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The BLAD of RWBY and JNPR Chapter 12: Black Cat's White Fang

It was a beautiful day in the city of Vale. The streets were filled with many friendly locals, store owners were putting up banners on their places of business, and there were excited faces on the visitors of the large city. It was nearly time for the Vytal festival and everyone was getting excited for it. Not only that, Beacon's Hunter's Fair, which allowed visitors from other schools to visit the prestigious academy and see what they have to offer, was happening just shortly before the Vytal Festival, meaning that Vale is going to have a lot of visitors. Along with the excited citizens of Vale, the students of Beacon Academy were very excited for the upcoming festivals because of all the different events that will happen, including dances, parades, team specific events planned by the students during the Hunter's Fair and even the fighting tournament during the Vytal Festival. Among the excited Beacon Students was team RWBY, who were wandering around town checking out the sights and decorations.

"Oh, the Vytal Festival! This is absolutely wonderful!" Weiss exclaimed happily as she spread her arms out in amazement.

"Wow Weiss, I've rarely seen you this excited before. Last time I've seen you like this was when we saw Mrs. Azul's sister back at Forjador City. It's kinda weirding me out," Ruby laughed jokingly.

"Haha, how can you not be excited?" Weiss laughed as she turned to her partner, "A festival dedicated to the cultures of the world! There will be dances! Parades! A tournament! Not only that, Beacon's Hunter's Fair is going to happen soon, where we show everyone what a great place our school is in a way just like the Vytal Festival! Oh, the amount of planning and organization that goes into these events is simply breathtaking!"

"Wow, you really know how to make a good thing sound boring, huh?" Yang teased her white haired friend.

"Oh quiet you," The heiress countered in a mock-scolding tone, taking the teasing good naturedly.

"You're mostly excited because you finally get to dance with your boyfriend after all those dance lessons you've been making him take for the last couple months, aren't you?" Blake asked in a knowing tone.

"Of course," Weiss nodded, "And in turn, he's been helping me with my cooking and I can honestly say that I've become a much better cook now!"

"Weiss, don't you still mix up the sugar and flour you use when you're making pancakes?" Yang pointed out, causing Weiss to drop her head in depression.

"Hey Weiss? If you don't mind me asking, why are we spending our Friday afternoon at the docks?" Ruby asked as she and her team approached the docks in question while holding her nose, "I never really liked this place…smells too much like fish."

"I got a message from my friend Chrona a while back. He was visiting his family over at Vacuo and found out that some students from the combat schools there are coming here for the festival and should be arriving by boat sometime today," Weiss explained as she stopped to turn to her teammates, "And as a representative of Beacon, I felt it was my solemn duty to welcome them to this fine kingdom."

"She wants to spy on them so she'll have an upper hand on the tournament," Blake spoke up as she walked pass the heiress.

"You don't know that!" Weiss said, embarrassed by the accusation.

"Don't deny it, Big Sis. This isn't the first time you did something like this…"

Hearing a familiar voice, team RWBY turned around towards the docks to see Cody climbing up the stairs and walking up to them with a smirk on his face. Weiss had a mild look of annoyance while Blake had a small smile and gave the weapons smith a friendly wave and Yang sported a wide grin and gave the young Faunus a thumbs up. Ruby, on the other hand, blushed furiously the moment she saw her best friend and immediately pulled her hood over her head to hide her face. Cody saw her actions and he too began to blush and looked away himself, scratching his cheek nervously with a finger. The three older girls saw their reactions and began to form amused expressions on their faces.

"Oho? What do we have here? Looks like someone's a little embarrassed to see their little cuddle buddy," Yang teased as she held her sister in a one arm hug.

"You two shouldn't be ashamed. It's only natural for you to hug someone as adorable as your best friend in your sleep," Weiss joked as she placed a hand on her surrogate brother's shoulder and shook it teasingly.

"Cut it out, Sis!" Cody and Ruby cried as they tried to get their respective sisters off of them while Blake simply stared at the scene and shook her head in amusement.

"So Cody, what are you doing here?" The shadow ninja asked, "I heard from Levy that Signal Academy sent some of their students to help out with decorating the town for the Vytal Festival. Are you one of those students?"

"Yeah, I am," Cody nodded as soon as he got Weiss to let go of him, "I actually finished helping the old man who works at From Dust Till Dawn set up some banners for his store not that long ago. I didn't felt like going home or take a boat to Signal so soon, so I decided to hang out at the docks for a bit when I heard you guys coming." His expression then turned serious and the girls could see the worry in his eyes, "So how's my brother doing? Last time I saw him, he didn't look too good. Is he ok?"

"Oh he's fine. You don't have to worry about him anymore. It's been over a week since he got sick, after all," Blake assured with a small smile. "I'm just happy that the nurse was at the infirmary when we got there."

"I still can't believe that idiot of a boyfriend of mine actually went and forge three highly-advance weapons in a span of three days without rest right after having such a big fight with his powerhouse of a teammate. It's one thing if it's his kunai or shuriken, but a shotgun axe hybrid and two lightning swords? No wonder he got sick," Weiss huffed. "I swear, he's not only become more confident over the years, he's become more reckless too."

"Tell me about it…" Yang grumbled as she scratched the back of her neck, "Outside of sparing, having Sparky forge something was one of the only ways to get him to open up during our early days at Signal and more often than not, he made new single use weapons and modifications right after our spars in order to find new ways to beat me and impress Ruby with his skills, not to mention he thinks it's relaxing to mess with his inventions. If he got struck with some heavy inspiration, then he'd lock himself in the forge stations for days until he brings out his finished products and passes out with a fever as soon as he steps out of the doors."

"Didn't he say he also started on some other projects too while you three were working on Vesuvius?" Blake asked her leader in a curious tone.

"He was about to after he finished his new katana, but stopped when Cody and I finished with the majority of Ash's weapon and he jumped in to help me with the detail work," Ruby explained.

"I didn't even notice he was getting sick during our three day forging project," Cody sighed, "What kind of brother am I to not notice something like that…?"

"It's not your fault. He's just good at hiding these things," Yang smiled as she placed a comforting hand on the Tiger Faunus's shoulder. "To be honest, he would've fooled all of us if I didn't hug him for showing us those awesome pictures and the recording of you and my baby sister…"

-Flashback: Week and a half ago, Beacon Cafeteria-

"EEEEEE! THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!" Yang squealed in delight as she stared at the pictures of her sister and her former roommate's brother snuggling up to each other on said former roommate's bed. The others were also staring at the pictures with very amused expressions. The only ones not in attendance besides the sleeping pair in the pictures was Ash and his father, as Etna was still out at the moment.

"I know. That's why Ash and I took the pics," Baltazar grinned before bringing up his Scroll. "I also have a small recording of them cuddling with each other if you want to see them."

"HELL YEAH I DO!" Yang cheered as she rushed to hug her friend tightly, much to Weiss's annoyance, when the blonde suddenly stiffened. She pulled away from the lightning ninja and stared at him with a critical gaze, with one hand on his shoulder and another on his forehead.

"Uh…Yang? What are you-"

"You're warm," Yang stated, interrupting Baltazar, "You also got some bags under your eyes and you definitely look paler than the last time I saw you." She then let go of her friend and placed a hand over her own head and sighed in exasperation, "Dammit Sparky, not again."

"What's wrong?" Nora asked curiously.

"Sparky went and got himself sick again, that's what's wrong," Yang answered in an annoyed tone.

"What? I'm not sick," The lightning ninja denied, although now everyone's noticing his paler skin and bags.

"Don't be stubborn, Chief. If you're sick, then tell us," Dia said before turning to her teammate, "Can you fix him up, Levy?"

"I can't. My semblance only heals open wounds and maybe internal injuries if I use a lot of aura. It doesn't work on illnesses," Levy said in a depressed tone.

"Hey dudes! What's up?" Ash called out as he entered the cafeteria, his father following behind him and his new weapon latched to his backside in standby mode.

"Other than Baltazar being sick, nothing much," Blake said in a calm tone.

"Say what?" Ash questioned as he stared at his leader for a bit, "Damn, I thought he looked pale. He didn't look like this last time he went on a forging spree."

"Last time he didn't have to fight a heavy hitting red-head with a flaming shotgun/hammer/axe hybrid weapon," Ren pointed out. "Personally I'm wondering why he insisted on making your new weapon as soon as his brother got here. A simple patch job from Levy isn't enough to make him fit to use the forge stations, but he went ahead and did it anyway."

"And now he's sick because he wanted to make a weapon for his teammate as fast as possible without even getting healed properly…wonderful," Weiss sighed in an annoyed tone.

"Guys, I'm not sick, ok? Don't worry about it," Baltazar pleaded in order to get his friends to calm down.

"Why would we not worry, Baltazar? You're sick and need to get to bed right away," Jaune said.

"He's right. You can't neglect your health after all. You of all people should know that…" Pyrrha stated, well aware of how vulnerable her friend is when he's sick thanks to Weiss.

"For the last time guys, I'm fine. Just give it a rest, ok?" Baltazar sighed in exasperation, coughing slightly as he did, "Besides, I don't have my bed to sleep in for the night, remember? It's occupied with a puppy and a cub at the moment."

"If there's anyone who needs to give it a rest, it's you! And in more ways than one!" Weiss exclaimed, "If you need a place to sleep, then sleep in Ruby's bed! You can even sleep in my bed for all I care! What I care about right now is for you to get some rest and get it now."

"Weiss…" Baltazar groaned, somewhat embarrassed with his girlfriend's attitude with him.

"Just listen to them boy," Ulysses said in a stern tone, "You need to get some rest, otherwise you will not be able to function properly as a huntsman. I will, however, admit that I'm amazed that you not only assisted in making my son's weapon, but also re-forged your sword into what it used to be for my family and made another one for yourself. You certainly have the Azul forging blood flowing in you, boy."

"What!" Yang exclaimed as she gripped her friend's shoulders again, "Not only did you make Ash's weapon while getting sick, but you also re-forged Azure Bolt to give to Ash's dad and made a second katana for yourself?!"

"Technically, I was just finishing up the sword I was working on last year, not make another sword. But I did make some blueprints for some healing rounds for Levy's guns and even made a breakthrough with-"

"Stop!" Yang put her palm up, silencing the dark haired boy, "You're getting too reckless with your forging again, Sparky. I bet any minute now you're going to pass out right here on the floor."

