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Chapter 3 – Leashed

Harry was more than happy when they finally closed the door of their compartment. Just as he had thought the attention he got skyrocketed after Dumbledore's little speech. The only ones who didn't approach him were the Hufflepuffs and most Slytherins.

The Hufflepuffs were mourning Cedric and didn't pay all that much attention to anything at all. The Slytherins simply didn't want anything to do with him, those that did approach him only wanted to know about his demons. He almost cursed one when he called them slaves.

Frankly he was quite glad he was leaving. He never would have thought that he would be glad to be leaving Hogwarts, to go back to the Dursleys. Though he supposed that the fact that he wouldn't be staying long was helping.

A few minutes later Hermione and Ron joined them. They were still a little weary about the demons but they had lost that terrified look when they were in the same room as them.

Harry had a good time with them. They talked and played chess and all in all tried to forget what the next months would bring. At the moment they wanted to forget that soon a new war would break out and that they would have to participate.

However their peace didn't last long and Malfoy made his traditional visit to their compartment.

"Well, if it isn't scar-head and his sidekicks." he drawled and Ron jumped from his seat, wand in hand.

"Ron don't." Hermione held him back, though Harry knew that she wouldn't be able to hold onto him if Ron really wanted to hit Malfoy.

"Yes, weasel, listen to your mudblood."

"Shut up." snarled Harry, taking his wand out as well and pointing at Malfoy's pointy little face.

"Don't pretend to be though Potter," sneered Malfoy, "If your little slaves hadn't saved you, the Dark Lord would have killed you. Did you cry when he tortured you Potter? Did you call for your mommy to save you? Oh, that's right... the mudblood is already dead."

Ron and Hermione were so shocked with what Malfoy had said that Hermione let go of Ron and Ron actually lowered his wand. Harry on the other hand was hearing a low ringing in his ears, that was getting louder by the second.

Malfoy got a satisfied smirk, he believed that he had somehow won the confrontation, however before he could make a parting comment the door slammed shut behind him and he heard the lock click.

Only then did he notice the glare Harry was aiming at him, only then did he feel the magic in the room.

"You know, I always thought that Slytherins were supposed to have self preservation." a voice remarked right behind him and he almost jumped out of his skin. He looked back only to come face to chest with Abanddon.

"I had heard the same thing, though I guess the information was false, after all only a suicidal fool would anger someone like our Master." Caym commented, as if he were talking about the weather.

"Maybe all the self preservation genes went to his father, what do you think Caym, Abanddon?" Harry asked, still glaring at Malfoy, he didn't know how but Malfoy would pay for what he said.

"It is probable Master." replied Abanddon.

"Well, he at least was intelligent enough to get out of our way. I do wonder how long it will take him to contact us."

"Why would he?" Harry asked, looking at Caym.

"Every wizard worth their salt that was in that graveyard knows the truth, and as long as Voldemort wants to harm you then he is our enemy, as such he will be eliminated. Even without knowing our names, they will know what we could do, especially the older families, they must have records about us. They know that you are our Master. If they have as much self-preservation as we think then they will contact us, or at least you, to make some sort of deal."

They were ignoring the spluttering Malfoy heir.

"It's time to wake up Malfoy," Harry told him, finally looking in his direction, "War is coming and you are still playing the bully in insignificant schoolyard squabbles. I have no time for people like you." Malfoy looked as if he had been struck. "Leave, now." Harry told him, the door opened and Abanddon pushed him lightly out the door.

Malfoy left without another word and Caym locked the door behind him.

"You handled that rather well Master." Abanddon told him, "Though if it were me I would have done it a little more bloody."

Harry snorted and sat back down.

"I know, that's why I stepped in. No matter how much I do not like him, I don't want him dead."

Abanddon looked offended and Caym seemed to be trying to hide a smirk.

"Master, I would never do that." Abanddon protested.

Harry gave him a look that clearly said, 'oh, really?'.

"I may have maimed him or just hurt him a little... But I wouldn't have killed him."

Harry snorted and ignored the looks Ron and Hermione had. They may have been getting used to them but they were still afraid and neither particularly liked Abanddon's sense of humor. Though Harry knew that Abanddon was only partially joking, he would have maimed Malfoy if Harry hadn't stepped in, as would Caym. He didn't know why but they were rather protective of him.

He supposed it should have frightened him, but it didn't. He felt safe and he loved it. Nobody had ever protected him, his mother had, but she died and even though he was grateful to his parents he couldn't help but resent them a little. They had left him. They could have asked Abanddon and Caym to fight and protect them all, but they hadn't. He knew that they did it out of love, he knew that, but it didn't change how he felt. They left him to the mercies of the world, with no one to look after him, no one to love him.

He looked to his right where the demons were standing by the door and a small smile appeared on his lips. He would never be alone again, he had them and they would never leave him. They had sworn it.

The rest of the train ride went by in relatively calm, they had a surprise visit from the twins and Ginny, who stayed for a little while then left. A few other students also came by, mostly from their year, wishing him a good holiday and telling him to be careful. He was surprised by their concern, apparently they understood what Voldemort being back meant. The Hufflepuffs that had come to greet him were subdued, but those that did come, Susan Bones, Ernie McMillan and Justin Finch-Fletchley, assured him that no Hufflepuff blamed him for what happened and were relieved that he had escaped.

Susan had been particularly distraught. According to Hermione she had a crush on Cedric, and was terrified about Voldemort being back. Her parents had been killed during the war, she now lived with her aunt Amelia Bones. However she believed him, which was good since he had already seen several declarations from Fudge stating that 'everything was fine and under control'.

Well, Harry didn't know how exactly it was fine and under control but he didn't say anything. He had suspected that something like that might happen, especially after he saw Fudge's reaction. He just hopped that people would be smart enough to not believe it and try and protect themselves, since the Ministry didn't seem to be going to do it.

Besides he couldn't forget that Malfoy had Fudge in his pocket. Who knew what he was whispering in Fudge's ear.

As the train slowed down he felt his nerves steadily getting worse. He was happy that he had left Hogwarts, but now he was thinking about his uncle, how he would react to Abanddon and Caym. He knew that they would be able to protect themselves but it didn't stop him from worrying. He just hoped that his uncle didn't start anything at King's Cross, he hadn't told the Dursleys that he would have both demons with him and he could just imagine his uncle's reaction.

Taking a deep breath he smiled at his friends and left the compartment with them, Abanddon had his trunk already and Caym had Hedwig's cage. Their meeting had been rather funny. Hedwig hadn't been at all happy with their presence and every time they tried to be near him Hedwig had pecked them ruthlessly. Caym had grumbled about feathery menaces and about making owl stew while Abanddon had actually pouted. Harry had laughed himself silly when he saw it. However after a day of tormenting them Hedwig let them be, she even became friendly towards them. He had no idea how the cunning demons had done it but he suspected it involved bacon.

