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Chapter 4 – The Potter Bloodline

Harry felt somewhat strange when he left the two demons. It had been a long time since he had been without them at his side. Still he knew that what Abanddon and Caym had to do was important. He refused to be a mindless pawn in the coming war. No matter how much some people wanted him to be exactly that.

Containing a sigh he continued up the stairs and opened the door to his right. He had missed his friends.

"Harry!" not a second later and he had an excited bushy haired witch in his arms, giving him a bone breaking hug.

"Let him breath." Ron's voice came from his left and Hermione let him go. She looked a little sheepish and he chuckled.

"Missed me?"

"Yeah mate." Ron said and Harry was a little surprised. Ron wasn't the type to admit to something like that. Now that he looked closer both of them seemed to look rather worried. He sighed and sat on one of the beds that were in the room.

"I'm fine." he told them, knowing that he was the reason they had been so worried. Their letters had been rather vague, but he admitted that his hadn't been better. He assumed that they thought that he was angry with them because of the lack of information. He wasn't; he knew that it must have been Dumbledore's doing.

"We're really sorry." Hermione told him, sitting beside him, "We tried, we really did. But all of our letters were checked. We couldn't send you anything without them knowing. We tried to explain that we didn't know anything of importance, but they didn't let us write anything about the war at all." she sounded just as frustrated as he had felt.

"It's alright; I guessed it wasn't your fault." Harry assured them, and they relaxed. "What do you actually know?"

"Not much," Ron said, leaning on the headboard of his bed, "We know that this is the Order of the Phoenix Headquarters, we know that it used to be a Black Manor and we know that they are guarding something, somewhere. Other than that… nothing much. Oh... apparently Snape is a spy for us." the last bit was said with so much incredulity that Harry snorted. He could understand Ron's point of view. If there ever was anyone that screamed Death Eater it was Snape. Still, maybe he had been one and changed his mind? Though he couldn't see how he would have survived it. Voldemort wouldn't let something like that slip and he doubted that Snape was good enough to fool Voldemort.

"What have you been doing then?" he asked. Opting not to share his thoughts on Snape; he saw the glare that Hermione was aiming at Ron.

"Nothing much, mostly cleaning." muttered Ron clearly displeased.

"Well, it does need it..." Harry trailed off.

Suddenly a crack was heard in the room and the twins were standing in front of them. Harry smiled when he saw them and looked at Ron curiously when he heard him groan.

"I hope mum didn't hear you. She told you not to use magic." Ron complained.

"Oh Ronnikins," Fred said, turning around and looking at his brother.

"We didn't know you cared." George finished.

"I guess you have been having fun now that you are allowed to do magic." Harry remarked.

"You guess right." grumbled Hermione, "They haven't stopped since the beginning of summer break."

"My, my," George began.

"Is that jealousy we hear?" Fred ended, with a mischievous smile.

"Jealousy? Why would I be jealous?" Hermione asked, looking at them incredulously.

"Because we can do magic and you can't." the twins stated in unison.

"Don't be ri-"

The sound of an explosion broke Hermione off. All four of them looked at each other in shook. Then Ron almost jumped from his bed and raced towards the door, the others following him. Harry had a rather bad feeling. He was almost sure that his demons were somehow involved.

They raced downstairs, meeting Ginny on their way, and burst into the kitchen. Harry followed the others since he didn't really know his way around.

They froze as soon as they saw what was happening.

All the Order members present were pointing their wands at Abanddon and Caym, who were in the farthest corner of the room looking utterly bored.

Their sudden entrance distracted the Order members and they looked towards them, though their wands stayed mostly trained on both demons.

"What are you doing here?" Mrs. Weasley shrieked.

"We heard an explosion." Hermione told her, her eyes fixated on the wands.

"The wards..." Mrs. Weasley mumbled.

"They came down because of the strength of the spells." Moody grumbled.

"That doesn't matter right now." Harry's voice was cold and at first most didn't recognize who was speaking. Then Harry stepped forward and the look in his eyes made more than one of them shiver. "What matters is the fact that you were attacking my servants." they couldn't meet those deadly green eyes, not even Moody could hold his gaze for long. "What were you thinking?" he snarled, the control on his magic slipping slightly making the plates and cups in the cabinets shatter. "Well?" he demanded when no one said anything.

"We didn't know your servants were demons, boy." Moody growled right back.

Harry merely raised an eyebrow.

"So? That gives you the right to attack them? Did they actually do anything?"

"They attacked Snape." Podmore said calmly, as if he were simply commenting on the weather.

"Did they?" Harry asked, looking at his demons, "Well, I'm sure they had a reason for doing it." he said nonchalantly.

Abanddon and Caym smirked and Harry walked towards them, ignoring the expressions on everyone's face.

"You just had to cause trouble, didn't you?" he muttered when he was standing in front of them, a small fond smile on his lips. "I thought you weren't supposed to be seen?"

"You didn't actually order it." Abanddon replied, both demons smirked and Harry shook his head.


He turned around. Sirius was looking at both demons, he was pale and utter terror shone in his eyes. Sirius looked at him almost pleadingly.


"Harry, demons?" there was fear in his voice; however Harry heard the pleading for an explanation in it as well. Sirius was a Black, if there was one family that would know something about demons, it would be the Blacks.

"They are bound to the Potters, Sirius. They aren't dangerous." he assured Sirius.

Moody's snort was loud in the quiet room.

"Do you think they are some harmless puppies?" Moody asked cruelly.

"I never said that, did I?" Harry's voice was colder than before, his eyes steely.

"You just said they weren't dangerous." barked Moody.

"And they aren't!" snapped Harry.

"Their attack on Snape contradicts that." Podmore still looked calm and collected.

Harry glanced at Snape, who was sneering at him.

"He looks fine." he commented. Sure he looked a little battered; however he was sure if the demons had been aiming to truly hurt him he would have looked much worse.

Snape's sneer deepened, his wand coming up.

