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Rukia set personal records in getting ready. A usually twenty minute process took her less than five before she was climbing into her old jeep. It was an old car that epitomized the idea of a budget car. She had bought while still in school, for less than a weeks pay at a cafe were she was working at the time.

Regardless, it got her where she needed to go, so she had kept it. No reason to scrap it just yet. She hoped that after she got a job she could fix it up to be good as new. It took her a few tries to get the engine to turn over, but she got it and sped off towards Tenpan.

Arriving, she jumped out of the jeep, almost forgetting to turn it off, and ran to the doors. Opening them, she bore witness to a flurry of activity that was entirely different from the afternoon before.

"Rukia!" She turned and saw that Ise was beckoning to her from her office. Rukia hurried over.

"Ise, what's going on?" She asked. The director looked her over once before cocking an eyebrow, "Tatsuki made you get here that fast, huh?" Rukia immediately went red and tried to straighten out her hastily thrown on clothes, "Sorry..." She mumbled.

Ise turned and went back to her desk, "I'm just giving you a hard time, Rukia. You want a homicide tip?" Rukai nodded sheepishly.

"Dead bodies aren't going anywhere fast, so no need to rush yourself." Ise said, snatching something from a drawer in her desk and coming back over. She handed Rukia a gold badge with the word Kuchiki in diagonal letters on it.

"How did you get this made so fast? I was only hired this afternoon." Rukia said, holding the badge tenderly, like it was going to break in her hand. Ise laughed.

"When you don't have a homicide agent on the payroll, the entire station gets worse ratings. That badge was pretty much made already so we could get a new once hired as soon as we could. All it needed was your name."

"Oh." Was all Rukia said in reply as her eyes were glued to the new badge. She, Rukia Kuchiki now had a badge. Something that gave her actual authority. Awesome.

"No time to daydream, Rukia. Tatsuki is already on the scene. Najima Park, on the double. Move it!" She said with a bark. Rukia jumped and scampered out of the station to her car. Najima Park was close by, only about five minutes by car. Her jeep roared to life and she left the station.

Pretty soon she could see the lights of police cruisers, ambulances and news crews. She parked her jeep and jumped out, headed towards the area that had been taped off. Najima Park was a very central location, ringing by houses and rich neighborhoods. Very few places around the city could boast the kind of regulars as Najima.

Nearing the yellow tape, she caught the eye of a policeman who was standing guard, "Who are you? This area is off limits..." He began.

Rukia held the badge up, "Rukia Kuchiki, Homicide." In her mind, it sounded like the corniest line from the corniest cop movie ever. She was sure that he would be rolling on the ground laughing.

The officer, to her surprise, didn't die laughing, "Oh, you must be the new agent. Please, right this way, ma'am." He said respectfully. He held the tape up for her and she went to follow, but found her way blocked by a reporter.

"Excuse me! Anything you can tell us about the murde-"

"No questions!" The officer barked sternly, blocking the reporter from Rukia and lifted the yellow tape.

"Next to that big tree there, Miss Kuchiki." He said, pointing. She followed his finger and saw Tatsuki standing while some photographers pictured the scene.


She walked over, looking around the park as she did. It wasn't a large park, but it had a lot of trees in it, and several fountains. Small paved paths wound through with benches at regular intervals.

"Nice park, huh?" Tatsuki said, spotting Rukia walking up behind her. Rukia nodded.

"My papa used to bring me here when I was young, to watch the cherry trees blossom. He lives two streets away." She said, getting lost in memory for a second. Tatsuki laughed at her glazed eyes.

"Reporters get after you?"

"Yeah, the officer there yelled them off though." Rukia answered.

"Alright then rookie, welcome to your first case." She said, turning back to the photographers. Rukia looked down and saw what happened almost instantly. A man, maybe in his twenties, had been shot square between the eyes.

"Guess it wasn't a nice walk in the park. Who is he?" Rukia asked, inspecting the ground around the dead man. Tatsuki whistled, "Well, well, well. Already some crime scene humor out of you. Guys name is Riki Machida. Twenty six years old, a business consultant with Ichimaru Accounting Firm. No criminal history whatsoever. We've already notified his girlfriend."

