A/N: Nothing much to say, but the last stand against Yagami is upon us. But, first, character corner time to liven the upcoming X-Mas spirit!


Tai: Man, now we've got a fully decorated Christmas tree in here?

X: Correct me if I'm wrong. Is this still not a Halloween party?

Sora: It's Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas rolled up into one. Don't the months just go by so fast?

Karin: They sure do, but it's cool to celebrate all three holidays since they're so close together.

Dimitri: That's true and look it's livening up the party.

(Everyone else is either dancing, socializing, and eating/drinking. Ford is seen giving punch drinks to his friends, especially Ashley and Gardevoir. Lyn is in a corner waiting for Seto come back and give up his pursuit for Ken.)

Tyra (laughs): He still hasn't come back, Lyn?

Lyn (scoffs): No and when he gets here I'm gonna lay it to him!

Taylor (giggles): I wouldn't want to be Kaiba.

Rei: At least you're behaving, Hiei. You know Ken's here, right?

Hiei (hides a sword in his back): Yes.

Yusuke: Oh boy. Ken's better off not showing his face if Hiei's here.

Athena: Hey, where is uncle Ken?

Christina: Yeah where Ken and Kaiba are now?

(Meanwhile, Ken is cornered by a peeved Kaiba, who's holding his own custom-altered Pokeball. He instinctively throws the Pokeball at him.)

Kaiba: I've got you now, Rainer!

(Just then Kaiba thought he got Ken, something intervenes at the last second and saves Ken. It turns out a Pokemon was captured. The Pokeball opened and revealed a Tyrantrum. Ken turns around and sees someone he instantly recognizes. He sees a young man dressed like Rikimaru from Tenchu.)

Ken: Slade?! You're here?!

Slade: I was bored and wanted to come have fun, especially to mess with Kaiba's head. Oh, and that's my Tyrantrum, money bags.

Kaiba (scowls): Who the hell are you?! You weren't given an invitation!

Slade: Your girlfriend sent me an invite and I accepted. Now, how about you chill out, Brock?

Ken: Good one.

Kaiba: Now you two clowns are mine!

Lyn (spots them in the hall): Found you! Seto, that's enough!

Seto (pauses, reluctant to attack Ken and Slade; sees Lyn holding an injection needle): You're lucky you're on good terms with Lyn, Rainer.

Lyn: Good, now come and sit down with me.

(Seto makes his leave but not after shooting a glare at Ken. He leaves with Lyn back to the party. Tai, Karin, Dimitri, Athena, and Christina find Ken with Slade and Tyrantrum.)

Athena: I found uncle Ken!

Tai: Everything ok here?

Ken: Yeah, just got ol' Kaiba off my back.

Karin: There's still Yamato and Hiei, but Rei has Hiei on a leash.

Dimitri: And don't worry about my father. Tai or me can hold him.

Karin: Oh, welcome to the party, Slade. I see you got the invite.

Slade: I did and I want to wind down with y'all.

Ford: What are you all doing back here?

Slade: Ford, glad you're here. Since your birthday passed recently, I want to give you Tyrantrum. Consider him a gift from me. He also has a mega stone for your Gardevoir.

Ford: I don't know what to say. Thank you for the birthday gift.

Tai: C'mon, guys. Let's all head back to the party. Ford, you can show Gardevoir her mega stone there.

(As everyone heads back, they unknowingly pass under a mistletoe. Christina springs out of nowhere and sneaks a kiss on Ken's cheek.)

Ken: Whoa, where did they come from?!

Christina (smiles and points him to the mistletoe above them): It's the X-Mas tradition. Besides, I... (notices Ken blushing and giggles)... I wanted to do it.

Karin: Oh, you two make a wonderful couple!

Ken:...Christina, you're kind of embarrassing me.

Christina: What? Don't be silly. (pulling Ken close to her as a few folks take pictures of them). C'mon, let's dance. You can dance, right?

Ken: Sure...

Yamato: Humph, the fool can dance? This should be entertaining for me.

Hiei: You aren't the only one looking forward to seeing this.

Rei (scoffs, elbowing Hiei's side): Hush.

Usagi: C'mon, you two! Dance!

Jami: Christina looks so happy.

Taylor: With a guy as good looking as Ken, I'd be, too.

Tyra: Don't step on each other's feet!

Helena: Oh, they'll be fine. (takes Tyra to the dance floor)

(Christina and Ken dance with the other couples around a giant Christmas tree. Agumon, Veemon, Gabumon, Shoutmon Faith, and PinkPatamon are gorging on pumpkin, peanut, and chocolate pies. The turkey is seen sitting on top of Titaniamon's head as she served to protect him from the other Digimon. The Doctors are showing the guests their TARDISes. Makoto, dressed as Wonder Woman, takes Duke, dressed as the Legendary Fisherman, to the dance floor. Minako, dressed as Sailor V, drinks eggnog with Rio, dressed as Blade. More guests arrive for the dance.)

Minako: That's my girl Christina on the dance floor! Go all out, you two!

Keke (Takes X's hand): Wanna dance?

X: Sure. Let's.

Sora: Shall we dance, Tai?

Tai: Let's do it. In the mean time, I think it's about time we get back to the story! Here's the explosive finale to Yagami's Second Coming! Enjoy, gang!


Yagami's Second Coming

Final Act: The Last Stand Against Yagami


Digital World/Dragon's Valley/Folder Continent/DF-616/11:20 am

The time had come. Nova X was now free of the seal Mikato and Shizuka entrapped him in.

"Everyone get ready to fight!" Pikkan declared as Nova X immediately powered up.

Everyone else prepared to do the same, but before Nova X could attack, a piercing cry was heard from above.

