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Chapter 5 – Consequences

One moment he was standing and the next he was being tackled to the floor. Well, tackled may be the wrong word. 'No, definitely the right word,' thought Harry when he felt more weight on him.

"Guys," he wheezed, "Need to breath."

Ron and Hermione scrambled of him, both looking slightly sheepish.

"Sorry, mate." Ron grinned, "Couldn't help ourselves."

Two pairs of hands lifted him of the floor and righted his clothing. He missed the glare that both demons sent Hermione and Ron. They paled just a little, they were getting used to the overprotective demons. Still, their glare was terrifying.

"How did the hearing go?" Hermione asked him, "Mr. Weasley said that he wasn't allowed in but that you weren't expelled."

"Of course he wasn't expelled," Ron muttered, "They didn't have a leg to stand on. I don't know what they were thinking. Harry didn't even use magic, how they expected to succeed, I'll never know."

"You weren't so confident a moment ago, were you?" Hermione muttered back.

"Well, if there is one thing we know is that the Ministry is corrupt. They could have made something up." Ron defended himself and Harry couldn't help but laugh. Their conversations may have become more mature as they aged, but the bickering was always there.

"Ron's right." Harry broke in before it escalated, "Fudge wasn't even listening to what I was saying. But thanks to Abanddon and Caym they couldn't do anything to me."

"Did they threatened Fudge?" Hermione almost whispered, but it was still heard in the whole kitchen. He could feel everyone's eyes on them and Harry almost sighed. He knew they didn't trust the demons, but they could at least trust him.

"No, they didn't say or do anything actually." he said, knowing that everyone was listening in, "They just told me things about my bloodline and I used it."

"What things?" Hermione asked curiously, sitting beside him while Ron took the seat beside her.

Harry looked around the room, trying to see just who was present. Sirius, Remus, Mrs. Weasley, Mr. Weasley, Moody, Podmore, Bill, the twins, Tonks, and Kingsley. He trusted most of the people in the room, though he doubted that they would keep the information from Dumbledore. Maybe Hermione, Ron, and the twins would, but the others he doubted it. Even Sirius would tell him, Harry was almost sure of it.

"It's information I don't want to spread."

Moody snorted.

"So you revealed it to the whole Wizengamot?"

"They won't talk." he stated, surprising Moody, "Even if Abanddon and Caym hadn't spelled the room, they wouldn't have betrayed me."

"Awfully trusting aren't you?" Podmore remarked.

"It has nothing to do with trust." Harry told him, "They know the consequences if they did it. None of them would risk it."

"What are the consequences?" Podmore asked, looking only slightly curious.

"Why do you want to know?"

"Curiosity mostly. I want to know what kind of person is going to save us from Voldemort."

Harry looked at the man incredulously for a few moments, then he laughed. He laughed so hard that he had tears running down his cheeks.

"You really think I'm going to save you?" he asked after he got his breath under control, "I'm no one's Savior. Sure, I'll fight Voldemort if he harms the people I love, but the rest of the world? It can burn for all I care. I haven't seen anything in it worth saving."

"You truly mean that." Podmore was looking much more intently at him now.

"Muggles have this saying; Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. It's all well and good when you put it like that, but I don't care about countries, I care about people. You could argue that people make the country, then I would ask why would I fight for people that want to bring me down just because they can."

"What about all the innocent people?"

"We are witches and wizards, we are given a deadly weapon when we are eleven years old. Every single one of us. If they expect me, a fifteen year old teenager, to take up that weapon and fight, why don't they do the same?"

Podmore studied him closely, his eyes showing much more emotion than his expression. He wasn't sure but he thought that there was a spark of respect in Podmore's eyes.

Hermione and Ron were nodding, agreeing with him. Both of them knew how he felt, both of them had been hurt doing what older wizards and witches should have done.

The other adults in the room look saddened, especially Mrs. Weasley and Sirius, and there was just a touch of shame in some of their eyes.

Harry excused himself and left the kitchen, followed by both his demons. He took refuge in the library and fell gracefully into a sofa.

"Well done, little Master." Abanddon whispered, leaning in close to him from where he was seated on his right. His warm breath caressing Harry's ear and making him shudder slightly.

"Yes, very well done." Caym added, sitting on the other side of Harry. "I doubt that they noticed that you left without answering their previous questions."

"So, it wasn't noticeable that I was evading the questions?"

"No, little Master. You did wonderfully." Abanddon complimented, a delighted smirk on his lips, "I'm pleased to see that my lessons are being useful."

Harry sighed and slumped a little on the sofa.

"I just don't want Dumbledore knowing about my Bloodline. I know he would find a way to use it. And if he couldn't use it he would make me out to be a new Dark Lord, especially now that I have both of you."

"We wouldn't let him touch you." both demons stated fiercely.

"I know." Harry whispered, leaning into them, seeking comfort, "I trust you." he murmured, closing his eyes and letting sleep claim him, knowing that Abanddon and Caym would watch over him.

Abanddon and Caym looked down at their sleeping Master. Almost without conscious thought Caym's hand started caressing the silky black locks.

A sigh coming from Abanddon made him look back up.

"He doesn't realize what he's doing." Abanddon remarked, eyes straying towards the sleeping figure.

Caym nodded, agreeing with the other demon, and went back to staring at their little Master.

"We could stop it." Caym suggested, even though the words tasted bitter on his tongue.

The vicious, feral growl that came from Abanddon was all the answer he needed.

"I know. But look at him..."

"Yes, Caym, look at him. Do you want to give it up? We waited for a long time. I won't force it, but I won't push him away."

"No," Caym sighed, "Neither will I. We are demons, being selfish is practically our nature."

"We will keep him safe, happy." Abanddon stated, his hand joining Caym's in petting Harry's hair, "It's more than these worthless mortals have ever done."

For just a fraction of a second their true faces showed, eyes filled with blood-lust and sadistic smirks on their lips. Yes, they would keep their little human safe and happy, and may God have mercy on those who tried to stand in their way.

Harry woke up slowly. He couldn't stop the moan that left him when he stretched slightly. He didn't think he had ever felt so comfortable. He snuggled deeper into the warmth that was enveloping him. He heard a low chuckle and slowly blinked his eyes open.

He was lying on his bed, was the first thing he noticed. The second thing he noticed was that Abanddon and Caym were on either side of him, both demons looking at him.

His breath hitched when he felt their hands on him. One of their hands in his hair, the other on his waist.

"Finally awake, little one?" Abanddon whispered, his hand continuing to pet his hair. Harry wanted to close his eyes again. This was bliss, he was sure of it.

Harry just nodded, his eyes on them, asking why they were in bed with him.

"You fell asleep in the library." Caym told him, "We brought you up here when the mortals started to search for you. We knew you were tired and wanted you to rest."

"We put you to bed and stayed in the room." Abanddon added, "You started having a nightmare and only went back to a peaceful sleep when we were with you, so we stayed beside you."

Harry snuggled deeper into their embrace, mind still too foggy to truly understand what he was doing. He sighed contentedly.

"You always take care of me." he mumbled, falling back to sleep.

"Always, little one." both demons whispered.

A little later Harry opened his eyes again. He noticed that both demons were still beside him, though now they were glaring at a cluster of owls that were perching at the end of his bed.

"Is there a reason for scaring the poor owls?" Harry muttered, sitting up on the bed. He immediately missed the warmth that came from both demons.

"They woke you up." Abanddon grumbled, his glare intensifying.

"They didn't," Harry assured them, "So," he continued, turning towards the owls, "Are all of you here for me?" he got several hoots in reply and nodded. He got up from the bed, climbing over Caym, since the demons didn't seem to want to move, and stretched a little before calling the owls towards the desk. He completely missed the way the demons' eyes latched onto his form.

"Well, let's see... one at a time. Those that require an answer, please wait somewhere in the house. The others can go." to his surprise all nine owls stayed after he took the letters, meaning that they all required answers.

"Before you start on the letters, little Master, you should go down to eat something. It's dinner time." Abanddon informed him and he nodded.

He let the letters on the desk, showed the owls were the water bow and owl treats were, and left the room.

The kitchen was full, well partially full, the same people that had been there when he had arrived from the hearing where still there.

"Harry!" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed, "I was just about to call you. I know they said you were tired, but you need to eat."