As usual Mrs. Weasley was the first to spot them and he was engulfed in a bone breaking hug.

"Oh, Harry." she sounded sadder than Harry had ever heard her, "I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that." she held him a little tighter and Harry could do nothing but hug her back. Was this what it felt like to be held by a mother? If it was Harry rather liked it, it was warm and gentle and he felt tears gather in his eyes, but he didn't let them fall.

"It's alright Mrs. Weasley, I'm alright." he whispered and he really was. He was sad, hurt, angry about what had happened, but he was alright. He had Abanddon and Caym and somehow they made it alright.

She pulled away a little and looked in his eyes, she could she the truth in them and a small, watery smile appeared on her lips.

"I'm glad." she whispered back. Then her eyes landed on the two demons behind him and even though her eyes narrowed slightly the smile didn't drop. "Thank you, for saving him." her words shone with her gratitude, even if there was a trace of suspicion in her tone.

"We did nothing more than our duty." Abanddon replied, bowing his head a little and Mrs. Weasley eyes narrowed further.

"So if it wasn't your duty you wouldn't have done it?" she sounded protective, the words almost a growl and Harry could see the resemblance to a lioness protecting her cubs. He felt his heart warm at the thought, even though he didn't like her attacking Abanddon and Caym.

Caym narrowed his eyes and Abanddon's expression closed off. Ron paled slightly when he saw it, his mother had no idea what they were, it wasn't a good idea to anger them. However even if she did know he didn't think that it would have made a difference. Ron knew that his mum really considered Harry another of her children and he knew that she would face against You-Know-Who himself to protect him, he didn't think that she would do anything different even if she knew that they were demons.

Caym's eyes landed on Harry and the trust the young wizard had in them was there for all to see, he wanted to shake his head. How could he trust them so, knowing what he knew? Knowing what they were. He couldn't call it naivety because he knew that Harry was far more cynical and bitter than he showed most people, he truly trusted them. It was mindbogglingly, even Lily, his mother, hadn't treated them like Harry did. She didn't hold a grudge against them as all blood Potters did, she did however fear them. Harry didn't. He treated them with respect, with care and affection. He would smile and laugh and touch them. He didn't shied away from them when they took his hand or even walked close to him. Harry could control them, but he didn't want to. Harry was different from anyone they had ever meet, he knew that Abanddon felt the same, so he answered truthfully, finally dragging his eyes away from Harry's.

"We did it because we wanted to. However if it were anyone else but Harry we wouldn't have saved them. We may have been duty bound to save him, but we did it because we wanted to."

The answer didn't please her completely, but it was better than nothing. She could tell that they were more than they appeared, she knew that they were dangerous. His answer just confirmed it. She could be dying in front of them and they wouldn't care but at least they cared about Harry. It would have to be enough. So she nodded, gave Harry one more hug and let them lead her child away, knowing that they would keep him safe.

When they crossed the barrier into the muggle world Harry was a nervous wreck. He had no idea how his uncle would react and he didn't want to make a scene at King's Cross. Besides he was sure that Abanddon and Caym would be less than pleased if his uncle tried something.

"Young Master." Caym's voice stopped him before he could walk towards where his uncle usually waited for him, he turned and looked at him curiously, "Abanddon and I won't be going in the car with you and your relatives. We know that they won't react well to you appearing with us so we will follow you to their home and we will explain things there."

He was kinda relived to hear that. It would be strange to be away from the demons, it was hard to believe but he hadn't been away from them since the graveyard. They only left him alone when he was sleeping or in the bathroom otherwise they were always there.

"Alright." he whispered. He felt strange, he knew that it was the best thing to do, but he didn't want to be away form them. Which was ridiculous of course, if there was one thing he was familiar with it was being alone.

"Don't worry little Master," Abanddon whispered against his ear, his warm breath making a shiver run down his spine, "We will be with you again in a little bit, you won't even notice that we are gone."

Harry nodded and tried to smile, though he knew that it came out rather strained. Taking a deep breath he walked towards his uncle, only realizing he didn't have his trunk and Hedwig's cage with him when he spotted his uncle waiting for him a few feet away.

"Boy, where are your things?" he barked, his face already gaining that red color it usually had when he was dealing with Harry.

"Friends of mine kept them." he replied, he wasn't even lying.

"Good riddance," his uncle muttered, "Moved it, I have better things to do than to wait for you." he practically snarled, even though Harry was standing beside him, waiting for him to lead them to the car.

Even so Harry nodded, knowing it would be futile to do anything else, besides knowing what was to come made him hide a small smile. He just couldn't wait to see their reactions when Abanddon and Caym came knocking on their door. He had a feeling that their boring little lives would be anything but normal with the two demons living with them.

As soon as they arrived at the Dursleys home he was practically showed inside and the door slammed shut. His uncle was already dragging him into the kitchen to be given his list of chores when the bell rang. He didn't even need to see who it was to know that his demons had arrived. He could feel them on the other side of the door and he was positively giddy about it.

"Open the door boy," growled his uncle and he would have cackled if he could. They were making it so much easier.

Keeping his head bowed he obeyed and went to open the door.

As soon as he opened the demons were inside, moving towards the kitchen. He knew the exact moment that his aunt saw them. He heard her gasp. It didn't really surprise him. His aunt was such a shallow person and they were beyond beautiful.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my home?" his uncle asked, and he moved towards the kitchen, he wanted to see what was about to happen.

The smiles that they had on their lips were terrifying and he saw Dudley trying to hide behind his mother. He almost laughed, it had been a long time ago since his aunt had been able to hide her son's bulk.

"We want to have a little talk with all of you." Abanddon replied and he levitated the three of them into the leaving room, depositing them on the couch.

Harry knew that they would have screamed if they could, but he could see that the Dursleys were frozen in place. They looked like marionettes that Abanddon was controlling.

"This way young Master." Caym got his attention with a soft touch to his shoulder and led him to the leaving room, where he conjured a plush armchair, telling him to sit. In a matter of seconds there was a small coffee table at his side with fresh orange juice and some pastries. "You should eat something young Master. This may take a while."

Harry just nodded and leaned back on the surprisingly comfortable armchair. He could see the Dursleys' eyes widen with horror but he payed them no mind. This was his demons' show.

Abanddon and Caym stood on either side of him and Abanddon lifted whatever he had had the Dursleys under.

His saw his uncle become redder and redder and finally he exploded.

"Get out of my home, freaks!" he screamed at them. He tried to get up, however he couldn't. None of them could move. They had their voices back, but nothing else.