"Shoryuken!" Ken came flying down on Nova X with his hand charged with power. He smashed his fist into Nova X's face. Although he didn't cause any pain, he did knock Nova X over on the ground as his Digisoul charge triggered.

"About time you got back Ken! Wow, you look really different." Mikato noted, seeing his change in appearance.

He was slightly taller, but the biggest change was how long his hair had gotten.

"Shut up," he replied in a deadpan tone as Tai, Agumon, and X landed. "Once we get back home, I'm cutting it back to normal." He stated as the others ran up.

"About time you got back Tai!" Sora said smiling and hugging Tai.

Tai nodded, seeing Celesta X freed also made him happy. Sedna was still in awe at how Ken looked now, which made Angemon X chuckle seeing her expression.

"I'll tell ya. Going into that Room of Time can change ya," Ken remarked as Nova X got back up. His face mixed with anger and confusion. "Hey, guys I hate to cut this reunion short, but we still got a psycho to deal with!" He warned the others.

"You're right! Let's finish this here!" X responded.

Taking heed of their warning, everyone else was as determined and readied themselves for the big battle with the insane Ascendant. Celesta X got up and raced over to Nova X, landing an elbow to the back of his left knee. As she took him down to one knee, Celesta X beckoned WarAngemon, Ultima X, Sam, Tike, David, and Kara to attack the downed Ascendant. WarAngemon and Ultima X both kneed Nova X square in the face. Sam, Tike, David, and Kara unleashed a barrage of Ki blasts to keep the monster at bay.

BW, Pikkan, and BanchoLeomon (Kai) attacked Nova X simultaneously as the Ascendant tried to blast them away.

Before Angemon X, Sedna, and Sonja could initiate their attack, Tai and Ken rushed Nova X. Tai and Agumon merged, becoming Omega X. Ken quickly transformed into Dramon X. Nova X promptly transformed into GalacticNova X in turn and charged at the two. He came within reach and attacked them.

"Here he comes!" Dramon X exclaimed.

Nodding, Omega X replied. "Come get us, you big bastard!"

"Is that a challenge?!" GalacticNova X hissed angrily as he reached out to grab them both. To his dismay, they veered away dodging his strikes. He bumrushed Omega X and Dramon X trying to hit them with powerful strikes, but they kept dodging him. He managed to catch Dramon X by backhanding him back.

Omega X cupped his hands and fired his trademark attack. "Terra Beam!" He directed the beam toward GalacticNova X, who sidestepped the attack. Where the beam was headed shocked Omega X. "Oh crap! Yamato!"

The beam was heading for the unconscious Metalla X, who hadn't moved since Greil pulverized him. Angemon X flew by and picked up Metalla X, narrowly saving him from getting getting atomized to bits.

"What happened to Yamato?!" Omega X asked his colleagues. "Did something go down here we didn't know?"

"We were attacked by those Evo-lite jerks!" Sora called out.

"After Yamato defeated two of them, the Evo-lite leader, Greil, showed up unexpectedly and made an example of Yamato. We would've stopped him, but..." Sedna explained the best she could, but Omega X stopped her.

"The Evo-lite leader was here? Where is he now?"

"He's gone. He said he's still actively pursuing for Ken," Angemon X answered.

Upon hearing this, Dramon X was none too thrilled with his enemy showing up and making his mark in another dimension.

"It's true, Ken!" Shizuka cried out, getting his attention. "Greil was here!"

Mikato added. "I hope you're strong enough to fight him when you two cross paths.

As Dramon X tried to speak, X directed Sora, Garudamon, Mimi, and Lillymon to collect Metalla X.

"Guys, I'm going with Sora, Mimi, and their partners to relocate Metalla X while the rest of you deal with GalacticNova X!" The masked watched said, throwing Metalla X over his right shoulder with little effort. "C'mon, ladies!" With that, Sora mounted Garudamon and Lillymon carried Mimi off following X toward a far off location.

Meanwhile, the other fighters stayed behind to keep GalacticNova X occupied.

Omega X motioned to Dramon X. "Ken, I'll let you have your revenge but remember our plan."

Dramon X replied adamantly. "Thanks, Tai. I've been waiting for this!" With that, he invoked his next transformation right away.

(Cue G Gundam OST - Kitae Yo Katsu Tame Ni)

"Miracle Burst!" His body changed into his Miracle Mode. However as he changed, everyone noticed some characteristics were different; not only was his power output even higher due to OmegaShoutmon's power increasing in the Room of Time, but his appearance seemed to have changed. His 'Gundam-esque' appearance remained, but his armor structure became more defined and suited that of a fighter with two small white wings with red rods in the middle of them formed on his back. His gauntlets were gone but his wrists still had the holes on the top of his fingers.

"Holy shit! He's become God Gundam!" Tike shouted as the transformation was complete.

David was awestruck. "Now that's freaking cool!"

Ultima X gleamed. "He's so awesome and shiny!"

Pikkan sighed. "We know. We can clearly see."

BW chuckled. "Ah, let them be. Besides, Ken's power output is much stronger than before."

"Go get him, Ken!" Mikato and Shizuka shouted together.

"All right, you bastard! Let's go!" He yelled out charging GalacticNova X, who in turn charged back.

An explosion of intense power erupted when the two collided almost sending everyone flying.

Sonja shouted, taken aback by the immense power release from the two. "His power output really has increased! It's a good thing Yamato's not here!"

"Indeed!" Pikkan said agreeing with the artificial as they watched the two warriors exchange blows.

However try as he might, GalacticNova X couldn't seem to hit Dramon X MM who in turn was hitting back 'strategically.' This impressed some of the onlookers, more so when Dramon X MM moved back to fire a Ryuken Wave at GalacticNova X's face. Unlike his usual way of discharging energy without restraint, he was holding back and charging energy around himself to amplify his attack rather than using his own reserves recklessly.

