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Warnings: this story will have slash.

Chapter 1 – Slaves


It was pain beyond anything Harry had ever experienced; his very bones were on fire; his head was surely splitting along his scar; his eyes were rolling madly in his head; he wanted it to end... to black out... to die…

His very soul screamed for someone, anyone to help him. And then it stopped. He was hanging limply from the grave he was tied to, far to grateful that the pain had finally stopped to notice anything else. Otherwise he would have noticed that the graveyard was eerily silent. No Death Eaters laughing, no cackling Voldemort, not even the wind was heard.

Voldemort and the Death Eaters were looking wide eyed at what was happening in front of them, around the still unaware boy tied to the grave.

Shadows were appearing around him, far darker than a shadow should be. They swirled and seemed to become darker by the second, forming two tall shapes on either side of the boy. Voldemort could tell that it was some sort of magic. Dark, darker than anything he had ever felt before. It made even him uneasy. Even so he couldn't look away from the shapes that were forming, to transfixed with what was happening to be able to even move. He could feel the Death Eaters shift uneasily, but they too didn't move, couldn't move.

The shadows gained a humanoid form and in front of their astonished eyes two beings appeared.

They were male and more beautiful than anything he had ever seen. Both tall, taller than Voldemort even and well build, not to muscled but neither to thin. The one on the boy's right had hair darker than black and refined, aristocratic features. High cheek bones, straight nose and thin lips. Alabaster skin contrasted sharply with his shoulder length black hair. Then he opened his eyes to show amethyst colored iris that looked at them with cold disinterest.

The one on the boy's left side had silver hair that framed his face. He had slightly sharper features, but just as beautiful. He was a little less pale than the other one, not by much though. His eyelids opened as well, revealing ruby red eyes. He glanced at them, before turning around and looking at the boy tied to the gravestone. The other one doing the same.

They bowed to the boy.

"Master." they said at the same time. "We are here to serve." Before any of them could react the black haired one untied the boy and had him in his arms, mindful of the cut on the boy's arm and of his leg.

Overcoming his shock Voldemort pointed his wand at them, ready to throw the killing curse when the silver haired one turned around again and froze him in place.

"I would not recommend you doing that Dark Lord." he said, his voice cold and dark. His title was spat out with disgust and the other one turned around too, looking at them with contempt, as if the Death Eaters and the Dark Lord were nothing more than bugs.

"Who are you? What are you?" he hissed, shaking with suppressed rage, though slightly weary. He could feel their magic. It was dark. Darker than his own. He had never felt anything like it. He didn't like it. He didn't like it at all. He was the Dark Lord! How could there be anything darker than he?

"We are our Master's servants." the dark haired on replied in a deep velvety tone, though just as cold as the other one's.

"And just who is your master?" Voldemort asked, though he knew perfectly well who it was. He just needed to hear it spoken out loud. Things had been going so well. He had been resurrected, he was minutes away from killing the Potter brat and now... Now these two creatures were here.

"Harry James Potter, Heir of the Potter family, son of James and Lily Potter, is our Master." replied the one holding the boy.

"What?" Harry replied shocked. He didn't really understand what was going on. He was being tortured then, before he even knew what was happening, he was in someone's arms. He would have blushed if he didn't feel as weak as he did. He didn't think he had the strength to blush. His leg hurt, his arm hurt. His scar felt like it was on fire and he could feel the ghostly pain of the Cruciatus. Even so, he focused on what was happening around him, he had a strange feeling. He knew that whatever it was that was happening was important.

Both beings looked at him as soon as he spoke. Their gazes taking everything in.

"We have been bound to the Potter family for a long time, Master. We are bound to obey and protect our Master until he dies. Then we serve the next head of the family. It has been so for a very long time Master." the silver haired one replied, his eyes warming a little when he looked at the brat.

Voldemort narrowed his eyes when he heard the explanation. It didn't make sense. The Potters were old, but not that old. Besides the creatures in front of him didn't look older than twenty-five and the only immortal beings around were vampires, the two in front of him didn't look anything like vampires.

"I don't understand." Harry whispered. Master? Bound? Like house-elfs? His family had enslaved someone? And how could they be bound to his family for such a long time anyway? Now that he was actually looking at them he could see that they didn't seem all that old.

