Infinite Stratos: IS System VS Rider Tech

Chapter 1: A New Day/Beginning of It All.

Burning, Destruction, Chaos, Death, Pain...

It's all there...

Make it stop...





Don't go...

Don't leave me here all alone...

I don't want to be alone...

Someone... Anyone...


"GAH!" I wake up panting and breathing uncontrollably. It was just a dream... the same dream for the past 9 years...

I sigh as I see someone placing their hand on my shoulder.

"Hey you okay Cody?" Asked the guy next to me on the bus.

I nodded.

"Same dream?" He asked again.

I nodded again to show my response.

He chuckled. "I'm still sorry that you keep having that same dream. But don't worry. I'm here for ya." He smiled.

I smiled back as I finally calmed down. The bus then finally stopped as me and the guy next to me got off. Then on the intercom we heard what was in-store for us.

Welcome to IS Academy. Please enjoy your stay.

My name is Cody Aldrich. I'm 17 years old and I just arrived at the IS Academy. Oh and the guy next to me is my younger brother Ichika Orimura by two years. In truth I'm not his real brother. I'm more of his adopted big brother. You see about 9 years ago my family died in some weird freak accident.

It killed my parents and my younger sister. I was then adopted by Ichika's older sister Chifuyu Orimura. Turns out that she was not only my baby sitter when we moved to Japan but also our neighbor. After that me and Ichika became not only good friends but also brothers as well.

Years passed and Ichika and I got accepted into the IS Academy. It was a amazing offer. Only problem was Ichika and I didn't have an IS... Well I should rephrase that. Ichika doesn't have an IS. I do. Hell in fact I made mine. Four unique and original IS's. I made them around when I was 12.

The government did try and take them from me but somehow Tabane Shinonono. The creator of the IS was able to convince them and let me keep them. She even helped me finish them... even though she was talking to me through a computer. But none the less I made them.

Four unique IS's. Based off of my favorite series Kamen Rider. The four IS's are based off of Faiz, W, Accel, and Fourze. And it took a long time to master them. I still haven't fully mastered them all but I hope I can.

Four IS's being used by one guy? Some say that's impossible. But I like to beat the odds. For you see IS's can only be used by females. No one knows why but Tabane.

But I'm getting off topic. Me and Ichika both got accepted. Due to both of us who can use IS's. The only two guys in the whole freaking world able to use IS's.

There was no way they could've ignored us. So here we are. IS Academy. I just know this is going to be fun.

(Insert Opening Theme: Switch On! by Anna Tsuchiya)

(Wow wow wow (FOURZE !) Wow wow wow (Ikouze !)
(Wow wow wow (FOURZE !) Wow wow wow (OH YEAH !)

[As the song starts off. We see not only Fourze but Faiz, W and Accel in a circle somewhat shrouded. until the Title shows up.]

High School kara housouchuu Burger katate Hungry na Everyday mada mada tarinai yume wa Large Size

Come on Switch on

(Coming live from high school A burger in my hand, day after hungry day It won't fill me up, my dreams are "Large Size")

[It then shows Cody walking around IS Academy holding one of his rider belts as we also see Ichika and Houki, side by side each other smiling at the camera]

Let go on your future sonna no ha Desire omoitsuki Image mirai e Blast Off
(Think about your future, about what you desire With that image in your head, blast off toward the future)

[Then we see Cecilia, Huang, Charlotte, Laura, Chifuyu, Maya and the rest of IS Academy smiling and waving at the camera as it pans out into space]

koushiki nanka imi ga nai hito no hanashi dake de
(What's the point in taking official tracks? You can get there just by talking to people)

[After the camera looks into space we see flashbacks of not only Cody's past but also Ichika's, Houki, and several others who stay in the shadows]

shitta ki ni naranaide kakan ni Tough ni Challenge
(Don't worry about what you think you know Get bold, be tough, and meet the challenge!)

[Then Phantom Task's shadows appear as Eternal and Orga slice the camera into pieces]

genkai nante bukkowashite yare jibun no te de kinou yori step up

(Don't let any barriers stand in your way, Just smash them down! Step up higher than before!)

going going my friends daikiken datte toppa shite

(Going going my friends)

(Don't let any barriers stand in your way, Just smash them down! Step up higher than before!)