"Tai, is that really the same Ken?" Angemon X questioned Omega X.

GalacticNova X growled out as his face burned a bit from the blast. He tried again to grab Dramon X MM, but he wasn't fast enough.

"Yeah it is. He spent more of his time learning to control his energy rather than getting stronger, not that he didn't improve on that as you can clearly tell. I guess the training his other Digimon did shows pretty well here." He clarified as Keke saw an opening, but the others saw this.

"Sis, stop!" Angemon X warned her.

"No way! This is for dad even if what he did was in the wrong!Rosemary Discs!" Forming two of them, she chunked them at GalacticNova X, but he quickly turned and batted both of them away with his energy aura. "No!" Keke growled in frustration.

"Let us help!" Sam said, conjuring up an energy ball in his palms. He, Tike, Kara, and David were batted away by GalacticNova X's aura.

Seeing her do this however gave Dramon X MM an idea. He held up his hands and started to form a ball of blue energy, which soon followed up by having an energy shuriken-like pattern circle around it horizontally.

"No way he knows how to use the Rasenshuriken!" Kara chimed in upon seeing it.

"Seems I'm not the only one who likes to watch that show," Tike muttered until Kara hit him for his remark.

Omega X analyzed Dramon X MM's 'Rasenshuriken' technique. "Well, his own variation anyway. He said he remembered using the technique against Jishikitori X when she used it against him from some technique she had that lets her call an attack from anywhere, in any dimension, one time per day. He calls his variation the Ryuken Star, and I can't tell you how many times he almost got us both killed using it in the Room of Time, because he couldn't handle it as normal Dramon X, but he seems to have better control in his higher forms with it." He paused as Dramon X MM tossed his energy weapon at GalacticNova X, who grinned as it came in and attempted to punch it away like he did Keke's attack.

"Bad idea!" Dramon X MM said grinning.

Once GalacticNova X did this, the attack exploded, and soon energy vibrations riddled and racked throughout his arm like billions upon billions of tiny needles were being jabbed into his skin. And for the first time ever, he screamed out in pain.

Ultima X became genuinely flabbergasted. "Holy shit! He's actually feeling it!"

"Well, considering that attack's origin does damage on a cellular level, I'm not surprised." David remarked.

Some of the onlookers winced at this. Dramon X MM's own hands winced a bit as well. He recalled how each time he tried the move in the room of time, it hurt his hands for a few hours even though he choose not to hold the attack like its original creator Naruto did.

Gotta keep in mind, I can only use that move once a day at most. It's definitely risky! Dramon X MM reminded himself as he looked up at GalacticNova X and smiled darkly. "Definitely worth it though."

"MAKE IT STOP!" The injured Ascendant yelled out, waving his arm around like a maniac, but it wouldn't go away. None of the pain he had dealt with in his life could compare to what he was feeling now. Left with no recourse, he held up his left hand and blasted his right arm off completely from the shoulder joint. Although this action should've caused him more pain, it seemed to relieve him of pain entirely, even though blood was clearly flowing from the gaping wound.

(End theme)

"What the fuck?!" Tike and Kara were flabbergasted.

Sam gaped. "Is he crazy?!"

"He blew off his own arm?!" WarAngemon yelled in shock.

"What's weirder is, he actually seems relieved now that it's off!" Celesta X said disgusted.

"How does that even work?" Ultima X wondered.

Dramon X MM however didn't care. "You broke my arm! So how does it feel?!" Dramon X MM taunted GalacticNova X, who lunged at him only to get blasted by Omega X. "All right Tai, you're up! Go for the plan!"

"What is this plan you two keep mentioning?!" Angemon X asked with curiosity.

"Don't leave us in the dark!" Dai-Valkyrie Sedna said.

Omega X decided to tell them after he and BanchoLeomon (Kai) blasted Yagami's now useless arm so he couldn't use it as a weapon.

"I see. So, the target is Yagami's Crest," Angemon X muttered, glaring deep and sensing GalacticNova X's Crest powers reawakening. "There I can feel its energies preparing to come out."

Sedna added. "We're going to have to be careful when targeting it, guys."

"That's exactly why we need one good shot and all of y'all need to keep the big bastard busy," Dramon X MM suggested as he pressed his hand over his own Crest. "Go! I'm going to need time to power up my sword!"

(Cue I.O.N. - Ignored)

Hastily heading out into battle, Omega X and Celesta X led the group against GalacticNova X. The siblings landed together and conjured up balls of energy from their hands.

"Ready, Kari?"


Both unleashed their attacks together. "Sibling Terra Beam!" They unleashed the same attack previously used against Virus during that battle's final phase.

Whilst the Kamiya siblings kept the beam on GalacticNova X, the other Ascendants and warriors jumped in to subdue the monster. Angemon X, Keke, Tike, Kara, David, and Sam landed on GalacticNova X's left while WarAngemon, Ultima X, BanchoLeomon (Kai), BW, Pikkan, and Sonja were on the right side from the others.

"Hold him steady!" WarAngemon declared, starting everyone off by shooting a holy beam at GalacticNova X. Shortly after wards, the others followed suit and hit the Legendary Ascendant with beams.

"I think it's working!" BW exclaimed.

As they managed to hold him at bay, this gave Sedna the opening she needed. She waved her Ice Trident around and summoned an arctic breeze, creating a sheet of ice that covered GalacticNova X's feet. By binding him down, the others were given a chance to bombard him with blasts. Using only his left arm, GalacticNova X formed his green barrier, nullifying all the blasts and holding off the Sibling Terra Beam.

