Chapter 7 and the suspense rises!

''Thor! Protect the vault! I'll help Captain!'' Tony yelled, flying towards where Captain was fighting 20 Hydra agents.

''Verily!'' Thor answered heartily.

''Need a little help?'' Tony asked, smirking at Steve who was barely fighting them back.

''Nope... I'm right as-'' A Hydra agent cut him off as he lunged at Captain, sending him flying.

''Oh you're gonna pay for that.'' Tony mumbled, blasting a Hydra agent as he swung another across the room.

''Sir, Barton and Wilson are coming as back-up.'' The AI informed Tony, his robotic voice casual and not at all disturbed by the events that were happening.

''No! Tell them -gasp- to guard Pepper and everything else, protect the top half of the mansion.'' Tony called, wishing that the rest of HIS team would listen.

''Have at thee! Hydra scum!'' Thor shouted.

''Come on Captain, get up.'' Tony whispered as he glanced at his unmoving form. ''You ain't gonna die on me.''

''You will always fail.'' A agent spat, his mask was split, spilling blood in slow drips. ''You have always failed against the might of the Red Skull. And no one can stop him... Not even Captain America.''

''You shut your mouth, cause I'd save my last words for a doctor.'' Tony spat, kicking the guy in the ribs.

''Captain America?'' Thor asked, poking his arm. ''Tony he seems to be unconscious.''

''He better be. Jarvis, get the armor off of me.'' Tony shouted, looking at the bodies in the previously clean room. They had won, but not for long.

''Tony!'' Pepper's voice rang through the room. ''What happened?'' She ran over to him, but stopped when she saw Captain.

''Pepper, you were supposed to stay with Clint and Sam.'' Tony sighed, she would know what to do. But in truth he knew he had to check Cap... And Cap's pulse.

''Thor help me get him to the infirmary.'' Pepper ordered, coming closer.

''No! We have to check his pulse first.'' Tony said flatly, reaching out and placing his fingers against Steve's cold neck.


He waited for the tap tap of a pulse. ''No. No, no ,no ,no. This isn't happening. He can't be.. Dead!''

Steve shot awake, the nightmare fresh in his mind. Sleep was far from his mind. He had never had a dream the vivid before... He had never died in his dreams before...

I know... Mwahahaha `~` I have probably surprised you all with this ending... What happens next is that the battle that puts Tony in a concussion happens and then Steve revives him, making his dream prophetic, making it a circle... Or something. Or you can just end it there if that's easier:D LOL!