Yo, mates, Black Fuego here with the first chapter of my first story: The BLAD of RWBY and JNPR. This story will follow the RWBY storyline for the most part, but there will be changes thanks to the addition of my O.C team: BLAD, pronounced as ballad. Some of these changes include an additional story arc or two centered on BLAD. Just so you guys are aware, some of the major characters in RWBY will be a bit OOC, mainly Weiss. From what I've understand, her personality is the way it is in the show because of the hard life she had as a kid. She even admits herself that she did not have an easy childhood. The Weiss in this story will be a bit friendlier and nicer to others because she spent a lot of her time with her godparents and their family, and is even best friends with their eldest son, Baltazar. She will retain some of her 'stuck-up rich girl' attitude, but to a lesser degree. Without further ado, let the story begin!

Disclaimer: I don't own the RWBY series, but I did pre-order the DVD and I can't wait for it.

The BLAD of RWBY and JNPR: Chapter 1, Welcome to Beacon

"Wow, what a view," A young man said while looking out the window of the airship he and the other potential hunters are in with a small smile on his face, "I'll never get tired of high views like this."

The young man's name is Baltazar D. Azul, a graduate of Signal Academy. He has brown eyes with a jagged scar under his right eye in the image of a horizontal lightning bolt, mocha colored skin and short, bluish black hair. He is dressed in a black polo shirt with gold buttons, dark blue pants, black and blue shoes and dark blue duster with an image of a large blue lightning bolt with three black stripes on it inside a circle on the back. He carries a sheathed katana on his left side, a rectangular black case strapped on his lower back and a small pouch right below the case. He also wears a pair of blue framed shade like glasses, a gold necklace with an intricate snowflake design and a pair of fingerless gloves with a pair of blue folded gauntlets on his arms, hidden under the sleeves of his duster.

The young huntsman-in-training continues to look down from the window and admire the view. He always did like being in high places, yet for some reason his little brother or parents don't like heights all that much. His little sister doesn't have much of an opinion on them, but she's never rode in airships as much as the others have. He shrugged his shoulders and decided to wander around the airship when he heard a pair of familiar voices. Turning around he smiles and sees his friend Yang, a fiery blonde girl with lilac eyes, a small yellow shirt with a brown vest and orange scarf, short shorts with a white back skirt, and a pair of long boots, hugging her little sister Ruby, a hyperactive and innocent reddish black haired girl with silver eyes, a black blouse, red hooded cloak and a black skirt with red trimmings with a proud look on her face, while Ruby herself look quite uncomfortable.

Baltazar chuckled at the sight before walking over to them. He had known those two since he first moved to Vale three and a half years ago, and hung out with Yang often during their time in Signal. The two of them have been through a lot together over the years and conceder each other as very close friends, almost like siblings. Baltazar also thinks of Ruby like another little sister, and enjoys spending time with her, while Ruby sees him as an older brother and has been calling him Bro as of late. Ruby is also best friends with his little brother, and both have slight crushes on each other yet were oblivious to them, much to their older siblings' amusement.

"Hey! Sparky! Over here!" Yang called as soon as she saw him, using the name he obtained with his skills in Signal. Baltazar's eye twitched a little, silently wondering why Yang kept calling him that after all this time.

"I wish she stopped calling me that," Baltazar thought sadly as he got closer to the sisters, "Oh well, at least it's better than what my cousins back home used to call me. Even if they are true."

"Good, you're here," Yang said with a smile, "Now we can have a group hug!"

Baltazar chucked again and looked at Ruby who was still looking very uncomfortable in this situation. He knew that Ruby was a very skilled huntress with all the training she did with Professor Qrow, but he never imagined that she would be joining him and Yang to Beacon. It made him proud to see her climbing up in the ranks so fast and it reminds him of how his brother managed to get an early admittance as well with Signal.

"Heh. Alright, I'm in," Baltazar said with a smirk and prooceeded to give the little monster hunter a hug along with her sister, much to Ruby's embarrassment.

"Oh, I can't believe my baby sister is going to Beacon with us!" Yang exclaimed while squeezing the life out of her sister, "This is the best day ever!"

"Please stop," Ruby gasped, feeling both embarrassed and annoyed by blonde and blue pair.

"But I'm so proud of you!" Yang replied after she and Baltazar let go of Ruby, practically jumping in excitement, "Aren't you proud of her too, Sparky?"

Baltazar nods and pats Ruby's head, "Yup, very proud. Reminds me of when Cody got accepted to Signal."

"Really you guys, it was nothing," Ruby grumbled while swatting Baltazar's hand away.

Yang looked shocked, while Baltazar raised an eyebrow in confusion. "What do you mean?" Yang questioned, "It was incredible! Everyone at Beacon is going to think you're the bee's knees."

Baltazar had to hold back a snicker after hearing that. "'Bee's knees'?" he thought, "Who says that anymore?"

"I don't want to be the 'bee's knees', okay?" Ruby answered exasperatedly, "I don't want to be any kind of knees! I just want to be a normal girl with normal knees."

Noticing the lack of enthusiasm in the young girl's form, Yang and Baltazar shared a look of worry to each other before Yang asked, "What's wrong with you? Aren't you excited?"

"Of course I'm excited...I just..." Ruby sighed before looking down, "I got moved ahead two years. I don't want people to think I'm special or anything."

"Ah," Baltazar thought, sharing a look with Yang in understanding, "She's worried that the other students are going to treat her differently because she skipped a couple grades. That makes sense."

He and Yang smiled gently at Ruby, before walking up to her and proceeded to console the young girl, with Yang giving her a one arm hug on the right and Baltazar placing a comforting hand on her left shoulder.

"But you are special," Yang said gently, causing Ruby to look at her.

"She's right," Baltazar agreed, catching Ruby's attention this time, "What you did to those criminals in town showed Beacon's headmaster just how special you are. You've impressed the man enough that he got you into his school earlier than everyone here, including us," Baltazar gestured to the other students in the airship, "Being special is not always a bad thing, especially not in this case. You're making your friends and parents proud by coming here early with us. Just relax and do your best and know that we're all very happy that you're here with us and coming to Beacon."

Ruby just stared at the black haired teen with wide, amazed by his little speech. Yang was surprised too, but for a different reason.