[We then see Fourze, Faiz, W, and Accel's symbols as Cody Transforms into each one of them. Then after each one Rider Kicks the camera Cody transforms back before giving the camera Gentaros famous point]

tabidachi no count down tomaranai kurai choushigekiteki School Days

(Wow wow wow (FOURZE !) Wow wow wow (Ikouze !)
(Wow wow wow (FOURZE !) Wow wow wow (OH YEAH !)

[The sky's not the limit, break out from the Earth! Start the countdown to a new adventure, Our School Days are like a never-ending thrill ride]

[Finally we then see the spirits of Cody's deceased family behind him as we then cut to the whole group together doing some silly poses and faces as someone takes their photo and the title appears one last time]

Later we found our class room and took our seats next to each other in the front row... only to find it a bit harder than we thought. I knew this was an all girl school. But neither of us would've thought it would be this awkward.

Seriously... you could cut the tension with a knife and split it evenly across the whole world. It was so weird!

After a few minutes of waiting someone finally walked in. She had glasses and short green hair.

"Congratulations for making it this school. I'm your first year sub-homeroom teacher Maya Yamada" She said to the whole class. Then a screen appeared out of nowhere on the chalkboard as it showed her name.

I was always impressed with the technology this school even had. It sorta felt like it came from the far future... but that's normal for me. I did grow up a bit in the country with only my games, pc and shows. So I'm always fascinated with stuff like this.

But it got even more awkward. Almost all of the girls in the room didn't pay attention to her as they kept their focus on me and Ichika. I was never one for crowds.

"Uhh... Anyways. Starting today you are all students in the IS Academy. As you all know this is a boarding school. Students are together during and after school hours. We hope you can all get along and help each other. Making the next three years enjoyable!" She said to the whole class who were still looking at me and Ichika like we had targets on our backs.

"Uh.. Um... Why don't we just get into introductions. Alphabetical order of course. And tell us a few things about yourselves and your dreams" She asked all of us. Then one by one some of them started to give their names and where they're from. Then after a few seconds it came up to me.

I stood up from my seat as I took a small breath to begin. Most of the girls looked at me with anticipation. And as always I can see that Ichika was distracted and was in his own little mind.

"Hello Minna. My name is Cody Alan Aldrich. Born January 31, 3,227. Age 17. I was born in America so you can pretty much think of me as a representative for the USA." I replied.

A lot of the girls were in awe and talking to each other about what I said.

"I really don't have a lot of goals right now. I truly don't know what I want to do with my life. Well besides helping others of course. I like to sing and watch Kamen Rider." I replied again with a smile.

The girls then all giggle at my response as I decided to wrap everything up.

"But there is one thing I wanna do with my time here." I replied.

Then everyone... except Ichika listened in on my next response.

"One of my dreams is to befriend with everyone here at the IS Academy!" I proclaimed as I gave Gentaros famous speech and point.

Some of the girls laughed at me either from what I said or thinking I was just crazy in the head. I didn't really care. Even though I'm not the best with crowds I still want to try something to give me and idea on what I want to do.

I sat back down as everyone calmed down and went back to introducing themselves. That is until it was Ichika's turn.

And wouldn't you know it? He's till zoned out. I gave him a Gibbs slap to wake him up. He finally snapped out of it and started to introduce himself. I braced for what's about to happen. He can be such a clueless idiot.

"I'm Ichika Orimura. Nice to meet you all." He replied

The others waited for him to finish... But I knew what was coming.

'And that's all." He replied.

Everyone fell on the floor anime style as I just facepalmed.

He never was good at introducing himself...

But before he realized it he got slammed on the head by someone. And I knew this place was too good to be true...

Ichika looked up and he had the same expression I have now...

"Sis?!" He exclaimed. But he got punched again by our older sister. Chifuyu Orimura.

"Don't call me that here. Call me either Miss Orimura or Sensei. Got it?!" She yelled at him.

'Oh miss Orimura! You're back! Does that mean the meeting is over already?" Asked Maya.

Chifuyu nodded as she walked up to the stand.

"Hello everyone. I'm Miss Chifuyu Orimura. I'm you're homeroom teacher. It's my job to train ya on well enough for you to stand on your feet in one year." She said to the class.

And just like that almost all of the girls started squealing and screaming of joy at her.

Looks like she's a popular one...