"No I won't, Yang. I'm telling you I'm fine!" Baltazar insisted, but the brawler noticed that his eyes did begin to droop a little.

"Really then? Then let's make bet then…" Yang crossed her arms with a smirk. "I'm gonna count to 3. If you're still up, then I'll admit that you're ok and buy the supplies you need for your next project. If you pass out, then we're dragging your unconscious ass over to the nurse's office and you're staying there until she says otherwise."

"What? Oh come on, Yang, not again…" Baltazar growled in contempt and tiredness.

"One…" Yang counted off.

"Yang, it won't work. I'm fine, alright!"


"I'm not going to pass out. I am perfectly-"



"Yeah, you're not ok…" Yang deadpanned, looking at his passed out friend on the floor in disappointment, before picking him up and proceeded to head to the nurse's office, with her concerned team and friends following close by.

-Flashback end-

"That makes it the fourth time he passed out after he one of his forging projects since I meet him…" Yang sighed, "And I have a feeling that it happened more than that, but he's managed to hide it. The guy's too sneaky for his own good sometimes…"

"He's making himself sick while forging again? I thought he got over that after we moved here…Looks like I was wrong though," Cody thought sadly. Sighing quietly to himself, the young metal smith was about to say his goodbyes when he saw a look of surprise on his best friend's face. "What's up, Rubes?"

"Look over there," Ruby said as she pointed over towards town.

The group of teenagers turned to where Ruby was pointing at, and they all became surprised as well by what they saw. In front of them, they saw that a store down the street was broken in to. The window was broken and covered in yellow caution tape set up by the Vale Police Force. Surrounding the store was a couple of detectives, ones that Cody was familiar with.

"Hey, that's Detective Burns and Detective Heyman. I remember them from last year," The young weapons smith spoke up.

"Oh that's right, those two are the ones that arrested you and Sparky for breaking into your house, aren't they?" Yang questioned, causing Blake to stare at the sheepish Faunus in surprise.

"I thought Ruby was kidding when she said that…" Blake muttered.

"Uh excuse me?" Ruby spoke up as she and the others walked up to the detectives, "What happened here?"

"Robbery. Second Dust shop that was hit this week," The bearded Detective Burns explained before turning back towards the shop. "I swear, this place is turning into a jungle…"

"That's terrible," Yang sighed sadly.

"They left all the money again," A messy dark haired detective, Heyman, spoke up to his partner, causing Ruby to turn to the two curiously.

"Yeah, it doesn't make a lick of sense. Who needs that much Dust?" Burns questioned in a curious tone.

"I don't know, an army?" Heyman shrugged.

"You thinking the White Fang?" The bearded detective suggested, causing Blake to flinch slightly and Weiss and Cody to narrow their eyes. The weapons smith's eyes even flashed blue for a moment when heard the name of the hostile organization.

"I'm thinking that we don't get paid enough for this," Heyman sighed as he removed his sunglasses.

"Figures that the White Fang would be involved in this…" Weiss muttered darkly, causing Blake to stare at her angrily.

"Bunch of degenerates should be locked up and never see the light of day," Cody said in a cold tone, surprising the shadow ninja with his attitude.

"What's your problem, you two?" Blake questioned the pair.

"Our problem?" Cody asked.

"We're just not fans for the criminally insane, that's all," Weiss answered.

"The White Fang is hardly a bunch of psychopaths, you two. They're a collection of misguided Faunus" Blake stated sternly as she crossed her arms.

"Misguided is not the word I'd use for those fiends, Blake," Weiss said

"They want to wipe humanity off the face of the earth! They give Faunus like me and my friends and family a bad name because of their actions and are one of the bigger reasons why AAI can't fully reveal its proud heritage! Why do you think Forjador doesn't support them?!" Cody shouted.

"So then they're very misguided," Blake relented somewhat before looking back at the scene, "Either way, that doesn't explain why they would rob a Dust shop in the middle of downtown Vale…"

"Blake's got a point," Ruby spoke up, "Besides, the police still haven't caught that Torchwick guy I ran into a few months ago…Maybe it could be him."

"Still doesn't change the fact that the White Fang are a bunch of criminals though," Weiss muttered with Cody nodding in agreement, much to Blake's anger, "The Faunus in that terrorist group only know how to lie, cheat and steal."

"Weiss, that's not necessarily true…" Yang spoke up, looking very uncomfortable as she spoke and catching the young forger's attention.

"Yang, you know just as far as I do what-"

"Hey! Stop that Faunus!"

Hearing someone shouting and sentence forgotten, the five teens turned around and rushed back towards the docks to see a pair of sailors chasing a monkey tailed Faunus with tanned skin, spiky blonde hair, an open white jacket with no shirt underneath, red wrist bracers and a pair of blue pants with a chain on them. The energetic monkey man kept running until he jumped on the edge of the boat, where he turned towards the sailors chasing him with a cheeky grin.

"Thanks for the ride guys!" He said cheerfully before jumping off the boat and began to run for a bit once he landed on the docks before jumping again, much to the annoyance of the sailors.

"You no-good stowaway!" One of the sailors shouted at the Faunus, who was hanging on the lamppost with his tail while eating a banana like the monkey he was.

"Hey! A no-good stowaway would've been caught. I'm a great stowaway!" The monkey taunted before turning his head to dodge an incoming rock. Looking down, he saw Burns and Heyman looking up to him with annoyed faces.

"Hey! Get down there this instant!" Burns ordered, only to receive a banana peel to the face as a response, causing him to growl in annoyance.

The Monkey Faunus laughed as he spun himself to the top of the lamppost. He then leapt off his perch and started running off towards town, the police right on his tail. As he ran, he passed by team RWBY and Cody, giving Blake a wink and Cody a slight nod as he ran, much to their confusion.

"Well Weiss, you wanted to see the competition," Yang commented as she pointed at the disappearing Faunus and cops, "And there it goes…"

"Quick, we have to observe him!" Weiss exclaimed before rushing off to follow the monkey man, prompting the others to do the same. Blake stood quietly for a moment in confusion before a gentle nudge from Cody snapped her out of her thoughts and the two ran to follow the others. The five teens nearly caught up to the Faunus and police until they turned a corner and Weiss ran into someone, causing them both to fall to the ground. Looking up, the heiress could only watch in frustration as her competition jumped up a nearby building and proceeded to climb it, allowing him to escape his pursuers.

"He got away…" Weiss muttered, still unaware of the girl underneath her, until her blonde teammate spoke up.

"Uh…Weiss?" Yang said awkwardly as she pointed down, causing the heiress to look below her and finally see the girl she knocked down.

Startled, Weiss immediately jumped off of her and everyone could fully see the appearance of the downed girl. She had curly hair that was as red as Nora's hair with a pink bow on top, green eyes and freckles on her face. Her clothes consisted of a blouse with a black and green collar, a short pair of overalls and a pair of black stockings with green highlights on them like her collar. The girl didn't try to pick herself up after Weiss got off of her, but instead beamed brightly at the teens.

"Salutations!" The girl exclaimed happily.

"Uh…hello," Ruby greeted unsurely.

"Are you…ok?" Yang asked curiously.

"I'm wonderful! Thank you for asking!" The girl replied cheerfully, causing the girls to stare at each other unsurely.

"Ok then…Do you want to get up?" Cody asked hesitatingly.

The girl thought to herself for a moment, much to the surprise of the teens, before replying happily, "Yes!" She then leaped up to her feet, which caused the five hunters-to-be to step back a little, and proceeded to introduce herself, "My name is Penny! It is a pleasure to meet you!"

"Hi Penny, I'm Ruby," Ruby introduced herself, prompting the others to do the same.

"The name's Cordovan, but you can call me Cody."

"I'm Weiss."


"Are you sure you didn't hit your head?" Yang questioned before Blake elbowed her on the side. "Oh, I'm Yang."

"It's a pleasure to meet you!" Penny grinned, making the others to stare at her strangely.

"Uh…You already said that," Weiss pointed out.

"…So I did!" Penny nodded after a short pause.

"Well, sorry for running into you!" Weiss apologized as she and the others began to walk away.

"Take care, friend!" Ruby waved.

"Hasta luego, amiga," Cody waved as well, following his best friend's example and the two walked up to catch up to the others, not noticing the surprised expression on Penny's face.

"She was…weird," Yang muttered to the others.

"Eh, kinda. She seems pretty interesting if you ask me," Cody shrugged, causing Ruby to stare at him strangely.

"Now, where did that simian riff-raff run off to?" Weiss muttered to herself as she looked around, not aware of Blake glaring at her.

"What did you call me?" Penny asked curiously as she stood in front the five teens, causing them to look at her in surprise.

"What the? How did she get in front of us so quickly!?" Cody thought as Weiss was looking back and forth in shock. "I didn't even sense her move! Even Rubes and Baltazar gives off some energy when they move at high speeds, but she didn't even give off any aura. How did she do that?"

"Oh, I'm really sorry, I definitely didn't think you heard me!" Yang apologized, surprised that the carrot top girl was in front of her so quickly.

"No, not you," Penny shook her head before walking up towards Ruby and leans over, much to the scythe user's confusion. "You!"

"Me? I-I don't know…" Ruby stuttered, startled with Penny's actions.

"And you as well!" The orange haired girl exclaimed as she pointed at Cody, who was standing right next to Ruby and also had a confused look on his face.

"Eh?" Cody looked at the finger pointing at him with a shocked expression. "What did I do?"

"You two called me friend!" Penny exclaimed as she now loomed over both Ruby and Cody, much to their discomfort. "Am I really your friend?"

"You understood what I said?" Cody questioned while Ruby simply stared back at Penny, unsure of what to say. She looked over the green eyed girl's should and saw that her team were all gesturing her to say no. She then gave her best friend a quick glance to see what he thought they should say, but all she got was a shrug in response. After a moment, Ruby turned back to Penny and smiled awkwardly.

"Um, y-yeah sure! Why not?" Ruby answered.

"I'm ok with it…I guess," Cody replied unsurely himself.

Penny became ecstatic at the two's acceptance while the other girls ended up face-faulting in disbelief.

