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Summary: A moon has passed since Avatar Cat Owlflame defeated Anubis and the Equalists. Peace has finally returned to United City and the four Clans, but danger now threatens WaterClan from both sides. Spirits are attacking cats randomly, the Southern WaterClan is lacking spirituality, and Owlflame discovers a shocking secret her father and Sunstar had hidden from her.

Publishing Date: November 7, 2013

Enjoy Book 2: Stars!


Spirit Of Rebellion

A seagull cawed and soared away with a fish in its beak as a white cat pounced at it. The seabird had gotten away from his claws, leaving some tail feathers behind as it soared away to the dark stormy sky. Just as he hissed and backed away, angry that he let the prey slip away, he jumped a bit as he faced a strange tom: this cat was brown-furred and skinny, and gray hairs around his muzzle indicated that he was old.

"This yer first watch, Sea Crow?" the scraggly brown tom asked.

Sea Crow nodded. "Yes, Sea Catch."

Sea Catch smirked, revealing a missing tooth. "Aye. Well, good luck tonight, lad. Yeh never know what's under them waves. Could be a shark, orca, or even the kraken itself. But still, lad...have some good luck."

Sea Crow gulped and glanced down at the water while Sea Catch to leave, snickering quietly. But what the old cat didn't notice...was a huge beast lurking beneath the dark water.

Just as Sea Crow was going to walk away, he saw a dark and massive tail slip beneath the surface. He gulped again and mewled, "Uh, sir?"

"What?" Sea Catch griped.

But his slightly irritated look gave way to horror as a massive black shark burst from the deck and leapt high into the air towards them. The old cat yowled in horror as the spirit shark grabbed him by the tail on its way down and pulled him down into the water, never to be seen again.

"Cat overboard! Cat overboard!" Sea Crow yowled in horror, fearful that the giant shark could strike a second time.

Just then, long black squid-like tentacles emerged from beneath the water's surface and wrapped themselves around the fishing boat, pulling it under. Neither cats were seen after this.


"It's Pro-Bending night in United City, and have we got a doozy of a fight for you! Fan favorites, The Fire Meerkats, are about to take on hot newcomers: The Woolly Rhinos!"

Stonetail breathed in the scents of many cats, dogs, and Twolegs who had all come to see the match. Without Avatar Cat Owlflame and his brother Redblaze, the stumpy-tailed brown tabby tom became the leader of the Fire Meerkats, yet they weren't as good as they used to be. Still, the newest recruits were showing signs of promise...even if they were a bit nervous.

"Now we all know that our last match was a bunch of shit," Stonetail began. "Complete fox shit! Even Timon could've done a better job."

Timon, his red-furred meerkat and the team mascot, walked over and rested his paws on his master's broad shoulder while squeaking.

"But that's in the past," Stonetail added, seeing the silence of the other cats. "Wanna know why? Because when you back a fire meerkat in the corner...he comes out fighting, pal! He strikes back with the grace of a butterfly and the ferocity of a bee! So let's get our tails out there and Bend like there's no tomorrow! Who's with me?!"

But the other two Fire Meerkat members were sitting dejectedly. The only reaction of either of them came from the gray WaterBender, who rubbed his nose with a forepaw while sniffing. The female FireBender (a dark ginger she-cat) just looked at him in an awkward way. Stonetail gave a sigh; no matter what he told himself, these two cats had a long way to go before becoming full-fledged Pro-Benders.

Soon enough, the Fire Meerkats and their opponents, the Woolly Rhinos, were lined up before each other. As the bell to announce the start of the match rang, both teams readied for their respective element. But...it turned to chaos. Stonetail and then his two teammates were knocked over the rim and into the water, each being hit by their respective element. The buzzer sounded, signaling a zone-line had been crossed.

"The Fire Ferrets go down in the water, and right into the record books for the fastest knockout in Pro-bending history!" the Pro-Bending announcer called.

Stonetail groaned as he pulled himself out of the water. "Great StarClan, this sucks...I wish Redblaze was still here..."


The rider of the motorcycle shifted the gear, the wailing of a police siren ringing in his ears. The motor swerved away and after a truck flying around the corner, driving with screeching tires. The motorcycle was hot on its tail, and the rider narrowed his amber eyes behind his goggles; this should be one easy mission.

As the two vehicles sped down the street, the back of the truck opened up to reveal two cats. One of them made circular motions with his forepaw to Bend the water from inside the truck, and he clapped his paws together, rapidly transforming the water in mist to hide the speeding truck from view. Then, while the mist filled the entire length of the street, they spilled some water out from the back, spilling it over the street and then freezing it.

But the cat on the motorcycle was not to be deterred. His vehicle did start to slip on the ice, but as the motorcycle spun out of control, he used FireBending to create a circle, melting the ice, and enabling himself to gain control of the bike again as its wheels found solid ground. He swerved out of the path of the rest of the ice and resumed his pursuit, knowing his mate would never live it down if he messed up because of her native element.

Up ahead, the truck ran down a road blockade and narrowly missed an incoming police truck from a street to its left. The motorcyclist found his road now blocked and swerved to the right, where a truck with wooden beams that formed a ramp stood in his way. Without hesitation, he steered his motor onto the ramp, using FireBending from his hind paws to launch himself and his bike into the air, where he flipped and aimed a powerful fire blast to the truck's engine as he came down. Heavy smoke came from beneath the truck's hood, and its engine exploded, causing it to spin wildly. The motorcyclist landed and stopped his vehicle while the truck raced by, hit a pole, flipped on its roof, slid along over the road, and flipped to its side. Finally, as the vehicle came to a stop, it partially exploded.

Two of the three passengers were already lying in front of the truck, and the driver let himself fall from out of the broken windshield. He landed on top of his two comrades, producing a grunt from them. The motorcyclist prowled toward them, removing the goggles and helmet while smirking down at them.

"Hey there, punks. Looks like you got car trouble," Redblaze meowed smugly as he stepped forward. "Thank your lucky stars the police are here."


The sounds of a plane engine were like music to Emerald's ears as the plane's landing gear hit the landing strip. It had taken quite a while to learn how to fly a plane since, to Twolegs, cats weren't usually seen driving vehicles. Once the plane came to a halt, the beautiful calico she-cat started climbing out of the cockpit and taking off her helmet.

