Loki had never wanted this to happen. Never wanted to feel like this. It wasn't supposed to be this way. And yet, here he was, battling the demon within him, a demon so powerful it made him breathless. The god of mischief and lies was now not only battling the teasing words of his so called friends, and the disappointment in the eyes of his father, no, he was battling himself as well.

Never in his life had he been this tired.

He sat on the rainbow bridge, his legs dangling carelessly over the abyss beneath him as he starred of into nothing. It was peaceful here, quiet. Loki could breath, feeling the restraints that kept his chest tight loosen. Restraints formed by emotions that he had never wanted or asked for. And yet, whenever he wandered the halls of the palace, the streets or forests surrounding it, it was as if every breath was painful.

He had escaped the noise of yet another feast to celebrate the perfection of his older brother. Loki scoffed. The big oaf had simply won the annual tournament the King held to amuse his people. The black haired god had always thought the tournament to be ridiculous, testosterone guided men trying to prove to the other that they had the bigger dick. And his brother was just like them.

Loki had always despised how Thor was just as a man of Asgard was expected to be. Big, broad, loud, enjoying such foolish things as drinking and chasing maidens, or fighting his friends in the training arena just for the fun of it.

The pale man would never understand what there was to enjoy in those things. He had always preferred a good book over a fight, and silence over noise. But the men and women eating and drinking in the great hall had been so loud that even his beloved library didn't serve his needs, the annoying sounds creeping through the doors and walls, making his head pound dully. And so he had escaped to the only place he knew no one else would be.

Images of his brother sitting at the table, drinking sweet wine from a golden cup with a beautiful maiden on his lap forced their way into his mind, the demon within him roaring with displeasure. Loki closed his eyes, his brows furrowed as he slayed the beast for what seemed to be the millionth time. What was it to him if his brother indulged a fair maiden that was all to eager to spread her dirt legs for the prince of Asgard?

It shouldn't bothered him, it shouldn't make him feel what he was, and yet the thought of Thor with some whore was like poison, seeping from his mind into his heart and soul, making it hard to breath once more, the restraints snapping back over his chest, laboring his breathing.

He didn't understand how he could hate and love the same person so deeply. He despised Thor, and everything the young prince stood for, and yet he could not bear when he was gone, could not survive without seeing him at least once a day, couldn't fathom being without him. He yearned to reach out his slender hands and touch the blond hair, tug at the golden strands, dig his teeth into the tanned skin of his brothers neck.

Loki snorted. He could imagine the face of his brother all too well if he ever gave into his need. Shock and most of all confusion would grace his brothers ruggedly handsome face. Thor was not stupid, and he had a good heart, but his intelligence was no match for Loki's. He would probably be able to talk himself out of the situation, his silver tongue once more forming sweet lies on his thin lips.

Somewhere along the long road of his seemingly inevitable suffering he had pondered the thought of simply taking Thor for one night, and stealing the memory from his after. Wondering if one night of passion and the god of thunder at his mercy would sooth the burning inside him. He had quickly dismissed the idea. No, he didn't want to rape his brother, and then steal the dreadful memory. He wished for his brother to embrace him, to touch him, to moan his name. A fantasy that would never come true.

Loki laid his head back, staring up into the dark sky. How had he ever gotten here? How had he sunk this deep? Did he not have enough troubles without desiring his brother in a way that could only be called perverse. A father that he was never good enough for, a mother that pitied him, a brother that acted as if he needed protection and care and yet forgot about him more often then not?

Oh how glorious would the expression on their fathers face be if he ever found out about his feelings for Thor. It was almost worth getting banished. Almost.


Loki jumped, snapping his eyes open at the familiar voice, turning his head to look at the tall man standing beside him.

"What are you doing here?" he snapped, green orbs staring into blue ones, his voice sharper than he had intended. "Isn't there a feast to your honor, brother?"

"The feast is not complete without my brother." Thor said simply, sitting down next to Loki. "I know you are not fond of them, but I had hoped you would come because, as you said, it was to my honor."

"I will come to your feast once you have done something that really deserves honor and praise." the young sorcerer answered.

"Your words always cut deep, brother of mine." Thor said quietly. Loki quirked a brow as he turned to look at the blond man beside him.

