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-Chapter Twenty-Three-


It was the end of the year. The few months that had been left had rushed by in frantic studying, chatting with friends, classes, homework and tests at the end of the year.

Harry happily watched as Hermione bickered with Ron at the Gryffindor table. Cian was chatting with Dumbledore at the Head Table, Snape was looking grateful for the fact that tomorrow the students would be sent home and McGonagall was listening to Flitwick, who was telling her some hilarious tale about a wizard that he knew; and students around the Great Hall were chatting happily together.

All in all it was the picture of what Hogwarts represented. Freedom, learning, friendship, love and protection.

He smiled and headed towards the Gryffindor table and listened to Neville tell Parvati and Lavender about a plant that could cure zits in one-two- three.

'Well, Harry,' the voice spoke up. 'It's times like these that make me emotional.' It sniffed and Harry swore it blew its nose - that is, if it had one in the first place.

'There, there,' Harry comforted the voice, for once not annoyed by it.

"What are you smiling at Harry?" Seamus asked.

"Just remembering everything that has happened up to now. Next year will be our last."

"Yeah, kinda sad. When I first got here seventh year seemed so far away, but now..." Hermione let the sentence drop. "Hogwarts has been my home away from home."

"Mine too," Dean spoke up. "I cannot believe everything we've gotten through, especially with Trouble-Magnet Harry around."

"Careful Dean," Ron said. "He may be a trouble magnet, but he's a damn smart trouble magnet."

"Thank you, thank you, I accept all due praise with heartfelt gratitude." Harry pretended to bow, mimicking Gilderoy Lockhart. The others laughed.

Dumbledore stood up. "Another year is over, and hopefully you have all learned something during it. I'm sad to say that our Defence Teacher, Theron Joyleaf, won't be returning next year; so once again you'll get another new DADA Professor. I really am beginning to think that the position is cursed."

"Albus, please stay on the topic," McGonagall muttered out of the corner of her mouth.

"Yes, yes," Dumbledore replied with a twinkle in his eyes. "To those of you that I won't be seeing next year, here is what I have to say: live in the 'now', because the 'then' is gone and the 'will be' might not; so be careful with your choices." The current seventh years clapped and cheered. "As for the rest of you: have a nice summer, and I'll see you again next year. Thank you." At these words the entire school clapped, even the Slytherins.

The rest of the feast passed by without incident, and everyone were stuffed and content by the time it was time to go to bed.


'Well, Voldemort has finally done it,' the voice said next morning while Harry was checking if he'd packed everything he needed. 'He attacked the Phoenix Headquarters last night.'

'Then why aren't we hearing about it?' the Gryffindor asked as he spotted a book he had forgotten to pack.

'For two reasons. One is that even if everyone know that the Order of the Phoenix exists, the Order isn't official. It isn't in the Ministry files. The second is that no one want to believe that the Dark Idiot is back, besides the Phoenix Agents handed it perfectly well, though your friend Kanchigai didn't make it.'

'Nothing I can do about that, though I'm sad she's gone.' Then Harry smirked. 'In other words: they panicked?'

'No, not really. They actually managed to form a defence.'


'Yeah, I know, and there's more. They have sent you a letter asking to join them. It should reach you tomorrow or the day after that.'

'Those guys just don't give up, huh?' Harry hauled his trunk into the almost empty common room and let a House-Elf take it to the train. He himself then headed through the corridors of Hogwarts, taking his time.

'No they won't,' the voice sounded sad for some reason. 'I am sad to say that this isn't only the end of the school-year, Harry. It is the end of our partnership.'

'What do you mean?' Harry asked.

'All the powers you have gotten over these two years - Pretender, Profiler, most of the others - were borrowed. You only had them so that you could get used to them for a later date. You weren't meant to have those powers yet; don't ask me why, it's the same thing as with not killing Voldemort yet, and Excalibur. The greatest fight between Light and Dark won't be coming for a long time, and until then you won't need your powers.'

'So what are you going to do?' he had been ready that something like this might happen. Such powers like the ones he had wouldn't pup up over the period of under one year; it took time as Athan had taught him.