"You worms! You're all going to die!" hissed GalacticNova X, forming green spheres in his hand. "Galactic Cannon!" He launched an immense beam of green energy toward Omega X and Celesta X.

"Hang on!" Omega X yelled, leaning over to let Celesta X touch him as he prepared to use Instant Movement.

Suddenly, Tike used his Instant Movement to relocate him, Angemon X, Keke, David, Kara, and Sam to intercept GalacticNova X's blast. The psychotic Ascendant didn't stop there and lobbed a heavy bombardment of rapidfire Galactic Cannons.

GalacticNova X quickly shifted the tide of the struggle to his favor. Everyone, sans Omega X and Celesta X, were forced to scatter to lure the blasts away. BanchoLeomon (XLR) hid Mikato and Shizuka from getting caught by GalacticNova X's earth shattering blasts.

"This is getting crazy! What are they waiting for?!" Mikato panicked.

Shizuka grabbed Mikato's hand. "Let's trust Tai and Ken. Whatever they have planned, we need to have faith." She calmed her sister down enough, but for how long remains to be seen.

Soon, as more Galactic Cannons were being spammed out, a few swept back and took down a few of the fighters. Keke, Sam, Tike, David, and Kara were first. Then, Ultima X and Sonja were swiftly taken down. Fortunately, they survived the blasts but too a while to recover.

Just then, X returned to the battle site and witnessed his friends engaging GalacticNova X in an intense beam struggle.

Keenly looking over GalacticNova X, the masked watcher probed a powerful source beginning to stabilize in the monster. He noticed a glowing symbol slowly emblazoning on his chest.

Yagami's Crest has stabilized to his chest area! "Ok, Ken it's appeared! Go for it!" X declared.

(End theme)

Dramon X MM nodded and summoned his Heaven's Sword. However when he did, Sedna was quick to notice that a blue aura was flowing around it and it didn't seem stable.

"Ken, don't tell me that you did what I think you did?!" She demanded.

(Cue Boukenger OST - Bouken Silver theme)

"Sis, I'm sorry! I'll explain after the fight's over!" Dramon X MM hollered to the Ice Senshi and began heading for GalacticNova X.


"Sedna, it's ok." X interjected as he descended next to her. "He thought about this well."

"Indeed, plus he had Titaniamon with him when he did it," Omega X reassured Sedna. "He only took them off for five seconds because he believed this was our chance to take out Yagami, and I wasn't going to stop him since he's definitely matured."

Hearing these responses, Sedna felt less tense. "Well, I can let it slide this time since he had someone there, but he can't rely on the Zero Factor forever."

"Don't worry, he knows that," X said as GalacticNova X tried to keep Dramon X MM at bay. Using his Heaven's Sword, he sliced through every attack easily before shoving the blade into the behemoth's chest area where his crest currently was thanks to the others forcing it there.

"Time to take away what wasn't supposed to be yours... on BOTH COUNTS!" Dramon X MM bellowed while at the same time the Zero Factor charge on his sword siphoned out the energies of his Crest of Despair; this in turn returned the it to its normal state: the Crest of Spirit.

"He did it!" X shouted, completely amazed as the Heaven's Sword glowed and exploded, which knocked both GalacticNova X down and Dramon X MM back from each other.

Having expended its power, the Heaven's Sword reformed into both the Crest of Heaven, which sent into Ken's body, and a small sword hilt that didn't have a blade on it. When Dramon X MM grabbed and swung the weapon, it formed an energy katana. "So, this is the true Heaven's Sword all right!" He whispered awestruck before grabbing GalacticNova X.

The sky darkened above them, signaling for a climatic turnaround.

"Let's finish this! You weren't supposed to have a Crest to begin with!" Dramon X MM chastised his enemy, jamming his new weapon's blade into GalacticNova X's chest causing him more pain before turning. "WRATH OF HEAVEN!" He swung back around and delivered a downward slash. A bolt of lightning crashed down around the blade from above and the combined powers shattered GalacticNova X's Crest entirely causing small explosions in his stunned body before he fell back down. This was immediately followed by a massive explosion. Dramon X MM jumped away and turned to view the damage caused by their battle.

(End theme)

However, this was no cause for celebration. Everyone braced themselves once GalacticNova X quickly got back up. The green-haired behemoth angrily bellowed. His state of mind was consumed by insanity. Unable to control himself, GalacticNova X could only think about blood. He instinctively unleashed a larger Galactic Cannon than par for course.

(Cue I.O.N. - Deeper)

"MEGA GALACTIC CANNON!" The behemoth unleashed the immense green ball that's strong enough to wipe out everyone.

"SHIT! That's big enough to blow us all up!" BW exclaimed.

"More than that. It'll definitely wipe out this planet!" X shouted.

"C'mon, everyone! We can stop it!" Angemon X called out.

As the sphere grew bigger, Omega X powered up to his level 2 Ascendant state.

"Let's see you try me, Yagami! Since this is between you and me!" Omega X adamantly shouted. "SUPER TERRA BEAM!" He rebounded by unleashing a stronger variation of his usual Terra Beam.

GalacticNova X crushed his sphere, unleashing a immense green beam that collided with Omega X's Super Terra Beam. As the beams collided, the entire vicinity shuddered under the extreme powers of the two Ascendants.

Celesta X quickly took a stand and joined by her brother's side. "Tai, let's take him down together!" As she gained his approval, she powered up and fired off her attack. "HOLY TERRA BEAM!" Her attack coalesced with Omega X's to reform the Sibling Terra Beam.

GalacticNova X retaliated by shooting numerous Galactic Cannons, which only further powered up his attack

As both sides powered up their attacks, it briefly became a stalemate. However, the behemoth's armor was starting to show its chinks. GalacticNova X felt his own energy beginning to diminish following the loss of his Crest.

