Hi! Well, as promised in TYaF, I updated this! I don't really write down my ideas, so I just write whatever pops into my mind at the time! I will try to speed up the next ones too since, to be honest, the story is near the end. But don't worry! After this is done along with The Wolf and The Fox, I will try to write a sequel or prequel to this (I was thinking of writing the next one based on The Magician's Nephew). For those who are wondering how an Iiepmop looks like, look up Kaibustu from Ginga Densest Weed and you have it. Anyway! Enjoy this nice chapter I did for you all!

Suigetsu and Juugo got closer to Naruto. They got curious about what he just said.

"Guys," said Naruto, "something about Gaara is just not right."

"I know right?" said Suigetsu, "he's always been a creepy psychopath!"

"That's not what I mean, stupid! He's different!"

"He now actually shows emotions like any human being."

"True, but that;s not it-"

"He actually hates me now."

"Will you be quiet!?"

"I was trying to guess!"

"Anyway! It's his moves! Did anyone else notice it?"

"Whatever it it, this is not the best place to discuss it!"

"We can't go back to the hanging tree now! We are in the middle of the battle!"

"Then let's go to Tarkaan! He can hide us under his scales!"

"okay, lets do it!"

Juugo grabbed naruto and they flew to the wrestling Tarkaan. They hid below one of his scales on the back of his neck.

"Okay," said Juugo, "Elohim made Tarkaan to protect Nirmia, so he made him super powerful, with the strength of a million horses, a trillion katana sharp teeth, a spike whip tongue, a wing with the strength of billion eagles, and scales hard as ten thousand diamonds. So we should be safe down here."

"All of that was really necessary?" asked Suigetsu, "well, you forgot to mention Tartan is also the size of thirty blue whales. Oh, Elohim thought well though it!"

"Of course he did! He created everything working in such harmony with each other! Chemical reactions, body healing system, all working so well together and people think it was all a big accident!'

"What part of 'if there is a creation there need to be a creator' don't they understand?"

"GUYS!" called Naruto, "GAARA!"

"Right!" said Juugo, "sorry!"

"It's okay! Well, there was something about Gaara's moves that were just not right."

"I noticed he vanished from where he was."

"True, but I don't think that is it! He can't just vanish like that."

"Maybe while you and Cole were looking for Nirmia, he learned to teleport."

"I needed sage powers to teleport. Gaara can't learn it from such a short period of time!"

"Maybe there was someone or something behind this all."

"Guys," said Suigetsu, "We should maybe find a way to get close to Gaara. The we can spy properly."

"But how will we?"

"I don't know, but we should be quick. Regardless of Tarkaan's strength, something about Gaara is keeping him away."

Just then, Karin flew in as a bird.

"Guys," she said, "I found Cole."

Naruto was suddenly overjoyed by the news. He was close to Cole for such a long time that Cole felt like a brother.

"Where is he?" he asked.

"If you don't hurry," she said, "in the stomach of hypnotized Iiepmop."

Naruto flew outside rushing. he looked around everywhere. He finally spotted his friend being tossed around by the Iiepmop. Naruto kicked the Iiepmop on the eye. It fell back and ran. He walked over to Cole. There were gashes all over him and a huge cut on his neck where the Iiepmop was bitting. Naruto began to use his power to heal him. Cole regained consciousness and saw him.

"N-naruto," he said.

"Don't move," said Naruto, "I'm healing you."

"Watch your back. We are still in a battle."

"You need healing!"

"You need to stop Gaara first."

karin landed next to them.

"I'll heal him, Naruto!" she said, "get Gaara!"

Hesitating, Naruto flew towards Gaara once again. This time, a bear was what stopped him. It gave him a large scratch on the shoulder. Naruto fell not far from the sea. He was seeing Gaara being protected by his men. But then, he noticed black flames around him. Naruto suddenly had an idea to find out better of what was with Gaara. he flew back towards Tarkaanss.

A few minutes after that, Gaara called retreat with part of his troops to go on fighting. Eragon and other animals on Gaara's command crossed to the other side of the hill of the hanging tree.