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A/N: This marks the fourth collab project me and Chaos are working together. Yes, four. We've done Across Dimensions, The Siege of GranDracmon, and most recently an Amazon Tournament mini-arc for his Side Story Slamfest fic (one that has the YYGDM and Accel characters).

This might be confusing since this is directly linked with Chaosblazer's Accel series. If you haven't followed, you might want to look it up. This story follows Accel Stream Season 2 chapter 16 Side Story Slamfest chapters 10-12. The Greil character is currently the main villain in his series and will make appearances here. Likewise for his minions.

This marks our fourth collab. Additionally, it's the official sequel to my Yagami: the Legendary Ascendant fic I've recently completed this past summer. We're shooting for 4-5 chapters. So, enjoy this DFKai/Accel crossover and the mayhem about to ensue!

But, first a short character corner.


(Karin, Dimitri, their daughter from the future Athena, Tai, Sora, X, Keke, Kensuke, and the other Kuiper Belt Senshi are gathered for a Halloween party in Kaiba Manor. The Digimon, except Titaniamon, invited were in the background competing over food. Seto and his girlfriend Lyn are not present yet but guests carry on with the party.)

Tai (dressed as Goku): Boy, I hope this year's Halloween party won't be crazy like last year's. Between Rei & Hiei getting wasted and then getting Hiei to dress up like a penguin, don't know what to expect this year.

Sora (dressed as Black Widow): Try to relax, Tai. Let's just think about having fun.

Karin (dressed as Korra): I really love your costume, brother. You've been on a Pokemon X/Y kick, huh?

Kensuke (dressed as Greninja): You better believe it. Last year I was Charizard. This year I'm freakin' Greninja!

Tyra (dressed as Xena): Freakin'? Are you serious?

Ken: Can't say the other f-word. There's a kid with us. (points to Athena) By the way, you're so cute in your costume, Athena.

Athena (dressed as Cutemon and blushing): Thank you, uncle Ken!

Taylor (dressed as Jessie from Toy Story): Well, aren't you so cute, Athena! (squees and plays with Athena's Cutemon ears).

X (dressed as Schwarz Bruder from G-Gundam): By the way, where's Kaiba and that girlfriend of his... what's her name? Lyn?

Dimitri (dressed as Chrono from Chrono Trigger): Yeah, her name is Lyn. She and Kaiba are supposed to be here soon.

Tyra (sighs): Lyn's had a hard time finding a costume for that stick in the mud.

Keke (dressed as Nami from One Piece): Must suck for Lyn. Is it true she's like Kisara's reincarnation in the YuYuGiDigiMoon universe?

Karin: Yep, and she's tough as nails. It takes a woman like her to put someone like Seto in line.

Dimitri: Guys, I just got word Kaiba's coming with his costume and more guests are on the way. Let's get this party going for them! (turns on some jazz)

Tyra: Kaiba in a costume. Oooh, this is gonna be good.

Helena (dressed as Toph): Could it be that bad?

Jami (dressed as Wasp from the Avengers): Do you really want to know?

Karin: Guess we'll find out.

Christina (dressed as Zatanna; grabs Ken's arm): Ooh, Ken! Want to get some punch?

Ken (blushing a bit): Um, sure.

Titaniamon (dressed as Erza Scarlet; looks over sighing at Agumon, Biyomon, Faith, and Athena's PinkPatamon competing for food): You gluttons definitely need to learn self control. At least my pals know self control. (she finds Ken's Veemon and Shoutmon gorging down some cake; she sweatdrops and groans) Ugh, guys.

Sora: Want to dance, Tai?

Tai: Sure thing. In the meantime, on with the fic!


List of universes by designation

DF-616 (Digimon Fusion Kai proper)

XLR-08 (Accel Stream)

YYGDM-01 (YuYuGiDigiMoon proper)


Swamp Dominion Border/XLR-08

On one quiet night in the Accel Stream Digital World, noise was finally made after an interval of tranquility. A portal seemingly opened up releasing a spaceship pod, not only covered in ice, but also containing a human teen and a larger than average Agumon. This ice-covered pod fell into a lake border lining between the Swamp Dominion and another dominion of a local vicinity.

