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Summary: Owlflame is forced by Cinderstar into opening the Northern portal, but Cinderstar has Ivypaw trapped in StarClan! Meanwhile, back in United City, everybody loves Dodger's Nanuk movies...except Redblaze, whose case on Dodger has landed him in the stony lonesome. And in the Southern WaterClan, Cinderstar's army is almost winning the war...but Tanrock won't give up without a fight.

Uploading Date: July 31, 2014



A Night Of Many Stars

It was morning by the time Owlflame, Sunstar, Seashell, and Rockfall got back to the main Eastern AirClan camp. Owlflame looked down at Ivypaw's battered body and felt shame creep through her again; Cinderstar had captured her, and she felt it was her fault for not looking out for her. Sunstar had not blamed her, but she wished he did yell at her, for she couldn't help but feel guilty and upset.

Ryu had just landed in a field of mountain flowers when they noticed three cats picking at them. Only Foxkit wasn't holding flowers; he was holding up a lizard by the tail. When Dawnfall looked up and saw the looks on the others' faces, she padded over to them as they climbed down one by one.

"What's wrong?" the golden-and-white queen asked. "And where's Ivypaw?"

With sad looks from the other three cats, Sunstar picked up Ivypaw's body and jumped down from Ryu's saddle. Owlflame saw her mentor's face look even sadder as he dropped their oldest kit down at her mother's paws, revealing the wounds she had received from StarClan.

"Ivypaw!" Dawnfall gasped, her pretty green eyes wide in horror as she dropped the flowers. She crouched down and started frantically licking her cheek, asking with a cracked voice, "What happened to her?!"

"Her spirit is trapped in StarClan, but StarClan willing she'll be all right," Sunstar assured his mate as the others came to see Ivypaw. But his assuring look gave way to despair as he hung his mighty head, sighing, "But it was all my fault. I should've never let her enter StarClan without me. I couldn't protect her from Cinderstar."

"No, it's my fault," Owlflame insisted. "Dawnfall, I'm so sorry. I tried to save her...but Cinderstar tricked me."

Dawnfall stared up at her in misery. "It's not your fault," she rasped, turning back to lick her daughter's cheek. "I don't blame you or Sunstar at all."

Sunstar gently licked her ear in response. "Don't worry, sweetheart. I will not stop until our girl is back safe with us. I promise."

And I hope we beat Cinderstar to Ivypaw before he does something bad, Owlflame thought before looking up to the sky. She can't die by his claws!


This was perhaps the second or third time Redblaze had been in the pound; the last time he remembered was when a council cat named Hawkfrost had him, Stonetail, and Emerald thrown into prison. Only this time...he was alone.

Redblaze sighed as he leaped out of his cold nest and started pacing around. What would Dodger be planning now that threats to his plans were out of the way? What would he even do to Emerald and Stonetail to make sure his plans went far? The ginger tom sighed and padded over to the wall, resting his forehead on the cold steel. It was all too much to think about; he couldn't tackle this case alone anymore. He needed help...and fast.

Just then, the shadow of a police cat appeared at the barred window on the door. He muttered "You got a visitor" and padded off as the door opened. The visitor in question...was Stonetail.

"Hey Redblaze," the tabby tom meowed as he stepped inside. He was wearing what appeared to be a fancy cat suit like kittypets would wear.

"Hey Stoner," Redblaze replied. "What's with the fancy suit?"

Stonetail grinned. "I'm on my way to the big finale for 'Nanuk: Hero of the South'. Everyone's gonna be there, except for you... because you're in jail and stuff," he added awkwardly.

Redblaze grunted and looked to the side. "Thanks a lot."

"No problem...and I brought you something. I thought this would brighten you up." Stonetail takes a rolled-up paper out from his suit's jacket and showed it, which Redblaze took from him. "Read the inscription."

Redblaze frowned, but he looked down at it anyway. It read, 'Dear Redblaze, Nanuk says, "Keep on smiling".'

"Are you shitting me?" he growled, glaring irritably up at his brother. "Did you come here just to give me a poster?"

Stonetail shook his head. "I only came by to give you my sincere, heartfelt words of encouragement. I know our lives have been moving in two different directions, but I want you to know that I'll be there for you. We're brothers, even if one brother is a very famous movie star and the other brother is a crook."

Redblaze let out a low growl. "I'm NOT a crook," he snapped.

"I know that," Stonetail reasoned. "But you do kinda look like one, 'cause you're in the pound, and that's where crooks live."

"I was set up!" Redblaze growled. "Dodger knew I knew he was hiring gangsters to pose as Northern soldiers to get United City to fight the Northern WaterClan, so he got me arrested."

Stonetail looked confused before a sly grin came over his face. "Oh, I see what you're doing. You're going for the insanity defense. Awesome. Keep it up."

Redblaze wanted to cuff his brother upside the head for not following him. Instead, he meowed, "It's not that. I'm trying to tell you that Dodger's up to no good. Where's Emerald? She'll need to hear this."

"I asked her to come over, but she told me it was too hard for her. You being in the pound reminds her too much of her dad." There was an awkwardly silent moment before Stonetail started backing up towards the door, adding, "Okay, gotta run for the finale, but I'll be back tomorrow. I'll get you the best attorney fame and fortune can buy."

"Wait a minute, Stonetail," Redblaze called after him. "If I might be right about Dodger, and I know you won't believe me entirely, something might go down tonight at your premiere. Keep your eyes and ears open. Promise me."

Stonetail nodded as he backed out. "Yeah, okay, bro. I promise." Once he was out and the door was shut and locked, Redblaze heard his littermate meow, "I bet that insanity defense is definitely gonna work."