"We would love to, however we can not. At least not at the moment." Caym replied, as polity as was possible. "I apologize for the situation you are in, however we must inform you of what will happen this summer and we believed that it would be easier to tell you while you are in your current situation."

"Than say what you have to say, then get out!" his uncle snarled, his eyes locking on him and promising retribution.

"I am afraid it is not that simple." Caym told him.

"You see, we will be spending part of the summer here." Abanddon informed them and Harry was sure that if his uncle wasn't frozen he would have jumped up and tried to strangle him.

"The Hell you will!" shouted his uncle, "It's bad enough that we have to keep the freak-" he wasn't able to say anything more.

The temperature in the room dropped and both demons looked deadly.

"We tried." Caym whispered.

"Yes, we did." Abanddon replied.

Their eyes started glowing and Harry swore that he could see the faint shadowy outline of wings. They looked deadly, terrifying and more beautiful than anything Harry had ever seen.

"We tried being polite, we were even being rather pleasant." Abanddon told them, his voice as cold as ice, "But you had to insult our Master, didn't you, you worthless mortal."

"Let us be perfectly clear," Caym continued, "The only reason you are still alive is because our Master told us we couldn't kill you, however, the second we deem that our master is in danger from you, your lives will be forfeit."

"W-who's your master? What are you?" his aunt asked and Harry could see true terror in her eyes. She knew a bit more about the magical world than his uncle, she knew that normal wizards and witches weren't like the two at his side.

"Our Master is Harry James Potter." Abanddon replied. "We are demons."

The three on the couch blanched. Unadulterated terror shone in all of their eyes, Dudley looked ready to faint and Vernon was no better. His aunt had her mouth open in a silent scream and Harry almost laughed. He knew he shouldn't but these people had basked in his pain, reveled in his sadness. He couldn't feel one ounce of pity or sympathy for them.

"De-demons?" his aunt whispered, her voice cracked and shook with fear.

"Yes, the Potters bound us as their servants over three thousand years ago. I am the demon Abanddon."

"And I am the demon Caym."

Dudley fainted and Vernon chocked on air. The spells on them had long since fallen away which became clear when Petunia crossed herself. Harry hadn't been lying when he said that even muggles knew their names. It was because of his relatives that he knew them. Vernon was incredibly religious, one of the reasons why he hated magic so much. His aunt in a bid to be normal had dedicated herself to normal things, religion was one such thing. They may not have truly believed, but they knew everything there was to know about it, it was what normal people did, so they did it too. They knew who they were. They knew and were terrified.

"No, no, no, it can't be." his aunt muttered and crossed herself again.

Abanddon chuckled darkly.

"You can do that how many times you want. It will do nothing to us. Silly mortal."

"We will be staying here with our Master for a little while." Caym told them. "It is just until his new accommodations are ready, then we will leave and never come back."

"We will retire to his room now. Have the rest of a good day." Abanddon motioned for him to get up and he did so, rather reluctantly, the armchair was the most comfortable thing he had ever sat one.

They made it to his room in silence and as soon as they were inside Abanddon locked the door. He knew that his room was small, but now, with both of the demons with him, it felt even smaller.

"Er... Where will you be sleeping?" he asked them, looking around. He guessed that he could give one of them his bed, but it was far to small for both of them to sleep comfortably in it.

"Do not worry, young Master. We will take care of everything." Abanddon assured him and made him stand by the door. Then he and Caym started to work. He had no idea what they were doing but everything in the room disappeared, then the room seemed to grow and the walls changed color, things started to appear all over the room and when they were done Harry could do nothing but stare.

His prison-like room was gone. He was now standing in a brightly lit living room with light blue walls and two comfortable looking dark blue couches near a coffee table. On the far corner, near the window, was a small kitchenette and an island with four stools around it. Three doors were where his bed used to be and with an encouraging nod from Abanddon he walked towards them and opened one. It lead to a bedroom, his bedroom. It was bigger than Dudley's and quite beautiful, with deep green walls and a spacious double canopy bed that had silver bedsheets and pillows. There was a desk to the side and what looked like a walk-in closet. He closed the door again and opened the one beside it. It was a bathroom, spacious with black and red tiles a shower and a bathtub. Closing the door he opened the last one. It was a smaller room, with two double beds, in the same colors as his new room. He turned around and looked at the two demons.

They looked far too pleased with themselves and he could do nothing but stare at them.

"Wha-... How?"

"People believe that demonic magic serves only to destroy. It couldn't be farther from the true. It is true that both Abanddon and I are more versed in battle magic, however that does not mean we do not know how to do anything else."

"Wizards have what they call wizard-space, like the tents at the World Cup, this is something similar, however it's demonic space. While in wizard-space it expands the space that you already have, with demonic space it creates a pocket-dimension that is able to coexist in the space that was already there and we are able to manipulate that pocket-dimension however we wish." Abanddon elaborated when he saw Harry's inquisitive look.

"It does have limits, of course. But those mostly depend on the demon or demons that created the pocket-dimension." Caym added.

"So, if I open the door to get out of the room, what happens?"

"Nothing. That door is the door to the pocket-dimension, we linked it to the door to your room. So anyone who goes through the door will come here, they won't even know that it's a pocket-dimension. Any wizard who walks through will think that it's wizard-space and if your relatives walk through they... well, they will think whatever it is they think." Abanddon explained and Harry nodded.

He didn't really understand how it worked, truth be told, but he didn't really need to. The summer was already looking up and he had only just arrived.

"Thank you." he whispered, sitting in his new couch, noticing that it was just as comfortable as the armchair he had left downstairs.

The demons smiled, giving him a little bow.

"You're welcome Master."

He had been right. The summer at the Dursleys was much better than all the previous summers. He would wake-up when he wanted to and he didn't have to make breakfast for his relatives. Most mornings breakfast would already have been made when he woke up, either Abanddon or Caym having made it. However, sometimes he would make lunch or dinner. He enjoyed cooking and those were the only times that he saw the demons actually eat. He had to almost order them to eat with him, but he had ended up convincing them.

His relatives left him pretty much alone, he only ever saw them when he would go outside for a little while. They always looked at him as if he were the devil himself. Apparently being able to have servants that were demons was even worse than being a demon in their eyes. It didn't really surprise him. Anything that had to do with him was always worse in their eyes.

Even so he couldn't wait to be away from their house. He had written Dumbledore a letter asking when he would be leaving, but the reply only told him to be patient. It was a rather worthless letter in his opinion.

His friends' letters had been no better, neither had his godfather's. From what he understood they were all somewhere together but couldn't reveal where or why or what they were doing because the letters could get intercepted. It was rather frustrating and he could only imagine how he would react if he had been alone.