He saw the Death Eaters move a little from the corner of his eyes and, almost instinctively, he pressed his body closer to the one holding him. He didn't understand it, but he felt protected, safe. He knew that neither of the two would ever hurt him. For a second he had forgotten about the Death Eaters. How could he have forgotten about them? His arms tighten ever so slightly around the neck of the one holding him. Harry felt him move his head a bit and look at the Death Eaters making them freeze in place. Harry looked on wide eyed. Were they afraid? Why? He knew they were magical, he could feel it, but their magic felt so safe, so warm, how could they be afraid of it.

"It was revenge." the one on his left explained, though he was talking as much to Harry as to everyone else in the graveyard. Harry didn't know why they wanted the Death Eaters and Voldemort to hear what they were saying but he left them to it. At least Voldemort wasn't cursing him and maybe that would buy him some time. Time for someone to arrive, they must have noticed that they had disappeared, or at least time to find a way to escape.

"Revenge for what?" snarled Voldemort impatient. He hated not knowing something. He hated not understanding. And how could the Potter brat be so comfortable near them. Didn't he feel their magic? So dark and cold. It wasn't normal, it couldn't be. But then again, the Potter brat wasn't anything special, so maybe he wasn't able to feel their magic. Yes, that was more likely.

There was something feral in their eyes after Voldemort's question and Harry had the feeling they had been waiting for it. He had the feeling that they had goaded Voldemort in to it. They wanted him to ask the question.

"Around three thousand yours ago, my friend and I were hunting." the silver haired one told them, indicating the one holding Harry and himself. Harry was staring at them in disbelief, so was everyone else for that matter. Three thousand years? What were they? Ignoring their looks he continued, "We hadn't hunted mortals in such a long time and we were both bored. We found a female out in the woods, she was gathering berries. We killed her, then followed her scent back to her home and killed all of her family. At least we thought it were all of them. We were wrong. Her father had been out, hunting. He came back to find his family slaughtered, the walls of their home dripping with their blood. He swore revenge. He got it too. He knew what we were, one of the few mortals who still remembered that we existed, who still knew how to fight us. He lured us in and with a ritual we had thought long forgotten he bound us. He said that since we had taken the most precious thing in the world to him he would do the same to us. He claimed that he wasn't merciful enough to kill us. We had shed his blood, we would spend eternity protecting it. He impregnated a women, she gave him a son. He taught that son all about us, about our servitude, about our purpose. That son told his own son. It went like that till Charlus Potter told James Potter about us when he turned thirteen. Sometimes they interacted with us, other times they ignored us. Though most preferred to only call us when the family was in danger. We expected nothing else, they knew what we had done and if there is one thing that those of their blood know how to do it is to hold a grudge. This was our punishment for killing their family, why should they make our lives easier? Even if centuries had already passed, it did not matter to them. A little over a thousand years ago the knowledge on how to set us free was lost, along with almost everything else known about us because the Head of House died before he was able to pass all the knowledge along. But they still knew the most important thing, what we are and what we had done. Then you came along and killed our Master before he could tell his son. All the knowledge there was about us was lost and our new Master didn't even know we existed. So we have been waiting for our new Master to call on us. When he called we answered, just as we did for the first time over three thousand years ago."

"Wha-what are you?" Harry whispered in the silent night. He still wasn't afraid of them, but knowing that they had killed his family, very distant family but family nonetheless, because they had been bored was rather shocking.

"Demons." replied the silver haired one and Harry felt himself tense. Demons? Demons were real?

Voldemort had to stop himself from gasping. Demons? The brat had bound Demons in his service? That couldn't be true. Demons had been gone for a long time. They had left the mortal plane. Closing it's access to anyone. It was not possible to breach it, he knew, he had tried it.

The Death Eaters were restless as well and he could practically see the fear rolling of them. They were from old families, they knew how dangerous demons were. No wonder they were darker than he was. They were the origin of dark magic. The dark magic wizards used was based on the magic of the demons. Aside from that demons also had Black magic, no human could wield it. Their souls, no matter how dark, or how mutilated they were, couldn't handle something so inherently evil. It was evil in it's purest form. The closest a human could come to it was with the creation of Horcruxes and even that was nowhere near Black magic. And now they were learning that the Potter brat had two of them at his command. Without his permission a sliver of fear raced down his back. No matter how weak a demon was, and they couldn't be all that powerful to have been bound, they were fearsome opponents.

"Master," the black haired one spoke, his voice softer and looking at the Potter brat with warmer eyes, "Do not fear us. We will not hurt you."

"Our last orders, from our Master and Mistress, your parents, was to protect you with all we have, to take care of you." the other one added.

"If you were there why didn't you save them?" Potter whispered and Voldemort looked at them curiously. He hadn't seen them there. The night wasn't all that clear after he had shot the killing curse at the boy, but he didn't remember them at all.