Rukia processed the information, "Girlfriend? What about immediate family?" She asked, looking at her partner. Tatsuki shook her head.

"None. He's the only child of parents who passed away years ago. Closest loved one we could find was his girlfriend."

"How did you know?" Rukia asked.

"The girl who found him also knew him. She told us this information and most of it has been verified as true."

"Most of it?"

Tatsukai scratched her head, "Well, he might have uncles or aunts or something like that, but we went with that girls word that his girlfriend was the closest to him." Rukia nodded. It all made sense to her. Kind of.

Her eyes snapped to a newcomer to the scene. A guy, maybe around her age wearing jeans and a polo walked into the circle carrying a suitcase. She was about to flip, but Tatsuki greeted him.

"Well good morning there, Hanataro. Nice evening isn't it?" She said cheerily. The man, or more like boy, once Rukia saw his face, smiled, "It was nice before I got called out here." He chuckled.

Tatsuki laughed, "Rukia, this is Hanataro Yamada. He's the coroner for Tenpan regional, and the youngest coroner is the city."

Hanataro rubbed the back of his head nervously, "I am not the youngest. That guy two precincts north is around my age..."

"He's six years older than you." Tatsuki deadpanned. Rukia watched the exchange with a smile. These two obviously knew each other and were good friends. She was surprised when she noticed a hand hovering a few inches from her.

"Nice to meet you, Rukia. I hear that you are the new homicide agent at Tenpan." Hanataro said, a genuine smile on his face. Rukia shook his hand firmly, "Yeah I am. Nice to meet you." She said with a smile.

He accepted the shake and put the suitcase down before slipping on some latex gloves. His eyes ran over the body with practiced precision as he observed everything there was to observe.

"I'm guessing that you know what killed him." He said to them. Rukia stifled a laugh and Tatsuki did the same with less success, "Yeah. The bullet."

Hanataro nodded, "Yeah, that did kill him. Alright, I'll get the guys to pack him up and bring him to Tenpan. I'll get going on the autopsy right away."

"Thanks Hanataro." Tatsuki said before walking back towards the cars. Rukia followed quickly, "What now? Wait for the autopsy to tell us what we already know?"

Tatsuki shook her head, "No. Time to gather suspects. I'll go and talk to the girl that found him, but I want you to go interview the girlfriend. That is if she's in any state to talk."

Rukia glanced at her watch, "Now? It's three in the morning." She wondered aloud.

"Not now, genius. Wait until later to do it. Go and get some sleep. I'll text you the girls address and phone number."


Rukia sat cross legged in a small, neat living room. Across from her sat a girl who was far too comfortable with the news that she'd just received. It was just after lunch and Rukia had come to interview Riki Machida's girlfriend, Loly Aiverrne.

"So...where were you again last night?" Rukia asked. The girl flipped her hair over her shoulder.
"I was here, wondering why he decided to take a walk in the middle of the damn night." She said, looking intently at her nails. Evidently, she had just gotten back from getting a manicure.

"So, you're aware then that you are a suspect, yes?" Rukia inquired.

The girl snapped her eyes to Rukia's, "What!? Why am I a suspect?" She cried. Rukia smirked inwardly. This is the first sign of emotion from this girl that Rukia had seen.

"You're a suspect because of your relationship to Riki. I'll be in touch." Rukia finished, getting up and heading to the door. She heard a flurry of movement from behind her, "Wait! I can tell you who did it."

Rukia whipped around, "Excuse me?"

Loly smiled cockily, "I can tell you who killed Riki." Rukia folded her arms over her chest.

"Really? Well then who did?" She asked.

"It's that bitch that called you people in the first place. She killed Riki, I know it for sure." Loly said with a glare. Rukia cocked an eyebrow, "How can you be so sure?" She asked.

Loly rolled her eyes at the detective, "How can you not be? Why else would she have been out at the park with him in the early hours of the morning?" The girl asked with an exasperated tone.

Rukia found herself on the retreat. She didn't know how to respond to that. It sounded like a pretty valid point, but at the same time it sounded suspicious. Rukia turned away from her and opened the door.

"We'll be in touch." Was all she said before closing the door behind her. For her first interview as a homicide detective, that wasn't too nice. Loly had been perfectly cooperative, answering all of Rukia's questions without hesitation. Until she found out that she was a suspect in her boyfriends murdur.