"And why is that, Thor? Surely you do not need my praise when the whole of Asgard, including the king and queen are more than willing to shower you in it."

"It is your praise that I always long for the most, Loki." Thor answered, turning to face his brother, his expression serious as he stared into the green eyes of the slender man. "Maybe because it is impossible to get."

"Stop your sulking, Thor. It doesn't become you." Loki scoffed, deliberately turning his face away from his brother, the demon inside him roaring with fury. He had upset his brother, and his emotions were torn. He felt victorious, practically glowing with glee that his brother longed for something from him. And yet he couldn't help the steady pain that mixed with his pleasure, the expression on his brothers face making his heart clutch.

"I do not sulk, little brother. I am simply unhappy that I have once more failed to make you proud. I won for you." the quiet answer came, making Loki's lips curl into a bitter grin.

"For me, you say? Shouldn't you be winning it for a fair maiden so that you may bed her?" he asked, leaning his head back once more, growing tired of the sight before him.

"I have no interest in bedding a maiden tonight."

"And what does hold your interest tonight, dear brother?" Loki asked, venom dripping from his words. "Maybe a man has caught your eye?"

"As always you know me much too well, brother." The response made Loki's head snap forward, his brow quirked into a perfect arch as he looked at his brother. For once it seemed that his brother had managed to surprise him.

"Then why are you here? Shouldn't you be courting that poor man? What a treat you will be to kiss brother. I can smell the ale on your lips and tongue from here." His chest tightened as the demon roared once more, tugging at his heart with his claws.

"Have you ever said anything nice to anyone, Loki?" Thor asked, a small smile gracing his lips. "I cannot remember a day in our lives where your words have been softer than steel."

"Soft words will be given to who deserves them." the younger said, shrugging lightly. "They do not call me silvertongue without reason."

"And right they are calling you that, brother." Thor answered. "And yet, I have never received kind words from you, no matter how hard I try. Why is that?"

Loki frowned, for just a second, before schooling his face once more. He didn't want his brother to see his emotions. Did not want to grant him a look into his troubled mind and soul.

"Maybe if you were less of an annoying oaf, I would grant you what you seem to so desperately wish for."

"Maybe if you were less bitter about your position in this world you would not have to be the way you are." Thor's words caught Loki off guard, making him look at his brother once more. The blond gave him another soft smile.

"Do not think me stupid, Loki. I may not have been blessed with your mind, but I can see your anger and disappointment clearly. The subtle rage that seems to boil in your veins." Thor moved closer to his brother, reaching for his hand, much as he had done when they were children, when Loki had hurt himself, brushing his callous fingers over the much softer skin. "What angers you so, Loki? What turned the happy boy I once knew into the man I see before me now?"

Rage bubbled in the sorcerer's chest at his brothers words.

"You know nothing of my anger, Thor." he snapped, moving to stand, pulling his hand from his brothers. Thor quickly stood, blocking Loki's path of escape.

"Because you never talk to me anymore." He said, his voice rising. "How could I know what angers you if you do not tell me? I cannot read your mind brother, as much as I wish I could."

"Get out of my way." Loki sneered, green eyes sparkling with violent anger.

"Not until you speak to me! I cannot bear this distance Loki, I cannot bear how we have drifted apart! We used to be so close, little brother, do you not remember? Do you not remember the days we spent together in the sun? There was a time you came to me with whatever hurt you, trusting and knowing that I would be able to fix it. What has become of us that you cannot come to me any longer?" The words were laced with hurt,and anger, and Loki couldn't help himself, the restraints around his chest tightening to where he thought he could not take another breath.

"Some things cannot be fixed." Loki finally replied. "Some things are not meant to be fixed, Thor."

"And you believe you are one of these things?"

"I know I am." Green eyes searched Thor's face, before finally settling on the man's eyes.

"You are alone in that thought, brother. Can you not trust me one more time? Can you not accept my help just once, for old times sake? I see you losing yourself in pain and hatred, and it breaks me to see my brother in such a state. Let me help you, Loki. I know I can." Thor insisted, taking a step towards Loki, their chests almost touching, towering over his brother.