"We could not. Your parents ordered us to protect you at all cost, no matter what. We told them we did not have enough time to raise a barrier that would be strong enough to stop three killing curses but that we could fight him off, giving them time to escape with you. They told us not to, they ordered us to protect you, that we should only focus on you. So we did. We left your parents to fend for themselves and created a shield only around you. We cannot disobey a direct order Master and your parents were very clear. Their only concern was your safety, even if it meant their own deaths." again the silver haired one replied, while the dark haired one held the brat closer to himself.

"This is your only warning Dark Lord," sneered the one holding the brat, "Cease hunting our Master. You will not like the consequences if you continue." then they were gone, leaving the Dark Lord alone with his followers, even the cup and the spare's body had vanished.

"Crucio!" he snarled and the Death Eaters caught in the curse screamed. Who did they think they were? Those filthy creatures dared to threaten him. Him! They would pay, they would all pay. And he would delight in killing their precious Master right in front of them.

They appeared at Hogwarts, at least it looked like a Hogwarts classroom, and Harry was even more confused.

"I thought that we couldn't apparate in or out of Hogwarts." was the first thing that came out of his mouth and he felt like smacking himself.Really, that was the first thing he could think of?

"Wizards and witches can not. It is not warded against us. No one alive knows how to ward against us. However we did not apparate. It is a form of demon traveling, it is similar to apparating, however it has none of the nasty feeling one gets from apparating." the silver haired one explained. He really should know their names, he was getting tired of calling them by their hair color.

"We brought you here to answer any questions you may have, however we can not stay long. People will start noticing you and your schoolmate are missing." the one holding him said.

"Besides we need to have your injuries treated." added the other, a light frown on his face.

"I just don't understand. Where have you been? You are basically slaves, right? How could my family allow that? It isn't right. Why did you help me? I didn't call you. I don't even know your names, how could I call you?"

"My name is Abanddon, little Master." the one holding him murmured and Harry stared. He knew that name, hell, every muggle the least bit interested in demons and such knew that name. Abanddon, King of the Demons of Hell.

"And mine is Caym." Harry started to shake, he knew that name too. Caym, The Grand President of Hell.

Oh dear sweet Merlin, please someone tell him that his family hadn't enslaved the rulers of Hell.

"There is nothing to fear little Master." Abanddon, the King of freaking Hell whispered and Harry let out a hysterical laugh.

"Nothing to fear? Nothing to fear?! Sure there is absolutely nothing to fear, my family just enslaved the rulers of Hell. What could there possibly be to fear? Were they out of their minds?" he knew he sounded a bit hysterical, but could anyone really blame him? First Voldemort and now demons. He just couldn't catch a break, could he?

"We already told you Master, we will not hurt you." Caym told him. His red eyes so different from Voldemort's. The first time he had seen Voldemort's eyes he had thought that if demons were real they would have eyes like the Dark Lord's. He couldn't believe that he had been proved wrong. He didn't know why, or how, but Caym's eyes were far more humane than Voldemort's could ever be.

"I'm sorry," Harry murmured, hiding his face in Abanddon's chest, realizing that the demon was still holding him. He knew he should probably stand on his own, but he was tired and his body hurt and he felt safe were he was. He didn't want to give that up yet. "It just... It has been a really bad night and it's just to much."

"We understand. If you wish we can talk tomorrow. Now that you have called us we will not go anywhere." Caym told him, walking closer to them and gently placing his hand on Harry's head. Harry hadn't been expecting such tenderness from them, they were demons after all. But he didn't object. He knew that he craved affection. It was something that he had craved since he was a small child and wondered why he was so hated by those who were supposed to love him.

"Could we?" he hated just how weak he sounded but he couldn't help it. The night's events were catching up to him and he had almost no strength left.

"Of course." they replied in unison and walked out of the classroom. He didn't know where they were going, but at the moment he didn't really care. Only a few seconds later they stopped and Harry looked around and saw the familiar stone gargoyle that lead to the Headmaster's office.

"Rise." Caym commanded and from the shadows a crow emerged. It was made completely out of shadows, though it had a slight glow to it. It almost looked like a black Patronus. "Deliver my message to Albus Dumbledore." the crow seemed to nod and disappeared into the shadows again. "Now we just have to wait for your Headmaster. I am sure he will not take long." Harry nodded and leaned against the demon's chest again. Not seeing the looks traded between the two demons.

