"This time he knows he isn't dying, just traveling. But as he steps through the Portal, feels the cold rush of wind barrel through him like a gaping wormhole speeding him away to the land of the dead, he wonders if there is any difference."

Author's Note

This is a collection of unrelated, single chaptered stories. I've come quite a long way as a writer since I began crafting these, and (in my opinion) the stories get better on average the further along they get.

Only most of these stories follow canon, but they do all share common traits. Things like friendships and relationships. I don't like to tamper with those. Also, whenever there are second generation children involved, I always default to Annie and James Fenton, who are original characters by thickerthanectoplasm and saisaichan on tumblr, respectively. I fell in love with them so much that they're canon in my world.

Chapters 35-47 were written in participation of thickerthanectoplasm's 2014 Phanniemay event on tumblr.

None of these stories will be continued, with the exception of Ch. 23, Hunter, which is my personal favorite AU and which I've always intended to develop it into a full story. It might not come for a long time but I do hope it will eventually come.

Table of Contents

1. Author's note and Table of Contents

2. Home — Sam wakes up to a surprise.

(K romance)

3. Test — Sam gets an unexpected helping hand.

(K Romance)

4. Bathwater — Something is wrong with the water in Sam's bath…

(T Romance)

5. A Job to Do — Danny pays an overdue visit to the academic advisor.

(K General)

6. Midnight Movie Premiere — Danny is dragged to see a new movie. And it's not just any movie.

(K Friendship/Romance)

7. Showing Her — Danny needs to show Valerie a new ability of his.

(T Drama/Friendship)

8. The Search — The aftermath when Control Freaks ended very differently.

(T Horror/Romance/Tragedy)

9. Flashlight — Sleeping at proper hours has never been Danny's forte.

(K General/Humor)

10. Secret — Jazz wants to know what it is that Danny's hiding.

(K Family/Drama/Humor)

11. Fist Fights — When the bullying finally ends for Danny, there's still one guy who just won't give it up.

(T Drama/Friendship)

12. Blocks — Something strange is up with Annie's toy blocks.

(K Family/Humor)

13. Theory — Sam has a theory and she wants to test it.

(T Romance/Humor)

14. Portals — Danny learns something shocking about the nature of his existence.

(T Drama/Angst)

15. Prompt — Lancer's weekly writing prompt gets an interesting response from his most interesting student.


16. Tangible — Danny's struggles with controlling his tangibility get him wondering, what if?

(T Humor/Angst/Friendship)

17. My Old Friend — "Hello darkness, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again."

(K Adventure/Friendship)

18. Blood — Danny's a bit disoriented when he comes to Sam's room bleeding late one night.

(T Friendship/Romance)

19. Typo — Danny's exhaustion comes back to bite him, but not so hard as it might've.

(K General)

20. Stranger — Danny's venting frustration via paper airplanes and violating restricted area signs when he meets a stranger out in the woods.

(T Angst/Friendship)

21. Hide and Seek — He's hiding. Waiting. He can hear them searching, but he won't be found.

(T Drama)

22. Wanderer — She's been from Antarctica to the Asteroid Belt, but human relationships still confound her.

(K Family/Adventure)

23. Hunter — Danny arrives at a city pursuing his next target and meets a bounty hunter who's as eager to know his secret as everyone else.

(T Action/Adventure)

24. Perception — Danny turns to Tucker late one night in full-blown panic.

(T Angst/Friendship)

25. All Work and No Play — Danny's inquiry into his namesake sparks a tradition between father and son.

(K Family)

26. Winners and Losers — Caught up in unexpected trouble at a corner store, Danny and Tucker discover they are each capable of more than they knew. Sometimes, there is no hero.


27. Speechless — Someone has bad timing, someone has a twisted sense of humor, and someone has a heart attack.

(T Romance/Humor)

28. Doubts — Drabble, later extended in Ch. 58. A familiar scene becomes strange, and wakens familiar doubts in Maddie.

(K Family)

29. Hero — The day after What You Want, Tucker reflects.

(K Frienship)

30. The Golden Trio — Jazz compares Danny and his friends to another, more well-known trio.

(K Humor/Friendship)

31. The Talk — Supernatural crossover. When his old friends' kis come to stay, Jack takes them to the park, and Jazz gets a lesson in what's important.

(K Family)

32. Fireflies — Danny and Sam take their kids for a weekend in the country, and Danny learns something new about the nature of being a parent.

(K Family)

33. Cat and Mouse — Valerie closes in on Phantom, wielding a couple new tricks and hoping this time she just might catch him.

(K Suspense/Friendship)

34. Creative Problem Solving — Dani shows up with a crazy solution to Danny's career-ending dilemma.

(K Family/Humor)

35. Strong Enough — Alternate ending to Reign Storm in which Danny must make the ultimate sacrifice.

(T Hurt/Comfort)

36. Half and Half — A retelling of The Accident and the events leading up to Danny's first transformation.

(K General/Friendship)

37. Twenty-Two Years — In which someone is fed a sweet slice of well-deserved revenge pie.

(T Humor)

38. Absolutes — Maddie learns the hard way that you can never be sure about anything.

(K Suspense/Mystery)

39. Reference — A lazy afternoon of contemplation.

(K Family/Hurt/Comfort)

40. Seed of Potential — Sam Manson was not the type of girl you befriended, no matter how much you enjoyed her.

(K General)

41. Where the Apple Falls — Shit happens when Sam and Danny have to attend Annie's parent-teacher conference.

(K Family/Humor)

42. Ship of Fools — Space AU. Something is loose aboard The Specter, and when his crew starts falling ill Danny must throw caution to the winds to save everyone.

(T Adventure/Suspense/Humor)

43. Dad Jokes — Jack reeaally likes to tell dad jokes.

(T Humor/Family)

44. Overshadowed — Kwan's plan to scare Danny in order to win a bet backfires. Majorly.

(T Suspense/Humor)

45. The Entire Universe — "There's no need to build a labyrinth when the entire universe is one."

(K Suspense)

46. Unsolvable — When Casper High needs a new counselor yet again, someone steps up to the post.

(K General/Mystery)

47. All Talk and No Action — A late night dialogue between three tired friends.

(K Friendship)

48. Birthday Presents — In regards to Dani's very special very secret birthday present.

(K Family/Humor)

49. Giving Up the Ghost — Jack Fenton has a weird heart to heart with Phantom.

(K Family/Angst)

50. Bones — The truth always comes out. One way or another.

(K General)

51. Fifty Years — Danny is released from the thermos, dazed and disoriented, to discover something shell-shocking.

(T General)

52. Hearing Things — Jack confronts Danny with an embarrassing misunderstanding.

(T Humor)

53. Sleeping Habits — They say you can tell a lot about a person by their sleeping habits.

(T Romance)

54. Strange Aeons — It's three in the morning and Lancer wakes to a ringing phone, with the final riddle waiting on the other line.

(K Mystery/Friendship)

55. The Major in the Minor — When James begins school and the weight of the secret begins to cause him a world of trouble, help comes from the last person he would expect.

(K Family/General)

56. Security — Space AU. Jazz is worried about protecting Danny from the world, but in the end it's he who teaches her something about security.

(K Family)

57. Thin Walls and Keyholes — Shower Duet AU. It's exactly what it sounds like.

(T Romance/Mystery)

58. The Ringing of the Coin — Maddie's persisting doubts about the nature of her son come to a head.

(K Mystery/Family)

59. On Best Friends, Breathing, and Bravery — In a moment of fleeting bravery, Danny does something bold.

(K Romance/Humor)