Loki sighed as he looked at the calender that was laying on the small bedside table. 5 years. 5 years since he had been banished from Asgard. 5 years since he had seen Thor. 5 years since he had felt the warming sun of the other realm on his skin. 5 years.

Groaning, he sat up, rubbing his eyes as he tried to get rid of the sleep that stuck to them. His body ached, and he was not ready for another double shift at the diner. But if he wanted to keep his tiny little apartment with the bare walls, not fitting much more than a bed, a tv and a small cooking area, he would have to get to work. Pulling his body from his comfortably warm bed, he stepped onto the cold tile floor. Whatever this building had been before, it had been turned into a building of small apartments for those that worked hard and earned almost nothing.

The bathroom was cold, but Loki welcomed the bite of the freezing air, waking him and helping his head to clear. Stepping into the shower, he decided to not waste his hot water for a nice morning shower, but rather save it up for when he came home. His muscles would need the warmth.

Covered in goose bumps he got out, blindly grasping for the towel he had taken with himself, granting his exhausted eyes a few more minutes of blissful peace. While he dried his body, he thought about the many things that had happened the last 5 years.

The first year he had spent on the street. The winter had almost killed him. His home back then had been an abandoned building on the outskirts of town, all broken windows and mold. But it was better than sleeping in the snow, and when he was lucky, he found enough wood to make a fire, after the daily hunt for food.

The summer after, he had witnessed an old lady being robbed by some man, and had stepped in. It had earned him a bloody nose, but he had somehow managed to chase the man off, and the elderly woman allowed him to stay in her house, in exchange for housework and conversation. Now that Loki thought about it, it had been the best time he had spent on this blasted planet.

But much too soon, the woman had passed away, and as her children that hadn't visited her once while she was alive had sold the small house, and Loki was on the streets once more. It was by chance that he had walked into the diner he now worked at. He had wanted to ask for some old food, something they would normally throw away. But the woman behind the counter had quickly seen the misery the raven hair man was faced with, and being the kindhearted woman she was had served him a hot coffee and soup to help fend off the cold of the coming winter.

She had offered him a job as a waiter, telling him right off the bat that she wouldn't be able to pay him much, but that he would at least be able to afford a small place to stay and some food. Loki took the job.

And ever since he had worked at the diner with Elisabeth and John, the owners, day and night. They couldn't afford another waiter, and so Loki had to work almost non stop, only going home when he felt he was going to pass out from exhaustion.

He looked at himself in the mirror. He had always been thin, but now his cheek bones stood out almost pitifully, his eyes looked too big, his lips too thin. But I'm still alive. He thought as he brushed his teeth.

Turning from the mirror he slipped into his clothes, old worn jeans and a thin, worn out t-shirt. He couldn't afford to pay a bunch of money for clothes, so whenever he needed something, he would walk to the other end of town and buy his clothes from the second hand store there. Mostly black and green things. Memories of a home he used to have.

It was the bad habit of smoking that somehow managed to swallow up all his money. Despite buying the cheapest tobacco and papers, making his own cigarettes and not sharing, they still were his biggest cost. But Loki couldn't survive without the biting of the smoke in his lungs, the somewhat bitter taste that settled in his mouth after a smoke, and if he had to pick between food and more cigarettes, the latter always won.

Rolling a cigarette, he made his way out of his home, locking the door behind him, and making his way down the stairs. It was summer again, and he could leave his jacket at home. The diner was only a few blocks away, just enough time for the first cigarette of the day.

"Morning John." he called as he entered the diner, flicking his cigarette onto the street behind him.

"Morning Loki. You ready for another shift?" the taller man called back from the kitchen.

"Do I have a choice?" Loki joked, walking to the back of the diner, grabbing the belt with the small pocket attached to it, that he used to keep the wallet it. The diner was frequented by anyone that worked in the area, because the food was good and the prices were low. The rest of the customers were passer by's, or tourists. Loki was always busy at work, aside of those few peaceful moments in the morning where he could drink a cup of coffee, and if he was here early enough, have a small breakfast.

Slowly, the diner started to fill up, and Loki sighed. "Here we go." he muttered to himself, before plastering his most convincing smile onto his face and started to work.

"Thor, stop this insanity!" Odin roared, looking down at his son from the golden throne he sat in so comfortably every day.