The result was instantaneous.

Twin growls filled the silent kitchen making their hair stand on end.

"Abanddon, Caym." Harry muttered and the growling stopped just as quickly as it started. Most of the Order was looking at Harry with wide eyes. Some like Moody, Podmore and Kingsley were looking at Harry with a far more calculating look, though Kingsley's seemed to have much less hostile intentions.

"What Snape said was true..." muttered Sirius incredulously and Harry looked at him.

"What did he say?"

"That they were your slaves. That they had less free will than a Death Eater."

Harry froze for a split second. Then he moved faster than they thought possible and had his wand pointing straight at Snape's heart.

"You fucking bastard! How dare you say that about them?"

"What did you call me?" Snape snarled, wand rising again. Everyone else was frozen in shock. Even Sirius was far too surprised by Harry's outburst to do anything to intervene.

"I called you a fucking bastard."

"Harry! Language, he's your professor!" Mrs. Weasley finally broke out of her astonishment, glaring at him as if she wanted nothing more than to wallop him over the head.

"Not right now." Harry stated calmly. "Right now he's only a hateful, bitter man who takes pleasure in tormenting the teenage son of a dead man."

A curse went flying towards him, he wasn't even surprised. He had been expecting it. There were screams, two ferocious growls, and then silence.

Harry was sure that no one had seen them move. Abanddon was in front of him, the curse that was meant for him in Abanddon's hand. It looked like a small ball of energy. Caym had Snape by the throat, pushing him against the wall. Both of them looked far more demonic than Harry had ever seen them. The blood-lust they were feeling was visible for all to see.

"You dare!" Caym's voice was terrifying. Harry was sure that even Voldemort would have run for it if Caym had been speaking to him in such a low deadly tone. "You dare raise a wand towards him! You dare cast a curse at him." Caym's voice was becoming quieter, but no less deadly. It had gained a sort of echo, making it more haunting than Harry had ever heard it.

Abanddon was so close to him now that Harry could feel his body shaking. He looked up and saw complete and utter murderous rage on Abanddon's face and he understood how these two demons were able to rule Hell. He could understand why no one would be stupid enough to challenge them. The shadowy outlines of wings started to appear on the walls around them, and Harry could see their features starting to change. The blood-lust growing higher than anything he had ever seen. And he knew, with crystal clear clarity, that if he did nothing then Snape would die.

Most of the order members were pointing their wands at Caym, though Sirius and Remus looked ready to help him do whatever it was he was going to do to Snape. However they couldn't move. They seemed to be frozen, incapable of even moving their heads.

"Caym," Caym turned to look at him and Harry felt his heart jump. Those eyes. He had never seen anything quite like them. They looked like fresh blood. He should be terrified, he should be running, he should do a thousand of other sensible things.

He did none of it. He walked towards Caym, ignoring the shouts from Mrs. Weasley, and stopped right in front of him. He had to look up to meet his eyes. But he didn't care; for once his height didn't bother him.

"So beautiful," he whispered, so low that none but Caym, Abanddon, Remus and Snape heard him. He wasn't even aware of saying it. He raised his hand and traced Caym's cheek. It always surprised him when he touched them and felt how warm they were.

Caym closed his eyes, breaking Harry out of his trance. He blushed when he realized what he was doing, dropping his hand immediately. As soon as he moved his hand Caym opened his eyes. The murderous rage was gone, the blood lust had abated. His eyes were the usual ruby red. Caym dropped Snape and ushered Harry towards Abanddon, staying as close to him as possible.

"You owe Harry your life." Abanddon told Snape, the blood-lust still shinning in his eyes.

Podmore and Moody's eyes narrowed. They had seen the way the two demons reacted to Harry. They hadn't missed the way a simple word and touch calmed a bloodthirsty demon. Not just any demon either. Caym, the Grand President of Hell. They didn't know much, but the little they did know was enough to make them wary of ever fighting the demon. Not even considering the demon's age, Caym was rumored to be one of the best fighters Hell had. It was rumored that he was only second to Abanddon himself.

In just that one moment it became abundantly clear just what kind of power Potter had at his disposal.

Sturgis shook his head. He had always thought that Severus was an intelligent man. Apparently he had been quite mistaken. He would never understand what had possessed the man into attacking Potter, knowing just what he would be facing, knowing that he would never succeed.

He looked at Potter again. Both demons were on either side of him, their eyes still locked on Severus, though not as bloodthirsty as before.

Still, even if they were Potter's servants it didn't explain the way they obeyed him, the way they behaved. He was sure that it was a forced bonding; beings like them would never consent to be bound. They should resent Potter, at the very least. However it was clear as day that they didn't.

'We serve him willingly.' the demon had said. That would explain their behavior. And it was a rather terrifying thought. What was it about Potter that made demons, those demons in particular, willing to be his servants?

Truthfully, he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

Harry wasn't at all surprised when Sirius joined him in the library. He had seen that Sirius wanted to talk to him, but not with so many people around, especially not with Snape around. He may have stopped Caym from killing the man, but that didn't mean that he could stand him. He found it particularly satisfying when Mrs. Weasley started in on Snape for throwing that curse at him. He had also enjoyed saying all that to the man; he had wanted to do it for so long. However he wasn't suicidal so he refrained. This time though... well, he just couldn't resist. He knew that Abanddon and Caym would never allow for anything to happen to him, so he didn't contain himself. Years of humiliation and bullying were powerful motivators.

He left quickly after that. Most of the members had been busy with tearing Snape a new one, so he and his demons had left without anyone taking much notice of it. Though he knew that even now Moody's eye was on them. Moody may like him, but he did not trust Abanddon and Caym. Honestly Harry didn't blame him, knowing what he knew Moody was right in not trusting them. Abanddon and Caym would have killed them just because they could if Harry let them.