"Wow Baltazar," Yang said, using his real name to prove how surprised she was, "I've rarely hear you say something like that before. Hell, I've hardly ever hear you talk that much without stuttering or losing your place before," She then moved closer to the short guy with a grin on her face, "I thought you didn't like public speaking. Have those speech lessons your Pop made me give you paid off or were you just in a mood to help out your future sister-in-law?"

Baltazar blushed slightly and gave the blonde a sheepish grin while scratching the back of his neck, while Ruby's face ended up matching her namesake and looked at her sister like she was crazy.

"Y-Yang!" Ruby stuttered, "H-How many times do I have to tell you? Cody and I are not getting married! We haven't even started dating yet!"

"Key word being 'yet', cuñada," Baltazar teased with a smirk, causing Ruby to blush even further and Yang to laugh.

He and Yang love to tease Ruby and Cody about their relationship, although Yang teases Cody more than Baltazar does. The two of them know that their little siblings like each other and both knew that it was only a matter of time before they start dating. They've even made bets on who will confess first and where would the first date be.

Baltazar was about to tease the flustered girl more when he saw a familiar symbol shown on the Vale Newscast Channel that caused his blood to turn cold, the symbol of the White Fang.

He growled, remembering all the trouble that organization caused for many people, including his family and the family of one of his closest friends. Baltazar knew what the White Fang was, sympathized with them and even understood why they do what they do, but he didn't like their methods of getting the point across. They're just too violent at times and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. There were a couple incidents in particular that stood in his mind that proved how far the group will go to get what they want, and he didn't felt like reliving those memories anytime soon.

"To go from a peaceful, noble organization to nothing more than an out of control terrorist group in only a few years, the White Fang has changed a lot from the one Pop used to be so fond of," He thought grimly while tilting his glasses up, "I understand why you're doing those things, but they're still criminal acts, no matter how you look at it. As Abuelito always said; the ends don't justify the means."

He was brought out of his thoughts when the Newscast channel was interrupted, and replaced with a hologram of a blonde haired woman with green eyes, a white suit shirt, black business skirt and a torn purple cape. Apparently the hologram got the attention of everyone else in the airship, even those who weren't paying attention to the news.

[Hello, and welcome to Beacon!] The hologram announced.

"Who's that?" Yang asked.

"No idea," Baltazar answered.

[My name is Glynda Goodwitch.]

"Oh," The two said at the same time, causing Ruby to giggle a little.

Glynda continued, [You are among a privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy! Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world.]

As Glynda's hologram disappeared, the students all gathered around the window to see the City of Vale below them and Beacon Academy close by.

Ruby also looked out at the window in excitement, "Oh wow! Look guys, you can see Signal from up here!" She exclaimed while watching the town go by.

"Really?" Baltazar wondered, looking down at the window himself with an eyebrow raised, "We're getting pretty close to Beacon. How high are we if we could see Signal from here? That place is back over on Patch Island."

"Oh hush," Yang scolded, punching his arm lightly, "Let Sis enjoy herself a little."

Baltazar rubbed the arm his friend hit and stared at his friend in mild annoyance as Ruby continued to look out the window and check out the town of Vale.

"I guess home isn't too far after all!" Ruby said amazement still in her voice.

Yang walked to Ruby and gave her another one arm hug while Baltazar stood beside the young red cloaked girl with his arms crossed and looked at her with a smile on his face.

"Beacon's our home now," Yang said, with Baltazar nodding in agreement.

The three then hear someone groaning and turned to see a blonde haired boy their age in a black hoodie with white armor pads, a pair of blue jeans and a sword with a white sheath, hunched over looking like he was about to lose his lunch. As he ran past the trio, the sisters looked at him with a bit of disappointment while the lone male of the group looked at the troubled soul with sympathy.

"Well…I guess the view isn't for everyone," Yang said, rolling her eyes.

"It was nice while it lasted" Ruby replied, a little annoyed now that their moment was gone.

"Be nice you two," Baltazar told them, "Motion sickness is not a fun thing to have. Trust me, it sucks."

The three of them looked out the window again, and see that they're nearing Beacon Academy.

"We're almost there, girls," Baltazar smiled, looking at the school.

"I wonder who we're gonna meet?!" Ruby asked excitedly.

Yang groaned, "I hope they're better than Vomit Boy."

Baltazar simply shook his head at his blonde friend and began to walk away from her and her sister, "Well I'm going to go see if the guy's ok. See you two in a bit," then he paused for a moment, "Oh, and Yang?"


"Look down," He smirked while pointing at the floor.

Yang and Ruby looked down and immediately freaked out.

Ruby shouted, "Oh, Yang, gross! You have puke on your shoe!"

Baltazar began snickering as he walked away, enjoying the sounds of Yang freaking out and Ruby trying to get away from her. He kept walking until he reached the bathroom, and heard the telltale signs of someone puking their guts out.

He knocked on the door and asked the boy if he was alright. All he got for a response was more groaning.

"If you want, I can help you. I got something in my pouch that should help," The bespectacled teen suggested.

The door opened to reveal the blonde teen, still clutching his stomach with a pained look on his face.

"Please," he rasped, acting like he was going to die at any moment, "Help me. I don't know how much more of this I can take."

Rolling his eyes a little at the overdramatic display, Baltazar reached into his pouch to pull out a small canister of pills and a water bottle. He took out two and gave them and the water to the blond, which he took gratefully. After a couple moments, the blonde began to feel much better.

"Whew," he said, "I'm feeling so much better now. Thanks!"

"No worries mate," Baltazar replied, "I knew how much you were suffering, so I figured I'd help out."

"You have motion sickness too?" The taller boy asked in shock.

"Sea sickness to be exact. I can't even look at a boat without getting queasy," Baltazar explained, "Those pills are made to deal with all kinds of motion sickness though, so it's ok. My brother uses them do deal with his car sickness."

The blonde nodded in understanding, "Well thanks for the help, I really appreciate it," He held out his hand and smiled, "The name's Jaune. Jaune Arc."

Baltazar smiled as well and shook Jaune's hand, "Baltazar Azul. Odd name, I know, but you'll get used to it."

He then began walking back to the girls, "Come with me and I'll introduce you to my friends," he paused before giving a warning, "Just so you know. As you ran to the bathroom, you accidentally puked on one of my friend's shoes. I thought it was funny personally, but don't be surprised if a pretty blonde girl shows up and threatens to burn you to a crisp for that."

