Sooooo I've kind of been MIA, sorry I know I left this fic unfinished but I'm determined to finish it :) I know how annoying it is when you're waiting for an update so here it is, for anyone still waiting!

The next morning Beca stretched out in bed, her face dropping as soon as she felt the cold pillow next to her. She quickly reached to her dresser to retrieve her phone, nothing. There was nothing on Beca's screen from Chloe, the brunette's stomach dropping at the thought of the red head still being angry at her.

Beca threw her duvet to the side and quickly jumped out of bed, smirking to herself as she remembered the plan she had devised for Chloe. She had been up most of the night planning what to do, and had roped Jesse in to helping her. Wandering off towards her kitchen, Beca decided to make herself a coffee before she got her plan in to action.

If this doesn't make her see…then nothing will


Chloe was sat on one of the kitchen table chairs, absentmindedly drawing circles on her hand with her finger, totally lost in her thoughts. Her attention was suddenly stolen when the apartment door swung open

"There you are where have you been? I thought we were grabbing lunch?" Chloe questioned as Aubrey closed the door and placed her bag on the couch.

"Sorry, I decided to drop off some dry cleaning before lunch. Took way longer than expected" the blonde explained, while evaluating what mood her best friend was in.

"Chlo have you been sat here all day?"

"No…well yeah I've been waiting for you!"

"Seriously, this mood needs sorted now. You know this can all be sorted with one phone call"

"I've told you a thousand times, I'm not calling Beca first. What's the point anyway? she hasn't even bothered to text so why should I be the one that goes running all the time!" Chloe shot up abruptly making the kitchen chair squeak as she pushed the table forward before making her way to her bedroom.

"Hey…" the blonde grabbed hold of Chloe's arm before she stormed in to her room.

"How about we go out somewhere then? Take your mind off…everything"

The mood Chloe was in right now all she wanted was to hide under her covers until it was night time again, the whole Beca situation was killing her.

I can't believe I still haven't heard from her…maybe she's with Amber. Maybe I should text her first before she does!

Two fingers were being clicked in front of Chloe's face before she could realise what was going on,

"Hellloooo earth to Beale? Yes or no?"

"Yes or no to what?"

"The cinema? Come on I've already eaten and I'm guessing judging by your mood you don't have an appetite knowing you"

Chloe looked down to the floor, it wasn't a secret that when she was depressed about something she avoided food at all costs. The red head knew Aubrey was aware of her problem, but hated talking about it.

"Yeah sure, cinema sounds fine…but nothing romantic okay! I don't think I can handle that right now"

"Fine…We'll pick something full of blood and guts, just hurry your ass up and get ready"

With that Chloe made her way to her bedroom to collect her bag and coat, convincing herself that the escapism of a film has got to beat dwelling on Beca alone in her room.

The two girls made their way in to the cinema, walking across the foyer towards the board of film choices.

Chloe suddenly felt uneasy, she had completely forgotten what this place meant to her, meant to her and Beca. It was the first place they met, they spoke, they touched. Trying to shrug off her uneasy feeling her eyes shot back to the board, helping Aubrey decide what film.

"What about that one then? I think that's our safest bet" Aubrey pointed

"Does it have blood?"


"Does it have guts?"


"Does it have any romantic story line?"

"Okay that's it you're annoying me now, considering the picture has two zombies chasing a family of five I'm guessing not! Now come on 21 questions lets go get a ticket"

Chloe shuffled behind Aubrey as they made their way over, once purchasing the tickets they strode off and took their seats. Letting out a sigh as her thoughts again were sucked back to Beca.

Aubrey turned her head to face her best friend,

"What is it?"

"Huh? Oh nothing just…"


"This Is where me and Beca first met. It's hard not to think back to then"

"Come on Chloe Christ, you're my best friend and I love you but the sooner you realise that Beca isn't the one for you the sooner you can get back to your life!"

The blondes outburst caught Chloe off guard, she knew Aubrey wasn't Beca's biggest fan, but she thought the two girls had grown a bit closer over the past couple of months.

"That's so uncalled for…you know how happy she makes me"

"Does she? I mean it's not like she's gone out of her way to show this to you is it? Look we came here to forget about that midget so lets just watch the film and discuss this later"

Aubrey turned her head back round to face the screen as she started eating her popcorn in her lap. Although Chloe was hurt by Aubrey's words she couldn't help but understand what she meant, when had Beca put it all out there for Chloe?