They had been waiting for nearly a moon or so already. Tanrock and the warriors on his side had been hiding out from Cinderstar and his warriors, ready for the time to strike back. But they had been waiting for Owlflame to come back with reinforcements from United City to help them fight for their territory, their home. She hadn't been back yet, and Tanrock wondered what on earth had happened to her. She could be in grave danger, and he would never forgive himself for not keeping an eye out on her.

I shouldn't doubt her, Tanrock thought, sinking his claws into the snow. She's a warrior, not a kit. I just hope she makes it back okay.

"Should we wait another day?" the dark brown tom hissed. "There still might be a chance Owlflame will come back with reinforcements."

Tanrock shook his head. "No. We can't wait any longer. We have to strike now" He turned to his Clan and yowled, "Warriors of the Southern Clan! It's finally time we take back what is ours! It's time to take back our city!"

The warriors yowled in encouragement and started heading out. It was time to show Cinderstar who he was messing with: the warriors of the Southern WaterClan.

Swiftly, Tanrock started Bending snow from the ground into an ice board and then riding it down the slope. The other rebels did the same and followed him, eyes bright with righteous fury and teeth bared. The cats slide down the mountain until they reached the bottom before running into the shadows of the city. So far, things were doing good until a Northern WaterClan cat was stalking nearby, sniffing the air and pausing a bit to look around. When he noticed Tanrock's eyes gleaming in the dark, he let out a yowl, which was cut off when the large light tabby tom pounced on top of him, knocking him out with a swipe to the head.

But the warrior's yowl did not go unnoticed. Many Northern warriors were poking their heads out of huts before running forward, snarling. Tanrock rounded his cats around, running at the Northern cats and meeting them in combat. When Tanrock was wrestling with two cats at once (they were overpowered by his large size), he looked briefly up to the sky as if praying to StarClan.

Hurry back soon, Owlflame, he prayed before launching himself back into battle.


This was the big night. Almost everyone in the city had gathered around at the Pro-Bending Arena lit up at night, its spotlights waving as monsters drove up to it. Plus, the president himself and his wife were coming over (plus, cats had mates, and Twolegs had husbands or wives), which was why a red carpet had been rolled out for the occasion. But first, there were pictures to take, and Nisa and Timon (with their fur dyed to look like their movie characters) let the children have their pictures taken with them. Stonetail had been watching all this from the limousine window, amazed at all of this.

Wow...who knew our lives could end up like this? he thought as he helped Ginger out of the long monster. All that work for nearly a moon, and we've made it this far! I wish Redblaze and Owlflame were here to see it.

Around them, the audience started to scream and clap with applause, cats meowing and dogs barking too. Stonetail and Ginger padded past them with tails entwined, waving said tails and smiling. Then the Twoleg who had been announcing the Pro-Bending matches stepped up to them, dressed in a khaki suit and glasses on his eyes.

"There they are, folks!" he called to the audience. "The sweethearts of the big screen and United City's most famous couple, Stonetail and Ginger!"

Stonetail grinned as their picture was being taken. This Twoleg had confirmed it: he and Ginger were called a couple. Surely she felt the same way about him after all the rehearsing they did together?

Once they were done with the pictures, they went inside to the dressing room, where animal stars got groomed before going out to see their premier. Stonetail himself had never been a tidy cat that much, but becoming a star meant that he needed his personal hygiene attended to daily. Besides, this could be a good chance for him to really get together with Ginger.

"That was fun," Stonetail purred as he was getting his pelt groomed by the Twolegs. "And did you hear what that guy said? We're United City's most famous couple."

"You're a doll, Stonetail, but you're as stupid as your Bending rocks," Ginger sniffed snootily as her fur was washed by the Twolegs. "We are not a couple."

The brown tabby tom frowned. "Well, that's not what they said. And nothing will get past the police of United City, no sir!"

"Will you two stop stuffing yourselves?!" Shard's snarl made Stonetail look around and out of the room. She was glaring sternly at two cats (a fat tabby and a skinny gray cat) greedily eating some pastries, one of their mouths covered in jelly. "Put those Dodge-cakes down and get to your post!"

"You got it, boss," both cats piped up right away, their mouths full of the pastries.

Shard snorted before stalking away. "You two are the pinnacle of refinement," she growled sarcastically.

Once Stonetail and Ginger were finished being groomed, they headed back outside to see Dodger and Julie greet the president and his wife. A limo had pulled up onto the red carpet, parking in front of said cats, who had arrived before they and were waiting for them to arrive. The president was the first to step out, all dressed up in his fanciest outfit, followed by his wife. With a sky-colored dress on, she looked rather attractive for a Twoleg.

The Pro-Bending announcer was saying, "This star-laden event just got even more star-laden, folks. The president and his wife, the first lady, had just arrived. And they're being greeted by entrepreneur extraordinaire...Dodger!"

"There they are, my two most honored guests!" Dodger had padded forth and started leading them towards the Pro-Bending arena. "What do you think of all this? I brought in the finest entertainers from the city of BoulderClan and the best food from around the world. Hell, I even had this red carpet imported from FireClan! They make the best red stuff over there, don't they? And that's a fact right there," he added with a wink. "All right, picture time!"

The three stopped a moment as cameras flashed from any directions around them. Then the president smiled a bit as he said, "You didn't have to do all this for us."

Dodger chuckled. "Oh, but I wanted to; we've been undervaluing Twolegs for far too long. Sir, I took one look at your wife, and I knew that you were a man of very amazing, very extraordinary taste. And that's why I know you're gonna love this movie!"

"Dodger, I know what you're doing," the president then said, his smile turning into a suspicious frown. "Your propaganda won't change my mind about warring with the Northern WaterClan."

"Oh, I think you'll be surprised how very truly persuasive I can be," Dodger added, sly twinkling in his eyes.

There was one more camera flash before they headed on inside of the pro-bending arena.