With a loud thud, the object caused a huge splash in the lake, throwing up pounds of water into the air. The human inside the pod barely stirred as unbeknownst to him and his partner they had landed in a dimension unfamiliar to them.

The wounded teen, with forehead drenched with blood, muttered weakly, still recovering from his near death experience. "...Taichi... Agumon..." His head fell limp on one shoulder as he fell asleep.

The Legendary Ascendant has survived the collision with Comet Camori.

As the pod sank to the bottom of the lake, ice seeped out encasing the transport into a block of ice. As the ice sealed both inside, they were left unattended for a long while and cut off from the outside world.

Until one day, someone will release the sleeping monsters from their confinement.


Yagami's Second Coming

Act I: The Return of a Monster


Greil's Lair/Unknown Location/?

As he contemplated recent events, Greil's arms both twitched as he sat on a throne. I knew there were some lethal level spells out there, but damn I didn't expect Fairy Law to fuck me up this badly. That kid is going to pay!

Jishikitori X entered the room. She, too, still had scars from the previous battles,. She staggered towards him with a small piece of carved wood.

"I don't understand what you need these for?"

Greil sighed as he took them gingerly, trying to not let on how bad in pain he was. "You will understand shortly. If nothing else, I've learned one thing. Sometimes it's best to let others handle my affairs. Those stupid Ascendants from the DF-616 world are going to regret not finishing the battle with the one called Yagami, cause now I'm going to use him to destroy XLR-08, and enjoy every single minute of him raping Ken's useless corpse!" He said as he ripped a small hair from his head, stuck it on the wood, and channeled energy into it. "So help me Naraku this better fucking work." He muttered as once enough energy was channeled into the doll he opened a small portal and tossed it through.


Canyon Dominion Entrance/XLR-08

(Cue Sonic Generations OST - Rival Battle: Silver)

"Man look at em go now! And you thought they were intense before?!" Mikato noted as Titaniamon in her Ultima Form armor battled Dramon X Miracle Mode hard.

It had been a week since the two returned from the YYGDM-01 verse. There Titaniamon had competed in a tournament; however, she had lost in the first round to her queen Athenamon, but this only enticed her to train more. Ken had also dueled Yugi Muto, getting his dueling spirit back from his duel with Jishikitori X; however he, too, was now focused on his goal once more.

He needed to train his energy control more which is what he was currently doing by sparring with Titaniamon, who wanted to master her new armor as well.

"Kinda wish we went to the tournament though," Bearmon muttered.

"We wouldn't have made a difference though, and you two wouldn't have been allowed to compete since your males," Shizuka said sighing as Liollmon and Bearmon felt disappointed. Shizuka and Mikato felt bad as well not being able to see such intense action from the Amazon tournament.

Soon enough Dramon X MM and Titaniamon stopped and both powered down.

"Let's take a breather," Ken said as he, Veemon and Shoutmon breathed hard. Titaniamon nodded doing the same.

(End theme)

"You're right. Lady Athenamon did want us to make sure not to overexert ourselves when training with these powers." Ken responded by recalling Veemon, Shoutmon, and Titaniamon into his Digivice to rest. Afterwards, he and the ninja girls noticed two small armored turtle Digimon, one smaller than the other walking towards them. Both had worried looks on their faces and were visibly upset.

"Kamemon and ChibiKamemon?" Bearmon asked.

"What are you two doing here? Sure there's water here but you guys would better suited in another Aquatic Dominion," Liollmon said.

"Well, we were living in the Swamp Dominion to the north of here, but recently a lot of Digimon have been getting stir crazy because something came crashing down from the sky into one of the dominion's biggest lakes..."

Ken was concerned hearing this. "What do you mean?"

Kamemon did his best explaining after calming down. "Well one night, the sky seemed to get all swirl like for some reason and some spherical object surrounded by ice landed in dominion's biggest lake. The cool down caused it to pick up more ice from the lake's waters, but still ever since then no one's wanted to go near it because one Digimon did and he was deleted by what others said was some kind of dangerous aura."

"What do you think it could be?" Mikato wondered.

