Get Mine, Get Yours

Disclaimer : I don't own One Piece, no.

Summary : They say that if you give one thing, you should surely expect to receive something else in return.

It could have all started on a lovely evening in this populated harbor of the New World… Inside a cabaret where, at the time, most of the Strawhat Pirates were enjoying the company of dancers and comedians, eating the best food this place had to offer, drinking ale at their heart's content, laughing like there was no tomorrow… The festive ambiance sure could warm the hearts of the many townspeople that had come to see the impromptu attraction caused by the infamous pirate crew.

But one person had decided to go for other plans to fill the rest of her night.

The raven-haired archeologist turned to her only female crew mate.

"Nami, I think I"ll head back to the Sunny."

Taken aback by her words, the orange-haired stopped clapping but kept that amused smile on her face. "Already?! It has just begun! Are you sure, Robin?"

"Hm. I want to read for a while."

"Get back safely then. I know it's not a big deal but use the Den Den Mushi once you arrive there, okay?"

"Fine." Robin agreed then glanced at her other partying companions. She couldn't help but crack a gentle smile. "Enjoy yourselves. See you later."

With one foot out of the door, she realized it was chillier than expected. She adjusted her black fur coat and started moving forward, towards the shore. Her silhouette maundered amidst the dark night and the dancing shadows of the trees. The heels of her brown knee high boots were chattering against the ground. Her arms were tightly wrapped around her curvy sides and the glamorous camel bustier leather dress she wore.

As soon as she stepped on the sand, she could hear a graceful melody played on a violin. That night, it was Brook's turn to guard and watch over their pleasantly odd ship. Robin reached the upper deck and sat down on the bench, next to the skeleton musician.

"Is this a new composition? It sounds lovely."

"Ah, yes, Robin-san, I'm glad you like it."

"We can switch places if you want, so you can join them and have fun too."

"Oh, I'm fine this way." he asserted before facing away to stare at the starry night sky.

"Indeed." the archeologist smiled and sighed at the wonderful sight. She waited a little while before getting up. "I'll be going now, if you need anything, just knock on my door."

"Robin-san." She had merely turned her back that he called her, which brought her to a halt.

"Yes, Brook?"

"Can I see your panties?"

She left his question hanging in the air without any response and resumed walking as if nothing had ever happened. Soon enough, the music started playing again and lead her to mind-wandering.

Lately, she was absorbed in one of these romantic novels in which a lonely girl did not have any other choice but watch the love of her life fight to death to duly claim her hand. It wasn't very much her cup of tea since it had its bulk of corniness. Still, its descriptive value helped her understand a lot of the past customs of the once wealthy monarchy in North Blue that served as the background of aforesaid story. With one or maybe two cups of coffee, she would definitely finish the second tome and start reading the third one. And, for her own record, she also had to revise her notes and add a few scribblings of what the traditional attires and architecture might have looked like.

Little did she know that it wasn't what he had planned for her that night, and that she was about to find it out.

Robin went down the ladder and headed towards the bedroom she shared with Nami. As soon as she let herself in and tried to reach for the light switch, a strong hand came to clasp around her mouth and pull her whole body backwards, slamming the door shut with a swift movement.


In spite of having her eyes wide open, she couldn't see anything. The room was still dark as ever. Her heart palpitated furiously within her as she was still in shock. The sudden action had barred her from reacting appropriately. She was defenseless in the arms of a shadow that had yet to reveal itself.

Her body had crashed against another one, a much broader one judging by its sturdiness. Still, in a matter of seconds, Robin recognized the silhouette that had forcefully drawn her backwards. She could touch the three metallic hilts with the tip of her fingers, she could taste this lingering flavor of steel on his hand and she could feel his hot breath make her hair stand on end. Her heartbeat progressively slowed down as she started to relax despite her unshaken bewilderment. He had yet to talk and explain why, why he would do this to her on this calm and lovely night.

Her game of guesses was interrupted when another grip came to take over her waist and, shortly after, Robin sensed his face getting closer to hers and frowned in response, totally unsure about what he would do next. She had known him long enough to imagine his smirk grazing the back of her neck.

The next thing she knew, his lips murmured only one word with a purposeful lick on her earlobe.