When they got to the battle arena, a huge movie screen was already hanging over the center. The president and his wife began taking their seats in a balcony box, with two guards on either side of them, along with Stonetail Emerald, Ginger, Nisa, and Timon. A Twoleg waiter brought a tray to Nisa and Timon and set it down on a small table in front of them, pulling the cover off to reveal an intricately decorated cake. Stonetail felt mildly jealous as the two non-feline animals dug in, for he loved cake, but the movie had to matter more than treats.

The lights suddenly went off, and Dodger was padding out into the middle of the arena floor. He was now in the spotlight as he began, "Thank you all for coming to the grand finale of Nanuk: Hero of the South'. You know, when I first started this, there were a lot of naysayers and doubters out there. 'Don't be stupid. You can't move pictures,' they said. 'You can't take some weirdo stray EarthBender and make him a star,' they said."

Stonetail frowned at this part. He wasn't a weirdo...or was he?

"'You can't teach a wolf and meerkat to talk,' they said," Dodger continued. "Well, they're wrong. Thanks to the magic of movies, our non-feline furry friends have found their voices, and you'll be shocked to hear them speak their minds. They'll speak of the injustice that's happening in the Southern WaterClan right now. My hope is that their words and this epic movie will inspire a real-life hero-our president, by the way-to rise up and help. Thank you again, and enjoy the show!"

Thus, the spotlight went off, and the projector turned on as the movie began. It all started with Nanuk in the clutches of a giant bird's talons, the same kind of talons he had practiced with when Redblaze revealed he had been cheating on Owlflame.

"When last we left our hero, he was captured by the Evil Cinderstar's dastardly pet falcon," the narrator's voice said. "Amazingly, with the power of his animal whistling, Nanuk escaped...and decided to seek out council."

Nanuk gave a whistle, and the bird dropped him...with an obvious jump cut in the editing; Stonetail recalled that he had big trouble getting out of that prop. Then the movie skipped ahead to a scene of him standing before a worn underwater background with holes in it. A seal had popped out of the hole, clapping its fins and barking, apparently "giving counsel". Thus, a fish was tossed to it from off-screen so it could catch it.

"Thank you, wise sage," Nanuk meowed. "I will travel to United City and seek help from the president. He loves helping others after all."

Stonetail bet that meant the president could help fight the Northern WaterClan, but he watched on as Nanuk headed over to the city, which was actually a model set to have normal city sounds. The actor of the president had become a scientist, currently working on a beaker and a glass flask while standing by a chemistry set just as Nanuk arrived.

"Nanuk! What a surprise!" the movie president said with a smile. "Now please, take a seat. I was just working on a cure for the common cold. My citizens will no longer suffer from the common cold!"

"Mr. President, there's something more important than the common cold right now," Nanuk replied. "I need your help to stop the Evil Cinderstar before his plans come forth."

The president looked up right away. "Did you say 'help'? If there is one thing I love doing besides science, it's helping people."

At this, the audience laughed. Even the president's wife leaned over to tell her husband, "The seal seemed a bit weird, but this president is spot on."

The president smiled over at her before looking back at the movie. Stonetail watched them and felt slightly down at that. Owlflame and Redblaze weren't here to enjoy it with them...something Emerald seemed to determine his mood.

"Stonetail, what's wrong?" the calico she-cat asked. "I think this is your best movie yet."

"Yeah, I know," Stonetail replied with a slightly sad look. "I just wish Redblaze was here to see this."


But little did they know, something was happening at the Pro-Bending arena outside. A boat was making its way across the water towards it, reaching the arena and going under the walkway around the edge. The boat contained cats that had been slathered in fish guts to disguise their scents. They got out and began to climb up from below and up the side of the building, keeping a lookout for anything that could ruin their mission.

Not far away, the two police cats were sitting there...and eating instead of guarding the place. The skinny gray cat was saying, "Did I ever say how much I LOVE eating the top part of this cake first?"

"Hey, I just try to shove the whole thing in my mouth," the fat tabby tom meowed as he shoved the whole cake in his mouth, getting the filling on his lips again. He chewed for a moment and gave a very dopey smile, adding, "See? Nothin' to it."

"I love our job," the skinny cat said with a smirk. "Especially without that Reddy rookie around."

Now that they were distracted, it was time for the rogues to pounce. They immediately Bended water up from below and knocked the two cats down, one cat running forward to knock them out with a blow to their heads. Ignoring the splattered cake at their paws, they dragged their unconscious bodies over to a locker to lock them up for the time being.

And their next target would be the president himself.


Act Two


Back inside the pro-bending arena, the movie continued on. On the big screen was a shot of Nanuk chained to a wall inside an ice cave as mechs rolled up towards him. Despite his brief sadness, Stonetail had to admit that he liked this part. It really got to show the audience how loud he could really be.

"Northern robots!" Nanuk cried. "Nooo!"

"BZZT. BZZT," the robot was saying in a robotic voice. "NANUK CANNOT STOP CINDERSTAR. MUST DESTROY NANUK."

The machine was getting closer when Frosty (played by Nisa) jumped in between them, snarling and barking while Nicky (acted by Timon) jumped onto the snow jackal's back. The robots backed away, and Nicky squeaked before turning around towards Nanuk, special effect lasers shooting out from his eyes and destroying the chains. Nanuk then pulled himself fully free from the wall before turning to his animal friends with a smile.

With a laugh, he jumped out of the way of a robotic claw. He got to his haunches and started waving his forepaws, and a stage hand from behind the scenery to the right was thowing a large basin of water at the robots, which began to spark and sputter.

"Ha!" Nanuk cheered. "Looks like water and Automatorobots don't mix!"

"BZZT. OH NO. CIRCUTS ARE NOT COMPUTING," the mecha beeped as they all slumped over and powered down.

"We did it!" Nanuk cheered as he gave a high five to a fake prop arm for Frosty. "But wait...where's Nicky?"