"Yeah, sorry about that Mrs. Weasley. They are a little overprotective," he glared slightly at both demons, "I wouldn't have minded if you woke me for lunch. Though I had a rather good nap." he blushed slightly when he remembered just why his nap had been so good. The wicked smirks that momentarily appeared on the demons' lips didn't help any.

Dinner was a quiet affair, none of the Order members seemed all that comfortable with the demons in the room. The only one who didn't seem too afraid of the demons was Bill. He was even looking at them now and then. Harry just hoped that he would stop it soon, he could see Caym's patience wearing thin.

"What?" Harry closed his eyes and sighed when he heard Caym's growled out question.

"Sorry." Bill sounded a little meek, but he was still looking at them, "It's just... I used to work in Egypt, and well... Is it true that you both ruled over Egypt?" he rushed out, as if he were afraid that they would curse him for talking.

Harry chuckled and leaned back on his seat, looking at both demons. The question had captured the attention of the others in the room and they were all looking at them. Harry outright laughed when he saw the put out look on both demons.

"Just tell him," Harry said between his snickers, "He truly does love history and both of you are almost a walking encyclopedia."

"As you wish, little Master." both demons replied, they walked towards the table and Harry pushed Hermione and Ron a little away to make place for both of them. Showing them that he wanted them to sit beside him. Both demons smiled at him indulgently and sat, though when they looked at the other people in the room all the warmth had left their expressions.

"Answering your question, yes, both Abanddon and I ruled Egypt. I was the pharaoh of Lower Egypt and Abanddon of Upper Egypt."

"Why didn't you unify Egypt?" Bill asked them and Harry knew what was coming.

Abanddon and Caym looked at him as if he were crazy.

"Why would we do that?" Abanddon asked him, "If we did that we couldn't have gone to war."

"Why would you want to go to war?" Hermione was looking at them incredulously.

"We were bored." Caym replied, a bloodthirsty grin on his lips.

"Those were the days," Abanddon sighed, "So easy to play with the mortals. If I remember correctly, I won that game, didn't I?"

"Game?" Moody growled, and almost all of the other people in the room had indignant expressions on their faces. "You call war a game? You start wars because you are bored?"

The smiles on their faces were terrifying.

"Measly, worthless mortals are nothing more than our playthings. Even you little magic wielders are nothing to us." Abanddon stated cruelly, "So yes, it is nothing more than a game to us."

"What about Harry?" Sirius whispered, "He's mortal. Is he your plaything?" there was a hard edge in Sirius tone.

"Sirius!" Harry snapped, not enjoying what was being implied.

"It's alright, little Master." Caym whispered, though he was glaring at Sirius.

"We understand that he is worried about you." Abanddon added.

"Our little Master isn't our plaything." Caym stated, his eyes promising painful retribution if any of them dared to imply otherwise.

"But he's mortal, just like us. What's so different about him?" Podmore asked them curiously. He remembered both demons stating that they served Harry willingly.

"He's ours." Abanddon and Caym stated in unison, making Harry blush and most of the adults in the room pale. Harry had no idea what they meant by that, but he kinda liked the sound of it. He had never belonged anywhere, was it so bad to belong to them? To finally have somewhere to belong sounded almost like a dream come true.

"Isn't it the other way around?" Ron asked, seemingly just as confused as Harry about what both demons meant, "You are his servants, so wouldn't that make both of you his?"

Both demons just smiled and Harry had a feeling that he was missing something. Though before he could ask anything an owl flew into the room.

It landed in front of Harry and stretched out it's leg. Harry took the letter, hiding the crest from the others in the room.

"Do you need a reply?" the owl hooted and he sighed, "Alright, come with me." he got up, knowing that both demons would follow him and left the kitchen. He ignored the calls from Sirius. He didn't really want to deal with Sirius at the moment. He hadn't liked what he had implied at all. Besides he wanted to see what all those letters were about.

He sighed when he reached his room and closed the door. Both demons were looking at him, and for the first time in a long time he saw no emotions in their eyes.

"What is it?" he asked them. He was worried, he wasn't used to seeing them like that.

"Little one," Abanddon said, surprising him. It was rare for them to call him that, "You know that you aren't like the other mortals to us, don't you?" there was an unidentifiable edge in his tone.

"I know." Harry replied, walking past them and fell on the bed, "I just don't know why. You should hate me." they truly should, if it weren't for him they would be free.

Caym took a seat on his right and buried his hand in his hair. Harry closed his eyes in pleasure, enjoying the simple caress far more than he should.

"We will never hate you." Caym stated, surprising Harry with his certainty.

"How can you know that?"

"Do you trust us?" Abanddon asked him, sitting on his other side.

"Of course." he replied without even thinking about it.

"Then trust us when we tell you we will never hate you. You are special to us, you will always be special to us." Abanddon smiled and Harry was sure he had never seen anything more beautiful.

"Alright." for now he would let it be.

He heard the owls hooting and glanced at the letters he had left on the desk. Abanddon got up and collected them. Harry smiled at him and took the letters.

"Do you know what this is about?" he asked them. They usually knew everything, or at the very least had rather accurate guesses.

"We suspect we know, yes." Caym replied.

"You're not going to tell me." Harry guessed, sighing when he saw their smirks. "Alright, let's get this over with."

He picked up the first letter and looked at the crest. It wasn't familiar to him, but that didn't surprise him. Unfortunately his knowledge on wizard aristocracy was perilously lacking. He only knew a few Family Crests, only the few that Abanddon had showed him that were bound to his bloodline. Though Abanddon had told him that some crests were changed over the centuries.

He opened the letter, missing the excited look traded between both demons.

'My Lord,

I ask for forgiveness in contacting you so rudely, however there is no other way I could have reached you. I am aware that you stated that you have no wish to claim your birthright, but our Oath still stands, our loyalty is yours.

I know I have no right to ask anything form you, even so I ask that you consider the possibility of a meeting between us.

I eagerly await your response.

In devotion and loyalty,

Gregory Greengrass'

Harry stared at the letter for a few seconds, trying to understand what he had just read. He picked another letter up and almost ripped it open.

'My Lord,

I do not believe you understand just how pleased I was with your return. Even if you do not claim what is rightfully yours, it will not change the fact that the Oath still bounds us. Though I would not have it any other way. After centuries of waiting we finally have you back.

I beg you, my Lord, please grant us an audience with you. Let us renew our oath.

Faithfully yours,

Cassius Lestrange'

He almost gaped when he was done with the letter. Alright he may have gaped a little. Fine! He was outright gaping at the letter. But could you really blame him? He hadn't expected this, he hadn't been expecting this at all. He narrowed his eyes when he saw the pleased looks form the demons. He shoved both letters at them and glared.

"You knew this would happen!" he accused, glaring for all he was worth.

"We had hoped." Caym admitted.

"Do you think they are all like this?" Harry asked, looking somewhat resigned. He should have seen it coming. He should have guessed, especially when those wizards approached him after the hearing. He really should have seen it coming.

But he hadn't.

He almost groaned when he saw both demons nod. Containing another sigh he opened the other letters.

Unfortunately they had been right. The letters were all the same.

All ten of them.

Greengrass, Lestrange, Longbottom, Malfoy, Gamp, Macmillan, Flint, Nott, Abbott, and Avery. All of them begging for a meeting, for a chance to talk to him, to see him.

"Hmm, I was expecting more." remarked Abanddon.

"More?" he squeaked, though he would deny it to his dying day.

"Yes, more." Caym agreed, "Though I suspect that the ones that did send the letters are the ones that still make the Oath. The others must be thinking over everything."

"What others?"

"The other families." Abanddon explained, "Do you know about the sacred twenty-eight?"

"Yeah. Ron told me about them."

"Those aren't the Ancient and Nobel families. Those are the families that remain pure by the standards of Cantankerus Nott. Not all of those families are Ancient and Noble. For example, the Weasleys, they are one of the twenty-eight, but not Ancient and Noble." Abanddon sat back down beside him, "Most people forget that. The ones still bound by Oath are the Ancient and Noble. We were expecting for all of them to contact you. Though, as Caym said, they may be thinking things through."

"How... how many?"

"There are thirty-one surviving Ancient and Noble families." Caym told him, "However, there are a few more who are still bound by the Oaths. Since if someone from an Ancient and Noble House married into a new bloodline, their descendants were bound too."

