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Sasuke and Hinata's First Date

(requested by iamthetrueauthor)

"I did not realize that movie would be so…" Sasuke trailed off in a rare show of speechlessness. The two had just walked out of Icha Icha Bonanza, which Kakashi had recommended to them, personally.

"It's o-okay. It was - educational." Hinata forced a smile, her arms folded against the sleeveless sundress she was wearing.

"I…" Sasuke said, but he continued to be at a loss for words. Thinking of the mission, he took a deep breath. "Of course. Particularly…the part…with the cherries." He did not meet her eyes.

Hinata reddened. "Should we c-catch dinner at the hotel? I just w-want to get you back to b-bed."

"Right," said Sasuke, and the two robotically walked out of the movie theater, its employees peering at them as they did so. The awkwardness between them was almost tangible.

Sasuke and Hinata were undercover in Uzushiogakure, posing as tourists in an effort to detract attention from their efforts to steal a scroll. Their hotel was only a few blocks away from the movie theater. The two entered the dining room and were promptly seated. Sasuke ordered sake for both of them, then busied himself with staring at a wall.

He didn't see the concern in Hinata's eyes, where she sat opposite him at their small table. She had never anticipated Sasuke would be more uncomfortable than she was, but it was becoming painfully evident, not only to her, but to their spectators. Swallowing her nerves, Hinata reached across the table and grabbed his hand, which caused him to stiffen. "Kikai," she whispered his alias, leaning over to peck his lips, and Sasuke did the one thing he should not have – he cringed.

"You aren't tourists," a voice accused, and the two looked up to see the hotel manager had appeared beside the table, eying them.

"Y-yes we are," said Hinata, because Sasuke was flushed and recovering from what she could only assume to be anger.

"Then why are you both so awkward and nervous?" The manager nodded to Sasuke as he downed his sake.

"Well, t-tonight's the first time we're supposed to…"

Sasuke stared at her.

"…and we just w-want it to be s-special."

Where do girls come up with this stuff? Sasuke wondered. His cheek twitched.

The hotel manager glanced from Hinata to Sasuke, who could not have looked further from nonchalant, but maybe that was a good thing. The man released a hearty chuckle, then gave a lecherous grin. "In that case, may I recommend our pent house for the remainder of your stay? It has a jacuzzi, and a great view from the top floor. I'll even throw in a discount for the young lovebirds." He chuckled again as he refilled Sasuke's glass.

"What's the catch?" said the Uchiha tersely.

"Oh, no catch. I just want to see your faces in the morning. I have this gift, you see. It's rather pointless, but it keeps me entertained. I can tell wolves from sheep, so to speak." The man smirked at Sasuke, but the boy did not seem to get it. "You know, cats from cubs. And you two are definitely cubs."