"Don't know, but a lot of the Digimon from our dominion have moved away as a result," ChibiKamemon said.

Ken didn't like where this was going. "That means we've got an outsider. We better go check it out."

Mikato and Shizuka both grew equally concerned for Ken's well being.

Shizuka asked him. "Ken, have you recovered enough? We don't want to charge in haphazardly."

Ken clenched his fist tight in response. "I'm as a ready as I'll ever be. We have to check this out, because if it is someone from another world, it only means more trouble, let's go." The ninja twins nodded and after picking up their partners they took off after Ken.


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/DF-616/10:30 AM

The masked watcher, X, was called from his realm to meet with Gennai based on a report from a group of Digimon. X sighted Gennai awaiting him in Azulongmon's sanctuary.

"Gennai, I came as fast as I could. Tell me if what they found some space fluctuations around the sector where Planet Vergo and Comet Camori collided not too long ago is really accurate."

Gennai addressed the masked watcher. "Indeed we dispatched some Digimon to check the sector. There are no more signs of Planet Vergo. Comet Camori wiped it out from the Digiverse. All that's left are pieces of debris floating about, but they made a startling discovery. This brings us back to the space fluctuations. The good news is they've since closed. However, there remains an energy spike around one of the area's spots. There's a source that seemingly pulled something into this small wormhole. The energy of this source is immense."

Upon hearing this latest report, X had a look of dread concealed behind his mask.

"This couldn't mean..."


Swamp Dominion/XLR-08

The Swamp Dominion, true to it's name, was a dark forest-like land filled with marshes and occasional small lakes.

"This place gives me the creeps," Mikato shuddered at her surroundings.

Ken sighed irritably. "Look don't freak out on me." Looking around, they found the biggest lake that the two Kamemon mentioned. "There it is!"

However as soon as they ran towards it, an energy blast, albeit a weak one, struck the area near causing a hole to form. Another blast followed as did a few others causing holes enough to drain water from the big lake revealing the large ice block inside it.

"Whoa! Where did those blasts come from?!" Bearmon and Liollmon exclaimed.

Ken however wasn't impressed. "Those blasts were pretty weak." He discreetly noted as he watched the ice cube come into full view. Upon seeing what was inside, Ken narrowed his eyes. "What the heck?! That looks like a spacepod from Dragonball Z." He then remembered something from what Blightmon had said during their previous encounter at the Amazon tournament. Is Yagami in that capsule?

(Cue Godzilla GMK OST – The Forgotten Horror)

You would be correct! A thought blurted into Ken's head. Then, a large robed figure appeared above the ice cube and landed on top of it. All present gave awkward glances at the figure. "What?!"

"Trying to rip off a concept from Inuyasha. Wow, you are dumb, Greil," Ken remarked sardonically.

'Greil' snarled at him and held his hand over the ice cube. Applying heat energy to the ice, it began to melt down. "At least I'm not going to die in a few minutes. Say to hello to your maker, Kenny!" He retorted as the ice soon cracked apart in full.

The capsule in turn reacted and opened immediately. The first thing to come out of the capsule was an Agumon, who fell forward onto the capsule's door still asleep from the cold storage, but it was not one Ken had ever seen as it had Greymon-esque markings on its body. Sitting in the capsule's seat was a teen about Tai's age. He had an athletic build and spiky dark brown hair. As for clothing, he only had white pants with white and yellow trimmed boots. His shirt was gone exposing his upper torso where Ken noticed there was a strong impact mark around his middle chest area.

Mikato and Shizuka both blushed a bit at what they were seeing, but they quickly stopped when the teen awoke. Just like that, an evil destructive aura started pulsating from his body.

"What the hell?!" Mikato shouted as the teen slowly grabbed the doorway of the capsule and pulled himself loose.

His eyes showed nothing but pure anger as if he wanted to murder something or someone immediately.

Shizuka noticed Ken was starting to tremble a bit as well. "Ken, are you ok?"

Ken, however, knew what was being expressed by those cold destructive eyes.

This guy is not going to fuck around like anyone else i've faced! His power is increasing by the minute as well. Brolly equvilient indeed. He muttered in thought as the teen stood up in full.