"Help me?" Loki replied bitterly, the words dripping from his lips with such disdain he could feel his brother tremble. "You want to help me, do you?" Loki whispered. "Then tell me, dearest brother of mine, how do you think to get fathers attention for me? How will you silence the mouths of all Asgardians that look at me with such hatred, that whisper behind my back? How do you think to prove to our beloved father that I am not useless, that I have achieved greatness in my life? That I have succeeded in things others could only dream of?!" his voice grew louder and louder as he finally let himself lose control, his anger spinning out of control, filling his every nerve. "How do you think to wipe the pity from mothers eyes when she looks at her misfit son? How do you think to free my shackles, the only things that keep me from taking what I most desire?!"

Loki scoffed, turning his back on his brother, not able to bear the pain in his brothers eyes.

"You are not a misfit, nor are you useless. And if anyone ever dares to whisper an ill word about you, brother of mine, I will silence them with whatever it takes. Loki, how can you not see what I see?" Thor stepped forward, wrapping a strong arm around his brothers waist. Loki struggled, the touch being too much to take, filling his eyes with tears he had never let himself spill.

"And what do you see?" he asked quietly, as Thor held him closely against his chest.

"I see beauty beyond compare. I see wit, and intelligence and potential that I will never have. I see you doing great things, Loki, things no one else has ever done. Father might ignore them because they are things that he doesn't think important. But I know that you will be remembered Loki, long after you have passed. For your greatness, brother, not your silver tongue and your wicked little games." Thor said, speaking so close to the smaller man's ear that it made him tremble. "And if what you desire is the throne, brother, if it means so much to you. They I will make sure your wish comes true."

Thor's words rang deep in Loki's soul, spreading warmth in a way he had never felt before. Draining the anger and pain slowly, but surely, from his heart and mind. Thor saw him. He would step down from the throne for him.

"After all I have done to you, brother, after all the poisonous words and hurtful pranks I have bestowed upon you. You are still so eager to help me. To save me." he whispered. "But the throne is not what I desire. I do not wish to rule a kingdom I cannot trust. I would be killed the second I sat on it."

"I will always be here to save you, brother. To aid you. To love you." Thor answered, leaning his forehead against his brothers shoulder, making Loki shiver once more. "If it is not the throne you wish for brother, then tell me, what is it?"

"Something I will never have. Something so wrong, so forbidden, that if I ever dared to even touch it, I would be ripped apart." Loki couldn't help the bitter laugh that escaped him.

"I long for something I cannot have either, brother. That pain I know." Thor whispered, and suddenly the sorcerer could feel the strands of his black hair being brushed aside, something soft connecting with the flesh of his neck. He jerked, and Thor immediately released him. Loki did not look at his brother. This couldn't be true. It had to be a dream. He dug his nails into his palm as he formed fists with his long fingers, willing himself to wake up. But he was very much awake.

"Do you see now?" The words broke the silence. "Why no feast is complete without you? Why I yearn for your praise, why I thrive to make you proud? Do you see now, brother?"

Loki swallowed hard around the lump in his throat. He could not believe it. It had to be a bad joke, Thor must have found out about his desire for him, and was now baiting him. Anger, no, hatred rose up within him as he spun around to look at his brother, his feelings etched onto his face all to clearly.

"Do not mock me, brother. It would not become you well." he spat, scowling at Thor like a trapped animal, facing his enemy. "Do you enjoy this? Baiting me? Knowing full well what I feel? Did you really think I was stupid enough to fall for your little trick? Do not try to beguile me, brother, do not wrap me up in sweet words and unspoken promises, for I am the God of Lies, not you."

"I know not what you speak of!" Thor boomed, an equally angered expression on his face. "I have not lied. I have no intention to harm you. Do you even understand what I just said? Do you even understand what I just admitted to brother?!"

"You admitted to nothing, brother!" Loki almost screamed back. He had not expected the reaction he got. Thor's bruising grip on his wrists made him whimper, and suddenly his lips were covered with much firmer ones, angrily moving against them, bearing teeth that bit down on his lip so hard he could feel blood drip down his chin. He was too startled to pull away, or to even move a single finger. And suddenly he was released, almost pushed away as he stared into the angry face of his brother, eyes blazing with such force that Loki had to hold back a gasp.

"I have admitted to everything now." Thor spat, before turning, making his way back towards the castle.

Loki stood, dumb folded, as he watched his brother leave, still trying to wrap his head around what had just happened.

