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Gabriel would've woken up sooner but after Sammy went to bed he decided that he actually should have his stuff with him and went to the hotel to get it. Just a duffle bag and a suitcase was all he had right now. One was for his equipment and the other was just for clothes. He also changed into some camo pajama bottoms but forwent the shirt. It wasn't because he was trying to seduce the cop in his own home or anything of that nature. He was simply...toasty last night…

Good thing he stayed asleep because there was this wonderful aroma that enticed his growling stomach. The leather creaked under him as he shifted from his balled position. Oh, look, there was a comforter on him. Food could wait; which was a phrase that was rarely thought about in Gabriel's mind. He was way too comfy. He settled back into himself as he relaxed and waited for sleep to come again. But then something was placed next to his head and the smell was ten times stronger. He looked up and there was a plate of steaming pancakes.

His stomach grumbled excitedly as he looked up at Sam who had a spatula in his hand and a greeting smirk on his face. His hair was roughed up, almost like he just took a shower, and it fell from the sides of his face as he looked down at the thief. Gabriel lost his ability to think.

"So, looks like you checked out of your room." Sam's eyebrow rose and continued to stare at him. Gabriel stared back silently willing his eyes to pry themselves away from the morning hazels that acknowledged him. Then he remembered that he wasn't a teenage girl and quickly threw off the blanket. He grabbed the plate as Sam went back to the kitchen and he went to sit at the table which was set with silverware and mugs with glorious black coffee in them. His eyes went wide as he sat in a chair and stared at the small gravy boat filled with what looked like syrup. If it turned out to be maple syrup then Gabriel was not liable for what would happen or what would be heard through the course of the meal. He grabbed the gravy boat just as Sam brought a couple of plates over to the table containing scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. God damn it, Gabriel didn't want to ever leave!

He poured an obscene amount of syrup on his stack of pancakes and ignored the slightly disgusted look Sam threw his way. Then he quickly stuffed his face with fluffy pancake and he just couldn't hold the moan that beat his brain to his mouth. It was maple.

"Oh my God. I love you."

"You're ridiculous." Sam stated as he poured a little bit of the syrup on his one pancake.

"What? I haven't had a home cooked meal in a while."

"Why not?"

"Sammy, I'm a working criminal with lots of money. I don't have the time to make my own shit. I just go to fancy restaurants."

"Sounds like excuses to me. I think you're just lazy. You're a con man. You don't worry about time unless you're on the job and if you needed time you would just buy it." Gabriel looked at the Fed with a full mouth. He was mostly right. The thief barely gave a thought of making anything for himself.

"Either way, these are delicious and I would love to pay you back." Gabriel made lewd eyebrows at Sam which the bastard totally ignored. If the Fed would let him then the thief would be on his knees in fucking seconds. He dipped a piece of bacon into the syrup and happily groaned when he chewed on it. He licked at his lips for some of the sticky substance that was left. The man was so into breakfast that he almost missed Sam's stare and the clearing of his throat after he realized that he was staring at him so intently.

"So, I need to be at work in about an hour."

"Gotta do your duty; serve your country or something like that."

"I wanted to thank you for not stealing the ring while I slept."

"I couldn't have stolen it even if I wanted to. I'm not as coordinated in my sleep." Gabriel dipped his sausage in the syrup pooling at the bottom of his plate.

"Well, thanks anyway. It would've been difficult to explain to my boss." Sam pointed out. The thief smirked his way.

"You're very welcome."

"I'm guessing you're gonna stay here while I'm gone." Sam cut at his pancake.

"Pssh. Like you have to guess with me. You just know."

"Just, I don't know if I trust you alone in my house"

"You trusted me in the house while you were asleep." Gabriel's smirk only intensified as he saw Sam's jaw tightened.

"I was still here."

"But not conscious enough to have stopped me from stealing the ring...if I wanted to." Gabriel clarified as he started on his eggs. "Look, I promise I won't steal your stuff or anything like that. I haven't relaxed in a while so I'm just taking the chance. I may be a douchebag sometimes but I'm only a douchebag to people I don't like." Well, that looked like it didn't work with the look Sam had on his flawless face. "Who knows? Maybe I'll go out because I'll be incredibly bored by myself." Suddenly, Sam's phone went off; the boring stock ringtone screeching out. Gabriel thanked whoever was on the other line.

"Winchester." Gabriel reached over quietly and stole a piece of sausage off Sam's plate. He was slightly disappointed when he didn't get a rise out of his new roommate. The agent pretty much had no choice in the matter of the thief staying in his place or not. He DID check out of his hotel room already and YEAH RIGHT he would go back to the family house by himself.

"Yeah, sure. Thanks, Castiel." Wait...what?

