Chapter One; When I Was Younger

.. When I was younger, I asked my father
"Why are we so human?"
Now that I'm older
I think I figured it out
We're just doing what we can ..

She looked through every room in the house, but her sister was nowhere to be found. There was one place she hadn't checked yet- the basement. She was by herself. He had already gotten to her Aunt Rebekah and Uncle Stefan, and had nearly gotten Elijah as well, but he flashed her away just in time. Now he was off with her father looking for any witches brave enough to face Silas with them. Obviously, it wasn't going so well.

She descended into the basement, with the image of every horror move she'd ever seen running through her head. This is definitely the part where the killer would lock her up for good. Get a grip, she told herself. She could do this. She was part werewolf, part vampire, and part witch! Silas should have been toast long ago, but as it turned out, they had underestimated him greatly. The longer he was out of his tomb, the stronger he became.

She turned the corner and reached for the light switch, and pulled the chain. Instantly, she wished that she hadn't. She was met with the worst sight she had ever seen in her life. There, lying in front of her was her brother and stepmother. For most people, the phrase stepmother conjures up bad associations and poisoned apples, but Caroline was anything but evil. Caroline was a mother to her, when her own mother wasn't there. Caroline was, somehow, able to give her a younger sister. Caroline was, for all intents and purposes, her mother; and here she was, grey and lying in a pool of her own blood. It was clear that her brother had tried to protect Caroline, but they were both dead…

Luna rushed to the bodies and, just by touching them, knew she was too late. Most vampires give a feeling of coldness when a witch comes in contact with them, but Caroline had always been different. Not only was she family, but she was also warmer than your average vampire. Luna's father had said that Caroline was full of light, but she thought it was more than that. She thought that Caroline was the personification of light itself. Now there was just a veiny, grey body, tinted with red. Thankfully, her sister was nowhere to be found. Perhaps she got out and left to find their father.

The whispers of the spirits filled the room, and Luna looked around for the source. The room was empty at one moment, and then she blinked and it was filled with her loved ones. They surrounded her in a circle, and they all had sad smiles on their faces. She stood from her kneeling position and looked at all of them. They were all there. Her uncles, Finn and Kol, were standing next to each other; Finn was holding Sage's hand, and Kol was holding Bonnie's.

Sure, they had died before she was born, but that didn't mean they weren't there for her. She had been able to see them since she was little, and they helped her with so many things. Bonnie and Finn helped her refine her magic. Kol helped her with her magic as well, but mostly he helped her and her sister cause mischief. Sage was very motherly, but she also taught them about adventures and living life to the fullest. As she turned, she saw everyone they had lost over the years of Silas' war.

There was Katherine, who wasn't extremely close to the family, but she gave her blood willingly so that Klaus could sire more hybrids. She was one of the first to die by Silas' hand. She had created a bond with Luna over the years for some reason. Then there was Elena, one of Caroline's best friends. She was like a second mother to Luna. She created a bond with Elijah when she moved in to help protect the girls. She died shortly after that, when Silas showed himself in Elijah's form. They were both standing on either side of Damon Salvatore. He was a cocky, arrogant bastard, but when his spirit appeared to help Stefan, he gave Luna pointers on how to stay alive.

She saw Matt and April- the only humans of the bunch. They were the only ones who kept the siblings sane throughout this, but they still weren't sure how they ended up on the other side if they weren't supernatural. She saw Sophie and Davina; even Marcel was there. Then she saw Rebekah and Stefan, standing next to…

"Mom?" she asked.

"Hello Luna," Caroline said.

She ran to give her a hug, and breathed in a sigh of relief when she made contact. She wasn't crazy- they were all really here. Caroline pulled away only slightly and wiped the tears from Luna's face. Her brother, Asher, was there as well. Luna pulled him into a hug and cried even more. "What happened?" Luna asked.

Caroline sighed. "Silas happened. He took the form of your sister," she said.

Luna shook her head and said; "Where is Willow?"

"Silas took her," Asher replied.

"Why?" Luna asked.

Someone came to stand next to Caroline- a young lady with dark hair, who reminded Luna a lot of Bonnie. She smiled a sad, sympathetic smile. "My dear, your sister is a doppelgänger," she replied.

"Who are you?" Luna asked.

"My name is Quetsiyah, and I'm here to help you with your problem," she said.

"How?" Luna asked.