"Insanity?! This is insanity?!" The thunderer roared back, sending yet another table crashing against the wall. "You expect me to simply sit idly and watch as you pick a bride for me? After what you have done?"

"I saved your life, you foolish boy." Odin grunted, slowly rising from his throne as he made his way down to the blond man. "And you will wed one of the maidens that have come here today. If you will not pick, then I will."

"No." Thor spat, his brows furrowed. "I will not wed anyone. I will not give you a heir. May the line of our family die out. May Asgard chose another to be their King! I will not be part of your wicked schemes."

Odin ran a hand over his face, shaking his head slightly in defeat. He would never get Thor to marry any of these women if he did not sooth the god of thunder. And then indeed, their family tree would die.

"A trade, then." Odin said quietly.

"And what could you trade me father?" Thor scoffed, turning to look at his father. "What could you give me that would make me give in?"

"Loki." Odin answered. Thor's eyes widened, his mouth dropping open. Was his father finally giving in? Would he be allowed to bring the man he loved home? Would he finally get to be with his brother once more?

"I will grant you 24 hours once a year. To spend as you wish. The bifrost will be open to take you where ever you wish. In return, you will wed a maiden, and you will produce a heir." Odin continued, making his way up to the throne once more, sitting down slowly. "That is my offer."

Thor swallowed. One day. Just one day to spend with the man he loved.

"Grant me 48 hours for the first visit. And I will agree." Thor answered. Odin sighed, before nodding his head and waving a hand.

"Be gone, you petulant boy. Heimdal will send you to your beloved brother. If you do not return, I will come to get you. You cannot hide. Remember that."

But Thor was already on his way to the bifrost.

Thor could barely contain his joy. After 5 years of his father keeping him away from Loki, after 5 years of everyone trying to convince him that he had been bewitched, or just gone mad, after 5 years he would finally be able to hold his lover close again.

Given, only for 48 hours until next year. But Thor knew this was the best he was going to get. That this was his only chance to see his brother, to hold him, to kiss him. To make sure that his brother was alright.

Oh how he had longed for this moment, how he had yearned for it. His heart was hammering against his chest with such force he felt it would break through his bones and skin any second. He was going to see Loki.

Months he had fought with his father, tried to escape, tried to get to his brother, but Odin had somehow always managed to be just one step ahead of him. If was then that Thor realized just how powerful his father was. Nothing that happened in Asgard went unnoticed by him.

But none of that mattered, not anymore, not now. He was going to see Loki.

"Heimdal!" he hollered as he reached the bifrost. "You heard what father said, did you not?"The keeper nodded, already standing in position to open the bifrost.

"Send me as close to him as you can." Thor requested as he stood, ready to be brought to his brother.

"Be back where I sent you, my prince, and be on time." Heimdal said, before thrusting his sword downward.

Loki was out back, inhaling the delicious smoke of a cigarette, exhaling slowly as he savored the taste. He had finally had the time for a break. He had already been working for 7 hours, and this was the first chance to sit and rest his feet. Oh this day was going to be endless.

It wasn't until the clouds darkened more and more that he lifted his head, squinting slightly to see what was going on. The day had been beautiful, warm, with a blue sky. So where were all these clouds coming from?

There was only once explanation, only one thing that would form clouds this way, and Loki felt his heartbeat speed up. But no, that was impossible.. throwing his cigarette onto the ground, he rushed into the diner and out the front door, staring up into the sky as the clouds darkened, turned, and there it was.

The brightness of the flash of light was almost blinding and Loki had to quickly shield his eyes with his arm, struggling to keep them open, but forcing himself to see who exactly had been brought here by the bifrost.

"Loki, what the hell is going on?!" Elisabeth screamed from the diner, but Loki didn't respond. Holding his breath, he waited for the light to fade, to reveal who had made the long journey. Where they here for him? Or was it just a coincidence that they had arrived so close to where he worked?

And then the world around him faded.

"Thor.." he breathed, watching as his brother turned his head, searching for something, someone.. and finally found what he had been seeking. Loki didn't even realize that he was running toward his brother, but he was suddenly wrapped up in a almost crushing embrace.

"Loki." the taller man whispered, holding his little brother close to his chest, showering the top of his head with kisses. Loki could not hold back his tears, could not stop from weeping against his brother's chest as he held him close.

"Loki?" John called, and the sorcerer turned to look at his boss.

"I-I'm coming." Loki called back, suddenly aware of how many people were staring at the odd couple and the markings in the floor.

