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if you haven't figured out what this story is going to be about by the title then I guess you should figure it out by the summery.

There is a foreshadowing thing in the middle with everyone cause you know how much I like to foreshadow things. Even though it's the most obvious foreshadow ever.

Summery: For them, September 11th 2001 was just a regular day. Getting out of bed early in the morning was simple everyday and waiting for their loved ones to get home. A simple everyday routine. Until that routine was shook one morning and they were fighting for their lives to get out of the city as fast as possible. The problem was.. They weren't guaranteed to get out alive.

Rated: T

Genre (NOT IN ORDER): Romance, Drama, Suspense, Tragedy, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship

Category: R5, Austin & Ally

Starring: Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Ellington Ratliff, Rydel Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch and Maia Mitchell

Couples: N/A

Chapter 1

Date: 12th September, 2001

Yesterday.. it was horrible. In fact, horrible doesn't even quite put it into words how horrible it was to experience and watch it all happen and unfold in front of my eyes. Watching people plunge to their deaths cause they had no escape.. not an everyday thing you see in New York City. Unless it's a terrorist attack then you best prepare for the worst. I wasn't even expecting what happened to happen.. it was just a normal day and I was out with Rydel whilst everyone else was off doing their own thing until all of a sudden, the next thing you hear is a plane engine and the sound of an explosion than as if by magic time just suddenly freezes and reality hits you so hard in the chest.

I remember at 8:52 a.m. The first plane hit the North Tower, then at 9:03 a.m. The South tower was it.. then that was basically it afterwards. It was like some kind of waiting game to see who would make it out alive out of me and everyone who I was with. A waiting game to see what would happen next... to see if the terrorist was going to have another plane crash into something else. Cause by the looks of it, they weren't doing such a bad job of it they could of crashed a plane into the Empire State Building right there and then and I wouldn't of been surprised.

Four of my friends went missing yesterday... Only one came back. One of the three friends were trapped cause they couldn't get out of the North Tower, another ran into the North Tower because they went to go help that friend get out from where they were trapped but obviously they didn't get that person out in time and then the other friend ran into the South Tower to try find their brother because they thought he was in there still cause he went earlier.. And only one out of the four came back cause they got out in time. At 9:59 a.m. The South Tower collapsed with that friend still in it, then at 10:28 a.m the North Tower collapsed and that was it for the Twin Towers.. and my two other friends.

At one point, I think we were all in the towers as they were burning.. but we ended up getting out before them four. There were seven of us together – well split apart but still together – that day.. and only four made it out. Isn't that crazy? You spend your whole life knowing six of your best friends and then one day they're just taken from you just like that.. In the most horrible way that you could of ever imagined. They were so many things left unsaid to them three..

But instead of sitting here and writing this and telling you who died that day... Should I just tell you what happened that day?

Shouldn't I?

Well it all started in the morning.. around 8:30.. only 22 minutes until the attack.

Date: 11th September, 2001

Time: 8:29 a.m

Ross and Ratliff were making their way up the stairs to Ross's brother's apartment, Riker's, seen as though they all meet up on a morning at Riker's for a little while. But never this early, Riker had to go to The World Trade Centre to do something for a couple of hours or something so that's why they were all meeting up this early. Even Laura and Maia. The only reason Laura was – even though she meets up here as well – was because she was going out with Rydel for the day around New York seen as though they hadn't spent any time together in a very long while, Maia because of her and Rocky being together and dating and all. Ross and Ratliff were going together because they lived/shared the same apartment together.

Before you ask, no they weren't dating. The only reason they shared the same apartment was because they both wanted to get away from their parents place and they couldn't afford to live on their own individually so they came up with the amazing idea to live together. It wasn't sarcasm, they actually enjoyed living together.

If only they knew by the end of today it was about to get lonely in that apartment for one of them.

Ross and Ratliff got up to the door and just walked straight in where they found Rydel sat on the coffee table in front of Rocky who was sat on the sofa who looked like she was consoling him about something whilst Riker was in the kitchen area making something. She was rubbing his arm telling him 'Its okay, it was just a dream..' or something along the lines of that. Normally Ross and Ratliff would of went over to see what was wrong with him, but because it was a bad dream they chose to ignore it as Rocky is quite known to having bad dreams.