Jaune dropped his head in depression as he followed the coat wearing teen, "Oh great, not even off the plane yet and I screwed up."

Baltazar pat his new friend's shoulder, "Relax mate, it could have been worse."

"How?" Jaune asked, looking down at the shorter teen.

"You could've puked on her hair. It's how we first met," Baltazar answered before shuddering, "May God have mercy on your soul if you did. Last guy who messed with her hair nearly had his head blown off, and I was thrown overboard the boat we were in after my stomach betrayed me. I'm surprised his neck didn't snap to be honest…"

Jaune paled and started to sweat a little after hearing that, "Baltazar, you friend sounds really scary, and you want me to meet her?! Oh God what have I gotten myself into?"

Baltazar just stared blankly at Jaune for a moment before replying, "I ask myself the same question every now and again when it comes to Yang. And just so you know, she scares me too."


After introducing Jaune to the girls, and Jaune getting a few threats from Yang in the process, the airship started to descend, signaling everyone that they've arrived at Beacon. The airship landed and all the students departed, wanting to explore the campus a little. The group of four walked down the paved path and stopped after a short while to admire the view.

"Wow," all of them said together.

"This place looks amazing," Jaune said in awe.

"I guess Pop wasn't exaggerating when he was describing this place," Baltazar muttered.

"The view from Vale's got nothing on this!" Yang exclaimed, looking at the boys.

The three of them heard an excited gasp, and turned to see Ruby practically drooling over the different types of weapons the students have with stars in her eyes. "Ohmygosh, Sis! Look! That kid's got a collapsible staff! And she's got a fire sword!" She then practically floated away to see more weapons, while Yang excused herself to bring her sister back to reality.

"If she's like this with the weapons here, she'd probably pass out if she saw the testing area and the Vault back at Grandpapi's factory," Baltazar thought in amusement as Yang dragged Ruby back by her hood.

"Is she always like this?" Jaune whispered to Baltazar as Yang and Ruby talked to each other.

"Only when she sees a bunch of weapons," He answered as he heard a part of the sisters' conversation, "And speaking of weapons…"

Baltazar turned his head to the girls, confusing Jaune a little before he heard some mechanical noises and turned as well to see Ruby holding her weapon Crescent Rose, a fierce and dangerous looking scythe, like it was her baby.

"Holy!" Jaune nearly shouted, startled that someone like Ruby uses such a monstrous weapon like that.

"I know, right?" Baltazar chuckled at Jaune's reaction, "I've seen all sorts of weapons as I was growing up, but I've never seen anything like hers before."

They turn their attention back to the sisters, where they see Yang playfully pulling Ruby's hood over her head, telling her to make some new friends.

Ruby takes off her hood and asks, "But…why do I need friends when I have you and Baltazar?"

Baltazar was about to say something when his ears picked up the sound of a lot of people coming towards them.

"Uh oh," he muttered, gaining another confused look from Jaune.

"Well…" Yang began as a large group of students surrounded her, "Actually, my friends are here now, bye!"

Yang and her friends left quickly in a cloud of dust, leaving behind a stunned Jaune, a coughing Baltazar and a dizzy Ruby.

"What…just happened?" Jaune couldn't help but ask.

"Nothing much," Baltazar coughed out, "Just Yang being Yang."


"Hey! Be careful!"

The boys became startled for a little bit before looking to see what the commotion was. What they saw was Ruby laying on the floor with a luggage cart and a bunch of cases surrounding her, with a white haired girl with an off-centered pony tail and a vertical scar on her left eye looking over her. The girl is wearing a pale blue jacket over a similarly colored thigh-length dress, white boots, a pair of rectangular earrings and a small dark blue, nearly black necklace that surprisingly has the same lightning bolt symbol Baltazar has on his coat. Similarly, the girl has a snowflake symbol on her jacket that's the same as the one on Baltazar's necklace.

"Oh I'm sorry!" Ruby apologizes as she gets up.

"It's ok, but you need to be more careful," The white haired girl scolded, "All these cases have Dust in them and you could have really hurt yourself because of that."

"Dust?" Ruby asked, picking up one of the cases.

"That's right! Dust," the girl then took the case from Ruby and began explaining what Dust was, taking a bottle of it and showing it to her. She also began shaking the bottle in front of Ruby, making a small cloud of it in front of the poor red cloaked girl's face. As the explanation went on Ruby began thinking about the girl in front of her, "She looks so familiar. Have I seen her before?"

While all this was taking place, Jaune and Baltazar just stood there, surprised and speechless of the turn of events, but for entirely different reasons.

"Wow she's pretty," Jaune thought, "I wonder if she as a boyfriend. Wait…that necklace she's wearing has the same lightning bolt design that Baltazar has on his coat. And that snowflake on her jacket looks like the one on his necklace," Jaune then turned his head to his quiet friend, "Do they know each other?"

"Looks like some things never change," Baltazar said quietly with a small smile on his face, confirming Jaune's suspicion. Noticing the taller boy's look, he began explaining, "The white haired girl is my oldest and best friend, Weiss. The two of us practically grew up together, and she spent a lot of time at my home because her dad was often too busy with work, among other things," He then looked at the girls again, seeing Weiss taking out a bottle of Dust from the case Ruby had picked up, "Her family owns a very big energy company that mines Dust, and she's been surrounded by the stuff for all her life. Heck, the main reason I'm so familiar with it myself is because of her."

Jaune nodded in understanding, before curiosity came back to his face when he saw Baltazar wince, "What's wrong?"

"She's shaking the Dust bottle, and the cap's a little loose" Baltazar sighed, "It's a bad habit of hers. I better go and try to make her stop before she repeats history again. I suggest you stay here, Jaune. It might get a little…explosive in a bit."

Jaune had a worried look on his face as he watched his friend walk over to the girls and the Dust cloud. Baltazar stood next to Weiss and began trying to get her attention, but Weiss was too into her Dust discussion to listen to him or notice Ruby coughing a little in front of her. Getting a little frustrated that his best friend wasn't paying attention to what was happening around her, Baltazar took a deep breath and shouted her name.