Ever since her father, Romulus Sato, had been thrown into the pound, Emerald had been left in charge of her father's company: Future Productions. She was hard at work now to overcome the bad reputation Romulus had given the company, and selling equipment to expecting customers would bring it back up. Just as she got out of the plane, she was approached by a Twoleg engineer, who reached down and patted her head.

"I think these planes are finally ready to ship," she purred after the petting was done.

But the engineer looked uneasy. "Erm...miss, I hate to be an Honest Joe, but no other company will work with us ever since your father was taken to the pound. We're nearly bankrupt."

Emerald flicked an ear. "Hey, don't worry. I'm going to the South Pole to meet with someone who can help us get back onto our feet."

She rubbed against the Twoleg's leg and padded past him. But as soon as she was out of his sight, her smile turned into a frown of worry. What the engineer said was true: Romulus had sided with the Equalists and tried to bring the city under chaos. Plus, he had tried to drag her to the dark side due to his mate (and her mother) being killed by a FireBender, and he would have killed his own daughter if Stonetail hadn't stopped him.

Perhaps if this new helper could help them out, the company could be saved. Plus, everyone would want to buy their produce again.

Great StarClan, give me strength.


A moon had passed by eventfully after the defeat of Anubis and the Equalists. Owlflame was happy that she had been able to learn AirBending and the Avatar Cat State and show it to her mentor's family. Speaking of that, Ivykit and Plumkit had become apprentices at last: Ivypaw and Plumpaw...and they were all in a race around the island.

Owlflame raced along the ground on her new air paws as a dragon flew above their heads. The cats were racing down a flight of stairs in the distance, Plumpaw in the lead with Owlflame trailing close behind her, and Ivypaw and Foxkit were behind them. The apprentices had dared her to a race as if they were certain they could beat her.

Doesn't matter. I'll still win!

They took a turn, heading to the buildings, where Sunstar's mate, Dawnfall, was walking along with a fresh-caught rabbit in her jaws and her recent litter of kits beside her. Owlflame and the older kits sped past her, nearly knocking her over. Startled, the golden tabby-&-white cat threw the rabbit in the air, and when they took off, she caught the food again and glared after the four in surprise and indignation. But Crowkit and Goldkit were cheering, though their voices were not used to lots of talking yet.

The racers swiftly turned around the AirBending training gates; some of the panels even started spinning as they passed by. The foursome leapt off the platform, and Plumpaw turned to Owlflame, confidently smiling a challenge towards the Avatar Cat.

Owlflame smirked back, closed her eyes, and began to focus. She opened them again as they began to glow when she entered the Avatar Cat State, so she used the extra power to pull ahead of a surprised Plumpaw. The blue-gray she-cat sped underneath a paifang gate and was flagged the winner by Rockfall, Sunstar's brother. Owlflame came to a stop and leapt out of the balls of air, remaining on her haunches.

"The Avatar Cat wins!" Rockfall yowled. The plump brown tomcat was coughing due to the dust, but he still looked frisky.

Owlflame basked in the praise, but Plumpaw stalked up to her, whining, "Hey, that's not fair! You can't use the Avatar Cat State in racing! It's cheating!"

But all Owlflame did was stick her tongue out at the young gray tabby.

"WHAT was that?!" Owlflame sighed as Sunstar, the AirClan leader and Goldstar's son, stalked forward. "Plumpaw is right about this, Owlflame. The Avatar Cat State must not be used as a rocket booster! You are abusing a power you do not appreciate!"

"I DO appreciate it!" Owlflame retorted, feeling insulted. "I'm the Avatar Cat, and it's called the Avatar Cat State. And who appreciates this power more than me?"

Sunstar shook his large bushy mane in anger. "That attitude shows that you need more training to grasp the depths of your spiritual connection. And you still need to master AirBending."

Owlflame sighed and stood up on her haunches again. "I HAVE mastered it! Look at this move: scratch, scratch, and swipe!" She leapt into the air and swiped at the air, causing wind to come out of her claws as she landed. "See? I mastered it. Nothing to it!"

"Looks good to me," Rockfall remarked, nodding in approval as he padded up to them.

"Is it too late for you to go back to the army?" Sunstar groaned in annoyance.

Rockfall nodded. "Yep. The paperwork's been done, so now you're gonna get big brother time twenty-four hours a day!"

Sunstar rolled his gray eyes before looking back at his apprentice. "Owlflame, you've already mastered your style of AirBending, but you need to master real AirBending. Maybe our visit to all the territories of AirClan will give you the spur you need to look into your spiritual side." He pulled out a map of the world and pointed at each location with his paw: one in the south and near home, one near FireClan, one near the Northern WaterClan, and one far in the east.

At the sound of that, his three oldest children came forward and pranced around his paws. Ivypaw asked, "Can we visit where Grandpa Goldstar was born?"

"How many hawks can I get?" Foxkit squeaked in his kitten voice.

Plumpaw had forgotten her anger at Owlflame and cheered, "I wanna get some markings! But I want spots instead of arrow stripes! Then I'll look like a snow leopard!"

"But you can't get spots," Ivypaw insisted. "AirClan cats always get arrow stripes! Having just spots doesn't make any sense."

"YOU don't make any sense!" Plumpaw squealed, pouncing on top of her sister.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" Foxkit squeaked as the two she-cats wrestled with one another.

Sunstar quickly pawed his daughters away from each other and meowed, "No more fighting. We're going to have a wonderful time when we go on our field trip, and we will enjoy it. Now that the Twoleg president is finally in office and I'm not leading the council anymore, I can finally relax with my family and give Owlflame the attention she needs."

Owlflame looked away, recalling the unwanted attention the press had given her. Plus, it had gotten really annoying when she and Redblaze became mates, for they said it was really great news that the Avatar Cat had found a mate. But Goldstar had been mates with Silverheart, and they never attracted too much attention. And now...too much attention was too much.

"Well, that's great," she muttered. "That's all I need."

"Hey, relax," Rockfall reassured her with a smile. "I'd pay to see that. Maybe I'll tag along just to see Casa De Sunstar on the road!"

"You weren't invited," Sunstar meowed crisply.

Owlflame chuckled at this, knowing that Rockfall could cheer anyone up. She turned to the kits and meowed, "Hey kits. Before we go on your dad's study trip, we're gonna have some real fun in my homeland at the Glacier Stars Festival. They've got cool rides, fun games, and all kinds of tasty fried food on sticks."