As the red heads thoughts started to fade from the brunette she grabbed a handful of popcorn and tried to forget her best friend's harsh words about Beca.

Chloe glanced over at the seat Beca was sat in when they first met, she remembers the intensity of their stare, the butterflies she felt in her stomach.

"Hey Chloe…"

The gingers head swivelled round to see who was speaking to her, she didn't have to look she would know that voice anywhere.


Chloe's eyebrows furrowed as she didn't spot the DJ next to her, then it dawned on her.

Chloe's head slowly rose up back to the screen and there staring back at her 20 times the size of her was Beca. She was up on the screen. Her hair was down in loose curls and she was wearing a purple flannel top.

"So…this is kinda cringey. Can't really believe I'm doing this but I'm doing this for you. But I suppose it's equally because I want to! I want to fight for you, I want to show you how much I care, I want to declare my love to you in public. Yikes this is gonna be thee most embarrassing thing I have done but it is all for you. Chloe…you're it…if you don't believe me ask these guys…

Chloe was trembling as her eyes were filling with tears, she couldn't actually believe this was happing

Jesse's face popped up on the screen, beaming as he spoke

"Yo Chloe, this is historical so please do pay attention. Hard ass Beca Mitchell is doing a public declaration all for you. I've known her for years and I have never seen her happier than when she is with you. All this was her idea, it's crazy. Trust me when I say this is crazy because she is crazy about you, please forgive her or she won't stop talking about you on and on and on…"

"Okay Jesse we get it wrap it up" Beca interrupted from behind the camera

"Haha okay…Chloe she loves you, I've never seen a couple more meant to be than you two"

Chloe bit her bottom lip as Jesse's words sunk in to her, everything was happening so fast she couldn't help but hang her jaw open in shock.

"Okay now?...Right…Hey Chlo…"

Chloe's head swung round to face her best friend in disbelief as she realised it was now her on the screen. Aubrey merely grinned as her eyes were still fixated at herself on the screen.

"So this little hobbit kept calling me all night/morning to come and record this, and I thought fine why not? Why not come and tell the truth what I really think. What do I think of Beca Mitchell?...I think she is rude, opinionated, irritatingly argumentative and a lazy slob. But…she also is annoyingly perfect for my best friend, I've never seen Chloe so entranced by one person. It's like when Beca walks in to the room she's all you see Chloe! And for so long it pissed me off and I tried to ignore it. Before realising love is love, you can't chose it or control it, Beca is right for you and I MAY have grown a soft spot for the little shit head. I'm glad you have this recorded because I doubt you will ever hear me say this again, both you and Beca are lucky to have found each other"

The camera cut back to Beca now facing the camera full on, Chloe's cheeks were now trickling with tears as she clung on to her best friend's hand who was smiling back at her.

"So this is it Chlo…I've laid it all out, I know I have made some mistakes and I've been an idiot in the past. I asked Aubrey to bring you here because I wanted to bring you back to where it all started.

To help you remember the instant spark, I honestly think I fell in love with you within these walls you're sat in now. I just hope one day you can forgive me and allow me love you as much as I do"

Chloe's heart was beating out of her chest, her mouth was dry as she had been so entranced to swallow. She was also oblivious to the person now sat the other side of her.

"So…." Beca whispered in Chloe's ear, sending a shiver down her spine. The red head snapped her head around to face Beca, tears falling continuously as she stared at the woman she loved.

"Am I forgiven Miss Beale?" Beca looked up to face Chloe with an anticipated look.

"What do you think? I…I can't believe you done all of this"

"Why wouldn't you think I would want everyone to know how lucky I am to have you? I'm sorry I've messed up...please j"

Beca was cut off by Chloe's soft lips, their kiss was filled with butterflies and electricity, so caught up with each other they failed to notice the scattered people around them cheering and whistling in the cinema.

"Yikes guys enough of the PDA we've all had to witness it we get it you are cute" stated Aubrey.

Beca and Chloe laughed as they parted their lips from one another, both clinging on to their stare with each other.

"Forever?" Chloe mouthed with her lips for only Beca to see

"Forever" Beca stated as she mouthed it back to the red head.

Sooooo I know this was rushed and really soppy but I didn't want to leave it hanging so there it is :) Wanting to start a new one, I hoped you enjoyed it xxx