"What!" Weiss growled, annoyed at the guy that interrupted her explanation, but then became surprised by who interrupted her, "Huh? Bal-"

Before she could finished her sentence, Baltazar held his hand up, gaining another annoyed look from her, and pointed to Ruby, who looked like she was about to sneeze at any moment.

Weiss looked at Ruby, and paled as she noticed the Dust cloud surrounding them and that Ruby was going to sneeze into it. She looked at the bottle of Dust she was holding and realized that the cork wasn't tight enough and some of it went in the air. Looking at Baltazar and then at Ruby, Weiss hung her head in depression and sighed while she waited for the inevitable to happen.

"Why me…"



Ruby finally sneezed, creating an explosion of fire, ice and lightning that surrounded the three of them. The explosion shocked Jaune so much that he stumbled on to the ground. As he picked himself up, he noticed a bottle of Dust flying out of the smoke and landed behind him, rolling to the feet of a girl his age who was reading a book. The girl has long, wavy black hair with a bow on top and amber colored eyes with a bit of purple eye shadow on the ends. She's wearing a white sleeveless shirt that showed her midriff, a black vest, ribbons on her arms with an unattached sleeve and a silver band on her left arm, low heeled boots and black to purple stockings. The girl picked up the bottle and stared at it for a bit before looking at where it originated from. Jaune couldn't help but notice that the shape of her eyes look similar to how Baltazar's are shaped.

"I wonder if they're related" he thought, "Their eyes are shaped the same and they both have black hair."

Jaune shook the thought out of his head, knowing that those characteristics were not enough to make such a conclusion. He then looked back at the explosion sight to see the smoke clearing, and that Ruby, Weiss and Baltazar all covered in soot.

"Ugh, unbelievable. Why does this only happen to me," Weiss groaned as she removed the soot off her clothes before she turned to Baltazar, who was still covered in soot and covering his mouth to keep himself from laughing, "Oh don't you start, mister! May I remind you that you started this whole 'Explosive Dust' mess in the first place?!"

"Oh come on Weiss, it was funny," Baltazar chucked after calming down a little, "Besides, I only started the first one. You know that my brother and sister were responsible for the other two," He then pointed at her with a big grin on his face, "This one was all you, though. I was trying to stop you before it was too late. Still, it was an awesome explosion! Hahaha!"

Weiss face palmed as soon as her best friend started to laugh again. "You explosive happy twit…" she muttered, "And will you please get that soot off of you! Seriously, we're at Beacon now, so we have to look nice and presentable at all times. I know you're cleaner than this, despite what your old bedroom says otherwise."

Baltazar grumbled a little before he started getting the soot off his clothes, "Tch, alright already. Jeez you're starting to sound like Mom again."

Weiss smiled smugly, "That's because she's a smart woman and she asked me to look after you while we're here. Now hurry up and get yourself clean, or else I'll have to buy you new clothes with your 'special savings'," She finished, using air quotes when saying the last part of her sentence.

"You're not touching my gaming money Weiss!" Baltazar glared as he tried to get the soot off his glasses.

As the two continue to argue, Ruby, now free of soot, just stared at the two of them with a mixture of nervousness and surprise. In the three, nearly four years she has known Baltazar, she has rarely ever seen him so animated before, even if it was arguing in this case. Usually he's laid-back, somewhat serious and a little on the sleepy side, but to see him this excited and energetic was quite rare.

"In fact," she realized, "He's been in a very good mood these past few weeks. Even new video games don't excite him this much. Is it because he knew he would meet that girl? And why in the world does she look so familiar?" Before she got to into that thought, she stopped herself,"Oh that's right, I better apologize for blowing up in front of her…literally. I hope she's not too mad."

Ruby slowly approached the arguing pair, pressing her fingers nervously and tried to get their attention.

"Uhh, e-excuse me?" She asked Weiss, causing her and Baltazar to look at the slightly quivering girl, "I-I'm sorry for blowing us up. I-It was an accident. I'll make it up to you, I swear!" She finished while bowing her head.

Weiss looked at her in surprise before turning to Baltazar with a questioning look, only to receive a shrug in response, before turning back to the apologizing girl. "It's fine, don't worry about it. If anything I blame that dolt over there for making it happen so often." She replied, pointing her thumb at said dolt, who began grumbling again.

"It was only the first one…" He muttered.

"Anyway," Weiss continued, staring at the young girl in curiosity, "Why are you here? No offense but aren't you a little young to be attending this academy? It's more than just sparring and practice. We're here to fight monsters," She paused for a moment and looked at Ruby some more, "Come to think of it, you look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?"

Ruby had a short look of shock before replying, "N-No, at least I don't think so. You do look really familiar, though. Maybe we have seen each other, Princess."

Surprised slightly by the nickname, Weiss was about to respond before someone jumped in on the conversation.

"It's heiress actually."

The three of them turned to see the black haired girl with a bow on her head, holding Weiss's bottle of Dust, with Jaune following behind her.

"Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Company," she continued, "One of the largest producers of energy propellant in the world."

"It still surprises me that your family's company is that big," Baltazar mumbled to said heiress.

"Why are you still surprised? Your family's company's just as big and old as mine is," Weiss muttered in annoyance.

The bow girl continued, "The same company infamous for its controversial labor forces and questionable business partners."

Jaune snickered a little in his hand, while Ruby's eyes went wide at the information. Weiss, on the other hand, was speechless; shocked that someone described her family's business in such a manner. She turned to Baltazar for support, but all he did was cross his arms and raised an eyebrow.

"What?" He asked, "It's not like she said anything that wasn't true. You said yourself that you don't agree with how some of your family members treat the workers and that you hate most of the guys that your dad has to deal with in meetings."

"Well yeah, but she didn't have to put it like that!" Weiss shouted, shocking everyone, especially the black haired girl.

She then turned her attention to the bow wearing girl, "Do you mind if I take my Dust back? I need it for my weapon and from what I remember; my friend back there primarily carries Lightning Dust."

The girl stared at Weiss for a little bit before shaking her head and returned the Dust.

"Thank you," Weiss said, "Now if you guys excuse me, I better get going. Maybe we'll see each other soon."

As the bow wearing girl watched the heiress walk away from the group, she noticed Baltazar staring at her. Looking at him, she surprised to see his eyes flashing blue briefly, and even his eyes narrowing to slits for just a second, before returning to normal. Thinking that she was seeing things, the girl left the group to catch up on her reading.

