Naruto: Rinnegan, Eyes of Samsara

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Jutsus/Time change/ Place change






October 10

A loud roar is heard throughout Konoha along with many sounds of weapons and jutsus. "Sandaime-sama!",shouted a random shinobi.

"Hold back the Kyuubi until Yondaime-sama comes", shouted the Sandaime, in his black battle-suit with Enma, his summon, in Staff form next to him, "We must fend it until he comes to seal it off!"

In a different place, sounds of kunai clashing could be heard. "Who are you?", asked the blonde haired man.

"I am no-one.", said the mystery man, talking through a yellow, flame pattern mask with a single eye hole with a red eye with 3 tomoe, "I only wish for peace Yondaime-sama."

"How can there be peace with you attacking Konoha?" yelled the now known Yondaime, "You, are you Madara Uchiha?"

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not"

"But Madara Uchiha is supposed to be dead, and he could control the Kyuubi with his Sharingan!"

"Enough! We will fight!", yelled the mystery man in anger.

Swinging his chains hidden in his sleeves towards the Yondaime, he used it to try and catch him in it's coils. Before he could get coiled, he flashed away to a spot with a strange looking kunai with 3 prongs.

"Oh ho, you used your Hiraishin. Well done on evading my chains", he said readying his chains, "But how about the next round?"

Throwing the chains, faster than before, they try to at least lag the Yondaime. But the Yondaime jumps above him and places his palm on the man's back. "Nani? A contract seal?"

"Now Kyuubi is no longer yours to control", the Yondaime said.

"Hmph, I can still get it back under my control", and with that, he charged towards the Yondaime.

The Yondaime sprang up, his kunai in hand, went above the man, and used a sphere of chakra on the man's back.


The man, now injured, jumped away. "This is your win for now", he said angrily, and warped away from there.

Back at the front of Konoha

"Keep it back!", yelled the Sandaime, "Where are you Minato?"

The Kyuubi, free from the man's control, roared out, and started to gather it's chakra in front of it's mouth.

Just as the giant ball of chakra was about to be launched, the Kyuubi disappeared.

"Wheres the Kyuubi?!", shouted a random shinobi, afraid that the Kyuubi will come back.

The Sandaime looks towards a different place, and sees a explosion off in the distance. "Why did you teleport the Kyuubi there?"

To the site of the Kyuubi, the Yondaime, Minato Namikaze, was holding a crimson-haired woman, and a small baby with his hair color and whisker marks on his cheeks. "Kushina, are you okay?"

"Y-yes I am.", said shakily from the redhead. "We have to stop the Kyuubi."

"The only way is to seal it.", said Minato while doing the handseal for the Shiki Fuuin, "And I'll use the Shiki Fuuin and the Hakke no Fuuin Shiki to seal it."

"No! Our son needs you! I can take it down with me using the Chakra Chains", Kushina told him, coughing up a little bit of blood at the end.

"I as the Hokage must protect our home!, said Minato, "Abandoning your home is just as bad as abandoning our son!"

"B-but-", stuttering out the word from Kushina, "I can take it to hell when we both die!"

"But then it will reform again and attack our village again.", he said to her, "The only way is to seal it into our son."

"Then I'll help.", she said, teary eyed. Focusing, she sends out her chakra chains and binds the beast.

"SHIKI FUUIN! FUUIN!", shouted Minato, and half the chakra of the kyuubi was sealed into Minato, "What a heavy chakra", he said struggling, "Now for the Hakke Fuuin"

"Are they trying to seal me again", Kyuubi thought after seeing the poof of the sealing altar, "No! I refuse to be sealed in this insolent child!"

Lashing it's claw towards the blonde baby when Kushina weakened a bit, both Minato and Kushina leaped into the way, saving little Naruto.

Outside the barrier

"They protected it!", said an ANBU looking past the barrier.

"Is that their son?",thought the Sandaime.

[Skip 5 hour long talk from Kushina]

"Ok, now to seal the Kyuubi. Hakke Fūin... FŪIN!" shouting out the jutsu.

A white flash later and both fall onto the ground, without Kyuubi's claw keeping them up.