"So am I bound by that Oath? My grandfather married a Black. They are an Ancient and Noble family."

"No." Abanddon stated, "Your blood is stronger than theirs. Magic is somewhat sentient, and blood is just as powerful as magic. Both of those things made it impossible for your bloodline to be bound by that Oath."

"Considering how the Oath itself was made, it would have been detrimental to you if you were bound by that Oath. So your magic and your blood stopped it."

"Could anyone's magic and blood do the same?"

"No. No one's magic and blood but your bloodline's. Because the Oath was sworn to your bloodline." Caym explained patiently. Truthfully he didn't quite understand how it worked. He wasn't ashamed to admit that Magical Theory wasn't his strong point. He was sure that Hermione wouldn't have any trouble understanding the logistics behind it.

"So, who is actually bound to me?"

"Practically all the families that consider themselves purebloods. Though the younger ones aren't bound unless one of the older families married into that family. And since we know how much they want to keep their blood pure it is very likely that they did exactly that." the last bit was more of a mutter and Abanddon had a small smug smirk on his lips, "Half-bloods... well, those it depends on who their parents are. And muggle-borns aren't bound at all."

"Are you alright, little one?" he looked up and saw Caym's concerned face and only then did he realize that he had been quiet for a few minutes.

"I... I... Yes, I'm fine." he mumbled, "It's just so much to take in." it truly was, he hadn't realized it were that many people. Sure Abanddon had told him that it were a little over one third that were bound to him, but it was sounding like a lot more than that. "You said one third."

"The families that were there and swore the Oath on their bloodlines." Abanddon explained, "The other ones, the ones that had someone marry into their family and passed on the Oath that way, well... we have no way of knowing how many of those there are without looking over all of their genealogical trees."

Harry groaned and fell onto the bed, covering his eyes with his arm. He had thought it would have been impossible for his life to have gotten even more complicated. He wasn't happy that he had been proven wrong.

He felt hands bury themselves in his hair and he sighed. He felt his body relax and a shiver run down his spine. He loved it when his demons were so gentle with him.

"Everything will be alright, little Master." Caym whispered leaning slightly into him, "We will make sure of it."

Abanddon hummed, agreeing with Caym, and Harry finally looked at them. They were troublesome, but he wouldn't give them up for anything in the world.

"Now what?" he asked them, doing his best not to succumb to the gentle caress.

"Now we reply those letters." Caym informed him, and a smile tugged at his lips when Harry groaned.

"All of them?"

"All of them." Abanddon stated, outright smirking.

"Fine." Harry grumbled, though he smiled when he heard both demons laugh. "Help me with it, since it's your fault I'm in this mess." he had the feeling that the glare he aimed at them wasn't all that effective.

Harry sighed, he was doing that a lot lately, and prepared himself for the explosion he knew was about to come. Resigned to his fate he opened the door and stepped into the kitchen.

The people present stopped what they were doing and looked at him, their eyes widening slightly when they saw what he was wearing. He could practically feel the smugness coming from the demons and he almost scowled. He still didn't know how they had convinced him to wear it. Alright, he knew how they had convinced him, he just couldn't believe that he actually went along with it.

He was dressed in the finest robes he had ever seen. They felt featherlight on him and were made out of silk. He had a pair of black dragon hide trousers, with an emerald green shirt and a black vest over the shirt. A deep green robe, with silver threads completed the ensemble.

As if that wasn't enough they had lengthened his hair slightly, making it possible to control and gave him an actual hairstyle instead of his usual bird's nest. Now his hair reached his shoulders, and had a slight wave to it, with shorter bangs framing his face. But the demons didn't stop there, no. They corrected his eyesight. It was only temporary, something about needing a potion to correct it permanently and not having the time and ingredients to do it.

Truthfully Harry had never felt so... posh in all his life.

He didn't particularly dislike it. He just wasn't used to it, nor did he think it was necessary to dress like he was at the moment all the time. However he understood why he needed to do it for this particular occasion. Besides, he kinda liked not having to wear glasses, even if it was only for a while.

"Harry..." Mrs. Weasley breathed, as if she couldn't quite believe her eyes.

"Hey," he said, a little nervously, "I just came to tell you that I'll be out for most of the day." he informed them.

"What do you mean you'll be out?" came the incredulous question not a moment later, seeming to bring everyone out of their stupor. He was slightly surprised to see that it had been Sirius to ask and not Mrs. Weasley.

"I mean just that." he told Sirius, reverting back to the persona he had used in his hearing. He noticed that he had been reverting back to that role every time he felt even a little bit defensive. Abanddon had been quite happy with it. He had told him that it was about time that he grew confident in himself. He was above them, he should behave as such. It still surprised Harry that the demons truly believed that.

"You can't go." Mrs. Weasley stated, "It's not safe for you to go around doing Merlin knows what."

He raised an eyebrow, staring at her. Then he pointed behind himself, towards both demons.

"I don't know if you met," he started, doing his best to sound as innocent as possible, "That's Abanddon," he pointed to his right, "And that's Caym." he pointed to his left. "I don't believe there is anyone on this Earth that is as well protected as I am."

"Be that as it may," Mrs. Weasley persisted, "The Headmaster said that you had to stay at Headquarters."

"The Headmaster has no authority over what I do or don't do over the holidays." he stated firmly, surprising everyone present, aside from Hermione and Ron, "I am not a prisoner as such I am free to leave if I so wish it. I have no intentions of leaving, I just need to to take care of some family business. I did not even have to inform any of you that I would be gone. However I knew it would have been irresponsible of me to be gone most of the day without informing someone. But make no mistake, if you try to stop me, I will leave and not return."

"What family business?" Moody asked him, studying him carefully.

"Private family business." was his response and he actually saw a smirk appearing on Moody's lips.

"We'll have to inform Dumbledore if you go." Moody stated, a warning.

"Do what you must." he inclined his head slighty, thanking the man for the head's up.

He caught Hermione and Ron's eyes, promising to explain later and they nodded at him.

Harry smiled and left the kitchen, ignoring Mrs. Weasley's calls. He heard Moody's distinctive walk and knew he was heading towards the fireplace to call Dumbledore. He walked just a little faster, he wanted to be out of the house before Dumbledore arrived.

As soon as they were outside Abanddon pulled him into his arms and all three of them disappeared.

No more than a few moments after Harry had left the house Dumbledore stepped through the floo.

He looked around and saw that Harry was indeed gone. He couldn't even feel him in the house anymore.

"You let him leave?" he asked Alastor, surprised at seeing his old friend looking so at ease.

"Would you have gone against those demons of his?" came the gruff reply and he almost winced. No, he wouldn't want to face those two. Not if he could help it. He knew he was powerful, but even he didn't fool himself into thinking that he stood a chance against those demons. Even lower level demons were incredibly hard to fight, he had no wish to see just how proficient Abanddon and Caym truly were.

"Do you know where he went?" he asked Miss Granger and the youngest Weasley boy instead of answering.

"No, sir." Hermione replied, "Though even if we did know, we wouldn't tell you." there was a slight edge to her voice surprising a few people. Hermione was known for her respect for authority figures, seeing her being so disrespectful to Dumbledore was startling.

"Miss Granger, surely you know that it isn't safe for Harry to wander around unprotected."

Ron snorted and looked at Dumbledore incredulously.

"Unprotected?" he sounded incredulous, "I think Harry is the most protected person on Earth. I may be bloody terrified of both of them, but I know they would never let anything or anyone harm Harry." he expertly ignored his mother's reprimand.

Truthfully Albus knew that, however he just couldn't believe it. Demons were evil, even if they were bound, they were dangerous. Harry should be kept away from them. He was sure that if Voldemort offered them a good enough deal then they would take it.

"Alastor," he said, turning towards his old friend, "Gather a few members and search for Harry. Bring him back to Headquarters. Though do it discretely, I don't want to alert Tom to the fact that Harry is missing."

"Harry isn't missing," Hermione huffed, sounding just as annoyed as she did when people wouldn't let her read in peace. Anyone who knew her knew that when she sounded like that then it was time to clear out. Preferably rather fast, with a shield charm up, just in case. "He went out. I wasn't aware that he was a prisoner."

"He isn't a prisoner," Dumbledore assured her, "We just need to know where he is so that we can keep him safe."