No later than a few minutes he heard footsteps coming their way and looked in their direction. For the first time in his life he understood why people said that Dumbledore was the only wizard that Voldemort ever feared. Abanddon held him closer and Harry relaxed. He hadn't even noticed that he had tensed when he heard the footsteps coming their way. Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape and Moody all had their wands drawn and looked ready to curse the two demons.

"Headmaster Dumbledore, several things took place tonight that you should be informed of. I suggest your office." Caym told them before they could say anything.

"And who would you be? And why do you have my student with you when he should be participating in the task taking place out in the grounds?" Dumbledore asked, no twinkle present in his eyes and power rolling of him.

"We are our Master's servants." Caym replied, just like they had done in the graveyard and Harry knew that they would say nothing more if no one asked. They seemed to enjoy it, provoking them seemed to be some sort of game.

"Who's your Master?" Moody growled and both demons glanced at him before a feral look entered their eyes. In that moment it was rather easy for Harry to see what they really were. He had never seen so much blood lust in anyone's eyes.

"Our Master is Harry James Potter, Heir of the Potter House, son of James and Lily Potter." replied Abanddon. His cold eyes locked with Dumbledore's and he continued, "May we continue this conversation in your office? Otherwise we will leave. Our Master is hurt, we would like to have someone look at his injuries as quickly as possible."

Dumbledore looked at Harry then, trying to see if his student was alright. Harry smiled, he wanted to tell him that Voldemort was back, wanted to tell him that he wasn't alright but that he trusted the two who called themselves his servants, but he couldn't. No words came, so he tried to give him a reassuring smile, though he was sure that it come out more as a grimace than anything else.

"Very well. My office." he ended up saying. Not happy with the outcome but knowing that there weren't that many other options.

"Headmaster, are you sure?" Snape asked, the grip on his wand tightening and looking at them all with distrust.

"Yes Severus. It does not appear as if we have much of a choice." Dumbledore replied, taking the several steps that he needed to stand in front of the gargoyle. As soon as Dumbledore was in front f it, the gargoyle jumped aside and Dumbledore walked up the stairs. Abanddon followed him, Caym right behind him and then the other three professors.

As soon as the demons entered the office there was a horrible screech. Harry and the professors covered their ears.

"Stand down Phoenix." ordered Abanddon, glaring at the immortal fire bird. The screeching stopped and Fawkes puffed up, glaring at the demons. Not paying attention to anyone else but the two demons in the office.

"We are bound, surely you can see that." Caym told Fawkes, looking at him with contempt.

Fawkes let out another screech, though not as loud or as sharp as the previous one, followed by a small thrill. Clearly he wasn't happy but he wouldn't do anything.

Waving his hand, Caym conjured three comfortable looking armchairs. Abanddon sat Harry in the one in the middle, while they took the others on either side of. Leaving them in a similar position as the one in the graveyard where they had faced Voldemort.

The professors took a seat on the other side of the desk, Dumbledore in the middle and the professors around him. For a moment no one spoke. Harry was wondering if he should say anything but before he could Dumbledore broke the silence.

"Now that we are in my office, can you tell me why you kidnapped my student? And what you mean when you say that you are his servants?" though he sounded calm it was possible to see the emotions raging in his icy blue eyes. They looked so different when there wasn't that twinkle present. Gone was the kind, if a bit mad, old man and in his place was a powerful wizard that had already defeated one Dark Lord and was the one man that the current Dark Lord was afraid of.

"They didn't kidnap me." Harry said before the demons could reply. He didn't see the amused and fond smiles that briefly appeared on their lips, though neither Dumbledore or Snape missed it.

"Then why were you with them Harry?" Dumbledore asked him, his eyes warming when looking at him.

"I..." instinctively his hand reached for one of his demons. Caym appeared surprised but he gave his hand a little squeeze and didn't let go. It was comforting and Harry liked it, just like with Abanddon, it made him feel safe, "It was Voldemort." he blurted out, "The cup was a portkey. We took it together and Wormatil was there. He killed him and he took my blood and Voldemort came back. He cursed me then they appeared and saved me." he rushed out, knowing but not really caring that he wasn't making much sense. He just needed to get it out.

The moment his words were out of his mouth the professors sat straighter, their eyes widened and he could see the fear in McGonagall's eyes.

"Harry, please tell me everything that happened." Dumbledore told him.

