"Thank you Yong Soo." Yao said as the other helped him off the boat. "Eun Ae, make sure Mei and Kaoru are alright. I think they might be a bit peckish." Eun Ae bowed before checking up on them. "Yong Soo, I trust that you informed our hosts to be of our arrival."

"About that. I was going to, but..." Yao sighed

"Aiya. what am supposed to do with you?"

"Not give him any things to do." Eun Ae said with a frown. "They just ate, Kaoru made a mess though."

"He is such a messy eater. Clean it up." Yao said. "Make sure you are unseen. We shall head to the party, you should be able to find your way."

"Yes, sir." Eun Ae said with a salute.

"Alfred, I don't see why you're so worried. Nor, when you became the worry wart." Arthur said with a frown.

"I started worrying when you could be arrested. I started worrying when you started talking bullshit about vampires and fairies and flying mint bunnies. You could be put away Artie. And I don't want to see that happen." Alfred said. "Now, hush here come our hosts..."

Gilbert, Antonio and Lovia made their way over (the previous two, following the first)

"Good evening." Gilbert said too Matthew ignoring the other two entirely.

"Uh- Oh hello..." Matthew said looking away with blush.

"Yeah, hi." Alfred said going to cut between them, but was blocked by Antonio.

"I'm Antonio, this is my wife Lovia, and who might you two be?" Antonio asked.

"I'm Alfred F. Jones." Alfred said taken aback. "This is my cousin Arthur Kirkland."

"Never heard of either of you." Lovia said with an eye roll.

"He's with the press. I can tell." Antonio said to her.

"He must not be very good at his job then. Look at those clothes... So cheap... And old." She said as if Alfred weren't there. "He throws off the whole atmosphere. I don't like it."

"You should control your woman." Alfred said with a frown.

"Why? She is a smart person who is entitled to her opinion. Though it was quite rude, and she should apologize though I won't make her. And dear, we can't simply throw him out for being poor. Besides, he's the only journalist that managed to sneak in. He could write an article that secures my place in this country. First impressions are everything." Antonio said giving Alfred a good look over.

"True. Besides you could really give his career a boost, and maybe next time we throw a party he'll show up in something decent. This thing is falling apart." She said pulling on a loose thread on his collar.

"Indeed." Antonio said, the two turned their attention to Arthur, and grabbed a wine glass from a passing by waiter. "And what do you do?"

"I'm a Vampire H- Ouch!" Alfred had just slammed his foot down on the other's. "I mean, I'm a hunter."

"Vampire Hunter?" Antonio asked.

"That is what he was going to say before Mr. Media censored him." Lovia said.

"How interesting, I've alway had an interest in the occult. Tell me Mr. Kirkland, what kind of Vampires do you hunt?"

"Any kind. They're all scum." He said with a smirk. Finally! Someone who took him seriously. "In fact, I was hunting before I came. There was another murder by this 'Jack the Ripper' It was obviously a vampire, I mean the girl was cut up- Something wrong?" Arthur asked. Antonio had just broken his wine glass. It had shattered in his hand. Lovia looked up at her husband, a frown on her face.

"I.. Yes. Simply gripped the glass to hard... KIKU." He called, and then one of the most beautiful men Alfred had ever seen came and cleaned the glass with ease. Sure, Alfred had seen him from a distance... But up close he was almost too much to handle. Antonio said something to him in rapid Spanish, and the man dashed off again. "Yes... tell me more about this Jack the Ripper then."

Gilbert and Matthew walked away from the group some time ago.

"So, Matthew what do you do for a living?" Gilbert asked.

"Mostly... Deliver papers..." Gilbert quirked a brow.

"How old are you?" He asked

"17. Almost 18..." He said softly. "I suppose I'll have to get a better job... This one can hardly support me, and my brother needs help."

"Perhaps I can help?" Gilbert asked.

"R-really...?" Matthew asked his eyes wide with glee.

"Ja, why don't you come to my office with me and we can discuss it." Gilbert said holding out a hand. Matthew looked around

"What about the party...?" He asked

"I'm not for this type of party. Too stuffy." He said "We won't be missed."

"This is bad." Ivan said with a smile, as the 6 of them Ivan his 3 servents Toris, Eduard and Raivis, along with Francis and Kiku were tucked away in a room away from the party.

"How bad sir?" Eduard asked

"Very, bad." Francis said.

"Do you know who it is?" Toris asked

"No. That's why it's bad." Ivan said. "I know every one of us still alive, and all of us know to clean up. This means we have a rouge. A stupid rouge. I'm sure Antonio is upset."

"Hai." Kiku said softly. "He broke a drink."

"He lost his cool?" Francis asked, then shook his head. "He gets so worked about things like this. We'll just have to nip this in the bud before Antonio gets too angry. He's.. .Very hard to deal with..." The last bit was mostly for the 3 new comers.

"H-how...?" Raivis asked.

"Last time he was this worked up we were in Boston just before the American Revolution. It was hours of work... We had to calm him, and hypnotize a bunch of people into thinking those people he killed were shot..."

"Why is he so upset?" Eduard asked.

"Antonio wants Vampires to eventually be accepted as normal people and live without fear of being killed or shunned. And these types of Vampires are simply bad publicity, plus Antonio is such a passionate man this type of thing always upsets him."

Heracles crossed his arms leaning against the wall, his eyes closed.

"What do we do now?" He asked the other. "Gupta is no more helpful than the rest of us, and now we've got a 4,000 year old vampire running around."

"I don't know yet."

"We're dead." Heracles said.

"No we're not." Sadiq said glaring at him.

"No, we're dead. Leech food. Toast. No more." He said "A 4,00 year old vampire is old, smart and strong. He probably knows every trick in the book, and more. Probably wiped out whole cities..."

"Maybe, but we're smarter."

"Killed millions..."

"We've killed hundreds of Vampires."

"Not like this..."

"Hera..." Sadiq whispered suddenly next to him, and much to close.

"Gupta is right here..." Heracles numbered.

"He's also out cold. And you look like you need to be reassured." Sadiq whispered before kissing him. He breathed against his lips. "You will not die in my protection."

"Well isn't he a great man?" Arthur said to Alfred as Antonio and Lovia walked away. "For a Spaniard at any rate. Oh balderdash he's a great man as a man!"

"You're just saying that because he acted like Vampire Hunting is a real profession. There is something off about him." Alfred said with a frown. "He's hiding something. The way his glass broke when you mentioned the killer... It's not right."

"You're just saying that because his wife insulted you. Besides, Antonio isn't a vampire if that's what you're-"

"There are so such thing as Vampires! I'm saying he might have something to do with it... And I'm going to find out..."

Antonio balled his hands into fists, and Lovino took his hand gently.

"Don't get so worked up..." He mumbled quietly to him in Spanish. "People will think you are mad..."

"I am mad. Some little shit... Coming here... Not even cleaning up! What if people find out? This would ruin us." Antonio said "I want to punch something. No, I want RIP something open. Maybe I can just get one of these men to..."

"Antonio. Stop it." Lovino said "You need to calm down. No killing, no violence."

"Indeed, besides you have to entertain your new guest." a voice behind them said.