'Greil' pointed to Ken. "Yagami, this man has information relating to Taichi and..." The puppet never got the chance to finish.

Upon saying Tai's name, Yagami's eyes widened in anger and he promptly turned and with no effort blasted the puppet away instantly into pieces.

(End theme)


Greil's Lair/Unknown Location/?

"This should be fun to watch." Greil noted as he viewed the battle through a portal. It showed Yagami beginning his march toward Ken and company.


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/DF-616/10:45 AM

Suddenly, X felt the immense power of Yagami emanating from what he discerned to be Ken's dimension. His worst fear of Yagami possibly being alive resurfaced.

"No, it's Yagami!" X exclaimed, sensing Yagami's power from beyond dimensions.

The Sovereigns were greatly alarmed when hearing of his dreadful news.

"X, we need to tell Tai and the others quickly!" Gennai alerted him.

Ugh, my biggest concern is Ken and Yagami clashing at their fullest! X quickly pivoted over to Gennai and alarmed him. "It's going to take time gathering Tai and the others. I'll contact Dimitri first in Karin's dimension. Let's see if I can get a hold of him!" With that, he focused deep and forged a mental link with Dimitri, who was staying in the YYGDM-01 dimension with Karin. C'mon, Dimitri. Hey, can you hear me? This is X calling!


Azabu-Juuban/Karin and Dimitri's Condo/YYGDM-01/9:30 am

Having eaten breakfast, a certain Ascendant and Kuiper Senshi couple were set to spend the day together with today being their day off from work. They stood on the balcony looking out into the city.

Karin had an arm around Dimitri as she spoke up. "Hey, how about a movie today?"

"I was thinking the zoo. It's such a nice day today."

"Or, that, too. We can fit both in our schedules..."

Dimitri! Come in! It's X! We have an urgent situation here! X quickly interjected into the couple's discussion, startling them both.

Shaking his head, Dimitri groaned. "Couldn't you give me a little more warning next time? I'm not used to talk chiming in like that. I'm not Tai."

Sorry about that, Dimitri. This is a matter that does concern you since you were involved in it with Tai and the others.

Karin looked up hearing X. "Is everything ok, X? What's going on over there?"

It seems our old friends Yagami and his equally unstable partner survived Planet Vergo's destruction. I felt Yagami's power just now and the good news he's not in our universe. Bad news... he's landed in Ken's dimension.

Upon hearing this dreadful news, Dimitri and Karin became horrified. The former became filled with anger by the news of Yagami and his partner's survival. Karin, though never thankfully encountered the monster, heard of the accounts from her boyfriend's prior encounter.

"There's no way he and his partner should've survived! That planet was wiped out by that comet!" Dimitri exclaimed.

Faith the Patamon flew in and landed on Dimitri's shoulder. He was equally shocked to learn of this startling revelation.

Apparently, when Comet Camori collided with Planet Vergo, it caused a chain reaction and a tear opened into time-space. Yagami and his partner were then likely close to the tear, which would pull them in. Yagami and his partner are already awake and Ken's crew are now facing them. Ken doesn't even know who's he dealing with! It's urgent we have to act fast.

"You want us to go then," Karin affirmed, already ready to go without hesitation despite Yagami and Agumon X. "No problem. Anything to help Ken and his friends." She pivoted over to Dimitri and Faith. "We'll have to put our plans on hold. Brother needs us."

"Karin, you have no idea the kind of lunatic we're about to face."

"Me, you, and my friends survived near-universal chaos in this dimension. I'm more than ready to face anything at this point," she blatantly stated without fear. She hurried in to get both her Henshin Rod and Dagger.

Dimitri chuckled. "Since you put it that way, nothing scares you anymore."

"Like I said, Ken needs us now. Besides you, Tai and the others have experience dealing with this guy."

All right, you three since I can see Faith's with you.

"Yep, ready and reporting for duty!" Faith chirped, giving a soldier's salute to X.

"See? Faith's ready to meet danger head-on," Karin giggled, patting the brave Patamon's head.

As I was saying, you three can make it to Ken's dimension first while I round up Tai and his cohorts. We have to act fast since I fear Yagami and Ken will throwdown any minute now.