Hermione sneered at the old man then a slightly malicious smile spread on her lips.

"I truly hope you find him," she told them sincerely, "I can hardly wait to see how Abanddon and Caym would react to that." with another smiled aimed at them she left the kitchen, muttering about arrogant old fools.

Ron just chuckled and got up as well.

"We aren't eleven anymore," he told the stunned Order members, "Harry isn't that naive little Golden Boy anymore. We grew up, especially Harry. If you think you can separate him from his demons, you are sadly mistaken and I would advice you to not even try. You seem to have forgotten, Headmaster, just what Harry is capable of doing for those he cares about." with that little piece of advice he left after Hermione.

"Go, Alastor." Albus instructed, containing a sigh. They were children, they didn't know what was best. Abanddon and Caym were a danger to Harry, he was sure of it.

Harry and his demons appeared silently in a muggle street. Harry had no idea where he was, but he knew where he was going. Abanddon said that his family had several properties all over the world, and they were going to one of those properties.

He looked around, noticing that it was a more rural area, though still muggle. He could barely see a smallish town down the road. Though Abanddon was leading him in the opposite direction.

"This is it." Caym said, gesturing towards a small side road on their left. "Three drops of blood on the ground will grant you passage."

"Alright." Harry replied, trusting them. He looked around trying to find a sharper rock on the road to make a small cut on his palm.

"Allow me, little Master." Abanddon practically purred, taking his hand. He blushed a fiery red when Abanddon put his finger in his mouth. He couldn't stop the shiver that raced down his back and he had to bite his lip to stop himself from moaning. Then he felt a sharp sting and Abanddon released his finger. Harry couldn't take his eyes from Abanddon's lips. There was a drop of blood on them and Abanddon's tongue slipped out to lick it away. Harry felt his breath catch in his throat and his cheeks reddened even more. He looked away, missing the smug smirk that appeared on Abanddon's lips.

"Three drops, little Master." Caym's voice was deeper, huskier. Harry had to close his eyes and take a deep breath. The damned demons were wreaking his self-control.

He let the three drops fall. As soon as the last drop hit the ground his hand was seized by Caym. He licked the wound. His blush came back with a vengeance. Where they trying to kill him? Another lick followed, then his hand was released. To his surprise the wound was closed.

"Come, little one, let's see how it looks." Abanddon whispered, bringing him out of his thoughts. Though from the amusement he could hear in his voice he was sure that Abanddon was finding his embarrassment quite funny. "Claim your birthright."

Harry took another deep breath and turned towards the non-descriptive road.

"I, Harry James Potter, last of the Potters, ask for entrance into my Home."

For a second nothing happened. Then a shimmering blue dome appeared in front of them. It touched his blood and glowed blood red for a few seconds, then it settled back down. The next moment Harry could feel the wards of the place and he had to stop himself from gasping. He could feel the magic welcoming him. He could feel every inch the wards covered. It was truly welcoming him home.

"Home." he whispered, and both demons smiled.

"Yes, little one." Caym confirmed with a warm smile, "This is Potter Manor. Not the oldest home of your bloodline, but the most recent."

"Thank you." he whispered, knowing that they had brought him to this Manor specifically only because they knew it would mean the world to him.

"You're welcome, little one." Abanddon said, pushing him slightly towards the road.

As soon as he passed the boundary of the wards his breath caught. Gone was the plain field and road. In front of him was a luscious expanse of grassland, with a brick road that lead to an iron gate. Beyond the gate was either a small palace or a large mansion. He didn't know which was the correct description. It was far to magical to be a simple mansion, but far to small to be a palace.

"Welcome to the home of the Potters for the last four hundred years." Caym told him softly.

They let him take it all in and he was thankful. When they had told him stories of his parents he had tried to imagine how Potter Manor looked, his imagination had nothing on the real thing though.

It had four floors, with two towers on either end reaching six floors. From what he could see, the two last floors on either tower were made completely out of glass. He remembered Abanddon telling him that his family had always liked Astronomy, he guessed that the towers were perfect for watching the stars at night. The manor itself was made of white marble and he could see their crest engraved with black marble over the dark wooden doors, the over nine feet wooden doors. He could see large windows decorating the front of the manor, and a few smaller ones on the side.

The front lawn was perfectly maintained and he could see different flowerbeds framing the brick road that lead to the entrance door. To the side there appeared to be several greenhouses and on the other side, a little further from the manor, was a Quidditch pitch.

The whole property was surrounded by woodland and he could just make out a few animals in the shadows of the trees.

"It's beautiful." he whispered. He hadn't even seen the inside, but he was already in love with the place. It felt like home.

"We are glad you like it, little one." Caym smiled at him warmly and Harry smiled back. He was truly glad he had them both. He didn't even want to imagine how his life would have turned out without them in it.

He almost ran up the path to his home, the gates opening on their own for him, and stopped at the door. He pushed them open, surprised by how featherlight they were, and felt his breath catch in his throat.

The inside was just as enchanting as the outside.

The walls were done in that same marble white, with obsidian floors. There were colorful tapestries on the walls, giving the place a welcoming warmth. A large fireplace, completely done in black marble, was on his left.

It was beautiful and he had only seen the entrance hall.

Before he had the opportunity to explore a few popping sounds brought him back to Earth.

In front of him was a small army of house-elfs.

"Master Potter," what seemed to be the oldest elf present greeted him, "Welcome back. I be Toppy. I be head-elf for the Potter family."

"Hello," he greeted them warmly, "Thank you for maintaining Potter Manor in such splendor for all this years." he could see tears forming in several of their eyes and he almost sighed. Sometimes the little elfs were far to emotional.

"Yes," came Abanddon's silky voice from behind him, "You did a wonderful job in maintaining this Manor for our little Master." most of the elfs squeaked in fright and Harry glared at Abanddon. He truly enjoyed tormenting the elfs far too much. "Now, your Master will be having visitors shortly. Lead them to the study on the main floor when they arrive." Abanddon instructed and the elfs nodded, popping away as soon as Abanddon dismissed them.

"Must you scare them so?" he asked, slightly exasperated.

"I did nothing, Master." Abanddon defended himself, though there was a sly smile on his lips, "How can I be at fault when the little things get frightened just by looking at me?"

Harry sighed and shook his head. He knew that Abanddon was right. There was truly nothing they could do. The elfs could feel what they were and were completely terrified of both demons. No matter how nice Abanddon and Caym tried to be it just didn't matter.

"Come, it's almost time." Caym lead him through his home, "I know you want to explore, but you'll have time after we have dealt with all of this."

Harry followed them, looking around his home. He could have sworn that he heard a gasp coming from one of the rooms, but when he looked he saw nothing there.

They arrived at the study and Harry tried to take it all in all at once. Two walls were covered in shelves filled with books. The one on his right had a fireplace that interrupted the flow of the shelves. It was a deep red, almost black. The wall in front of him had two floor to ceiling windows and showed the beautiful back garden and the forest. The desk itself was as large as the one Dumbledore had in his office, but of much darker coloring. The seat behind the desk was a high back armchair the same coloring as the desk, with black upholstery. The two seats in front of the desk were similar in design though they were missing the high back. It clearly showed who had the power in the room.

There was a small table by the fireplace with two red armchairs and one black sofa around it. Right behind the desk was a tapestry with their crest and motto. It was the only thing hanging on the study walls. The floor was the darkest obsidian he had ever seen and plush carpets in deep red covered part of it. It was much more intimidating than the little he had seen from the rest of the manor and he could understand why the demons had picked it.

He sat behind the desk and did his best to not appear nervous. However he knew he wasn't succeeding. He didn't think he had ever felt as nervous as he did in that moment.

"Relax, little one." Caym whispered from behind him and he almost jumped out of his skin. He had been so out of it that he hadn't even seen the demons move to stand behind him, "Everything will be alright."

"Yes, little one. Just behave as you did at your hearing." Abanddon added.

Harry took a deep breath and leaned back on his seat. Right. Everything was going to be fine because he had Abanddon and Caym with him and they would make sure that everything went fine. He was sure that even if he messed up then his demons would make it work somehow.

"Thanks." he whispered, getting two fond smiles in return.

Seconds later an elf popped in announcing that he had visitors. He took a deep breath, steadied his nerves and told the elf to show them in.