"Castiel?" Gabriel muttered to himself. It couldn't be...hang on...FBI? Castiel was a FBI agent the last time he heard about anything relating to his family which was most definitely YEARS ago. Well, besides Lucifer's whole crime ring of ridiculousness. Was Cas really in the same division as Sam? This world wasn't that small….Gabriel really needed to go to those family holidays Jay, Anna, and Raphael liked to host from time to time. Maybe then he would actually know what was going on within his own family.

"Novak." Gabriel blinked. He didn't even notice he stopped eating or that he had a frown on his face. He quickly replaced it with a hollow smile and brought his fork back to his mouth.

"What's up, Samsquatch?" Sam's face scrunched up in irritation as he got up with his plates and headed to the kitchen. He left them in the sink and then came back to lean up against the counter dividing the kitchen from the dining room. The sexy man leaned back with his palms planted at his sides on the counter. Gabriel couldn't help but just drool from his eyes as the tucked in button up shirt moved with him. He has only ever seen Sam in a full on suit and here the Fed was without the jacket and tie and those top buttons undone teasingly.

The con man was definitely paying too much attention to this. To Sam. Like, it was normal for him to appreciate magnificent genes but Gabriel was doing a bit too much of in-depth oogling to be called normal.

"I'm going to work. I will be taking inventory when I get back and it would be preferred if you were to just stay on that couch the whole day. Also, the dishes should be done."

"Haha! You're expecting waaaaay too much from me."

"I know. At least, do the dishes."

"Sure, Sammy." Pffft. As if Gabriel would do dishes. Right. He didn't think he had ever done the dishes. With the oodles of money his dad had, maids came with the package.

Sam disappeared down the hall to the mysteriousness of his bedroom. Gabriel finished his breakfast just as he heard the front door open.

"I'll be home as soon as I can." Sam called out.

"Alright, Honey!" Gabriel called back. The door clicked closed and he smiled to himself. After a couple seconds, Gabriel was bored. He opened up the fridge and took note of the lack of anything in it. You could tell a lot about a man just looking at his refrigerator and it looked like everything that was used for breakfast was bought very recently. Gabriel would bet his Reese's Pieces that it was bought this very morning. Other than the leftover breakfast items, there was nothing. Though, the sweet worshipping human completely ignored all the leafy greens that filled the bottom of the shelf. What? Did the cop work so much he didn't have time to eat real food? He closed the door a little afraid to look in the freezer.

What Gabriel should be doing instead was setting up plans and gathering more info on his father's artifact. But he was stuck.

Any leads he thought were useful, weren't. The clues were in the same state. It was like Dad didn't want anybody to have it. Which sucked. Lucifer wanted it for fame or to make money off it but Gabriel sensed that there was something deeper. Michael didn't care for it but big brother watched the other big brother with eagle eyes to keep him from doing anything terrible. Michael's face was kind of hilarious when Luci disappeared into the night. After they got wind of what Luci had been up to (thefts, fraud, pyramid schemes, loan sharks, and even...drug dealing) Michael had been searching for the man ever since. Gabriel wasn't even sure if the family house was even lived in anymore.

Gabriel wanted the artifact as a momento. Put it somewhere it belonged where the rest of his family (well, the less psychotic ones) could appreciate it. They all still loved Dad no matter what he did or what he was and the artifact would be a good tribute to him because Father was still a good man besides him being, possibly, the biggest thief in the history of thieves. Gabriel was told once that his dad was like the "King of Thieves" to which he laughed at because really? Anyway, his dad had a code he lived by and everyone respected him for it. Even in today's world, where any criminal act could get so ugly, his dad would have upheld his code with no problem. Gabriel had a code, too but it wasn't nearly as honorable as his dad's.

During Gabriel's deep thinking, he had started to wash the dishes. That bothered him less than he thought it would. It was actually relaxing.

He wondered what everyone else was up to; his family. It had, years. Without...without any contact with any of them. He had just been going from place to place; heist to heist for the past few years that family was the last thing on his mind, which was terrible. He guessed all those hotels, the booze, and...sexual excursions were distractions rather than the perks of the job. Well, they were most definitely perks but still...he treasured family. Why didn't he keep in touch?

Maybe because it was all the fighting that happened after Dad died. Something changed in everybody. For some it was subtle and barely noticeable but for others, the change could have overshadowed a skyscraper.

Michael and Lucifer changed the most. Like Dad was the one keeping them from killing each other. They even loved each other at one point. The big brothers fought. Almost destroyed the family house a couple times. Then Lucifer went "poof" and Michael became obsessed especially after Lucifer started his sprees of crime. He blamed himself for letting Luci out into the world so he felt that it was his responsibility to find and deal with him.

Gabriel had left before that. He couldn't take it anymore. He wasn't living his life and damn it all if he let his brothers stop him from being happy. Damn it all if he stayed and watched the family fall apart and there was nothing he could do about it.