Hearing that, the kits cheered and pranced around their father's paws again, who sighed and tried to look calm. Owlflame sat back and smiled at her work; now they seemed to be really excited on going to the festival. She even remembered the last time she had heard about the festival when she was a kit, but she couldn't go because of her training as the Avatar Cat. Yet it made her feel excited all over.

Rockfall purred, "Yep, that's good stuff. And Sunstar..." He turned to give his younger littermate a smirk. "You ain't stoppin' me from going. Mom invited me."


"So then, I told him 'Hey punks, looks like you got some car trouble. Thank your lucky stars the police are here.'"

Owlflame and her friends had boarded onto a ship that would take them all to the Southern WaterClan. It was a ship on the ocean at night with the moon shining above, the warriors of StarClan glittering above the world. While everyone else was busy doing whatever, Owlflame was sitting with her mate while resting with Nisa, her black-furred dire wolf, on the deck.

"Didn't you write that before?" Owlflame purred in amusement.

Redblaze pulled a paper out from his police bag. "Yeah, but I got some more here. How about this one?" He cleared his throat and meowed in a handsome tone, "'Looks like you guys should put more 'tree' in trio?' Or, 'When you get to Hell, tell 'em Redblaze sent ya.'"

Owlflame twitched her whiskers. "I like that one."

"Okay, I'll use that next time," Redblaze meowed with a nod. "Shard even says that if I keep it up, I could be promoted to detective soon."

"That sounds like fun," Owlflame meowed, her smile fading a little bit. She looked to the side, recalling how Sunstar got onto her case the other day. "Ever since we got rid of the Equalists, all I do is train all day. It's like Sunstar's forgotten how I beat Anubis, you know?"

Redblaze rested a paw reassuringly on her shoulder. "Hey, Sunstar's just trying to help you be the best Avatar Cat you can be. He's just looking out for you."

But that didn't reassure Owlflame. Instead, it made her angry that he would say something like that. So she shrugged his paw away and muttered, "Of course you'd take his side."

"No I'm not," Redblaze insisted, looking surprised at her. "I'm just-"

"Forget it," Owlflame growled. "I'm gonna go for a walk. See ya."

She stood up and stalked away from her mate and her wolf, fuming over what Redblaze had said. If he didn't want to help her the way she wanted him to do, then she could help herself.

"Why is it easier to bust criminals than to get through a conversation with my mate?" he griped to Nisa, who just tilted her head to him.


The day had finally arrived. They were back in the Southern WaterClan, Owlflame's home. Lots of cats had gathered to greet their northern cousins in time to celebrate the Glacier Stars festival together. She couldn't wait to see what was in store for the upcoming event; in fact, it made her feel giddy and forget her prickly attitude from earlier.

Home...it's been a moon since I've been here, she realized. The last time she was here, she had gotten her Bending taken away by Anubis...but it was given back by Goldstar, the Avatar Cat before her. And it was also the place where she had gotten EnergyBending and the power of the Avatar Cat State.

"Grandma!" the kits squealed, running off from their parents.

Owlflame looked up and smiled. There was Silverheart, her mentor in WaterBending, Goldstar's mate, and a good friend to Owlflame. The silver tabby elder was on the dock, waiting for them with a gentle smile on her face, next to a silver tabby-&-white cat that looked slightly like her. It was Seashell, Sunstar and Rockfall's sister and Goldstar and Silverheart's only daughter.

Silverheart greeted her grandkits with a purr as she nuzzled them. "Hello, you three," she rasped with delight. "Goodness, you've gotten big! You must be apprentices now, I think."

"We are!" Plumpaw mewed. "I'm Plumpaw now, and Ivykit's now Ivypaw! Foxkit's gotta wait for another few moons!"

"Aunt Seashell!" Ivypaw meowed, running over to the other silver tabby. "We missed you!"

"I missed you too, kids," Seashell purred, licking the younger she-cat on the ears and looking up at Sunstar. With a smirk, she prowled over to him and head-butted his shoulder, adding, "I don't think your dad wanted me to visit often, though. He's afraid I might try and kick his tail around like when we were kits."

Sunstar glared at his sister. "I am NOT afraid of you...anymore," he added sheepishly as he looked to the side.

Owlflame purred at this before looking around. There were her parents. At the front was her father Tanrock, a large light brown tabby tom with strong muscles and amber eyes, and just behind him was Dovesong, a smaller yet pretty gray she-cat with blue eyes. With another purr, she padded over to them and gave them each a greeting head rub, letting Redblaze step forth. Now she saw for the first time that they were getting older; scars decorated Tanrock's pelt to show the many battles he had endured, and Dovesong was looking a bit skinnier.

"You remember Redblaze?" she asked. "Right?"

Redblaze gave a respectful nod, and Dovesong nodded back. However, Tanrock rumbled in his deep voice, "I hope you're not getting my daughter into any more trouble."

"I'm not, sir!" Redblaze yelped backing away. "I promise."

But then, her father's stern look gave way to a hearty chuckle, making Owlflame laugh a bit in embarrassment. To cover that up, she nudged him on the shoulder and purred, "Okay, Dad, you big lug. Knock it off."

Stonetail came up to the family and looked around. "Great StarClan, look at all these cats! They must've come out to see us!"

"Nope." Owlflame flicked her tail towards the harbor. "They came to see them."

And indeed, there it was: a huge ship, a royal Northern WaterClan ship docking on the other side of the pier. The crowd cheered and chanted "WaterClan! WaterClan!" right when the ship halted right before them.

"Huh." Owlflame turned and was surprised to see contempt and sarcasm in her father's eyes. "The great leader of the Northern WaterClan has graced us with his oh so holy presence. This should be great news to everyone."

"Try and relax, dear," Dovesong assured him softly, giving his ear a gentle lick. "He'll only be here for the festival."

Tanrock grunted, but he merely turned away.

At the ship, a strikingly pure white snowy owl gave a hoot before spreading its wings and taking off from the flag pole. The ship came to a complete halt at the dock, and the bow was lowered. Stalking down the bowsprit was Cinderstar, the leader of the Northern WaterClan.