Moments later the elf stepped back in, a wizard following him. The wizard looked up and as soon as he saw Harry he went down on his knees and bowed his head.

"My Lord." it was no more than a whispered, but the reverence in the his tone shocked Harry to the core.

"Lord Greengrass," he spoke up after a little nudge from Caym, "Please take a seat." he offered. He didn't like seeing the man on his knees in front of him. It reminded him of how the Death Eaters behaved towards Voldemort.

The man looked up, though his eyes never met Harry's, and got up from his kneeling position. Slowly he walked towards the armchairs in front of the desk and took a seat. It was clear as crystal that he was nervous and Harry smiled at him warmly, trying to ease the man.

"Lord Greengrass-" Harry started again, though before he could say anything else the man interrupted him.

"Please, my Lord, it's just Greengrass, or Gregory." a moment later he looked scandalized that he had interrupted his Lord and Harry smiled again. It was kind of funny. He hadn't expected for them to be as nervous as he was.

"Alright, Gregory. I'm Harry." he almost chuckled when he saw the surprise in the man's face, "So would you tell me why you wanted this meeting?"

"I..." Greengrass started, though he looked rather hesitant.

"Feel free to speak freely. I would rather you be honest with me instead of holding back because you fear you would insult me."

Greengrass seemed to pull himself together and his posture straightened. There was new confidence in him and he truly looked like a Lord of an Ancient and Noble House.

"Truthfully I don't really know why I wanted to meet you. I know you said that you had no intention of claiming your throne but a part of me couldn't help but hope. The Oath is still strong in our line. Every Head of House swears it still. Now that I know that the Marcius Bloodline still lives my magic is almost demanding that we meet, that we establish the relationship our bloodlines had."

"You want to serve me?" Harry couldn't help but sound slightly incredulous.

"Yes." the certainty in his answer surprised Harry.


"We were the royal family's healers. Our blood, our magic craves for that position. For that trust we shared." the man sounded pained, and there was such longing in his voice that Harry almost gasped, "Over these long centuries we tried to appease the Oath as best we could. We remained neutral, we worked as healers and medi-wizards, but even so, the longing in our magic only grew."

And Harry could see the desperation he had felt coming from the letters. Just what had his family done to these bloodlines? Gregory Greengrass, a Lord of an Ancient and Noble House, looked almost broken. Were they all so affected now that he had revealed himself?

"I'm sorry." he whispered. He truly was. He ignored the looks he could feel from both Abanddon and Caym. "I didn't know how hard this had been for you. If there is anything I can do to make it better, I will. Just tell me what you need."

"I... Please, my Lord," he man whispered, "Just let me fulfill my Oath."

Harry could see the desire in Greengrass' eyes and he could do nothing but nod. He wouldn't take the throne, he didn't want it, but could he really deny such a heartfelt desire? He couldn't, especially because he could see how much it was paining the man to not be able to follow his pledge.

He stood from his seat and walked towards Greengrass, feeling both demons following him. He stopped in front of Greengrass and gave a tiny nod. Greengrass slumped in relief, a smile appearing on his lips.

Greengrass pulled out his wand and went down on his knees. He bowed his head and put his wand at Harry's feet.

"Harry James Potter, last of the Marcius Bloodline, my chosen King, I, Gregory Lucian Greengrass, pledge upon the magic in my bloodline, to uphold the will of my chosen King. I pledge my bloodline to You and Your descendants. May the strength of our magic, mind and body be at their strongest when in Your service. May Magic forsake my bloodline if we ever stray from our path. We pledge our loyalty to the Marcius Bloodline, blessed and chosen by Magic to lead us. So we pledge it, so mote it be."

The magic build up and Harry knew what to do next, almost as if Magic itself was providing him with the words.

"I, Harry James Potter, last of the Marcius Bloodline, your chosen King, do accept your Oath. May Magic find you worthy, may your devotion and loyalty be rewarded. May your bloodline flourish in my service and perish if you ever stray from your path. So I say it, so mote it be."

He could feel their magic mingling, the joy coming from Greengrass' magic almost overwhelming the acceptance of his own magic. Then a bright golden light surrounded them and he felt the Oath snap into place.

He could feel the new bond shared between them and he was slightly surprised by the intensity of it. He could only imagine how his forefathers felt with hundreds of family pledged to them.

"Thank you, your Majesty." Harry almost gaped at the address but he guessed he should have expected it. Greengrass had pledged his bloodline to his chosen King, not Lord. For a fraction of a second he panicked. Just what the Hell had he agreed to? What should he do now? He had no idea on how to be a King, on how to behave. Then he got himself under control and did what he always did. He was a Gryffindor, he forged on.

"Rise." he ordered, surprised by how commanding he sounded.

Greengrass obeyed. He stood tall and proud. There was an excited energy around him that previously lacked and he seemed years younger. It was as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

Harry gestured towards the seats near the fireplace and took one himself.

"Now," he started as soon as Greengrass had taken a seat, "We need to decide what follows."

"I am at your service, Sire."

"You have my permission to inform your Bloodline about these events. They will need to be told so as to avoid unpleasant situations. None of them are required to pledge themselves to me, however if they so desire we will set a time and place were they will be allowed to swear the Oath. However they will be sworn to secrecy no matter if they personally pledge themselves to me or not." he really had to thank Abanddon for all those lessons. Even if he had believed that he wouldn't need them.

"Thank you, Sire."

"I have no immediate plans. At the moment I am trying to deal with the Voldemort situation. I ask that you inform me if he tries to contact you, or if Fudge tries another scheme." he instructed, falling into his new role. He had plenty of time to freak out as soon as Greengrass was gone.

"Of course, Sire."

"I will be receiving a few more guest later, depending on how things turn out with them I will call a meeting before I go back to Hogwarts. I'll inform you when it'll take place. Feel free to contact me if you need it."

"Yes, Sire."

"Do you have any questions?"

"Not at the moment, Sire."

"Very well," Harry replied, getting up. Greengrass followed him not a second later, "My elf will escort you out." the same little elf popped into the room.

Greengrass bowed, still looking more relieved and proud than Harry had ever seen. He straightened back up and followed the elf out.

As soon as he was gone Harry fell gracelessly into the armchair.

"Oh, dear Merlin, what have I done?" he groaned.

"You did really well, little Master." Abanddon purred. It was impossible to miss just how pleased he was with the outcome.

Harry glared at them, a small pout forming on his lips.

"I won't claim the throne." he stated. He might have sounded slightly petulant but at the moment he really didn't care.

"Of course, Master." both demons replied, and he knew they were just saying it to humor him.

He grumbled a bit, muttering about stupid, overconfident demons and continued to glare at them. No matter how ineffective said glare was turning out to be.

Unfortunately he couldn't wallow in self-pity for much longer because not even a minute later Toppy popped in to announce the arrival of another guest.

Harry almost cursed and went back to his original seat. He was a little more apprehensive about this meeting. Moments after he instructed Toppy to lead the guest in Cassius Lestrange walked into the office.

He gave Harry a deep bow and took the seat Harry offered him.

They were silent for several seconds. Harry felt highly uncomfortable. Lestrange's eyes were studying every little movement he made, studying him.

"Lord Lestrange," he greeted the man, doing his best to sound nonchalant, "Welcome to Potter Manor."

"Thank you, my Lord, for having me." Lestrange replied, bowing his head.

Well, now what? It had been much less intimidating with Greengrass. It may be because he knew for a fact that the man in front of him was a Death Eater. Father of Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange who were in Azkaban for torturing Neville's parents into insanity. He, just like his children, where some of the most vicious Death Eaters in Voldemort's service. He was sure that if he didn't have Abanddon and Caym with him then he would never have agreed to meet the man.

"Funny," he knew that it wasn't the best of times to let his Gryffindor out but he couldn't really stop himself, "I thought your Lord was someone else." if he hadn't been observing the man with just as much attention as the man was observing him then he would have missed the slight tensing of the man's shoulders.