They just went over to the dining table that was by the window of the apartment which looked over the whole of New York City and had an amazing view of the Twin Towers – as well as the rest of the city of course. As Ross looked out of the window to the Twin Towers, he remembered something and turned his head to Riker "Hey, Riker," Ross said "what exactly are you going to the World Trade Centre for?"

As Riker went to go say something, it appeared that Rydel had lost the will to live with Rocky as she stood up and shook his harshly. "Rocky! Calm own for goodness sake! It was just a freaking dream!" She yelled as Laura came through the door.

Laura gave Rydel a funny look as she came through the apartment door and saw Rydel shouting at her little brother. There was Laura thinking siblings were suppose to look out for one another.. not scream at them. She just shook her head before walking to the centre of the room and looking at a shaken Rocky and a pissed Rydel "Rydel, calm down," Laura said "he had a bad dream by the sounds of it as I walked through the door. You can't tell someone to calm down, especially if it was bad."

Rydel sighed, and her voice went an octave higher as she spoke to Laura trying to get her point across to everyone about Rocky's stupid dream "But his dream was stupid! He said it didn't feel like a dream!"

"It didn't." Rocky said, as his voice cracked.

Riker turned round "I will admit," Riker said "he stayed here last night and he slept on the couch and when he was having the nightmare I thought someone had broken in and was trying to murder him. It took be 10 minutes to wake him up. It was like it was actually happening to him." Riker explained, trying to stick up for Rocky as he didn't find it fair Rydel was being like that to him.

Laura sighed as she walked over to the side of the couch and sat on it, trying to be a better support to him than Rydel was being "Rocky, what did you have a nightmare about?" Laura asked as she put one arm round the back of the sofa.

Rocky shook his head as he tried to remember, he could only vividly remember what the hell actually remembered "I.. I don't know, I can only remember parts of it," He said "all I remember.. was a plane – No wait.. two planes.. Or was it one? I'm not sure.. But there were these two towers that had been hit by them in New York and.. I was inside trying to get out but I couldn't."

"Two towers in New York City huh?" Ratliff asked as he stared out of the window, towards the World Trade Centre. He then looked at Rocky as if he was stupid, he knows he never had the dream but two towers? C'mon.. It was too obvious he dreamt about that "Ever thought it might have been the Towers out there you dreamt about?"

Rocky shrugged "I don't know, but it was horrible okay," Rocky said "maybe I wouldn't of dreamt about something like that if this person never said what they said to me."

"Who said what?" Ross asked.

"I was outside the airport picking up Maia to take back home cause she was in Australia visiting her family.. There was this person outside and he grabbed me by the arm and asked if I lived in New York, I told him yes and me being the cocky guy I am told him 'that's why I'm here and not in Alaska' and I asked him why he wanted to know that and it just went on for ages as I was trying to find out until finally he came out with something along the lines of 'an eagle will fly, and two towers will fall'. I told him he was crazy and just went into the airport. Was he just trying to scare me do you think?"

Ross nodded "Obviously, Rocky.. I've never seen you so scared in your life."

"Totally off topic," Riker said as he placed the cup of his drink onto the kitchen unit "but where is Maia? I know you both had an argument about something.. but are you going to go make up with her?"

"I don't know.. it was pretty horrible what happened," Rocky said as he scratched the back of his neck "I don't think we'll ever make up.." The thought of that just hurt Rocky badly in the heart. He wants to make up with Maia, he loves her with all his heart and more than he could love any one but by the way she was looking at him last night just told him she wasn't going to forgive. One of them could die today or tomorrow and Maia wouldn't know how sorry and how much he loved her.

But he knows that's not going to happen.

"I don't want to talk about it, but Riker, if you get back—"

"If?" Riker questioned with a laugh "Jeez Rocky, I'm only going to be 5 minutes away I'm not going to do a disappearing act on you all."

"Sorry, when you get back, I'll tell you."

Laura got up off the side of the couch and looked at Riker as she walked over to the dining room table where Ross and Ratliff were "Why are you even going there today Riker?" Laura asked as she pulled a grape from the stalk in the fruit ball on the table in front of Ratliff. She gave him a small smile as she put it into her mouth and Ratliff gave the smile back.