"Sensational! We can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys like him!" Penny cheered, pointing at Cody when she reached the cute boys part of her sentence.

"Uh, I don't think it's a good idea to talk about boys like me with me…" Cody said in a dry tone.

"Is this what it was like when we first met?" Ruby groaned as Weiss stood up beside her.

"Not really. Nothing's exploded so far, so that's a good sign," Weiss replied as she dusted off her jacket.

"So…what are you doing here in Vale?" Yang questioned.

"I'm here to see the fair and fight in the tournament!" Penny responded happily.

"Wait…you're fighting in the tournament?" Weiss questioned incredulously.

"I'm combat ready!" Penny responded with a salute.

"Forgive me for saying this, but you don't really look much like a fighter, Penny," Weiss said.

"Neither does Levy, but she managed to beat you in the midterm fight, remember?" Yang pointed out.

"You're one to talk, though, Weiss. You fight in a dress," Blake stated.

"She's got a point, Big Sis," Cody nodded.

"This isn't a dress! It's a combat skirt," Weiss argued.

"Yeah!" Ruby agreed with her partner, and the two preceded to low-five each other.

"…Sis, Rubes, you two are weird," Cody thought to himself in amusement.

"Hey, wait a minute!" Weiss suddenly spoke up before grabbing Penny by the shoulders, "If you're here for the tournament, does that mean you know that monkey-tailed rapscallion?"

"The who?" The freckled girl questioned.

"The no good stowaway Faunus from the boat!" Weiss explained while holding up a badly drawn picture of the felon in question.

"Why do you keep saying that?!" Blake exclaimed, causing Weiss to look at her curiously. "Stop calling him a rapscallion! Stop calling him riff-raff! He's a person!"

"He may be a person, but he's also a felon and should be referred to as thus! It's no different than calling this trash can a trash can, or the lamppost a lamppost!" Weiss explained, gesturing towards the objects as she did so.

"Stop it!" The shadow ninja yelled, fed up with the heiress's attitude.

"Stop what? He clearly broke the law!" Weiss shouted back, "If he doesn't clean up his act, he'll be no better that those monsters in the White Fang."

"You ignorant little brat!" Blake growled, greatly surprising her teammate.

"Why in the world would you call me that?! I'm your teammate!" Weiss questioned, offended by the accusation.

"You're a judgmental little girl, that's what you are!" Blake hissed angrily.

As the two continued to argue with one another, Yang and Ruby simply stared back at them awkwardly, unsure of what to do or say. Penny blissfully looked around with a confused expression, unaware of what was happening, while Cody let off a frustrated sigh, silently agreeing with his surrogate sister's opinion.

"Uh…I think we should probably go," Yang suggested to her sister.

"Where are we going?" Penny asked, thinking she was going along with them.

"I don't know about you girls, but I'm going home…" Cody muttered, "All this talk about the White Fang is starting to piss me off, and I want to leave before I take it out on anyone."

"Cody…" Ruby muttered sadly.

"Don't worry, Rubes. I'll be fine after a while," Cody replied with a weak smile, "Just a heads up for you and Yang though, Weiss may be slightly more accepting towards the White Fang than the rest of her family, but she herself has her own personal grudge against them. It's only because of a few select Faunus she knows personally that her hatred towards that group of terrorists isn't as big as it should be."

"Can you tell us what it is?" Yang asked, although she had a feeling she already knew the answer.

"I can't. It's not my place to say. Odds are you'll probably find out later today though, if this keeps up," Cody said as he pointed back at the arguing pair. He then looked back to his friends, his eyes blue and pupils narrowed to slits and spoke in a dark tone, "As for me, I have no sympathy towards that group of trigger-happy traitors. They can burn in hell for all I care."

"Cody…" Ruby muttered sadly once more as she saw her best friend leave. Penny frowned as well, sad that her new friend was leaving. Yang, on the other hand, had a look of understanding on her face and stared at the retreating metal smith with a sympathetic expression before focusing her attention back towards her arguing teammates.


"I don't know why this is such a problem!"

"That is the problem!"

Ruby and Yang shared an uncomfortable glance at each other before turning their attention back to their teammates. It was evening now and the four of them were back in their room at Beacon, however Weiss and Blake had yet to stop. It made the sisters upset to see their friends fighting like this, and they had no idea how to stop it.

"You realize that you're defending a group that hates humanity, don't you?! The Faunus of the White Fang are nothing more than a pack of horrendous monsters!" Weiss shouted.

"They are not a pack of monsters!" Blake retallated heatedly, "Why do you think they hate Humanity so much? It's because of people like Cardin, and from what I see, people like you, that force the White Fang to take such drastic measures! You're no different than the monsters in your family!"

"What did you say!?" Weiss shouted angrily, very offended that she was being called a monster like her family.

"You're discriminatory, just like every other member of your family!" Blake reiterated.

"I'm not discriminatory! I'm a victim!" Weiss countered, causing the room to go silent immediately. It was after a few seconds that Weiss let off a deep breath and spoke calmly, walking towards the window as she did so. "Do you know why I hate the White Fang? Why I don't particularly trust the Faunus that associate with them? It's because they've been at war with my family for years. Actual war, with bloodshed and everything. My grandfather's company had a target painted on its back practically since its creation. Ever since I could remember, I've seen family friends disappear, board members executed, and even a train of Dust stolen. The only thing that I'm grateful for that incident in particular was that the crew members were spared in the raid. I have a personal grudge against them myself."

"This must be what Cody was talking about when he said we'll find out about Weiss's grudge," Ruby thought before walking up to her partner, "Weiss…if you don't mind, can you tell us what happened?"

Her eyes then began to glisten with tears as she spoke, "I was kidnapped by rouge members of the White Fang when I was young. Back when the organization was still considered peaceful. It was only because of my mother and some benevolent Faunus amongst the White Fang that I was able to go back to my family. And it's because of those Faunus that I didn't completely despise the organization until recently. After that incident, my parents thought that I might be taken again, so they often sent me off to Forjador City and had me stay with my godparents for a while until it was ok to come back. It's because of the White Fang that I hardly got to see my parents or sister at all until four years ago, when my godparents, my best friend's family, had to move away…"

"What…?" Ruby gasped in shock while Blake stared at the heiress in surprise. Yang simply looked at Weiss sadly before looking down at the floor.

"Now you know why I hate the White Fang, Blake," Weiss said as she turned a teary glare to her friend. "While I do respect their idea of gaining respect and equality for their race, the way they try to obtain it is inexcusable! They lie, steal, and murder to get what they want, just like a bunch of criminals! They may be getting some recognition now, but it's because of their horrendous actions, not the peaceful protests they once did! The ends don't justify the means, Blake, you know that!"

"Well maybe it's because we didn't have a choice in the matter! That we were tired of being pushed around! Ever thought of that?!" Blake countered angrily.

"…We?" Yang repeated in shock as Ruby and Weiss stared at the shadow ninja with wide eyes. Blake, on the other hand, was mortified by what she just said and stared back at her teammates in fear for a moment before she rushed out of the room in a black blur.

"Blake, wait! Come back!" Ruby cried out in a desperate attempt to bring her teammate back, but the shadow ninja was long gone. Yang said nothing as she stared at her sister with a sad expression before turning to Weiss, who was sitting on her bed with shock still on her face.


"I can't believe I just said that! I'm such an idiot!" Blake thought angrily to herself as she continued to run in fear in campus. After a while she slowed to a stop, right in front of the iconic statue of a sword wielding huntsman, accompanied with an axe wielding huntress, standing over a body of a dead Grimm. Staring at the statue for a moment, the shadow ninja removed the bracelet from her right arm and placed it next to the Beowolf image. She then stepped back and slowly undid her bow, revealing the cat ears on her head. The now revealed Cat Faunus tried to wipe some of the tears that were about to fall when she heard something below her.


"Huh?" Blake looked down curiously and smiled weakly as she saw a familiar looking black cat looking up at her with sympathetic blue eyes. She gently picked up the feline and began petting it soothingly, feeling slightly better when she felt the cat purr in her arms.

"That's right, you were there when Ash told me he knew I was a Faunus…" Blake muttered quietly, "I guess it's ok that you see me like this then, since you already know…"

"Is it ok if I see you like this too?" A familiar voice asked, causing Blake to turn behind her in shock. "I knew you look better without the bow."


It's been two days since Blake disappeared and the remanding members of team RWBY was worried about her. Ruby tried to find her by using the tracker bracelet that she made for the shadow ninja a few months ago, but became heavily disappointed when she saw that Blake left it behind at the statue in the courtyard. Without an effective way to find their teammate, the three teens set out on foot to find her in the city with little luck.

"She's been gone all weekend," Ruby sighed worriedly as she and her sister and partner wandered around the streets of Vale.

"She'll be fine, Ruby. Blake can take care of herself until we find her," Weiss said with a mild bitter tone in her voice.

"Watch it with the tone, Weiss. You know that she's our teammate first," Yang said sternly.

"I know, but you heard what she said," Weiss pointed out, causing her leader to groan out her name in exasperation.

"Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. Either way we have to find her…" Yang said seriously.

"I know…sorry," Weiss muttered before thinking to herself, "I can't believe it, a member of the White Fang, right under our noses… Just like last time."

"I hope she's ok…" Ruby muttered sadly, with her teammates nodding in agreement.


On a rooftop café, Blake was there drinking her tea with the Monkey Faunus that snuck into Vale a few days ago, who introduced himself as Sun Wukong. Blake had her bow back on and a new bracelet on her arm to replace the one her leader made so she wouldn't be found by her team. She was also suppressing her aura just in case her friends try to get Ren or Baltazar to find her, as those two are among the best sensors in their group of friends. The two Faunus were not alone either, as the black cat that Blake held a couple days ago was accompanying them as well, enjoying a saucer of milk tea of all things while sitting on the table.

"So, you want to know more about me…" Blake stated as she set her cup down, catching the attention of Sun, who was enjoying his drink while using his tail to hold the cup.

"Finally she speaks!" Sun exclaimed, "Nearly two days and you gave me nothing but small talk and weird looks!"

Blake gave the blonde monkey an annoyed glare in response.

