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Okay, so now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get this started, shall we? I actually got this prompt on my summer hurt Sam series but since it has to do with Christmas, I figured it would be perfect here. This prompt comes from TG, who requested, "Sam first hears about Christmas and Santa while in kindergarten. When Santa doesn't come and Dean doesn't get any presents, Sam feels it's Sam's fault because he's so bad." Thanks for the prompt. Please enjoy!

"You better watch out,

You better not cry,

You better not pout,

I'm telling you why,

Santa Claus is coming to town."

Bing Crosby, "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town"

Sam's upset.

Dean notices it a few hours after their father leaves on Christmas morning—Sam's wide eyes filled with the distinct glow of disappointment. The eldest Winchester wonders briefly if it has something to do with their father, but John had only stepped out for a few hours to go check up on a lead and then get some lunch.

"Sammy?" The youngest Winchester doesn't meet his brother's gaze and chooses instead to sit on the floor and stare at the spot under their makeshift tree. John had found it in the road—someone must've hit it a few times because the branches are broken and it's misshapen—but Sam had been thrilled with it. Christmas wasn't usually a big deal in their household, but Dean tried to make it special for his brother. "What is it?" The eldest Winchester wonders if it has something to do with Sam's presents. Sure, he had made the mistake of grabbing a Barbie, but Sam hadn't seemed to care. Plus, the book he stole from the library for his brother made the youngest Winchester giggle with delight. A Christmas movie blared from their small black and white TV set; it's protagonist's learning about the true meaning of Christmas.

"Did you . . ." Sam hesitates, his gaze dropping and instantly, Dean crosses the space between them, placing a pair of strong hands on his little brother's shoulders. Sam shudders out a breath and the unmistakable streak of tears nearly breaks the older brother's heart. Something is wrong and Dean will get to the bottom of it and fix it because that's what he does—that's what he will always do—and he will make Sam smile again. "Dean." He hiccups, tears turning into a full-blown meltdown and the eldest Winchester rubs comforting circles on Sam's back, keeping eye contact with his brother the whole time.

"What is it? Are you okay?" Thought something is clearly not okay with his baby brother bawling his eyes out on what should be the happiest day of the year for him. Sam loves Christmas—he loves the music, he loves the lights and the decorations—and ever since he started Kindergarten this year and got to make crafts and celebrate with his class, his love of Christmas had only grown. So, what had caused this sudden transformation?

"D-Dean." Sam stutters, his sobs cutting off his oxygen supply.

"Hey, it's okay," Dean soothes, keeping his tone calm and kind. "Just take some deep breaths, alright?" He increases the speed of the circles, trying not to let his own panic and worry show up on his face. He has to get control over this situation and settle down his baby brother and put a grin back on his face. "Tell me what's wrong, Sam. I'll make it better." He means it—making Sam happy is his solemn vow, his true job. He places a hand on Sam's cheek, wiping away some tears. Sam calms slightly with his touch and Dean beams.

"You didn't get any." Sam manages to say and his older brother tilts his head to the side in confusion.

"Any what, Sam?" Clear, hazel eyes meet his and with a pouted lip, he informs him.

"Any presents, Dean," Sam insists. "Santa didn't bring you any presents."

It suddenly dawns on Dean that Sam wasn't crying because he, himself, was upset, but rather he was upset for Dean's sake.

"Santa brought you stuff, Sam—" But Sam isn't buying it and violently breaks free of his brother's grip. Storming over to the tree, he points to the empty space where Sam's presents were earlier.

"Why didn't he bring you stuff, Dean?" Sam shouts, tears shining on his cheeks and eyes. "Why not?"

"Santa must've been too busy—" He tries to soothe because there is no way in hell he's going to tell his brother the truth, that there is no Santa and that he stole the presents that "Santa" brought.

"Not true," Sam pouts, his expression sobering. The tears start to spill over his eyes again and he falls to the ground, his hand gripping the carpet. "S'not true, Dean." Dean kneels by his brother's side and ruffles his hair encouragingly.

"Why isn't that true, Sammy?" He needs to know why his brother refuses to accept the answer that his older brother provided.

"Miss Rowell says," He hesitates and Dean waits to see what Sam's latest kindergarten teacher whom he loves had to say. "That Santa comes when you're good." His gaze jumps up and rests on Dean's. "I must've been bad, Dean, and Santa didn't bring you anything."

"Sam—" He's stunned by this admission. Sam blamed himself for Dean not getting any presents? Sam thought he was bad and because he was bad that this whole thing was his fault? Overwhelmed by love for his brother, he pulls his little brother to him, wrapping an arm protectively around him.

"M'sorry, Dean." Sam sobs and his older brother presses a kiss to the top of his head.

"Sammy, listen to me," His little brother settles under his touch and Dean knows he's waiting to hear what his older brother has to say. "You've been good all year, okay?"

"But Dean—!" Sam begins to protest, but Dean shushes him.

"No, listen, okay?" Sam does. "You've been such a good boy all year and Santa brought you presents. And you wanna know why he didn't bring me anything?" His little brother sniffs and wipes his nose with his shirt. Dean rolls his eyes a bit and chuckles dryly.


"Cause I told Santa that the only thing I needed was you smiling today." It's the truth and deep down, Dean knows it will always be the truth. "Sam, as long as you're happy, I'm happy."

"You talked to Santa?" The youngest Winchester's eyes are wide and the remnants of sadness start to fade.

"Yeah, I did."

"What's he like? What did he say? Is he nice? Miss Rowell says—" Dean laughs, happy that the crisis is over and done with.

"I'll tell you all about it, okay?" He assures his brother, standing up and pulling him into his arms. "Let's just get you cleaned up, alright?"

"Wait, Dean."


Sam scampers out of his arms and goes to the tree, pulling out a small package wrapped in newspaper that Dean has never seen before. Shyly, his brother's little hands extend outwards and Dean takes the present.

"Open it."

Dean does and inside lays a small popsicle stick collage with drawings of various stick figures. As his eyes scan it, he notices the distinct scrawl of his little brother's handwriting.

Merry Christmas, Dean. Love you lots!

It's the most beautiful present that Dean's ever received.

"Sammy, it's . . ." His throat is clogged up with emotion, suffocating his voice. "It's perfect." He hugs his brother tightly, so damn proud to be Sam's older brother. "Thanks, Sam."



"You're crying." Sam touches his cheek and the older brother realizes that it's true. He laughs wetly and holds his brother even tighter.

"I'm just happy."

And in that moment, on that Christmas morning with his little brother in his arms, a homemade present in his hand, Dean realizes that he's truly blessed.

"So am I." Sam whispers, resting his head on Dean's shoulder.

Dean just smiles.

"Merry Christmas, Sammy."

Author's Note: I really loved this prompt. I can't wait to start getting some more from all of you! I'll update again when we get closer to Thanksgiving to give you guys time to submit prompts. In December, I'll be updating everyday. Please review and leave a prompt if you have a second!