And beside them, Nicky was laying on his back on the floor, a spotlight on him as he coughed and sad music played. Stonetail knew what was going to happen...but it would be a spoiler if he told anyone.

"Nuk-no!" Frosty exclaimed with a bark.

With sorrow, Nanuk hurried over to the smaller white animal. "Don't die, Nicky," he mewled. "We're in this until the end!"

"It's okay, Nanuk," Nicky squeaked feebly, licking at his paw. "At least I got to be...your friend."

And with that, he laid down on the floor, his tail moving briefly before stopping. Frosty gave a whimper and covered his eyes with his paws, and Nanuk let out a loud "NICKY!" to the sky. Much of the audience were feeling for the characters, and Stonetail felt a bit downer. It truly wasn't any fun without Owlflame and Redblaze around; Owlflame would join him while Redblaze would usually be his brooding self. With a sigh, he got up and started padding away from the balcony box.

Once Stonetail was outside, he padded over to the railing and jumped onto it, looking out towards the city. AvatarClan had really started falling apart ever since the WaterClan civil war began. He imagined that they could be as closely together as the cats of the old AvatarClan were, travelling together and helping kick tail. But now...they were now living separate lives.

I like the movie...but it sucks without Redblaze and Owlflame being here with us, Stonetail thought. Where'd the good times go?

"Are you okay?" Stonetail turned to the side in time to see Emerald jump up onto the railing beside him. "It seems like this movie is really getting to you somehow. You do know Nicky's not really dead, right?"

"Nicky's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the world," Stonetail muttered. Then he closed his eyes and added, "Shit. Spoiler alert. Sorry."

Emerald shrugged. "It's fine. But seriously, what's wrong?"

Stonetail thought it all over, feeling a bit lonelier than he had felt in a long while. In this past moon, everyone had been going their separate ways, possibly on the verge of never coming back. Owlflame had Avatar Cat duties to do, Redblaze was framed and locked up...and it seemed that even though Emerald was talking to him now, she could be going back to her company anytime soon.

He sighed and looked into her green eyes. "I guess I just miss my friends. Everything's going so well for me, but it feels empty without the others around. Owlflame's off doing her duties, Redblaze's locked up at the pound, you're doing business stuff...or whatever that's about. Face it: AvatarClan's gone."

"I know," Emerald murmured, resting a paw on one of his. "Things have changed so much since we first met. Where had those days gone?" She shook herself and leaped down from the railing. "Why don't you come back in and finish watching the movie with me?"

"Nah, you go ahead," Stonetail meowed. "I need another minute out here."

Emerald blinked and nodded before heading inside.

But just as Stonetail turned away, something caught the corner of his eye. There was a boat parked under the dock to the arena, and in there were what looked like the weapons stolen from Emerald.

"What in the world...?" Stonetail muttered suspiciously. Something was going on, and he didn't like it. He had to go back inside and let Dodger know.

So he spun around and went back inside.

He was padding through the corridors when he suddenly slipped on the floor, crashing down onto his side. Stonetail shakily got to his paws and stood up straight while he looked down at the mess; it appeared to be a cake or something, the kind of cake Dodger had advertised along with the movie. The tabby tom bent down, licked at the jelly on the ground, and tasted it with a smack of his lips.

Hmmm...jelly. What's it doing on the floor?

Just then, muffled cries sounded off from beside him. Stonetail headed over to one of the lockers, opening it and revealing two cats spilling out of it. They were the same cake-eating cops from earlier, all tied up and gagged, so Stonetail quickly untied them and ungagged them.

"You gotta hurry, kid!" the fat cat gasped, jelly on both of their faces. "They're after the President!"

Stonetail nodded right away and left, leaving the two cats struggling to get free. When he came back into the movie area, he saw that the movie was already having Evil Cinderstar gloating, "You're too late, Nanuk! My doomsday device will shoot this block of ice into the center of the earth, freezing the entire planet! Then I will rule the world of ice!"

"I don't think so!" Nanuk was retorting.

A muffled cry caught Stonetail's ears, making them twitch. It appeared that the president and his wife were already being captured by the crooks that came here. He burst through the door from where the noise was at, and he found himself facing some cats, some of them having bounded and gagged the Twolegs.

"I don't think so!" Stonetail yowled.

As Ginger from the movie screamed, a WaterBender threw a stream of water at Stonetail, who jumped to the side in time. The tabby tom then Bended a large rock from the wall and threw it at the gray cat, knocking him out of the balcony box and into the water below. This caused the audience to gasp and start murmuring, and Stonetail even saw Shard Bei Fong look suspiciously at the fight below.

With a grunt, Stonetail slammed a paw to the ground and created a shockwave, cracking it, and the other three cats were popped into the ceiling by the stones beneath them, and they let go of the president and his wife. One paw swipe later, and the WaterBenders were flung out of the box by three rocks, some of them onto the stage. Once they were out of the way, he ran over and started untying them, using his claws and teeth to hack at the ropes until they were free.

"Mr. President, back it up!" Stonetail told him, wagging his stumpy tail. "I'm here to help you out."

With a yowl, he leaped down from the balcony box and lands on the arena floor below, sinking his unsheathed claws into the ground. The Nanuk theme music from the movie was playing while he cracked his neck before stepping forward, ready for action.

"You got nowhere to go, chumps," he meowed with a smirk. "It's Stoner time."

The WaterBendered looked down at the arena for a moment before the one in the middle Bended the water from the floor and threw it hard at him. Stonetail dodged to his left, dodging some more as he heard Shard yowl from her seat, "Warriors! Secure the President and call for backup immediately!"

After some more dodging and rolling, Stonetail did a roundhouse kick and brought up three earth disks from the floor before flinging them at the cats with a back kick. One cat was hit with a disk while the other two ducked under before another threw a stream of water at him. Stonetail rolled out of the way in time and threw two disks at him. The cat leaped over the disks and attacked with an arcing wave of water down at Stonetail. The tabby tom hopped to the side to avoid it, popped up another disk, and flung it hard, but the WaterBender ducked under it while the other one hit him with a stream.