"Like that!" Sun grinned. "No offence, but even the cat was better company than you most of the time. The little guy has good taste in tea, too." He turned to the cat as he talked and raised his own cup of milk tea to the black feline.

"Meow-rowl," The cat nodded to Sun.

"You're welcome, fuzzy," The monkey laughed.

"Sun…" Blake called out, catching Sun's attention, "Are you…familiar with the White Fang?"

"Of course! I don't think there's a Faunus on the planet who hasn't heard of them," Sun replied, "Stupid, holier-than-thou creeps that use force to get whatever they want. Bunch of freaks, if you ask me!"

"I was once a member of the White Fang," Blake admitted, causing Sun to cough up the tea he was drinking.

"What a minute, you were a member of the White Fang?!" Sun exclaimed in shock before looking towards the cat next to him and pointed his tail at it. "Did you know about this?!"

"Meow," The cat shook its head, telling the Monkey Faunus that it really didn't know about Blake's affiliation with the once peaceful organization.

"I was a member for most of my life. You could say I was born into it…" Blake spoke up once more, catching both Sun and the cat's attention. "Back then, things were different. In the ashes of war, the White Fang was meant to be a symbol of peace and unity between Humans and the Faunus. Of course, despite being promised equality, the Faunus were subjected to discrimination and hate. Humanity still thought of us as lesser beings. And so, the White Fang rose up as the voice of our people. And I was there."

The Cat Faunus took a moment to drink her tea before continuing, "I was at the front of every rally. I took part in every boycott. I actually thought we were making a difference. But I was just a youthful optimist. Then, five years ago, our leader stepped down, and a new one took his place. A new leader, with a new way of thinking. Suddenly, our peaceful protests were being replaced with organized attacks. We were setting fire to shops that refused to serve us, hijacking cargo from companies that used Faunus labor. And the worst part was, it was working. We were being treated like equals. But not out of respect... out of fear."

She then placed her empty cup down and stared back at the shocked forms of Sun and her new cat friend, "So, I left. I decided I no longer wanted to use my skills to aid in their violence, and instead, I would dedicate my life to becoming a Huntress. So here I am: a criminal hiding in plain view, all with the help of a little black bow." She then made her bow twitch to prove her point.

"So…have you told your friends?" Sun asked curiously, only to have Blake look down in shame as a response.




"Blaaake! Where are yoooou!"

While Blake was conversing with Sun, Ruby, Weiss and Yang were still looking for their wayward teammate, with Ruby and Yang calling her name while Weiss was lost in her thoughts.

"Weiss, you're not helping," Ruby said, turning to her silent partner in annoyance.

"Huh? Oh…sorry," Weiss apologized, "Hey…why don't we get the police to help? I'm sure they could find Blake."

"Weiss…" Ruby groaned in irritation.

"What? It was just a suggestion," Weiss questioned innocently.

"Yeah, a bad one…" Ruby muttered as she walked away to continue to find Blake.

"Weiss, I think we should hear her side of the story before we jump to any conclusions," Yang suggested.

"I think you guys should have a bit more faith in me…" Weiss sighed, feeling a little upset that the sisters thought that she wanted to turn their teammate in.

"And I think Weiss's hair looks wonderful today!"

"AAAH!" The three girls screamed in surprise before turning around to see a certain bubbly emerald eyed girl smiling at them.

"Penny, where did you come from?!" Ruby cried out.

"Hey guys! What are you up to?" Penny asked, ignoring her friend's question.

"We're looking for our friend Blake," Yang explained.

"Ooooh, you mean the Faunus girl!" Penny said in realization, causing the girls to stare at her in shock.

"Wait, how did you know that?" Ruby questioned

"Uhh, the cat ears?" Penny explained while pointing at her head.

"What cat ears? She wears a…bow…" Yang laughed a little before realization dawned on her and the rest of the girls. They were so shocked that they didn't notice a tumbleweed blows pass them.

"She does like tuna a lot…" Ruby whispered to her teammates.

"So, where is she?" Penny asked.

"We don't know. She's been missing since Friday," Ruby answered sadly.

"That's terrible!" Penny gasped before she approached the uncomfortable leader, "Well, don't you worry Ruby, my friend! I won't rest until we find your teammate!"

"Uh, that's really nice of you, Penny, but we're okay! Really!" Ruby said with a strained smile before turning to her sister and partner "Right, guys?"

She received no response, however, as both Yang and Weiss disappeared on their own during the leader's conversation with the energetic carrot haired girl. The leader swore she saw outlines of her teammates as well, and was so shocked that she didn't notice a second tumbleweed fly pass her, but Penny saw it.

"It sure is windy today!" Penny pointed out.


"So, what's the plan now?" Sun asked as he and Blake were walking down an alley, the black cat resting on his shoulders

"I still don't believe the White Fang is behind these robberies. They've never needed that much Dust before," Blake answered.

"…What if they did?" Sun questioned as he walked a bit faster to be in front of the shadow ninja, "I mean…the only way to prove that they didn't do it, is to go to the place where they would most likely go to if they were to do it, and not find them there! Right?"

"That might work, but the only thing is, I've no idea where that would be," Blake said as the two paused their strides.

"Well, while I was on the ship, I heard some guys talking about offloading a huge shipment of Dust coming in from Atlas," Sun said, recalling what he heard.

"How huge?" Blake questioned.

"Huge. Big Schnee Company freighter," Sun said while he held his arms out wide to emphasize how big the shipment was. The cat on his shoulder perked up a bit after hearing that tidbit of information and jumped down and began to stare at Sun curiously, despite the fact that the monkey was focused on another cat at the moment.

"You sure?" Blake asked.

"Definitely," Sun nodded before a curious expression formed his face, "So…if you don't mind, I want to ask you something."

"What is it?" Blake tilted her head curiously as she spoke.

"I know that you quit the White Fang and all, but do you, you know, miss anyone from there? Did you have any friends there or someone special you looked up to?" Sun asked in genuine curiosity.

"…" Blake stared at Sun for a moment before looking down in sadness, which made the monkey boy frown as well.

"Uh, hey. I'm sorry. You don't have to answer it if you don't want to," Sun apologized.

"No…no, it's ok," Blake sighed, "I…guess you could say I had one person that I might've considered my friend. A mentor to be more precise. His name was Adam Taurus, my partner in the White Fang."

"What happened to him," Sun questioned.

"Nothing bad as far as I know…we had a mission to take a train of Dust a long time ago and he was willing to kill a bunch of innocent people to do so. I wasn't going to let that happen, so after we took down the security drones that attacked us, I separated the cart with the Dust from the rest of the train, with Adam still on the cart, making sure that the crew members were not harmed at all during that mission," Blake explained with a tone of sadness in her voice.

"Wow…that must've sucked," Sun winced while the cat looked at her with sad eyes.

"It did," Blake sighed. "As for those who I looked up to, there were a few, but the one I remember most is whom we call Rayo. I never met him in person, but the things I've heard about him were fascinating nevertheless."

"Rayo?" Sun questioned.

"It was part of his title, which escapes me at the moment…" Blake explained, "Anyways, Rayo was high ranking member of the White Fang that wanted equality through peace, and would always get angry whenever the members would go out and wreak havoc on organizations that use Faunus labor, especially the Schnee Dust Company."

"Wow, isn't that ironic," Sun laughed weakly.

"It certainly was. One of the highest ranking members of a terrorist group defending one of the most notorious Faunus labor using companies? It was very hard to believe when I first heard of it," Blake let off a small smile, "Many members were not happy with his support for the Schnee Dust Company, but they couldn't really get rid of him because he was one of the only connections they had with typically peaceful city, one of the few that is excepting towards Faunus of all kinds; Forjador City. He was the major liaison between the two, if I recall correctly."

"The City of Craftsmen? I've heard all sorts of cool things about that place," Sun grinned, "I heard that some of the city's most important people are Faunus and even a couple of the founders there were Faunus. Is that true?"

"It is. I actually visited there a few months ago with my friends for a fieldtrip and met with some of the family members that helped create Forjador. My teammates actually have a close connection with a decedent of one of the founders, with one of them in particular being close to major decedents from all four families," Blake said.

"Wow, aren't you lucky," Sun laughed, "So what happened to this Rayo guy? Did he end up becoming like the others after the change in leadership?"

"Actually, he didn't," Blake shook her head. "I don't know much about the details, but from what I've heard after I left, he became very furious when the takeover happened and actually got into fights with a few of his fellow higher-ups every now and again. After about a year of trying to change the White Fang back to becoming a peaceful organization, Rayo left the group, but not before cutting off the support they had from Forjador City, preventing them from getting the works that the city makes, especially the weapons produced by Azure Armory Inc."

"Wow…Rayo sounds like a nice guy for a hot tempered White Fang higher up. I'd love to see him sometime when I get the chance," Sun said with a happy grin.

"Same here," Blake nodded. The two then began to walk out of the alley and decided to head towards the docks to wait if the White Fang would show up, but neither of them noticed that the black cat that was with them for the past two days was not with them, having left when Rayo was introduced.


"Thanks anyways!" Yang said as she and Weiss walked out of a shop that they entered earlier while looking for Blake. The blonde let off a frustrated sigh, muttering about how hopeless their situation was, when she turned to the heiress, who was lost in thought, just like she has been for most of their searching.

"You really don't care if we find her, do you?" The blonde asked suddenly, causing Weiss to turn to her suddenly with wide eyes.

"What are you talking about? Of course I do! But I'm also afraid of what she'll say when we find her…" Weiss replied sadly, "I want to believe in her, I really do, but with the way she acted, it's kinda hard to do it. The innocent never run, Yang…"

"They do if they're afraid, though…" Yang said while placing a hand on the heiress's shoulder, "I bet Blake's freaking out right now. It's best that we focus on finding her first before we start asking questions."

"…You're right, Yang. Thanks," Weiss smiled weakly.

"Anytime," Yang smiled back before her expression turned serious, "Before we head out, though, I want to ask you something, and I want you to be completely honest with me about it."

"What is it?" Weiss asked.

"This situation that you're in; finding out that some that you know and trusted with your life was part of an organization that terrorized your family for years. This isn't the first time that something like this happened to you, isn't it." Yang stated in a very serious tone of voice, shocking her friend immensely.