"My, what a touching scene." spoke an unknown voice wearing a hood over his head, face unseen by hood.

"Who're you?" coughed out Minato.

"I...", pulling down his hood, revealing raven black hair and coal black eyes that bled into red with 3 tomoes," am Madara Uchiha."

"But you're supposed to be dead!"

"Yet I am not, I am the living proof." Madara stated solemnly as it were serious business.

"Why are YOU here?" Kushina coughed out softly.

And Madara looked at Naruto on the sealing altar, "I have come to get my grandson", surprising both parents.

"But I'm not an Uchiha!" looking at Madara. Madara looked towards Minato, "I'm not talking about you Senju! I'm talking about the Uzumaki."

"B-but I'm an Uzumaki!" protested Kushina.

"You are not a full-blooded Uzumaki," stated Madara, "I know this because I am your father." getting a wide eyed look from her.

"What are you going to do with Naruto?" Minato said.

"Just like with Kushina, I will have to take care of him from the shadows."

"P-promise me one thing," gurgled out Kushina as her vision started to go dark, "protect him please."

"I shall protect him, as he is my legacy and heir."

"Thank you tou... san..." she whispered softly as her eyes closed, never to open again.

"And I'll be gone soon too, "Minato said, "Take care... of.. him..." closing, just like Kushina, with a satisfied smirk on his face.

Madara looked at the two corpses, but then something caught his eye from Naruto, who was looking at his recently deceased parents.

"Nani?" thought Madara after looking closely at what caught his eye "It can't be possible to awaken those eyes!" looking at the dull violet-gray eyes in 6 rings, " The rinnegan..."

"This changes many things..." he thought as he faded away, taking the genjutsu off the Sandaime and his ANBU. With the genjutsu off, they rushed onward to the bodies of Minato and Kushina. "What are our orders Sandaime-sama?" droned out the ANBU.

"Take the bodies and prepare them for the funeral," ordered the Sandaime in a sad tone, "I'll take the child."

"Hai!" shouted the ANBU as they shunshined away with the 2 bodies. "Well Naruto," spoke the Sandaime in a sad tone, "You'll have a hard life as you grow up..."

End of Prologue

4 years after Kyuubi attack

"Hokage-sama!" shouted an ANBU with a bear mask poofing into the office.

"What is it Bear?" toned out the aged kage in a serious voice. "Naruto was attacked again. But..." the ANBU said.

"But?" questioned the kage.

"But the attackers seemed to be nowhere. After scoping it all out, we found they didn't run, but were burned into fine ashes, which most was blown away by either the wind, a jutsu, or some kind of fan." stated the ANBU.

"Find out who was part of the attack and notify their families that they were executed on site for treason." He said to the ANBU.

"Hai Hokage-sama!" he shouted out before poofing away in a shunshin. "Now what to do with all this paperwork," thought the Sandaime, "Oh how I wish to burn all this or find a way to do all this faster..."

Timeskip until Naruto is healed from attack, which is practically 5 minutes later...

"Ji-san!" exclaimed out a little sunshine-blonde boy.

"Oh, Naruto, how nice of you to visit," spoke the Sandaime in a warm tone, also trying to hide the fact that he was reading a certain orange book, which he hid in a drawer of his desk fast, "so what are you here for?"

"Jiji, you promised we could go to Ichiraku Ramen right now yesterday." whined Naruto.

Looking at the clock, he did remember it is time to treat Naruto to ramen ,"Okay, let us go now."

Ichiraku Ramen stand 10 extra-large bowls of ramen for Naruto, and 1 large bowl for the Sandaime later, Naruto asked a question to the Sandaime. "Ne, can I learn some super-cool jutsus now?"

"Sorry Naruto, but I can't show favoritism to anyone, and that includes you."

"Aww, but I want to be strong!" whined Naruto, "Please?"

"No Naruto, only if you get an official sensei, be a shinobi apprentice, or a chunin or higher, then you can learn high ranked jutsus. Since you're not an academy student yet, you'll have to go to the shinobi library for the academy jutsus."