He was a bit like Owlflame remembered him: tall and dark gray with narrowed green eyes, three white legs, a white face, and a white tail tip. Behind him prowled two pale gray cats; those must be his children, Duskpaw and Palepaw. They looked so alike except for their eye color, which were green and blue each in opposite patterns.

"Wow...they're cute," Stonetail remarked with a whistle. "Who are those two beauties?"

Owlflame kept the amused smile on her face. "They're Duskpaw and Palepaw, Cinderstar's kits. And Palepaw's a tom."

The tabby tom looked back at the twins before looking back at her, green eyes wide. "Uh...I knew that. Yeah, I knew it all along...but which one is Palepaw?"

But Owlflame gave him a hiss to be quiet, for Cinderstar was approaching. She had seen him before when she was a kit, but he still looked even taller than she even if she was a young adult warrior. She had also heard that her uncle was a very spiritual cat whose wisdom of StarClan had even rivaled that of the Avatar Cats and an ancient elder named Irontail. Once the Northern cats approached, Cinderstar looked to her and dipped his head to her.

"Hello, Avatar Cat Owlflame," the dark gray tom meowed in a calm Zen-like tone, a respectful look on his face. "It is an honor to see you again."

"Good to see you too, Uncle," Owlflame meowed as she nodded back.

But as Cinderstar looked away, his green eyes hardened with distrust. He was glaring right at Tanrock, who was glaring right back at him with equal distrust.

"Tanrock," Cinderstar meowed sternly.

"Cinderstar," Tanrock growled back harshly.

Hearing the hostility in their tones made Owlflame confused. Cinderstar and Tanrock had been brothers, and she heard that they didn't talk to each other often...but why were they hostile towards each other? What had caused them to be like this?


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As they left the bay at the Southern WaterClan, they had passed through the city. Ever since the Great War had ended, the city had been brought up from a pile of snow to the grand metropolis it now was. Just beyond that was the festival, where a great carnival stood. Before she was taken away for training, Owlflame had always enjoyed every part of it: the rides, the food, the games, and the prizes.

She was now walking with Sunstar (to her chagrin) and Tanrock, who were all led by Cinderstar. Owlflame still couldn't wonder why the two brothers were hostile towards each other. But she felt like it wasn't any of her business, so she decided not to pry.

"It's a shame the Southern cats have abandoned all connections to StarClan, even during the most holy times," Cinderstar sniffed, looking around in a disdainful way.

"I've always loved the Glacier Stars Festival," Owlflame purred, looking around. "It's fun."

Cinderstar just replied, "I suppose you find it so. But it is more than that. This festival used to be a solemn time of abstaining and meditation and praying to StarClan for guidance. Now it is just a tourist trap to watch some common cat try to stick an entire turkey in his mouth."

He looked to the side, where Stonetail was sticking a cooked turkey on a stick into his mouth. He turned to them and asked with his mouth full, "What? It's good stuff."

"Traditions change, brother," Tanrock growled, stalking up to Cinderstar. "Just because things change in the Clans doesn't mean it's the end of the world."

"Really?" Cinderstar calmly retorted. "Try telling that to the sailors who are being attacked by angry spirits in Southern waters. Some traditions have purpose for a reason, Tanrock."

Owlflame, who was watching several circus animals, looked around at those words and leapt back to the ground. "Spirits are attacking ships?"

Cinderstar turned to her and nodded. "Yes. I'm surprised you don't know about that. I see you haven't been given all the information you need. It would be my honor to instruct you in the spiritual ways of WaterClan."

"I wouldn't mind learning about fighting spirits," Owlflame meowed right away, loving to learn battle skills. "Airbending is getting pretty boring recently."

But Tanrock hissed to Cinderstar, "Hey, Sunstar is Owlflame's mentor, not you. He can give her all the training she needs."

Owlflame looked around at her father. For some reason, he appeared to be against her, saying that she needed to be trained even more. She wanted to remind him that she was a warrior now, not a little kit that had to be led everywhere by her parents.

"So you say, older brother," Cinderstar merely answered his brother. "So you say."


"I'm glad you came with me to this meeting," Emerald purred to Stonetail. "Dodger is one of the richest being in the Clans and the world, and he is in control of the entire international shipping business. So you're my helper for the day. Just stand there and don't say anything."

Stonetail wriggled his stumpy tail. "No problem. Timon and I are natural assistants."

They looked up at the ship they had approached. The yacht was predominantly white with blue accents and a blue insignia. It had at least three floors.

"Wow, is this nice," Stonetail meowed in wonder. "I wonder if I can get into this whole business thing. What do you say, Timon?"

The meerkat merely squeaked.

The two cats and the meerkat prowled up the plank towards the ship and into the nearest room. In there were several dogs and cats, all watching a tom sitting on a cushion, his eyes closed and his paws pressed against his head in concentration while a tabby she-cat sat beside him, writing on a notepad. The tom in question had white fur, and a brown mask covered most of his face. Two of his legs (his right front and his hind left) were even brown, and so was his tail.

So this must be Dodger...he looks weird, Stonetail thought. Still, what he's doing is pretty good.

Suddenly, Dodger opened his blue eyes and grinned in excitement. He turned to the dogs and cats and asked, "Did you see that, ladies and dogs?! Levitation! I was just a foot off the ground! A foot! Is that incredible or what?!"

Meows and barks filled the room, all calling stuff like "How does he do that?", "That's incredible!", or "Awesome!"

But as Emerald joined in...Stonetail spoke up. "Eh...not to be rude, but...it looked like you were just sitting on a pillow."

Gasps and glares met his words as Emerald slapped a forepaw to her face in embarrassment. As this happened, Dodger frowned and marched up to the brown tabby, leaning in close and making him lean back as Emerald watched on. Timon hid behind his owner, apparently scared that his owner was going to get attacked.

"What was that?" Dodger asked quietly. "Did I hear you say that I wasn't levitating?"

"Um...no?" Stonetail squeaked, willing himself to not look away.

Silence. Then... "Well, why didn't anyone just say so?!" Dodger barked while he stood up. "Now I look like a seal-brained moron! Poobah, you're fired!"

He had looked around at a French bulldog, who bowed deeply and quietly waddled away. They watched him go before Dodger roughly clapped a paw onto Stonetail's shoulder, making Timon squeak and huddle next to Emerald.