Knowing that should have made him afraid of the demons. But he truly wasn't. Maybe he was a fool for trusting them, but it was one of those feelings he sometimes had. He trusted them with everything he was and he didn't think that they could do anything that would make him change his mind. And it had nothing to do with the fact that they had to obey him. He wasn't sure but if he had to guess he would say that it was their magic. It made him feel safe.

Sirius took a seat next to him. He looked troubled, even though he was trying to hide it.

"Hey, Sirius." Harry smiled at him. He had missed his godfather. He may not know him all that well, but Sirius was family. True family.

The troubled look dimmed and Sirius smiled.

"I missed you Harry." Sirius said, and Harry's smile brightened.

"Missed you too. Now, tell me, what has you so troubled?"

Sirius actually chuckled though it was tinged with a slightly bitter edge.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking questions like those?"

Harry actually shrugged; he had no idea how this type of relationships actually worked. He had only the Dursleys as an example and he would rather do it his way than theirs.

"Does it matter?"

"I suppose it doesn't." mumbled Sirius. "You've changed."

Had he? Had he really change so much that it became obvious even to Sirius who hadn't interacted with him all that much? Thinking back on his summer he had to agree. He had changed, but so had everything else, hadn't it?

"Good or bad change?"

"Not bad... just different."

"I'm still me... it's just... Everything changed and I had to change with it."

"I just don't want you to lose who you are. Down in the kitchen with Snape... You did it on purpose, didn't you?"

"Yes." he saw no reason to lie, "I knew that my demons wouldn't let him hurt me, so I just got it of my chest."

"Caym," Sirius actually shuddered when he spoke his name, "He would have killed Snape."

"Yes, he would have." Harry stated nonchalantly.

"How can you trust them?"

"I don't really know. I think it's their magic. It makes me feel so safe and warm. I really like them, Sirius. They are funny, intelligent. They don't care that I'm the Boy-Who-Lived. I know they are demons, I know they are dark, I know they are evil. But to me they aren't. What does it matter if they could destroy the world if they treat me the way they do?" Harry knew he was being selfish, but he didn't care. Not when it came to his two demons, "I never had anyone that was my own. I will not give them up."

Sirius slumped in his seat.

"I'm sorry," Sirius whispered, "If you had us in your life from the beginning you wouldn't have to feel like you only have your demons." seeing Harry ready to argue, Sirius shook his head, "It is our fault. I don't know how your life with the Dursleys was, but I know enough to guess. You had no one. I may not like it, I may not trust them, but I would never ask you to give up what you have now." Sirius sighed, not believing what he was about to say but deep down knowing that it was the truth, "Those demons they will stand by your side no matter what. Unfortunately I can't say the same about the rest of the world."

"Would you stand with me no matter what?"

"I... I don't know." seeing Harry's expressionless face he continued hurriedly, "I love you as if you were my own son. But there are certain paths that I can't take. I left this family for a reason, Harry. I would never stand against you, but there are certain paths that I can't walk with you."

"You think I'm going to turn dark?" Harry asked, not able to completely hide his incredulity.


Sirius's certainty surprised him a little, well... more like a lot to be honest.


"They are demons Harry. They will influence you, it is inevitable."

"They have been with my family for over three thousand years!" Harry exclaimed, "The Potters have always been light!"

"The Potters, yes. But… what about all the others? The names your family left behind for one reason or another?"

That made him freeze in place. Yes... What about the other lines? They were technically the same bloodline, but with a new name came a new start. What had they been like? He was ashamed to admit that he hadn't asked Abanddon and Caym about it. He had been so focused on his family, on his parents' and grandparents' lives that he hadn't asked about his bloodline's history. He should have asked. It should have been the first thing he asked.

Three thousand years was a long time, a very long time. For all he knew his family may have been worse than Voldemort in some of their lives.

"Abanddon. Caym." his voice was no louder than a whisper, however not a second later both demons were beside him, making Sirius almost jump out of his chair.

"Is something wrong little Master?" Abanddon asked him, throwing a quick glare at Sirius assuming that the man was the one responsible for Harry's somber mood.

"I... Was my family always light?"

"The Potters were always light, yes." Caym confirmed with a curious look in his eyes.

"No." Harry shook his head, "Not the Potters. All the others that came before."

Someone else might have missed the look traded between both demons, but Harry caught it.

"Please." he wouldn't order them, but he wanted to know. He had to know.

"No, little Master." Abanddon answered, "Your bloodline wasn't always light."

"Did you influence them?" his voice wasn't accusing. He wouldn't blame them if they had done it, however he couldn't say for sure what he would think about it. Could they influence him? Had they already done it?

"It was their choice Master." Caym told him.

"With every new name they took they changed their lives. They were light, dark, neutral. Your bloodline never really cared all that much. They just made sure that everyone in the family followed the same path." Abanddon elaborated.

"Though if one of them decided to walk a different path they weren't judged by the others. As long as they kept to the family motto." Caym added.

"What was it?"

"Numquam dimittere. Numquam obliviscar." Abanddon and Caym replied in unison.

"Never forgive. Never forget." whispered Sirius, "Well, that explains so much." seeing Harry's curious look he explained, "Your dad... well let's just say he could hold a grudge."

"It was in his blood." Abanddon confirmed, "Though they only started to use that motto after we were bound. Before that they had another one."

"Do you know it?"

"We were never told."

Harry nodded. He had already guessed that his family didn't treat Abanddon and Caym very well. From what he had guessed they were mostly ignored, only called upon when they were needed to protect the family. He hadn't asked them so he could be sure, but that was what it looked like.

"Didn't people find it strange when a family appeared that had the same motto as one that disappeared?" Sirius asked the demons and though there was a sliver of fear in his eyes he didn't look away when both demons looked at him.

"Every family had its own motto." Abanddon replied when he saw Harry's curious look. "However behind those, there was always the main one, the one only those belonging to the bloodline knew."

"What's the motto of the Potters?"