The god of mischief stared at the big wooden doors that he stood before. It had taken all his courage to get just this far. He touched the pads of soft fingers to his mutilated lip, shivering at the sensation that coursed through him from the pain.

And as he stood in the barely lit hallway, he wondered if he should really do this. If he was making a mistake. He knew that even if Thor had been serious, if this not some kind of cruel joke, whatever they felt for each other would have to stay limited to this one night. And he feared for his soul. Feared that if he gave into this just once, he would never get enough.

He could hear Thor's heavy steps coming from inside. His brother was probably pacing up and down his room. Soft noises from the ongoing feast reached his ears, but the sorcerer dismissed them. They were not important. Not now. Gingerly reaching out for the door, he decided to simply slip into the room before Thor could stop him.

He pushed the heavy door open, squeezing through the small opening he had created, closing it quickly, leaning against it.

"Out." Thor growled, his voice sounding almost feral. "Now."

But Loki did not move, leaning against the cold wood, his hands pressing against the piece of wood, his head bowed. Never in his life had he felt so unsure.

"Did you suddenly become deaf, Loki?" Thor snapped, moving closer to his brother, but Loki raised one hand, looking into his brothers eyes, making the god of thunder stop dead in his tracks. Loki didn't bother masking his emotions. Not now. He looked at his brother, taking one last breath before he moved closer to Thor, having to lean up to press his lips onto his brothers in a soft kiss.

Silence fell between them, as they simply looked into each others eyes, green clashing with blue as their bodies stilled, both holding their breath. And then everything happened so fast that Loki barely knew what was happening.

Firm arms were rapped around his lithe form, crushing him to his brothers armor clad chest, rough lips pressing to his, devouring his, unyielding and strong. Loki gasped, his arms shooting up to wrap around his brothers neck as he felt Thor's tongue invade his mouth, plundering it, mapping it out, until finally finding his own slick muscle, pulling it into an intoxicating dance.

Loki had never kissed anyone, but he knew that if he ever did, it would never be as good as kissing his brother. He moaned and whimpered, nails digging into his brothers neck, making the older hiss. Thor relentlessly attacked his mouth, over and over, breaking only long enough to allow them one single breath until capturing Loki's lips once more.

But soon, the god of thunder seemed to desire more. He grabbed Loki by his hips, hoisting him onto his shoulder, carrying him over to the bed, not too gently throwing the sorcerer onto it. Loki gasped, his eyes widening as he looked up at Thor that was quickly discarding his armor.

Only seconds later, his big brother was on top of him, grasping Loki's wrists once more, pushing them over his head, holding them securely, making the younger arch his back, throwing back his head in unbelievable pleasure, giving Thor the perfect opportunity to attack his neck, which was quickly taken.

Loki could feel his brother planting open mouthed kisses onto his neck, kissing and biting at his pale skin, making him moan in pleasure, his voice too high, too desperate for his own taste, making him squirm. But Thor growled, the grasp on Loki's wrists growing tighter, and Loki quickly stopped his movements. He could not outwit Thor, not in this position. His brother had always been stronger, and to Loki's surprise he found himself trembling deliciously at the loss of control.

"You like this, don't you, little brother?" Thor breathed into his ear, biting down on his earlobe, eliciting another groan from the god of mischief. "To be helpless underneath me? Is this what you always wanted?"

"Yes." Loki gasped, arching his back once more, needing more friction, more contact. "Please, brother."

Thor grinned, letting go of Loki's wrists, not wasting time but simply ripping the male's tunic off, tearing the material. Loki hadn't been wearing his armor, knowing he wouldn't need it for what he wanted to do. His pale skin shone in the light, and he could feel his cheeks blush. Never had anyone looked at him the way Thor was right in his moment, jaw strained, eyes running along his chest and down his stomach, burning with hunger. He only had a moment before his brother continued his onslaught on his skin, biting and licking his collar bone, pulling more sweet sounds from his lips.

He could feel the heat Thor left behind on his skin, making him shake with anticipation and want. And when that hot mouth wrapped around the his nipples, Loki could only barely hold back a scream of pleasure. Not even in his dreams had this felt so good, the way Thor scrapped his teeth against the sensitive nub, sucking and biting at it while his hand teased the other, pulling at it, rolling it between his forefinger and thumb. Loki's mind was clouded in the most pleasurable way, his hips bucking into his brothers firm stomach, needing more, so much more, but Thor quickly steadied him, sinking nails into his unmarred skin as he held his hips down.

