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-Chapter One-

'That was a complete waste of time. Those bloody Death Eaters only talked about how big and great their goddamned 'Lord' was. How in heavens name did I let you convince me to go there?'

'Well, I recommended it, and you didn't have anything else to do so-'

'Oh shut up.'

'My someone's grumpy today.'

Harry was on his way back home to England. It was a week into the summer, and he had been checking out a pub in Greece at the voice's recommendation. The blasted thing had told him that he'd be able to find out something either about Voldemort, or other terrorists if he went there. So he listened to the bloody thing inside his head, and had been sitting at the pub for almost 24 hours. And he hadn't heard anything that could help in the fight against Riddle. No wonder he was angry as hell.

He walked up the street and went into a deserted alley filled with trash. He silently said the incantation for apparating and readied himself for the now-familiar feeling of being ripped apart then put together again. Instead of the expected feeling, Harry felt like he was being hit with ten Cruciatus curses at the same time. He bit his teeth together and fell to his knees. What in the seventh hell was going on?!

'Voice! Do you know anything about this? Voice!!!' Harry didn't get an answer. The annoying thing inhabiting his head had picket a fine time to leave it. The pain was getting worse by the second, and black spots began to dance in front of his eyes. Harry tried to pick himself together and get off the ground, with his unnaturally sharp senses he could hear, feel and smell several dangerous someone's coming closer. He managed to get to one knee, all the time clutching his stomach where the pain was worst. His eyes closed as another wave of pain hit him, quickly followed by yet another. 'What the hell is going on here! All this pain can't be caused by the apparation ward. Who put the ward up anyways?'

"Faint for heavens sake!" a voice hissed. "How much pain can a human being take?"

"It hurts just to watch him." Another one said, terror evident in the tone of the voice.

"Well, Madisa did say that he was a tough guy. Wait, I think he's finally blacking out." The first voice replied.

Harry forced himself to open his eyes. He met the brown, concerned gaze of the young man who jumped when he saw the jewel-blue eyes glaring at him. Harry growled like the animal whose blood was running through his veins, showing off the unnaturally sharp canine teeth. The brown-haired man in front of him gazed at him in wonder, then he looked away as another, older person stepped into Harry's vision. The older man glared at him as if he was a Death Eater, raised his wand and said a word that Harry couldn't hear. A second later blessed darkness surrounded him and every muscle in his body relaxed.


Harry groaned and turned over. The bed was soft and warm. He snuggled deeper into it, but before he could begin to fall back asleep, his mind started working overtime. He couldn't remember going back to bed last night, heck the last thing he remembered was going out of that little Wizarding pub in Greece, going into that deserted alley and the...

...pain. Horrible pain, worse than the Cruciatus curse! His eyes flew open and he sat up and looked around. He was sitting in a big bed that reminded him of the ones at Hogwarts. The room wasn't exactly big, but enough for a bachelor. Opposite the bed there was a large mirror, it went from his torso and up to the ceiling, covering the wall from one side to the other. There was a fireplace in the left side of the mirror and two chairs and one table in front of the fireplace. To Harry's immediate right there was a shelf filled with books upon books waiting to be read. Beside the shelf there was a wardrobe. Where in heavens name was he? Harry looked down on the bed again. The sheets were pale-blue with a golden phoenix that flew here and there, from one corner to the other. Well, that explained it then. Madisa had been right. The Order of the Phoenix would hunt him down now matter what it cost.

Harry shook his head and stood up from the bed. He was dressed in black, light, soft silk; pants and a button-up shirt. He quickly checked the outfit with wand-less Elf-magic for any spells that could make other people hear his thoughts or implant dreams in his head. There was none. Good, he didn't need to care about that too. He quickly walked over to the wardrobe and found robes upon robes, some pants, shirts, T-shirts, socks and other things. The only two things that bothered him was that every piece of clothing was hexed with complicated Tracking spells, Listening spells and other spells of the same kind. The other thing was that everything was either white or light-blue. And everything had a golden phoenix flying around from one corner to the other.

Harry growled in annoyance and closed the wardrobe doors. Blue really wasn't his colour, and he didn't want to have that damned phoenix flying around on him as if it was guarding him. He didn't want to be marked as a lifeless thing that belonged to the bloody Order of the Phoenix. Harry made his way around the room. There was only one door in the whole room. He hurried over and opened it, only to sigh in disappointment. The thing led to a clean bathroom. And guess what kind of colours it was in there and what kind of birds flew around in circles like maniacs. Yep, you got it! Light-blue and hundreds of golden phoenixes.