Caym held his hand tighter and Harry took a deep breath, trying to get his thoughts in order. Then he told them everything, from the moment he entered the maze, till his demons arrived. It was harder than he thought, it pained him to talk about Cedric. If it hadn't been for him Cedric would still be alive. But the two on either side of him helped him. They grounded him, they didn't let him drown in grief. He didn't know why he felt like that near them, but he couldn't deny that he did. He had never felt truly safe, not even at Hogwarts or with Dumbledore.

When he was done there was silence. He wasn't sure but for a moment he thought he saw unadulterated glee in Moody's eyes when he said that Voldemort was back. But it couldn't be. Moody was known for his hatred for anything dark.

McGonagall had a tears in her eyes, but they didn't fall. He guessed that learning of a student's death was a hard blow to her. Whatever one may say about her, no one would be able to say that she didn't care about her students.

Snape didn't show anything. He was as emotionless as always, though he did sneer here and there when he looked at Harry. He supposed that Voldemort being back was nowhere near enough of a reason to stop showing just how much Snape despised him.

Dumbledore though was harder to see. He seemed to age in front of their eyes and looked resigned. As if he had been expecting it, he just didn't know when it would happen. Harry didn't like seeing him like that. Dumbledore was supposed to be the one who knew what to do. Not that Harry had blind faith in the man, but even so it was strange to see Dumbledore as anything but in control.

"That still doesn't explain who they are." growled Moody, looking at the demons. He paled slightly when both of them glared at him. Harry was rather surprised, though he guessed if anyone else had been subjected to those glares they would have cried and ran away screaming for their lives. Really, what had he been expecting? They were demons. Their glares had to be rather terrifying.

"As we said, we are our Master's servants." replied Abanddon. He looked rather comfortable in his armchair, leaning back on it. He looked like a King really. Well, he was King of Hell, wasn't he? That arrogant air and pose would come with that particular title.

"What I find most curious is how you ended up the brat's servants." Snape drawled and Harry glared at him. He hated Snape, not even after the night he had would he stop that childish grudge. Maybe Snape would have been happier if he had stayed at that graveyard being tortured by Voldemort.

"The Potter family is far older than people realize." Abanddon said, "We were bound at the beginning of their line. We have served them ever since. Harry James Potter is the last Potter, he is our Master."

"That still doesn't tell us anything." snarled Moody, his hand inching closer to his wand.

"Very well." said Caym, his eyes cold and looking at them all with contempt. "Three thousand years ago, we went out hunting, we were bored and we hadn't hunted a mortal in a long time. We found a female and after we tortured and killed her we followed her scent to her home, where we spend hours torturing and then killing her family. We did not know that her father was out and when he came back and found his family slaughtered he vowed revenge. He found us, he knew what we were and he bound us. We had killed his family and now we would spend eternity protecting it. He had another son and told him about his first family, about what we did and what our purpose was. That knowledge has been passed from father to son since those times. Before James and Lily Potter could tell their own son about the true history of his blood-line Voldemort killed them. Before they died, instead of asking us to protect and save them, they ordered us to protect their son with everything we are."

Harry could see their shock, that was certainly not what they had been expecting.

"What are you?" Snape almost whispered, but they still heard him. Caym's and Abanddon's smile was the most bloodthirsty thing Harry had ever seen. Strangely enough it didn't frighten him.

"Demons." Abanddon replied and all the blood dropped from their faces.

Harry could see fear appear in their eyes, even Moody had both eyes fixed on them. And they didn't even know their names. He didn't want to imagine their reaction if they knew just who was sitting on either side of him. A part of him wanted to tell them, just to see their reactions.

Before anything could be said they had four wands pointing at them and Harry froze. Caym and Abanddon didn't seem all that fazed about the situation, though when Moody's wand strained a bit more towards Harry than either of them they growled. It was a deadly, low sound, that made the hair on the back of their necks stand on end. Moody's wand trained on them again and the growling stopped.

"Stop it." Harry yelled, getting up. The growling coming from them had broken him out of his shock. "They saved my life! They took me away from Voldemort! I won't let you hurt them." even though he seriously doubted that they would have been able to hurt either demon.

"Harry, you do not understand what they are." Dumbledore tried to reason with him, but Harry stayed where he was.

"I know perfectly well what they are. Even muggles know what they are, even muggles have books about them. So don't treat me as an ignorant child. They saved my life."

Dumbledore deflated a little and looked at the demons before looking at Fawkes. The phoenix gave a small thrill and the Headmaster put his wand away. The other three followed his example, but much more reluctantly.

"Master, please sit back down. Standing could aggravate your injury." Caym looked at him with warm red eyes and Harry complied, for a moment he had forgotten that he was still hurt.