Loki groaned in frustration, followed by a soft whimper as Thor bit down on his nipple once more, hard enough to hurt, but the sorcerer found that the pain was not at all unpleasant.

"Please.. brother.. more." he whined, his voice husky, struggling against the bruising grip on his hips. Thor grunted, slowly moving lower, the tip of his tongue traveling lower and lower, past his navel, dipping into the hem of his pants.

"So impatient." the god of thunder whispered. But Loki was granted his wish, Thor tugged down his pants, just enough to free the straining member, and Loki moaned once more.

"Please.." he begged, knowing he would hate himself for begging later, but not giving a damn. Thor looked up at him, a wide grin playing across his face making Loki whine. Those glorious lips were so close, so close, he could feel his brothers hot breath against his cock, and it was the sweetest kind of torture.

"You are beautiful brother. And you beg so nicely." Thor whispered, and finally wrapped his mouth around Loki's tip, pulling a cry of pleasure from his brother. The sensation of the hot warmth was almost too much for the slender male, and when Thor started to suck he thought he was going to lose his mind. His vision blurred as he struggled to breath, moans falling from his lips steadily as he threw his head from side to side. The pleasure, the lust he felt was almost unbearable, almost too much.

But when Thor swallowed him, inch for inch, agonizingly slow, the trickster came back to his senses, hissing as he looked down at his brother, bucking his hips up, urging him to take him quicker.

"Do not torture me so." he rasped, his hands tangling into his brothers golden hair, trying to force him to go faster, tugging at it desperately. Thor responded with a low hum, which only pulled another groan from his brother as the vibrating sensation made his mind spin.

Thor hummed once more, obviously pleased with his brothers reaction, finally starting to move his head, releasing and swallowing the male's member over and over again, pushing Loki closer and closer to his release, making his brother squirm and beg incoherently, his hands still plastered to his brothers hips.

"T-Thor.. oh.. brother.. I'm close..." Loki whimpered, tugging at his brothers hair, trying to pry him off his member, but Thor would not budge, and Loki lost himself in lust, erupting into his brothers mouth, shooting streak after streak of his warm seed into his brothers mouth. He could feel Thor swallow around him, blushing furiously as he realized just what his brother was doing. He was drinking him up, milking him with his lips and throat, making sure he got every last drip the trickster had to give.

Grinning, the god of thunder pulled back from Loki's body, licking his lips appreciatively, making the trickster blush an even darker red.

"You look so perfect, little brother. You always have. Never had I dared to hope that I would get to see you like this.." Thor murmured, moving up to plant a kiss on Loki's body. "How often I have dreamed of this. How much I have longed for it."

Loki kissed back, wrapping his arms around the neck of his older brother, inhaling his sweet scent, nails digging into the soft flesh.

"And I am not done with you yet.." Thor whispered against the tricksters lips, making Loki's eyes flutter shut. Thor pulled back, quickly getting rid of his shoe's and pants before undressing his little brother completely as well. Loki moaned as he felt his brothers weight on his body, his teeth sinking into the skin of his shoulder, his erection already half hard again. "I will mark you as mine, Loki.. you are mine."

The words spun in the god's mind, burning themselves into his thoughts, into his heart. He was Thor's, from head to the sole of his feet. And he knew that whatever Thor asked of him, he would do it. That he would fulfill every wish the blond haired god had.

Suddenly, he felt something prodding at his lips. He opened his eyes, looking straight into Thor's face, his brothers fingers nudging against his lips. He opened his mouth, tentatively licking at his brothers fingers as they were pushed deeper in his mouth, obediently sucking and lapping at them, while Thor's other hand ran along his side, making him quiver.

"Oh brother..." Thor whispered as he watched his brother, that so eagerly sucked on his fingers, coating them in his saliva. "You are truly a sight to behold."

With those words, he pulled back his fingers, eliciting a disappointed mewl from his now lover. But Loki did not have much time to protest as his whines were cut off by another" searing kiss, teeth and tongues clashing as he was once more in the throws of passion. And at first he did not notice the gentle prodding at his entrance, until Thor slipped a finger into him. Loki gasped, pulling back from the kiss as he looked up at his brother wide eyed.