"Family first." Sirius answered, a small smile on his lips. "Your grandmother, Dorea, lived by it, one of the reasons why they took me in without a second thought."

"As did your parents." Caym added.

"That's why they ordered us to keep you safe, no matter what happened to them." Abanddon added.

Harry smiled, though there was a slightly bitter edge to it that only his demons noticed. He loved his parents, he truly did, but he still hadn't forgiven them for dying. And didn't that sound wretched? But he couldn't help it. Before he knew about the demons he had thought that there had been no possible way for his parents to make it out of it alive, but now... now he knew that there was. They could have ordered Abanddon and Caym to fight. He had no doubt that the demons would have been able to, at the very least, hold Voldemort of. But they hadn't. They hadn't thought about his future, about how life would be for him. He knew that they probably thought that he would end up with Sirius, but they had been at war, they couldn't be sure that things would turn out alright. They should have fought for their lives just as much as they fought for his, if not for themselves, then for him.

"Why did you want to know, little Master?" Abanddon asked softly, trying to break him out of his bitter thoughts. He smiled at him; he didn't think both demons knew just how thankful he was to have both of them in his life.

"Sirius thinks I'll turn Dark because you are demons and will end up influencing me." he stated, ignoring Sirius' wide eyed look.

Both demons stilled completely. Their eyes glowed slightly and their pupils dilated. Harry didn't know what to make of their reaction and it happened so fast that he was sure that Sirius hadn't noticed. Then both smiled, it was tender, full of genuine fondness and he heard Sirius' breath catch.

"You are our Master, little one." Abanddon said, his voice soft and warm. Harry wanted nothing more than to snuggle up to him and let that voice wash over him, "We want you just the way you are Master."

"It is true that we wouldn't mind if you were a little more ruthless, a little more vengeful." Caym added.

"But we will never try to change you, or influence you into becoming something that you don't want to become." Abanddon continued.

"Though if you do change, if you do become different from who you are now, we will still be beside you. Protecting you, taking care of you. We will be your servants till the end of time Master." Caym concluded.

If Harry had been looking at Sirius he would have seen his eyes narrowing, he would have seen the apprehension that flashed in his gray orbs. He would have seen comprehension appear in his eyes, followed by horror. He would have seen the pained smile and despair. If he had been looking at Sirius he would have known that his godfather knew something that he didn't. But his eyes were locked on his demons, noticing nothing but them. And that was what both demons wanted. Their little Master focusing only on them.

"Thanks." Harry whispered, his eyes shining brightly.

"You're welcome Master." they replied.

"What else could you tell me about my family?" a look from Harry made them sit at the table.

"Whatever you want Master."

Harry smiled and leaned back on his armchair.

"Tell me everything."

It was promising to become a rather good evening.

Harry grumbled a little when he felt someone trying to wake him. He didn't know what time it was but he just knew that it was far too early to get out of bed.

"Come now little Master, you have to wake up."

"Caym?" he mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

"Yes, little one, it's me." Caym smiled fondly down at him, knowing that Harry wouldn't be able to clearly see it. He tried to remains stoic, usually he had no trouble with it, out of the two of them Abanddon had always been the more emotional one, but their little one was just too adorable when he woke.

"Wha?" came the mumbled reply from the little mountain of blankets and he chuckled.

"Today is your hearing. You'll have to get ready; we will be leaving in a little over an hour."

The mountain of blankets stilled and lowered slowly, revealing a head of messy dark hair. He almost looked away when he saw the fear in those eyes.


It was a whisper but he knew what the little one meant. He sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, his hand going, almost without conscious thought, to the black silky strands. He smiled a little when Harry closed his eyes in bliss. Their little Master was so easy to please.

"Everything is going to be fine." he said, stroking the gravity-defying hair, "We have taken care of everything. You know what to say, what to do. If they try to ignore your claims then we will go through with our plan, after that... well, there really isn't much they can do if they wish to remain somewhat in control."

"Thank you." Harry whispered, "If it weren't for you and Abanddon I don't know how things would have turned out, but I'm sure it would have been far worse. You make my life better by just being with me. I'll never be able to thank you for everything you have done."

"Little Master..." he closed his eyes, a sigh escaping his lips, "Abanddon and I are demons." he stated and smiled a little when he saw the little one's raised eyebrow, "We never do anything without a reason. We are bound to you little one, we will never harm you. But we are not selfless beings. It pleases us that you do not fear us, that you trust us to some extent-"

"I trust you completely." Harry stated fiercely and Caym almost smiled.

"That's just it little one. I don't think you should. We would never harm you, but you cannot forget our nature." it almost pained him to say it, they adored the way their little Master interacted with them, but he had been honest when he said that they would always protect him; even from themselves.

He wasn't expecting the sweet smile that appeared on Harry's lips.

"That's exactly why I trust you completely. Anyone else would take my trust for granted, use and abuse it. But you, both of you, treasure it. I know you will do your best never to break it."

For a second or two he could do nothing but stare, and then he chuckled.

"You truly are one of a kind little Master." he whispered and got up from the bed, "Abanddon is preparing breakfast, it will be ready in a few minutes." with a small bow he left their little one's room, though the small smile continued on his lips till he reached the kitchen to help Abanddon. Their little Master was a delight. He was right though; they would do their best never to break his trust.

A little over an hour later they were ready to leave, even if there had been a little bit of friction with the Weasley Matriarch. She hadn't wanted Harry to go alone with the demons, insisting that her husband be the one taking him. They ended up compromising; both the demons and the Weasley Patriarch would accompany Harry. Everyone was more or less pleased with that outcome, though neither part would willingly admit it.

They traveled by muggle means, Abanddon and Caym gaining quite a few appreciative looks from women and men alike. Harry felt a slight pang in his chest every time he saw the lust in people's eyes when they looked at them. He didn't like it. Once or twice he swore he saw a smug little smirk on the demons' lips when they looked at him, but it was gone so fast that he convinced himself that it had been nothing more than his imagination.