"Nanuk/Stonetail, look out!" both Gingers called.

Hearing her, Stonetail rolled across the floor towards the large speakers near the screen. He got up to his paws and ran over to the left to avoid an attack, stopping short before being hit by another. Shaking the water from his long pelt, he ran forward, did a corkscrew hop, and slammed both forepaws onto the floor, making two tall stacks of earth discs pop out of the floor and land in front of him. It was like Pro-Bending...except that he would have to fight for the president and save the day.

The enemy cats each shot of torrent of water at Stonetail, but he waved a paw in front of him, and the stacks of earth discs came together, forming a shield. Just as Evil Cinderstar also shot a torrent of water at Nanuk, the same thing was happening to Stonetail. But Stonetail held his defense against the water well; he pulled back and let loose a yowl as he swiped his claws at the stacks, shooting several disks out at the rogues. One was hit by a discs while the other one dodged, but Stonetail shot some more discs at that cat too.

"This is unbelievable!" the Pro-Bending announcer was yelling. "Stonetail's Bending two earth disc stacks at once, which would be illegal! Then again, he's fighting three WaterBenders at once too, so screw the rules tonight!"

Stonetail watched as an earth disc collided with a WaterBender before flinging two at another. This cat was knocked down by the discs while the other one summoned two streams of water, waving them around and throwing them at Stonetail. Stonetail then hopped over the first and then popped up two disks to shield himself against the second, all the while the movie showing Nnuk fighting Evil Cinderstar, matching Stonetail's movements. Then he threw another disk at the WaterBender, who leaped away, spinning around and throwing two more attacks at him. Stonetail jumped over them both, and on the second jump, he got another earth disc and shot it, watching the disc colliding with the cat, knocking him back into the speaker.

"Tell me who sent you!" Stonetail called, readying another attack. "Or do you want some more Stonetail action?!"

The cat who crashed into the speaker whimpered, "It was Dodger. He set this all up so he can kidnap the president! Please don't kill me, Nanuk!"

That made Stonetail drop the earth discs in surprise. Not just at being called Nanuk...but also from hearing Dodger's name. Dodger had betrayed them by attacking the president. Was this why he got him to become a movie star? To kidnap the president while they were all distracted?

"I think this is our cue to exit," Dodger was meowing as he turned around, as if noticing the stares. "Let's go, Julie."

"Where do you think you're going, mouse-fodder?" Shard's voice growled shortly after he said that, making him stop.

Stonetail had been watching this going on when he heard a yowl and looked behind him: a cat was trying to rush at him while his back was turned. Thus, as the gangster got close, he stomped the ground, popping a disc up from under the cat and sending him flying away and into the water below. Back on the movie, the movie screen showed Evil Cinderstar being defeated while the Pro-Bending announcer (with an arm around a random Twoleg) cheered, "What a knockout!"

All around him, the crowd began cheering, and Stonetail noticed Emerald smiling with pride towards him. He grinned back at her before looking around and noticing his movie counterpart that was what he did too.


Once the movie was over, Dodger had been found and placed under arrest, last seen being put into the back of a police van by the police outside of the Pro-Bending arena. The same thing happened to Julie, his assistant, and the cats who had aided Dodger in this crime. Stonetail, in the meantime, was being hailed as a hero for saving the president, the children even saying that they wanted to be like him when they grew up. He shared an excited look with Emerald as this happened, and she responded with a smile of her own and a wink.

Not too far away, Shard and the president were talking near the police monsters. Shard was saying, "So it all makes sense. Dodger's plan was to kidnap you and blame it on the North. Then the city would have to go to war and join the South."

"I can't believe Dodger would do this," the president replied and hung his head. "No one saw it coming, not even the police."

Shard nearly smiled. "Actually, someone did," she meowed. "Someone who I should've listened to more. You remember Redblaze?"

The president nodded before looking down at the brown she-cat. "I remember. That was the cat you yelled at before. You've got a great officer on your side."

"He's one of the best," Shard agreed with a nod. "He'll make a great detective one day."

Stonetail looked around in time to see the cameras flashing their lights at him, and he grinned. But that was halted by Ginger suddenly stepping forward and gently licking his cheek. This left him a rather surprised yet happy kind of dazed.

"I can't believe my mate is a hero!" Ginger purred.

Hearing that, Stonetail regained his senses and asked, "I thought you said we weren't a couple?"

Ginger rested a paw on his shoulder. "Ah, you really are as stupid as rocks," she meowed, but there was an excited purr in her voice now. "Of course we're a couple."

So with a purr and a wag of his stubby tail, Stonetail nuzzled her back. In fact, they were so busy with that, they hadn't noticed Emerald pushing her way through the crowd and up to him.

"She's right; you're a hero," Emerald meowed. "And you proved Redblaze was right about Dodger. "We gotta go to the pound and tell him what happened."

Stonetail broke the nuzzling to meow "Yeah! Later!" before returning to business with Ginger. But Emerald cleared her throat, and he turned around, meowing, "Oh, you meant right now. Sorry, I got caught up in the mood."

But as the two split up, a roar made them all look up. Ryu, Sunstar's Asian Lung dragon, had come flying down towards them, carrying Owlflame, Sunstar, and Sunstar's littermates on board. When the dragon landed, Owlflame jumped out right away and ran over towards the president.

"What's wrong?" the president asked, his voice polite but wary.

"Sir, I know I've asked for your help before, but things have changed," Owlflame explained. "Cinderstar doesn't just want to take over the South anymore...he wants to destroy the world."