"Oh, I figured I needed a job, and they said if I wanted a job I had to go there," He said with a small shrug "so god knows what job I'm going to end up doing. I'll probably end up getting one as a stripper for all I know."

"Oh how hot Riker." Ross said sarcastically. Which only got him a slap around the head.

Ratliff took the car keys out of his pockets before throwing them up into the air and catching them repeatedly "Hey Riker," Ratliff said "do you want me to drop you off? I'm not doing anything interesting today." He said as he caught his keys for the last time.

Riker thought about it for a moment before nodding "Sure, whatever," Riker said as he looked at the time. 8:34 a.m "Oh crap, I need to be there by 8:45."

Ratliff stood up from the table and made his way to the door with Riker, but stopped when he got to the middle of the room. He turned round and took a good look at everyone in the room. Rocky, Rydel, Ross and then finally Laura. It was like something twisted inside of his stomach that it would be the last time he'd be in this room. He went to go say something, but he got his breath caught as if it was hard for him to say "Bye guys," Ratliff said "Ross, I'll see you back at the apartment," hopefully he finished off in his head "Rydel, Rocky, probably later or tomorrow, Laura.. Later, how about we go out and catch a movie or something?" Ratliff asked.

Laura nodded "Sure, I'm up for that," She said with a smile "bye, Ratliff." She said giving him a little wave with her fingers.

Ratliff have her a wave before leaving with Riker. Laura sighed as she saw the door shut behind Ratliff and her smile dropped before she turned to Rydel "Should we get going then?" Laura asked putting the smile back upon her face. Rydel cocked her head at how Laura's emotions just changed in less than five seconds before nodding and grabbing her coat. Laura grabbed her bag before heading to the door "Bye boys." Laura said as her and Rydel left shutting the door behind them.

Ross continued to look out of the window over the city, not taking his eyes off it he spoke "Rocky, I need to go into the city and buy some stuff for the apartment. Want to come with?" Ross asked.

Rocky shook his head, even though he couldn't see. He spoke "N-no," He stuttered "I'm going to stay here and wait for everyone to come back. And try call Maia."

Ross looked to Rocky and nodded, he could clearly see how hurt he was over him and Maia but also how scared he was about the nightmare he had. He sighed before standing up "Okay," Ross said "call me if you need anything though, okay?" He said as he put his hand on Rocky;s shoulder as he made his way over to him. Rocky nodded "Good," Ross said "Now.. I'll see you later." Ross said as he exited the door.

And that was the last time they were all in the same room together.

Ratliff drove down the ramp that led into the underground car park of the North Tower before finding a space to park. Luckily there was plenty of spaces on the first ground so he didn't have to go lower down and park. He found a space near the wall and parked it there before turning off his car, "Okay, there you go." Ratliff said.

"Thanks," Riker said as he got out of the car, he then turned back round and looked into the car "Hey Ell, pick me up at about 12?"

Ratliff shook his head "Oh no, I'm going to stay right here," He said as he patted the steering wheel of his car "I have nothing else better to do. If I get bored I have my phone, earphones and a perfectly good back seat to sleep on."

"Okay.. Just stay safe," Riker said as he patted the door of the car as he went to go walk away, he stopped and turned back to the car "and don't do anything stupid." Riker added onto the end of the sentence. Ratliff just flipped Riker his middle finger, both of them laughed before Riker disappeared making his way over to the lift to get into the North Tower. Ratliff just sat there and stared at the wall before putting his head back.

Laura and Rydel were walking around the stores. They'd came in Rydel's car seen as though they didn't think Ratliff would be up for taking two girls shopping. Well, he might have been up for taking Laura shopping by the way he was looking at her and asked her out to the cinemas. Rydel just smirked, after tonight she was going to set them both up.

As they were walking through the streets, Rydel looked down to her watch "Hey Laura," Rydel said "it's 8:40, do you think we could get something to eat? I haven't had anything to eat."

Laura nodded "Sure, I haven't had anything either." Laura said.

Both of them then linked arms and made their way to go get something to eat.

Rocky was still sat in the same place he was when everyone left. There was only one thing playing on his mind right now, Maia. He just face palmed when he thought of her. How he treated her last night was really unacceptable and unfair. He never needed to act like that with her. He guessed he just freaked out and didn't know what to do.. I mean, what other guy in their right mind wouldn't freak out when they were told they were going to be a Dad at just 19?

