Day 1

Recieve Package from Guam

From: Mom

To: Seijuro-chan

Recieve the latest cellphone model I sent you? Please use that. I already gave you twelve different smartphones but I never seen you using any of it. Are you eating it?

I have to go, consider using the phone. It will help you a lot.

Love lots, Mom

"...I'll have to consider using this, so this is smartphone qwerty pad."

tap tap tap.

"Ah... good camera quality... how can I miss this part?"

tap tap tap. Putting GoM contact numbers.

"Hmmm.. interesting, ok I'll try sending message"

First Text Message

To: Tetsuya Babe/Shintaro/Atsushi/Ryota/Daiki

From: Akashi

Subject: Smartphone

Smart phoines are easy to use. Convenient and satisfanning. I remmoneden it for dauly ussge.


"What the hell?"

Few minutes later...

1 Message Received

From: Shintaro

Re: Smartphone

I want to believe that this was Akashi's phone or is this a prank message?

1 Message Received

From: Atsushi

Re: Smartphone

Akachin, you using qwerty? switch to normal keypad. Hihihi funny Akachin~ (*´艸`*)

1 Message Received

From: Ryota

Re: Smartphone

Yay! (ノ>▽<。)ノ Akashicchi texted it wrong. But it's normal for using smartphone for the first time. I feel the same when I use smartphone and so hard to type message took me-


1 Message Received

From: Tetsuya Babe

Subject: Later

Ah... Hello Babe.

You finally decided to switch on smartphone, shall we take picture together later? (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )

See you!(*^3^)

1 Message Received

From: Daiki

Subject: Haha

LOL Hahaha! LOLOLOLOL .. Print Screen... (;´༎ຶ益༎ຶ`)

Switch to his normal phone

To: Shintaro/Atsushi/Ryota/Daiki

Subject: Funeral

You all dead later.

Especially you Daiki.