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Day 00 (Special Day) 4.11.2014


Facebook, check.

Tumblr, check.

Twitter, check.

Pixiv, check.

Youtube, check.

Deviantart, check.

Fiction sites, check.

Akashi hummed. Everything is set for the celebration of Akakuro week.

"Hmm… everyone is so happy. I wonder if Tetsuya have seen all the fan arts and fics dedicated for us."

Yes indeed. Today is Akakuro day, in fact, fans made it Akakuro week (4.11-4.15 hinting their number during middle school and high school) and Akashi is checking sites non-stop one month before.

His phone rings and the id caller is Kise.


"Hi Akashicchi! Goodmorning…Happy Akakuro~" the blonde cheerfully greeted him.

Akashi smiled "Thank you Ryouta and by the way, why do fans pairing us as AkaKi? I don't like it."

"Dunno, truthfully I also don't like it. I don't understand why fans are putting a semexseme pair, right Akashicchi?"

"I agree with you on that. Are you implying that you're a seme to Tetsuya?"

"Waah! No—"

Akashi hanged up. If he hadn't, the stupid conversation will last forever. Five minutes later, his phone rings—the next caller is Aomine.

"Oi—Akashi?" the person on the other line said with a weary tone.

"Daiki, calling me in the middle of my fan bo—*ehem*" Akashi cut out his sentence.

"I called you because Tetsu asked me to invite all the Generation of Miracles and if possible bring your teammates with you."

The Rakuzan captain freeze. He thought that Tetsuya will spend his day with him; instead, he chose to play basketball with tons of supporting characters/nuisance in their life.


The room he's currently occupying has emerged a black gloomy atmosphere.

Akashi's butler knocked the door when he felt the horror outside the room. "Seijuuro-sama! Seijuuro-sama! Hurry, get the keys!" the butler ordered to one of the maids. After receiving the key, he opened the door knob and revealed the unexplainable occurrence happening inside.

Akashi was sitting at the corner of the room, facing the wall while hugging his knees. So that's where the gloomy air came from.


"Tetsuya don't love me. Tetsuya don't care about me. Tetsuya don't want to be with me" he muttered repeatedly while swaying his body back and forth.

This is the first time they've seen Akashi act like this so the butler went to the living room to contact Kuroko.

"Hello? Is this Kuroko-sama?"

"Yes, who's this?"

"I'm Seijuuro-sama's family butler…"

"Oh, hello, what can I do for you?"

"Uhhmm you see… Seijuuro-sama is—"

The butler told him Akashi's condition.

'Stupid Aomine-kun!' he cursed Aomine inside his head.

"Please Kuroko-sama! The atmosphere inside the mansion is so gloomy even the plants outside becomes withered" the butler said in a shaky tone.

"I understand… I'm going there."

"Thank you very much…"

After the call, Kuroko quickly packed up.

"Where you going Tetsu?" Aomine asked Kuroko when he saw him leaving the gym.

Kuroko fire an ignite pass kai into Aomine's stomach. "Stupid Aomine-kun"

Aomine coughed "Wh—what did I do…?"

Kyoto (Noon):

It's almost lunch time when Kuroko arrived at Kyoto. He called for taxi and told the driver the address of Akashi's house. When they reach the house, he quickly pay the driver and went out of the taxi. Kuroko pressed the door bell.

"Kuroko-sama! Thank God!"

"Uh—Hello, where is Sei?" Kuroko asked the butler.

"This way sir…"

The butler led the way. On their way to Akashi's room—just like the butler said, there was this depressing atmosphere around even when he stepped inside the mansion; Kuroko can feel the gloominess in the air. The butler opened the door for him.

He walked slowly on the area where the aura is coming from and saw Akashi still sitting at the corner while whiffing and wiping his eyes.


"Go *sniff* away *sniff* I'm ma—mad to *sniff* Te-tetsu *sniff* ya *sniff*"

The sniffing Akashi is so cute in Kuroko's eyes. This is once on a lifetime experience to see this side of his lover.

'Uwaaah! Sei so moe~'

"Sei… it's me…"

Akashi wipe his teary eyes "Who?"


The red head turned his body and saw Kuroko standing in front of him. "Tetsuya?" his face is bright red with a little snot in his nose, his eyes are teary and his body is sweating because of crying for hours.

'Kyaah~ Sei! SO CUTEEEE~'

Kuroko embraced his very cute Sei "Sei… I'm so sorry, Aomine-kun was very stupid. Of course I want to spend our time together so I asked him to tell you that we're having a basketball game. But the truth is, I wanted to surprise you in our very special day."

Akashi suddenly kissed his lover. "I'm sorry I doubted you. I thought you forgot our special day."

"No! I will never ever forget everything about Sei"

The red head smiled at Kuroko. He touched the soft icy blue hair then gave a peck on the cheeks down to the white neck. His hands trail to Kuroko's waist, undressing him slowly. Akashi's cold hands in his back made Kuroko shudder.

"Ah… Sei!" he moaned as he can feel the heat building inside him. He want Akashi. Now.

Akashi grind his crotch into Kuroko and gently squeezed his butt.

"—mmm" Kuroko bit his lower lip to prevent the loud moan escaping from his mouth. "W-wait—Sei…SEI!" Kuroko hit the horny red head.

"Oww... that hurts Tetsuya... why did you do that?" Akashi asked his lover while scratching his head.

"Everyone is watching…"

The butler and the fujoshi maids are peeping at the door with the matching nosebleed and a cam corder. Akashi glared at them with a wide devilish smirk. The group was disappointed and slowly closed the door. Akashi can hear the 'boo—boo—boo' of the maids saying that he is stingy.

"They were really supportive aren't they?" Kuroko chuckled.

"Yeah…" Akashi laughed softly—let's get down to business."

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Sai: fans, sorry. No smut. Aka's order. He's mentioning privacy and shit. Ugh

(Smut has been cut by Akashi for some privacy issues or because I'm lazy? Maybe because I'm lazy and specifically HATE the person who's been hitting me and trying to kill me hundreds of times.)

Zombie Sai at the Cemetery:

*digging the ground*

Sai: Geezz—I can't find my coffin…

Aka: Sai… you don't have to go back to the dark side my friend—(shinning shimmering background with cherubs blowing trumpets) you can come with me and explore this beautiful world—

Akashi's statement is too good to be true but Sai's eyes were sparkling. Maybe Akashi is not a demon but an angel. He looked up to Akashi with great respect.

Aka: -as my SERVANT. (demonic laughter)

Sai: … *immediately putting the dirt to his body burying himself once again* No thanks.