"Stark Enterprise." he said loudly so that everyone could hear, and suddenly everyone was nodding, obviously pleased with this explanation. Tony Stark was known for his eccentric invention and that he liked to toy around with them.

"Come." Loki said, pulling Thor into the diner, sitting him down at the only empty table, and sliding in next to him. He still had 10 minutes of his break.

"You look ill, brother." Thor said quietly as they sat next to each other, raising a hand to the pale cheek of his brother.

"I look tired, Thor. I work a lot." Loki answered, leaning into the touch. "I'm not ill."

"You work here?" Thor asked quietly, looking around the diner, watching as Elisabeth served the customers. "Is life treating you well?"

"As well as can be expected." Loki answered, wrapping a small hand around Thor's, running his thumb over the thunderers knuckles. He was overwhelmed, overwhelmed that his brother was here, that he was touching him, holding his hand. Looking up into his beautiful face. The thunderer was smiling at him, blue eyes sparkling just the way they used to. Leaning down, he stole a kiss from the tricksters lips.

"You taste different." he breathed against Loki's lips as he broke the kiss.

"Its the cigarettes." Loki mumbled back, before leaning up to kiss Thor again.

"Boys, keep it clean!" John called from the kitchen, making Loki jump and pull back, his cheeks blushing in embarrassment.

"Sorry." he called back, reaching up to touch Thor's cheek. But his brother took hold of his hand, running his own, rougher fingers against the pale skin.

"Your hands look more like mine now." the thunderer said disapprovingly, before looking at Loki's face once more, his expression filled with worry. "You are so thin..."

"You worry too much. I'm alright." Loki answered, glancing at the clock. His break was over, he really needed to get back to work.. but Thor was here, and he didn't want to leave his brothers side.. but he also needed the money. Despite Thor being here, he knew he wasn't going home. He was still in exile. And he always would be. Whatever Thor was doing here, he wouldn't be staying.

"I need to get back to work." he said, smiling apologetically at his older brother. "I'm sorry..

can you wait?" Thor nodded slowly, glancing at the clock as well.

"How much longer do you need to work?" Thor asked quietly, still holding onto his brothers wrist.

"Couple more hours. It depends on how many people will be here." Loki said, slipping out of the booth, forcing his brother to let go of his hand. "I'll ask John if I can.. go home a little sooner okay?"

"Hurry then, Loki. We do not have much time." Thor replied quietly, looking up at the trickster, eyes clear, but filled with sorrow. Loki nodded, already having expected something like this.

Loki couldn't concentrate for the rest of the evening, but luck was on his side. It quieted down only hours later, and John sent him home early. Eagerly hanging up the belt and counting the money, the sorcerer was finally done.

His body ached, but he couldn't care less. Thor had patiently waited, keeping his eyes on his brother the entire time, watching him like a hawk. When Loki was finished, he stood and offered his brother his hand.

Loki took it, holding it tightly, as tightly as he could, scared that if he let go for just a second, Thor would disappear, would be taken from him again. It was a thought that made Loki cringe with pain. They didn't speak as Loki lead the way to his home, vaguely remembering the mess the place was.

"Up here.." he said quietly as he led his brother up the stairs, unlocking the door and holding it open for his brother to enter.

"This is where you live?" Thor asked, disbelieve all to clear in his voice as he stood in the middle of the one room apartment, looking ridiculously big in the small space. The floor was littered with dirty clothes Loki hadn't cared to clean yet, and he quickly started picking them off the floor, throwing them into the hamper.

"Yes. Its small but its all I need." Loki said quietly. He felt ashamed, ashamed of what had become him. He had once been a prince, and now? He turned to look at Thor, shrugging lightly. "Its.. its fine, Thor."

"Oh brother." Thor shook his head, stepping forward, once more embracing his brother tightly. "What have I done to you."

"You have done nothing to me." Loki whispered, looking up at his brother, smiling ever so gently. "It was worth it."

"Was it?" Thor questioned, looking around the small room once more. "You deserve to be dressed in silk, and served. Instead you are serving others."

"It was worth it." Loki breathed, capturing his brothers lips in a kiss that allowed no protest. "Every second with you was worth much more than I could ever put into words."

Thor sighed, pulling back from his brother, looking down at him with such pain painted onto his face that Loki would have given his life to erase it, to take away whatever was hurting his brother, to make him smile as he used to.