"…You know?" Weiss whispered, too shocked to do anything else.

"I found out by accident the summer before we started Beacon when I was cleaning up Uncle Qrow's office as punishment for the prank I did with Ruby, Cody and Sparky before I graduated Signal," Yang explained. "You've been comparing this situation with the one you had to deal with before, and you're trying to figure out if it'll end up like the last one or not."

"…" Weiss said nothing and simply stared at the ground for a good while, while Yang gave the heiress a gentle pat on her shoulder. After a few moments of silence, she spoke in a soft voice, "I want to believe in her, I know that she's my teammate and friend, but I have to know…did she follow the beliefs of the current White Fang? Or…did she follow the beliefs of the original one? More importantly…did she follow…his beliefs?"

"If you want my opinion, I'd say she definitely followed his beliefs. And even if she didn't, does it really matter anymore?" Yang said with a smile. "The four of us have been a team for months and we all know about each other very well. Just think about all she's done for us and for our friends and you'll definitely find you're answer. I'm sure of it."


"So, Blake is your friend?" Penny asked as she and Ruby walked around town some more. For a while now the eccentric girl has been following the young leader, asking her all sorts of questions, and it was starting to frustrate the little rose a little.

"Yes, Penny," Ruby sighed.

"But you're mad at her?" Penny questioned.

"Yes. Well, I'm not. Weiss is, I think…" Ruby answered unsurely.

"Is she friends with Blake?" Penny pondered

"Well, that's kind of up in the air right now I believe…" Ruby shrugged.

"But why?" Penny asked, unsure of what to think about the answer she was given.

"Well, you see, Blake might not be who we though she was…" Ruby sighed once more.

"…Is she a man?" Penny gasped in shock.

"…I so did not need that mental image there."

Hearing a familiar voice, Penny and Ruby turned to see Cody behind them with a disgusted look on his face.

"Cody? What are you doing here?" Ruby questioned as she walked up to her best friend.

"Just finished some errands that Mom asked me to do and I was about to head to the metal shop to see if they had any gold for sale when I saw you and Penny walking around and I figured I'd come to see what you two were doing," Cody explained before he grimaced, "Although I'm starting to regret that decision now…"

"Sorry about that…" Ruby apologized, "We were looking for Blake and Penny ended up misunderstanding what I said and…well…"

"Say no more, I think I get it…" Cody sighed. "So Blake's gone missing, huh? She's going to be very hard to find, you know. Cat Faunus can be very tricky to locate if you don't know what you're doing. Trust me on that…"

"Oh man…you knew she was a Faunus too?!" Ruby cried out in frustration.

"Yeah, it was kinda obvious. The occasionally twitching bow gave it away…" Cody said as he pointed to his head, "I grew up with Faunus that had nothing more that pointed ears and sharp fangs for their animal traits and I was able to identify them easily. Something like a bow will never be able to hide her cat ears from my trained eyes."

"Does it help that you are a Faunus too, Cody?" Penny asked, getting a shocked look from Ruby and an amused one from Cody.

"So you know eh? How'd you find out?" The weapons smith laughed.

"Your cat eyes narrowed to slits when I saw your agitated expression two days ago. It is a common trait for Faunus undergoing optical maturity according to my father," Penny explained.

"Well, aren't you observant," Cody grinned before turning to Ruby, "So do you want me to help you find Blake? I can message my mom and tell her that I'll be hanging out with you for the rest of the day."

"I'd really appreciate that, Cody, but if you're going to help us, then there something you need to know…" Ruby said in a sad tone.

"What is it…?" Cody asked in a concerned tone.

"Well…it may be possible…that Blake was…kinda sorta…usetobeapartoftheWhiteFangandnevertoldusaboutit!" Ruby explained quickly and nervously.

"…Did you say the White Fang?" Cody asked in a quiet tone.

"That she did, Cody my friend." Penny nodded, "If I remember right, you harbor a lot of hatred towards that group, despite the fact that it fights for Faunus rights. Why is it that you do not like a group that is dedicated for Faunus freedom?"

"Because the lot of them are nothing more than a bunch of good for nothing, power hungry traitors, that's why," Cody answered in a cold tone, "When I was a kid, I use to idolize the White Fang because of what they were fighting for. I even thought of joining them for a time. It wasn't until I started learning about the things they did to the Schnee Dust Company that my faith towards them began to falter. I know that Old Man Wolke's company uses Faunus labor, but I also know he's been trying to convince his board of directors to change their ways, but he hasn't been successful in that regard. It got worse when I learned that the White Fang actually attempted to kidnap Big Sis when she was four, but I still had some faith in them when I found out that some of the members saved her as well. But it wasn't until five years ago that I lost all faith in that murderous cult…"

"What happened?" Penny asked.

"The White Fang got a new leader, and practically told everyone in the group that the only way to gain acceptance was to attack anyone who they believe wronged them in any way they could think of, even if it meant hurting the innocent and even those among their own kind…" Cody muttered darkly. "The White Fang was supposed to be a peaceful organization trying to gain acceptance in the world but the new leader ended up turning it into a crime syndicate now. They're getting recognized, yes, but not in the way it was originally intended. They turned back on the way they originally wanted to be accepted with humanity and that is the main reason why they're traitors in my eyes…"

"Cody…you really hate the White Fang a lot, don't you?" Ruby whispered softly, taken back by her best friend's hatred for the organization.

"More than you know, Rubes. In fact, there is one incident in particular aside from them kidnapping Big Sis that I can't forgive them for. One that cemented my hatred for them…" The young forger growled, his fist tight and his eyes glowing, causing the little reaper to stumble back a little at the fury he was letting off.

"Oh my. What did the White Fang do that makes you despise them so much?" Penny asked innocently, not even flinching when Cody turned his head quickly to glare at her before he let off a tired sigh to calm himself.

"I don't want to talk about it. It's not my place to say. All I can tell you guys is that the current White Fang will do whatever it takes to get what they want, even taking out the very thing that they once strove for," Cody said in a cryptic tone, his tone still laced with anger and frustration but visibly calmer now.

"Ok then. We won't ask." Ruby sighed before looking at the teen with worried and fearful eyes, "Then…how do you feel about Blake then?"

"Blake? She's ok. A little obsessed with tuna in my eyes, but my family has a tendency to eat more meat than others in comparison, so I can't judge," Cody shrugged, causing Ruby to stare at her best friend in surprise.

"Huh? You don't have a problem with Blake? Even though she might be a part of the White Fang?" The reaper questioned in confusion.

"If she had the mentality of one of those traitorous monsters I would've been able to tell almost immediately," The gunswordsman answered in a serious tone. "She may be more sympathetic towards the White Fang, but she knows about them more than I do for sure, so I can respect her defending them somewhat…even though I don't like. Besides, I don't think she's a part of the White Fang anymore…All the ones who wanted to gain acceptance through peace left not long after the new leader was brought into power, including the one that I looked up to the most. Still look up to actually."

"You really think that she's not in the White Fang anymore?" Ruby asked in a hopeful tone.

"I'm sure of it…" Cody nodded reassuringly before frowning slightly, "Although I do think she should've told you and the others about her past and race earlier. It would've saved you all a lot grief…"

"I agree," Penny nodded, "I don't have a lot of friends, but if I did, I would want them to talk to me about things."

"Me too…" Ruby sighed sadly.


It was evening in Vale and Blake was seen lying on her stomach on a rooftop near the docks, watching the shipment of Dust in front of her while waiting for Sun. The two of them decided to watch the cargo to confirm if the White Fang was responsible for the recent robberies or not, and Blake was hoping that her former brothers would not show up.

"Hey, did I miss anything?" Sun asked as he landed beside the Faunus Ninja while holding a load of green apples in his arms.

"Not really," Blake shook her head, "They offloaded the crates from the boat. Now they're just sitting there…"

"Cool," Sun nodded, "By the way, remember that cat that was hanging out with us before it suddenly disappeared earlier today?"

"Yeah? What about him?" Blake asked with an eyebrow raised.

"I found him. Check him out," The monkey grinned as he used his tail to point at Blake's other side.

The shadow ninja turned to see the same black cat that was with her and Sun for the past two days and both her eyebrows rose by what she saw. The cat had a set of small dark blue bracers on its legs similar to Sun's, but she could tell that they did more than defending. The collar was different as well, as it now had a small emblem hanging on it. Much to Blake's confusion, though, the emblem was something that she was quite familiar with.

"That's the old symbol for the White Fang! How did he get something like that?" Blake thought curiously.

"Looks cool, huh? I found the guy when I was getting some food and it surprised me when I saw the bracers and new collar. I wasn't expecting him to be a TGHA (tiger), but I'm not complaining." Sun laughed.

"TGHA…Trained Grimm Hunting Animal," Blake muttered before turning to the curious looking cat with a small smile, "Looks like there's more to you than meets the eye, huh?"

"Mew," The cat nodded.

"Little guy's full of surprises, eh?" Sun chuckled before handing an apple to Blake. "Want an apple? I made sure to steal the best ones."

"Do you always break the law without a second thought?" Blake asked in a deadpanned tone.

"Hey? Weren't you in a cult or something?" Sun questioned, only to receive a fierce glare in response from both Blake and the cat, "Right…too soon."

All conversation ended when they began to feel the wind blowing from above them. Looking up, the three of them saw a Bullhead flying above them, its searchlights on in order to find a proper landing spot. A short while later the aircraft landed and open its hatch, allowing a hooded man with a fanged mask walk out of it. On the back of the man's white shirt was a symbol that Blake was hoping that she would not see; the red seal of the White Fang.

"Oh no…" Blake muttered.

"Is that them?" Sun asked.

"Yes…it's them," Blake confirmed sadly.

"You really didn't think they were behind it, did you?" Sun questioned as more White Fang soldiers exited the aircraft.

"No. I think deep down I knew. I just didn't want to be right," Blake sighed in despair when suddenly the cat beside her began to hiss angrily, its head facing the Bullhead.

"What's up with him?" Sun asked curiously.

"Hey! What's the holdup?!" An annoyed voice called out from the aircraft, causing the teens to turn to see the criminal Roman Torchwick, a man with a white suit, black pants, a cane and a black hat over his orange hair walking out towards the soldiers. "We're not exactly the most inconspicuous bunch of thieves at the moment, so why don't you animals try to pick up the pace?"