"Okay fine. See you Jiji!" he shouted as he left the ramen stand. Returning back to his ruined apartment, he called out unlike his tone with the Sandaime, "Okay Madara-Jisan, I've made myself unsuspicious."

A man with graying hair, and coal black eyes came out of the shadows saying, "Now come here..."

Walking towards his grandfather, Madara put his hand on Naruto's shoulder, fading into his personal pocket dimension. "Okay Naruto, lets start you're training." said Madara, activating his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

Timeskip for about 5 years and in Madara's pocket dimension

Naruto walking through the hallway towards a door, which was slightly ajar. Pushing lightly on the door, coughing could be heard from the occupant on the bed. Naruto waled towards the chair next to the bed, and sat. The occupant, head facing Naruto, showing a old man , with nearly a light gray hair, spoke, "Naruto, I entrust my eyes to you, and everything here, when I die, will belong to you. I trained you ever since you could crawl, and I have no regrets on training you. You are my legacy and heir, you will do what I couldn't do. You have surpassed me when I was your age."

"Jii-san..." mumbled Naruto, trying to sound stoic, but words sound sad.

"Naruto." Naruto looks at Madara at the sound of his name. "It's okay to cry when someone close dies... I cried, too, after my little brother, you're great uncle, died on the battlefield. He had one eye, which was after he forced one of his eyes so I wouldn't be blind." Madara explained, thinking of things from the past.

With that, Naruto finally shed tears and hugged the elder. A long silence, except for the soft sniffles and sobs from Naruto, was in the room. "Naruto," Naruto's eyes look to Madara, "Promise me one thing.

" "Anything for you..." Naruto sniffled out.

"Do what you think is right..." Madara smirked as his vision became hazy.

"Jii-san, don't leave me!" Naruto yelled out in sadness, tears running down like a waterfall.

"I believe we'll meet... a... gain..." Madara spoke softly as his eyes glazed over in death.

Unable to hold his sadness, Naruto weeped out. Crying in dispair since the last of his family departed from the mortal world. Outside of the pocket dimension, the dark clouds, threatening to rain, started as a drizzle, which turned into a downpour, as if to weep a death of a loved one.

*Sadness and Sorrow*

One year later, real world

Naruto heard of the Uchiha uprising. He knew little more than the elders, who ordered the execution of the rebellers, but less than Itachi knew.

The uprising was caused by some of the Uchiha who thought they were being persecuted by claims they were a part of the Kyuubi attack because they didn't take many losses and had no collateral damage to their district.

By the layout of Konoha during the Kyuubi attack, they shouldn't have any damages because they were the farthest from the front gate, which was where the Kyuubi attacked.

The elders asked Itachi to spy on the rebels after they asked Itachi to spy on the council. After a few weeks, tension was high. So then, the elders ordered Itachi to kill his whole clan, including the innocent. Itachi refused and threatened to use blackmail, only then the 3 elders let all the innocent live.

The mission started, he went to the secret meeting place of the Uchiha rebels, only pretending to agree with the coup d'tat. With their guards lowered, and all of them didn't bring any weapons, Itachi struck. No one heard their terrified and pained screams because of the sound-proof sealed the rebels placed on the walls of the meeting place.

Now, most of the rebels were dealt with and sealed into a scroll, Itachi banished the rest of the rebels from Konoha, without the elders knowing.

The Sandaime, furious with the elders, restricted some of their powers, and obviously, took away their permission to assign missions. Now, the elders had their power crippled, and the aged kage grew a bit of a backbone. To make sure the council wouldn't do the same, he took a little power away from the shinobi council, and alot of power from the civilian council.

Of course, the civilian council tried to veto it, but a shinobi village is a military dictatorship, not a democracy.

Back to Naruto, ninja academy

First day of academy for Naruto was... Interesting enough... He was sitting next to the little brother of Itachi, Sasuke. He knew Sasuke wanted to be acknowledged by his brother, so he trained hard to surpass him.

It was only a few minutes before the start of class, so there was alot of chit-chattering... Most of them from girls talking too much and gossiping. And also talking for their fangirlism. Why couldn't they be true Kunoichi?