"I am here.. because father and I have come to an agreement." the god of thunder said slowly, eyes searching his brothers face.

"An agreement?" Loki asked quietly, his heart lurching into his throat. Was he, after all, going to go home? Was he going to get another chance? Was he going to spend his life with his brother, despite everything that happened? "What kind of agreement?"

"I may see you for two days now. And one day a year after that." Thor answered, his hands placed firmly at his brothers hips, as if he was trying to stop him from escaping. Loki swallowed. Whatever was going to be said now, he knew it would break his heart. "In return.. I am to be wed, and produce a heir with my wife."

Loki blinked. It took him seconds to realize what his brother was saying. Thor would marry. He would bed his wife. He would have a child, maybe more than one. His brother would be married.

"I see." he whispered. Pain arose in him, hot and bitter, swallowing up everything else he had felt at Thor's arrival. One day a year traded for the knowledge that Thor would now never be only his. That he would be with a woman while Loki was banned, doomed to live his long life in a place that would never be home.

"It was the only way, Loki." Thor said, pulling his brother against his strong body, burying his nose into the unruly black hair, closing his eyes. "I could not resist. Father knew if he gave me you, I would agree to everything. That I would do anything in the world if it just meant I could hold you."

"Father is a smart man." Loki replied, screwing his eyes shut as tears threatened to spill from his eyes.

"A cruel man." was the only answer he received. It seemed like they spent hours just standing, embracing each other, silently grieving. Grieving for each others pain, the loss of their freedom. Grieving for the things that had happened in the past, and would happen in the future.

Loki slowly pulled back, grasping his brothers hand, pulling him onto the small bed that protested as it was weighed down by two men instead of one. Loki paid it no attention, laying next to his brother, staring into those blue, blue eyes.

"A cruel man indeed. But I will see you. Once a year. And that is better than never seeing you again." he whispered, leaning in for a kiss, pressing his thin lips to his brothers, savoring the taste of his brother, a taste he had missed dearly. Thor tasted of the sun, of a soft breeze, of light and love. Loki regretted having smoked. He knew that many disliked the taste of cold smoke on their partners lips. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too." Thor sighed once more, wrapping an arm around his brothers smaller figure, pulling him closer, holding him in his strong arms. "I was going crazy with pain."

"I thought I was going to die. The first few months, I thought I was going to wither away." Loki closed his eyes, tears once more pricking at his eyes as he buried his face against the soft skin of the thunderers neck.

"If you had died, so would I have." Thor couldn't keep the sadness from his voice, couldn't help all the emotions arising in him. How had they ever gotten here? How had he allowed his father to take his lover from him? Banish him onto this cruel world? His brother deserved to be dressed in silk and served, his every wish fulfilled. And yet here he was, living in a place Thor would not have stuck a dog into, tired and broken.

Pulling the blanket over them, he looked down at his little brother, seeing how exhausted he was, and it broke his heart. How could such a beautiful being be used for such crude work?

"Sleep, brother." Thor commanded quietly.

"I do not want to waste our time sleeping." Loki replied, frowning up at his brother.

"I will wake you soon enough Loki." his brother whispered in return. "Sleep now. I will rest beside you."

Loki sighed, but he could already feel sleep tugging at him, and reluctantly he closed his eyes, allowing sleep to overcome him.

"Loki." a soft voice beckoned the trickster to open his eyes. He felt strangely rested, and as he opened his eyes he was staring into the eyes of his love. A smile appeared on his face. The last time he had woken next to Thor had been so, so long ago.

"Have you slept well?"

"As good as never before." Loki replied, reaching out his hand to touch his brothers cheek. "You did not let me sleep too long, did you?"

"Only a few hours. Though I wish I could have let you sleep until you were rested." Thor answered, leaning into the soft touch, pressing a soft kiss against his lovers palm. "The sun is not yet up."

"I can sleep when I am dead." Loki said, trying to lighten then heavy mood, but the look he received from his brother quickly silenced him. "Don't look so dour brother. Please."

"I cannot help it. You are wasting away, Loki." Thor answered, his voice low, anger evident on his face. "This is no place for you. It is breaking you."

"I am not breaking, nor am I wasting away, Thor. I am living my life as good as I can."

"You deserve more." Thor whispered. "Much, much more, my love. You deserve silk and gold. You deserve to be carried, for the earth beneath you is not worthy of your feet touching it."