Fortunately Abanddon and Caym where quite happy to keep him occupied. His favorite moments were the ones that they were all sprawled on the couch, though the demons managed to make it look elegant, and they would tell him stories about his parents and grandparents. Just little things like his grandmother chasing his dad around the manor because he had charmed her hair pink, or his grandfather teaching his dad how to fly, or how his mum had gotten revenge from a prank by charming all of his dad's clothing into dresses and making it so that everyone but his dad saw it.

It felt wonderful knowing those little things about them. It made them more real.

Though he also liked it when the demons talked about themselves. About things they did before they were bound. It let him know them a little bit more. Unfortunately they didn't tell him much. But it was better than nothing. It was fascinating to learn about civilizations that had been extinct for eons. Reading about the Ancient civilization of Mycenaen was completely different to actually hearing about it from someone who had actually seen it's rise and fall. And who would have guessed that Abanddon and Caym had been pharaohs in Ancient Egypt before it's unification? Two opposing pharaohs who went to war against each other, a mere game to both demons. They had been there when the pharaoh Namer had unified Egypt, becoming the first pharaoh of unified Egypt. Harry may not have liked history all that much when Binns was droning on and on about goblin wars, however the stories Abanddon and Caym told him were absolutely fascinating. Even if they were sometimes quite gruesome.

They didn't talk much about him, the demons knew almost everything there was to know about him. They had observed him all his life. He had felt a little awkward about that, but Caym assured him that there was no need for it. They had seen him being born, they had even bathed him when his mother hadn't been able because she had the flu and his father had been at work, so they hadn't really seen anything new. After that, for the following two days, he would blush every time he thought about it. Abanddon would chuckle every time he saw it and Caym had this smug little smirk that made Harry blush even more. Those damn demons were playing with his hormones. He had thought that he liked girls, dammit.

Anyway, aside from those little... situations... things were going rather well. And even knowing that Voldemort was back he felt strangely at peace. He had asked them when they would start training him, or teaching him and they had promised that as soon as they were somewhere where they could do magic freely they would teach him all they could. That didn't stop them from teaching him anything that didn't require wand magic, which was more than alright in Harry's opinion. So he was enjoying the summer, doing his homework and actually being a teen. He knew that soon enough he wouldn't be able to.

They were enjoying one of such nights when Abanddon and Caym suddenly stopped talking. They looked at each other and Abanddon nodded, the next moment Caym was gone.

"Abanddon?" he asked, slightly worried.

"It's alright little Master. We felt something. Caym just went to investigate."

"What did you feel?"

"Something that shouldn't be here." and Harry knew that he wouldn't get more out of him, at least not at the moment. He sighed and sat back down, waiting for Caym to arrive.

It didn't take long for him to come back and he looked rather angry.

"We were right. There were two of them." he told Abanddon, his eyes showing a little bit of the blood-lust that both kept so well hidden.

"What was here?" Harry asked exasperated when they didn't elaborate. The demons traded another look then turned towards him.

"Dementors." Caym replied and he paled.

"What?" he whispered, what were dementors doing outside of Azkaban?

"They were rounding the house, but I took care of it." Caym assured him.

"But what were they doing here?"

"Someone must have sent them, it is the only explanation." Abanddon concluded, his voice cold and harsh, his eyes gaining a faint glow.

"Voldemort?" Harry whispered and both of them shook their heads.

"We couldn't tell, but we don't think so. From what we have seen of him he wants to kill you himself, he wouldn't let dementors take your soul." Caym clarified.

He was about to ask something more when he heard an owl at his window. Hoping it was something from Dumbledore he went to open the window and let the bird in. It deposited a letter on the table and flew out again.

He picked it up and read through it. Then he read it again. He must be reading it wrong, there was no way that he could be reading it right.

"What's the matter little Master?" Abanddon asked, standing beside him.

Wordlessly he passed him the letter and slumped down on the couch.

Abanddon read the letter, then he copied it.

"Rise." his voice was cold, Harry had to suppress a shiver, and a wolf rose from the shadows. "Take this to Dumbledore, tell him to deal with it, before we do it." the wolf seemed to nod then it vanished into the shadows again.

"What was it?" Caym asked, looking slightly curious.

"A letter telling Harry that he was expelled for using magic, more precisely a Patronus charm."

"Harry didn't use magic." Caym stated the obvious.

"Which leaves us with only one conclusion."

"It's a set-up." Caym's voice was even colder.

"Yes, I just don't know for what exactly."

"It doesn't really matter, does it?" Harry muttered, "I was expelled." he felt numb almost. He loved magic and now he had to give it up. He didn't know if he could, magic had made his life bearable. True, it had it's downsides, but magic was in his blood. It was what he was. Wizards, witches, it wasn't just a name that they gave themselves to be different, it was what they were. Magic was in their blood, in the very air they breathed and now they were telling him that he wouldn't be able to do it anymore. That he was expelled.

"Master we will not allow you to be expelled." Caym assured him, "Trust us. One way or another we will take care of everything."

Harry looked at him, his eyes locking on ruby red eyes, and in that moment in time he saw more than he had ever seen in them and he couldn't help but to trust them. How could people say that demons had no emotions, how could they say they were monsters? Those eyes couldn't possible belong to a monster and again he felt resentment towards his ancestors, how could they have allowed for them to be bound, how could they have not set them free? Even if it was the last thing he ever did he would find a way to free them.

"I trust you." he whispered, knowing that they would be able to hear him.

The demons smiled and for a second they looked more like angles than demons.

They sat in silence for a few minutes then the wolf appeared again and dropped a letter in Abanddon's hand. He read through it then frowned.

"Well, you are no longer expelled. You will have to attended a hearing where they will address your use of magic. Since you didn't do any magic there should be no problem." he told Harry a small reassuring smile on his lips, "Though," he continued in a low voice, far to low for Harry to hear but Caym had no trouble, "It is rather obvious that whoever did this has it out for him, we will have to go prepared." Caym gave a minuscule nod, neither of them wanted to break the happy moody that Harry was in.

"Did the letter say when we will be leaving?" Harry asked, he was rather tired of being at the Dursleys, he had his demons to thank for still being sane.

"No. Though I think it will be soon."

"It better be." muttered Caym, "We have been here far longer than what we had thought and those mortals are beginning to irritate me."

"Hey! I'm a mortal too, you know." Harry grumbled crossing his arms and slumping down on the couch.

Suddenly Caym was standing in front of him and leaning down. He felt Caym's warm breath near his ear and shuddered.