'I'm going to block them until it is time for you to really use them. I'm sad about this, don't think I'm not. Another thing is that I won't be contacting you again until it is time for you to get your rightful powers back sometimes in the far future. I've taught you most of the things you'll need in the future battles against the Dark. And those things I haven't taught you, you can only learn on your own. I will miss you, you know.'

'I will miss you too even if you are an annoying idiot.' Harry concentrated on keeping his emotionless mask on.

'Brat.' Came the reply, then there was a long silence. 'We'll meet again, Harry, never doubt that.'

An emptiness appeared in his head. The voice was totally gone and wouldn't be coming back. Harry tried to transform into Rex Chase just to see if the voice had kept its promise, but he could hardly recall the image of Rex. He supposed it as a side effect of the Blocking of his Powers. He sighed sadly and hurried into the horseless carriage that Ron and Hermione had managed to get a hold of.


The train ride to Kings Cross had been boring. Hermione had buried herself in some huge book, Ron had been playing chess with Ginny and Harry had been gloomily staring out of the window. On the station Mrs Weasley had hugged him and Hermione, and told them to be careful. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia had been waiting for him in the Muggle part of the station. They had snapped at him to get a move-on, and Harry had barely had time to wave a quick goodbye to the Grangers and the Weasleys before he had been pushed into the car. Dudley had been out when they had gotten to Privet Drive, and Harry had been able to take his things to his room without trouble.

He was currently sitting on his bed looking through the book he had gotten from Ron for his 15th birthday; it was the same book where he had found out about Pretenders and Profilers. It was night outside and the Dursleys had retired some time ago.


His head snapped up at the sound, and he could see several dark shapes flying outside his window.

'Harry Potter, will you open this bloody window?!' Athan's voice flooded his mind.

Harry shook his head, stood up and let the vampires in; first came Cian, Athan followed along with Ramsis and Zev. Harry was half waiting to see Pyralis come as well, before he remembered that the female vampire was dead.

"What are you guys doing here?" he asked. "I thought you had gotten enough of me, Cian."

The First Vampire chuckled. "No one, except perhaps the Dark Lord, can get annoyed by you, Harry."

"Besides," Athan continued. "I wanted to thank you personally for making my life so fun for the last year." The tall man bowed to Harry, and this time there was no overdoing just simple respect. Harry bowed back.

"I wanted to thank you for Healing me after..." the half-vampire stopped.

"No need Ramsis," Harry replied. "It was my pleasure."

The Egyptian man smiled sadly and shook his head. He herded Athan out the window and they could hear the other vampire protesting for a while.

Zev stepped forwards. "You are quite the young man, Mr Potter," was all he said before leaving, and Harry knew that he couldn't ask for more from this vampire.

Now it was only Harry and Cian left.

"Well, Cian, I guess this is the end of our partnership. At least for a while." Harry said.

Cian nodded. "For now." He agreed. "I don't think that in all of my centuries that I have met someone like you, mortal or immortal." There was a silence between them. "Come with us Harry." The First Vampire said suddenly. "You don't have to become a vampire, but come with us. You sure as hell have earned it."

"I'd love to Cian, but I can't. There are things here to take care of, not to mention a certain Dark Lord wanna-be."

"Well, the offer still stands." Cian smiled. He climbed onto the windowsill, but turned back to the young man standing in the room. "You sure you won't come with us?"

Harry just shook his head. "Cian, drop it."

"Well, I had to try one last time, didn't I? Take care of yourself, Harry Potter." The golden-eyed vampire nodded his head respectfully and Harry returned it. When he looked up again the vampire was gone, no trace left of him except the open window.

"Well, Hedwig, it seems that its back to being us two once again. No voices, no vampires and no secret identities." Hedwig hooted fondly and buried her head under her wing. Harry marked the page where he was in the book, put it away and went to bed. Soon everyone in Number 4, Privet Drive were sleeping.

And one certain northern star named Polaris, twinkled brightly in the sky.


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