"Oh brother.." Loki whispered, his cheeks turning a light pink at the thunderers words. "I deserve much less than that."

"You deserve everything the nine realms have to offer." Thor insisted, but finally, a smile crept onto his handsome face, making Loki smile in return.

"I need to shower." Loki said, slowly pulling back from his brother. "I probably smell something awful."

"Your scent is heavenly." Thor mumbled, and to prove his point, he ran his nose along his brothers neck, inhaling the scent, making his brother gasp and squirm. Oh how he had longed to touch the slender body next to him.

Slowly shifting, Thor moved his brother to lay beneath him, looking down at him silently. Loki smiled, wrapping his arms around his brother's neck, pulling him to down, their lips meeting in a sweet, gentle kiss, moving against each other, tentatively tasting each other, discovering what they had once known all too well. Tongues met, sliding against each other, dancing at a slow and sweet rhythm.

Thor sighed into the kiss, his hands moving to Loki's hips, sliding under the fabric that shielded his brothers chest from him, pushing it higher and higher to reveal pale skin, ribs too prominent, making the thunderer wince as he ran his fingertips over it. Breaking from his brothers lips, he pulled off the unnecessary piece of clothing, throwing it onto the floor.

Lips met again, but their kiss was brief, as Thor pressed gentle kisses over his brothers neck, licking and nipping at his ivory skin, leaving behind small red marks, just as he had in the past. His brother was reacting oh so deliciously to his actions, arching his back, writhing beneath him, sweet sounds of pleasure dripping from his lips.

"Thor..." Loki breathed, fingers tangling into the golden hair, green eyes watching intently as his brother made his way down his body, leaving not one inch of skin untouched. A gasp escaped the sorcerer as hot lips wrapped around his nipples, coaxing them to perk, to harden under the pleasurable assault. Groaning, the raven haired man tugged at his brothers clothing, needing to feel his hot skin against his own.

His wish quickly came true as Thor moved to kneel, discarding his tunic, throwing it onto the floor to join Loki's. And then warm lips were on his skin again, kissing, licking, biting, sending currents of lust through the lithe body, making the younger man moan and squirm, shiver with pleasure.

Reaching the hem of his lover's pants, Thor removed them swiftly, throwing the unwanted fabric onto the floor. Finally, he could see his brother, completely exposed, not able to hide anything from his eyes. Loki had thinned, but his body was just as beautiful as it had been 5 years ago.

"I love you, Loki." was all he could say as he looked down at his brother, running callous hands up his sides and along his arms, taking in every detail, every scratch, every birthmark.

"I love you too." Loki whispered, leaning up to kiss the most perfect man he had ever met. The only man he would ever love. He arched into his touch, his eyes falling shut, enjoying the caresses he was receiving, his own hands tangled into his brothers hair as his kisses traveled deeper and deeper.

"Oh..." the moan was soft, surprised, as he felt his brother's lips around his member, coaxing it to life, making it harden. Hips rolling up instinctively, he buried his throbbing length into the slick heat, his fingers tightening in the thunderers hair, tugging at it gently.

It had been so long since he had been touched in this way, and his body was reacting with desperation. He could already feel his orgasm approaching, threatening to end this before it had even started.

"Thor, stop.. not yet." he whispered, pulling at his brothers hair, and Thor complied, moving up to look at his brother, smiling at him, his breathing labored. Loki watched as Thor sat up once more, pulling down his pants, freeing his already weeping member.

"May I?" the blond asked as he leaned back down, looking into Loki's eyes.

"Of course.." Loki said, chuckling quietly as he arched his back, pressing his chest to his brothers. "Please do.."

Nodding, Thor brought two fingers to his brothers lips, just as he had in their first night. And Loki quickly accepted them into his mouth, sucking at them, licking over the tips and along their length, making sure that every patch of skin was covered with his saliva. Never had they made love this way. So sweetly. So sorrowful.

Thor pulled his fingers back, positioning them at his brothers entrance, working him open slowly, taking his time, pressing soft kisses to his brothers neck, his face, and lips. Loki couldn't stop the tears any longer. They rushed over his cheeks as he moaned, writhing under his brothers touch.

He had missed him so much, so much, and now he was here, with him, bedding him. Oh how often he had dreamed of this day. And yet, he knew his lover would soon be gone, off to marry some woman.

"Hush Loki." Thor whispered against the tricksters lips, kissing away the tears. "Hush now."