"I..." the man faltered slightly, then he seemed to pull himself together and sat up straighter, "We searched for your Bloodline. We couldn't find it, we gave up hope. Then, when I was in school, a first year Slytherin gave us hope. We believed he was of the Marcius Bloodline. He was so gifted, we thought he had been chosen by magic. We thought it was a sign that our King was coming back to us. We were eager to follow. By the time that we realized just how things would be under his rule, it was already too late for us. He had our children. I don't know what the other Death Eaters think, but I know that all of us, from the Ancient and Noble Houses, that joined him truly believed that he was our King. We didn't always agree with everything he said but he was our Lord and by the time our magic started to turn on us for swearing ourselves to someone other than the Marcius Bloodline we were too far gone to truly understand what our magic was telling us. Now we know the truth. I cannot, nor do I wish, to be loyal to a man who has harmed you so."

Harry was surprised by the desperation in the man's eyes. He could see that he was telling the truth, but the amount of longing for Harry to believe him was unexpected. He knew that the Oath was something that affected them, but he wasn't expecting it to be to such an extent.

"What about your children?"

"Both my sons are in Azkaban." Harry could see the pain in his eyes and felt a pang of sympathy for the man. Though it was harder to feel that same sympathy for the convicts. Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange were ruthless killers. They deserved Azkaban. Harry almost winced at that thought. Before he had met dementors he would have truly meant that, now though... Did anyone truly deserve to be a dementor's meal?

"What if they are set free?"

"They were given life sentences."

"True. However Voldemort is back. I don't think he will let his faithful servants in Azkaban for long." Caym had told him that it was very likely one of the things that Voldemort would do. Those that were in Azkaban were considered his most faithful, he would do anything he could to get them back. Caym was sure that he wouldn't start a war without them.

"Rodolphus and Rabastan know about the Oath. They were loyal for the same reason I was." Lestrange told him. He looked tired. For once he truly looked his age. "They will stand by the Oath."

"Even though I'm a half-blood?" he had to know. The old families, especially those who had joined Voldemort, were known to be pureblood supremacists.

"I went to school with the Dark Lord. I know his name." was the answer he got and he almost smiled. That answered his question rather clearly.

"What do you want from me?" he could almost feel Abanddon's exasperation. He had lost track of how many times Abanddon had told him to be subtle, but he was a Gryffindor. Subtle wasn't really their thing.

"I know you have no reason to trust us, to trust me. However I would like to prove to you that you can trust me. That my bloodline can be trusted. As I said in my letter, I don't think you truly understand what it means to us that we found you. Even if you don't reclaim your throne, it doesn't change who you are. It doesn't change what you mean to us."

He was just as passionate as Greengrass and again Harry couldn't help but wonder what his family had done to them. Their own magic turned on them because of an Oath made centuries back. They were bound to his bloodline until there were no more of his bloodline left.

"Do you ever resent it?" he couldn't help but ask.

"I did, when I was a child." Lestrange replied, "I didn't understand why my family would bound themselves so thoroughly to someone. How anyone could deserve that level of dedication was beyond me. I still can't understand just how charismatic and powerful your forefathers were, but I don't resent it anymore. It is part of us now, part of our magic. I've come to accept it. I can only wish that one day I'll understand why my forefathers felt like that and maybe feel the same."

"I don't plan on taking the throne." Harry stated. He needed Lestrange to understand that. He needed all of them to understand that.

"You don't need to take the throne for me to make the Oath and follow it." Lestrange countered and Harry almost sighed.

It seemed that it was just like Abanddon had predicted. He had hoped that it wasn't the case but it looked like it was, it looked like they were set on bounding themselves to him.

He got up from his seat, followed a moment after by Lestrange, and went around the desk to stop in front of the Death Eater. He gave one sharp nod and Lestrange looked shocked for a fraction of a second then he dropped to his knees. His hands were shacking slightly when he took out his wand and put it at his feet.

"Harry James Potter, last of the Marcius Bloodline, my chosen King, I, Cassius Roland Lestrange, pledge upon the magic in my bloodline, to uphold the will of my chosen King. I pledge my bloodline to You and Your descendants. May the strength of our magic, mind and body be at their strongest when in Your service. May Magic forsake my bloodline if we ever stray from our path. We pledge our loyalty to the Marcius Bloodline, blessed and chosen by Magic to lead us. So we pledge it, so mote it be."

Word for word. It was word for word what Greengrass had pledge. No matter how many pledged themselves to him, no matter who they were, it would always be the same Oath.

"I, Harry James Potter, last of the Marcius Bloodline, your chosen King, do accept your Oath. May Magic find you worthy, may your devotion and loyalty be rewarded. May your bloodline flourish in my service and perish if you ever stray from your path. So I say it, so mote it be."

The magic surged around them. The Oath was sealed. The bond awakened.

Harry let out a shuddering breath when he felt the new bond settle beside the one he had with Greengrass.

"Thank you, your Majesty." Lestrange's voice almost shook with relief.

"Rise." he instructed, he wanted to get all of it over with. The sooner he could tell the man the same he had told Greengrass, the sooner he could put the whole crazy day behind him. He almost groaned when he realized that it was only lunch time.

He gave him the same information and instructions he had given Greengrass and dismissed him.

He felt arms wrap around him and was startled when he saw Caym beside him, holding him up. He hadn't realized that his legs had been only moments away from giving out on him.

Caym picked him up and went to sit on the sofa keeping him on his lap. Abanddon sat beside them, his hand caressing his hair.

"What's the matter, little one?" Abanddon asked and Harry could hear the worry in his voice.

"I just don't understand how my family could do this." he whispered. "They are practically slaves."

"No, they aren't." Caym stated, "They swore themselves to your family willingly. Your family didn't even know what they planned to do until it was to late."

"That was then. But these people... they had no choice."

"True." Abanddon nodded his head, "But it isn't your burden to bear."

"They are bound to me!" Harry exclaimed, "How is it not my burden?"

"You can do nothing to change it." Caym told him softly, "The only thing you can do is to be the best King you can be. Let them follow you. Let them prove that they are loyal to you, like their magic demands."

"But they aren't loyal to me." Harry countered, "They are only doing it because of their magic."

"They'll be loyal to you soon enough." Abanddon said with such certainty that he couldn't stop himself from gaping at him.

"How can you say that?"

"Because we know you." Caym replied, "We know that you will do anything in you power to make life easier for those that are bound to you. They will be unable to stop themselves from being loyal to you, not because of the Oath but because of who you are."

"But... I... I don't know what to do." even to his own ears he sounded lost.

"Just be yourself." Abanddon advised, "You don't have to decide what you plan on doing right this moment. You told them that you had no immediate plans aside from dealing with the Voldemort situation. We have time for everything that comes after that."

Harry nodded, feeling his body relaxing under the tender care of both demons. He had never felt spoiled before in his life, but he was sure that what Abanddon and Caym did for him could be considered spoiling. Oh dear Merlin, he just hoped that he didn't end up like Malfoy. He could actually picture it; 'Wait until my demons hear about this!'. Yes, he was sure that the world would never survive.

When a rather unmanly giggle left his lips he slammed a hand over his mouth, trying to cover it up. The teasing smirks that lit both demons' faces told him that he had been unsuccessful. Fortunately they didn't say anything but Harry was sure that they would bring the issue up as soon as it was convenient for them. They were sly little demons.

"How many more meetings?" he asked, doing his best to act as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

"Longbottom, Macmillan, and Abbott will be coming together. Then you'll be having Malfoy, followed by Nott. Avery and Flint will also come together and the last is Gamp." Caym informed him, shifting him to Abanddon's lap as if he were nothing more than a doll. He had gotten used to being carried around by them so he hardly batted an eye, but he still couldn't stop the slight blush that always appeared on his cheeks. But he dared anyone to sit on their laps, which were far more comfortable than any chair or armchair or any other seating apparatus around, and not blush. It was impossible, he was sure of it.

"The only ones that are Light are the Longbottoms, Macmillans, and Abbotts, right?" distracting himself from the hand that was stroking his hair.

"Yes," Abanddon replied, since Caym had left. He guessed he had gone to get them something to snack on, well at least something for him to snack on. He had never seen either of the demons eat. "The heads of the families are old friends, they trust each other and won't mind coming together, if there is anything they want to discuss in private there is a small parlor beside this office that can be used."

"When will they be coming?"

"A little over half an hour from now."

Harry hummed, leaning back against the muscled chest and letting his eyes drift shut. The demons were making him lazy. But, again, he dared anyone to be in his position and not give in.