Baltazar just stared at the bow wearing girl as she left, feeling something off about her. He felt something in his eyes as he watched her but shrugged it off, figuring that it wasn't important. He then turned his attention to Ruby and Jaune, with an apologetic look on his face.

"Sorry guys, but I better go follow Weiss," He told the two, "Talking about her family's way of life always brings her mood down so I'm gonna try and cheer her up," He then gave the two a map, "This shows where we're gonna meet. See you guys there, ok?"

Before leaving, he looked over at Weiss's luggage cart and cases, noticing that her father's servants were already cleaning up the mess and asked if they needed help.

The servants shook their heads and one of them replied, "It is fine, Mr. Azul. Don't mind us. Just go and comfort Lady Weiss for us ok?" The servant then gave Baltazar a small smile, "Also, it nice to see you again."

Baltazar gave him a smile as well, "It's nice to see you again too, Mr. Mooks." And with that he disappeared in a flash of blue light and sparks.

Jaune just stared with his mouth open, pointing at where Baltazar was, while Ruby just shook her head.

"Well…" Ruby smiled to the blonde swordsman, "I guess we should head to the meeting place now. Are you coming with me Vomit Boy?"

Hearing his new friend's voice and new nickname snapped Jaune out of his shock and followed the younger girl to their destination. "Lead the way, Crater Face."



Weiss walked down the path to the auditorium, the meeting place for new students, in a depressed mood, something that happens often when she talks or hears about her family's less than admirable traits.

"She may have a point," Weiss muttered to herself, "but she didn't have the right to announce it to a bunch of strangers."

She stopped, and looked up at the sky, "I hope things are ok back home. The White Fang's been very active lately, and I think that there might be another Dust raid from them soon."

Weiss was not the biggest fan of White Fang due to how much trouble they've caused her family over the years. But, unlike the majority of her family, Weiss was more open-minded, and she is able to sympathize with the group, if only a little. She understood that the Faunus group wanted to be recognized as people and their resentment to the Schnee Dust Company because of their discriminate views of Faunus, but that was not a reason to steal, hurt or even kill innocent people, no matter what the end result was.

"It's like Mr. Morado use to say," She whispered, "The ends don't justify the means."

"Abuelito was a smart old man, wasn't he?"

"Yeah," Weiss responded absentmindedly before blinking a couple times, and turned around quickly to see her best friend standing very close to her.


"Kya!" She screamed, and would have fallen to the ground if Baltazar hadn't caught her by the waist.

"Whoa there girl," Baltazar chuckled as he held the heiress, "Thought you'd be used to this by now."

Weiss glared at him with slight blush on her face, "You really need to stop sneaking up on people. You know I hate it when you do that."

"Heh heh, sorry," he apologized as he set Weiss down. Looking at her he noticed that while she was still upset, she wasn't as depressed as she was earlier. "You feeling better now?"

"…A little," Weiss said, looking down at the ground, "I know that my family has a mixed reputation, but it still hurts to hear about the negative actions that they've done," She then shook her head and sighed, "You could of at least defended yourself a little back there you know. Your grandfather's one of Father's business partners too, remember? Can you honestly say that your family does 'questionable' acts like she was implying?"

"Do you want to see the list again?" Baltazar answered in a deadpanned tone, holding a large piece of paper that listed the different questionable acts his family did in recent times. Even his own name was written on the list, for attempting to break into his own home. It was an interesting experience for him at the time.

"Right…I forgot," Weiss muttered to herself in embarrassment. "I shouldn't let this get to me anymore. I should be focusing on my studies and training. If I'm going to be a successful huntress like Mom was and prove my relatives wrong, then I need to be at my best at all times."

"Just make sure you don't overwork yourself again," Baltazar warned with a stern tone, "Like what Mom did with you, Mr. Schnee asked me to look after you while we're here. I know how dedicated you are at being a huntress and how much work you put into your training, but you need to remember to take it easy and relax every once in a while, otherwise you'll burn yourself out and all the work you've done will be wasted." He then looked down at the floor and spoke softly, "I can't stand seeing you hurt or upset, so let me help every once in a while, ok?"

Weiss said nothing, taking in the words of her childhood friend. After a moment, she walked up to Baltazar and gave him a hug. Baltazar himself was a little surprised by the action, knowing that Weiss was not one to do such things often, but relaxed and hugged her back.

"…Thanks Baltazar," Weiss muttered in his shirt, "For everything."

"No worries, Weiss. Anytime," Baltazar whispered, tightening the hug a little.

The two broke apart and began walking to the auditorium together. As they were walking, Weiss began giggling a little, gaining a confused look from the black haired teen.

"What's up?" He asked.

"Oh nothing," Weiss giggled again, "Just surprised by how much your speech has gotten better over the years. You use to stutter and messed up your words a lot when we were kids. I got to say, it's a much better improvement."

"Oh come on, not this again," Baltazar groaned, causing Weiss to laugh, "First it was Pop, then Yang, and now you? I was learning two languages at the same time, remember? Of course my speech was bad as a kid! You try learning two languages at the same time!"

"Your brother was learning two languages as well and he had better speech than you did," Weiss retorted, "And I know the same languages you know because of how often I stayed with your family. That excuse won't work for me and you know it."

Baltazar tried to think of a retort, but came up with nothing. She knew him too well, even after not being able to see each other as often for the past three years. He hung his head down in defeat, "I can never win an argument with you, can I?"

Weiss smirked, "Nope! And you never will."


Ruby and Jaune walked down the path to the auditorium, talking about random subjects and showing each other's weapons. The two learned quite a bit about each other, such as Ruby creating Crescent Rose and Jaune being a descendent of a war veteran. The two of them got along great and both agreed that this was a beginning of a good friendship. As they went inside the auditorium, the two of them saw Yang waving at them, but no sign of Baltazar or Weiss.

"Ruby! Over here!" Yang shouted, "I saved you a spot!"

"Thanks Sis!" Ruby yelled back, "I got to go. See you after the ceremony, ok?"

"Yeah, sure thing," Jaune said as he watch the young girl run to her sister and sighed, "Well that was fun, but where am I going to find another nice, quirky girl to talk to?" Jaune walked to a random spot of the auditorium, not noticing a red haired girl in Amazonian armor looking at him curiously.