"This isn't right. The White Fang would never work with a human. Especially not one like that," Blake stated as she got up and drew her katana, much to Sun's surprise, and began walking towards the edge of the roof, with the angry cat following close by.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Sun cried out as Blake and the cat jumped off the roof.

The two of them rushed towards the loading docks and hid behind a stack of crates, watching as Roman berates one of the White Fang soldiers, who was holding a large cable in his hands.

"No, you idiot, this isn't a leash!" Roman growled out in annoyance when he suddenly felt metal touching his throat. "What the-?" His eyes turned to see Blake behind him and went back from surprised to annoyed, "Oh, for fu-"

"Nobody move!" Blake ordered as the soldiers began surround her and her hostage, pointing guns and blades at her.

"Whoa, take it easy there little lady," Roman suggested in a smug tone.

The soldiers started to close in on the shadow ninja, ready to attack her, when she suddenly removed her bow and revealed her cat ears to the others, much to their surprise.

"Brothers of the White Fang! Why are you aiding this scum?" Blake pleaded to her former allies, causing them to lower their weapons, unsure of what to do.

"Oh, kid, didn't you get the memo?" Roman asked cheerfully, despite his position.

"What are you talking about?" Blake growled.

"The White Fang and I are going in on a joint business venture together!" The criminal grinned, causing the shadow ninja to grow in annoyance and press her blade closer to the man's throat.

"Tell me what it is or I'll put an end to your little operation," Blake ordered.

Roman simply smirked, causing Blake to glare at him heatedly, when the wind picked up again and the sounds of turbines roaring began filling the area.

"I wouldn't call it a little operation," Roman said smugly as he looked up into the air. Blake followed the man's gaze and her expression turned to shocked horror by what she saw. Two more Bullheads appeared during their confrontation and were now positioned right above them. Taking advantage of his captor's state, Roman pointed his cane, Melodic Cudgel, right below Blake's feet and pulled the trigger, creating a large explosion and blowing Blake away from him.


Hearing the sounds of explosions, Ruby, Penny and Cody stopped their search through town and turned to see a pillar of smoke from off into the distance.

"Crap…that's coming from the docks," Cody growled, "I heard from Papi yesterday that a shipment of Dust was supposed to come today from Old Man Wolke's factory." He then turned to his best friend with a dark expression on his face, "I know you can tell where this is going Rubes…"

"Oh no…" Ruby muttered.

While the three of them rushed over to the Docks, a lone figure was seen on the roof above them, staring at the smoke with a telescope. The figure had a simple mask that hid the lower half of his face while possessing another mask similar to the White Fang on his face, but with a blue tint instead of the typical white color. hoodless trench coat that showed off his black hair but hid his body, while on the back of the coat, the original symbol of the White Fang could be seen clearly.

"So the White Fang is working with Roman, huh?" The figure muttered in a slightly sad tone. "Oh how the mighty have fallen… To lower themselves to work for a human like Torchwick. The White Fang is not what it used to be, and I doubt it'll ever go back to it."

He then lowered his telescope and looked down briefly to see the three young trainees rushing over to the docks before staring back at the pillar of smoke again. "Hope those kids know what they're getting in to. If things go south, then I'll step in, but for now, I'll just put my faith in them."


Blake was panting slightly as she lay on the ground, dazed by Roman's assault. The red haired villain smirked at the girl and fired another explosive round at her. Seeing the incoming round, the shadow ninja jumped towards her feet to evade the shot. Roman continued to fire multiple rounds and Blake was forced to evade them all, even going so far as to use her semblance to escape the onslaught. As soon as she thought it was safe, she rushed into what's left of the cargo to find a safe place to hide.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty," Roman taunted when he realized his target went into hiding. He did get a response for his taunts, however, in the form of a banana peel landing on his hat. Annoyed, the felon removed the peel off his hat and looked up to see who threw it, only to receive a pair of feet to the face, courtesy of Sun.

"Leave her alone!" Sun demanded after he landed, before he heard the sounds of doors opening. Looking around he saw that other members of the White Fang began coming out of the other Bullheads and began surrounding the Monkey Faunus.

"You're not the brightest banana in the bunch, aren't ya?" Roman taunted as he got up, a smug look on his face.


"Gah," Roman winced as he felt a sharp pain in his back. Turning around, he and the others saw a black cat staring at them with fierce eyes, the bracers on its paws extended and now possessing metal claws on each paw. The claws themselves seem to be glowing light orange and the White Fang soldiers were able to see a few small embers floating around the cat briefly before disappearing.

"You're gonna regret doing that, pussycat," Roman growled and fired an explosive round at the cat. It hit and Roman smirked at the thought of taking out the feline, but became annoyed when the smoke cleared, showing nothing but some embers floating around.


Roman and the soldiers turned around again to see Sun smiling at them smugly, the black cat that struck Roman staring down at the criminals angrily, hissing at them occasionally.

"A Speed Semblance and retractable claws that can burn eh? You really are full of surprises, huh?" Sun chuckled. "Go check to see if Blake's ok. I'll handle these guys."

"Mow," The cat nodded briefly before it disappeared in a swirl of embers. The moment the cat vanished, the soldiers began rushing over towards the Faunus to take him out. A couple tried to slash at him but he managed to dodge them easily. He began punching and kicking his foes left and right with ease, easily dodging their moves. A short while during the fight, he pulled out his weapon, a staff called Ruji Bang and Jungu Bang, and began taking out more thugs with little effort.

As Sun was taking out the soldiers, Blake peeked her head to see what was happening, with the black cat right below her.

"I'm going in. Cover me, ok?" Blake whispered to the little feline, who nodded silently.

Roman growled as he saw his co-workers being taken down by a monkey so easily, and even had to duck when one began flying towards him. Annoyed, the crime boss lifted his cane and fired another explosive round at Sun, who managed to block it by spinning his staff into a makeshift shield.

"He's mine!"

As soon as the smoke cleared, Blake appeared and rushed toward Roman, both her swords on hand. The two clashed, with Blake speeding through and using her Shadow Image semblance to try and confuse her opponent. However, while Blake was skilled, so was Roman. He was able to block and counter ever attack the Faunus Ninja made and was able see through the clones with ease. Seeing an opening, the red haired felon struck the poor girl on the side and proceeded to strike her multiple times before knocking her down. His victory was short lived, however, as Sun showed up as soon as Blake fell, his staff now split in two and became a pair of shotgun nunchucks with incendiary rounds. The two then squared off, with Sun trying to strike the crime lord with either his rounds or his nunchucks themselves in a frenzied assault while Roman manages to block every bit of the onslaught.

While this was happening, a disoriented White Fang soldier slowly started to get up and saw his superior fighting the Monkey Faunus. Letting of a soft growl, the soldier grabbed a nearby rifle and was about to fire when he suddenly felt something scratch his back hard and a burning sensation following after. Turning around, he saw the black cat staring at him with fierce blue eyes and proceeded to open fire at it. However, he had forgotten that the cat possessed the Speed Semblance and was able to dodge the bullets with ease, all while making weak, but burning scratches on the soldier. Over time the burning sensation became too much, and the soldier dropped in pain, unable to move due to all the attacks that struck him. Giving the soldier a final glare, the cat disappeared once more in a swirl of embers in order to see if anyone else was getting up.

Back with Roman and Sun, the two continued to bout, with neither side letting up. While this was happening, Blake was on standby, waiting for the right moment to strike. Her patience paid off, as a split second pause on Roman's part allowed the cat ninja to rush in and slash the crime lord, knocking him back a ways.

Lying on his back, Roman growled in frustration before noticing a container hanging above his two young opponents, being held by a nearby crane. Letting of an annoyed grunt, he fired at the container, causing it to fall on the two teens, who barely managed to avoid it, while getting separated in the process. Sun, unfortunately, ended up rolling right in front of Roman, who was ready to fire his cane at him again.


Hearing a young voice, both Sun and Roman turned to see Ruby and Cody walking up on a nearby rooftop, with Ruby imbedding her active Crescent Rose on the roof while Cody swung his active Raging Thunder over his shoulder with one hand, showing off how strong he was by carrying a heavy two handed sword with ease.

"Well hello Red! Isn't it past your bedtime?" Roman asked mockingly, remembering the red cloaked girl form an earlier heist months ago.

"Don't call her 'Red', you thief…" Cody growled, staring at the crime lord with fierce blue cat eyes.

"Hey, hey. Easy there Tiger. No need get all huffy because I insulted your little girlfriend," Roman laughed.

"Ruby, Cody? Are these people your friends?" Penny asked as she walked up behind the pair, now wearing a small backpack.

"Penny get back!" Both Ruby and Cody ordered, turning their heads to the emerald eyed girl. Seeing that they were distracted, Roman wasted no time and fired off an explosive round right the red and blue pair, laughing evilly when it hit its marks.

"Ow…" Ruby groaned while laying down on the rooftop in pain.

"Oh…I'm gonna feel this in the morning," Cody muttered as tried to sit up, rubbing his head in agony.

Penny stared at her friends with a worried expression for a short moment before turning back to Roman, glaring at him fiercely, and began walking forward, much to Ruby and Cody's displeasure.

"Penny, wait! Stop!" Ruby cried as she tried.

"The guy's no joke, Pen! Don't do it!" Cody shouted before he began gripping his head in pain, causing Ruby to rush over to him.

"Don't worry, Ruby and Cody," Penny said reassuringly, staring at the people below her with a fierce glare.

"I'm combat ready!"

The moment those words left her mouth, a multitude of blades flew out of her backpack and started floating around Penny. The eccentric girl then leapt off the building, a few of her blades striking some incoming soldiers before she landed, and easily took out the ones that were both beside and in front of her with her remaining swords. She then formed her swords into a floating wheel and sent it flying towards a small battalion of enemies, knocking them down with little effort.

"Whoa!" Sun exclaimed as he stared at the sight with impressed eyes, the black cat sitting on his shoulder with an equally surprised stare, before the two rushed off to find Blake and get to safety.