Loki nodded, biting down on his lower lip, spreading his legs for his brother, silently pleading to be taken, to be claimed by his brother, needing him more than the air to breath. He felt the fingers slipping from his body, and then a familiar warmth between his legs.

"Thor.." Loki breathed, wrapping his arms around his brothers neck as he pushed his hips downward, urging his brother to go on, to slip into his body. To make him forgot his pain, just for a few minutes. To warm him. To remind him of happier times.

A strangled sob escaped the sorcerer as his brother eased into him, slowly, giving him time to grow accustom to the intrusion. Blinking back the tears, Loki looked up at his brother, smiling, and it was the most beautiful thing Thor had ever seen. Beautiful and bittersweet.

He pulled back, thrusting into his brother slowly, steadily, angling his hips just as he used to, pulling moan after moan from his brother, watching as the younger man's face twisted in pleasure, leaning his forehead against Loki's.

He continued to thrust steadily. They were in no rush, and he was going to take his time with his brother, give him as much as he could, as much as his lover asked for. Time seemed to stop, the world froze around them. It was just them, together, making love in the too small bed.

He watched as his brother found completion, watched as his eyes flew open in awe, those beautiful lips forming his name in a silent cry. Loki took him over the edge with him, and he emptied himself into that delicious body.

And there they stayed, staring into each others eyes, trying to catch their breath, their sweat mingling, exchanging sweet kisses every once in a while.

It was the annoying ringing of Loki's cellphone that ripped them from their bubble. Loki reached out for his pants as Thor released his body, answering it.

"Yes? .. Oh, hi John... Hes uhm.. yeah.. something like that. Do you think I could have today off?" Loki cleared his throat, running fingers through his hair. "Yeah.. I can work another double tomorrow. Okay, great. Thank you."

"Another double? What does that mean?" Thor asked quietly after Loki had hung up, placing the phone onto the nightstand.

"Just means I'll work a little longer tomorrow, since I'm taking today off." Loki answered, smiling at his brother. He hated that he had to lie to his brother, but if he had told him just exactly how long a double shift was, he knew Thor would have forced him to go into work today. "Lets shower.. though I'm not sure we'll both fit into it."

"You go clean yourself first." Thor said quietly, sitting at the corner of the bed, resting his head on one of his hands.

"..You sure?" Loki asked quietly, frowning. Something was wrong with his brother, he could tell by the way the older stared at the opposite wall.

"Yes. Go clean yourself. I will shower after you."

"Okay." Loki didn't want to leave his brother like this, but he needed a shower. His skin stuck with sweat, and he could feel his brothers seed run down his thighs. And so he went to shower, opting to save the hot water for his brother.

The rest of their day was spent in bed simply embracing each other or more sweet sex, and then talking and laughing. Just for now they could ignore the world around them. Just for now they could act as if nothing was keeping them apart. Pretend that they would go to sleep next to each other, and wake together the next morning.

But as the hours passed, they both grew uneasy.

"Its time." Thor finally said. Loki nodded. 48 hours were almost up. He needed to go back. Heimdal would be waiting for him. Silently, they stood from the bed, slipping into their clothing, making their way out of the apartment.

Loki rolled himself a cigarette, which Thor asked to try. Loki quirked a brow at his brother but handed it over, watching his brother as he inhaled. A coughing fit was what followed, bringing tears to the thunderers eyes, and Loki couldn't help but laugh. And for the last few minutes, he could ignore the pain once more.

When they reached their destination, however, they couldn't pretend anymore. Wrapping his arms around his brothers neck, Loki claimed his lips once more, desperately kissing him, eager to taste him one last time, to inhale his lovers scent so that he wouldn't forget it until Thor returned.

"I love you." The sorcerer whispered as he pulled back.

"I love you too."

"Until then." Loki said, stepping back so that Heimdal could pull his brother from him, without taking Loki along as well.

"I will see you soon." Thor answered, confusing his younger brother, but before Loki could even think of a question to ask, his brother was wrapped up in the bifrost pull, and seconds later was gone.

Thor opened his eyes. He was back at home. He turned to Heimdal, nodding his silent thank you before moving away from the keeper. He could not trust anyone. Not now. Not with what he was going to do.

His heart was once more beating against his chest violently. His hands were shaking as walked into Loki's room. Nothing had been moved, everything had remained just as it was. Thor had let no one into his brothers room to remove anything.