Dimitri clenched his teeth. "Ken better not do anything stupid before we get there."

Hiding her worry behind a brave facade, Karin couldn't take Ken off her mind. Brother, hang in there, we're coming!

Before you go, there's a plan to want to cover with y'all that will require both Karin and Ken's dimension crossing powers.

Dimitri, Karin, and Faith stopped to listen as the masked watched mapped out his 'plan' to them.


Swamp Dominion/XLR-08

"You two get out of here!" Ken demanded quickly, beckoning the ninja girls and their Digimon back. "This guy ain't playing around! Who knows what his deal is with Tai...!" Ken didn't even get to realize that slipping Tai's name wasn't the best move in the world.

(Cue Kingdom Hearts 1.5 OST - One Winged Angel)

Eyes widened with anger, Yagami reacted.


In no time flat, Ken was knocked against a boulder in less than a second. Yagami bumrushed over and began beating the man shit out of him. Mikato and Shizuka both tried to stop the psycho as he relentlessly pounded Ken's face in, but they were both thrown back each into a tree; each one almost snapping from the impact.

"Ken!" Shizuka called out barely as Ken's nose was clearly bleeding when Yagami stopped for a brief moment.

Ken released a good content of blood and water from his mouth. When he looked up, Yagami's eyes were blood thirsty red as he prepared another punch, but Shizuka quickly produced a kunai with a paper tag strapped to the back. She threw it at Yagami, who turned and caught the weapon with his teeth snapping it as the paper tag lit up and caused an explosion. However, the smoke quickly cleared and there was no damage done at all.

Mikato panicked. "What is this creature?! He's not human!"

Yagami turned back to Ken, who instinctively slugged him hard in the face. This course of action allowed Ken to trigger his Digisoul Charge, but once again no damage seemed to be done to Yagami. Utilizing Digisould Charge, Ken quickly changed to Dramon X. Much to Ken's chagrin, the beating he had sustained definitely took its toll. Due to the loss of blood, Dramon X could barely focus as Agumon X snapped awake. Liollmon and Bearmon charged him only for the dinosaur to clothsline both of them to the ground hard before Yagami and he started glowing.

Suddenly, a thick green aura shrouded both Yagami and Agumon X. Immense energies filled the duo empowering them with an overabundance of Ascendant power. The green aura covering Yagami became more concentrated and condensed into a pillar of light. The influx of power seeped into Yagami as a dark red symbol became etched over his chest like blood seeping from a wound. Agumon X's chest became embroidered with the same exact symbol.

Is that a Crest symbol? I've never seen that before! Mikato thought, eyeing the two being pulled together under a unified pillar of concentrated green light.

"Crest of Despair... grant us power..." Yagami darkly muttered, placing a palm on his chest where the symbol glowed. " become Nova X."

"Crest of Despair...?" Dramon X muttered, feeling disoriented from the vicious beatdown.

Standing in their place was an 12-foot tall imposing behemoth covered entirely in ShineGreymon X's armor. His face still retained the face helmet complete with the three horns. The wings on his back folded behind him.

Nova X struggled to break out of the armored shell covering his body. The contained Ascendant energies were set to burst out of this shell and seemingly ready to unveil his first Ascendant form. The shell slowly broke and first revealed a visage resembling a human with sea green spiky hair. His muscular frame was bigger than before but nothing making him too too jacked up.

With no Glaven to restrain him, Nova X was willingly able to attack anyone on sight and of his own liberty. The beast was free to make his choice and he chose to set his sights directly on Dramon X.

Dramon X's could only mutter one thing at this new development. "Oh shit..." Nova X charged him...Next thing Ken knew he was knocked into the sky clear of the Swamp Dominion and towards another one, the psyco following him through the air.

(End theme)


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/DF-616/11:15 AM

As Tai and Agumon used Instant Movement to relocate to the holy sanctuary, they were joined by Sora & Biyomon, Yamato & Gabumon, TK & Patamon, Kari & Gatomon, Davis & Veemon, and Sonja. X, Gennai, BanchoLeomon, BW, Pikkan, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David were waiting for them.