Fawkes thrilled again and flew to him, landing on his knees. He glared at the demons on either side of him but then cried on both his wounds. Even the phantom pain of the Cruciatus that still lingered disappeared and Harry sighed in relief.

"Thanks Fawkes." Harry told him, petting his warm feathers and gained a little nip from the phoenix before he flew to his perch once more.

"Thank you Phoenix." the demons replied and Fawkes looked at them for a little bit then he nodded his head and thrilled.

For a few moments no one said anything. Even Snape wasn't sneering at Harry. His eyes fixed on the two immensely old and powerful beings on either side of Harry. All four of them knew what demons were, they had read stories about what they were capable. However no matter how weak or how powerful a demon was, there was on thing all the books, all the stories, all the legends agreed on. Demons were dark, true evil.

"How can I know you won't hurt him?" Dumbledore asked, looking at them.

Both of them tensed, their eyes frosting over.

"He's our Master." they replied as if that answered all their questions.

"Yes, but what if the leash he has one you comes off? Will you not attack the boy in retribution for what his family did?" Snape sneered. Harry had to admit it was a good question, his family had made them slaves.

"The knowledge on how to set us free has been lost over a thousand years ago and the only one who can set us free is the head of the Potter House." Abanddon answered. "Does that put your worries to rest?" his tone was almost mocking.

"Truly, it does not. However I do not believe you will give me anything else." replied Dumbledore.

Before they could continue their conversation there was a commotion outside Dumbledore's office and the door flung open. Fudge and a stern looking women with a monocle entered, followed by what looked like two aurors.

"Now see here Dumbledore, I do not know what is going on but it..." Fudge started ranting but he stopped when he saw how many people were in the office.

"Dumbledore, what is going on?" the stern looking witch asked in a no nonsense kind of voice. She reminded Harry a bit of McGonagall.

Without anyone noticing both demons had stood and were standing behind Harry.

"Cornelius, Amelia, as you know I received a message stating that one of my students had been harmed. It was young Harry here and mister Diggory. Both were kidnapped out of the maze. Young Cedric, unfortunately, was killed but Harry was saved before they could do any more harm to him."

The four newcomers were left speechless.

"What? How could that happen? And who did it?" the women asked.

"It was Voldemort." was all Dumbledore said and for a moment no sound was heard. Then Fudge exploded.

"That's preposterous! Vol-vo-v... The Dark Lord is dead!" he exclaimed, looking the picture of indignant.

"Explain." the women said, ignoring a spluttering Fudge.

And Dumbledore explained. He told them everything that Harry had told them, aside form the demons. Harry wasn't paying attention to Dumbledore though. He was looking at Fudge and he could see that Fudge didn't believe a word of it. He also didn't like the looks he was throwing him and couldn't help but lean back closer to his demons.

"And you believe that do you?" Fudge asked in a nasty tone, "You believe the boy? After everything..."

"I am not sure I understand what you mean Cornelius. I have no reason not to trust Harry."

"No reason? The boy is a parselmouth! Besides it wouldn't be the first time that he had some unbelievable story to gain some kind of attention. Remember last year with Black?"

"There is a rather easy way to find out if he is speaking the truth or not." interrupted Abanddon before Fudge could continue his little speech about Harry.

"And you are?" Fudge sneered and Harry looked at him incredulously. For a politician Fudge sure was rude.

"My apologies. Let me introduce ourselves. My companion is Caym and I am Abanddon, servants of the Potter House." Abanddon gave a polite bow.

Harry saw the four that knew what they were pale. 'So they recognized their names too', Harry thought. Harry didn't blame them for the sliver of fear that appeared in their eyes, one thing was to know they were demons, another completely different thing was to know they were the rulers of Hell, or at least they had been before they were bound. That however didn't change the fact that they were standing in front of the King and the Grand President of Hell.

The other four looked a little shocked at the names, but aside from that didn't make anything of it.

"Servants?" Fudge asked perplexed.

"Yes, servants." Caym replied. "Our families are born into servitude, we have been serving the Potter blood-line for three thousand years. It is an honor."

"You are slaves?" the women asked, looking aghast.

"If you want to employ that term then yes, we are, Madam." Abanddon confirmed and Harry's stomach clenched. He really didn't like that.

"But that has been outlawed centuries ago!" she exclaimed, looking at Harry, as if it were is fault.