So far alot of the girls said the main reason they came here was due to her. And I can understand that. She was the first IS pilot after all.

She just sighed and faceplamed as well.

"I'm amazed at how many nutjobs come to this school every year.. . Did they put all the looney ones in my room on purpose?" She asked herself.

I smiled at her as she looked at me.

"It's nice to see you again." I told her.

"Likewise. And I'm surprised you haven't called me "Sis" Yet like your brother here." She asked me.

I just chuckled. "Well I am the one who can take the hint on the first try ya know?" I replied.

Then a few girls gasped at our conversation.

"Wait.. so those two are Miss Orimura's younger brothers?"

"I wonder.. does that explain why they're the only males who can use an IS?"

"But why is Cody's last name "Aldrich" instead of Orimura?"

"Maybe he's adopted or something?"

And just like that the gossip begins and the memories flood back. I just ignored it for now... it would always come up again sometime.

But Chifuyu spoke up to not only stop the conversation but also for me to clam down. She always was a bit over protected of me.

"Okay that's enough!" She yelled.

The class then stopped and were quiet.

She then explain our assignments for the rest of the year. Reading about IS and training. This was going to be a bit difficult but nothing I can't handle... I just hope Ichika can. He didn't even read the manual...

After class I wondered around a bit to get a good knowing of the place and more. That was until Chifuyu walked up to me.

"Hey Sis." I said.

She just smiled. "Hey Cody." She replied as she gave me a quick huge.

"So where's Ichika?" She asked.

"With Houki" I chuckled. "Still dense on the fact she likes him and he doesn't know it.

She then laughed at my joke. "That's good to hear. How are you holding up?" She asked concerning.

"Doing good. The comment early brought up memories but I'm okay now." I replied.

"Good. I never did like seeing you or Ichika sad." She replied.

I just smiled and talked with her some more before heading back to class.

So far this part of the class was mostly about the IS system. For me it was very easy to figure out and all... But Ichika was looking at it like it was an ancient civilization text. I kinda wished I could help but he didn't like doing that. He wanted to figure this out on his own.

Maya did step in to try and help but it didn't turn out well and Chifuyu just smacked him again. Man.. I know she cares for us but good lord she can be rough.

The bell rang and we were able to walk around freely again. I was busy listening to Tetra-Fang while Ichika was zoning out again. One of the girls walked up to him. I couldn't hear what she was saying but reading her lip movements were easy.

Pretty much she was saying that he and I should be honored that she even came up to us.

Ugh... great. She's one of those types of people. The ones who think they're better than anyone else here and should be treated like royalty...

She pretty much explained who she was and everything else.

Cecilia Alcott from the UK eh?

She just went on and on about how we don't belong here not only due to us being guys but also in this school. She was getting really annoying.

But at the same time thanks to Ichika's lack of knowledge he pretty much torn her ego down all because he had no idea what she was talking about and why he should care.

She pretty much didn't take it well as she talked about how the men are now lack of knowledge and such.

Oh now she's being sexist eh? That's even worst than before.

She then walked over to me and pulled out my earbud.

"Now... what I want to know is how on earth you two even got accepted into this school? You two have been such a terrible disappointment it must've been a miracle for you two to even been chosen! I mean after all I did beat a instructor during the entrance exam. So it's logical that I'm an elite." She asked us with her british.

I just sighed. 'Hate to break it to ya "Governor!" but me and Ichika both beat a instructor too." I replied in my best british accent.

She scoffed and looked at me like I just kicked her father between the legs.

"Well mine was more of luck. Cody here did it with ease. How long was it again?" He asked me.

"15 seconds." I replied with a smirk.

That got an audience as all the girls in the class looked at me with a surprised look.

"15 seconds?! That's impossible!" She replied.

"Not for me. I'm someone who can beat the odds." I replied.

The finale school bell rang as everyone packed up and went back to their dorms. Later I found my room. And it was next to Ichika's so at least us brothers will be close.

I lay down on my bed and just fell asleep. I sighed and just relaxed.

Today... wasn't so bad...

I thought before finally passing out.

Next time on IS System VS Rider Tech!

Cody and Ichika are challenged by Cecila!

Ichika's Is is deployed!

And Cody starts to get showy!

Next time on IS System VS Rider Tech... Second Day/Fourze Unleashed!

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