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Chapter 5


When I woke up, I felt my blanket over my naked body. I first asked how I find myself in this state there until the images of what had happened last night overwhelm me. Then I opened my eyes, expecting to see Ross lying to me. I then saw but it was not where I thought. He was standing outside my door and stand still. At the same time, he turned to me and have seen my confused look as he explained to me that our mothers were in the kitchen and therefore could not go out without being detected.

I then put on my pajamas, I 'm heading out the door with the objective to divert attention from our mothers time asking. When I was going to put my hand on the handle, Ross grabbed my arm and make me turn around. Just the time to be face to him, he wrapped his arm around my waist and I was firmly tighten against him. My heart was pounding and my breathing became irregular. He then slowly approached me and kissed me passionately. We kissed for several minutes, they were so many, I had to stop with regret this kiss because of lack of air.

" - That was for which occasion ? I asked, breathless .

- Just because I felt like it, do it long as I hold you to that kind of thing, I can not resist now that you're mine. "

I smiled at these words because I must admit, I think the same thing and make him understand, I kiss him again with the same consuming passion.

I finally cut short when I saw the time on my clock, looking over his shoulder. I then left my room and headed toward the kitchen.

" - Hello !

- Hello ...

- Okay ... I see that you are still angry. But I don't understand why, we didn't do anything wrong.

- You left for several hours !

- You have to leave a note ...

- We saw a picture of you two at Ellen show!

- We love us ...

- You can not be together because if it does not work, how will you play Austin & Ally who have feelings for each other ? "

I look down, the producers we 've talked but I never really had to think again. I really love Ross and now I knew he loves me back. How not to be together now ? I could not imagine me without it, and I 'm sure we both would work because I felt how our love was strong, I know he would, would overcome all obstacles, which could put between us, I knew that was it. For me, there was no question of giving up my story with Ross.

Suddenly, a thought ran through my mind. Does Ross managed to get out? With all that, I forgot to check ...


I heard Laura chat with our mothers, but not quietly, I heard screaming. I still enjoy the situation to get out, because if they found out that I spend the night with Laura, it most certainly worsen. I then went out at full speed and I hid behind the nearest wall. I was about to make my entrance into the kitchen and act as if I had just woken up when I heard something that froze me on the spot : "You can not be together because if it does not work, how will you play Austin & Ally who have feelings for each other ? ".

I then realize that we would like to see us separated for the sake of the series. This terrible thought gave me chills, it could not be possible. I put so much time to find the courage to say anything to Laura, to tell her how I felt for her. When she told me she loved me back, I was really thrilled. I can't imagine for one second with her and I can finally freely kiss or hug. I will not let anything or anyone oppose us. I would be totally wiped out and if she really feels the same as me, it will be too painful for her and that I would not allow it. Even if it's for the good of Austin & Ally and I really love this serie, people I work with and our fans, I could not break up with Laura. I know it will go well and that we'll always be together, I know it's really the love of my life and I would not want to live with anyone else that ...

I then turn and am heading to the kitchen with all my determination to be with Laura and stay with her until the end of my days.

" - We'll stay together, it 's not going to go wrong. I really love Laura and I would do anything to be the man she deserves. I 'd be able to do anything for her. She is my soul mate, my other half, I 'm sure. Trust us, let us love and be happy. Especially you Ellen, I promise to take care of your daughter, the pampered and make the happiest possible.

- I want to believe you Ross, but the producers, they probably do not want. And you'll be chased by the paparazzi now. I'm sorry kids ...

- I too am sorry darling, I know you really love and all that you would be able to it. But it will be more difficult for you, when the series is finished, you can be set free.

- But we do not even know when it will be finished, and I would not be able to wait until then !

- Me neither ! I really love Ross and I will do my best to keep them separate us ! "

At the same time, Laura and I received a text message almost at the same time saying, " You can not be together, we have already explained you, it's impossible. We are sorry kids ... ". We then exchanged a look full of sadness , but also determination ...

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