Quetsiyah smiled and put her hand in Luna's, before saying; "We need to have a chat." With that, she waved her hand, sending the other ghosts away.

Quetsiyah took Luna upstairs to sit on one of the unbroken sofas. Silas had really done a number on the house, and it sent a chill through Luna. This was her childhood home. Happy memories were made here. She was raised here, along with her sister, and now it looked positively… abandoned. Quetsiyah dusted off a sofa cushion before sitting down.

She sighed and looked at Luna. "Now, my dear, do you know the story of Silas and his lover?" she asked.

"Yes, partly. I know that his lover was your handmaiden, but you loved him and didn't want them to be together," Luna replied.

Quetsiyah smiled and chuckled. "Oh, you make it sound so simple. Silas showed interest in me as well. He wanted to play us against each other. He thought that was the only way to get what he wanted. We didn't see things as clearly as we do now, but then again, death puts things in perspective for you. The point is that Silas ultimately chose Amara over me, and I was… jealous. I killed her; a girl I once called my friend. Then I died placing the tomb spell on Silas. It took years of arguing and fighting, but we finally made up on the other side. Now Silas wants to use your sister's body as a vessel for Amara's spirit," she explained.

"What? We can't let that happen? Can't you stop him?" Luna asked.

"I can't, but you can," Quetsiyah answered.

"How?" Luna asked.

"You will need to go back in time and kill Silas before he ever awakens. You'll have to make sure that nobody even begins searching for the cure. There are so many people who shouldn't have died. You can prevent it from happening, and you can ensure that Klaus ends up with his one true mate," Quetsiyah replied.

Luna thought for a moment. If she were to change the past, that would mean that Klaus and Caroline could have gotten together sooner, but it would also mean that she wouldn't have been conceived. It seemed like she had only two options; stay in this time and wait for the inevitable death of all vampires by Silas, or she could travel back in time and save everyone else.

"So is there anything else I need to know before I turn into Marty McFly?" Luna asked.

Quetsiyah looked confused and said; "Well, I don't know what that means, but before you go into the past you'll need this." She waved her hand and a golden chain with a ruby locket hanging from it appeared around Luna's neck. "This will allow you to contact me with no issue. Just open it and I will appear. Not only must you complete the task of killing Silas, but you must make certain that a few key people do not die! You've heard the stories of your father's arrival in Mystic Falls. You know who dies and who doesn't, and you know who you need to save. Will you do this?"

"Yes," Luna replied. "I'll do this."

The family watched from the other side as Klaus and Elijah returned home to find that the front door was no longer attached to the hinges. Klaus wasted no time before flashing inside, calling out the names of his children and his love. They were nowhere to be found, and he was beginning to panic. Caroline tried calling out his name. Asher tried stopping him from going into the basement, but they were helpless. They had no other choice but to watch as he descended the stairs. Each step had a family member on it, reaching out to try and stop the hybrid from seeing what was down there. There was no way for them to get their message through, and they all stood together, watching as the Original hybrid crumbled at the scene before him.

They watched as he walked to the lifeless bodies of his son and his love. He cried out, true tears falling from his eyes. Normally when he was upset, he would lash out and act in anger. This time, there was no anger. He only felt the crushing pain in his chest from the deaths of two very important people in his life. The tears would not stop; even Elijah was affected by them. Then Klaus realized something; his other two girls weren't here. He stood and looked around the empty cellar. His family on the other side watched with teary eyes as he put the pieces together.

"I found this note taped to the fireplace, Niklaus. It's addressed to you," Elijah said softly.

Klaus took the paper from his hand and was surprised at who the letter was from. He thought it would be from Silas, but it was from Luna.


I am sorry for making this decision without consulting you first, but there was simply no time. I hope you'll understand why I am doing this. I arrived home to find mother and Asher in the basement- please, for your own sanity, do not go down there. Silas has taken Willow, because apparently she is the doppelgänger of his lover. He wants to use her as a vessel to bring Amara back to the land of the living. Quetsiyah came to visit me- yes, the queen of the other side. She offered a way for me to set things right, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to make things right, and you won't have to worry about anything else.

I love you, more than anything else in this world, and for once I wish you could have happiness without the fear of losing it. I will make this right. I will end Silas, once and for all. I'll miss you. Please get Willow back.

Love, Luna."

"Niklaus, what does it say?" Elijah asked.

Klaus sighed and lowered his head. "She's gone, Elijah. She's gone."

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