''Steve! Protect Pepper!'' Tony yelled, using his blasters to keep the asgardian beast at bay.

When Thor gets back, I'm gonna kill him. this is totally his job. Tony thought, just as he got slammed into the wall. His side hurt, really bad. ''What?'' He tried standing but red liquid gushed out of his suit when he tried.

''Tony!'' Pepper yelled, her voice fading out. Tony was stumbling, Steve ran past him, protecting him from the monster. What? Why am I bleeding? Tony thought, releasing his helmet and taking of his armour. He lay there, gasping, the ringing noises of the battle filling his ears.

''Tony. Wake up. It's okay now.''

Peppers voice broke into his dreams. Tony wanted to sleep. To just lay there.

''Steve, do you think you could? You are his...'' Peppers voice faded out.

Did she say what he thought she said? No, she couldn't have. His eyes flickered open. ''Guys. What... What's going on?'' He grumbled, his mouth was dry, and his voice cracked.

''Tony! You won't believe it. Steve is your-'' The archer, Clint Barton began, but Steve covered his mouth with one hand.

''Not now, even I don't want to hear about it.'' Steve whispered, glaring uncomfortably at the archer.

''Guys...? What aren't you telling me?'' Tony started to sit up, but a sharp pain in his side reminded him of the battle. ''What? Did Steve have to do mouth to mouth? you guys are acting like he did.''

''No. It's worse.'' Bruce's calm voice said, as the doctor came into the room.

''Get on with it! Tell me!'' Tony demanded, taking a sip from a glass of water at his bed side.

''You lost a lot of blood, and we didn't have time to get donor blood. I checked all of their blood, and... And Steve's almost matched your blood exactly. We think he may be... Well...'' Bruce replied, fiddling with his fingers nervously. He looked at Steve as though asking permission.

Steve sighed, rolling his eyes. ''All of them think I might possibly be your... Dad.''

''I don't think,'' Clint said, ''I know. you don't get along, Steve's so commanding. It's accurate.''

''How would I be his Dad? I got frozen around 1945. And I never had a affair with Maria Stark.'' Steve protested, scuffing the toe of his shoe on the floor.

''Who says you had an affair? Peggy and you fondued. She had to give the baby to Howard and Maria. Simple as that.'' Clint replied, rubbing his fingers through his short spiky hair.

Tony just stared at Bruce, then steve. Was it possible? His dad... Howard, was never nice to him. And Maria always treated him as though he was a piece of glass. Protecting him from everything except himself. Until Howard just decided he wanted Tony to grow up. Tony got introduced to vodka, women, and money.

''Tony. You can't believe this. Can you?'' Pepper asked, putting a hand on his arm.

''It's possible...'' Tony looked at steve. The guy had blonde hair, it was preposterous. ''Look at Steve though. He's blonde, I have facial hair and brown hair.''

Clint opened his mouth, then closed it. ''I still think he's your dad.'' Then he walked out of the hospital room.

Bruce looked at his watch and sighed, ''Natasha and Bella are waiting downstairs, I have to go.'' Then turned to leave.

''Tell Natasha congratulations on the beautiful baby. You are a beautiful couple.'' Pepper told Bruce, a glint of sadness in her eyes.

We could have one of those. If you would just ask her. Ton shook that thought off, ''Bye Bruce, congrats.''

''Thanks.'' Then Bruce hurried downstairs to his family.

Pepper got up, ''I have an appointment at 1:30 and I am going to be late because of you.'' She got up and quickly raced downstairs.

''It's not possible! I am not your... Dad.'' Steve exclaimed, slamming his fist down on the lab table.

''Everyone except Pepper seems to think it is possible. We have to prove them wrong.'' Tony said aloud, sitting up. His side still hurt, but not that badly.

''How?'' Steve asked, sighing.

''We just need to prove that there is no way I could be your son.'' Tony replied.

''It isn't that easy. I spent 3 hours talking to Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Thor and everybody else in avengers tower and it didn't work.'' Steve retorted, straightening up.

''Listen, if I was your kid, I'd be like 70. everybody knows I'm younger than that.''

''They say the super hero soldier serum kept you young.''

''Oh. This is going to be hard.''