"You are mistaken Madam..." Caym trailed off, "Bones, Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement." she replied and Caym nodded, "As I was saying, you are mistaken Madam Bones. Slavery was indeed abolished, however there was an exception made for families who were bound by magic. As you must know it was the norm to tie the blood-lines together as Master and Slave, it made it impossible for betrayals to occur. However usually only nobility went to those extents, as a precaution of course. Nowadays there is no other family that still has bound servants as they were called after those laws passed, because most were set free through the appropriate ritual, while others just died out. Three thousand years ago our families were bound to the Potters, it was done with a ritual, no magical contract or anything like it. Our blood-line was tied to the Potter blood-line. The only one who could set us free is the Head of House, however the knowledge on how to do it was lost around a thousand years ago, because the Head of House suffered an unexpected accident and was unable to pass the knowledge to the next generation. It is impossible to use any other ritual, it would end up in our deaths. As you can see, we are our Master's servants till we die."

Bones was looking at them with something like pity in her eyes but at least she wasn't glaring at Harry anymore. She sure reminded him of McGonagall.

"The Potter's aren't three thousand years old." grumbled Fudge, "What nonsense is this."

"I assure you, they are." Abanddon told him politely. "You see, not wanting to attract unwanted attention the Potters changed their name every five hundred years or so. They would disappear and reappear as muggle-borns or half-bloods, pretending to be something they were not. However the knowledge and wealth they accumulated over the years remains and since the blood-line is the same if they went to Gringotts it is likely that the vaults would transfer to the actual Head of House, which would be our Master, Harry, since he is the last of the line."

Harry didn't need to know how to read people to see the way Fudge had perked up when he heard the word wealth. He almost sneered in disgust.

"While all of this is rather fascinating." Dumbledore interfered, "I do believe that we were discussing how to prove to your satisfaction that what we told you is the truth."

"Yes, yes. How do you think you can do that?" Fudge asked, going back to sneering, "The boy is clearly delusional."

"Why don't we just ask one of his followers? We do have one of them in the room. Three drops of Veritaserum and everything will be cleared up." Abanddon told them.

"What do you mean there is one in the room?" Fudge asked incredulously.

"He's right there, trying to get away." Caym told them, pointing at Moody, who seemed to be struggling to get away from the wall but unable to do so.

"Have you lost your mind?" Fudge practically screamed, "That's Alastor Moody, he may not be the sanest but he isn't a follower of You-Know-Who!"

"True enough." Caym conceded, "However that is not Alastor Moody."

"Of course it's Moody, who else could it be?"

"I do not know who it is Minister, but it is not Moody." Caym replied and Fudge started to turn as red as Ron usually did.

"If he looks like Moody and acts like Moody, who else could he be!" Fudge exclaimed again and Harry looked at the man incredulously.

"It is called Polyjuice Minister. It allows for someone to look like someone else for one hour. Besides, if the person who is supposed to be Moody has nothing to hide, why is he struggling so to get away?" inquired Caym.

Dumbledore was the first to point his wand at Moody, who apparently wasn't Moody, followed by Snape and McGonagall. Bones was next and both aurors followed her lead.

Dumbledore conjured a chair and sat the struggling Moody down, tying him to it.

"Severus, please bring us some Veritaserum." Dumbledore instructed and Snape left the office, ignoring a spluttering Fudge who was demanding to know what they were doing.

"Minister!" exclaimed Madame Bones, finally fed up with the man, "Sit down and let me do my job." looking cowed the man sat in one of the empty seats, looking like a chastised child.

Before Snape returned the potion started to ware off and in front of their eyes Moody began to change. Harry was as shocked as everyone else when he saw the supposed dead Barty Crouch Jr. in front of them.

"My Lord is back." cackled Crouch, sounding more insane than Harry thought possible, "And I will be rewarded for my loyalty!"

"Crouch? But he was dead!" Fudge exclaimed, looking around widely.

Crouch cackled again. He looked around and then his eyes landed on Harry, he gave Harry an insane smile.

"How was it Potter? How did my Lord's Cruciatus feel? Did you cry? Did you beg? He will kill all the blood-traitors and mudbloods and leave you for last, so that you realize how truly defeated you were before he tortures you to death!" he said it with such glee that it caused a shiver to run down his spine.

Snape entered the office then, stopping in his tracks when he saw who was in the chair. He looked wide eyed at Crouch for a second before he was back to sneering at everyone present. He gave Dumbledore a little bottle with a clear liquid that Harry guessed was veritaserum.

In no time at all Dumbledore and Bones had the whole story out of Crouch. How his father broke him out of Azkaban, how he escaped his father's control and found Voldemort. How he took Moody's place to fulfill his Master's orders and how he entered Harry's name in the cup. While they were hearing the whole sordid tale, Harry was leaning against the back of his armchair, willing his exhausted body to stay awake just a little longer.