The deep chuckle that came from Abanddon made him open his eyes to glare at the demon and he admitted to feeling a little depressed when he noticed just how ineffective said glare was.

Maybe Abanddon and Caym could give him lessons on glaring. They did have the Death Glare, yes their glare deserved capitals, down.

Not a moment later Caym stepped into the room with his snack and he chuckled when he saw the distressed elf behind him. He was sure that Caym had bullied the elfs in the kitchen so that he was the one who could make his snack. Though he doubted that he would have needed to do much, he was sure that the elfs would die of fright if Caym so much as glared at them.

He thanked Caym for his snack and started eating, absolutely refusing to be fed by Abanddon when he had offered. He wasn't sure if the demon had been joking or not since he had a teasing smirk on his lips, however he would rather not risk it.

As the time for the next meeting approached his nerves came back. He didn't think it was possible but he was even more nervous than when he met with Lestrange. Especially about meeting the Longbottom Head of House. He knew Neville. They may not be the best friends, but they were friends and just thinking that the decisions made at that meeting would impact him made the whole thing somewhat more real. Not that the previous Oaths hadn't affected him, but this was different. He knew the people that would be affected by it, that changed everything.

He was brought out of his thoughts when Caym informed him that the next guests would be arriving in a few minutes. He steeled his nerves and sat back behind the desk. Part of him still hoped that none of the following people would want to swear the Oath, but he knew that it was a fool's hope. Their letters were still in his mind and all of them had that desperate longing in them. These people, their magic, wanted nothing more than to pledge themselves to their King.

Another little elf popped in, he really needed to learn their names, and announced the arrival of more guests. After Harry told him to lead the guests inside the elf popped back out.

A few moments later three slightly older Lords stepped into his office. Harry recognized one of them from his hearing, it was the same one who had asked him what he meant when he said that they had almost lost their magic.

The three wizards bowed to him.

"My Lord." they greeted him, staying in their positions.

Abanddon conjured another armchair beside the two already in front of his desk and he gave him a small smile in thanks.

"Welcome to Potter Manor." he greeted them back, hoping that the three men would introduce themselves, "You may take a seat."

"Thank you, my Lord." the one on the left murmured. They took their seats and sat with a much more confidant bearing than the previous Lords. Though Harry could see the longing in their eyes quite clearly, even if it was overshadowed by overwhelming joy.

"I am Ernest Macmillan," the one of the left said, and now Harry could detected several similarities with Ernie. Especially the eyes, they were exactly the same color. "I thank you for accepting our request for a meeting."

"I am Stephan Abbott," the one in the middle said. Harry remembered Hanna talking about her grandpa, he supposed that this was the man, since she only had grandparents on her father's side, her other grandparents having died during the previous war. Though Harry could find no similarities between the stern looking man and sweet, bubbly Hanna. "I too thank you for granting our request and giving us this opportunity."

"My name is Algeron Longbottom," the man who he remembered from his hearing introduced himself. He would bet that this man was Neville's great-uncle Algie, "You honor us with this meeting."

"I'm Harry Potter, pleasure meeting you." Harry replied, smiling slightly, "If you could tell me why you wanted this meeting I would appreciate it."

There was a quick glance traded between the three men and a sharp nod from Longbottom.

"What do you know about the Marcius Bloodline?" Neville's great-uncle asked him and Harry was slightly surprised at the question. He felt Abanddon and Caym tense behind him and looked at them curiously for a second.

"Not much." he replied truthfully, "I'm still learning. I only looked as deep as that because I needed something to protect me from Fudge. As I said at the hearing if he hadn't acted the way he did then I wouldn't have said anything."

"I hadn't thought possible that I would have ever been grateful for Fudge's dishonesty, apparently I was wrong." Macmillan muttered, earning a smirk from Abbott and a small chuckle from Longbottom.

"I assume then, that you don't know much about the families pledged to you either, correct?" Longbottom asked, as if he hadn't heard his friends muttering.

"No." Harry answered, wondering where they were taking the conversation.

"Well, let us tell you then." a smile appeared on his aged features and he could see the same kindness he so often saw in Neville. "Every wizard and witch in the empire were sworn to the royal family. However it started with ten families. Around one hundred years after the Marcius Bloodline took the throne those ten families decided to prove their loyalty in an incontestable way. They wanted to show their King just how much they loved him, just how devoted they were to him, how grateful they were. They requested a meeting with the King and without his knowledge pledged themselves and their Bloodlines to him. At first the King was shocked, but then he thanked them for their dedication and loyalty with a blessing."

"May Magic find you worthy, may your devotion and loyalty be rewarded. May your bloodline flourish in my service and perish if you ever stray from your path. So I say it, so mote it be." Harry whispered and all three men gasped. Their eyes widened slightly and their shoulders relaxed.

"How do you know it?" Abbott asked him, looking less stern, almost awed by the words.

"I..." he hesitated for a second, should he tell them about the others? How would they react? Did it matter, they would learn soon enough and even if they didn't swear the Oath the rooms were spelled to keep everything a secret unless he gave them permission to share the knowledge, "Lord Greengrass and Lestrange were here," he glanced at Neville's great-uncle and almost winced at the flash of pain he saw in his eyes, "They swore the Oath. After they made the Oath it was as if the words appeared in my mind, as if the magic was telling me what I had to say."

A small laugh left Macmillans lips and the other two were looking overjoyed as well.

"Chosen by magic indeed." whispered Macmillan and the three friends shared a smile.

"Yes," Longbottom continued again, looking lighter than he had, "That was the blessing. Things changed for those ten families. Those families became the personal servants of the royal family. The names changed but the families still exist in these days. The Greengrass were their Healers. The Lestranges were their Bodyguards."

"The Macmillans their Historians." Macmillan informed him, smiling.

"The Abbotts their Enforcers." Abbott told him, his tone warmer than before.

"The Longbottoms their Botanists." there was pride in Longbottom's voice, "The Malfoys were their Diplomats. The Gamps their Merchants. The Flints were their Soldiers. The Notts were their Scholars. And the Averys their Explorers."

"Only ten?" Harry sounded a little confused, "Abanddon said that at the moment there were thirty-one surviving Ancient and Noble families."

"There are." Abbott confirmed, "However those ten were the first. Every other witch and wizard made their pledge after those ten. After a decade it became a law. If they wanted to live in the Empire then they had to take the Oath. All new muggle-borns made the pledge as soon as they were found. Usually when their magic started to manifest. Things were different back then."

"My family forced them?" it left a bitter taste in his mouth.

"No, they had a choice. Either they took the Oath or they left." Macmillan told him.

Truthfully that didn't sound that much better.

"Alright," he said, opting to not think about it at the moment. He would have to talk to Abanddon and Caym about it. They hadn't told him that it was a law of the Empire, "But that still doesn't tell me why you wanted this meeting."

"We want the same thing as Greengrass and Lestrange." Macmillan stated.

"We want our magic to be strong again. We want our magic to be content again. We want to serve our King." Abbott proclaimed fiercely.

"We want our pride back, our honor." Longbottom declared.

"I... Are you sure?" he couldn't help but ask, "Just think about it for a moment. I'm just fifteen years old. I have no idea how to be a King. I don't want to claim my throne. I just want to survive this coming war and finally be able to live."

"Would you deny us?" Neville's great-uncle asked and he almost flinched. Of course he wouldn't. He couldn't. He could see just how much they wanted it, but he didn't know if it was the right thing to do.

He contained a sigh and stood from his seat. They followed suite. He stood in front of them. They knelt in front of him, their wands at his feet. They took their Oath. He gave them his blessing.

The bonds settle beside the other two and he closed his eyes for just a second. Now that he had five of them he could differentiate between them. He knew exactly which one was which. All of them had a slightly different feeling to them.

He gave them the same instructions he had given the other two Lords and let them go. The three of them looking as if a weight had been taken from their shoulders.

On the other hand he felt that his burden was heavier than ever. He had told the truth when he said that he wouldn't be fighting Voldemort for the Wizarding World. But now he had to be responsible for the welfare of these Bloodlines. He couldn't just leave them to Voldemort's mercies, especially those that were marked by him. He didn't even want to imagine just what Voldemort would do to them if he ever found out that they had pledged themselves to him. He was sure that it would end badly.

He relaxed into the arms that surrounded him.