"I know." his voice was no more than a whisper, "But you are our mortal, my mortal." the last bit was said in a soft growl and he couldn't stop the blush from rising to his cheeks.

"Caym." Abanddon's voice broke the haziness in his mind and he took a deep breath. He lingered for a second longer then pulled back.

Abanddon chuckled, it was rather amusing seeing their little Master obliterate Caym's legendary self control. Though he doubted that he knew that he was doing it. Their Master was still so innocent in some ways. It was strange that they, as demons, felt rather drawn to that innocence. Usually they despised it, they wanted to take it and corrupt it, it was their nature. With their Master however they wanted to preserve it. Strange, such a strange mortal their little Master.

"Come little Master," he said breaking the silence, "It's time for dinner, what would you like today?" he caught Caym's thankful look and nodded. They had to be careful, losing their control wasn't an option, no matter how much they may want it.

A few days later his uncle barged into his room. Harry was lounging on the couch so he was able to see his reaction first hand. He walked in, doing a good show of looking intimidating and not the least bit scared, and stopped in his tracks. He looked around the room, his eyes lingering on the opened doors that lead to his bedroom and the one leading to the bathroom. He stared for a good ten seconds, his mouth opening and closing.

"Do you need anything uncle?" Harry asked when it looked like his uncle wouldn't say anything.

His uncle looked at him then, his eyes flickering from him, sprawled on the couch reading a book, to the demons, both sitting on the other couch, playing chess.

"We are leaving." he stated, trying to get himself back together, "Your aunt, cousin and I. We are going out and do not know when we will come back. You are to stay in your ro- in here, is that clear?" he glared a bit at the end but didn't dare do more, especially when he saw that Abanddon and Caym were looking at him.

"Crystal." Harry replied, not at all fazed with staying in his room, "Is that all?"

His uncle grunted, which he assumed meant yes, and left, slamming the door on the way out.

Harry shook his head and chuckled.

"I'm so glad he and I aren't actually related." he muttered, going back to his book.

"So are we Master." both demons replied, sharing a somewhat painful look. He guessed that they were imagining what it would be like to have a Master like Dudley, he couldn't help but wince. He felt their pain.

Later that night, after he was repeatedly beaten at chess by the two demons, and Caym was getting something for him to snack on, they heard noise coming from downstairs. Harry looked at them curiously and both demons got up. They opened the door and walked out, after a moment Harry followed them. He knew they wouldn't like it but they hadn't told him to stay put.

He wasn't really prepared to see what he saw. Abanddon and Caym were on the stairs, several wands pointing at them and what looked like Lupin looking at them warily.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" he drawled, sounding a bit like Malfoy and he saw both demons smirk, everyone else just looked at him. Lupin seemed to brighten when he saw him, while who he guessed was Moody actually narrowed his eyes. The other three people he didn't know. There was a tall black man with a golden earring, a women with bright bubblegum pink hair and another man who seemed to be a little older than the women and was looking between Lupin and the two demons curiously.

"Potter." Moody growled, "Come down here."

"I think not." Harry replied, his eyes narrowing, "I spent a year with someone pretending to be Moody as my teacher, how do I know you are the real one? Besides even if you are the real one, what are you doing here?"

None of them replied and Harry sighed.

"Either I get answers or I'll let Abanddon and Caym have some fun." the demons' smile became slightly bloodthirsty and he saw Lupin flinch. Maybe the werwolf could feel that they were more than they appeared, it was something that he would have to see at a later date.

Moody actually snorted.

"We are the ones with the wands Potter." he stated, looking quite unimpressed.

"Yes, I can see. But if I recall correctly so was Voldemort and his little Death Eater friends, it made no difference. Besides I do believe that my questions are fairly simple to answer."

"For all we know you could be a Death Eater." Moody argued and Harry actually chuckled.

"Yes, I suppose I could be." his smile grew for a second, then he glared at them all, "However I am not the one breaking and entering, am I?"

"He's got you there Mad-Eye." the tall black man, muttered in a deep, smooth voice. He had a rather nice voice actually. It was calming but demanded attention at the same time.

"Harry," Lupin took a step forward, eying both demons warily, "Dumbledore sent us to take you to a safe-house."

"Alright." they seemed to relax at his apparent acceptance, "What do we need to say to use the Map?" he asked Lupin, his eyes never leaving him and he caught Moody's surprised look, something like approval in his one good eye.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Lupin promptly replied.

"And what was in a tank in your office when I went to have tea with you?"

"A grindilow."

"Great." and this time he did truly smile. "Abanddon, Caym." both demons relaxed and went to stand behind him, their usual place when around people they didn't know.

"Why the second question?" the pink-haired women asked him, looking at the demons curiously and with a touch to much interest for his taste, before focusing on him.

"Pettigrew is a Death Eater, he could have given the Death Eaters the answer." he replied as if it was the most natural thing in the world and the black man chuckled.

"He kinda reminds me of you Mad-Eye."

"Lad has gotten it right. Constant Vigilance."

"Come on up then." Harry told them, turning around and going back to his room, ignoring Moody's growled Potter. They had decided to pick him up unexpectedly, he wasn't going to rush for their sake.

Seeing no other choice they followed him and the reactions they had when they saw his room was rather priceless. They gaped for a second or two, then turned towards him, their eyes showing their curiosity. Caym ignored them, knowing that Abanddon would be able to deal with anything that may happen and went back to the kitchen to prepare Harry's snack.

"Potter, we don't have time to..." whatever Moody was about to say was cut of when Harry slammed his hand on the table.

"Then make time." he practically snarled, "I was here for almost the whole summer, when Dumbledore told me I would be here no time at all, then you show up and expect me to just follow along like a good little boy?" his eyes pierced them and even though he knew that it probably wasn't their fault he couldn't help but feel satisfied when none of them could hold his eyes for long. "You will answer my questions and after I have taken care of my things we will go to that so called safe-house."

"We could always force you." Moody stated as if he were commenting on the weather and Harry leaned back on the couch a small smirk appearing on his lips.

"You could try." as soon as he finished speaking both demons were at his side, a low, dangerous growl coming from them and Lupin flinched again. Harry looked at him curiously, that was truly a strange reaction.

"Why do you react like that to them, Professor?" he asked, truly curious about it.

"I haven't been your professor for a long time Harry, it's Remus." Harry nodded, pleased that his father's friend wanted to be close to him, "My wolf, he... He's afraid. Terrified."


"It is a rather normal reaction. Magical beings, such as vampires, werwolves, goblins and centaurs, are more attuned to magic. They can feel us, our magic, our power, most feel the need to submit or run away."

Harry nodded. It made sense, all of their other senses were enhanced, why not the one that felt magic?

"They won't hurt you." Harry assured him.