Rukia pulled out her cell and dialed Tatsuki's number. Hopefully her investigations into the other girl proved more helpful than her own.


"Hey. Anything new?"

"Orihime told me that Riki and his girlfriend fought all the time and that he needed some time away from her. That's essentially all the important stuff. Lots of crying to deal with though."

"I'm going to assume that Orihime is the girl that reported the murder?"

"Right on. Anything on your end?"

Rukia sighed into the reciever, "Yeah. Loly, the girlfriend, came out and accused Orihime of the murder." Rukia said.

"Did she specifically name Orihime?" Tatsuki asked.

"Pretty close. Does 'that bitch who called you people in the first place' sound specific?" Rukia answered sarcastically.

"I see your point. Alright. I'm going to go drop in on Ichimaru Accounting, see what they have on file for him. I'll call you if anything new comes up."

"All right, bye." Rukia said as the line went dead. She climbed into her beat up old jeep and fought to get it started. Finally getting it running, she pulled out of the apartments and onto the road back towards Tenpan. Silently, she cursed her inexperience. Yeah, this was her first case, but she still felt like Tatsuki was doing all the work.

Her phone jingled on the seat next to her. Picking it up, she checked the number, but didn't know who it was.


"Rukia, it's Hanataro." Came the answer.

"Oh hey. Can I help you?" She replied pleasantly.

"It's more of a case that I can help you. You may want to come see the body." He said. Rukia checked her watch.

"I'm on the way there already. Be there in ten." She said, hanging up. She put the phone in her bag and stepped on the gas.


"Welcome to the autopsy table." Hanataro said as Rukia walked in. She felt rather stupid having to ask officers where the room was, but they took everything pleasantly and reassured her that it wouldn't take her long to figure everything out.

On the table lay Riki Machida, entirely naked other than a small white sheet that covered his private parts. Before Hanataro even said anything, Rukia noticed all the extra cuts and wounds that crossed the man's body.

"What happened to him?" She asked, slowly pacing around the table, looking intently at the wounds. All over his legs, face, arms and chest were little scratches and bruises.

"I told you guys that the bullet in his head killed him, but I was wrong." Hanataro said, grabbing a remote and hitting one of the buttons. Up on a big screen came a picture that Rukia assumed was Riki's back. The most surprising thing was two more bullet holes in his back.

"I think that the shot to the head was just an insurance shot. See all the scratches? Looks like he was running from someone, through some bushes and low hanging trees. The shooter chased him and put two bullets into his back before shooting him in the head to make sure he was dead. I haven't yet extracted the bullets themselves." Hanataro said, pointing at the two bullet holes on the screen.

"So...he wasn't going for a walk after all..." Rukia mumbled. Hanataro's face dropped into concern.

"Um...Rukia? Are you alright?"

She nodded and got a smile on her face, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a thought. Can you get the bullets out as soon as possible?" She asked. The young coroner scratched his chin and shrugged.

"Twenty minutes tops and I can get you all three. Assuming of course that the bullets are still in the body." He said with confidence.

"Do it." Rukia said. Hanataro nodded and set to getting his supplies ready. She left him to his work and proceeded over to Ise's office. Finding the door open, she walked right in.

"Rukia, I'm glad you came in here. Two things." Ise said from behind her desk, holding up two fingers. Rukia quickly stood to attention with her feet together and legs straight.

"Er...this isn't the military, you don't have to do that." Ise deadpanned.

Rukia smiled sheepishly, "Sorry...reflex." She said through a slight giggle. Ise offered a stern smile before she was business once more.

"I want a report on the Machida case on my desk in the morning, and come with me." She said, walking promptly out of the office. Rukia followed without a word, trailing the director to a large office with glass doors. As she saw it, Rukia's heart lifted through the skies.

On the glass, in black block letters, it read Rukia Kuchiki, Detective of Homicide. Ise opened the doors, "Welcome to your office, Rukia. It's got the basic furnishings and a top of the line computer, but other than that its empty. Decorate it how you like, but keep it professional." She said before walking back to her own office.

She slowly walked up to the polished cherry desk, her eyes scanning over the bare walls. It seemed so big compared to other "offices" she has had. In a three month stint for the military, she worked as a consultant for training. Her office then had been a fraction of this size back then.