When X told everyone about Yagami's survival, they were taken aback with a mix of shock, anger, and confusion. However, none of them was ever more dumbfounded than Tai.

"You can't be serious! Last I checked, he didn't have Instant Movement. That's the only way he could've escaped that planet and comet collision!" Tai snapped, now feeling more compelled to finish what Planet Camori failed to do.

"He and Agumon X didn't teleport. When the comet hit the planet, a rare occurrence happened that opened a tear into time and space. Seemingly they were able to find a spacepod possibly abandoned by one of Glaven's men. Then, the tear pulled them along with the ship taking them to Ken's universe. They've been sealed in ice at the bottom of a lake, but now they've been released. As we speak, Ken and Yagami have crossed paths. I fear the worst will happen..."

Kari gasped as she turned to her brother. "Tai, we have to help Ken! He has no idea the kind of monster he's dealing with!"

BanchoLeomon asserted. "X has already contacted Dimitri, Faith, and Karin. They're on the move into Ken's dimension. They will already beat us there to Yagami."

"Moreover, we've laid out a carefully crafted plan, but timing of the execution is crucial."

"So, what do you plan?" Agumon inquired.

"We're going to bring Ken and Yagami to our world. This will work when Ken and Karin use their sword and Henshin Rod to open a portal big enough for Ken and Dimitri to knock Yagami into our world, or we could have Tai become Omega X and provoke the monster to come here."

Tai smirked when hearing the latter idea. "Why don't I coax him here when that portal opens? Besides, I'm the one he really wants. We have unsettled business."

"All right, it's settled," X nodded.

Sora disproved of her reckless boyfriend's choice and approached him, nudging his arm. "Tai, you don't want to go through with this...?"

"Sorry, Sora, but I'm the one he wants. And this time I'm making sure he stays dead. No way am I letting him live if he even dares touch you or Kari."

"I'll fight alongside you, Tai!" Kari adamantly declared. "We'll defeat Yagami together!"

Davis smirked watching Kari boldly speaking out. "Right on, Kari."

"Fool, you think I'm letting you take the glory of ending Yagami's existence? Think again," Yamato interjected as he confronted his rival. "Besides, why waste time saving that foolish boy if he's likely going to provoke Yagami first? Yagami is his problem now."

"Yagami is our problem, too, and Ken has done plenty for us. It's time we repay the favor. Ken has enough of his own issues to deal with," Tai openly chastised Yamato. "Look at it this way: you and I would like another shot at Yagami. I doubt you were satisfied when he left you laying..."

"And crying," Tike tried hard not to laugh, causing Yamato to spin around and shoot a scary glare at him.

Kara rolled her eyes. "Be lucky you're his nephew or you'd be deadknob."

Sam corrected her. "Don't you mean deadnail?"

Kara facepalmed. "Ugh, yeah, whatever."

David added. "Can't believe we're gonna fight Yagami again."

Keke clenched her fists and turned to X. "Are my brother and Karin over there now?"

"They should be and that's when we'll act. Everyone, get ready!"

Sora pulled Tai to the side and whispered to him. "No one should tell Catherine about this."

"Right, the last thing she needs to know is that nutcase being alive," Tai said. "Gather around, guys. We're putting this nutjob out of commission permanently!"

As most of the Kai Destined gathered, Tai and Agumon used Instant Movement to relocate them to the coordinates X established for them.


Machine Dominion/XLR-08

(Cue Sonic the Hedgehog OST - Mephiles Phase 1)

Dramon X crashed down hard in the machine dominion into a portion of it that had been destroyed during the battle with Tidalmon and Blightmon. Many of the Digimon were confused until Nova X crashed down from the sky on top of Dramon X's back, causing him to scream in pain.

"Hey! Would you two clear out we're trying to work here!" A Breakdramon growled at them. Nova X turned and grabbed the giant drill Digimon by his neck, which he quickly crunched together like a bag of patato chips causing the Digimon to lose air. Then he quickly slammed the behemoth machine down on Dramon X repeatedly until he was smashed deep into the ground and promptly tore Breakdramon's head off deleting him instantly.