Act Three


It was as if the movie had become alive right in front of Stonetail. In the movie, Evil Cinderstar had wanted to destroy the world and recreate it in his own image. What Owlflame had just said reminded him of that part, and it would be a great idea for a new movie...if Dodger hadn't betrayed them and the world wasn't in danger.

"So Cinderstar's gonna destroy the world?" Stonetail asked, padding up to them. "And he really does have a doomsday device? Just like in the movie?"

"Yeah," Owlflame meowed. "He's trying to release a powerful dark spirit during Harmonic Convergence, which is only a few days away. If he succeeds and we don't do something, the world will be destroyed." She turned back to the president and went on in a pleading tone, "Sir, you already heard what I said. And we need your help more than ever. Please."

The cats all looked over at the president, expecting him to agree. Stonetail recalled Owlflame asking him to help the South and he had refused; perhaps the movie could persuade him? If he accepted their help, then there could be an even bigger chance to save the world for real.

And when the president finally spoke, his answer was, " answer is still no."

"What?! There are many lives on the line!" Sunstar spoke up first, angrily stepping forward. "And my daughter is one of them. You must reconsider or else more will be lost!"

"I'm aware that lives are on the line, and that's why my troops are staying here," the president said sternly. "If the world is going to be thrown into chaos, like you claim, I need to stay here to protect my citizens. I'm sorry, but I won't change my mind."

Maybe some flattery might butter him up, Stonetail thought. With a smile, he sidled up to the president and meowed, "Sir...Nanuk needs your help this time. I know you love helping people. Remember?"

The gray-suited Twoleg looked down at him. "Son, I appreciate you saving my wife and I, and I do love your work, but my decision is final. Good evening to all of you."

At this, he turned and walked away, leaving the group in silence. Stonetail sat down and muttered, "Damn...shouldn't have saved that guy."

He did see Owlflame look down at the refusal and shared a worried look with Sunstar and his littermates. As if noticing this right away, Emerald stepped forward and meowed, "If you guys need help, I'm here for you."

"Yeah, me too," Stonetail meowed with a purr. Inside, he was excited that AvatarClan was getting formed once again, after having saved United City from Anubis and the Equalists.

"Thanks, you guys. It's so good to see you again," Owlflame meowed with gratitude. But then she started looking around at the crowd behind them and asked, "Wait, where's Redblaze?"

Hearing those words made Stonetail and Emerald glance around at each other uneasily. Not only would they have to tell her that Redblaze was in the pound, but they would also have to tell her that he and Emerald started dating shortly after Owlflame had left United City. With a quick meow, he excused himself and ran off to get Redblaze out of prison and tell him the news.

A few minutes later found him arriving at the police station, looking around for a police officer to open Redblaze's cell. Once they got there, the door opened, and Redblaze had been apparently startled out of sleep right away. He had sat up in his nest and started grooming himself right away, licking his paws first and washing them over his face and ears.

"So how'd the big premiere go?" Redblaze asked with a yawn after he finished his grooming.

"I saved the President! In real life too!" Stonetail cheered. When his brother looked confused, he added quickly, "You were right about Dodger; he tried to kidnap the president!"

Redblaze's amber eyes lit up right away when he heard this. Then, with claws unsheathing, he growled, "I knew it! It WAS him! That smug snake!"

Stonetail nodded quickly. "I know, but it didn't work because of you and me! Shard says you're free to go. Sorry for ever doubting you," he added in mild guilt.

"It's okay, bro," Redblaze assured him, leaping down from his nest and giving him a hug. "Don't worry about it."

"No, I mean it," Stonetail assisted, slapping a paw heartily onto his shoulder. "You want me to catch whatever you wanna eat, and I'll catch it!"

Redblaze gave him a slight smile before Stonetail led the way out of the prison cell and out of the police station. But just as they set paw outside, they were greeted by quite a sight.

Shard and the police force were out there, applauding them as they came out; apparently, word had spread to the station faster than Stonetail had run there. Amongst the crowd, Stonetail could see Emerald watching from nearby, a smile on her face as she stepped forward to see them. Even Owlflame had come over to see them, having led Sunstar, Seashell, and Rockfall over.

"Nice job, Redblaze," Shard meowed with pride in her tone. "The police force and I owe you a big apology. You're going to make a great detective."

Redblaze looked stunned at the statement, and the two bumbling cats gawked while Duke stammered, "B-But there aren't any detective openings."

"And he's just a rookie criminal," Earl added.

Shard turned to glare sternly at the bumbling cats. "A rookie criminal who's done a hell of a lot better than you two slackers! That's why we have two openings now."

The two stared around at each other in shock while Redblaze had a grateful smile crossing his face. Shard finally believed in him, and Stonetail felt that he really deserved it after all he had done. From stray little Red to Pro-Bender Redblaze and finally to detective, he had really come a long way. He couldn't have asked for a better brother ever since their parents were killed by a FireBender moons ago.

Just then, Owlflame stepped out of the crowd and towards Redblaze, rubbing her muzzle against his cheek. Stonetail sat there intensely, waiting for whatever reaction was going to come out of the crowd.

"I've missed you so much, Redblaze," Owlflame murmured, licking his ear gently.

Redblaze still looked surprised while Emerald looked shocked and hurt until it turned into a glare. Now was the truth, Stonetail realized, for his brother to tell the truth about their break-up, how he and Emerald nuzzled each other while she was gone.

"Oh, yeah, didn't I tell you?" Stonetail meowed, sidling up to Redblaze. "Owlflame's back. But if I didn't say anything before, I'm saying it now."

Redblaze sighed before looking back at his former mate. "I missed you too, Owlflame. So you're not still mad at me?"

Owlflame was still smiling, a pretty yet VERY oblivious smile. "Mad? Why would I be mad?" she asked.

"We fought before you left, remember?" Redblaze meowed. "You were mad at me for ratting you out to the president. Do you remember that?"