"How's your first day going, little sister?" Yang asked.

"Oh, you mean after you ditched me and I exploded?" Ruby glared.

"Yikes. Meltdown already?" Yang winced.

"No!" Ruby shouted, "I literally exploded a hole in front of the school! And there was some fire, and I think some ice..?"

Yang grinned broadly, "Are you being sarcastic?"

Ruby scoffs, "I wish! I tripped over some nice but crabby girl's luggage who looked really familiar, and then she yelled at me, and then Baltazar came, and then I sneezed, and then I exploded, and then she and Baltazar started yelled at each other, and I felt really, really bad, and I just wanted them to stop yelling!"

During her small rant, neither Ruby nor Yang notice Weiss and Baltazar standing behind them, listening to everything Ruby said. While Baltazar was amused by how she was describing what happened earlier, Weiss became annoyed by one particular comment the young girl said about her.

"Crabby? How dare she!" Weiss thought angrily as she glared at the unsuspecting huntress to be, "Sure I can be a bit difficult, but I'm not crabby! My aunts are crabby, not me! And when was I yelling at her? All I did was informed her about Dust!" She then began to smirk a little, "Fine, if she thinks I'm crabby then I'll show her how crabby I can be."

Baltazar looked down at Weiss and noticed the vindictive smirk on her face. "Oh boy," he muttered, "Here it comes."

"YOU!" Weiss shouted, scaring Ruby to death.

"EEK!" Ruby jumped into Yang's arms, "Oh God, it's happening again!"

"You're lucky we weren't blown off the side of the cliff!" Weiss continued, pointing at the frightened girl.

"…Would of made one hell of a cliff dive though," Baltazar muttered quietly to himself, though the girls heard him clearly.

Weiss turned her glare to her friend, "And we would have died, idiot! You still can't swim, remember? Aunt Leti told me that when I talked to her earlier!"

"Oh yeah..." Baltazar realized, scratching his neck sheepishly as Weiss gave him an annoyed stare.

Yang turned to the scared girl in her arms in surprised, "Oh my God, you really exploded."

"Hey Baltazar!" Jaune called, catching the shorter teen's attention.

"Yo Jaune," Baltazar replied back, walking to his new friend, "What's up?"

"Eh, nothing much," Jaune shrugged and looks over at the girls. "What going on there?"

Baltazar sighed, "Just Weiss being difficult. She gets like this sometimes whenever someone insults her behind her back and she hears it." He turns around and see said girl holding a pamphlet to a horribly confused Ruby, "And now she's doing the 'Dust for Dummies' thing again. She must be really annoyed this time."

Jaune just stared at the scene in front of him, not sure of what to make of it. "And you grew up with her?" He couldn't help but ask, "You must have had a hard time growing up with her as a best friend."

"My life was kind of hard, but it wasn't because of her." Baltazar confirmed before sighing and held his necklace gently, "In fact, my life would have been worse if it wasn't for her. And I have no doubt she would say the same about her life. We treasure our friendship, and we try our hardest not to let anything break it." He then smiled, "She may look like a cold and harsh person, but she's actually very sweet once you get to know her. Like ice cream."

"…Ice cream?" Jaune couldn't help but ask.

"Yup," Baltazar answered with a small smile, "Vanilla ice cream to be exact."

The two then turned their attention back to the girls and see Ruby try and re-introduce herself to Weiss.

They could feel the sarcasm in Weiss's tone, "Yeah! And we can paint our nails and try on clothes and talk about cute boys, like tall, blonde, and scraggly or swift, sweet, and sensitive over there."

The boys blush a little after being called cute, but Jaune became a little ticked at being insulted. He did notice, however, that Weiss didn't say anything bad about Baltazar. In fact, she called him 'sweet' and 'sensitive'. "Must be one of those best friend privileges," he thought, "She didn't sound as sarcastic when she said that either…did she mean it?" He looked at the shorter teen and noticed he was still blushing and not moving at all. "He must have thought the same thing as well. I wonder…"

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a microphone being tested. He and everyone else in the auditorium turned to see the headmaster of Beacon, Professor Ozpin, a man with silver hair, brown eyes with black glasses, an open suit over a vest and green shirt, white gloves and a pair of dark green pants, preparing to speak.

"I'll... keep this brief," Ozpin began, "You have traveled here today in search of knowledge - to hone your craft and acquire new skills, and when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose, direction." This caused several of the students to talk amongst themselves, "You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step."

As he leaves, Glynda, who was standing next to Ozpin, takes the mic. "You will gather in the ballroom tonight; tomorrow, your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed."

As the students begin to leave, Yang, Ruby, Weiss, Jaune and Baltazar began to talk amongst themselves.

"He seemed kind of…off," Yang said.

Ruby and the others agreed. "It was like he wasn't even there."

"His speech kind of depressed me a little to be honest," Jaune admitted.

"Well… At least he's honest. That's got to count for something, right?" Baltazar asked.

"I don't think it does. Not in this case at least," Weiss replied.

The five of them just stood together in silence, wondering what was with Ozpin when he made that speech. The silence only lasted for a few moments until Yang remembered something.

"So…" she began, looking at Weiss, "'Sweet and sensitive' eh? Didn't know you had a thing for your best friend there, Nievita," She finished with a big grin on her face.

The result was instantaneous; Weiss and Baltazar both jumped and looked at Yang with bright blushes on their faces, Jaune began laughing hard, and Ruby's eyes went wide as she remembered where she had seen Weiss before.

"Wait, you're Nievita!?" Ruby exclaimed, pointing at the very red Weiss, "No wonder you looked so familiar! I've seen you in a couple pictures in Baltazar and Cody's room every time we visit."

"Yup, that right Sis," Yang conformed, "Leti even showed us a photo album with her and Sparky together when they were kids and she always called her Nievita whenever she's talking about her, remember? It was when Cody and Sparky left with their dad and sister to some tropical island for the summer a couple years back."

"Oh I remember that!" Ruby shouted and turned to the still blushing teens, "You two looked so cute together in those pictures, playing in the grass and sleeping on the sofa and…"

The two of them blushed even more as Ruby continued to list off the different pictures that she's seen in the photo book. Jaune at this point was laughing so hard that he was using Yang to keep himself up, while Yang just kept looking at the scene with a big grin. "I've never seen Sparky so embarrassed before. I'm gonna milk this for all it's worth."