"Let's give them a hand, guys!" Angemon X commanded as he and Sedna readily provided support while blocking out GalacticNova X's stray blasts. "Finish Buster!" He blasted a beam away in one shot.

Dai-Valkyrie Sedna drew out her Dragon Saber and sliced apart a beam heading her direction. She turned and delivered a horizontal slash to stop another beam.

Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David made their move countering energy blasts leaking out from the enlarged Galactic Cannon sphere.

"Tai, Kari! I'll give you a hand!" WarAngemon cried as he hastily shot toward Omega X and Celesta X.

"Wait, TK!" Ultima X shouted, but Sonja stopped him.

"He knows what he's doing, Davis. Let's keep these blasts from blowing us apart!" Sonja said, aiding the others in intercepting the incoming blasts shooting out of GalacticNova X's barrier.

BW, BanchoLeomon (Kai), and Pikkan also joined the others to knock away the blasts.

Standing up, Dramon X MM summoned Titaniamon.

"Let's make give the others a hand, Titaniamon! Armor up!"

"I'm on it!" Titaniamon declared, instinctively powering up to her Ultima Mode. She activated the Sailor Saturn power in her armor and summoned a Silence Glaive to slice apart the stray blasts. "Silence Wall!" She put up an impenetrable barrier protecting herself from more incoming blasts.

Dramon X MM glided up and used his sword to cancel out a few blasts. He then used the Instant Movement learned from Tai to teleport around and slice up more stray blasts. He turned around watching WarAngemon convening with Omega X and Celesta X. "Go for it, guys! Take him down!"

Once WarAngemon joined Omega X and Celesta X, no further objections were made. WarAngemon shifted over to GalacticNova X and unleashed two spheres of golden light from his wings.

"Tai, Kari! I'm giving you two a boost!" WarAngemon declared. "Shimmering Force!" He threw the two heavenly spheres as they combined with Omega X and Celesta X's Sibling Terra Beam, causing it to turn into a bluish wave akin to a tsunami.

The Ascendant trios' resulting force collided with GalacticNova X's Mega Galactic Cannon. What seemed like a stalemate was really the heroes gaining an upper hand against the psychotic Ascendant. GalacticNova X seethed upon noticing the immense beam pushing his own attack towards him. As an act of desperate, GalacticNova X instinctively formed an energy barrier to defend himself, but this had a costly effect. His already diminishing energy resulted in the barrier to shatter like glass.

Omega X caught on and shouted. "KARI! TK! READY?!"

Celesta X and WarAngemon yelled out. "YEAH!"

"HERE GOES!" Omega X bellowed adamantly. "PERISH FOR GOOD, YAGAMI!"


One major boost from all three Ascendants powered up the immense blue wave as it pushed upward and headed for GalacticNova X. The Legendary Ascendant's face contorted with distress as the beam shattered his aura barrier instantly and shot him through the sky. In no time, he was already being blasted straight through the atmosphere and sent to the Digital World's sun.

As he was pushed closer to the massive star, flashbacks of his troubled childhood and his corruption by the Crest of Despair. He gritted his teeth reflecting back to the abuse from his foster parents and enduring Glaven's manipulations. Finally, all the fights he's been through, including with his hated adversary Omega X.

GalacticNova X's body began dissolving the closer he was pushed into the digital sun. The powerful wave plunged him through the heart of the digital sun.

GalacticNova X let out a piercing roar as the heat energies consumed him. "TAAAAICHI! GARRRRGHHH!" His chest ripped open as his heart popped out and exploded. Both the sun's energy and the beam eradicated the body of the Legendary Ascendant, scattering his remains across space.

(End theme)

The Legendary Ascendant's screams faded.

GalacticNova X was no more. His terrifying aura diminished for good.

Back on the Digital World, Omega X, Celesta X, and WarAngemon dropped down catching their breaths. Their friends hurried over to help them up and celebrated their big victory over the ruthless behemoth.


Nexus of Time and Space

Dai-Valkyrie Pluto floated about the voids of space and time. Having chased her 'sister' out of the Kai verse, she planned on finishing what the others had started. However, she lost trace of her almost instantly.

"Where could she have gone?!" She wondered before feeling a large power source coming towards her. Turning around, she found herself facing a familiar giant three-headed dragon with a red and black body.

"Wait, you're not that woman! You look like her, but you're not her. What's going on!?" demanded the dragon.

"I would ask the same. Who are you?"

The dragon huffed. "Normally, I'd kill you for that, but you don't seem like the enemy. I'm NeoPhotondramon. I'm looking for the woman who looks like you because she has my 'kin' on a leash, and if he evolves into a state like mine, things could get dicey which is why I will end both of them."

Pluto replied. "Seems we have a common foe. That woman is my 'sister' from a different time period. She has to be stopped before she causes anymore disruptions. Heaven forbid she tries to restart previous events that devastated my world."

NeoPhotondramon grinned darkly, showing his sharp teeth. "I don't think you have to worry about that. I've been keeping tabs on a kid called Kensuke, who I was supposed to kill, but now I'm not so sure. Anyway your 'sister' can't get into your world unless she takes him out or something to that effect. It's probably due to the command seal she has placed on her arm, but who did that I have no idea."

Upon hearing this declaration, Pluto grew more suspicious. Seems I'll need to talk with Ken then about this benefactor who calls himself Greil. Why did he release her? She thought before looking up again. "In any case, I don't suppose you'd be willing to exchange information?"

NeoPhotondramon shrugged and growled. "Lady, no offense, but I'm not a team player. I will say this though, as long as you leave me alone, I'll do the same, but if we ever fight, expect no mercy!" He warned before taking off.