What did he do when she told him? He screamed and shouted at her as loud as he could about it, scaring her and making her cry before pushing her out of the way. Luckily she fell onto the sofa, cause if she fell onto the floor Rocky doesn't know if he would have been able to forgive himself after that. All she probably wanted was support and comfort from him and all he done was call her all the horrible names under the sun and stormed out.

Good boyfriend there.


He tried her cell. After everyone left, all Rocky's been trying to do was get hold of her by ringing her but she wasn't answering any of his calls and texts. It just kept on going to voice mail. Eventually he just gave up and threw his phone onto the other side of the couch. He then looked over to the pictures that were in frames scattered on one of Riker's walls. Rocky got up and walked over to them before taking a good look at them.

They were filled with photo's of them all, plus Laura and Maia. There was one of Ratliff and Laura together and there was even one of himself and Maia. He just sighed as he pressed his forehead against one of the walls next to a photo. As he went to go take his head away from the wall, his head scraped off the side of the photo frame beside him. He rubbed his head before taking a good look at the photo.

It was of him, Riker, Ratliff, Rydel, Ross, Laura and Maia. They were all at the beach one day and having a great time, he smiled at the picture before taking it off it's hooks and look at it in his hands as he stroked it gently. He then placed it back onto the wall after a couple of seconds and walked over to the window and looked out over the city and over to the Twin Towers.

Ross came walking out of a store and into the street as he stared down the list of things he had to get, not paying attention to his surroundings as he walked out and stopped in the middle of the pavement. Luckily he didn't get in anybodies way. He hadn't even gotten anything on the list that he had wrote as well as Ratliff adding things to it. Normally Ratliff would go and get things cause Ross is an idiot and doesn't know how to food shop for his life, but Ratliff wrote him a list and told him to go do it. Which kinda helped Ross a little bit.

He hadn't even got a single thing on the list yet and he just sighed before he looked up where he saw the Twin Towers in the distance – as well as the other buildings of course. But the Towers just stuck out to him. Well, they stuck out in the whole city but never has Ross really paid much attention to them except for today. He just continued to stare at them both before checking what time it was. He looked down to his watch.

8:46 a.m.

Ross looked back up to the towers, but with a bad feeling/suspicious facial expression as he looked at them both. He got so lost staring at them, he ended up in a stare trance until an ear wrenching, painful scream came from out of nowhere which made him jump and snap out of his trance. The kind of scream that he would never ever hear unless something bad happened.

He turned round to see some women freaking out and her friend trying to calm her down.

"Please! Calm down! It'll be fine!"

"C-c-calm down?!" The women asked, as she was beginning to break down with tears "my fucking h-h-husbands p-planes b-b-b-been h-h-h-hijacked and you want me to fucking calm down! I am not going to c-c-calm down when h-h-he could d-d-die or I m-m-might not see him again!"

Ross continued to look at the women as he was kinda scared himself as she said that. A plane being hijacked? That couldn't be good. The possibilities that could happen to everyone on that plane was in fact... quite high. Ross scratched his head with nervousness as he felt his knees beginning to go weak and his stomach twist with fear. He just shook his head.

Nothing bad was going to happen

Ross kept on telling himself. He turned his attention away from the freaking out women, even though it was very hard for him, and continued on walking down the street to where he needed to be. As he kept on walking away, the women kept on freaking out more and her screams became more louder that Ross was almost certain he was about to cry as he could feel tears peeping up to his eyes. It was getting that bad, his foot pace sped up and he ended up running until he was round a corner and he couldn't hear the screaming as much. He turned down the top of an ally way and rested his back against the wall and took some deep breaths, bending over resting his hands on his knees and listened as the women's screams got quieter and quieter.

Ross then stood up straight again before wiping his eyes. Everything was freaking him out today, every small bad thing that happened. When nothing bad was going to happen at all. He just had to keep on telling himself that.

Little did he know what was about to come to him and everyone else in just under 5 minutes time as the clock struck 8:48 a.m.

First chapter.. yay! cx I know me and my foreshadowing is terrible lol I might as well just give everything away and tell you everything what's going to happen hehe. But I hope you guys liked it! & Before you start telling me about the information being wrong about when The World Trade Centre collapsed.. It was what I found on the top result so.. yeah.

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