Now that he was sunken into his repressed thoughts, leaving was probably a mistake; a regret. There really wasn't anyone to keep the family together and everyone just left and became distant. But what did he really know. He hadn't spoken to anyone since Anna found him and let him know how broken the whole thing was.

Gabriel sighed. Maybe it was time to reach out and fix...anything. He put the last clean plate into the dishwasher to dry. He looked at the oven clock. Huh...only killed half an hour.

Wait...there was a dishwasher?!

Gabriel currently found himself in a briefing/meeting room with three other agents and a visitor's badge nesting a fraudulent name on it.

How he came to be there was certainly a great question.

After he had that deep in thought scene with himself, he decided to visit his brother. At the FBI office. His boredom of being by himself and his sudden inspiration of being a better family member made that such a great idea. Thing was that he didn't actually know what Cas did in the building. He thought using Sam as an excuse would help him find his brother. So far he has met Joanna Beth Harvelle, the young (questionably aged) blonde agent in the room (and had threatened him about actually calling her Joanna Beth), Ash Lindberg, whose mullet definitely was not up to FBI code, and Jody Mills, who was the only one who seemed to actually belong there. Gabriel nixed the idea of trying to fit in since he came here as a "FBI consultant", more specifically, special agent Sam Winchester's consultant. Wished he would've been there when they told Sam that his consultant was here to aid in the big lead he had. Gabriel wore thin rimmed glasses, his hair messy and slightly in his eyes, and an outfit he called the surfer artist with cargo shorts, sneakers, and an open button up with a white tee underneath. He was out of place and noticeable but so much so that no one could really recognize him unless they looked close enough or if they were Sam.

It wasn't a surprise and only a little disappointing when Sam walked in with his neat tie and pretty much ignored him. Then Castiel walked in wearing a full on suit and Gabriel barely could tamp his excitement down. It was especially hard when Cas stared at him slightly wide eyed and froze in the doorway.

"So, it seems we've found a legitimate lead on Lucifer." Gabriel turned serious as the new information came to light. His gaze snapped up to Sammy and watched him closely; waiting and listening.

"Finally!" Jo exasperated and leaned back in her chair.

"Good. Bobby's gonna be pushing even harder on this, though." Jody stated.

"Dude's gonna have an aneurysm if he doesn't just sit back and chill from time to time." Ash added his own two cents.

"Anyway, one of his drug runners was caught a couple days ago," Sam went on. Well, that didn't sound like Luci. "and she's willing to talk." She?

"Though, there are conditions." Castiel spoke up and finally took a seat but next to Gabriel.

"Of course there are." Jo mumbled.

"What's her name?" Gabriel suddenly cut in. Everyone silenced and turned to him.

Sam looked kind of thrown for a second before asking why. Gabriel leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on the glass table where Cas had his hands. Cas pulled his hands away on reflex and gently put them in his own lap.

"I might know somethin' on her. That's what I'm good for remember, boss? Being your 'consultant' and all." Gabriel smirked and winked. Sam slightly seethed at the end of the table.

"So, you're a criminal informant, Mr...Crocker?" Jo asked. Gabriel smothered the giggle.

"Criminal is such a strong word."

"What did Sam here catch you doing? I'm just wondering what made you so special."

"Is that a hint of jealousy that I'm not the only one hearing?"

"Please. Agent Winchester is too old for me."

"Exactly how old are you? I really do want to know." Sam cleared his throat very loudly and threw the folder onto the table cutting off any path that conversation was leading to.

"Meg Masters." And that didn't sound like Meg. She would rather play chess with Death than be caught. He didn't imagine that Lucifer would be too happy about it. Gabriel only met Meg once and may have had a conversation with her under the sheets. She was looking for work but it was around the time that fence he trusted gave his name to the FBI so the last thing he wanted was a partner or underling. Apparently, Luci got his dirty hands on her.

"She's something. She was a common criminal holding up gas stations and pickpocketing. Looks like she wanted more and unfortunately found a place in Lucifer's hell-king sized bed. Another thing: she doesn't get caught so this is super suspicious." This could be a trap on Luci's part for all that they knew.

"He brings up a good point, Sam." Jody pointed out. "We've never caught one of Lucifer's guys as easily as we did her. She literally walked herself into the back of my car. We even had somewhat of a normal conversation even though snark is that girl's first language."

"We can't not talk to her. If it is some kind of trap or something then how? And what motive would they have to send Meg here?" Sam questioned. Look at that. Sammy was bringing up his own good points. Actually, Gabriel couldn't wait to see Sammy interrogate someone. So many fantasies in such little time that the thief missed the rest of the conversation. He snapped out of it when everyone started to stand and leave the room. He got up, also, to go ask (maybe even beg or offer sexual favors) Sam if he could join in the interrogation but his elbow was grabbed abruptly. He was pulled in and his shoulder was pushed up against a suited chest. Gabriel briefly shot a glance at Sam and found him turned away and talking to Jo.