"No, not really," Owlflame meowed, her smile fading. "I got attacked by a giant dark spirit out in the bay, and I lost my memory for a little while...maybe it hasn't all come back yet. Did we fight badly?"

The other cats were waiting for his response, expecting him to tell her the truth about their fight. And what he said next was... "No, was fine."

Stonetail groaned and gave his brother a certain look; of course he was a naïve cat, but even he knew Redblaze was going to make things worse with that lie. Emerald, however, seemed to take it much harder than he, for she frowned and looked away, sadness and irritation in her eyes. And even the two cats who didn't like Redblaze (Duke and Earl) were shaking their heads in displeasure at what he was doing.

Apparently, Sunstar had saved them from more awkwardness, for he meowed to Owlflame, "We don't have much time. We need to deal with Cinderstar...but how?"

That was when Stonetail had an idea. Even though he didn't want to after all that cat had done to them, there was no denying that he had something in his brain that could help out.

"I know just the cat to talk to," he declared. To Shard, he asked, "Can you lead us to Dodger's cell?"

Shard nodded and headed back towards the police station. Redblaze, Owlflame, and Emerald gave him uncertain looks, but Stonetail gave them a look, to tell them that it would be all fine. The four cats followed Shard into the police station and, once in there, up some stairs to upstairs cells. When they finally got to his cell, they were surprised by what they saw in there.

"Evening, folks! What do you think?" The cats took the time to look around; unlike the other cells, this cell looked fabulously furbished with a bed or two and stuff to feed the prison cells in MudClan Stonetail had heard about. "My company built this prison, and I had this cell made special if I'd end up here one day...and I knew I'd end up here. Julie, we got guests; whip up a pot of that jade cream I love."

"She's in prison with you?" Owlflame asked in curiosity.

Dodger nodded with a wink. "Yep. I don't go anywhere without my assistant."

"We're not interested in your tea," Redblaze growled, looking none too pleasant at seeing Dodger. "And this isn't a friendly visit."

Dodger looked around at them all with a beseeching look. "Aww, don't tell me you're still mad about everything that happened? I did some good things too, remember? Owlflame, who warned you about Cinderstar? I did."

At this, Owlflame's face softened.

"Stonetail, who got you a star position in the movies? I did."

At this, Stonetail's face softened.

"Emerald, who saved your company? I did."

At this, Emerald's face softened.

"Redblaze, who got you thrown in the pound? I did."

Redblaze...just kept glaring. Dodger spotted this and added hastily, "Oh, yeah, I guess that was a bad thing, huh?"

Emerald's face hardened once again. "You stole everything from my company, and you tried to kidnap the President," she spat, her eyes narrowing. "Those are pretty bad too if you ask me."

"Hey, I wasn't gonna hurt him or kill him. I'm not into that kind of business," Dodger insisted. "I just needed to start a war, that's all. Well, a bigger war right now."

"Well, we're gonna end it," Stonetail meowed. "And where's all the stuff you pilfered from Emerald?"

Dodger didn't really shrink away from Stonetail's gaze. "The Future Productions stuff, you say? On my battleship, of course."

"You have a battleship?" Owlflame piped up.

"Yep!" Dodger meowed with pride. "I bought the first one they made, named her the Julie. After my amazing assistant here."

The five cats shared confused looks before Stonetail asked, "You named your battleship after your assistant?

"Yep. They're both cold, heartless war machines." Julie set down a bowl of cream, and Dodger took a lap from it, going on, "Look, kids, I am truly sorry for the big mess I caused. To make it up to you, you can take Julie. "My battleship," he added quickly when Julie looked over at him, "it's yours, and everything on it too. Consider that a repentance gift from me to you."

They exchanged another look before Owlflame meowed, "It's not the fleet we were looking for, but it's better than nothing."

"Yes!" Stonetail cheered, gathering his friends together into a group hug. "AvatarClan is back and better than ever!"

At this, the other three cats laughed with him, Shard behind them and nodding in approval. This night couldn't have been even better for Stonetail; he had saved the day, he was a hero now, and he and his friend were reunited for a new mission.

So they had gone away to prepare themselves for the mission, packing up whatever they could and then taking Dodger's boat towards South. While on board just as the sky in the distance was slowly turning from inky black to dark gray, Stonetail noticed Owlflame sitting on the bridge of the battleship, looking up at the fading stars. He wondered if he should go over to her and comfort her, Redblaze had beaten him to her.

"Don't worry," his brother was assuring Owlflame. "We're gonna stop your uncle and get Ivypaw back. We'll all do it together."

"I know," the blue-gray warrior meowed, leaning against his shoulder. "I just hope Dad's okay."

Redblaze leaned down to lick her ear. "Hey, I'm sure he's fine."


"They're falling back!" Tanrock bellowed, launching himself at a tabby tom. He was jumping off the side of a building as the water froze where it once was. So far, the battle was doing very well, and his warriors had been fighting a winning battle, shoving back the Northern cats until some of them were injured.

However, a yowl made Tanrock look up. Duskfern and Paleclaw were prowling off on one of the roofs, and he turned around to see why. Cinderstar was beside them, riding on a large dark owl spirit, the large bird leading more warriors and dark spirits behind them. Tanrock gave a growl of worry; they could use whatever Owlflame learned from Cinderstar right about now, to turn the tables against the North. But for now, they had fangs, claws, and WaterBending.

A dark monitor spirit suddenly jumped over behind him and whipped away the rebels with its tail. It lunged at Tanrock, but he hit it hard and fast with a stream of water from the snow on the ground, obliterating it. But as he and another rebel turned around, they were struck on their shoulders by Duskfern and Paleclaw, who had joined the battle from above. It now felt like they were fighting demonic ravens circling above them...until some warriors spilled forth to attack from all sides.

