went it was time for Mike to be released both were more than a little happy to see the inside of their apartment.

Soon it was time for Harvey to go back to work and leave Mike at home, which Harvey hated but Mike, loved the idea having Harvey hoover all the time was beginning to get on his nervous.

"Harvey, go I'll be fine." Mike smiled from the bed book in hand.

"Last time I thought you were fine you got shot." Harvey argued.

"Baby please I love you and I know you were scared, hell I was scared but if you don't go Donna is going to come a drag you out." Mike warned.

"Fine, but I don't like it." Harvey pouted.

"I know but we have the ball tonight, so that's something to look forward to." Mike smiled.

Harvey smiled and lean down to kiss his husband. "I love you more than the law itself."

"I know and I love you just as much, more than words can say." Mike smiled into the kiss.

As Harvey walked into his office Donna smiled from her desk, she knew how much Harvey didn't want to be at Pearson and Hardmen but she also knew how much Mike wanted a moment to himself.

"Aw good to see you back at work Harvey, I have a case that needs doing." Jessica smiled as she walked into the office.

"Thanks for letting me take the month off to be with Mike." Harvey said taking the folder from her hands.

"You're welcome. How is he?" Jessica asked.

"Better, healing. The doctor said it would be fine if he came to the party tonight just not to overdo things." Harvey smiled. "I think he is happier about me going back to work than he is about the party."

Jessica laughed and sat down in front of Harvey. "Hovering were you?"

"In a way." Harvey smiled.

"I'm looking forward to meeting him this evening, I'm sure Louis is as well." Jessica informed Harvey.

"Yes I'm sure he can't wait to tell my husband about all the wife jokes I make towards him." Harvey chuckled.

"He may bring it up yes." Jessica laughed.

"Well I'm sorry to disappoint him but Mike already knows about the wife jokes he even helps me out sometimes." Harvey smirked.

Jessica smiled and nodded before getting up. "Well then I look forward to this evening." She said before leaving Harvey alone with his thoughts.

The after of the day went far too slowly for Harvey's liking but as soon as managed to get some time to himself he was straight on the phone calling his husband.

"Harvey, baby I was sleeping." Mike's soft voice informed him after a few rings.

"Sorry love. I just wanted to check on you." Harvey smiled.

"Mmm that's nice." Mike whispered.

"Make sure you're ready to night, I'm having Ray pick you up at 7" Harvey informed him just as Donna came back to her desk.

"Ok..ay" Mike muttered.

"Harvey you get off that phone right now and let Mike rest." Donna said walking into the room.

"Baby I've got to go, mum's telling me off." Harvey joked.

The only reply he got was the soft sound of Mike's breathing. "Looks like he fell asleep on me." Harvey laughed.


Harvey was waiting outside Pearson and Hardman went Ray's car pulled up to the front of the building and smiled when Mike carefully climbed out of the car and thanked Ray.

"I've missed you." Harvey said as he took his husband into his arms and kissed.

"You spoke to me this afternoon and again an hour ago to make sure I was up." Mike smiled as Harvey took his hand as they walked into his place of work.

"Yes well I just wanted to make you were up and ready for Ray, I know you baby, your always late." Harvey chuckled.

"Harvey so this is your mysteries husband?" Louis asking walking over to the couple.

"Mike this Louis Witt" Harvey introduced.

"Nice to meet you Louis, did your wife pick out your suit for you?" Mike smiled.

"I'm not married." Louis replied.

"I know, Sorry I promised Harvey." Mike laughed. "It is nice to meet you Louis."

"Yes well thank you." Louis nodded and walked off.

"I love you baby." Harvey whispered kissing Mike's neck.

"Harvey knock it off." Mike smirked.

As the night went on Mike watched Harvey in his element and smiled, to night was one of the best night he could remember and that is saying something seeing as he could remember everything, it felt wonder to be a part of this part of Harvey's life to not be a secret that only a few knew.

"You must be Mr Ross?" Jessica said sitting down next to him.

"Ross- Specter. And yes that's me." Mike smiled.

"It's lovely to meet you, I'm Jessica Pearson." She replied smiling.

"It's lovely to meet you as well. Harvey has told me many things about you." Mike informed her.

"All good, I hope" Jessica smiled.

"Nothing but the best." Harvey answered leaning down to kiss Mike on the lips.

"I'm sure, if your excuse I have to make my rounds." Jessica smiled as he left.

"Donna told me you were going to do a speech tonight." Mike said as Harvey too his hand in his.

"I should be up soon and then we can go home." Harvey winked.

"The doctor hasn't cleared me for that." Mike laughed.

"I know, doesn't meant I can't show you how much I love you, even if it means just holding you as you sleep." Harvey replied.

"I do enjoy you holding me while I sleep. Helps with the nightmares." Mike smiled picking up his glass.

"That's not …."

"Its water Harvey, Donna went and got me some" Mike shook his head smiling.

Harvey smiled and took Mike's hand in his. "Come on dance with me for a moment."

Mike nodded and let Harvey help him out of his seat before wrapping his arms around his husband as the dances next to their table.

"Harvey you're up." Donna informed him as the music came to a stop.

"Thank you Donna." Harvey replied as he helped Mike back into his seat.

When everyone was seated and silent Harvey began. "I won't keep you very long, I know many of you wish to go home and enjoy the rest of this night with your loved ones and so do I. Many of you have been asking me about my husband, and how we make it work seeing as Law is our life well to all of you I say that law maybe my life but my husband is my everything. Mike and I have our own way of saying I love you like I'm sure many couples do. Mike, baby More than law itself." Harvey smiled and raised his glass.

"Good night everyone and thank you all for coming, And I'll see you all on Monday." Jessica added smiling.

Harvey walked over to his husband and wrapped his arms around his waist before leading him out of the building and towards the car waiting for them.

"I had a wonderful time Harvey." Mike smiled as he rested his head on Harvey's chest as the car drove them towards their home.

"So did I baby, I love you so much." Harvey kissed Mike's head.

"More than law itself." Mike whispered.

Harvey smiled and wrapped his arms around his husband as he heard the small change in his breathing that told Harvey Mike had fallen asleep, once the car came to a stop Harvey carefully picked mike up and carried him into their apartment and towards their bedroom.

Harvey placed Mike on the bed and stripped him of his suit before running his hand over the scar that almost took Mike from him before pulling the covers over his husband, once Harvey was ready for bed he climbed in and cuddled up to Mike and fell fast asleep.

The End.

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