"I need your cellular device." A gravelly voice tickled his ear before the space was expanded a bit so that Cas could hold his hand up. Damn, his baby brother really grew up, huh.

"Why?" The older brother inquired. Maybe he should have just given him his phone right then and there. He really didn't have much of a right to question Cas but his want to fall back on old times beat his common sense out.

"Because I am going to put my phone number into your address book."

"Why?" Castiel's hand stayed palm up but his anticipative expression changed to one of slight confusion and annoyance. That was what he remembered of his younger brother!

"Because...we need to talk." And he was definitely right. The criminal took this as a victory and smiled big as he handed his cell phone over from one of his cargo pants' pockets. As Castiel typed, Gabriel looked back over at Sam. He looked just about done with their conversation.

"Does Sam know you're related to me?" He kept watching the Fed as Castiel tapped his touch screen.

"No. He doesn't know about my past. Not even his brother knows." That made Gabriel's head turn back.

"Why is his brother important?" Castiel handed over the phone and moved his blue eyes over Gabriel's shoulder….He probably wasn't going to get an answer to that, now.

"Wait, wait. If you put your enormous hands over my eyes and say 'guess who', I will definitely play along."

"Cas, I'll meet you in the interview room." Sam pretty much ordered to which he received a nod before Cas stepped out.

"He's taken, you know." Sam informed casually. Gabriel turned around and grinned.

"Oh, please. He's not my type."

"Really?" Sammy looked thoroughly confused as his brows scrunched slight and his eyes darted away in thought. Gabriel couldn't tell if he was confused about Castiel not being anyone's type or if he didn't know that the criminal even had a type in the first place.

"Tryin' to figure out what my type is?"

"...No. I was trying to remember the more important questions like what the hell are you doing here?" Sam encroached on Gabriel's space quickly with an air of slight panic and a whole lot of annoyance. Gabriel wasn't too affected since he knew he was right about Sam's thought processes a minute ago. "You do know that this is an FBI building, right?"

"Chill, feddie boy. No one can tell who I am except you." And Cas. Which was kind of weird right? Since it had been a while since Cas and Gabe seen each other. Cas was 17 when he left...And let the regret sink in. For leaving and not being there. It became worse when Gabriel realized that he could have given Cas the best 21st birthday EVER.

"Only because you called yourself Benny Crocker coupled with Jo telling me that I had a gorgeous but really short case consultant. You have a problem, Gabriel."

"That's Gabe or baby sweet cakes to you. And the only problem here is that woman's unnecessary addition to that compliment."

"What are you doing here, Novak?" Well, now.

"I'm just trying to help." Gabriel sighed popping a hip onto the table.

"It's not because you somehow found out that we had something on your older brother?" Well, that reason was fairly recent so it wasn't the main reason. When Lucifer was mentioned though, Gabriel instantly wanted to get involved to get a sense what was happening with his brother and make sure Luci had forgotten about the treasure he was searching for.

"Hey, I just found out that you got this lead. What's wrong with wanting to watch you work?"

"You're crazy and you have no shame."

"Speaking of watching; can I join in with the questioning of your new lead?"

"No." Whoa, Sam did not miss a beat on that one. The giant turned and headed for the door. Gabriel shot towards him and managed to stop the moose by slamming him up against the door from behind effectively closing the glass door. He briefly wondered if people were now staring and were seeing a gigantic man pressed up against glass by some unknown force because the mammoth's body probably hid his own stature.

"Gabriel!" Sam mumbled against the glass before pushing back with so much force that Gabriel had to crash into the table to stay upright.

"Can I just watch then? I just...I just want to know-" what was happening with his family, "I could probably help. Like how you're gonna help me so why not start paying you back now?"

"I shouldn't even have let you in here. What makes you think I'll let you into an active federal investigation?"

"Remember consultant and also the younger brother of your number one most wanted. I'm useful." Gabriel said the last part more slowly. "If you're worried about breaking rules then I would question what you're still doing with the ring and what made you want to help me out in the first place." Which still, sort of, was a question in Gabriel's mind even though he had probably tried justifying the question with many, possibly, made up answers. On another note, Mount Sam looked about ready to blow. Too bad the moose was blocking the doorway or else Gabriel would have made a run for it by now especially during this anxiety ridden silence. His heart almost slammed its way out of his chest when Sam finally spoke up.

"If I let you help me you need to promise me something."


"Don't use this opportunity to run to Lucifer and be a spy." What? "Also, don't interfere with the investigation"

"Why, Sam," Gabriel pushed off the table again and stood close to Sam. "Are you questioning my loyalty?"