Dramon X managed to poke his head up barely to see this. If I don't stop him, he'll kill everyone he sees, but the question is, can I stop him?! Slowly, he rose to his feet as his body glowed. "Miracle BURST!" He yelled out getting Nova X's attention.

This proved to be a bad idea as Nova X picked up a Kenkimon and chunked it at him.

"Oh come on!" Dramon X MM dodged it.

Yagami started tossing more local Digimon at him like fast balls.

"Quit using the local's as...!" He stopped when an energy blast slammed into his face followed by another hard punch to the stomach.

This was followed by Nova X grabbing his legs and slamming them hard together in a clench hold. Then, he began swinging Dramon X MM at the local Digimon like a baseball bat decapitating and destroying anyone who got his way. Body parts flying everywhere while occasionally slammingDramon X MM into a wall or the ground, causing him to cough up more blood and to his shock bits of data.

(End theme)

"So, where do you think they are?!" Mikato wondered, trying to ignore the pain in her back.

Having fused their partners to BanchoLeomon Burst Mode, they had flown after the two warring Ascendants.

"Well, we saw Ken fall around this area so..."

Just then, a large explosion emanated ahead.

"That's gotta be them! Come on!" BanchoLeomon BM yelled, carrying his partners to the war zone.

When they arrived, several pieces of machine Digimon were all over the place. Nova X was standing on Dramon X MM's face attempting to crush him again

BanchoLeomon BM put his partners down and berated the crazed Ascendant. "Hey get off him!" BanchoLeomon BM charged Nova X forcing him off of Dramon X MM.

"Ken, are you ok?!" Mikato asked as Dramon X MM stood up dizzily. To their dismay, he started singing.

"~Now strap in tight, let's get set for action, to holst the ship out of the sand... HE TRIED TO KILL ME WITH A FORKLIFT! OLE!~" And with that, he fell down still dizzy.

"What are we up against here?" wondered Shizuka, who quickly gasped when she and Mikato saw their partner unconcious over Nova X's head while being held like a prize he could kill by ripping in half at any moment.

(Cue Godzilla GMK – Godzilla's Rage)

Dramon X MM's eyes sighted this and slowly stood up again. Catching Dramon X MM standing up, Nova X turned and dropped BanchoLeomon, who regressed back to Bearmon and Liollmon. He glared intently toward Dramon X MM.

"You want blood? You got it psycho!" With that, he slowly started making motions to remove his inhibitor rings.

Mikato and Shizuka both became concerned seeing this.

"Ken, don't take those off!" Mikato warned, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Dramon X MM prepared to take them off much to their dismay.

"DON'T!" They both yelled before out of nowhere, a beam of ice power shit and froze Ken's wrists.

Dumbfounded, Dramon X MM watched his hands binded together by sheets of ice. The minute his mind clicked, he realized who the culprit was and whirled around to see Sailor Sedna landing brandishing her Ice Trident. Before facing Ken, Sailor Sedna caught a glimpse of Nova X and frowned.

That's Yagami? Gotta admit he's at least big and intimidating. Thought the Kuiper Senshi leader.

"Karin!" Mikato and Shizuka cried out together; both of them happy to see the Kuiper again.

"KARIN?!" Dramon X MM spat out. "What are you doing here?!"

"You know why," Sedna addressed him with a slightly stern look. "Besides, I didn't come alone." With that, Angemon X hastily dove down past her and flew ahead attacking Nova X.

Dramon X MM was taken aback by how quickly Angemon X came in and was already engaging Nova with fisticuffs.

"Dimitri, too?!"

Mikato, Shizuka, and their Digimon marveled at the Ascendant brawl going on. All the while Angemon X kept Nova X occupied, Sedna approached Dramon X MM, placing her hands on his frozen fists.

"Glad me and Dimitri came here in time. I saw what you were about to do and I couldn't let you do it!" The Ice Senshi scolded him, but did her best not to sound angry or nagging. She hugged him. "I'm glad you're ok though."

"Karin, listen, I didn't mean. That big bastard tried to force my hand..." Before Long, Nova X brushed past Angemon X and bumrushed Dramon X MM. "Get back!" He pushed Sedna aside protecting her and preparing to take the Ascendant's next devastating blow.