"It will be over soon little Master." Abanddon's voice whispered near his ear, his warm breath giving Harry goosebumps.

He nodded, showing that he had heard. He would hold on for a little longer, besides he wanted to see how it ended. Or was it how it started? Voldemort was back, it was the start of something, even if he didn't know what that something was yet.

By the end of it Bones was looking slightly pale and Dumbledore had this look in his eyes that Harry had never seen before. Both aurors looked grim. No doubt they were remembering the previous war and all that was lost fighting Voldemort. They knew that soon enough they would have to go back to fighting. It was only a matter of him.

"No." muttered Fudge, "No, no, no, no, no. I refuse!" he exclaimed, jumping up from his seat. "I refuse to believe in the delusions of this lunatic. Clearly he is out of his mind."

"Sure, he lied about all of it." Harry drawled, doing a rather good impression of Malfoy, "Cedric just dropped dead of his own will of course and the Cruciatus thrown at me was simply my imagination." he knew he probably shouldn't have said anything but Fudge was really getting on his nerves. They had a confession, what more did he want. "Do you want to question me under Veritaserum as well? We can even have a reporter here, you seem to like Rita Skeeter a lot. Why don't we call her and let her in on the news. Tell her just what you want to do to protect the citizens of magical Britain from Voldemort." he asked looking the Minister in the eye, just daring him to say yes. He wasn't a Gryffindor for nothing, though sometimes his Slytherin side also came out to play. It was very satisfying seeing him flinch from hearing Voldemort's name.

Fudge turned a little green when Skeeter was mentioned. No doubt knowing just how much she would enjoy this particular piece of news. She had no qualms about slandering anyone, so he knew that even though he was Minister, she would just find that as even more motivation to annihilate him.

"There's no need to get the press involved. It would only spread panic. No need at all to worry the people." Fudge proclaimed, "I will be leaving now. Lots of work to do. Yes, work. Madam Bones will take care of everything." he turned around and left Dumbledore's office trying, and failing, to look dignified.

"Well, at least we got rid of him." whispered Bones, though Harry still heard her.

"I do not believe he will be of much help." Dumbledore added and Bones nodded.

"I agree. Even if Crouch here was delusional, the fact remains that someone was giving him orders and he was following them. Aside from that it is clear that his Dark Mark is as clear as they were during the war. No matter how much I don't want to believe that You-Know-Who is back, it is more than likely that he is." her eyes gained a steely look and her back straightened ever so slightly, "We will be prepared for him this time." both aurors stood straighter and gained a determined look, though the shadows never left their eyes.

"If it is alright with you, we would like to take our Master to bed. It was a really tiring night for him and there is nothing new he can add to the conversation." Abanddon interjected when he saw Dumbledore open his mouth to speak.

"Yes, of course. Though I would like to speak with you tomorrow morning Harry." Dumbledore told him, his eyes warmer than they had been all night.

Harry only nodded and got up from his seat, stumbling a little before Caym caught his arm and steadied him. He was really tired.

"Just a moment please." Bones called them when they were near the door.

Looking at her questioningly Harry leaned against the demon beside him, he wasn't sure he would be able to walk all the way back to Gryffindor Tower.

"Could you tell us if Diggory's body stayed at the graveyard you were taken too, so that I can send my aurors to see if they can retrieve it?"

"There is no need." Caym told them before Harry could respond. He waved his hand and both the cup and Cedric's body appeared in the office. Harry closed his eyes, not wanting to see the empty eyes of the handsome Hufflepuff. Dead. He was dead and it was all because of him. A hand landed on his shoulder and gripped it tightly, giving him comfort. Ignoring the looks he received from such a casual use of wandless magic Caym continued, "We brought it back, we thought that his parents would have wanted to say their goodbyes." he turned around, leading Harry away from that accusing stare.

As soon as the door closed Harry was in Caym's arms. He had been picked up before he was even aware of it and automatically his arms went around Caym's neck.

"It's alright little Master." Caym whispered, "We got you. It's alright." Harry didn't want to, but he couldn't stop the tears from falling. He held on to Caym tighter and buried his face in Caym's neck, crying for the first time in years. "Shh, everything is going to be alright little Master. Sleep now, little Master. We will watch over you while you rest." Harry wanted to resist, he didn't want to sleep but he was so tired. Without his permission his eyes closed and he cried himself to sleep, secure in the arms of one of his demons.

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