'Tasteless.' Harry thought to himself as he closed the door and made his way back to the bed and sat down. 'The bloody Order doesn't have to torture Death Eaters to make them talk. All they have to do is bore them to death with blue upon blue and a golden phoenix acting like a complete idiot.'

Harry leaned back on the pillows. What could the Order have done to him while he was unconscious? Take some of his blood? That wouldn't help them, the DNA would change every few seconds. Operate a Tracker into him? Harry sent his magic through his body, systematically searching for something that shouldn't be there, be it Muggle or magical, but there was nothing.

He went on to check the room itself. Every thing in the whole room was charmed to pick up on everything he said or did, and to warn whoever was head of this place if Harry escaped. Harry's calculating gaze was constantly drawn back to the mirror right in front of him. There was something about it that felt wrong. First of all, why would the Order of the Phoenix put a mirror in his room? Second, there was something in the back of his mind that nagged him, something that had to do with a Muggle movie he had once seen at the Dursley's.

Harry slowly stood up and walked closer to the thing. If it was what he thought it was, breaking out of this place should be easier than snapping your fingers. He pretended to be trying to make his short, spiky hair lie down, and acted completely ditzy. At the same time he used a dwarf-spell on himself that could see through everything, event he thickest of stone. That was how the dwarves found their precious gold, silver and other metals. Sure enough, on the other side of the mirror six Phoenix Agents were standing and keeping an eye at him. Harry fought the urge to laugh at the Agents, and instead used the opportunity to study every one of them.

There were four males and two females. Most of them were in their late thirties and looked though and experienced. But one of the two women couldn't be more than 17 or 18. She was wearing what could be a recruit- uniform. It was white with a silver phoenix flying around like a maniac, while the others were wearing the traditional light-blue robe with the golden phoenix. The girl had light-brown hair and grey-green eyes. While the others were discussing something or other, she was looking straight at him. A perfect opportunity.

'I hate to do this, but you got to do what you got to do.' Harry thought, then put his plan into action. He had to wait quite a while until the girls eyes met his, then he quickly used a goblin-spell to give telepathic commands to her. All he had to do was plant a firm idea in the girls head, and no matter what spells they cast on her they wouldn't be able to find something wrong with her. The young woman's eyes flashed golden once, and Harry walked back to the bed. The spell was done, all he had to do was wait until tonight and play Mum's Golden Boy. As soon as the Phoenix Agents in the room behind the 'mirror' discovered that he was awake, they were going to send for their leader. It was a wonder that the Phoenix Agents hadn't noticed that he was awake yet. No wonder the Dark Idiot known as Riddle was gaining power so quickly.


Harry was still staring at the 'mirror'. He hadn't moved from that position in over than three hours, not even to change out of the pyjamas. The only thing that indicated that he was still alive was the fact that he blinked now and then. The Phoenix Agents that had been assigned to watch him were either half asleep, had read through the same magazine ten times or were playing cards.

Harry was keeping an eye at them with the help of the dwarf-spell. Thank heavens he had asked Imir to teach him some spells, like that one, last year. Suddenly the Agents on the other side jumped up and started to hide the cards and magazines. Harry quickly cast a Listening spell he himself had made up on the 'mirror'. This was bound to get interesting.

A minute later a man walked in, followed by another one. Both of them were in their late forties, maybe early fifties. The first one had black hair and blue eyes. He was quite pale, and his nose was a bit large, but that was about the only things that were interesting with him. the other one had his brown, greying hair tied back in a ponytail, and stone-hard brown-eyes. Both of them were wearing blue robes with the ever present golden phoenix, plus both of them had badges and markings on their shoulders or right above their hearts.

The men turned to look at him. Harry indicated in no way that he knew what was going on at the other side of the 'mirror', he just continued staring straight ahead.

"This is him?" asked the one with the ponytail. "He hasn't even dressed!"

"That doesn't mean that he isn't dangerous, Richard." The one who had more markings than his companion, said. "Remember what the Agents from Hogwarts reported."

"So what if he saved the Death Eater Snape," the other countered angrily. "You'd think that by now he'd either accept the defeat and the fact that he's ours, or he'd be trying to get out of there."

"How can you speak like that to the Commander?" one of the Agents in the room asked horrified.

"Keep you noise where it belongs Agent. And don't speak unless you're spoken to."