Luckily, Angemon X swerved right in front of Nova X and cut him from the pass. Angemon X drew out his sword and slashed away holding Nova X at bay.

"Damn, Dimitri's gotten much stronger..." Dramon X MM muttered. He saw Sedna running up to him. "Karin, you need to suit up and go Valkyrie mode if you want to help."

"I know. Hold on..." Sedna stopped as she and Ken heard X beckoning to them in their minds.

Good you were able to find Ken! Listen up, Ken, you and Sedna need to open a portal big enough for our resident nutjob.

Dramon X MM demanded. Tell me who this guy is! The minute Tai's name comes up, he goes Broly mode on me and he just wasted one of Greil's messengers.

Long story short, he's our version of Broly. We thought the comet finished him, but it so happens he survives. All it took was a tear in space and time to save him from doom, but unfortunately that meant sending him to your world.

Dramon X MM nodded. Right, I get that much. So, you want me and Karin to open a portal? Using what?

Your sword and Sedna's Henshin Rod. We have to be quick. I've set the coordinates. Tai and the others will be waiting on the other side of the portal in our universe, but it's all on you two to make it happen.

With that, Sedna broke the ice sealing Dramon X MM's hands.

"Just promise me you won't loosen the inhibitor rings," Sedna looked him in the eyes.

"I promise, sis."

Dramon X MM complied and pulled out his sword in conjunction with Sedna holding out her Henshin Rod. Meanwhile, Angemon X decked Nova X's face dazing him.

"Hurry up, guys!" Angemon X barked while shoving his sword into Nova X, who grabbed it and knocked it out of the wielder's hands. "C'mon!" He goaded Nova X to attack him.

Both exchanged smiles as they crossed sword with Henshin Rod to form an 'X'. The weapon crossover allowed them to invoke their dimension powers to open up a portal near them.

The portal opened further and from it came Omega X. The Ascendant sighted Nova X and was none too pleased to see him.

But, upon the latter seeing the former, Nova X started growling. "TAICHI!"

"I'm suprised you weren't killed by Comet Camori, but even so you've caused enough damage, Yagami. You shouldn't even be in this world. You want to fight then come get it in ours!" Omega X demanded, attempting to goad and lure the unstable monster into their world.

Upon hearing this, Dramon X MM grew hesitant. I know X wants this settled in their world but still...! Visions of what he had done when he unleashed the dark dragon/phoenix combo caused by GranDracmon's curse filled his head, the screams of all the people he had killed, even after what he had briefy been through with Yagami, there was a part of him that believed that if the beast got into the Kai verse, he would tear up so much shit it wouldn't be possible to fix. "I'm not letting him leave!"

"Brother?" Sedna questioned Ken as he took off towards Yagami. "Wait! Stop!"

"What the heck are you doing?!" Angemon X called out.

"Ken stop!" Omega X yelled.

"I'm not letting this crazy mofo get out of here! He'll kill too many people!"

This proved to be a fatal mistake as Nova X turned to the charging warrior and rammed a power-imbued right fist into the middle of Dramon X MM's right arm...


For a moment nothing happened, but then Dramon X MM quickly dropped to the ground holding a now limp and useless right arm screaming in utter pain. Nova X could only laugh evilly in response at this action. Everyone else was either shocked or in Angemon X and Omega X's case angry at what had just transpired before their eyes.

"KEN!" Sedna screamed as the grisly image of his broken arm and blood-curdling cries etched into her head.

(End theme)


Next act: A Call to Arms


A/N: We're off to a quick start as he jump straight to Yagami's release and him giving Accel Stream's lead star a beating he'll never forget! Ken's not off to a pleasant start (getting pounded into the ground like a railroad spike, used as a human baseball bat, and getting your arm broken don't help matters), but good thing for him Tai, Dimitri, and Karin are there to pull him out of this big jam.

I'm clearly diverging from how Broly's Second Coming played out, but elements of that movie will remain. There's more active fighters involved in this one. Additionally, this is canon and falls in line with my DFKai universe (as well as influencing events for Accel Stream).

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