Pluto simply watched him leave before vanishing herself, returning to her home dimension.

"Just when things with my sister seem to have been settled before, her actions always come back to haunt me."


Greil's Lair/Unknown Location/?

"Looks like we both need to heal more before going out. I would've killed them all for what that stupid puppy did, but..." Greil complained, regretting not killing the Kai Destined.

Jishikitori X sighed with irritation. "Can we just drop it? Besides you and me, what else can we do now?"

"Good question, the troll is still out there and needs to be dealt with, but I'm getting the impression that trying to beat Ken by brute force alone isn't going to cut it. Perhaps we should take a different approach." He said as he opened a viewing portal that showed Maki from XLR-08 working at his new job. "We've gotta be more deceptive from this point forward."

Jishikitori X nodded, a small evil grin forming on her face when he said this.


Digital World/Dragon's Valley/Folder Continent/DF-616/11:45 AM

It was finally over. GalacticNova X's days of destruction were done. As everyone powered down and helped the fatigued Tai couldn't help but feel relieved.

"Finally, he's gone."

Agumon nodded. "Yep, we got him for good."

"There's no way he could come back from being blasted into the sun."

Ken was none too pleased to hear that as Kari and Gatomon helped up TK and Patamon.

"Please don't jinx us," Ken said before putting his new weapon away into his Digivice.

Karin approached him, who was expecting a slap for going against her word. He was surprised when she hugged him.

"You've grown brother. You've improved so much it's impressive, but please don't use your Zero Factor, ok?"

Ken smiled and hugged her back. "You got it, sis." He said looking over the tired Digimon. "Man this was one hectic party."

"You call this a party!?" Mikato snapped.

Ken waved her off like a nuisance. "What else would you call it? Speaking of parties, I'm gonna be having my own haircut party when we get back cause no way I'm keeping my hair longer than it needs to be."

Karin giggled while running her hands through his hair and fixing it. She was quick to remember how attempted to heal himself using a curling iron.

"I've got an idea, brother. Why don't you come to our world at least long enough to get a haircut. Since I know you're still not comfortable with going back to your human world yet."

Ken was confused. "Didn't you and Dimitri have some plans though?"

Dimitri shrugged it off. "It's ok. This was more important. Besides we can easily do that stuff later."

Ken nodded to this. "Very well, I'll take Mikato, Shizuka, and their partners back home. Then I'll come to your world." He checked his Digivice and realized someone was missing. "Hey, where is KageShurimon?"

Suddenly, Sistermon Blanc's face appeared on the screen.

"I think he wants to stay here. He was quite the bookworm at the Sovereign's lair and never returned from their library."

Ken looked over to X. "Is that ok with you if he stays?"

"I don't mind. I could use some help organizing those books," he said rubbing his shoulders."

However before anything else could happen, a slow clapping was heard.

"That was well done warriors! You've eliminated another scourge from the realms."

Looking around, Shizuka was the first one to find the source of the voice. It was a Goldramon, a familiar looking Goldramon.

"Are the Goldramon from our Digital World?" Ken flatly asked.

"Of course, boy. Your attitude of course never seems to change... why are you staring at me like that?"

Ken held up his Digivice. "Titaniamon release!" Titaniamon reappeared before him. "Attack him and make him drop his disguise!"

Everyone was confused at this, but Titaniamon could feel something was off and complied. Before she could get to Goldramon, the dragon caught on intense fire and forced her back.

(Cue Godzilla GMK OST – The God of Destruction Appears)

"What is this?!" She declared being forced back. This fire! It seems similar to that of Sailor Mars' Houou entity! Why is that?!

"You've definitely improved, boy, to see through my disguise now when you couldn't before." He said as his voice took on a different tone, one that was much darker and malevolent. "Did it never occur to you why I had the power to see events in other worlds, and why I'm here now?!" His form soon changed to that of a large fire-like humanoid with white eyes and horns, whose appearance caught X off guard.

"PYRONMON?!" The masked watcher declared in shock. Everyone looked at him. "How are you alive?! You were supposed to be dead long ago!"

"You would be surprised how fate works, watcher. I was hoping to take back what was mine today as it seemed like a good time, but alas, Ken's gone and matured, which is convenient for me. After that, I will get the rest of the bird with no priestess witch to interfere this time." With that, he said vanishing.

(End theme)

"X, you wanna tell us what's going on?" Tai asked, all were confused.

Needless to say, X remained silent until he turned to Ken's direction. "I don't think now is a good time, but I will say this. Ken, you have to watch your back at all times now."

Ken shrugged almost in boredom. "I'm kinda used to that by now."

Davis groaned. "Man, one minute everyone's happy, but the next everyone's depressed! Talk about mood swings!"

Sonja shook her head dismissively. "Pretty common stuff now, Davis. So changing subjects, should we go check on the jerk?"

Sam asked. "Jerk?"

"She means my father," Keke rolled her eyes.

"I almost don't want too because I know what's coming," TK said, holding Patamon.

"Seems like a good time for us to duck out then," Ken said as he opened a portal. "Glad to help put one more threat down guys. Till next time." He said as he led Mikato and Shizuka home with their partners, all of whom de-evolved back to normal.

Karin, Dimitri, and Faith were next to leave.

"Sis, look after dad, I've got a bad feeling he might do something over the top because of this," Dimitri said hugging Keke and turning to leave.

"Don't worry about it. You can count on me," she reassured him with a smile. "You two stay safe as well."

Karin nodded as she hugged her and Tai. "Guess we should head back and wait for Ken to show up. You all take care."

"Hopefully, we'll see each other soon, Karin," Tai wished his old friend farewell.

Everyone waved as Karin, Dimitri, and Faith headed out.