"Relax brother. It will hurt if you don't." Loki nodded at the male's words, forcing his body to relax, wincing slightly as Thor's finger slipped deeper into his tight passage. It was a weird feeling, not bad, but slightly painful and very foreign.

"Breath brother.." Thor murmured once more. "You need to relax.. I need to prepare you.."

As second finger joined the second, slowly, spreading Loki as they moved deeper and deeper. He whimpered, squirming under his brothers touch, not knowing if he was going to be able to endure this feeling when suddenly something deep within him was touched, ever so gently, causing him to groan. He could hear a chuckle from his brother who then proceeded to push against the same spot once more, this time harder, pulling another moan from the god of mischief.

Loki moaned and mewled as Thor started to scissor his opening, making sure to hit that sweet spot within Loki whenever he thrust forward. The trickster had melted into a quivering mess, his entire body trembling as he spread his legs wantonly, now pushing against those fingers that invaded his body in such a pleasurable way. He didn't mind the third finger that now also assaulted his entrance, too busy with the pleasure Thor was causing him.

"Please, bother.. I am ready.. please." the raven haired god moaned, sharply jerking his hips up, nails digging into his brothers biceps. "Take me brother.. claim me as yours.."

Thor couldn't hold back a strained moan at his brothers words, and Loki felt the fingers retreating. But instead of settling between his legs, Thor moved to kneel over his brothers chest, his twitching cock right in front of Loki's face.

"You'll have to wet it yourself, little brother.." Thor whispered huskily, and the trickster did not hesitate. He moved his body upward, wrapping his lips around his brothers tip, sucking at it eagerly, making sure to coat it in his saliva before slowly moving lower. His brother obviously was bigger than him in all ways, and Loki could barely wrap his lips around his brothers impressing member. He strained to go lower, covering inch of inch of flesh with his saliva, sucking on it. But it was no use, he couldn't take Thor to the hilt as his brother had done with him. He would surely gag. So he wrapped a lithe hand around the base, rubbing his brother just as he did himself, making sure to get however much of his length slick as he listened to his brothers strained moans, eager to pull more of those sweet sounds from him.

Suddenly, Thor pulled back, moving back to lay between his brothers legs, that were immediately opened for him.

"Oh dear brother.. you want this as much as I.. I can see it in your eyes.." Thor whispered, taking hold of his cock, gently pushing against Loki's stretched entrance. "Breath brother.." he whispered, before pushing into the slender body beneath him. Loki gasped, his eyes flying open as his entrance was breached, and despite being loosed and ever so wanting, the pain was stronger than he had expected it to be. Thor moved deeper slowly but steadily, until he was finally sheeted in his brothers body.

"Breath, Loki.. Look at me.. breath.. relax.." Thor growled, the muscles of his arms and back tensing as he held himself up, looking down at his little brother. "Look at me, Loki.."

And Loki obliged, opening his eyes that were now watering to look up at his big brother. Never had he seen something so beautiful and he knew that even if it was going to hurt worse, he would do anything to make this man happy. His brothers face was screwed up in lust, small beads of sweat appearing on his eyebrow, his face flushed from the effort to hold himself back, to not mindlessly pound into the body beneath him. Loki reached out to touch his brothers cheeks, moving up to press a sweet kiss onto his lips, forcing his body to relax.

"I'm ready Thor.. brother.. please.." Loki whispered as he laid back down, gently tugging at a strand of his brothers golden hair. "Move Thor.."

Thor groaned, slowly pulling back out until only his tip remained in Loki's tight entrance, easing himself back in softly, over and over, setting a steady pace. Loki winced, panting at the unfamiliar sensation, not finding it completely unpleasant. It wasn't until Thor changed his angle, and hit that sweet spot inside him until he groaned out in pleasure once more. Encouraged, his brother began to move faster, harder, hitting that spot over and over, making Loki's flaccid erection grow hard again, eliciting moan after moan from his brother.

Thor's thrusts were swift, and hard, and Loki couldn't take the pleasure he was feeling. His mind shut off as he mindlessly pushed his hips against Thor's thrust, meeting him, shoving him deeper and deeper, melting against the others body.

