Knight of Equestria

Chapter 1: Accident

In a small, quiet town nestled between a great forest and a looming castle, sat an equally quiet library. Within it's walls sat a young genius and her faithful assistant. They were up later then usual, surrounded by piles of books and stacks of paper. She was flipping through a rather large book until she found what she was looking for.

"I've found it!" she exclaimed "I've found the spell!"

Her assistant, however, was much less excited about her discovery.

"Uh... I don't know about this, Twilight. The instructions are kinda… weird."

She scanned her eyes over the page again.

"... 'Must be performed at approximately midnight with complete and utter concentration.' That doesn't sound so bad, Spike. What time is it?"

"It'll be midnight in about ten minutes."

"Well we're just in time, then."

She began clearing a space in the center of the room, levitating books and papers out of the way, all the while looking over the page once again.

"Although it is a pretty advanced spell. Stand behind me, just in case."

He did as she said, and she closed her eyes to begin concentrating her magical energy. After a few seconds, a small, purple, glowing sphere appeared above the spot she had cleared. Before long, the sphere started to grow. She could feel the strain on her mind as she continued to focus. The sphere eventually formed itself into an oval, glowing an intense white in the center.

After awhile the center began to display an image. It was showing an odd creature, wrapped in black with what seemed to be book resting on it, and it appeared to be sleeping. The image in the oval quickly faded, and began showing a spiraling blue vortex with something flying through it. This faded as well as the caster began to lose control. Her eyes snapped open as a blinding white light escaped from them, until the oval unexpectedly collapsed in on itself for a mere second, then exploded violently in a spectacular display of light and sound. The shockwave sent the pair flying into a bookshelf nearby.

A silence then fell over the mess of a library. She dug her way out of a pile of books and rubbed her head in pain.

"Ugh... Are you okay, Spike?"

She looked around for her young assistant. He was lying just behind her, unconscious from the impact. Before she could check on him, however, she saw something move in the corner of her eye. She looked over to spot where the oval was just moments ago. In its place rested a lone figure on the floor. It was wearing black cloth, which offset its pale skin. The more she analyzed the thing on her floor, the more confused she became. Its anatomy was vastly different from her own and more similar to that of an ape. She began to move closer.

As far as she could tell, it was breathing. She had intended to wake the creature, to make sure it was okay and try to communicate with it, but curiosity and fear made her hesitate. She continued to stare at it until she noticed a small gray book resting on top of it. Delicately, she levitated the book from its assumed owner and opened it to the first page. It seemed to be a journal of some sort, and it was in her native language.

"I'm not entirely sure why I'm doing this. My aunt gave me this journal, told me to vent and what-not. I don't think writing will ease any pain, but I suppose I can try."

At the bottom of the page was the name of its owner as well as what she assumed was the date it was written.

"Matthew Nabal, 7/18/2012"

Before she could turn the page, she heard a noise from across the room. Her assistant had regained conscienceness and knocked over more books whilst getting up. She quickly glanced back at the creature on the floor, afraid that itmay have heard that as well. To her shock, it's eyes were open and staring into her own.