"Actually, yeah. First of all, I've never known you to really have loyalty to anything up till last night and second...I know how far a person is willing to go to save his brother no matter what he's done." Sam had this look that made Gabriel uncomfortable enough to not dig any deeper. He already felt like he was in some foreign waters.

"Sammy, don't worry about it. I won't go to Lucifer. We don't even have that kind of relationship anyway." Well, they did; once. But then things changed and Gabriel missed out on everything. "And this is the only way you'll let me into your pants." And with a wink that tension dispersed and was replaced with a slightly awkward Sammy much to Gabriel's pleasure.

"You're ridiculous."

"I've heard."

"Just come with me to my office and we'll head to the interrogation room."

"Oooooo, a quickie, Agent? And in your office? That's pretty kinky and I love it."


"Lead the way, Boss."

After following Sam like an obedient little puppy, being schooled in the skill of not interfering with the investigation AND a ton of consultant paperwork, Gabriel found himself in the little room looking into the right side of a one way mirror and at three very tense people sitting around a rectangular glass table. Sam was tense because that was how a cop was with a criminal in the room most of the time and those threatening alpha waves were on full blast. Meg was tense because that was how a criminal was with a cop in the room most of the time but she was trying her hardest to cover it up with her pseudo "I don't care" smug crap. Cas was tense because Meg started to flirtatiously hound the poor man once he stepped into the room and apparently he wasn't used to the attention. Which was bullcrap. All the girls were into that pretty boy/rugged type. There was no way he wasn't getting flirted on every time he stepped foot outside.

"Hey." Gabriel asked around his Tootsie Roll pop. The asian kid in the spinny chair pulled back one of the headphones he had on.

"What?" Whoa, someone was moody this morning.

"Where's the button for the mic or whatever? Gotta tell Sammy something." The kid's eyes flicked down for a second to his dash and then back up the Gabriel. That was too easy.

"That's not a good idea."

"Aw, come on, Jackie Chan. I got something to tell him."

"It's Kevin and that was incredibly racist." Gabriel stepped closer and leaned over him for a better view of the techy dashboard.

"I was complimenting you. Would you have preferred Jet Li? He's just as awesome. Or Chuck Norris?"

"He's not even Asian!"

"Whatever. They are all badass. Is it this one?" Gabriel pushed a green button where he assumed Kevin's eyes instinctively glanced at when he mentioned it. A small green light blinked on next to the digital screen which showed the copied image of inside the interrogation room.

"Dude!" Kevin hissed.

"Sammikins?" Gabriel sort of shouted into the dash because where the hell was the microphone?! He watched Sam wince and then rub at his ear. The man's strong jaw clenched as he continued staring down Meg. Castiel just turned his head with a confused frown towards the one way glass. "Can you hurry it up with this thing? God knows that you wouldn't want me anymore after I've aged a thousand years." It was actually pretty amusing to watch his little brother's confusion deepen on his face and Sam almost snap the pencil he was holding. Man, did Gabriel affect the shit out of that kid. Maybe he should start pressing different buttons to see what else could affect him so much…

"Miss Meg Masters." Sam greeted the dark haired criminal.

"Please. It's Meg. You don't hear me goin' around callin' you Agent Giraffe. We're friends now. We can be more casual than that."

"Right...Meg. Should we get started?"

"Hmm. Where to start." Meg spoke with handcuffed hands folded on the table and a brow raised. There was this aggravating smirk she wore that only slightly grated on Gabriel's nerves mostly because she was obviously riding this whole thing out her way and they really needed to get this machine rolling.

"That is the better question." Gabriel casually pointed out with the mic still being on. Finally, Sam glared into the one way glass and Kevin moved to turn off the mic. Of course, Gabe made it hard for the kid to actually touch the dashboard until the Asian equivalent action of 'fuck it' got the con man's ass planted on the ground. That shove was very unnecessary and he refused to acknowledge how he tripped over himself afterwards. No way he was that uncoordinated. Kevin pressed another button, shutting off the microphone and then removed the headphones. He then sat back as if that brief five year old spar never happened.

"Let's start with Lucifer Novak, then." Sam strongly suggested as he leaned forward, folding his hands on the table. Meg's smirk became a playful smile.

"Ooo, straight to the point but you can't start running before you crawl, Agent Winchester."

"Then where do you suggest we start, Meg?" Castiel took over as Sam just stayed quiet and stared coolly. Damn, even the temperature dropped in the viewing room.

"I like the way you think, Agent Scruffy."

"It's Agent Milton." Gabriel couldn't believe he was using Anna's alias but he guessed that was the only alias that wasn't under suspicion of anything illegal. Still, his brother could have been more original.