Going through his brothers things, he finally found what he had been looking for. Loki's favorite blade. He was going to slay his father with his brothers weapon. Slipping it up his sleeve, Thor took a deep breath to steady himself.

The sight of Loki had shown him exactly what he needed to do. What he had to do to save his brother. His lover. Once Loki was back, Thor could give him back his magic. Loki could use an illusion to great a female, a wife, that Thor would marry. A heir would be produced in some way. All he needed was his brother.

"Thor." a soft voice called for him. Thor twirled around, facing his mother. They looked at each other in silence for a while.

"The door to our bedroom will be unguarded tonight. Come when the moon is at its highest in the sky."

"..Mother?" Thor asked quietly.

"I know what you plan to do." the female answered.

"Then why are you helping me? Do you not love father?" Thor asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Your father is not the man I once knew. Not anymore. My son. I have loved you since the moment I held you in my arms. And I knew that I would never love anything as much as my own child. I feel the same for your brother. And when he was taken from me, it broke my heart." she answered, smiling weakly at her oldest son. "..Loki did not have to be banished. You are not brothers by blood. There was nothing wrong with your love for each other."

"What are you saying?" Thor asked, his voice shaking. Not brothers by blood? What was his mother saying?

"..Back when your father fought in Jotunheim. He brought back a child, a Jotun child, small for an ice giant, and left to die. Laufey's son. He took him home, to Asgard. And we called him Loki."

"Loki is a Jotun?" Thor whispered, his hands shaking. Loki was a Jotun. They were not bonded by blood. His father had exiled the love of his life for no reason. Just because he did not want a frost giant as queen. As wife to his only real son.

"Tonight, Thor. Heimdal will be blind to what will happen." the female said quietly, before leaving the room, giving Thor time to think as night fell.

The fact that Loki was a Jotun did not bother Thor. It did not change anything. It explained the coolness of his brothers lithe form, the way he smelled of snow and ice. And Thor found that he now loved his brother even more.

The moon shone brightly through the night as Thor made his way to his parents chambers His hands were shaking. He was going to kill his father, in just a few minutes.

He stayed in the shadows, making sure that he was not seen. He could not be caught, or he would be sentenced to death, or worse, and he would never see Loki again. The image of his brother, no, his lover waiting for him to come see him in a year, waiting for something that would never happen gave him the strength to keep moving.

This was the only way to be with the one he loved above everything else. He had to dip his hands into his fathers blood. He had to become a murderer.

The doors were unguarded, just as his mother had promised. Thor opened the doors as quietly as he could. His mother was sitting up in her bed, looking at her oldest son, closing her eyes as she took a deep breath. And then she slipped out of her bed, watching as Thor moved towards the bed.

Thor looked down at his sleeping father, and for a second, he hesitated. Could he do this? Could he live with the guilt of taking his fathers life?

And then the image of Loki came to his mind. How pale he had been. How thin. How broken his brother had looked. No, he could not idly stand by as his brother fell apart. Slowly, he pulled the blade from his sleeve, glancing at his mother one last time. She nodded at him.

Thor lifted his arm, taking one last breath before bringing the blade down into his fathers chest, piercing his heart. The Allfather's eyes flew open, rolling around in their sockets, trying to make out his murderer as blood started to seep out of his mouth. Thor leaned to his fathers ear.

"Forgive me, father. But you left me no other choice." he whispered the last words the Allfather would hear in his life.

And then the king was dead.

Thor had to wait three days before he could bring Loki home. It was tradition to mourn the passing of a king, before crowning his son. The news of Odin's death had quickly spread throughout the entire of Asgard.

How the king's wife had woken to his lifeless body, how she had screamed for the guards, how the healers had tried to bring him back, but to no avail. The Allfather was gone, and the murderer was no where to be found. Thor was now king.

"Heimdal." he said quietly as he arrived at the bifrost.

"My king." came the soft reply. "You wish me to open the bifrost to Midgard?"

"Yes. It is time that my brother returns home." Thor looked at the tall man, blue eyes meeting blind red ones. "He was banished without reason."

"As my king wishes." Heimdal answered. And the bifrost was opened.

Loki thought he was going to die. Every bone in his body was aching, his head was pounding, and he felt as if he was going to pass out from sheer exhaustion. The diner was full, and this was his third double shift in a row.

"Loki, order up!" John called, and Loki made his way to the kitchen to gather the plates. "You okay kid? You look horrible."