Fortunately the trip to the Ministry was rather short, and he ignored the incident and his own reaction towards it as soon as they were in front of the entrance to the Ministry. He had more important things to focus on than the lustful looks that Abanddon and Caym received from people. As a matter of fact, he had no business thinking about those things at all. Besides, he was being a complete hypocrite. Even he found his eyes wandering to his demons and he was practically living with them, was it any wonder that the muggles would stare? It wouldn't surprise him if they had never seen anyone quite as beautiful as them. And why was he thinking about that again? He shook his head and listened to Mr. Weasley.

He had no idea how all four of them were able to fit inside the phone booth, he assumed it was magic, however it didn't look like it had expanded. And if magic had been involved he was sure that it would have expanded so that they could have easily fit inside, which wasn't the case. They were all inside, true, however he was being squeezed between Abanddon and Caym. He squirmed a little, though he froze when he felt two pairs of hands gripping his waist.

"Little Master," Abanddon practically purred near his ear. Harry was really thankful that Mr. Weasley wasn't looking at them, "Please don't do that."

One pair of hands on his hips tightened, and he felt the body behind him press closer. Caym leaned down, almost nuzzling his neck.

"You really shouldn't tempt us like that, little one." Caym whispered, his breath tickling his Harry's neck.

He shivered; he tried to ignore just how much he liked the feeling of being between them. He took a deep breath, doing his best to sound normal. Unfortunately it was harder than he though, since both bodies were still pressed against him.

"Sorry." he whispered, far too breathless for his liking.

"It's alright little Master," he could hear the smirk in Abanddon's voice, "We don't really mind."

His breath hitched and he heard two dark chuckles, one from each side if his neck.

When the doors opened he almost ran out of the elevator. He glanced back only to find two pairs of amused eyes focused on him. He cursed his pale complexion when he felt the heat rush to his cheeks.

His relatively new goal of ignoring just how beautiful his demons were was coming crashing down far sooner than he thought.

"This way Harry." Mr. Weasley said, pushing him towards what looked like a reception desk.

After enduring the staring from the security wizard, they were ushered inside and Mr. Weasley led him to his office. It was interesting seeing all the muggle things that some wizards had charmed to do the most absurd things. Though there were a few that could be really dangerous for muggles.

He was going over what he had to do at his hearing when the door to Mr. Weasley's office burst open.

"Arthur," Kingsley sounded slightly out of breath, "They changed the time of the hearing as well as the place. It's at eight, in courtroom ten."

Mr. Weasley's eyes widened.

"What? Why there?" he sounded and looked shocked, then panic appeared in his eyes, "Did you say at eight?" he almost shrieked, "That's ten minutes from now! We will never make it."

He almost dragged Harry out of the room, completely ignoring Kingsley. Abanddon and Caym followed, though at a slightly less frantic pace. They traded a look; they had expected something like this. They had hoped that they wouldn't have to use the plan that they had come up with, they were aware that their little one wasn't all that comfortable with it. They had hoped that their little Master would have been given the chance to explain what happened. However it seemed that the Minister was as corrupt as they had thought. A slightly malicious smile spread on their lips, they couldn't wait to see how people would react to what they had planned.

They followed their little Master into the courtroom, even though the elder Weasley tried to stop them. They almost snorted at the absurdity of it. As if they would leave their little one alone to face those jackals.

They almost snarled when they saw the chair they were forcing their little Master to sit on, especially when they saw the glee in several of their faces. Well, now was as good as any time to show them just how things were not going to go their way.

They took one step forward, bowing to their little Master.

"Master," Caym said, his voice colder than usual when talking with Harry, "Let us provide you with suitable seating." the 'since they clearly can't be bothered' rang loud and clear.

Casually, as if it were no more difficult than breathing, he waved his hand at the chair and it changed into a comfortable red high-back armchair. Well, it may look a little like a throne, but it made their point. Their little one was far more important than anyone in the courtroom. It was high time the wizards remembered the power the Potter bloodline wielded.

Caym locked eyes with Harry and he conveyed his assurance to him. Telling him, without words, that everything was going to be alright. That Abanddon and he would never let anything harm him.

Ignoring the spluttering going around him Harry gave them a minuscule nod and took his new and improved seat.

There was silence for a moment, then Fudge seem to get himself together and sneered down at Harry.

"You're late, boy. We know that you think you are high and mighty, however this esteemed body has far more important things to do than to wait for you." there were some appreciative murmurings with a few sneers and contempt filled looks thrown at Harry.

"Actually, I am not. Late, that is." Harry stated calmly, gaining strength from his demons. Knowing that they were with him made him feel as if he could do anything. He really had to thank Abanddon for all those hours they spent together, teaching him how to behave, how to talk.

"Of course you are." exclaimed Fudge, turning slightly red. "Your hearing was scheduled at eight am. It his currently ten past eight."

"True." Harry replied, leaning back on the throne like armchair. It was rather comfortable, if it didn't look so majestic he would have asked them to create a few of them to use at Grimmauld, "However the law dictates that as long as the person, or people, awaiting trial or a hearing were inside the Ministry before the allocated time, then they would not be considered late, since everyone knew that a number of situations could occur inside the Ministry building that would prevent someone to reach their destination at the allocated time. Since I arrived at seven thirty am, which can be confirmed with the wizard guard at the reception desk, I cannot be considered as being late." he almost laughed when he saw Fudge's expression, but he controlled himself. He was starting to see that he would have to use the plan that they had come up with, and for that to work he couldn't be seen as a child. Mocking them and subtle insulting insinuations were one thing, but childish behavior could destroy their plan.

"You're right, Mr. Potter," Madame Bones stated, glaring at Fudge, daring him to say anything. When the silence stretched for a few moments she nodded and looked back at him, "Do you know why you are here, Mr. Potter?"

"Yes, I do." replied Harry calmly, making a few of the assembled Wizengamot members mumble, "However I do not understand why I am here."