"Well, let's head back to the Sovereign's lair and get something to eat while checking on Yamato. I'm starving." Tai said, making everyone laugh.

"I'm hungry, too," Agumon replied, caressing his growling belly.

"That's a no brainer. You two are always hungry," Gatomon said as Kari laughed.

X and Tai teleported the group to their destination.


Azabu-Juuban/Juuban Park/YYGDM-01/3:45 PM

Taking some time off from their usual activities, a few of the Senshi gathered with friends and family for a picnic and walk in the park. Usagi, Mamoru, Rei, Hiei, Yusuke, Keiko, Minako, Rio, and their children sat together chatting.

"So, that's what happened with Rio and our baby girl! You should've seen little Ai curl up and burp in his arms! It was so adorable I couldn't resist taking pics of them!" Minako laughed as Rio shook his head and chuckled modestly.

Suddenly, Rei alarmed everyone when she gasped loudly. She felt a cold vibe startle her.

"Rei-chan?" Usagi asked worryingly.

Hiei noted the distressed look on his girlfriend's face and sensed a disturbance with the Houou spirit in her. Hiei and Rei's children, Ryuuhi and Koori, clung close to their mother as if trying to comfort her.

"Are you ok?" Mamoru asked.

What's this ominous vibe I'm getting now? Houou, what can you tell me? Rei pathed with her inner cosmic entity.

'It can't be. Pyronmon has reemerged...' The Houou replied in a reluctant tone.


Azabu-Juuban/Karin and Dimitri's Condo/YYGDM-01/4:30 PM

After dropping off the ninja twins and their Digimon partners in his home dimension, Ken briefly went to go visit Karin, Dimitri, and Faith. Fearing he's hurt himself trying to cut his hair, Karin decided to cut and trim down Ken's lengthy and shaggy hair. After washing it, she spent half an hour trying her best to cut his long hair.

(Cue Godzilla GMK OST – A Salute to the Spirits of the War Dead)

Wiping nervous sweat from her brow, Karin turned Ken around to show his reflection. Ken checked his hair and smiled with satisfaction.

"You did great, Karin. My hair's back to its normal length."

Karin smiled modestly. "I was just afraid you'd hurt yourself trying to cut your own hair."

"It's a great job. Have you considered becoming a barber or some kind of hair stylist?"

"Nah. I don't think I could cut it, Ken," she replied, wiping his shoulders with a towel. "I'm lucky to even trim your hair back to normal."

"I don't know. I think you could hack it, Karin," Dimitri interjected as he fed Faith a potato chip.

"I'll stick to museum curating and volunteering."

Ken remained seated as he reflected to the Room of Time training with Tai. A smile formed on his face as he turned around facing them.

"Thanks, guys. I appreciate you taking the time to cut my hair, sis."

"No problem, brother. Please, if you need help, don't hesitate to see us or contact us. Don't try taking on every conflict on your own," she told him flat out. She hugged him as he prepared to make his leave.

"By the way, how did you know that sword you used to smash Yagami's Crest was the 'true Heaven's Sword'? Dimitri asked.

"Well, I had a dream, or vision when I was in the Room of Time training with it. I saw the sword break and transform into what it ended up turning into. Thus, I believe it is the true version of the weapon. What's even better is now I don't have to use my Crest as a weapon anymore, so it's safer now."

Karin and Dimitri accepted this response and nodded.

Before leaving, Ken remembered something he wanted to tell them.

"By the way, guys, Tai has effectively caught up with me during our Room of Time training."

Upon hearing this, Karin, Dimitri, and Faith were speechless as to what Ken hinted to, but came to the conclusion Tai gained a new power. However, when Ken described the new power Tai achieved, they were astounded by the revelation. He made sure not to go into depth and reveal much.

"But, we shouldn't say a word about it to anyone else for now. Tai said it's ok for us to know since we live kin different worlds and trusts us to secrecy."

"You have our word, Ken," Dimitri replied.

"Of course, we'll keep this to ourselves. I really look forward to seeing this new power Tai's gained," Karin added.

After hugging Karin again and saying his goodbyes, Ken opened a portal and traveled back to his home dimension.

"Tai's gained a new form? Interesting," Karin muttered, her face showed intrigue.

Dimitri remarked, equally interested. "I wonder if I can achieve this level as well."

"Who knows? Maybe we will," Faith said with gleaming confidence.

Karin giggled. "If you two put your minds to it, maybe you will one day." She shifted back to the direction where the portal closed up. Ken, please remember we're always here for you.


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/DF-616/12:10 PM

Following the hard fought battle, the Kai Destined and company were relieved to resolve their conflict with Yagami and Agumon X. Most of all, Tai and Agumon were glad to have that weight of responsibility lifted off their shoulders.

"Damn, that was awesome, mom and dad!" Kara said, praising their united effort with Omega X.

Tike chimed in. "That was one big ass Tsunami Wave!"

"Glad you liked it," Kari giggled, patting the kids' heads. "It did take a lot out of us, didn't it, TK?"

"Sure did," TK said. "But, it was sure worth taking out Yagami."

Finally, Yamato and Gabumon awoke after being treated by Falcomon's healing. Dianamon and Minervamon made room for Yamato to sit up. TK walked over with Patamon to see Keke, Mimi, and Palmon kneeling beside Yamato.

"Seems like we've been out for a while," Gabumon said, rubbing his head. "Last I checked, we were ambushed by that man."

"...ugh! That bastard! Where is he?!" Yamato snapped up and surveyed the area. To his shock, he realized he was in the middle of the Sovereign's sanctuary. "What am I doing here? Last I checked we were back in the Digital World!"

"Yes, well, you were out for almost a whole day. You were lucky to be alive, dad!" Keke snapped at him.

