She watched him walk away with as he had the petite, black-haired girl tucked underneath his arm, the jealousy and pain eating away at her soul, making her feel as empty as a Hollow hole. She touched her chest to check if a hole had started to form.

The couple looked so sugary sweet she thought she'd have a cavity for sure, but she would never say such things out loud. She was sweet Orihime Inoue, she was eccentric, bubbly and she would make the food only she could eat. She watched as he turned his head back and his brown eyes connected with hers, Orihime feeling the electricity she always felt. But she knew he never felt it.

He smiled at her and waved his hand, fondness shone in his chocolate brown eyes. Orihime painted a beaming smile on her face and waved her hand frantically. "BYEEEEEEEEE!" She squealed at the top of her lungs, she was so used to her mask of happiness it was almost too easy to feign elation.

Orihime heard Ichigo's sweet laughter and her heart hurt, the burn so intense she thought it would swallow her alive. Just from that small laugh. She couldn't take the pain, she couldn't take anything that concerned Ichigo. She ran ahead of the couple, running past Ichigo and Rukia, ignoring Ichigo's yells for her to stop.

Her legs protesting from the speed, pushing her body to its limits, but the pain was a dull pound in the back of her head, the ache in her heart was more terrible than anything she had experienced. Orihime reached her unit and stumbled through the doorway, her eyesight blurred by the scalding tears rolling down her cheeks.

Orihime fell to her knees on the floor and cried, her tears splashing against the wool of the soft cream carpet. Her heart breaking into delicate fragments and they broke into tiny pieces as they fell to the floor.

She couldn't stay anymore. She had to leave. Orihime wasn't going to be the sweet innocent one anymore, she wasn't going to be the one everyone has to feel obligated to protect.

She was going to become a bad girl and prove everyone wrong.

Then she left.

She left Tatsuki, Chad, Uryuu, Renji, Rukia and Ichigo.

Left them all.

She lived in the slums of Tokyo and became the bad girl she wanted to be, suppressing her kindness and slashing away everyones fragile thoughts of her.

Even if she had truly accomplished her goal, there was still a hole in her heart, one that no supply of pleasurable men could fill. No amount of being a bad girl could help her freeze the stirrings of the sweet Orihime.

Even after 10 years, there was never a day when she didn't think about them.

Though there were days she tried, yes, she tried desperately to forget them and the sweet memories melting her cold heart.

But she never could forget.

It was like someone had drilled a hole in her temple and continously started feeding the memories into that tiny hole.

Memories of the fun times at school, working, even being kind had its perks. But there was something in particular she missed.

Orange hair, brown eyes, full lips, peach skin, tall body, broad shoulders, muscled chest and arms and a scowling expression. Ichigo Kurosaki.

She had to see everyone again.

Orihime stood on the busy streets of Karakura town, hey eyes glazed over the familiar buildings and stores built. Orihime continued walking, wearing black pants, a ripped red tank top and a gray oversized hood jumper with construction boots on.

She looked like Tatsuki and the thought of her dear friend brought a small smile to her lips.

Her burnt auburn red hair lifted in the breeze, even as a bad girl, Orihime couldn't bear to cut the long tresses that now hung over her backside.

Orihime lifted the hood over head and continued to walk, her gray eyes assessing everything, drinking in her old home town, the green trees almost a rare sight in the slums of Tokyo, felt like a magical experinece to Orihime. She was so caught up in her own thoughts that she bumped into a hard body.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" He apologised and Orihime looked up to give him a piece of her mind, then she completely went frozen. Her gray eyes wide, her lips slightly parted, her cheeks filling with colour. There was only one man who could make her blush like this, make her completely speechless.

Ichigo Kurosaki was pressed right against her.

His look of shock almost made her laugh, his brown eyes widened as hers did, his lips flapping open and closed like a fish, making her want to put a hook and fishing line in front of him with a worm and see if he'll take the bait. His mature features dazzled her once more, his hair shaggier and his body more muscular, even taller.

"Orihime... is that you? Orihime Inoue?" He asked disbelievingly and his melodic voice made her feel all warm inside, her cold heart melting slightly.

She snapped out of her daze and looked at him coldly. "I do not know who you are talking about, sir. I think you mistake me for someone else." She said in her usual ice cold voice and then her eyes caught the glint of something silver in his hand.

It wasn't in his was on his hand! A wedding ring!

So he had finally married Miss Rukia Kuchiki, woops, Kurosaki now.

The rage Orihime felt, even Satan would not want to be near her, she whirled around and ran off, running as fast as her legs were capable of.

Ichigo had to be dreaming, he had to be.

Orihime had been gone for ten years, everyone had presumed that she was dead. Tatsuki was still in mourning, the loss of her best friend had changed her drastically, there was no way that Orihime was right in front of him.

But somehow, she felt real, she looked real, she sounded real, no matter how cold or emotionless her tone was, and the only way he realised Orihime was alive and well, was by the way she blushed, the way she got the glazed look when she stared at him.

Orihime was real, and he had to find her, to bring Tatsuki out of her internal Hell.

Rukia would castrate him for this.

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