As Penny finished off the remaining soldiers, a trio of Bullheads appeared began to open fire at the seemingly defenseless girl. Their assault proved ineffective, however, as Penny created a shield with her swords and managed to block the incoming barrage of bullets while two more swords flew out of her backpack and embedded themselves into the wall behind her. Smiling to herself, Penny allowed herself to be pulled back by her swords through the strings attached to them and land at the wall they were at. She then made her blades circle in front of her with their points open, causing them to generate a green orb of energy right in the center of the circle. A few seconds later, the girl fired a multitude of lasers right at two of the Bullheads in the air, splitting them in two and causing the passengers to fall off the destroyed aircrafts. The young girl wasn't done, however, as she fired her swords at the last crate, which was carrying a crate of Dust, and began pulling it with her strings.

"Whoa…" Ruby gasped as she and Cody stared at Penny's actions in shock and awe, with the swordsman leaning on the reaper for support, "How is she doing that?"

"I don't know…but I can honestly say that no one in our family has ever made a weapon like hers before" Cody muttered, yet his mind was on other thoughts, "I think I hit my head harder than I thought. I could've sworn I saw a raptor falling off one of the planes that Penny sliced in half with her super lasers a little while ago…"

Roman growled in frustration as he watched the little red haired girl pull one of his last bullheads into the ground with unnatural ease, causing it to explode. His plan was foiled and he knew it. Not having any other choice, he boarded the Bullhead he entered in and proceeded to escape, but not before making one last comment about the ones that ruined his heist.

"Man…these kids just keep getting weirder."


"You know…when Mom warned me to not get in trouble or else I'll be surrounded by cops again, I don't think she had this in mind," Cody stated as he looked around.

He, along with Sun, Penny, Ruby and Blake were back at the docks, sitting on some boxes while the police investigated the scene. The White Fang soldiers that didn't managed to escape were all arrested and the police were now making sure that none of the Dust was stolen. Blake had explained to Cody, Ruby and Penny about her past and what had transpired in the past two days and while she wasn't all that surprised that Ruby was ok with it, she was surprise that Cody was fine with her as well. When asked, the young weapons smith simply replied that Blake was too nice to be a part of the current White Fang and that the black cat that was with her actually vouched for her, much to her confusion. She wasn't going to look at a gift horse in the mouth, however, so she wasn't going to ask.

"You've really have been arrested before?" Blake asked in surprise, still not believing that the one huntsmen student she knew that was younger that her own leader got in trouble with the law.

"Only once, and my brother was arrested at the same time too, because we tried to break into our house because we forgot the keys. Seriously, your teammates are my best friend and her sister. How many times were you told this from those two by now," The weapons smith explained in an exasperated tone.

"Does that categorize you as a 'bad boy' then, Cody?" Penny asked as she gently pet the black cat on her lap. "I heard that a lot of girls like to go out with 'bad boys'." She then turned to Ruby with a curious expression, "Is that why you two are together?"

"Not really. It's mainly because of our shared interests and equal skills in forging that we've been together for so long," Ruby shrugged.

"I think that your friend was implying something other than just friendship," Sun grinned, causing Cody to groan in annoyance as he connected the dots while Ruby stared back at the Monkey Faunus in confusion.

"Huh? Does that mean you two are not boyfriend and girlfriend?" Penny asked as she pointed at both Cody and Ruby, with the latter blushing furiously.

"Why does everyone think that we're a couple?!" Ruby cried out in embarrassment.

"Well with how often you two hung out back at Signal and with how often you hug him, who wouldn't think that?"

Hearing a teasing voice, everyone turned to see a grinning Yang walking up towards them with a stoic Weiss following close by. Everything became silent as soon as the heiress stared at the cat ninja with a blank expression, and Blake couldn't help but lower her head in shame.

"Look Weiss, it's not what you think, she explained the whole thing. See, she doesn't actually have a bow, she has kitty ears and they're actually kind of cute..." Ruby explained quickly as her partner walked up to their wayward teammate, but was ignored.

"Ruby…" Yang said quietly, catching her sister's attention, "Just let them talk, ok?" The brawler smiled softly as the reaper nodded weakly before turning her attention to her teammates.

"Weiss, I want you to know that I'm no longer associated with the White Fang. Back when I was with the-"

"Stop!" Weiss pulled up her hand and interrupted Blake's explanation, "Do you have any idea of how long we've been searching for you?"

"From what Rubes told me, you guys have been looking for her for around twelve hours now, right?" Cody asked curiously.

"That's right! Twelve hours!" Weiss confirmed, "That means I've had twelve hours to think about this. And in that twelve hours, I've decided…"

Blake, Ruby and Sun stared at Weiss in worry when she paused while Cody stared at the situation with a calm expression and Yang had a small smile on her face.

"I don't care!"

"Huh?" Blake stared at her teammate, shocked with her answer. "You don't care?"

"You're not with them anymore, right?" Weiss asked.

"No, I-I haven't been since I was younger-"

"Ah-bah-bah-bah-bah! I don't want to hear it! Not yet anyways," Weiss interrupted once more, "All I want to know is that the next time something this big comes up... you'll come to your friends and teammates. And not some…someone else." She finished while giving Sun a brief glance.

Blake's eyes began to well up, touched by her friend's words. She turned to Ruby and Yang, who were grinning back at her. Even Cody was giving her a kind smile, despite the fact that the two of them did not know each other all that well yet. Wiping away her tears, she turned back to Weiss and gave her a firm nod. "Of course."

"Yay! Team RWBY is back together!" Ruby cheered, causing Yang to chuckle at her enthusiasm.

"Congrats, Rubes. I knew this would all work out in the end," Cody smiled.

"I'm still not sure how to feel about you, though," Weiss said sternly at Sun, who had the decency to laugh sheepishly at the short heiress. Ruby giggled as she watched the scene in front of her before she noticed something was off. She looked around for a bit and began to frown.

"Hey guys…where's Penny?" The young leader asked.

"Pen left. You just miss her," Cody said, "Some guy came over and took her, saying that she wasn't supposed to be out and about yet. She did convince the guy to let her go for the Hunter's Fair that's coming up soon, so we'll see her in no time." When he finished his explanation, he noticed that Blake and Sun were staring at him curiously. "…What?"

"Uh…dude? Do you know you have a cat on your head?" Sun asked while pointing at the younger Faunus's head, revealing that the cat that was on Penny's lap was now happily sitting on top of it without anyone noticing until now.

"Huh? You talking about Charcoal? Yeah he does this kind of thing from time to time whenever I visit," Cody replied casually, causing the other two Faunus to stare at him in surprise, before staring up at the black cat with a somewhat annoyed expression, "Although I wouldn't mind if he got off my head for a moment. It's still hurting a little and I don't think a cat sitting on it is all that therapeutic."

"Mow. Mow Meow." The cat, now identified as Charcoal, meowed in what could easily be heard as an apologetic tone before it jumped off Cody's head and onto his lap.

"It's fine, but what I want to know is why are you even here? Did Papi sent you to check on me and Baltazar again?" Cody sighed in a questioning tone.

"…Meow," The cat meowed innocently while looking away slightly.

"I thought so…" Cody groaned while pinching the bridge of his nose, "Listen Charcoal, we're fine, ok? Why don't you head back to Papi or check on Baltazar or something? We're doing alright over here."

"Mow! Meow-rowl!" Charcoal cried out.

"I know you haven't played with Big Sis in years, but that can wait until later. Go home," Cody stated in a stern tone.

"…Mew?" Charcoal mewed in a pleading tone, its eyes big in an attempt to convince the young Tiger Faunus. The girls and even Sun blushed slightly at the adorable sight, yet Cody was not affected in the least.

"No, Charcoal. Go back to Papi. You can hang out with Big Sis and the others later," Cody said in annoyed tone. "And stop looking at me like that, ok? You know that doesn't work on me."

Throughout the exchange, the remaining hunters-in-training looked on with many different expressions. For Yang and Ruby, the two had to cover their mouths so that Cody wouldn't hear them giggling. Weiss had an amused smile on her face and was even giving the begging black cat a fond look. Blake and Sun, however, were completely confused as to what was happening.

"Is tiger boy…having an actual conversation…with a cat?" Sun asked with a tone of disbelief.

"You did the same thing too, you know," Blake pointed out, yet her gaze did not leave the sight of the strange argument in front of her.

"I had no choice in the matter. You hardly spoke a word. Shorty over there's doing it willingly, though, and that's just weird," Sun muttered.

"Be grateful that Cody didn't hear you call him short. He hates it when people make fun of his height," Weiss whispered to Sun. While she may not like the Monkey Faunus all that much, even she wouldn't want him to be attacked by her surrogate little brother.

"All right…good to know," Sun replied slowly before pointing back at the strange argument, "So what's going on with tiger boy and the hunting cat?"

"The TGHA belongs to his father, and he usually sends it to wherever his sons are in order to check on them, even back when we were at Signal over on Patch Island. He's able to sneak into aircrafts and boats with ease thanks to all the training he's done with Senior. Seven years' worth if I remember right," Yang explained. "The little fireball's pretty friendly and is a very good judge of character. If he knows you're good, he'll either climb on top of our lap or shoulders, but if he knows your bad, then he'll keep his distance, and even go so far as hiss at someone he precedes as truly no good."

"Really?" Blake questioned. "I guess that explains why he's been showing up at Beacon occasionally, considering who one of our friends is…" She then looked over to Weiss, "I'm guessing that you're also the reason that he shows up at our school sometimes too, considering your close relationship with his owners."

"Close?" Sun questioned.

"The Schnee Dust Company has a strong business relationship with Azure Armory Inc., which Cody's family owns," Blake explained, "Not only that, the current CEO of the company, Weiss's father, is apparently close friends with his father from what I've heard and was also the former teammate of her mother, who was once a resident of Forjador City in her childhood. It's only natural that my teammate would have a close bond with Cody and his family, since she's spent most of her childhood with them."

"And that's not all, either," Yang grinned as she gave Weiss a one armed hug, much to the heiress's displeasure, "Weiss here is actually going out with Cody's older brother! They've only started dating a few months ago, but I know there'll be a wedding for these two in the future."

"And I call dibs on the maid of honor!" Ruby grinned teasingly at her partner.

"Will you two give it a rest with the wedding thing?!" Weiss cried out with a bright blush of embarrassment on her face while the sisters began laughing loudly.