Mimi frowned. "You had us scared. We thought he'd kill you."

Having realized he was robbed of revenge, Yamato scowled and pushed through the girls. TK tried to reason with him, but Yamato walked past him.

"That cowardly bastard! Why won't he show himself now?!" Yamato bellowed.

Everyone saw how tense Yamato was and most of them stayed as far away as they could from him. Mimi, TK, and Keke were most notably the ones nervous by his obsessive and erratic behavior.

Pikkan yawned while listening to Yamato's constant bickering. "Things just never change, do they?"

BanchoLeomon (Kai) grumbled. "It's Yamato. What do you expect?"

Sonja snidely remarked. "And you wonder why I broke the jerk's arm?"

BW chuckled. "Perhaps you'd like to try again?"

This was only made worse when Yamato overheard a discussion from the other side, which caught his attention. He eavesdropped on Tai mentioning to X something about a certain surprise he'd like to show in the future.

X was baffled to what Tai uncovered. "...that's incredible."

Tai grinned nonchalantly. "Oh, you're all gonna love this."

Clenching his fists tight, Yamato made sure to etch this into mind. First that asshole gets the better of me and now the clown claims he's got a new ace up his sleeve? Whatever it is, why didn't he use it in the last fight?! Tai, you conniving bastard... you will show me this surprise!

(End theme)


Swamp Dominion/Myotismon's Mansion/XLR-08

"How's it coming?" Myotismon asked a Bakemon, who was working on a machine.

"It's coming along fine sir. Soon, the bio-Digimon will be complete, but uh are we really going to use that human's blood sample for this project?" the Bakemon asked.

"You bet we are. That human's power was off the charts, even more so than the other one who embarrassed us a while back. We'll soon we'll have our revenge!" He said laughing evilly while eyeing a jar containing some of Yagami's blood on a nearby shelf.


(Cue Godzilla GMK OST – End Roll Godzilla Theme – Great Monster War March – Main Title)


The end


(The party is beginning to wind down but the dance and social gatherings are still ongoing. Tai & Sora, X & Keke, Karin & Dimitri, Usagi & Mamoru, Yusuke & Keiko, Tyra & Helena, and Ken & Christina are on the dance floor with the other couples and guests cheering them.)

Minako: Wow, they're really livening the dance floor up!

Makoto: If this were a contest, I don't know who I'd choose.

Rei: Clearly me and Hiei were the hottest dancers.

Hiei: If you say so, woman.

Lyn: I'd say we killed it on the dance floor. Didn't we, Seto?

Seto: Of course, we did.

Taylor: Y'all need to try some Texas style dancing. It's fun.

(Ashley and Gardevoir are seen in the background arguing who to dance with Ford. Ford is caught in the middle of it unsure what to do until Slade tells him to relax while the two are bickering.

The dancing couples stop as everyone gives an applause.)

Jami: That was a great show!

Ami (dressed as Fuu Hououji from Rayearth): This has been a fun party. Well done, Lyn.

Lyn: I can't take all the credit. Credit also goes to Seto. Tai, Karin, and X helped organize things together, too.

Tai: Since the story went past Halloween and Thanksgiving, we might as well go out and merge the holidays together.

Karin: And also throwing Christmas into the mix since we're closer to that very soon.

Vega (dressed in Saiyan armor): Then, that makes this a Hallogivingmas party?

Dimitri: Or Thankschristween?

Nostalgia Critic: Why the fuck not call it the Nightmare on Christmas?!

Ford: But, what about Thanksgiving?

Gai: No one cares about that anymore... (gets jumped and pecked by the turkey) Ow! Hey!

Agumon: Get the turkey! (He, Veemon, Shoutmon, Faith, and PinkPatamon jump Gai in attempt to grab the turkey. The Thanksgiving turkey flees with the hungry Digimon in pursuit)

Maka: There goes the turkey.

Titaniamon (scoffs): Learn self control, guys. (grumbles)

Christina (sits down with Ken): That was fun! You not that bad of a dancer, Ken.

Ken: Thanks, Christina, but I had to follow you.

Christina: C'mon, take the credit. (leans on him)

Mimi (dressed as Aerith Gainsborough): What did you think of the dance, Yamato?

Yamato: Humph, I suppose ok.

Slade: It was a great party, guys. Kudos to the ones who ran this event.

Ford: Same here! It was fun and thanks for the birthday wishes!

Tai: Glad y'all could come!

Karin: You're more than welcome to join us next year.

X: So, what's next year's plans?

Keke: Plan now?

(Suddenly, Madoka Kaname and her friends appear to everyone's surprise.)

Usagi: It's Madoka and her friends!

Rei: This is a surprise.

Minako: What brings you here?

Madoka (friendly smile): You're all invited to join us for next year's Halloween party at the 'House of Madoka'.

Tai: House of Madoka?

Athena: Momma, look, pretty girls. (points to Madoka and co.)

Karin: You just saved us the trouble of finding a location for next year's venue. Thanks, Madoka!

Ken: Looks like they just saved y'all the trouble.

Lyn: We're gonna try and make it next year. Right, Seto?

Seto: Sure, whatever you say.

X: Wonder how crazy it's gonna be next year?

Sora: Guess we'll find out once fall 2014 comes.

Dimitri: Nonetheless, we're gonna be there.

Tai: Hate to say it, but the party's over here, guys. But, there's always the after party!

Karin: Thanks for joining us, everyone, and hope you enjoyed this movie fic!

Athena: See you next year!

All: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

(Party ends with the turkey standing over Agumon, Veemon, Shoutmon, Faith, and PinkPatamon. The turkey is swinging a staff and standing triumphantly.)

Turkey: Hi-ya! Wata! See ya next year!


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