"You just said you knew." exclaimed Fudge, an angry flush in his cheeks.

Harry leaned back and sighed, looking at Fudge as if he were an unruly child, he heard more than one person trying to stifle a chuckle and he smirked a little. He was spending far too much time with Abanddon, he thought ruefully.

"Yes, I said I knew why I am here, and I do know. I am here because I am being accused of doing underage magic, more precisely a Patronus Charm, in front of a muggle. However, I do not understand why I am here, since I did neither of those things."

"Of course you didn't." sneered Fudge, "However we have it on record. Are you suggesting that those records were faked?"

'Why, yes. Yes I am.' Harry thought, but he didn't say it. Abanddon and Caym were very specific. He said nothing. He looked at Fudge in disgust when he started looking happier the longer he remained silent.

"See?" Fudge exclaimed triumphantly, "The boy is speechless, caught in his own lie." he had an almost manic light in his eyes, "All those who consider him guilty?"

"Now wait a minute..." Madam Bones tried to interfere, though was having little success. Meanwhile Caym and Abanddon were memorizing everyone that was voting against their little Master.

Harry continued to play his part, leaning back on his seat.

When a triumphant smile spread on Fudge's lips he knew it was his time to continue with their plan. He chuckled, gaining everyone's attention. Even those that were trying, and failing, to defend him.

"Do you find something amusing, boy?" Fudge asked condescendingly.

"I find it funny that you believe that you can actually judge me... as if you were my equals, my peers." he said nonchalantly, doing his best to sound as aristocratic as possible. He was thanking all the deities out there that Abanddon had shown him how to behave. Eons upon eons of being the King of Hell made him known how to act; he did his best to teach Harry how to behave as if he ruled the place.

Several members started muttering, shooting him indignant looks, while Fudge actually turned purple.

"Now see here," he puffed himself up like a peacock, "Just because you are the Boy-Who-Lived..." Harry's laughter stopped him in his tracks.

It took a second or two for Harry to get his laughter under control, because he was truly amused with the whole situation. He had expected for Fudge to at least suspect something, but it seemed that everyone was willingly forgetting just how old his bloodline was, even with both demons in the room.

"All of you are purebloods, members of the Wizengamot, or employees of the Ministry, correct?" he asked, his attention on Bones, she seemed to be the only one to understand what was going to happen. Or at least suspect. She was a little pale, and there was disbelieve and fear in her eyes, eyes that kept flickering towards both demons. She may not know what they were, but she knew how old they claimed his bloodline was.

"Who do you think you are, boy?" snarled Fudge.

"Shut up, Cornelius!" Bones finally snapped, surprising most of those present. She was usually quite composed, to see her snapping at the Minister in front of the entire Wizengamot wasn't normal. That was when most noticed the look in her eyes. Those quieted down immediately, understanding that something was happening, something that they hadn't noticed. "Yes, Mr. Potter." she answered Harry politely, "All of us are."

"Well then, in that case you should really thank Fudge. He almost made all of your bloodlines lose its magic."

There were outrageous exclamations in the courtroom the second he stopped speaking. Though he saw Bones close her eyes, resignation in her whole posture. Her fears confirmed with that simple answer. She knew what would happen next, and she knew there was nothing she could do to stop it.

"What do you mean child?" asked an older wizard sitting in the back row, though it silenced all the others.

"I mean exactly what I said." Harry told them softly, knowing just how precious their magic was to a wizard, "All of you are purebloods, all of you are members of the Wizengamot, and all of you are members of the Ministry. All of you made an Oath. As purebloods you were burdened by that Oath by your forefathers, as members of the Wizengamot and of the Ministry you renewed that Oath."

The wizard paled, his eyes widening.

"Oh dear Merlin." his whisper rang through the courtroom loud and clear. Harry could almost feel the amusement coming from Abanddon and Caym.

"What does that mean?" Fudge demanded to know, even he was starting to realize that things wouldn't turn out the way he wanted it too, though he still had no idea how or why.

Harry felt a pang of sadness when he noticed that Fudge wasn't the only one that had no idea what was happening. Their history was almost lost, even to those that took pride in their bloodline.

"It means," Harry started, his voice solemn, knowing just how important the information he was about to share was, "It means... that a little over two thousand years ago the wizards of that time swore an Oath, an Oath on their bloodline. It was passed down from father to child. Every living pureblood carries that Oath in their blood. It is an Oath that is renewed every time someone comes to work for the Ministry, or takes their seat on the Wizengamot."

"What was that Oath?" a wizard asked after Harry remained silent. He was surprised to see that it had been Malfoy asking the question, though from the look in his eyes Harry suspected that he knew, or at the very least guessed, what it had been.

"I, pledge upon the magic in my bloodline, to uphold the will of my chosen King. I pledge my bloodline to Him and His descendants. May the strength of our magic, mind and body be at their strongest when in Their service. May Magic forsake my bloodline if we ever stray from our path. We pledge our loyalty to the Marcius Bloodline, blessed and chosen by Magic to lead us. So we pledge it, so mote it be." he closed his eyes when he was done, not wanting to see their expressions.

He now knew how important that pledge had been. The Marcius bloodline was nothing more than a legendary Roman King to the muggles, but to wizards... He had been the first Wizard Monarch. He had unified the Wizards under one rule, his. The wizards of that time served none but him. The bloodline's reign lasted for five hundred years. No one knew what had happened to the family, it was said that they just disappeared on day. Harry now knew what had happened, his family moved on. Five hundred years had passed; it was time to start anew. That is what they did, even if they had to destroy a civilization to do it. And destroy a civilization is exactly what they did. Every magical bloodline was sworn to them, there couldn't be a new King. And by the time that there was a new generation of muggle-borns, pledge free, to be selected as a new Ruler it was already too late.