Her reverie was interrupted by her phone. She checked the ID and flipped the phone open.

"Hey Tatsuki." She answered.

"Hey. Got some interesting stuff from Ichimaru's files. Where are you?"

"At Tenpan. Listen, Hanataro found two more bullet holes in our victims back."

"How many? Two more?!"

"Yeah. Along with scratches all over his body. Looks like he was chased and someone was shooting from behind. Hanataro thinks the head shot was just to make sure the victim was dead. I asked him to get the bullets out. He said twenty minutes tops."

"Alright. I'm coming back. I should get there right as those bullets come out." The line went dead and Rukia shut the phone. She turned in her chair and stared out the window, silently pondering the almost full turn that her life had done on her, all in twenty four hours. Even now, with this first case, she felt like her life couldn't get any more exciting.

A knock at her door brought her attention back to reality. She swiveled back around in her chair to see an officer at the door, holding a folder. She beckoned for him to come in.

"Yes?" She asked politely from behind her desk. The officer walked up to her desk and pulled out a few papers and a huge binder, "This is an official release stating that you are indeed the detective on the Machida case. We have to give it to the media. Unfortunately, this binder is a press release registration for you. Interviews coming up, Miss Kuchiki." He said with a smile.

She groaned, drawing a laugh from him, "Alright, thanks." She replied with a warm smile. He left promptly, leaving Rukia to read these new forms for her to fill out. The case release was normal, all she had to do was sign that she was the lead detective. The media release was a massive affair, numbering close to thirty pages, if she was any good at guessing. She drew a pen from one of her desk drawers and set to work.


"What the hell..." Hanataro mused as he worked the tongs into the head wound. He had done well with the back bullets, getting them out easily. He had been unsure how to handle the head shot, but figured that the most direct route would be to go right into the wound. Normally, he would take hours and carefully extract the bullets, but Rukia said to get them out as soon as possible.

She probably doesn't even know how much authority she carries around the station. The only people above her are Ise and Captain Kyoraku, who is barely ever at the station anyway. She will figure it out soon though.

With her case, and her victim, her word is law.

The first two were normal 6mm bullets, something you could find at any sporting goods store. The last bullet was proving far more difficult. With the first two, he got lucky in that neither had gotten stuck in the spine. He thought the last bullet would be lodged in the skull, or just beneath it. Not so.

When he took the x ray, the blip on the screen that he assumed was the bullet was halfway through the brain, sunk deeply into the gray matter. Now he was stuck having to mash up this poor mans brain to get it out.

"How's that going?" He turned and cast a quick glance at his door, finding Tatsuki leaning against it, Rukia next to her. He turned back to his work.

"Working on the last bullet now. Other two are right there. 6mm." He said, pointing with his tongs. He listened as Tatsuki and her partner inspected the bullets. Why the were speaking in such hushed tones he didn't know and he would be lying if he said he didn't care.

"Where is the last bullet?" Rukia asked. Hanataro rolled his eyes, "Still in the brain. I'm working on it." He grunted. Rukia stepped up to the other side of the table, facing him.

"It's still inside the brain? We must be dealing with someone who has incredible aim."

He cocked an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

She crossed her arms, "If the bullet is still in the head, then the shot couldn't have been point blank. Any point blank shot would pass straight through the head with even a low caliber firearm. So the shooter must have amazing aim."

Tatsuki laughed, "Come on, Rukia. A shot like that isn't hard to make anym-"

"Hold that thought Tatsuki. Look at this..." Hanataro said, turning around and dropping something into a tray with a loud bang, next to the other two bullets. He couldn't believe his eyes. Even though he pulled it out of the victims head, he couldn't believe it. If what Rukia said was true, then they were dealing with something entirely different than a run of the mill murderer. Tatsuki and Rukia came to stand next to him, saying nothing.

"Is that what I think it is?" Rukia wondered aloud. Hanataro slowly nodded.

"That depends. What do you think it is?" He asked. Tatsuki reached down and picked it up.

"A lead ball..."

Hanataro shook his head, "That isn't lead. No possible way would a lead ball that size weigh that much."