"Just.. tired, John." Loki replied wearily, looking at his boss, mustering up the best smile he could come up with.

"I know we've been working you hard kid. But you know what, after today, you can take a few days off. Just make it through tonight, okay?" John replied, smiling sympathetically at the male.

"Thanks, John. I can use a few days of not moving." Loki smiled, his spirits lifting by the idea of a couple free days. He was just placing the plates at the customers table as the familiar rumble of the opening bifrost caught his attention.

"Stark again." one of the customers mumbled, not paying it much attention. But Loki stood frozen, watching as the bifrost brought someone to Midgard. Who could it be? Surely not Thor, he would not see him until next year. So who then? Their father?

"Loki. Stop standing around, you're not off yet!" John called from the kitchen, forcing Loki back to the kitchen. His hands were shaking, his breath coming in short gasps. This could only mean that their father was here to kill him. That whatever Thor had done would now cost him his life. But the voice that called his name was not his fathers.


Loki's head snapped up, and he was suddenly being hugged tightly to Thor's chest.

"Thor?" the sorcerer asked, obviously confused, looking up at his brother. "What are you doing here?"

"I am taking you home." Thor said gently, running his fingertips along his brothers cheeks. "Its time you come home."

"Loki, what the hell, you can't just let your lover run into the kitchen!" John scolded. "Take a break if you need to, but hurry up, and get him out of here!"

Loki nodded, stupefied, pulling his brother out of the kitchen and out the back entrance, into the fresh air of the soft summer evening.

"Never again will you have to do this." The joy in the thunderers voice was all too obvious. "You will never have to work again in your life."

"Thor I don't understand. Why has father changed his mind?" Loki asked, furrowing his brows. Thor's expression fell, turning serious.

"...Father is dead. He was murdered." Loki felt his knee's grow week.

"M-Murdered? By who?" he asked, reaching out to steady his body against the wall of the diner.

"The murderer has escaped." Thor answered, moving closer to his brother. He couldn't tell Loki what he had done. His brother would never be able to take the guilt of having his father killed to bring him home. He would forever have to keep this to himself. "But you get to come home. Is that not what you wanted? To come home?"

"Y-Yes of course.. I just.. didn't think it would be like this." Loki whispered, closing his eyes. He felt nauseous, his stomach lurching, and the sudden painful news forced him to double over, emptying his stomach onto the floor.

"Brother!" In seconds, Thor was by his side, rubbing his back with one hand, holding back the raven hair with the other.

"S-Sorry.." Loki whispered, whipping his mouth clean with the towel that hung over his belt. "I've not been feeling well."

"Sit." Thor commanded softly, moving his brother to sit on an empty crate, kneeling in front of him, looking him up and down. "You are ill."

"Yeah.. probably a flu." Loki rasped, disgusted by the taste in his mouth. "..So father is dead. You're king now.. and you're taking me home?"

"Yes." Thor said, smiling at his brother gently. "You are finally coming home. And when you do. I will wed you."

"Thor, did you fall and hit your head?" Loki asked quietly. "You cannot wed me. We are brothers."

"Not by blood." Thor answered. "Mother told me.. You were not born in Asgard, Loki. Nor were you fathers child by blood."

"..What?" Loki could feel his stomach lurching again, pushing his brother to the side just in time before vomiting once more. Dry heaves tortured his body, and he was unable to answer John as he came out to see why Loki was taking so long.

"Jesus Christ." John said quietly. "You, take him home."

"He won't be coming back." Thor said quietly, looking at the man that stood before them.

"I figured. Just.. take him home." The door was shut once more. After what seemed like hours, Loki could finally sit up once more.

"..So what am I? Who am I?" he asked, looking at his brother. And then he remembered his fathers words. "..I'm a Jotun. Aren't I?"

"Yes. You were taken from Jotun back during the war." Thor sighed, standing, rubbing his face. "I did not think it would affect you this much brother."

"Thor just.. you must realize this is a lot to take in." Loki answered, shaking his head. "I am.. so happy we are going home." He offered his brother a smile, and after a few seconds, it was returned.

"Yes, Loki. We are going home."

The sorcerer smiled, slowly rising to his feet, reaching his hand out to his brothers, allowing the taller male to pull him into another embrace. "And we'll be together until the end of our time."

"Until the end of time, brother, Loki. Until the end of time."