"I thought you said Aunt Leti didn't have a photo album!" Weiss hissed a Baltazar.

"I thought so too!" Baltazar hissed back, "Mom must have borrowed one from one of my Tíos or Tías or something. I Don't Know!" He then sighed in an attempt to calm himself down. "Oh well, at least Ruby didn't mention the re-"

"Don't even think about mentioning that!" Weiss shouted with her blush back full force, making Baltazar jump a good couple of feet in surprise.

This caused everyone else to laugh, Jaune and Yang holding each other for support and Ruby actually rolling on the floor laughing her head off. While all this was happening, a girl their age was looking at the group with analyzing eyes, particularly Weiss. The girl had long platinum blonde hair in a ponytail with bangs almost covering her left face, pale skin with green eyes and a small mole under her right eye, a dark green qipao that ended at her knees with a picture of a gem shaped pentagon inside of a eight petal flower with two arrows in the form of an X on the right side of her chest, tight black shorts, a pair of running sandals, pink flower earrings and a gold colored bandana like scarf on her neck. She also possessed a large silver quiver and what looked like a large pair of knives sheathed together on her back.

The girl continued to look at Weiss with an intense gaze, memorizing what she looks like. After a few moments, her eyes grew wide in shock for a moment as if remembering something.

"It is her," She said quietly, "The white haired girl from before. No one else in this school has hair like that. Never thought I'd see her here of all places." She crossed her arms and looked at the other members of the group, and noticed something about Baltazar's appearance. "He has the same hair, eyes and skin tone as that little girl the white haired one was with. Could that be one of the brothers the little one was talking about?"

Smiling to herself, the blonde decided to head to the ballroom to get ready for bed. As she left, she looked at the group one more time.

"This is going to be a fun year."


Night soon came to Beacon academy, and nearly every freshman student can be found wearing their sleeping wear in the ballroom. Ruby was laying down on her sleeping bag, wearing a brown tank top with a heart shaped Beowolf on it, rose patterned sweats and a Beowolf eyed sleeping mask on her head, writing something on a piece of paper.

"It's like a big slumber party!" Yang exclaimed as she jumped into her sleeping bag next to Ruby, wearing only an orange tank top with her fire heart symbol on it and brown short shorts.

"I don't think Dad would approve of all the boys, though." Ruby replied, not looking at her sister.

"I know I do," Yang purred as she watched some boys on the other side messing around. She continued to look at them until she noticed something, "Hey…where's-"

"Enjoying the view there, Yang?" A lax voiced asked, startling the sisters.

Yang and Ruby jumped and screamed a little, and looked to see a smug looking Baltazar and a depressed looking Jaune standing near them. Baltazar was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of blue sweats with a black lightning bolt pattern while Jaune was in a plain white t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts.

"Dammit Sparky, stop doing that!" Yang yelled at the black haired teen, only getting a chuckle in response. She then turned to Jaune and noticed his depressed state, "What's up with him?"

"He's just upset that he forgot to pack his favorite set of P.J.s before coming here," Baltazar answered simply, gaining a slight glare from Jaune. He looked down and saw Ruby had gone back to her writing. "Whatcha doing, Ruby?"

"Just writing to Cody and the gang back at Signal," Ruby said, not seeing the looks that her sister and brother figure had, "I promised to tell them all about Beacon and how things are going."

"Notice how she separated my brother from the others," Baltazar muttered to Jaune and Yang in a mild mix of teasing and amusement, making Ruby blush, "Something tells me that she's going to write a separate letter just for him later."

"Aww," Yang squealed, making Ruby blush further, "My baby sister's writing a special letter to her boyfriend! That's so cuuuuute!"

"Shut up!" Ruby shouted, throwing her pillows at Yang and Baltazar's faces, "I didn't get to take my friends with me to school like you two did! It's weird not knowing anyone here!"

"Hey, what about me?" Jaune asked feeling a little left out of the conversation.

"Yeah Sis," Yang agreed, making Jaune smile a little, "What about Jaune. He's nice. There you go! Plus one friend, that's a hundred percent increase!"

"I'm pretty sure Weiss count's as a negative friend," Ruby sighed as she turned over on her back, making Baltazar wince a little, "Back to zero…"

"There's no such thing as negative friends! You just made one friend and one enemy!" Yang tried to reassure her sister and was given a dog faced pillow to the face as a response.

"Yeah…sorry about Weiss," Baltazar apologized as he and Jaune sat down next to the girls, "She heard you call her crabby and she hates it when people insult her behind her back. Make's her think that she's like the…jerks in her family. She'll get over it eventually but until then, you're on her bad list for a little while."

"Speaking from personal experience there?" Jaune asked.

"She wouldn't talk to me for almost a month after I called her a witch like one of her aunts by accident when we were ten." Baltazar sighed sadly, depressing Ruby even more.

"Listen Ruby," Yang said, trying to get her sister's attention, "It's only been one day. Trust me; you've got friends all around you! You just haven't met them yet!"

"Huh. Sounds like something my mom would say," Jaune said.

"Your mom's a smart woman then, Jauney-Boy" Yang replied with a smile, making Jaune smile as well.

The four of them hear notice something glowing to the side, and turn to see the bow wearing girl in a black sleeping yukata with a candle next to her and reading a book.

"That girl…" Ruby muttered.

Yang gave her little sister a questioning glance, "You know her?"

Ruby shook her head, "Not really. She saw what happened this morning, but left before any of us could say anything."

Yang turned her head to the guys and saw them nod in conformation. "Well," She started, standing up, "Now's your chance." She then grabbed Ruby's hand and dragged her to the reading girl.

The guys just sat there, not sure what to do. Jaune looked at Baltazar and asked, "Should we follow them?"

Baltazar shrugged, "Might as well. I've got a funny feeling about her anyways."

The two got up and followed the girls. By the time they got to them, the two were whispering to each other.

"What are you doing?" Yang asked.

"I don't know, Help Me!" Ruby exclaimed.

The two then turned and smiled at the black haired girl in front of them as Yang asked, "So…what's your name?"