"Know what, kid? You got spunk, and I like that. You're a real straight shooter, just like me." To Emerald, he meowed, "The guy's with you, Miss Sato?"

Emerald nodded before sighing in relief.

Dodger chuckled. "Brought your shark with you to do business, huh? Now that's spunk! Get over here and take a load off your paws! Julie, once you get 'em settled, why don't you get 'em some cream, eh?"

The brown tabby she-cat nudged a cat and a poodle away to make room as Dodger let the two cats settle down. Now the other animals in the room were staring at Stonetail with fascination and some disbelief.

"Thank you again for meeting with me," Emerald meowed. "As you know, Future Productions is looking for a partner to handle our shipping-"

"Sure! No problem!" Dodger meowed. "But first, check out my new venture: moving pictures. Julie, do the thing," he told his assistant. "You're gonna love this."

Quickly, Julie shoved the tray of cream she was serving to Stonetail to him before dashing over to an object on a table with a red cloth draped over it. She leapt onto the table, removed the drape to reveal a film projector, and quickly turned it on.

Emerald was still standing up, but Dodger quickly had her sit down next to Stonetail. The latter looked over to the wall, where there was a large blank white sheet, perhaps the kind to draw stuff on. A silent and grainy group of pictures of a horse running in a field was played for a moment before Dodger turned to them.

"Mind-blowing, huh?" he asked with a grin.

"You bet!" Stonetail purred.

Dodger chuckled again. "Now forget that! That's the past! Shut it off, Julie!" he told his helper. "Imagine watching this. Ginger, come over here and do your poses!"

Just then, a gorgeous female red-furred she-cat walked forward in a white fur coat, and Stonetail couldn't help but feel rather smitten by her. It was hard to take his eyes off of her. He kept drooling a lot more as she tossed the fur coat off and did a few sexy poses...until Dodger got in the way.

"Spectacular! Amazing! Smashing!" the white tom purred, ignoring Stonetail trying to take a peek around him. "And we tell a story: romance, action, and some cute animal stuff for the kids. Thanks, Ginger, go rest your sexy behind." As the pretty she-cat sat, he turned to Stonetail. "How was that, tiger? We're gonna do big business with these 'movers', as I call 'em."

"That seems great," Emerald meowed, piping up. "But I'm just concentrating on getting Future Productions back on track. If we could hammer out a deal..."

Just then, Dodger held up a paw. "Stop. Stop right there, gorgeous. Look me in the eye."

Right away, he pressed his face right up against Emerald's face, staring intensely into her green eyes and making the calico she-cat look awkwardly back at him. There was a tense moment of silence before Emerald planted her paws firmly into the cushion and stared back with the same force. Once both cats finished their staring contest, Dodger smiled at her.

"Alrighty then!" he announced. "Looks like we got ourselves a deal!"

How he sat up caused Emerald to stumble back, so Julie helped her get up as the guests all cheered. Dodger went on, "So then! We'll bring out more of the details at the royal banquet tonight. Now...who wants a rocket-boat ride?!"

The guests all cheered and followed Dodger out, leaving Stonetail and Emerald behind to watch them go. Dodger appeared to be a really strange cat, but he did appear effective in whatever he was doing. He even got a group of followers to follow him wherever he went.

"Is that how business usually goes here?" Stonetail asked Emerald.

Emerald just purred as she leaned forward and gently licked his cheek. "You're a natural assistant, Stonetail. Thank you."

Stonetail blushed at her licking his cheek, hoping Emerald wouldn't see. But still...it felt nice to help a friend out.


Later on at sundown, every cat had headed over to the banquet hall, where several lanterns were hanging overhead. Owlflame was persuaded by Cinderstar to sit at the head of the table with him, though Tanrock didn't look too happy about it. Goldstar's family was allowed at the main table due to being well-known in the Clan, even if Sunstar, his family, and Rockfall didn't look like they were from WaterClan.

As they ate, the shining of the lanterns reflected in the icy ceiling above them. It looked like the spirits of StarClan themselves had come down to dance. Even the food was delicious; lots of salmon along with tartar sauce with a side of crab meat.

"This is a wonderful feast in your honor, Uncle," Owlflame purred, looking up from the piece of salmon she was eating.

Cinderstar sniffed. "This is nothing," he meowed, gazing haughtily around. "When this festival was founded, the warriors and elders would converse with StarClan. Cats would watch the brilliant displays of light as the spirits of our ancestors danced in the sky. That was the aurora australis, or the fire in the sky as we call it."

Owlflame could imagine the scene: the spirits dancing in the starlit sky, not just on the ceiling. "Wow...I've never seen that before," she murmured.

"And that is a shame, since the Avatar Cat is indeed the bridge between the material world and our warrior ancestors," Cinderstar replied. "That is why I wish to teach you, to help you fulfill your destiny StarClan has laid out for you."

Tanrock glared at his brother. "I thought I had made it clear that Sunstar is the one teaching her. Stay the hell out of this."

Cinderstar stared at him and merely replied, "Calm yourself down. We will not have any foul language here at this festival. And Owlflame," he went on. "Every Avatar Cat before you traveled the world to learn, and it's a shame you did not have a choice to get that chance. It was Sunstar and your father who kept you sheltered at the South Pole."

That made Owlflame stop picking at her food and look up, a lump forming in her belly. All her life, she thought Goldstar was the one who told the Order Of The Phoenix to keep her there. Was her training life a lie? Had her trip to United City just been a lie? Had she been let there just so that Sunstar could keep her under his control like what her father was doing?

"What?" she rasped. "But...it can't be. I thought Goldstar ordered the Order of the Phoenix to keep me down here?"

"I can explain, Owlflame," Tanrock spoke up, shame on his face. "We all did what we thought was best for you. We thought we would find you a good mentor."

Owlflame whirled around at him, her respect of her father close to being torn apart. "Who I train with should be my decision, Dad, not yours or Sunstar's," she hissed.

She looked to the side at Sunstar, who looked at her morosely from further away. Both of his littermates were poking him playfully, and now Owlflame found herself wishing that they could poke him a lot more. She felt he deserved it after what he and Tanrock did.

"Looks like someone's taking your place as the Avatar Cat's fuddy-duddy mentor," Rockfall was teasing, continuing to nudge his brother.