Bell rings, and so the class starts. "Good morning class, I'm your instructor, Umino Iruka, and my assistant Touji Mizuki. We will be your instructors until you graduate. Now, we will begin class by knowing each other. Starting with Aburame Shino."

Timeskip to near end

"Uzumaki Naruto, you're next." Iruka said.

Naruto, knowing that his grandfather said a ninja uses deception, took it to heart. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto! I like Ramen! I dislike vegetables! My dream is to be Hokage, dattebayo!" yelled out Naruto, in his "happy" mask.

"Okay, did everyone go? Good. Now we will talk about ninja history." Iruka said.

Timeskip after class

"Hey Naruto," Sasuke asked, "you want to train with me?"

Naruto, having freetime, agreed to train with Sasuke, and also using deception to make it look like his skills were bad.

"Ne, Naruto, why do the villagers look at you like that?" asked Sasuke.

"Sorry Sasuke, but you'll have to be older to know, I'm exempt from that." Naruto told him.

Before Naruto could answer, Itachi came into the clearing. "Oh, there you are outoto. Oh, hello Naruto-kun." Itachi said in a neutral tone.

"Aniki! Can you train me now?" Sasuke asked pleadingly, forgetting his question with Naruto.

"I have the week off because of my previous missin, so why not?" Itachi said, in his happy-neutral tone.

"Okay Itachi-san, Sasuke, I have to go now." Naruto said.

"Okay Naruto. Ja." Itachi said.

"Ja Naruto!" Sasuke said.

"Ja ne!" Naruto said as he sprinted away.

Time skip, Graduation day

"Naruto-san!" Sasuke yelled to Naruto as he came out of the test room, holding his new headband, "I passed!"

"Thats great Sasuke!" Naruto yelled back, with his fox-like grin that would make women's hearts melt at the sight of it.

"Next, Uzumaki Naruto!" shouted Iruka from the test room.

"Good luck Naruto." Sasuke said.

"I don't need luck, I'm already lucky on my own!" grinned Naruto.

Heading into the test room, he could see Iruka smiling, Mizuki doing the same, but Naruto felt malevolence from him.

Okay Naruto, do the kawarmi, the henge, and bunshin and you'll recieve a headband.

Naruto, wanting to show off, created kage bunshins, which all replaced themselves with the other students, and henge into who they replaced.

Mizuki, seeing as they were not academy bunshin, tried to fail Naruto "You fail! These are not academy bunshins!" he shouted.

"Mizuki, the rules were to make a bunshin, but never said anything about variations. As the senior, I say he passes." Iruka said.

So Mizuki, relunctlantly passed Naruto. As he was getting his headband, Iruka asked naruto about his kage bunshin, "Naruto, how did you learn that jutsu?"

"I saw somone in a training ground use it, and tried to copy it." half-lied Naruto. His grandfather used it, and Naruto didn't use his Sharingan, so he tried to copy the handsign for the kage bunshin, and after his first try, he got 20 clones instantly.

Walking out of the room, followed by the instructors a few seconds later, he sat next to Sasuke. "Yep, Mizuki did try to fail me. He failed. So fork over that jutsu scroll." Naruto said, grinning over the bet they made.

Groaning at giving the supposed "deadlast" an Uchiha jutsu scroll that he copied from his clan's library, he said, "Damn, do you have the devil's luck?"

"I'm pretty sure I'm luckier than the devil." Naruto replied, still grinning.

"Settle down! Now, these years we had were great, but now it's time to say goodbye, because you guys will be part of a team of one jonin and three genin. Team one..." Iruka went on and on (skip until team 7, all teams are the same as canon), "Team 7 will be Uchiha Sasuke..."

Sasuke had a bead of sweat, hoping his teammate was Naruto.

"Uzumaki Naruto..." continued Iruka.

"Yes!" thought Sasuke.

"And Haruno Sakura." Iruka finally finished.

"YES! True love prevails!" said the pink-haired banshee that took everyone in that school a few minutes to regain their hearing and resume what they were doing, except Naruto and Sasuke, who thought before this and had special earplugs that blocks her voice.