The girl sighed, irritated at being interrupted again, before responding in a terse tone, "Blake."

Yang smiled, "Well, Blake, I'm Yang, Ruby's older sister!" She then pointed at Jaune, who looked a little nervous, "That there is our friend Jaune," then at Baltazar, who was staring at Blake curiously, "and he's our future brother-in-law, Baltazar!" That last comment caused Ruby to blush again.

"Uh…Hi?" Jaune greeted nervously.

"Yo," Baltazar greeted as well, his eyes still curious.

"Not now Sis," Ruby muttered, embarrassed.

"I like your bow!" Yang said suddenly.

"Thanks…" Blake replied irritated

"It goes great with your…pajamas!"


Yang tried one more time, "Nice night, don't you think?"

Blake, fed up with her persistence, replied, "Yes, it's lovely! Almost as lovely as this book!"

The four stood there, not sure what to do.

"That I will continue to read." Blake continued on.

The others still didn't move.

"As soon as you leave!" She finished with a glare.

"Yeah, this girl's a lost cause," Yang muttered to the others.

"Don't be rude," Baltazar muttered back sternly.

"What's it about?" Ruby asked, gaining the attention of the others?

Blake looked up in surprise, "Huh?"

"Your book," Ruby clarified, "Does it have a name?"

"W-Well…" Blake stuttered, "I-It's about a man with two souls, each fighting for control of the body."

"That sounds familiar," Jaune spoke up, gaining a look of surprise from Blake, "I think I read that book not that long ago before coming here."

"Oh yeah," Yang said sarcastically, "That sounds really lovely!"

"Yang, be nice!" Baltazar glared at the blonde brawler, making her put her hands up in surrender.

Ruby spoke up, "I love books. Yang used to read to me every night before bed. Stories of heroes and monsters...they're one of the reasons I want to be a Huntress"

Blake laughed a little, "And why's that? Hoping you'll live happily ever after?"

Ruby nodded, "Well, I'm hoping we all will. As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books...someone who fought for what was right, and protected people who couldn't protect themselves!"

Blake looked at her with a smile on her face, "That's...very ambitious for a child," her smile turned to a frown, "Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale."

Ruby smiled, "Well that's why we're here! To make it better."

She jumped a little when she heard the sounds of clapping. Turning around she saw Jaune and Baltazar giving her a round of applause.

"That was beautiful Ruby," Jaune said happily.

"Truer words have never been said, hermanita," Baltazar agreed.

Yang then ran up and hugged her into the air, "Oh I'm so proud of my baby sister!"

"Cut it out!" Ruby shouted and the two began to fight with each other, making a cloud of dust in the process.

"Does this happen a lot?" Jaune asked, pointing at the quarreling siblings.

"More than you think," Baltazar chuckled as he looked at the girls.

Blake also laughed at the sight, "Well, Ruby, Yang, Jaune, Baltazar, it was-"

"What in the world is going on over here?!" A familiar voice shouted, causing Baltazar to pale slightly. The five of them turned to see Weiss storming towards them in a blue nightgown and her hair down. "Don't you realize that people are trying to get some sleep?!"

She and Yang locked eyes and both shouted, "OH NOT YOU AGAIN!"

"Oh man, here we go," Baltazar muttered and pinched the bridge of his nose as Weiss and Yang began arguing with Ruby trying to stop them.

"Why can't we just get along?" Jaune whined, not wanting to deal with this. He turned his attention to the two black haired hunters in training, "I'm just gonna go to bed now. See you guys in the morning."

"Night, Jaune" "Goodnight," the two said together as Jaune went to his sleeping bag.

"Well I need to get to bed too," Baltazar said as he looked at Blake, "I have habit of waking up really early sometimes and I want to get as much sleep as I can." He got up and offered his hand to Blake, "It was nice meeting you Blake. I wish you luck on tomorrow's initiation."

"Likewise," Blake smiled as she shook Baltazar's hand, "Have a good night."

Baltazar smiled and tuned to leave. Before he got too far, he looked at Blake again, and she could have sworn that his eyes were glowing blue for a moment. He was smiling at her and muttered something quietly, but she still managed to hear it.

"Buenas noches gatito."

With that, Baltazar walked back to his sleeping bag, leaving behind a confused Blake wondering what he said. She didn't recognize the language he spoke in, so she assumed he just said goodnight to her. Looking back at the arguing girls, Blake sighed and blew the candles out before going to bed. One final thought came to her mind as she blew the candles.

"This year's going to be very interesting, isn't it?"

Author's Note: And done. This here ends the first chapter of The BLAD of RWBY and JNPR. I'm quite surprised by how many words and pages it took to write this chapter; 37 pages and, not joking, over 9000 words, and I actually had thoughts about continuing on and start with the Emerald Forrest trial, but I didn't want to overdo it on the writing. I'm no Third Fang, not by a long shot. This is the most I've ever written at one time, and to be honest, I enjoyed writing and editing every word of it. Just so you guys are aware, there will be parings, the obvious one being WeissXBaltazar, but there will be lots of hints of RubyxCody in this story, mainly Ruby being teased about her crush by Yang and Baltazar. Other parings will include JaunexPyrrha and RenxNora, but Yang and Blake, along with the other members of BLAD: Levy, Ash, and Dia will remain single, at least for now. Also, remember that Weiss will be a little OOC in this story because of her history with Baltazar and his family, and the two went though much together before Baltazar had to go to Signal. Yang and Baltazar also went through some interesting trials while attending Signal, and share a strong sibling bond because of that. These events will be touched upon in this story, but they will be fully explained in the form of one-shots that I plan on writing in the near future. Expect chapter 2 to come out soon, but I will warn everyone that I don't have a set schedule for uploading. See you all next time.

Edit* Lots of revisions here, including the removal and addition of certain things. Even updated Baltazar's look a little and made some changes to his speaking tone and personality to what he should be; a soft-spoken, friendly individual with a bit of a mischievous streak and a hint of something dark hidden within him. Almost feels like a new chapter with how much more refined it is. Expect the other chapters to follow the same trend. Thank you all.


Cuñada: sister in law

Tío: uncle

Tía: aunt

"Buenas noches, gatito": "Good night, kitten"

Also, Leti's nickname for Weiss, Nievita, is derived from the word nieve, meaning snow.