title: Spirits in the Material World
author: cheebs!
email: chbkamen@optonline.net
rating: G
characters: Dawn
improv # 51 - Sting/Police song title
disclaimer: characters aren't mine.


Most nights I don't feel real.

I scream. I flail against the sheets, twisting and tangling
hopelessly 'til I fall to the floor, soaked in nightsweat
and tears. Hair sticks to my face in great, wet clumps. I
beat the pillow; rip it; watch the feathers scatter.

I laugh. Absurd thought: down floating in the light of dawn.
Reminds me of snowflakes I've never seen, on a Christmas Eve
I was never here for, when Faith and I didn't stay up all
night waiting for Buffy to come home.

I cry.