"…Does this happen a lot?" Sun asked Blake with a very confused expression on his face, who responded with a nod and a fond smile on her face.

"Alright, you can stay for a bit, but only because you told me that Papi said it was ok for me to ask Blake a few questions…" Cody sighed towards the happy looking cat before him, catching Blake's attention.

"What questions?" The ninja asked her fellow Feline Faunus.

"Mainly involving your actions in the White Fang," Cody said with a shrug, getting everyone's attention.

"Oh…" Blake muttered and everyone saw that her bow was actually drooping a little.

"Hey, it's nothing bad. I just want to know if you were in favor of either peaceful protests or the more…radical options that they're doing now." Cody said in a reassuring tone.

"…I will admit that I did do some…unsavory actions while I was in the White Fang, but I've always preferred protests over raids and attacks," Blake admitted, feeling ashamed that she participated in some of the White Fang's darker ways to gain recognition.

"Well…at least you're honest," Cody sighed as he scratched the back the back of his head, not really happy that Blake actually took part of the White Fang's darker actions, but let it slide for the moment. "Alright then…have you ever met a man who went by the name of Rayo or something like that?"

"Cody!" Weiss and Yang hissed, confusing Ruby greatly.

"It's ok, I got permission," Cody whispered to the white and blonde huntresses with ease.

"I've never met him, but I have heard of him," Blake explained, "I'm aware that he's one of the stronger proponents of the White Fang's peaceful protests over the radical raids that they are doing now. Ironic considering his violent reactions whenever he heard about the attacks on the Schnee Dust Company."

"Well that's not surprising; he knows the owner pretty well. You can imagine what he did to the rouges that kidnapped Big Sis after he saved her years ago," Cody laughed, surprising Blake, Sun and even Ruby.

"Wait…Rayo was one of the ones who saved you when you were a kid, Weiss?" The Cat Faunus asked while looking towards her teammate.

"Yeah he was, and I'll always be grateful to him," Weiss confirmed with a soft smile.

"Does that mean that this Rayo guy is the one you looked up to when you were a kid?" Ruby asked her best friend.

"Yeah he is, Rubes. The man was, and still is, a hero in my eyes," Cody smiled.

"Hey, mind if I ask something?" Sun spoke up, causing everyone to look at him curiously, "I remember Blake telling me that Rayo was just a part of the man's title while working in the White Fang, but she didn't remember the full title."

"And you want to know his full title and, if possible, his name as well, huh?" Yang deduced, getting looks of surprise from Blake, Sun, and Ruby.

"You know who Rayo is, Sis?" Ruby asked.

"I found out by accident a while back. Weiss knows too, but that's because he was practically looking after her while she was staying at Forjador City with Sparky and his family," Yang explained, making Ruby, Sun and Blake's eyes go wide.

"Is it really ok to be talking about this," Weiss asked in a worried tone, "You know that we're not supposed to tell anyone about this Cody, especially if we're out in the open like this. I know you were told this too, Yang."

"Like I said, it's not a problem. I got permission," Cody said reassuringly. "Not only that, the only ones here are the police. We can trust them."

"Well that's good to know," Sun grinned as he rubbed his hands, "So who is this Rayo guy? I really want to know about the guy who took out members of his own cult because they were attacking one of the world's most notorious Faunus labor companies?"

"Sun!" Blake hissed angrily.

"Well that's one way to describe him…" Weiss muttered, somewhat upset with the accusation towards her family's company, even if it's somewhat true.

"Hehe…you're alright, Sun," Cody grinned, "Ok then…the man who saved Big Sis and tried to make sure the White Fang's ways were peaceful up 'till recently, my hero, went by many names, with his White Fang title being The Beast of Lightning, because of his constant use of the volatile element. During his early hunting years he earned his more well-known title; Azure Claw, because of his clawed gauntlets that he uses for fighting. However, all these titles fail in comparison to the one that I have for him."

"And what's that?" Sun asked, unaware of the shocked expressions on Ruby and Blake's faces as they realized who Cody was talking about.

"Something that only me and two others can call him…" Cody grinned and softly spoke the final title to Sun, who's eyes went wide in surprise.

"We call him dad."



Ozpin stared at the video recording in is Scroll with a small frown on his face. The recording showed Ruby back at the docks after the confrontation between a few of his students and the White Fang and Roman earlier in the evening. As he watched the recording, a message popped up and caught his attention. Focusing on the message now, he opened it and quirked an eyebrow when he saw that it was from Professor Qrow from Signal Academy. The message from the enigmatic instructor was short, but it definitely had the silver haired headmaster's attention.


"I was hoping that Qrow was wrong when he told me that, but the man never lies about these things."

Letting off a soft chuckle, Ozpin turned to see the same figure that was on the rooftops of the city during the raid, with the same masks and blue coat that possessed the original White Fang seal.

"Well now, isn't this a surprise. It isn't often that Beacon gets a visitor as infamous towards the White Fang as you, Rayo," Ozpin smirked.

"Don't call me by that name, Ozpin. You know that I quit the White Fang and renounced that name and the title where it came from years ago…" The man said in an exasperated tone.

"Would you feel better if I called you by your full title then? After all, it's been some time since I've seen The Beast of Lightning, or should I say, La Bestia del Rayo," Ozpin chuckled once more. "Not since the trip to Forjador City a few months back."

The masked man sighed before removing his upper mask and stared at Ozpin with a tired gaze, the left eye hidden behind an eye patch while the right eye was a deep, sapphire with a slit pupil, similar to a certain family of Faunus.

"First Kalt calls me that and now you? I'm starting to think that you guys actually want me to go back to those traitors over at the White Fang."

"It may make things easier, I'll admit, but I know how adamant you are about not going back, Bo, so I'm not going to force you," Ozpin said with a calm smile.

"Hey, I still have connections there, Oz. How else was I able to find out that the White Fang was involved in the recent robberies before the police did?" Bo grumbled while bringing down his lower mask to reveal the rest of his face and his right eye changing color into a golden brown and his pupil dilating to that of a human's eye.

"Hehe, relax. I was only joking," Ozpin chuckled lightly, "I've been getting reports lately of a black cat wandering around campus. I take it that was your doing?"

"It's something I've been doing since I came here. I do it to watch over my kids, although it is kinda hard now since both my boys are in different schools, but I manage," Bo shrugged. "You don't mind Charcoal hanging around your school, do you?"

"It's fine. He's actually been a little helpful with a couple of my students from what I've heard," Ozpin smiled. "I must admit, you've become much more relaxed now than how you were a few years ago. Moving over here to Vale has done wonders for you."

"I'm just happy to be out of the grasp of the White Fang. Now Wolke doesn't have to hold back with them, and he even has me to help him out whenever he needs it," Bo explained, "It's a good thing that I made Forjador City cut connections with the White Fang. Who knows what those radicals might do if they got access to my family's weapons or Malcom's family martial arts…"

"Actually, that's may not be the case anymore," Ozpin stated, surprising the former White Fang member.

"What are you talking about, Ozpin? I made sure that Forjador has nothing to do with that cult anymore," Bo glared, "My old city always preferred peace over violence, despite having a good secondary academy and home of a well-known weapons factory for hunters. There can't be anyone in the White Fang that has ties there. I made sure of it. Not only that, only a few people know about my connections with those traitors, and I made sure that no one in the White Fang knew what my real name is. Not even my family knows about my involvement with them except for my dad, wife and sons."

"You're not the only one who has connections, Bo. I know that the White Fang has managed to obtain at least a small connection with your old home now," Ozpin sighed. "The most upsetting part, however, is the ones who have that connection."

"And? Who is it?" Bo growled.

"I don't know, but from what I've been told, it's someone from both the Maroon family and, unfortunately, your family," Ozpin admitted in a grim tone.



Ozpin said nothing as he watched his old classmate punch a hole in his office wall. He did feel bad for the angry man in front of him. Learning that his attempt to cut a city well known for its high quality works from a group that could exploit them for their benefit was all for naught would easily make the man upset. It was even worse, concidering that the ones restoring the ties were members of the family that helped found his home, one in particular being a member of his own family.

"Of course something like this would happen. Crap like this always happens to me and my friends and family," Bo growled angrily, his right eye glowing red in anger with his pupil slit once more and electricity running through his arm.

"You and your team always did end up in more trouble compared to others from what I recall," Ozpin stated before pointing at Bo's other angry, false eye, "The last mission you had before retiring is an easy testament on that."

"Thanks for reminding me, Oz. As if my lack of real eyes weren't enough of a reminder…" Bo grumbled before taking a deep breath and removed his fist from the wall while his eye returned docile once more. "Ok…so members of both my and Malcom's family are now in the White Fang and are currently trying to re-establish the connection that I had with Forjador City, am I right?"

"Yes, and I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you more about it, Bo," Ozpin apologized.

"It's fine, I can find out on my own soon enough," Bo sighed. "I just hope my contacts don't get caught while trying to find out who's restoring the ties."

"You could always interrogate the White Fang members that were arrested for the failed heist earlier this evening," Ozpin suggested.

"…That's not a bad idea, actually. Thanks Oz," Bo smiled at the headmaster before his smile turned sinister, "Well I have to get going now. I got some traitors to interrogate."

"Remember to get permission this time, Bo," Ozpin smirked as he saw the older Faunus getting ready to jump out the window. "And please don't go overboard on the subject like last time, ok?"

"Hey, it was an accident, ok? I wasn't trying to cut the guy's foot off, it just happened by mistake, alright?" Bo pouted, "Besides, I got the info out of him, didn't I?"

"And nearly killed him out of blood loss in the process," Ozpin chuckled.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, chuckles," Bo groused. "Well I better go. See you at the fair, Oz."

"See you there," Ozpin said as he watched the former huntsman jump off the building. Sighing to himself, the man returned to his Scroll and was about to watch the recording of his student's escapades when a sudden thought occurred to him. Closing his Scroll, he got up from his chair and grabbed a book of old Beacon traditions from one of his shelves and began skimming through it when one page in particular caught his attention.

"Well now, this is something that we haven't done in ages," Ozpin muttered as a grin started to grow in his face. "I think it's high time to bring it back. It'll definitely be a big hit now as it was when I was a student."

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