"As long as he doesn't harm you Master." Caym interrupted.

"So how about those answers?" Harry continued as if Caym hadn't said anything and Moody actually chuckled.

"I think I like you kid." he stated and the pink-haired girl gaped at him.

"It's the first time I hear you say that you like someone." she stated, looking scandalized.

"Shut it. The boy has his head on right." he grumbled, sitting on the couch. He conjured a glass of water and popped his fake eye out and put it in the glass, "Hasn't been working properly since that scum used it." he said by way of explanation and Harry nodded. "So lad, what are your questions?"

The others seeing that Moody was actually going to answer sat down as well. Abanddon keeping his place behind Harry and Caym going back to the kitchenette.

"For starters, introductions would be nice."

"You already know me and Moody," Remus said, having taken a place beside him, though he looked at Abanddon warily for a moment, "The girl beside Moody is Nymphandora-"

"Don't call me that!" she exclaimed her hair turning red.

"Metamorphmagus." came the whisper from Abanddon to low for anyone but Remus to hear and Harry nodded to show he had understood. They had talked about it when he came across the term in one of the books they had gotten him.

"As I was saying, she's Nymphandora Tonks. Though she prefers to go by Tonks. Beside her is Kingsley Shacklebold and beside him is Sturgis Podmore. Dumbledore sent us to escort you to the safe-house."

"Why all of you?"

"Well, me because you know me." Remus answered, a small smile on his lips, "Moody because he is one of the best. Tonks and Kingsley are aurors, and Sturgis is actually an Unspeakable."

"Oh? I heard about those." he stated looking at the unassuming man, sitting beside the male auror. "Gotta say that I'm kinda curious about whatever it is that you do in there."

The man's eyes sharpened and locked on him, analyzing him with far more interest than before.

"How do you even know about us, or about the place we do whatever it is we do?"

"Abanddon and Caym." he answered without giving an answer at all. He knew about it because he had been dreaming about the Department of Mysteries and had told his demons about his strange dreams. They had been more than happy to tell him everything they knew and also why he was dreaming about a place he hadn't even known existed. He hadn't been at all happy when they told him that they suspected that he was seeing Voldemort's thoughts. Though he was quite grateful for their help in teaching him occlumency, of course they hadn't been satisfied with that and taught him legilimency as well.

"They seem to be rather well informed for servants." the man replied looking at them shrewdly.

"It is our duty to protect our Master to the best of our abilities." Abanddon replied, a small smirk playing on his lips.

"Are you dangerous?" Podmore asked them bluntly.

"Deadly." they replied in unison.

"Are you a danger to us?" Moody asked, also looking at the demons with more interest.

"As long as you don't pose a problem for our Master, then no." Abanddon told them.

"And if he told you to kill us, would you do it?" Podmore inquired, his eyes flicked between the three of them, trying to understand what they would be dealing with.

"Without a second thought." Caym replied, his blood-lust shinning briefly in his eyes.

Harry could see the others tensing slightly and sighed.


"Sorry Master." he replied, going back to standing behind Harry as if nothing had happened. Harry didn't truly mind, but he didn't want for the Unspeakable to ask too many questions. He doubted that they would be able to do anything even if they knew what Abanddon and Caym were, but he didn't really want to risk it.

"So, why did Dumbledore finally decide to come and get me?" he asked, as if nothing had happened. He didn't miss the look that Podmore sent him, nor the narrowing of Moody's eye.

"From what we know it's because of your hearing for underage magic." Remus replied.

"Yes, magic that I did not do." he muttered bitterly.

"Yes, Dumbledore believes that someone wants to get you in the open. The Ministry, though not the most dangerous place, isn't entirely risk free. It would be possible for someone to slip you a portkey and kidnap you." Remus explained and Harry nodded.

"That is why both of them are going with me." he replied, indicating the demons behind him. "Why did Dumbledore take so long to get me out of here?"

"He was getting the safe-house ready." replied Moody.

"Is it that same safe-house that my godfather and friends are at?"

When no one replied he snorted.

"Alright, I get it. He wanted me here." he remarked, a little bit of the anger he was feeling slipping through. Abanddon and Caym growled lowly and Harry turned around and smiled at them, "It's alright. Now we know." now we know how much he can be trusted, now we know how to proceed, now we know that we are alone. He didn't need to say it for them to understand. In the time he had been at the Dursleys he had time to think. Time to analyze everything and with their help he had been able to put everything in perspective. Dumbledore didn't know it but this had been his last chance. Harry hadn't asked for much, he had even agreed to wait till they had a safe place. However according to the letters he had received from hiss friends and godfather that safe place had been ready for over three weeks. He hadn't disliked his time at the Dursleys, he had Abanddon and Caym and they had made it the best summer of his life so far, however that was not the point. Dumbledore had promised and he hadn't kept that promise. There was no excuse, there were no wards to keep up, there was no reason for him to continuing being kept at the Dursleys, no reason at all unless Dumbledore simple wanted him out of the way. He didn't know if it was true, but what else could he think?

Abanddon and Caym had made it perfectly clear that they didn't really like Dumbledore. True they didn't like most people but Dumbledore was someone they particularly disliked. He knew for a fact that if they weren't bound they would have hunted Dumbledore down and killed him. He had asked once why they disliked him so, Caym had only growled and Abanddon had such a vicious smile that for a second he regretted asking. Though Abanddon ended up replying, "Several reasons Master," he had said, "The most recent one being that he wants to keep you away from us." he hadn't asked about the other reasons.

Dumbledore wanting to take them away from him was reason enough to resent the Headmaster for him as well. He had never had anyone, why couldn't Dumbledore let him have them? Someone he could call his own. He didn't understand, and frankly he didn't want to know. He would never give up his demons. He would set them free.

He didn't see the looks traded between the other people in the room but Abanddon and Caym did and they narrowed their eyes. They would keep their Master safe and happy, no matter what.

"Where are you taking me exactly?"

"To the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix." replied Moody, somewhat sullenly.

"Order of the Phoenix? What's that?" he asked perplexed. He had never heard of such an Order.

"It is an organization that is dedicated to fight against You-Know-Who." the pink-haired girl replied and Harry almost snorted, really? You-Know-Who? Wasn't she an auror?

"No, I don't know who. That's why I asked." he remarked, suppressing a smirk, really he was spending far to much time with Abanddon.

The girl looked at him as if he were insane. He merely quirked an eyebrow.

"Well, you know... He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named." this time he did snort.

"Voldemort?" he inquired, enjoying their flinch far to much. "You've got to be kidding me." he grumbled, just because he had enjoyed it didn't mean that it didn't frustrate him, "Have you actually ever met the man?" he asked all of them. They shook their heads, though Moody snarled the answer. "Then why are you so afraid of his name? If you had meet him and been tortured by him I would kind of understand it, but in this case..." he sighed.