"Moving on, team eight..." said Iruka after getting his hearing back.

Timeskip, after class is done

"Ne, Sasuke-kun, would you go on a date with me?" asked Sakura, hearts in her eyes.

"No, I have better things to do, like training with Naruto." Sasuke said.

"The baka?" Sakura sneered, "why would you be training with the dobe, when you can be with someone better than him, like me?"

"Because," Sasuke explained, "He takes being a ninja seriously."

"How is he even a ninja?" she asked, still sneering, "He has the lowest grades."

"What is mainly a ninja's job?" Sasuke asked to Sakura, knowing the answer already.

"It's just simple work." Sakura said, "We do the things most civilians won't do, like killing, or doing other missions."

"No," Sasuke said, "For being highest in class for written grades, you're stupid."

"Ano, thats all that was taught to us in class!" Sakura said.

"Don't you know the main thing in ninja life is deception?" Sasuke said angrily.

"So you're saying all this time, the baka was doing that?" Sakura said incredulously, "Even if he did, he's still a baka to me."

"Don't talk about my best friend about that!" Sasuke shouted at her.

"Okay Sasuke-kun! I'd do anything for you!" the fangirl said, literally wanting to to anything he wanted.

"If you really love me, thenwhy can't you be strong?" Sasuke said angrilg, very annoyed.

With Naruto at the same time

Looking around and trying to sense anyone nearby, his eyes warped into the sharingan, and warps to his pocket dimension. Ever since Madara died, he kept it very clean, and the most beautiful of the spots in the dimension was Madara's grave. Beautifully decorated with a majestic grave, white roses, and decorated vines. Hidden is the seals inscribed to keep it preserved.

The mansion was 5 stories high, each floor containing similay, yet different things. With his knowledge of seals, and being the son of not one, but two seal masters, he created a seal that makes his dimensional bedroom his apartment bedroom. He no longer lives in the apartment, but he uses it still. Walking through the front door, he passes the ancient stuff that used to be Madara's. He goes into a door and closes it behind him, unseen.

Next day, Academy

"Okay class, today, you guys will join with your new jonin senseis. In case you forgot, I will repeat the teams. Team one..." Iruka says (Skip all this because it's still the same).

Every other senseis already came and picked up their students, and only two were in the classroom.

Wait only two? Wheres Naruto? Oh, he's outside training... Except now, the training dummies turned into a pile of splinters, and some trees were reduced into sticks, leaves, pieces of bark, some splinters, and one that looks almost like the male genitalia.

2 hours later

Sasuke went out to train with Naruto, leaving Sakura alone in there with the desks, the cobwebs, the webs, and the spiders. Oh wait, it's dead from her screeching. "Where is sensei?" Thought Sakura, "He should've been here by now. I swear I'll kill him!"

Just then, the door made the opening noise. Her head snapped up, looking to see if it was the late bastard. Nope. Only Naruto. "What you you want, Baka?" she said angrily, "I'm still waiting for sensei to come."

"About that, we've all, Sasuke, sensei, and I, all have been waiting for you to get outside," said Naruto, "We've been waiting for over half an hour until I came."

Sakura, very pissed off, tried to punch Naruto, only for Naruto to poof away on contact and her fist barreled into the floor.

With the others

Naruto perked up a bit. "Guys, Sakura is coming here now."

"Finally, we can introduce ourselves!" said the man with silver hair that stands up and orange book in hand.

Seconds later, a wild Sakura has appeared(Lol, pokemon). She glared at the sensei and sat down. "Now that we're all here," the man said, we can Introduce ourselves.(Insert his boring intro)"

"Hmm, my father's student..." thought Naruto, and wanting to prank him, cast a layered genjutsu on Kakashi.

Inside the genjutsu

"Yosh, my name is Haruno Sakura, my likes are being youthful and being like Maito Gai! I dislike unyouthfulness and hip ways! My dream is to be great in Taijutsu!" said genjutsu Sakura, clothes replaced with a green spandex with orange leg warmers.