"Don't pick on Sunstar, Rockfall," Seashell lightly chided him. But with a sly smirk, she added, "You know how sensitive he gets."

Sunstar glared at his littermates. "I am NOT sensitive!"

The other two cats purred. But Owlflame did notice that Silverheart was watching them with a nostalgic and sad look, letting Crowkit and Goldkit climb all over her. She felt a big twinge of sympathy for her mentor, for her brother Ashfeather had already passed away...as did her mate and many of her friends. Besides another cat, she was one of the only living cats who had been through the Great War, and she missed her brother dearly.

Suddenly, Cinderstar sat up, and a cat yowled for silence. Every head turned to face him, except Dodger, who was busy with something.

"As the leader of the two Clans, it is my honor to speak at this festival feast," he meowed. "This festival was founded to bring our two Clans together and restore the ancient balance between our living world and that of StarClan. But I am distraught to see what it has now become: a cheap fair that celebrates greedy and trivial creatures."

Tanrock gave the dark gray cat an irritated look while he lapped some water from the chalice near his roasted vole. Dodger, who was Emerald's new business partner, was busy cleaning his teeth with his claws while using his plate as a mirror as Stonetail and Betty were seated with him. Owlflame hoped they weren't being rude as her uncle made this speech.

Cinderstar went on, "I fear the time is coming when the North can no longer stand idly by while our Southern kin slip into total spiritual decline. Angry spirits are already attacking ships in your waters. I only hope we are not too late to change course."

He sat back down, and the cats in the dining hall began to mutter to themselves. What did the leader mean by "change course"? But they didn't have time to think some more as Dodger suddenly stood up.

"Glad to be here, Cinderstar," he meowed greasily. "And everybody. Always great to have him in town, eh? Now let's have some fun with Wacky Willy's dancin' seals!"

He sat back down, and Wacky Willy (a gray cat) danced in from the right. He WaterBended a slide on the floor, which three female elephant seals slid across. Willy Bended the water back the other way, and the seals slid back into view, standing up in front of him before they all bowed to the cats. Owlflame was amused by this, and Silverheart had even said that she and Goldstar used to ride on elephant seals when they were apprentices.

Only Cinderstar remained indifferent. Owlflame knew that he had a different view on the festival, but she knew it was rude to pry even more. Speaking of view, her resentment towards her father and Sunstar came back; if they hadn't left her in the compound, then she would have been more sociable with other cats. She just wanted the mental torture to end.


As dinner ended, now was the time for the rides and games. During that one time Owlflame had been there as a kit, she loved seeing the lights, eating food, and playing games. It made her feel like a kit all over again...this time, though, she had a mate and friends to celebrate with.

Redblaze nudged a piece of roasted arctic hare over to Owlflame, which she took a bite out of before pushing it back to her mate. Stonetail was eating a red herring on a stick and stared at the two of them with an annoyed look. With mild shame, Owlflame knew why: she had accidentally led him on two moons ago, and it appeared that despite what he said, he was still bitter about it. She knew that she could not take it back, but what was in the past should stay there.

Stonetail turned his head away and spotted something, and Owlflame turned to see her cousins nearby. They were looking around at the rides and games, looking stoic as usual. Over the past year or two, they had still crept her out...and looked down on her too, calling her a commoner.

Stonetail smirked, cleared his throat, and nudged his brother, pushing his roast herring to him and mewing, "I'm making my move. Wish me luck."

"Okay," Redblaze replied. "Good luck, Stoner."

Owlflame whispered into her mate's ear, "Those two have always crept me out. They smell like a walrus that's been in the sun for too long."

"Hey!" Stonetail was approaching the two cats. "Name's Stonetail. I'm a friend of your cousin's. You're Duskpaw, right? Wow," he added, eyes looking Duskpaw all over. "I'm just... I'm just lovin' that pelt. I'm a pelt cat, you know?"

Duskpaw merely hissed at him, ears pulled back in displeasure.

"Yipe!" Stonetail yelped, staggering back a bit. But he collected himself and went on casually, "So...you're from the Northern Clan, right? That's cool. That's like, you know, that's like, my favorite direction. North. It's cold and all."

The twins just stared at him blankly. Then Palepaw muttered to his sister in that familiar blank tone, "I think he is trying to establish some kind of bond with you based on your geographic point of origin."

"Perhaps it would be interesting to spend time with a cat whose ways are rough and uncultured," Duskpaw meowed back in that same tone. Back to Stonetail, she meowed, "You amuse me. I will make you mine."

That made Stonetail stare back at her. "You mean like a mate or...a servant?"

Duskpaw gave a smile, something Owlflame had never seen her do except if she was making a terrible joke. "Yes," she meowed, flicking her tail to his face. "Win me prizes."

This made Stonetail chuckle nervously as she grabbed his scruff and hauled him off.

Suddenly, Owlflame felt bothered again by what Tanrock and Sunstar had done, angry that they had kept her cooped up all of her life. But she knew that this should not get in the way of fun, so she pulled Redblaze over to a water gun carnival game, using caricature cutouts of the younger apprentice Goldstar as targets. Jets of water hit the targets, the one closest to the hitting the hole in the targets mouth, causing the apprentice's arrow to light up and a cutout of his red-tailed hawk Tobi above his head to rise up.

"Cinderstar offered to train me in his ways," Owlflame told her mate, not caring if she was losing. "He says he can teach me about StarClan and my connection to their world."

Redblaze nodded. "That sounds good. What does Sunstar think about it?"

Owlflame snorted. "That bone-head? He just thinks I'm his damn prisoner or one of his kits. I'll never finish training with him in charge."

Thus, she used WaterBending to increase the size and pressure of her water jet. It hit the target full on and made the Tobi cut out quickly reach the top of the meter. This made the barker call the winner and hand her a prize: a plush toy of Goldstar's pet dragon, Archie.

"You heard what Cinderstar said," Owlflame meowed as they walked down the path, the dragon plushy bouncing up and down. "The Southern Clan is spiritually unstable, and it's the Avatar Cat's job to make it right again, but Dad won't even let me think about Cinderstar teaching me. What do you think about it?" When Redblaze didn't answer, she asked impatiently, "Well?"

"Well, what?"

"What do you think I should do?"

Redblaze shrugged. "I...guess you should go with what you think is right. I'll support you and whatever decision you make."