"Right. Let's talk about why I'm here. Now, listen up because we have to get through this quickly. I'm sure the overlord already knows I'm here and could be coming to the 'rescue'," Meg didn't forgo the air quotes, "I really don't want to be tortured to death right now so telling you valuable information in the span of hopefully twenty minutes would be helpful along with my release afterward."

"What the hell makes you think we're going to release you?" Sam challenged a little bit aggressively. Meg sighed like the world was gonna end and she couldn't give a shit.

"No outstanding warrants. Not in the system. Well, if you don't count the stuff that happened when I was a minor. I barely exist at this point. You guys just assumed that I was leading that drug operation when I was actually at the wrong place at the wrong time. Okay, now that we got that out of-"

"But you are just a low-on-the-totem-pole drug runner? They're not known for having a clean rap sheet." Gabriel could hear Meg's teeth grind together.

"I'll get to that. Just let me tickle that small brain of yours housed in that thick skull with my lovely voice for a few minutes, alright? Then I'll be able to answer all your stupid questions." Silence passed over until Meg sighed in relief and rested her hands in her lap. Her defiant demeanor was slowly fading and Gabriel could see how anxious she looked. That put a frown on his face.

"Good. All you need to know about me right now is that I'm not at all a drug runner. I'm much higher in that hierarchy than is healthy. I'll give you whatever information you need when I completely disappear after this. Lucifer is an evil mother fucker and betraying him like this calls for more than just death. I'm risking everything to be here so pay me some respect, alright?

"I came here specifically because I have a message. I need help passing it on because just like Lucifer, this bastard is pretty damn hard to find. It took a while but I found out that you, Sam Winchester, were chasing him across the country like Clifford following his little blonde master around like the mammoth dog he is." She could only mean Gabriel. Had to. Was Sammy cheating on him by chasing some other brilliantly minded criminal around the U.S.? If he was, then they needed to talk about their lack of a healthy relationship. And what was with that terrible Clifford The Big Red Dog comparison?

"And who do you think this bastard is?" Sam continued acting like there wasn't a room full of people who knew exactly who Meg was talking about. Alright now, the agent didn't need to be insulting. Meg smirked as her smugness came back but the nervousness stayed. Even her hands were trembling.

"Please, Sam. I couldn't even be any more clearer. I betcha the first name that came to your mind was Gabriel Novak."

"Hey, kid." Gabriel addressed Kevin. The agent turned to him with a passive face, waiting to respond in the negative to whatever the criminal was going to say. Maybe there should be some ass kissing if he wanted to get anything done. "I mean, Agent Tran. Would you like to make your life more exciting with a deal on the side?" Gabriel watched Kevin suck in a breath slowly and was about to respond when the con man saw the i'm-done-with-your-shit expression. The thief's rate of making deals with cops had been increasing in the past couple of days.

"No wait. Not exciting, just a deal and I promise it will only benefit you when you want it to benefit you. And since you're on Sammy's team, I'm sure I can trust you to keep a secret and the fact that if you tell anyone anyway then you'll be flushing your boss's career down the toilet." Kevin shut his mouth but narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "I'm actually Gabriel Novak." Kevin's eyes widened and his jaw dropped a bit. "I know, right? Really great disguise but Sam caught me. Anyway, I need you to shut off the cameras and mics and make sure no one comes in here. This interview became more complicated and I rather not let anyone in the FBI or the criminal underground know about it. Let's not worry about the possible moles in this place right now." The asian stayed silent probably contemplating what part of what Gabriel just said he should address.

"What makes you think I'll do what you ask?"

"You don't want to get your boss into trouble. And I'll give you my phone number. Call me when you need my services for anything short of killing someone because I'm not in the business of being a psychopath like that. I can steal anything you need or want and get you out of any situation that you're in. It would be all for free. And you can reference how I'm number two on your hot list and still haven't been caught or killed." This was probably the fifth time he had to state his resume to someone. It was exhausting. Gabriel grabbed Kevin's tiny notebook from his suit jacket that hung on the back of his chair and took a pen off the desk. He wrote his number down and closed the notebook. "Now, don't you dare share this with anyone else. This is just a personal favor to only you with no strings attached. You don't have to worry about me hurting you or any crap like that. I'm only here to help you because you're gonna help me. What do you say?" The con man set the notebook down and watched Kevin once more. Kevin continued staring at him like he was a very serious math question before his eyes diverted and his mouth screwed up like he was chewing on the inside of his cheek. He was probably thinking of ways he would be able to utilize the phone number...Gabriel hoped it wouldn't be to track him down and arrest him. God, he hoped putting trust in this people didn't backfire in his face.

"I say that the video and audio feed cut out and I need to go to tech services right now." Gabriel smiled as he took a lollipop out of his pocket. Some buttons were pressed and the video feed buzzed out. Kevin picked up the notebook and his jacket and also took the candy that was held out to him as he passed by the criminal and out the door. Gabriel locked it before using the other door to walk into the interview room. All eyes were on him as he stuck another lollipop in his mouth; this time it was a Dum Dum.