"Calm down Richard, what's eating you so much about this man." The man mentioned with his hand towards Harry. "Did you expect him to act and look like the Dark Lord?" The other man, Richard, didn't say a thing, just glared at Harry. The Commander shook his head. "Well, lets go in there and meet him."

Harry quickly got rid of the Listening spell and waited patiently for the Commander and Richard to come in, through he had no idea how they were going to accomplish that. Suddenly on the only bare place of the wall a door appeared, opened and the two men stepped in. Harry didn't look at them, just continued staring straight ahead. It was clear as crystal that his lack of respect was annoying Richard more than anything. In the end the man exploded, unfortunately no literally.

"You'll stand up when the Commander of the Order of the Phoenix enters the room."

Harry turned his head slightly and raised and eyebrow at the man. Fanatic. That was the only way to describe him.

"I owe you nothing." He said after looking the men up and down. "And I do as I want. If I want to sit, I'll sit. If I want to walk around the room completely nude, I'll do that. You have no power over me."

"I think you're wrong Mr Chase," the Commander said and stepped further into the room. "If you look at the inside of your arm, you'll find the crest of the Order tattooed on with magic." Harry's eyes widened. He did just as the man had suggested and found the crest tattooed onto his arm. "Nothing can make it go away. And every time we call, you'll be forced to answer."

"Sounds a lot like the Dark Mark of Voldemort." Harry said while calmly examining the mark. "And I think you'll have to change your Mark-of-the- Phoenix speech." He added.

"What do you mean by that?" Harry held out his arm for the two men to see, then concentrated. The tattoo shimmered a bit then dimmed until it was completely gone. That left the Commander and his companion completely lost for words. Both of them were staring at the place where the Mark had been.

"That just proves our point Chase." Richard said. "We can't have someone with unexplored powers walking around without being under surveillance 24 hours a day. Who knows what could happen? I doubt even you know your own boundaries."

"What Mr Hawkins here is trying to say," the Commander glared at the other man, "is that until we know what you can and can't do, you'll have to stay here. Either you want it or not. There just isn't any choice Mr Chase."

"There are always choices Commander," Harry replied, "as long as one can think. And right now I choose to say that I'll be out of this room and Headquarter within the next 36 hours. Care to make a bet?"

Richard Hawkins looked like a beetroot. And even the Commander seemed to loose his patience with Harry.

"And how pray tell are you going to manage that?"

"No-no," Harry said in a singsong voice, waiving his finger at them as if they were four or five year olds. "A magician never reveals his tricks. Surely you Commander would know about that?"

"I can see that we're not going to go anywhere with this discussion today Mr Chase," the Commander said after taking some minutes to put himself together. "We'll be talking again tomorrow. Good day." He turned and left, Hawkins following.

Harry chuckled and cast the Listening spell again. Then he turned his attention towards the 'mirror'. Annoying the hell out of the Commander and Hawkins had been extremely fun, now he wanted to see their reactions.

As soon as the door in the other room was closed after him, Hawkins roared in anger and annoyance and then his fist connected with the brick wall. Harry winced at that but couldn't keep the devious grin from permanently making an appearance on his face.

'That must've hurt.'

The Commander just stood there breathing deeply and slowly in and out, trying to compose himself. The Agents in the room were staring at Harry in hate and disgust or at their superiors with worry and curiosity.

"What's going to happen to him now?" the oldest Agent in the room asked and nodded towards Harry. "He cannot get away with being so rude to you, and what happened to the Phoenix Mark?"

"How powerful do you think he is?" asked another one. Apparently when the first Agent had spoken it had broken the ice.

"It's freaky you know? Just watching him stare at the wall hour after hour."

"Look at his eyes. Thy don't belong on a human being; only Elf-eyes can have that kind of colour and intensity, and even with them its rare. Well, that's what I've heard anyway."

"Doesn't his ears seem a bit pointed to you?"

"Yes, now that you mention it I see it too. I was there when they caught him; it took five minutes until he blacked out, and even then he had to be stunned."

"Did you see his teeth? They're sharp as Vampire-fangs! But he can't be a Vampire. First of all he's not pale enough."

Harry was quickly getting bored, as were the Commander and Hawkins. The two men left the room without the Agents noticing, and Harry nearly fell asleep listening to them so he took the spell off, and started planning for later tonight. It was time to prove to the Order of the Phoenix that they weren't at the top of the world.


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