"People are still afraid of what he did in the last war." Remus replied, trying to make him understand but Harry just shook his head.

"It makes no sense. I lost my parents, my home, the life I could have had. I was tortured by him more than once and he tried to kill me several times. I came face to face with him when I was eleven for Merlin's sake. Do not tell me I have no reason to fear him, but I will not lower myself, I will not give him the satisfaction of calling him You-Know-Who." the last bit was practically snarled and his magic filled the room for a second, before he got himself back under control. "If you fear his name... He's already won."

Kingsley was nodding and Harry wasn't sure but there seemed to be respect in his eyes when he looked at him.

"Do you have anymore question?" Kingsley asked him, opting to change the subject, knowing that even though Harry was right, it wasn't really the best time to deal with that particular subject.

"How are we getting wherever it is we are going?"

"We are flying." Tonks exclaimed, looking rather enthusiastic.

"Oh." he muttered, he rather enjoyed flying but it didn't really seem like the safest way, "Why?"

"It can't be traced." she explained, as if he was particularly slow.

"That's not really true is it? If someone is keeping an eye on me it would be rather easy to place a tracker on me or to simply follow the brooms." he stated, "Portkeys and apparation are safer, aren't they?" he asked looking at Moody and Kingsley.

"You can't apparate and to make a portkey you need a special permission from the Ministry, otherwise it's illegal." Kingsley replied, though it looked as if he wasn't pleased with the answer.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the three of you Ministry personnel?" he asked, looking at the two aurors and unspeakable. When they nodded he continued, "And all three of you know who my godfather is and have spoken with him recently, correct?" they nodded again, "Isn't that illegal as well?" Tonks blushed and both men looked away, "You have already broken the law, repeatedly, what's the problem with breaking one more? Especially one such as this that will cause no harm to anyone and may end up saving our lives if Voldemort is indeed watching me. Besides I may not know how to apparate, but all of you do, and there is such a thing as Side-along apparation." really were they trying to make their lives more difficult?

Moody barked a laugh and smirked at him.

"Knew there was a reason I liked you lad. I told Dumbledore it would be safer to use a portkey or apparating, but did he listen?" the last bit was more of a grumble, but even so his exasperation was heard by all of them, "Sturgis, make the damn portkey." he said gruffly, pooping his eye back in. "And you Potter, better get your things ready, we'll leave in five minutes at the latest."

Harry nodded and got up, the two demons following him, and went to his room. He didn't have all that much to pack, though it was far more than the previous years. Abanddon and Caym had bought him new clothes and several books. He actually enjoyed them. He liked learning magic, at Hogwarts there was just so much going on that he could never really relax and actually read a book. Besides, he liked to be able to chose what to read and learn. He knew that the professors were teaching them important foundations for their future but if he picked up a book in the restricted section that was slightly more obscure people would prey and nag. Abanddon and Caym though had gotten him books about everything he could think of and they had never looked at him differently when he wanted something different, like the occlumency and legilimency books. On the contrary they had seemed quite pleased.

Abanddon and Caym packed everything in under five minutes and they were back in the living room, where the Order members were sitting together talking in low voices.

"All done." he announced as soon as he was near them and Remus smiled at him.

"Then let's go." Moody said, getting up from his place and handing him what looked like a piece of rope, "All of you touch the portkey." he waited for them to have it then nodded, "We'll leave in three... two... one."

Harry felt a hook behind his navel and they were gone.

They landed in a somewhat rundown street. Harry managing to keep his balance thanks to Caym holding his arm.

"Read this." Moody instructed them, handing them a piece of parchment.

"Fidelius Charm." muttered Caym with some distaste.

"Who's the secret keeper?" Harry asked, giving Moody the parchment back.

"Dumbledore." Moody replied, setting it on fire, "Now focus on what you read."

Harry nodded, focusing on the address that was on the parchment and before his eyes a house appeared between number eleven and thirteen.

"Charming." he muttered, looking at the rundown house.

"Be quiet in the hall." Moody told them when he opened the door and ushered them inside.

Looking around he saw that it looked no better inside than it did outside and he felt a little uncomfortable. He stepped closer to Abanddon and Caym, wanting to feel their reassuring magic.

"It's the magic little Master. This house had many wizards and witches that practiced dark magic in it, so it retained that feel." Abanddon whispered, leaning closer to him. Abanddon contained a smile. It was strange how their little Master felt so comfortable around them, how he enjoyed the feel of their magic that was darker than anything he had ever encountered and yet the feel of the dark magic in the house made him so uncomfortable. He knew it had nothing to do with the fact that they were bound to him. All of the other Potters, either by blood or marriage, had all been rather uncomfortable around them. It was one of the reasons that they kept their distance from them.

"Oh Harry, you're here." Mrs. Weasley exclaimed, coming from a door a little down the hall. She approached the demons without any fear and hugged him. "It's good to see you dear. How have you been?" she asked, looking him over, "You gained some weight." she noted, with a smile.

"Caym and Abanddon are rather good cooks." he replied, smiling at her. It was good to see that some things didn't change.

"Well that's good to hear." she smiled at the demons, her earlier mistrust abating to almost nothing after seeing Harry. "They are starting a meeting now," she told his escorts, "You should join Ron and Hermione, they are upstairs. First door on the right." she ushered him towards the stairs and both demons followed him.

He sighed when he heard the door close behind Mrs. Weasley. The Order, it could be no one else, was having a meeting. A meeting that he obviously wouldn't be a part of. A meeting about Voldemort. Didn't they think it was important for him to know what Voldemort was doing, considering that Voldemort seemed to make a hobby of trying to kill him?

"Abanddon, Caym," he turned towards both demons, "Could you go see what that meeting is about? Without anyone noticing that you are there?"

They smiled.

"As you wish."

Then they were gone.

Well, that answered his question. He continued going up the stairs, he had friends to greet.

"Is Harry alright?" was the first thing Sirius said as soon as he saw Remus.

"He is fine." replied Remus sitting in a chair beside him, ignoring Moody's snort.

Everyone else though looked at the former auror curiously.

"Dumbledore failed to mention that Potter had two watchers that wouldn't let a hair on his head be ruffled the wrong way." he muttered, leaning back on his chair.

"What?" Sirius looked as confused as most of them felt, the only ones that didn't were Molly, Arthur and Snape.

"You knew?" Moody asked the three of them.

"We meet them on the platform." Arthur replied, "And Ron told us a bit about them."

"I was there when they introduced themselves." Snape sneered. "Though by now everyone should know about them."