"It's not lead?" Rukia asked, holding her hand out. Tatsuki reached over and dropped the small ball into her open palm. Rukia's mouth dropped wide open when it hit her palm. Hanataro guessed that the insane weight of the ball is what surprised her.

"What is this...you're right Hanataro, it's not lead..." Rukia wondered, intently looking at the ball in her palm. It was shiny, but heavy. Much heavier than expected from a bullet of its size. That just presented another problem: was it even a bullet? Bullets had not been round since the muskets of the nineteenth century. Yet this things had been imbedded in the victims brain...with a clear entry wound that obviously points to a shooting.

"Rukia! Tatsuki!" Hanataro's eyes shot up as he heard the directors piercing voice. Ise walked into the lab with authority, "I just received a call from a gentleman who said that he has some information about the shooting at Najima Park. Here's the address, now move it!"

Rukia and Tatsuki didn't stop to question and motored out of the room, and presumably out of the precinct. Hanataro chuckled as he picked up the round shot that Tatsuki had dropped into his tray.

"What do you make of this, Ise?" He asked, holding his palm open to her.

The director stepped forward and took the ball from him. Her calculating eyes betrayed no surprise, and she closely inspected it.

"Where did you get this from?" She asked. Hanataro pointed to the body, "Came out of his brain. Now looking at it, I am damn sure that was the kill shot."

"Shot? This is no bullet, Hanataro. Way too heavy." She said, her sharp eagle eyes locked onto his.

"What then? Did the killer come up and shove that thing into Riki Machida's head? All due respect, Ise, but that is a bullet."

Her eyes narrowed, "Really? Well...I trust your judgment. We'll send it to Urahara Labs for analysis. If anyone can tell us what this is, its that madman Kisuke." She said, walking away with the bullet in hand.

Hanataro took off his coat and hung it on the wall. The physical part of the autopsy was complete. Now the paperwork part began. He hated this more than anything. The goddamn paperwork. He'd spied the station archivist head over to Rukia's office too, so she was also probably faced with some great paperwork to do. At least he wasn't the only one stuck in hell.


"Fuck man. You hear about Machida?" A man asked his friend.

"No. What happened?"

"Dude got himself killed man. It was on the news." The drug addict answered as he took out a large bag of cocaine. His fellow addict began to visibly shake as he saw the drugs.

"Oh well, another buyer gone. It's alright...more buzz for us!" He laughed, his shaking hands pulling out a razor blade. The other laughed as well.

"He probably got on Mayuri's bad side..." He mumbled. He separated a line and leaned down to the table. In one slow movement, he snorted the cocaine, and his senses flew. This rush, this feel...god it's what he is willing to kill for.

"Dude...is it raining or some shit..."

When he didn't hear a response, he looked up at his friend. Where the mans head used to be, there was nothing but a stump. He didn't even register the blood spurting onto him.

"What the fuc-" He couldn't finish as a hand grabbed him around the throat and lifted him off his feet. His fear filled eyes fell on a hooded figure. With one hand, this figure was holding him off the ground.

"Who...who are you? Did you kill Keji? What the...what the fuck did you do that for?!"

The figure laughed, a sinister sounding laugh that could have passed for the growl of an animal.

"He was in the way. Now...Machida..."

"Machida is dead! I swear I don't know anything else about him! He did coke with us once is all!" The addict shrieked as he wriggled in the strangers grip.

"Yes...he is dead...more of a problem than you humans could possibly imagine. Who is this...Mayuri, you speak of?"

The addict had started sweating, "Mayuri! Uh...yeah! He's the guy who distributes most of the drugs to this area! A real freak, he experiments on people all the time! That's all I know I swear, let me go!"

Another sinister laugh echoed out from under the hood before a metallic flash. The drug addicts legs fell away from his upper body, and his guts spilled out. Dropping the upper half, the hooded man wiped off the blade of his sword on a cloth he produced from his cloak. Another figure stepped up beside him.

"You cannot go anywhere without leaving a body trail can you, Nnoitra? The Oni Daifu will not be pleased if the humans find another reason to pry into our affairs." It said.

Nnoitra spat on the ground, "The humans are not prying into anything, Nakeem...they always squirm when a dead body turns up...nonetheless, we should not waste this meal." He finished as he licked his lips.

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