"Don't worry, Sammy. No one's watching or listening." Gabriel assured as he caught the look Sam threw to the mirror in the room. He walked around where Meg sat and then sat on the table next to her. He leaned over a little bit with a smirk.

"Hi, Meg." Meg's eyes brightened in recognition. "Haven't seen you around here before. It's been a helluva long time, don't ya think?"

"Shove it, Gabriel. You know as well as I do how much time we actually have."

"Then what are you waiting for." Meg cast a glance at the agents in the room before raising a brow up at him. "Don't worry about them. Sam is helping me with something and since he's boss, Cassie over there will be along for the ride too." He might have been too confident with that statement. Cas was his brother and he hasn't done anything to compromise their whole family...yet but Gabriel trusted the family loyalty and along with his loyalty that he hopefully had to Sam. Gabriel looked back at them and his brother was sending a questioning look towards Sam and Sam was blatantly avoiding his partner's look by glaring warningly at Gabriel.

"Helping you with what?" Castiel asked as he turned his gaze towards Gabriel.

"You know with what." Gabriel answered with seriousness. The looks on both Sam's and Castiel's faces reminded Gabriel that Sam had no knowledge of Cas being his younger brother and they were supposed to not know each other aside from knowing Gabriel's job. "I mean, just, with something." After the poor cover up, the con man turned away from Sam's now calculating expression and made a gesture for Meg to continue.

"Fine. Just to let you know. I've been carrying this message for a long ass while now and you better thank me and also everything is your fault."

"Tell me something I don't know." Meg smirked her composure coming back in the slightest.

"Well, then. Better strap in, lover boy. You're gonna go on wild ride."

"Ooooo, deja vu." Gabriel returned with a lewd smirk and leaned back trying to dispel a weird tension that was smothering the room. He couldn't really put his finger on it but it definitely was not coming from Meg.

"'To my third son whom I hope has not fallen into the same oblivion of greed and obsession as my most eldests have-'"

"...My father?" Gabriel questioned. Any humor was replaced by confusion and sadness.

"Yeah." Meg confirmed softly. "It was right before he died. He found me and told me to tell you about the Archangel Tear at the right time but you had to be, well, not like Lucifer or Michael. I don't think you know this but they both were working to find that artifact right after your father hid it from the family. He said that the Tear was changing his family and no one else noticed. He believed in its magical properties of bringing fortune and protection but he thought the tear was actually exposing the bad stuff that everyone was hiding. I think it was just the value of the tear that really brought out the baddie is people because it was only affecting a few people as far as I could tell. But I'm one of the last people to believe in that supernatural bullshit.

"I was supposed to tell you when you were ready but, recently, Lucifer found out that I knew your dad and he's finding that pretty suspicious. I tried to call you but your dumbass never picks up."

"Sorry about that." Gabriel apologized but his mind was pretty much elsewhere.

"No worries. With all those messages I left, I bet you thought I wanted a booty call or something, right? Well, your dad said that you would know what to do with the tear once you found it. Here's the clue: I spy with my little eye something that is gold and brown and is dear to you." Well, that was strange. He figured his dad was more of a Sherlock Holmes type of riddles guy not a childish game they use to play guy. But maybe his father was more sentimental than cunning.

"Wow, now that i think about it. I don't have many things that are 'dear' to me."

"Well, then, that narrows it down, doesn't it? Now get me out of here."

"Still got my number?"


"Alrighty." Gabriel stood and whipped around. "Is there like some really hidden back way out of this building?"

"I can't do this." Sam stood up along with Gabriel with a stern look.

"You said you would help me with finding the artifact and I'm pretty sure along that line of conversation I said that I would help you catch the bad guys and maybe even Luci. Meg apparently knows things about said person and she would be no good to you stuck in here where there are people capable of initiating her escape which would lead to her death. This is how we protect her. By letting her protect herself and beating Luci to the punch." When Sam stayed silent and conflicted Gabriel stepped into the agent's space and put a hand on the man's bicep.

"I promise this will end well for you. You won't lose your job or get thrown in jail." The con man almost threw up because of all the sincerity that left his mouth. Gabriel really wanted to do this; do what his father set him up to do and at this point he was willing to push his pride and ego aside to practically beg Sam to defy the law for him. Something let go in Sam as he sighed.

"I'm holding you to your word." He said in a hard voice. "Cas, have Jo lend you her extra clothes she keeps here and get Kevin to disrupt the camera feed in all stairwells for about ten minutes. Meet us at the bottom of the E Stair right after. Don't tell anyone what we're doing."