Several new governments had already started to appear throughout the lands. However in honor of their beloved Kings they implemented another Oath, that all those that took on a position of power in the Government had to take, "From that Oath came another one, the one that all of you have made; I, pledge on my magic to uphold the values of Magic's Chosen to the best of my abilities. I pledge my loyalty to Him. I pledge to serve Him even in His absence and to stay true to our forefather's pledge. So I pledge it, so mote it be." Harry glanced at them and saw that most were pale, "True, the second Oath is far less elaborate but it was more meant as a token of respect, since they had already pledged themselves and their children to the Marcius bloodline."

"What are you insinuating?" again it was Malfoy that asked, though Harry could tell that he really didn't want to know the answer. Malfoy's eyes kept flickering to Abanddon and Caym, understanding and denial in his eyes. Harry wasn't really surprised that he had found out, he knew what both of them were; with two demons obeying their every order was it any wonder that his family had been able to take control of the wizards? Malfoy was thinking the same thing, Harry was sure of it.

"My bloodline is over three thousand years old." Harry stated and saw surprise appear in some of their faces, apparently not everyone knew that little tidbit of information, "When we took the name Marcius, we were already over one thousand years old. After five hundred years we did what we always do, we vanished and started anew. Though even when we disappeared and took another name the pledge never dissipated. However none of us ever took a place in any Government, it would be rather ironic if we were to swear to uphold our own values and serve ourselves."

There was silence, oppressive, deafening silence.

Truly Harry hadn't expected any other reaction. It was true that most of the families in the Wizarding World weren't sworn to his bloodline anymore. Many died out, others were far more recent families, so all in all it didn't give him absolute control over the Wizarding World like his ancestors had. Those still bound by the original Oath were the Ancient and Nobel families, those who could trace their lines back to the Roman Empire, even those that had now different names, like the Bones family, were bound by that Oath. It was just his luck that every seat on the Wizengamot was hereditary and those that didn't have a seat and weren't from an Ancient and Nobel family, like Fudge, had to swear that secondary Oath as soon as they took a position in the Ministry.

That oath wasn't as binding as the first one, it didn't even come close, but it would be more than enough to achieve what he needed.

"That's preposterous!" Fudge exclaimed, though he and the witch that looked scarily like a toad were the only ones who seemed to think so. Every other wizard and witch present was silent. Harry could even see that a few of them had their eyes closed, he would guess that for the first time in a long time they were listening to their magic, feeling what it was telling them when they were in his presence. "Do you really think we would believe such a thing? The Marcius bloodline is dead." he looked around trying to find support, though none of the wizards and witches present were looking at him.

Harry took his wand out, making Fudge look at him again. He raised his wand; he looked around the room and sighed.

"Remember," He addressed the members of the Wizengamot, and especially Fudge, "This could have all been avoided if only you had been honest." he took a deep breath, "I, Harry James Potter, call upon my rights as the last living Heir of the Marcius bloodline."

There was silence again, the world seemed to have stopped spinning, and everyone had their eyes focused on him and him alone. When a moment passed and nothing happened a few seemed to straighten, as if a weight had been lifted of their shoulders. He was sure they believed that Harry had been lying. However, much to their shock and disbelieve, a wave of magic filled the room. It converged on Harry, then a bright light lit the whole chamber and when it dissipated Harry was leaning back on his throne like armchair, a crown on his head and a floating crest above it. The crest was fairly simple, a sword and a wand, crossed, with a crown identical to the one on Harry's head above it. Below it was the motto; Veni, Vidi, Vici. All of those present recognized the crest and the motto.

It was the crest of the Marcius bloodline.

Harry's eyes roamed over them and more than one looked away when their eyes meet. He was surprised to see that Malfoy was one of those.

"I am the last of the Marcius Bloodline, and the Oath still stands." he said when several minutes passed and no one had said anything. They seemed too shocked to say anything at all. "Though I have no intentions of claiming my rightful legacy." he saw several witches and wizards look at him incredulously, "I merely wished to prove my claims, since this esteemed body seems to be believe me a liar. Aside from that I wanted to prevent all of you, all of your bloodline, to lose your magic. What almost occurred in this courtroom would be considered nothing short of betrayal on my part, and now that I now of the Oath, the consequences would have been nothing less than the loss of your magic."

He had asked Abanddon and Caym how the Death Eaters had been able to harm his family the way they had if the Oath was in place. It didn't make any sense in his mind. Both demons had explained that most of the families weren't bound any longer. All in all, they said, only a little bit over one third of the Wizarding world was still bound by the first Oath and many followers of Voldemort weren't. Aside from that if the Oath wasn't acknowledged by the descendants of the Marcius bloodline, then its full effects wouldn't manifest. They told him that most of the family didn't study all of the history of their bloodline. It was incredibly long and most were content with knowing recent history. The Potters hadn't even known that they were the Marcius bloodline.

Even so it would still affect those bound by the Oath, which was the reason that his forefathers were so rarely bested in battle or duels. Their opponents, those affect by the Oath, couldn't harm them beyond a certain extent, at least not purposefully. Their very magic wouldn't allow it. When they did manage to harm them in some serious way, then their magic would punish them accordingly. That was one of the reason so many older families had so many Squibs. The offense against the family hadn't been strong enough to have Magic forsake the whole bloodline, but it had been grave enough that Magic left one of the bloodline.

"I have no intentions of claiming my throne," Abanddon and Caym had been a little disappointed when he told them that. Apparently when his family had been monarchs was the most interesting time in their servitude, at least that's what they said. When Harry asked why both demons got this bloodthirsty smirk that almost made him regret asking. Suffice to say, his family hadn't stayed in power for that long by being peaceful, "I only wish for a fair hearing. I am not asking for much. Just a fair hearing, instead of this travesty that Minister Fudge tried to shove down our throats. It seems to me like a fairly reasonable request, don't you think?"

"Of course, my Lord." Bones replied when Fudge didn't so much as look at them, his eyes still focused on the crest above Harry's head.