For some reason, though, Owlflame was irritated by that. "Gee, thanks. That's a big help."

"What? First, you wanted me to be supportive," Redblaze meowed, now looking offended. "Now you want me to tell you what I think? Make up your mind, will you?"

"Just forget it," Owlflame snarled, dumping the plush toy at his paws and stalking off.


The wind chime tinkled softly in the freezing southern wind, and it was enough to make a cat feel sleepy. Owlflame had been having a dream of catching salmon outside the city when she felt something large get up beside her and pad away. It was Nisa; the black she-wolf was looking very tense, ears pricked up and a semi-snarl on her face.

"Nisa, what're you doing?" Owlflame yawned, stretching and following her. But then, as Nisa reached the edge of the cliff and started barking and howling, she hissed, "Nisa, hush! You're gonna wake everyone up!"

Her companion merely licked her face and went back to barking and howling.

"What's going on?" Stonetail's voice asked.

Owlflame looked around at Redblaze and Stonetail coming out of their dens, the latter waking up with a yawn and a stretch. And then...just over the edge of another cliff...she saw it: a large dark thing materializing out of nowhere and slowly shaping into a fox.

"What...what the hell is that?" Owlflame gasped.

It sure looked like a fox, but it was too huge to even be called a fox. The colors were strange too; instead of being red-furred all over, it was black with glowing red eyes. This must be one of the spirits Cinderstar had told the other cats about.

The dark spirit suddenly jumped at her and sank its fangs into her neck as it dragged her down to a gully. Redblaze and Stonetail had seen this and started running down to the gully to her aid. Owlflame went tumbling until she collided with the rocky ledge in front of her hut, the icy rock cutting into her skin. The dark spirit's paws grabbed hold of her shoulders and pinned her to the ground while it came face to face with her. Dark saliva covered the lower half of its jaw, perhaps ready to savor the attack before finishing her off.


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Owlflame struggled in the jaws of the dark fox spirit, but she couldn't break free. It was about as heavy as a dragon, and its claws raked her shoulder, blood pouring from the wound. But as the fox was opening its toothy jaws, it was hit with a blast of fire, making it let Owlflame go and turn to its attacker.

Redblaze and Stonetail were facing the fox spirit, their pelts bristling in the chilly southern air. Redblaze was swiping claws of fire towards the beast while Stonetail slid over the ground and began to Bend the earth under the snow.

"I got it!" he called with a cheer. He swung his foreleg upward and Bended a thin wave of rocks aimed at the spirit. The spirit snarled as it jumped to the side, and the rock wave missed.

"...I don't got it!" Stonetail called feebly.

Redblaze leapt towards the spirit with fiery claws, but it dashed out of the way and then dashed at both brothers. The dark spirit swiped at them with a paw and knocked them down a hill just as Sunstar, Tanrock, and Dovesong came out of their huts and went to help out. Owlflame wanted to help them too...especially since Redblaze was her mate...but she wanted to make that thing pay for laying a claw on him.

She stood up to lick the blood from her shoulder before running towards the dark spirit, jumping and twisting her body in the air to perform a vertical kick, FireBending a fast arc of flame at the dark fox spirit. The fox dodged again, and Owlflame swiped fiery claws at it but missed once again. The spirit closed the distance, and she pounced at it from close range while jumping back. The spirit jumped into the air and began falling towards her, but she managed to dodge out of the way, and the fox crashed into the snow, snarling and yelping.

Behind Owlflame, Tanrock was sliding towards her and past her on an elevated ice slide. The big light brown tom circled around the spirit and began Bending large ice walls around it to trap it. Tanrock came to a stop, and there was a short moment of silence before the spirit grew tendrils from its nose and burst out of the top of the ice cage. The tendrils violently grabbed both father and daughter and tossed them around. Tanrock hit the front wall of a hut with a grunt and fell down, and Owlflame was flung down the hill towards the festival.

Damn you, Dad! Owlflame thought in anger, getting back to her paws. If he hadn't been treating her like a kit in danger, then she would have had no problem in fighting this beast.

The spirit broke out of the ice cage as Sunstar leapt up from below and approached the dark fox spirit. He was calling, "Spirit, why are you angry? What have we done to offend you? Let us know, and we will help you!"

Owlflame wanted to tell him that it wouldn't work, but the fox turned to the AirClan leader and swiped a paw at him, knocking him away. She watched as Sunstar hit the snowy ground before looking back up at the large dark spirit. If no forms of normal Bending would work, then she would have to try it another way.

So she inhaled deeply and sank her claws into the snow, closing her eyes and entering the Avatar Cat State, her blue eyes glowing when she opened them. She felt as if all the spirits of StarClan had come to her aid, and she was ready to carry out their order. Just before her, the fox spirit leapt at Owlflame, but the wind was already kicking up around her, and she was now floating into the air. It leapt at her again, but Owlflame was already flying into the sky and out of the way on a thin tornado, lashing it at the beast. The fox burst through the festival fence and went sliding over the fair ground before righting itself and coming to a halt.

Before it had time to act, the dark spirit was hit by a barrage of fire blasts from Owlflame as she circled around it. The spirit was briefly hidden by a large orange fire cloud, and then one of its tendrils shot out from the cloud and snatched up the Avatar Cat. Owlflame yowled in pain before the tendril threw her into a tall stack of wooden crates. Owlflame was disoriented as she tried to get to her paws, looking up as the dark fox began to approach her. It had just raised a big clawed paw to deal the final blow...when it stopped as a ribbon of water began to circle around it. The dark spirit looked to the side, and Owlflame was shocked to see who it was.

It was Cinderstar. Her dark gray uncle was on his haunches and waving his forepaws in a circle, Bending the water. The water began to take on a more defined spiraling ring shape around the dark fox spirit. Owlflame watched on in pure awe as the water around it started to emit a golden glow. Cinderstar raised his tail, and the dark spirit started to glow as well. The WaterClan leader let his paws down, and the glowing water rings dissipated as the fox spirit slowly walked off, still dark but completely calm now.

"Go in peace," Cinderstar called after it calmly. "And may StarClan bless you."

The fox spirit nodded before dissolving into golden flecks that flew into the wind.