"B-by hel.. Loki.. so tight.." Thor groaned, pounding into his brother, panting hard while Loki's nails dug into his skin as if he was holding on for dear light.

"Harder brother... take me harder.." Loki pleaded, throwing his head back when Thor immediately granted him his wish, pounding into him with such force the trickster was pushed up the bed. Loki didn't care that his head hit the headboard, he didn't care that his entrance was widened enough to make him feel like he would be ripped apart, didn't care that it burned whenever Thor thrust into him again, sensitive skin protesting against the friction. Never had he ever felt anything like this, his entire body was on fire, burning, burning with pleasure, burning with want and need and such bliss that if he died now, right in this moment, he would go in peace.

He was all too suddenly ripped from his thoughts as Thor rolled them over, Loki now straddling his brothers hips, Thor's cock buried deeply within him, deeper that he thought it could go, pressing deliciously against his prostate.

"Move brother.." Thor whispered, grabbing the tricksters hips, thrusting into him. And Loki moved, lifting himself from his brother's member, and sinking back down, meeting each powerful thrust of Thor's hips, moaning loudly, screaming out his pleasure, his nails raking over his brother's chest, leaving behind angry, bleeding red marks as his brothers nails dug into his own pale skin and he knew it would leave behind angry wounds and bruises.

Giving in to his lust, he rode his brother in a quickly, needy rhythm, plunging himself onto Thor's cock, his body almost shattering with every thrust, screaming and moaning, not caring that they could probably be heard. He was dying and being reborn, being devoured by lust and passion, and he could not imagine ever feeling this way with anyone but his brother.

He could feel the warmth coiling in his stomach, his muscles growing taunt, his heart hammering against his chest with such force it almost hurt. His orgasm was approaching quickly, his inner walls twitching against the piece of flesh inside him.

"Yes Loki.. little brother.. come for me.." Thor whispered, speeding up his thrusts as he looked up at his brother, watching as he fell over the edge. Loki felt like his body was shattering into a million pieces as he found his release, screaming his brothers name at the top of his lungs as his member throbbed violently, coating his brothers chest with his seed.

He heard his brother grunt, thrust into him once more, whispering his name as he, too, let go. Loki felt his brother's cock twitch deeply inside him as he was pushed down onto it, and then he felt himself being filled, more and more, until his body could not accept anymore, feeling it drip out of him and onto his brother, groaning quietly before collapsing onto his brother.

Both struggled to breath, and the only sound that filled the room was their heavy panting. Slowly, Thor pulled back from his brothers body, making the other moan one last time. He wrapped his arms around his little brother, holding him close to his chest, their body's covered in sweat and seed, but neither caring.

"Have I given you what you desire, little brother?" Thor asked quietly, and all Loki could do was nod. Thor had given him everything he wanted, and more. He knew that he would never forget this night. That no matter who he bedded, it would never again feel like this. And that he would forever long for his brothers touch.

He was doomed. Doomed to love his own brother, and suffer because he couldn't have him. He would have to watch him find a wife, watch them have children, watch them grow old together. And he knew he would always stay alone, ever yearning for his brother.

He slowly got up, looking down at his brother that had sat up, obviously confused as to why his little brother had moved. Smiling, Loki leaned down to steal one last, sweet kiss. This was goodbye. This was all he would ever get. And it was all he dared to ask for.

"Thank You." he whispered against his brothers lips. "I will never forget. I will forever cherish this night.."

"I do not understand." Thor said, frowning lightly.

"This cannot happen again." Loki answered quietly, pulling away from his brother. "One night is all that was granted to us, Thor. One night."

"Loki you can't just.." but Loki silenced him with another kiss.

"I can, dear brother." he muttered, before pulling back again, pulling on his pants. "I need to leave."

"Brother, Loki, don't go.." Thor almost pleaded, but Loki kept moving. He could not look at his brothers face, could not listen to any more sweet words. He had known when he came that it would be just this night.

As he made his way back to his room, his chest too exposed for him to feel comfortable, he quickly vanished between the dark wood doors to his room, laying on his bed and curling up, as tight as he could, as he finally let the tears fall.

He was doomed. And it drove him crazy. But he would always love him.

His bigger brother.

His Thor.

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