Kakashi, being scared by that, thought of taking her out of that. "You're next Sunshine."

"Yosh! My turn now! My name is Uchiha Sasuke! I like to train with Gai-sensei and being very youthful! I dislike your hip ways and unyouthfulness! My ambition is to be as good as Gai-sensei!" yelled Sasuke in a similar outfit to Sakura.

Kakashi, very disturbed by this, thought the last wouldn't be like them. "You last blonde."

"YOSH! My name is Uzumaki Naruto! My likes are the Youthful flames and training harshly! My dislikes is being very unyouthful and hipness! My dream is to be the most youthful hokage!" Naruto said, also in a similar outfit as the others.

Kakashi, who was excessively expelling chakra to dispel if it was a genjutsu (only for Naruto to output some more chakra, but less than Kakashi because of his potent chakra) fainted from having students being "Youthful".

Outside of genjutsu

Everything went the same in the genjutsu, but what they were talking. After Naruto finished, Kakashi fainted for no apparent reason, which then, Naruto dispelled the genjutsu.

Sakura, being as worthless like every other time, screeched to get Kakashi to the hospital. Of course, the two boys don't even like her, and left her there with the body of Kakashi. She sighed, she didn't want to do it, but somebody had to.

Kakashi's dream

Everywhere! They're everywhere! Green spandexes with orange leg warmers! And the deafening shouts of "Youthfulness"! Kakashi screams in terror, and faints in his nightmare.

Exit nightmare

Sakura had finally entered the hospital... Only to be shouted at by a doctor for dragging someone in when she could've picked him up and ran there. Jeez, why can't she be a real kunoichi?

A few weeks later

"This is Maelstrom , in in position A." said ninja A.

"This is Black Raven in position C." said ninja C.

"Huh? Oh, this is pink blossom in position B." said ninja B.

"Too slow Sakura, stop fangirling on Sasuke. Back to the mission, this is Cyclops, is it the target?" Said "Cyclops".

"Affirmative." said Sakura.

"Then go get it!" said "Cyclops".

'Maelstrom' and 'Black Raven' rush out of the bushes, cornering the shadow while Sakura ran forward and caught... A cat.

"MEOOW!" screeched the cat, while also trying to scratch Sakura, and successfully ripping apart Sakura's dress and hair.

"Ma, stop playing with the cat Sakura." said 'Cyclops' who is revealed as Kakashi.

"Good thing we convinced Sensei to let Sakura catch the cat and Sasuke(for me) to 'ask' Sakura to get it." thought both Naruto and Sasuke.

"Maa, let's get to the missions room and get Tora back." Kakashi said, without taking his eye off of the book.

To the Missions room!

"Tora!" shouted the fat lady.

Noone took sympathy for the cat, and Sakura was really angry at it. Kakashi was still buried in his book, and the Hokage stamped the mission scroll as accomplished.

"Your next missions is to paint a fence, wipe graffiti off the wall (which when you look at the columns from an angle, it makes the image of what Jiraiya would use as 'inspiration', but noone took notice), weed a garden..." said the wizened kage before being interrupted by the fat lady.

"Tora! Come back Tora!"

"And catching Tora again." he said for the last one.

"No! We should do a better mission, at least a c rank!" screeched Sakura.

"You can't do it, you're just a rookie genin!" argued Iruka, who just came in.

"What about one easy c rank mission?" Kakashi spoke up finally.

"Hmm, I guess that's reasonable since you guys did the minimum amount of d ranks." said the Hokage after a short time of thinking.

"Hokage-sama, are you sure," asked Iruka, "They still need experience."

"Yes, I am sure." he said,"You can come in Tazuna-san."

Shortly after, a old man holding a sake bottle came in."Are these my escorts?" he asked questioningly, "They're all a bunch of kids. The pink one looks like she's going to die early (AN: Of course she will. I don't want her trying to f*** with this story. She's useless in canon anyways, and the world hates her). The black haired one looks emo. And I bet the blonde is trying to decept me."