"Splendid," Harry replied with a small smile, "Then if you would question Abanddon and Caym," he completely ignored the widening of several eyes, Malfoy's including, when he said their names. He guessed that they were Death Eaters that had been present at the graveyard and knew what his demons were, "Since they were the ones involved, I would appreciate it."

The rest of the hearing went by fairly smoothly, the charges were dismissed since it was obvious that he hadn't actually done anything and he was free to leave. Though it was clear that none of the members paid all that much attention to the actual hearing. All of them still looked rather dazed, glancing at him and quickly looking away. Though none of them quite meet his eyes.

He shook his head, and closed his eyes. He hadn't wanted to do this. He took his crown from his head and gave it to Abanddon.

"Keep it safe and hidden, alright?"

"Of course Master." Abanddon replied, bowing.

The crest dissipated as soon as it left his head and he smiled. His family was truly talented. As long as the rightful Heir to the throne was touching the crown it would display their crest, however as soon as someone else touched it, it became nothing more than a simple crown.

He turned around to leave the room when he was stopped in his tracks by a body in front of him.

"My Lord," Malfoy intoned, head bowed and eyes lowered. Harry almost gaped at the man, "We never believed that your line had died, we searched. We spent years searching. Anywhere we could think of, we scurried the world to find even a whisper of your whereabouts. Even centuries later, we still looked, we still searched. And every child born into our bloodline was made to pledge the Oath. We remain loyal; you just need to call upon us."

"Thank you for your devotion." Harry replied sincerely, knowing it was the right thing to say. HE was beyond shock by the declaration but he knew it was the true. He knew Malfoy was being truthful, he just knew it. Besides he could see just how pleased Abanddon and Caym were.

"My Lord." Harry had never heard that tone coming from the Malfoy Lord and he could hardly believe the profound relief and gratefulness that saturated those words. Not wanting to linger, since he could see that there were others making their way towards him, he bowed his head a little and continued on his way.

"It's done." muttered Caym as soon as they left the room and Harry sight in relief. Caym had cast a charm that prevented the people in the room to spread the knowledge of his bloodline. He wasn't ashamed of it, but he truly didn't want to deal with more than he already was.

Both demons considered it a waste; they were firmly of the opinion that he should reclaim his throne and rule the Wizarding World. But even so, they both knew that it would be far more complicated than just reclaim the throne. So they respected his wishes, even if they reminisced about the good old days, where his family ordered them to destroy enemy armies, or to decimate a political faction that went against them.

"Harry," he looked up and saw Mr. Weasley standing there, waiting for him no doubt, however he wasn't expecting to see Dumbledore there as well, "How did it go?" Mr. Weasley asked, looking slightly anxious.

"Everything went fine." Harry replied, "The charges were dropped since it was clear that I did no magic." he turned towards Dumbledore and did his best to appear polite, "What are you doing here, Professor?"

"My boy," Dumbledore's eyes were twinkling though it was clear that he was avoiding eye contact with Harry, "I came here to help with your hearing, however I didn't have the right time and by the time I arrived the doors were locked and I couldn't get it. Since I was asked to leave my position as Chief Warlock, I don't have access to the courtrooms as I used to."

"Thanks." Harry muttered, though he still didn't trust Dumbledore as he used to, he was thankful for his presence, he was sure that if it hadn't been for both his demons things would have turned out quite differently, "Everything turned out fine though, Abanddon and Caym made sure of that." he added the last bit just to be spiteful, but he didn't really care. Not when Dumbledore hadn't even acknowledged their presence.

The door behind them opened again and the Wizengamot members started piling out. He heard Mr. Weasley gasp and looked at him curiously.

"That's the whole Wizengamot!" he exclaimed startled, "Why would Fudge call for the whole Wizengamot just for a case of underage magic?"

"Whatever reason he may have had, it backfired. Rather spectacularly in fact." Harry muttered, ignoring Dumbledore's pointed look.

His eyes narrowed when he saw a small group of wizards coming towards them. He almost cursed, he shouldn't have lingered.

"M-," Harry knew what they were starting to say and was rather pleased to see that the charm that Caym had cast would prevent them even from uttering that in front of people who weren't aware of the truth, "Mr. Potter," one of them quickly amended, understanding flashing in his eyes, "We were wondering if we were allowed to contact you." the tone was almost begging, and there was an underlying current of longing in his words that had Harry almost gaping, "We would really like the opportunity to talk with you."

"Of course." he replied, "Feel free to send an owl."

"Thank you, Mr. Potter." the man replied, the little group bowed their heads and left. Harry was sure that their steps seemed somewhat lighter than before.

"Don't worry little Master, we will explain everything as soon as we are back at your Godfather's house." Abanddon assured him and he nodded.

He turned around, still ignoring Dumbledore's curious looks, and smiled at Mr. Weasley.

"Can we go home now? I'm sure that they are waiting for news."

"Of course Harry," Mr. Weasley replied with a smile, "Let's go give them the good news."

A.N.: Hope you enjoy the new chapter, even if you had to wait so long for it. But I still don't have a laptop and I'm still using a friend's iPad to type all of this, so it takes a little longer. Here we found out a little more about Harry's bloodline. That Oath will explain a few things and why some things happened. Though Harry has no intention of claiming the Throne. And even if he did claim it, he wouldn't automatically rule over the Wizarding World. More than half of the witches and wizards are free from the Oath since there are newer families and many of those families serve Voldemort. Even if he claimed the Throne he would have to fight a war, and that's not even taking into account the mess that is the Muggle-Wizard relationship. They live on British soil, technically they fall under the Rule of the British Monarchy. I doubt they would be pleased with a King suddenly appearing out of nowhere. So, Harry wouldn't really have it any easier. Not that he thought about all of that when he said that he didn't want to claim the throne, he just doesn't want to complicate his life any further.

That said... Abanddon and Caym are so naughty... teasing poor little Harry like that... evil, evil demons, both of them.