Bearing a swipe from another cat, Tanrock grunted to his warriors, "Get back! Gather all the warriors together!"

"What about you?" the big dark brown tom asked, protecting himself from an aerial attack. "You're our leader."

Tanrock shielded his face from another water blast and looked up ahead. Northern warriors and spirits were confronting his warriors, and he noticed Cinderstar fighting way in the back. Then, to his rising fury, he saw his littermate pin one of his warriors down and kill him with a swipe to the neck, words like "StarClan" and "forgive" on his lips. He had gone really off the deep end; how could he have missed seeing his jealousy back when he lived in the North Pole?

"Don't worry about my health. Get back to the fight," Tanrock told his warrior. "This ends here. Go!"

With that, he leaped towards Duskfern and Paleclaw, who jumped away and used water to shield themselves from his flailing claws. Once they got the shield up, he ran around the shield and after Cinderstar, vaulting over a stack of crates and landing hard on two other cats. Two other cats then tried pouncing on him from behind, but Tanrock swiped his claws at them and caught them on their shoulders, bringing them down. They had used their claws too to scratch at his legs, and he made sure to swipe at their heads to knock them out.

"Hello, Tanrock. Looking for me, have you?"

It was Cinderstar, standing behind some warriors before he swaggered out to greet him. He meowed, "I was just sitting by and watching you battle my warriors. It'll be a while before your warriors' bodies get cold. And when they're done, I'll finish you off as my warriors will do to yours."

"Come on and try it, you traitorous bastard!" Tanrock snapped. "There's no way we'll let a snake like you take over the world!"

"A snake, eh?" Cinderstar sneered. "Well, you just woke this snake up from its slumber!"

With a snarl, Tanrock launched himself at Cinderstar, who jumped cleanly over him until he landed on his other side. Tanrock Bended a large stream of water, turned it into ice, and flung it at Cinderstar, but the Northern leader swished his tail around to create a large mound of ice to shield himself. The collision created a large mist cloud, and out of it flew the mound of ice, colliding with the larger tabby tom, who grunted in pain as it connected with his forehead. Tanrock stumbled, trying to blink the flowing, sticky blood out of his eyes, but he managed to stand back up to glare at his opponent.

Cinderstar had leapt away unscathed, smirking as he purred, "Just admit it, brother. I'm too strong for you. If you have enough strength, use it to bite your enemies."

Tanrock glared back at him. "After all you did, you're no brother of mine. You betrayed me and the Clan. You had me exiled from our home!"

"Of course I did," Cinderstar replied with a pompous tone. "But what will you do about it? StarClan had decreed it."

Like hell they did! With a roar, Tanrock sprang for his so-called brother, intending to flay him alive to teach him a lesson. But just before he could reach his brother, two shapes shot past Cinderstar and barreled right into him, knocking him down to the ground.

Once again, Paleclaw and Duskfern had interfered in the fight. They were looking down at him, faces blank but seemingly prepared to obey whatever their father would give them.

"Enough, you two!" Cinderstar growled. "He's mine. Once I finish with him, then you can have your fun."

The two shared some looks before backing off, but the damage was already done. Tanrock was already severely wounded while Cinderstar had been untouched from the start.

" snake-heart!" Tanrock hissed, panting as blood trickled down his neck and sides. "You're not the true leader of the Clan! StarClan won't forgive you for all of this!"

"Oh, they will," Cinderstar replied with a smirk. "But what's done is done. I AM the true leader of the Clan, and you WILL bow down to me." As he spoke, he started lifting his tail up, and the snow on the ground formed a wave, coming at Tanrock.

Duskfern and Paleclaw jumped out of the way into an alley as Tanrock was hit by the wave of snow and sent back into the wall of ice he made earlier. He grunted in pain as he felt a sharp piece of ice slice down his side, but he quickly got back to his paws and threw a stream of water at the Northern WaterClan leader. However, Cinderstar caught the stream with his Bending and encircled it around himself before turning the water into ice and throwing it back at him. Tanrock dodged the ice and managed to slash at another ice stream aimed at him, claws scraping against ice. He rolled under a third frozen stream and rushed at Cinderstar, who growled and began to Bend ice spikes from the ground and the buildings at him. Tanrock rolled under them, dodged another wave, and slashed at two more with his teeth and claws without stopping his run.

Cinderstar then threw a water stream at Tanrock, but Tanrock rolled under it as he kept getting closer. He Bended an ice wall between him and the dark gray tom to shield him from the next attack, which burst through the ice, but Tanrock jumped to the side. Cinderstar shattered the ice barrier with more attacks and attempted to destroy the ice slide. Tanrock slid under the attack and lunged upward like an orca after a bird, claws outstretched and prepared to teach his brother a lesson.

"This ends HERE!" Tanrock bellowed, his claws getting closer and closer to Cinderstar's face. He did not know entirely what his brother's plans were exactly, but they were apparently no good. Perhaps if he stopped him here, Owlflame could have an easier time sending the North home with tails between their legs.

But then, Cinderstar slashed at his chest with his back claws before reaching up and crashing his head underneath his jaw. The bigger tabby tom grunted in pain and reeled away while Cinderstar swiped his claws up and caught him on the jaw again. While Tanrock spat out some bloody teeth and glared back up at his brother, the dark gray tom Bended some water at him and froze it, trapping him inside. And with a flick of his tail, the ice shattered, scattering shards of ice all over Tanrock's pelt.

With a sneer, Cinderstar stalked forward and pinned his littermate to the ground, claws spiking at his neck. Tanrock couldn't even move, and the Northern WaterClan leader revelled in his brother being defeated. It came to show, he believed, that StarClan chose the right cat to rule the world and he was the better brother.

"You're right about something for once; this does end here," he growled, savagely kicking Tanrock aside. "Now that you're done, I'm going for your daughter next. Nothing will stop me now."

To be continued...


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