"Don't worry. I'm strong so if anything happens, it will be okay." Kakashi said in a 'cheerful' tone. "They'd better." the drunk said, "Even if those guys in the other room said there were silence seals, I still heard that pink one screeching..."

"Okay, meet me at the west gate in 1 hour." Kakashi said, poofing away.

3 hours later, west gate

"Yo!" Kakashi said, "Sorry I'm late. I had to help a cat across the street and an old lady out of a tree."

"Lies!" screeched Sakura (I'm putting a poll for her death, or at least cripple her enough not to be a kunoichi).

"Maa, let's go now." Kakashi said, and off they went.

Timeskip, sometime during afternoon, forest

"Ne, Sensei, are there any ninja in Nami no kuni?" asked the booksmart, yet stupid, fangirl with pink hair.

"There aren't any ninja, but didn't the academy teach that?" Kakashi said.

After walking silently, only 3 of them noticed the unusually large puddle near the edge of the road. Just then, Naruto got a devious and miscevious grin. "Kakashi-sensei, let's take a bathroom break here." Naruto said, " We're almost to the border."

Kakashi, getting the plan, smirked. "Okay then," he said, pointing to a bush near the puddle,"Guys to there," and pointing far, far back, "And ladies over there," and then pointing even farther back,"And annoying fangirls back there to prevent peeking."(AN: Btw, stalking means to follow with the intent to kill or harm).

Sakura looked confused at that until Sasuke spoke up, "The last part was meant for you, Sakura. You should go back there." Sasuke 'ordered', pointing to the area Kakashi pointed at last.

"Okay, anything for you Sasuke-kun!" said Sakura.

So after Sakura was far enough, they urinated INTO the puddle, and pulled their pants back up, Naruto grinning like a madman. While they waited for Sakura, Naruto slowly dispelled the puddle genjutsu, and keeping the two men in the 'puddle' never even notice the change.

Finally, Sakura decided to come and scream out towards the two men from the genjutsu, "Hey! Who are those two?!"

And of course, those two weren't prepared for her screeching and flew away from the sound, smashing into the trees and breaking them in half as if they were twigs, also the men were knocked unconscious by the sound (If you didn't read, yes, I really hate her).

"Good job boys, you both knocked them out faster than some could see, and also that amount of strength put in with both your combined powers." Kakashi complimented the two boys, ignoring Sakura, "Now let's tie them up and wake them up for interrogation."

A few Minutes later

"Ugh," the one with two horns on their mask groaned out, "What hit us?"

Well, that," Kakashi said, under the shade, "would be the two boys here. So how does it feel to be a veteran Chuunin and be beaten by a rookie genin?"

"Tch, why would I tell you?" he said, trying to get into battle stance, only to find out he was tied.

"Nani?" he thought, struggling against the ninja wire.

"Well, now to business, Gouzu of the Oni Kyōdai (demon brothers)," Kakashi said, standing up, "Who are you after?"

"I'm not telling you anything." said the now named Gouzu.

"Now, now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way." Kakashi said, with a hint of threatening.

"If you plan on torturing or using pain, then it won't work since you know we're tolerant to alot of pain." jeered the wokened Mizu, shooting down the torture idea.

"Hey Sensei, why not use our 'Grade A' torturer?" Naruto said, coming out of the shade farther into trees, giving the hint of using Sakura.

"Oh, good idea Naruto." Kakashi complimented before turning back to the two, "Now I ask again, who are you after?"

"Bring your worst, I bet we won't say anything." said Gouzu with arrogance, what could any genin do to them? Oh how wrong they are...

"Okay, you brought this to yourselves," Kakashi said with an evil glint, before turning to where Sasuke was seen training, "Sakura! Stop following Sasuke and come here!"

After a few seconds, Sakura came over. "Hai, sensei?"

"Talk to those two about anything you want." Kakashi said, pointing to Gouzu and Mizu, and Naruto had disappeared before Sakura came, "I'll get some firewood."

"What?" gawked Gouzu, "You're leaving us with this measly genin? She looks so weak!"

"Oh well, have fun Sakura!" he said then poofed away from her range where the rest of the team was (who had gotten cameras to film her fangirlism).

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