"You did very well, little one." Caym whispered from behind him, his warm breath tickling his ear.

"We are really proud of you." Abanddon added, his lips grazing his neck.

A small content sigh escaped his lips, his eyes closing on their own volition. He had never felt as safe and protected as when he was between them, surrounded by their arms. It was illogical he knew, but he truly couldn't help it. They made him feel so safe, so protected, he never wanted to leave. He knew he shouldn't, he knew they were dangerous, deadly. He knew they were far worse than Voldemort could ever be but he just didn't care.

He suspected that most of the Order who knew what they were thought that they were controlling him. He could see it in their eyes. He had seen the same in Dumbledore's eyes. True they could be using him, lying to him, but he truly believed that they weren't. His own magic felt completely calm around them. It had never felt like that. Even when he was with Dumbledore his magic buzzed just under his skin, ready to defend him if need be, but with Abanddon and Caym it was completely calm. That, above everything else, was the reason he trusted them so.

"Come, little one, back to your seat. Malfoy will be appearing shortly."Abanddon murmured, relinquishing his hold on him and pushing him softly towards his armchair.

Before he could take his seat another little elf popped in announcing that Malfoy had arrived. Harry nodded and sat back down, telling the elf to escort Malfoy to the study. He was wondering why it was a different elf every time. Though when he saw the smirks on both demons faces he guessed that the little beings were minimizing their own exposure to the demons. He could almost see them playing rock, paper, scissor to see who would be the next victim, the next volunteer was what he meant.

Moments later Malfoy walked through the doors, the elf only peeking in then popping away again. His lips twitched without his permission, his guess about why it was always a different elf was likely true.

"Malfoy," he greeted before the man could say anything at all. It was strange but he felt more at ease with Malfoy than he had felt with all of the others. Not that he trusted Malfoy or anything as stupid as that, but he knew Malfoy. He may not have known him well but he did know him. So he could at least give an approximate guess on how he would react. Even if he didn't trust the man at least he wasn't a complete unknown, "Welcome to Potter Manor."

Malfoy bowed. Part of him was surprised, but a slightly larger part expected it.

"My Lord."

"Take a seat." he couldn't really help the fact that his voice his colder than with the others. This man was there when he was being tortured. He was there and he laughed.

Malfoy took a seat, his eyes pausing briefly on Abanddon and Caym. Harry could see the fear and he almost smirked. Malfoy knew what they were.

"They won't harm you." he assured the older wizard.

"Only if he doesn't harm you, little Master." Abanddon stated, speaking for the first time during the meetings.

"I don't think he came here to harm me." Harry remarked, "You did say that he was more intelligent than Draco."

"True." Caym conceded, "We would have been rather disappointed if he behaved like his son."

"Still, I would like to know why you came. What do you want Malfoy?"

"First I want to apologize." Malfoy said solemnly, surprising him a little, "Not only for the graveyard but for the diary as well. Though what happened with the diary was not my intention. I gave that diary to the Weasley girl because I believed that she would give it to her father once she realized that it wasn't a simple diary. I couldn't give it to the Ministry myself, nor could I destroy it. But I had hope for the Weasleys to give it to Dumbledore at the very least. I may not like the man, but I was sure that he would know what it was and how to destroy it. I never knew what it was but it always made me uncomfortable, I knew it could be nothing good."

"Why couldn't you hand it over to the Ministry?"

"I have a certain reputation. That reputation, more than anything, is what keeps my family safe. I couldn't risk it."

Harry nodded. He could understand that. If he had family, a son, he would do anything in his power to keep them safe, no matter the consequences.

"Alright, I accept your apology." the faint growl coming from Abanddon made it clear that he didn't like that, but Harry knew that if Malfoy was there for the same reason as the others, then they needed to have a fresh start. Or as fresh of a start as possible and that meant no grudges. "Is that the only reason you came?"

"I still want to keep my family safe." the Malfoy patriarch stated.

"And since you now know what my Bloodline is and if you continue to serve Voldemort trying to kill me, your magic will turn on you and your Bloodline."

"We were always loyal to the Marcius Bloodline!" Malfoy stated fiercely. Harry could see that his words had stung. "We were tired. We wanted our King. No matter what we did we couldn't find him. You have no idea what it's like to have your magic demanding you to find someone, day after day. Losing hope to ever feel content, at peace. The Dark Lord may have been the wrong choice, but all of us were desperate, all of us wanted something to hang on to."

"My views are nothing like Voldemort's. He and I... we don't want the same things. I don't even know for sure what I'll do once Voldemort is dead. Knowing that, would you still want to be my Diplomat?" Harry could see the surprise on his face at knowing what the Malfoys were to the Royal line. He really should look into all those things. He had heard the capitals when they had been telling him what each of those ten lines had been to the Royal line. He had a feeling that it was more than simply being a diplomat, or a healer, or a soldier.

"It would be an honor to have my Bloodline be the King's Diplomat once again." Malfoy replied, not completely masking the longing he felt.

Harry stood from his seat and stopped in front of Malfoy.

"I will allow you to swear the Oath. I will let you tell your Bloodline about today's meeting, if they are sworn to secrecy. Then we will see where this takes us."

Malfoy nodded and dropped to his knees, he laid his wand at Harry's feet and swore the Oath. Harry gave the blessing and an actual smile appeared on the older wizard's lips.

"Thank you, your Majesty." Malfoy whispered, his head bowed, but a far more proud look in his eyes than the one he had previously seen. It lacked that malicious, cruel arrogance that was usually present.

"You are free to go. I will be contacting you before the summer break comes to an end."

"Yes, Sire." Malfoy bowed low, "Have a good day, Sire." he said before leaving the room. His back straight and his eyes glowing with happiness.

"Don't be grumpy." Harry said without turning around.

"I am not grumpy." Abanddon muttered.

"Oh?" a small smirk appeared on his lips when he turned and saw a pout on Abanddon's lips, though anyone else would have missed it, "I thought you wanted this."

"I do." Abanddon agreed, "However that doesn't change the fact that I want to rip his heart out and feed it to his spoiled little spawn."

"Correct me if I'm wrong," Harry said, a smile on his lips. He had gotten used to their morbid sense of humor. Though he was sure that Abanddon wasn't really joking, "But I believed that you want to do that to every mortal."

"Almost every mortal," his eyes shinning possessively, "But I may want to hurt him a little more than the other mortals."

"Abanddon... that wouldn't have hurt him. It would have killed him." Harry deadpanned.

Abanddon gave a little shrug.

"Same thing."

Harry looked at the demon incredulously then laughed. His eyes shinning brightly and a fond smile on his lips. He missed the pleased smiles exchanged between the demons. He sat back on his seat, a small chuckle escaping every so often, and waited for the next one to arrive.


Severus pushed open the door and stepped into Albus' office. He took his usual seat and declined the offered lemon drops.

"Did you find him?" Albus asked as soon as the pleasantries were out of the way.

"No. There isn't a trace of him anywhere."

"What about Tom? Does he suspect anything?"

"The Dark Lord has closed himself off in his library. No one knows what he is doing. Though the rumor is that he sent several Death Eaters all over the world to gather books, parchments, anything really, with information on Demons." he stated in his usual monotone. He was thankful that the Dark Lord hadn't thought to send him in one of those missions. He didn't want to think about what those two would do to him if they even suspected that he was doing something that could harm the brat.

"We have to find him, Severus. Those demons are evil, the longer Harry is with them the longer they will be able to influence him. He cannot be swayed to the Dark, Severus. We cannot risk it." Albus told him gravely and he almost sighed.

"I already gave you my opinion on that matter." was his reply, "I did as you asked. I attacked Potter, verbally and almost physically. They would have killed me if Potter had not been there. I may not like the brat, but I do not believe that the boy would become what you think." now that wasn't completely true.

He was sure that the boy would get darker, more ruthless, he had no doubt about that. He just didn't believe that the boy would become evil. He had too much of is mother in him for that to happen. Of course he wouldn't tell Albus that. Dark and evil had become synonyms to the man. Albus, in all his wisdom, had forgotten that the world wasn't black and white.

He meant well, but Severus was sure that the man would end up pushing Potter over the edge. He could only hope that those that stood with Potter would be enough to keep the boy anchored. He could only hope that even if he went dark that he wouldn't turn evil.

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