"Yes, everyone does know that Potter has servants," replied Sturgis, "Though none of us knew that they were that tightly bound or that well informed."

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked. It had been a shock to know that Harry had servants, James had never told him and he had never seen them all those times he had visited. But from what he understood they had saved Harry, so he had nothing against them. As long as they kept Harry safe he would not utter a word against them.

"They know about the Department of Mysteries." Sturgis told them, frowning. He couldn't see how they knew. Weren't they servants? How could they know about it, it made no sense.

"So?" Snape sneered, "It's not as if the arrogant brat can do anything with that knowledge. Besides those two are nothing but leashed dogs, they do nothing without their Master's orders, it's even worse than the Death Eaters, at least they can act on their own. I doubt those two could even think without the brat's permission, and seeing as Potter is such a worthless wizard they can't be all that useful." he said hatefully.

Before anyone could say anything, before even Sirius had the opportunity to jump from his chair and curse Snape, the room's temperature drooped. Low growling came from the shadows of the kitchen and Remus flinched.

It was worse than the growling they had heard at the Dursleys. It had a feral edge to it that it previously lacked. Moody's eye was swirling around trying to pinpoint where they were. Tonks was fingering her wand and Kingsley was slowing putting his hands on the table, trying to show he meant no harm. Sturgis was looking around as well. Those two were more than they appeared, he knew that, he just didn't know what they were. He glanced at Snape and saw him pale. If he hazard a guess he would say that Snape knew what they were, and he couldn't help but raise an eyebrow when he saw a flicker of fear appear in his eyes.

Shadows rose around him, surrounding him. It felt cold and oppressive. For a moment he regretted opening his mouth.

"You know, usually you would be right." a voice colder than ice whispered, though everyone was able to hear it. It seemed to fill the kitchen, it was as if it was whispering in their ears. The shadows solidified and both servants appeared. They appeared human but looked far to inhumane to fool anyone there. "We are usually bound so tightly to our Master's will that we wouldn't be able to breath without his consent." the silver haired one said, leaning closer to Snape. "However our new Master... the leash he has on us is rather loose."

Snape paled and Sturgis didn't think it was possible for him to actually show fear so openly, but he did and more than ever he wanted to know more about those two. How had Potter called them? Abanddon and Caym, wasn't it? Why would anyone name them that? Didn't people know that names had power? Did the names mean anything?

"Through no fault of our own," the black haired one continued, Abanddon if he wasn't mistaken, "You see, our Master wants us free."

"What?" Snape whispered, horror apparent on his face.

Abanddon and Caym chuckled darkly and stood back, making Snape turn slightly to look at them.

"Our Master wants us free." Abanddon repeated, enjoying the words, not only the way they affected Snape but the actual meaning. Their little Master wanted them free.

"Is he out of his mind?!" Snape exclaimed jumping out of his chair. "Has he any idea of what would happen if you are free?"

Faster than they could react Caym had Snape by the throat, lifting him a few inches of the floor.

"Watch your mouth." he growled, his eyes glowing, his true nature showing through, "We do not like the way you treat our Master. He is not his father. Never was, never will be. We should know, we were there for both of their lives. Our Master is unique. He is himself."

"You should be thankful to our Master." Abanddon told him, a sneer appearing without his permission, "We would have killed you a long time ago for the way you treat him, however we knew it wouldn't please our Master. He is the only reason you are still alive."

Now everyone was looking at them, their eyes wide, a flicker of fear appearing in some. Sturgis and Moody were the only ones not the least bit surprised. They had seen the truth in their eyes when they had asked if they would kill if Potter asked them.

Caym threw Snape away, as if he were nothing. Snape landed painfully against the cupboards and groaned.

"Do not forget your place mortal." Caym sneered.

"What's his place than?" Moody asked, looking at them curiously. He knew about servants, his own family had had servants a very, very long time ago. None of them behaved quite like these. The word mortal hadn't escaped his notice either.

"Below our Master." Abanddon replied.

"That... That kinda sounds like how the Death Eaters think about You-Know-Who." Tonks remarked, looking at them wearily.

They didn't comment. It wasn't like the Death Eaters at all. Not even a little. They were loyal to their Master, to Harry, because they wanted to be. They had been with him all his life, they could have chosen not to answer because he hadn't called their name and upon his death they would have been free to once again roam the earth. But they hadn't wanted that. They had wanted to save him. Even if it meant their freedom. Those Death Eaters they would turn on each other and on Voldemort as soon as something better came along. And they would make sure that their Master was that something better. That was one of the reasons they had revealed what they were.

"You are nothing but slaves." Snape growled, "At least the Death Eaters are free."

One look from Abanddon silenced him, though Caym's was just as deadly.

"I wouldn't call us slaves, considering that we are quite willing to serve him." Abanddon remarked, smirking.

Snape paled again, the angry flush that had dusted his cheeks disappearing.

"It seems like you finally understand." Caym remarked, a cruel smirk on his lips. "The power that our Master has is absolute. You would do well to remember that. All of you."

"The Potter family kept us secret. They resented us, feared us. They wanted us bound and weak. Our young Master wants us free, this leash you mentioned... it's a mere decoration at this point in time." Abanddon told Snape.

"When our Master tells us that he wants something, we have free rein on how to accomplish it." Caym explained, "You should really be thankful that our Master never told us that he wanted to take over the world."

"So next time that you feel like bad talking our Master," Abanddon growled, "Remember that the world still stands because our Master is such a pure and kind soul."

"What are you?" Sturgis ended up whispering, because he was sure that he wasn't the only one that was just understanding parts of the whole conversation and he was certain that if he knew just what they were that he would be able to understand why Snape suddenly looked as if they actually could destroy the world.

The smiles that appeared on their faces were quite bloodthirsty.


A.N.: I wasn't expecting people to like my demons so much. I'm really happy that they were so easily accepted :D

There have been questions about why wizards fear them so much, rest assured it will be addressed in the future as will Harry's bloodline, but please be a little patient. It's only chapter three, I'll get there :P

And the relationship between them... they won't jump right into it.

It will take a while, it won't be just about sex, They will have a deeper relationship than that. Harry is special to them. And Harry doesn't want to take advantage of them because he knows that if he orders them to do something they can refuse. So he will be struggling with that as well.

I'll keep Abanddon as Abanddon instead of Abaddon. I have seen it as both, though I did see that the more "official" looking sites did have Abaddon. To me it doesn't really matter since I will make them completely different from whatever was said on any of the sites. I was just looking for Demon names because I needed them to be known to the muggles and they needed to be really old and I didn't want to just come up with two demons out of nowhere. Besides, I kinda like the names as they are.