"Okay, Sam." Castiel was determined as he shot out of the door. Gabriel smiled and opened his mouth to point out Sam being all bossy and not tell him how hot that was but Sam just walked around him and released Meg from her cuffs. She got up and Sam used a hand on her elbow to guide her out quickly. Gabriel was hot on their heels as they headed down a corridor away from the main offices. A few stray people paid them no mind as they headed into a stairwell. They went up the stairs which sort of boggled Gabriel's mind because aren't they supposed to be going down stairs?

They made it up three floors before going through a door. This floor had just as much glass as the other floor but it held a thicker atmosphere and was that brownie he smelt in the air?

"So, we gonna throw Meg out of a window?"

"Shut up, Gabriel." Sam ordered as they approached a door with a card reader. They stood in front of it and waited. Gabriel really wanted to ask but he doubted that he was going to get a straight answer without some kind of insult. Oh, shoot. Gabriel got an idea and ran back a ways to find a hair tie in someone's pencil cup. On his way back to the still locked door, he stole a women's unnecessarily huge sunglasses. Gotta go all out if they were going for disguises. The door beeped just as he made it back and it opened like it was the work of God.

"Go all the way down." Sam let go of Meg and she led the way down.

"Time to work off all those cavities, Gabe." Meg retorted as she jumped a couple stairs. Gabriel felt as if he was insulted twice within the span of a few words.

"Are you calling me fat and implying that I have bad teeth?" Gabriel asked keeping on Sam's heels.

"I should know." Gabriel almost slipped on the intensity of Meg's lies.

"Yeah, you should know how unbelievably hot and tight my body is and how white my teeth are. I can't even handle how bad of a lie you just told was."

"Guys, please. Yes, you guys had sex. Now we all know. Great. Can we get this over with? This is my career on the line." Sam interrupted a little moodily. Feet kept moving as they continued their descent.

"No need to be jealous, Sammy. It's in the past and, yes, you can get into my pants anytime you want." Gabriel didn't really mean to let that last part out so quickly even though it was the truth. It seemed shallow but only Gabriel knew how exactly it would turn out for him. Guess that was what happened when you played cat and mouse with a person who made it all fun and exciting for him.

They made it to the bottom floor of the stairwell where Castiel was waiting for them with an armful of professional clothes. Sam looked like he was going to comment but stopped when Meg stepped in front of Cas.

"I like trying on new digs. Wanna watch?" Meg suggested grabbing the clothes. Gabriel walked over and set the glasses and the hair tie on top of the pile.

"No. Why?" Gabriel snorted at how direct that response was and how oblivious his little brother was. He grabbed Castiel's shoulder and led him to Sam who was already turned away from Meg undressing.

"Why did she ask if I wanted to watch her?" Castiel asked innocently. Gabriel snorted again and smiled.

"She wanted you to watch her get naked. Cuz she likes you." He replied.

"Like maybe how you probably watch my brother undress and how feel?" Sam suggested very uncomfortably. Hold up…

"...Oh, she wanted to seduce me."

"Wait, he's your brother's boyfriend? He's the one who named the cat?" Gabriel questioned. It might have been too late to be the overprotective brother but he couldn't stop himself. That was why Sam's brother was so important! Cas was banging him!

"Yeah, why?"

"...Nothing." Gabriel backed down when Castiel sent him a terrified puppy look. He didn't want him to let Sam know that they were brothers. Gabriel didn't know why, though, because Sam seemed to be really trustworthy and he didn't seem so uptight to let the FBI know about all the grey matter that Sam seemed to trek in because after consorting with Gabriel, he was pretty sure Sam bent rules here and there if it was necessary.

"Alright, boys." Meg announced as she put her arms over Gabriel's and Castiel's shoulders. "Do I look like a g-man?" Gabriel bit his lip to keep from laughing at how Meg looked like a valley girl trying to look good for an interview at a law firm.

"Yes. That was the purpose of asking Jo for her clothes." Castiel pointed out.

"What're waiting for? Get out of here and call me when you're in the clear." Gabriel said pushing her towards the door. "We'll make sure you aren't followed." Hoping Sam would get the hint. Sam sighed and took his cell out. He called Kevin and gave an order that dealt with navigating through the traffic cameras.

"Gotcha. And...thanks. I promise I'll pay you back." Meg said with sincerity. Gabriel gave a small smile and then Meg was out the door.

"Well, that was exciting." Gabriel turned towards Sam and Castiel but almost fell backwards when Sam was a lot closer than he thought he was. He loomed over him threateningly which didn't take much but Sam continued to back Gabriel up into the wall. When the con man's back was flushed against the concrete, the agent planted a hand next to his head and leaned down with warning in his eyes.

"This better be worth it, Novak. My career is everything to me and if my trusting you destroys that…" Sam let it hang in the air but Gabriel could hear the rest of it in his mind. All he could do was nod and try not to shiver under that hard glare.

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