Owlflame managed to get back to her paws, staggering a bit before finally standing up straight. What a power that was! An ability to control the spirit like that...and to calm it down. Could the same be said for a StarClan cat when he or she got into a rampage? But before she could say anything, she heard yowls of concern and spotted Sunstar and Tanrock heading over towards the two cats. She didn't want them fretting over her like a couple of worried queens; warriors didn't need to be coddled with.

Tanrock laid his tail on Owlflame's flank, but she shrugged him off as she spoke to Cinderstar. "How were you able to control that spirit when no one else could?" she asked.

Cinderstar sent his brother a stern glare before turning back to Owlflame. "As your father could tell you, I have spent my life studying StarClan and its spirits and learning their ways. All of this knowledge is lost in the South, but I could teach you everything I know. It could be up to you to help bring spirituality back to this place."

To Owlflame's irritation, Sunstar meowed, "Cinderstar, I know you are a very knowledgeable cat, but Owlflame still has a lot more to learn about AirBending. I hope that going to one of the four AirClan Temples will help her connect with the past Avatar Cats."

Owlflame just growled.

"AirClan will not teach her anything," Cinderstar responded with the same polite tone. "Only I can give her the training she needs to be a complete Avatar Cat."

Tanrock growled, "Hey, I've told you that will not happen."

Finally, Owlflame's patience had run out. She surprised all three adults by snapping, "Hey, I'm right here, you know! Anyone wanna ask me what I think?"

"Owlflame, please listen-" Sunstar tried to meow, but he was interrupted.

"No!" Owlflame growled, glaring angrily at him. "I'm sick and tired of listening to you! Both of you! You both keep me locked up like a wild animal, telling me you know what's best, but both of you were powerless against the spirit attack! And here I thought that I could look up to you." There was a brief pause as both toms glanced sadly at each other and Owlflame turned back to her uncle. "I think it's time I accepted a new mentor."

Sunstar closed his eyes and tilted his head down sadly. But Tanrock tried to meow, "Owlflame-"

Owlflame glared at her father. "Uncle Cinderstar has proven he's the only one who knows what I need to learn. I have to go with him."

"Please," Sunstar meowed with a strained sigh. "I know you're angry, and you have a right to be. But...we've come so far together. All through the past leaf-fall when the Equalists and Anubis attacked...are you sure you want to leave AirBending training?"

"I'm sorry," Owlflame muttered, turning away. "But this is as far as we go together. You and Dad lied to me about my training. From now on, I'm no longer your apprentice."

There was a brief moment as Sunstar let her response sink in. The large golden cat dipped his shaggy head to Owlflame, meowing with a short but brief tone, "Then it has been a pleasure serving you. I wish you good luck, Avatar Cat Owlflame."

With his head still down, he turned around and padded off rather quickly. Owlflame did feel a bit sorry for going harsh on him...but she knew she wouldn't be if he and Tanrock hadn't kept her locked up like an animal. Besides, she wasn't going to take back what she said. It was time she got out of his grasp and headed on to the future of her advanced training.

Maybe if they see what they did to me was wrong, I'll forgive them, she thought. But for now, I don't think so.


The next day's events tugged at Owlflame's conscience, but she shook the feeling away. She did not want to continue being Sunstar's apprentice if he wanted to keep treating her like a kit. She and the other cats watched from down the path. Owlflame shared a look with Redblaze as if asking him if she was doing the right then, and she wanted to rub against him to be reassured.

Down the slope, Sunstar was packing up to prepare for him and his family to go to the AirClan camps. Owlflame didn't want to go down the slope and say good-bye, for she had already done that last night. He had let her down by not treating her with the same air as a warrior, and he had made the decision to lock her away (even Tanrock had agreed to this) for the supposed sake of her safety. So she saw no reason in seeing him off.

"I think you forgot a couple of things," Silverheart's voice meowed.

Owlflame saw Sunstar turn around to Silverheart, who had approached him from behind. On either side of her were Seashell and Rockfall, their belongings in their jaws. She guessed that there was one cat who was going to see him off.

Sunstar blinked before picking up the sack in his jaws. "Mother, I need to spend time with my family right now."

Silverheart trudged her way over to her youngest kit. "This is your family too, Sunstar," the old silver tabby rasped with a smile, fixing him with her wise dark blue stare. "When you get to be as old as me, you'll be thankful for the time you have spent with your littermates. In addition, I think it's high time you all visit your father's old home together."

In reply, Sunstar nodded in resignation as he dropped his bag.

"Come on, it'll be fun!" Rockfall chuckled as he nudged him playfully on the shoulder.

Seashell joined her brother. "Yeah, come on. I'm just dying to see that laid-back 'vacation' I've heard so much about."

"All right, hop on." As they padded over to Ryu, Sunstar gave his mother's ear a gentle lick as he meowed, "I love you, Mother. We'll see you soon, I believe."

Behind them, Rockfall was struggling to climb onto Ryu, causing Seashell to roll her blue eyes. Sunstar flicked his tail back and sent a gust of air at Rockfall, sending him flying upwards and onto the saddle. Seashell even chuckled, "There you go, you big lump of fur!"

Once everyone was on board, Ryu gave a roar and lifted off into the gray dawn sky, hidden by the fog that rolled over. A part of Owlflame's heart was scolding her for what she had said that night, but she stood by what she said. She thought, At least Cinderstar won't be treating me like a naughty apprentice.

She turned to Redblaze, afraid he would tell her off for dropping Sunstar as her mentor. "Do you think I did the right thing, Redblaze?"

Redblaze looked to the side a bit. But he looked back and meowed, "I don't know, Owlflame. I'm sorry, but I'm not very good at this Avatar Cat counseling shit. But I do know your heart is in the right place, and you'll just have to trust it."

With a small nod, Owlflame prowled forth and rubbed her head underneath her mate's jaw. Redblaze looked down at Owlflame and gave her a small reassuring smile, which she returned as they nuzzled. She now wished that she hadn't been so short with him when he had been trying to help, and she wanted to apologize, but she didn't get the chance. Instead, Cinderstar had padded up to the two cats, regal and stoic.

"I know this was a hard decision for you, but I assure you that you did the right thing," the dark gray tom meowed. "You will be taught the many things that your father and Sunstar have denied you. Now it is time to put the past behind you and begin your new training. I have great plans for you indeed."

Owlflame nodded in grim determination. Her new lessons were soon to begin.

To be continued...


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