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Chapter: Prologue: Nayla Nova Fury


..25 Years Ago: …..


The Furyan planet was known as a place where the climate was harsh yet beautiful at the same time. From outer space, the planet could be seen for its vegetation with pools of water here and there. The houses and buildings were mostly built of stone or marble. There were some buildings that were like castles while others were responsible size stone houses. Everything was very well architect. Everything brought awe to it, especially those that inhabited plant of Furyan.

As the climates were known to be harsh, the species living upon the planet adapted to it and would become part of the harsh climates. The creatures that roamed the planet were usually predators. There were many that would creep through the night and some by the day. But it was the human like beings known as Furyans that were the rulers of the planet.

The Furyan race were known to be beings that were stronger in skills such as speed and strength. They have other traits that were just as strong and inhuman, such as, high stamina, quick recovery speed, and high senses. Their senses were like animal senses. Furyans could let loose of their animal side and they were very much in control of it.

Overall, the planet was a world that have inhabitants, who were powerful and a superior race.

The society was a content one for all Furyans. There was classification of the normal and the superior. Or rather, the superior Furyans were known as the Alpha Furyans. The Alpha Furyans were usually the ones that were the leaders.

There was however a ruler over all of the Furyan race. Someone to keep order and make sure there weren't any conflicts happening.

The Alpha leader and his mate—his wife—were known to be the strongest couple. And when the time came when the wife gave birth to a baby, everyone was in awe and were thrilled for the two.

Their baby was a girl, who will be known in the other systems as a princess—since she was born from the rulers of the planet of Furyan. They named the baby girl, Nayla Nova Fury.

As the child was born, an Elemental by the name of Aereon suddenly appeared onto the planet to welcome the newborn to the world. However, she also came to inform the rulers that there was going to be danger coming to their planet at any moment. But the Furyan were too stubborn to believe that they could be taken down so easily.

The Elemental Aereon kept warning them, but was ignored. She soon found herself gliding on the wind and over to the crib where the newborn princess of Furyan resided in. As her eyes have come to rest on the baby girl, a slight gasp escaped her before a smile graced her lips.

Before Aereon made her presence known on Furyan, her people and she found out about another prophecy that there would be two babies of Furyan that would live. However, one of the babies was going to be the beauty of the Furyan race. The baby was going to carry the beauty that the Furyan race has to give. Therefore, as Aereon stared down at the baby girl name Nayla, Aereon knew that this baby was going to be the second baby to live.

As the day was slowly disappearing and the new one was about to start, Aereon stared up at the sky and she took notice of a comet shape heading into the Furya orbit.

"It is them. The Necromonger have come." Aereon whispered before she disappeared in a slight breeze and teleported herself into the princess of Furyan bedroom.

The room was fit for a princess. It was big and held a vibe of royalty. Moving towards the crib, Aereon stood beside the crib to stare down at the sleeping baby girl with a small frown that couldn't help but come onto Aereon lips.

"The suffering that you'll feel in the future will be of your people that you'll never have the chance to rule." Aereon softly said as she stepped away from the crib before she glided over to the balcony.

As she stood on the balcony, Aereon watched as the Necromonger begin to storm throughout the Furya planet with their armies. Knowing that the Necromonger were a threat to the planet, the Furyan people begin to attack.

The door to Nayla's room slammed open causing Aereon to whirl around to see Nayla's distress mother, also the queen of Furya come rushing in and towards the crib.

"They have come."

"Yes. I have told you all that it was going to happen, but you didn't heed my words." Aereon calmly said as she made her way back into the bedroom from the balcony and she headed over towards the crib where Nayla was stirring awake from her slumber.

"Take her. Take her and make sure she is safe. Make sure she understands who and what she is. That she is a Furyan, one that came from the head of the Furyan race. Please, make sure she is safe until she learns enough to survive on her own free will." The queen picked Nayla up and wrapped her up into a blanket. The queen obviously knew that this was going to be the end, but she didn't want it to be the end for her daughter.

The queen gave one last hug and kiss on Nayla's forehead before she held Nayla out to Aereon, who gently took the baby into her arms and made sure the baby was secured in her arms. Before Aereon could vanish, the Furyan queen pulled off two necklaces from her neck and placed them around Nayla's. The two necklaces have a small tooth dangling off it. The tooth was from a Hell hound.

"Live strong, Nayla. Your father and I love you so very much."

The baby Nayla started to cry as if she knew that this was going to be the last time that she was ever going to see her mother and her family again. The elemental quickly disappeared just as Necromonger came bursting into the room.


The Elemental quickly traveled across the land, getting far away from all the chaos that she left behind her. She was heading towards the pod that she had come to the planet in with another one of her kind. As Aereon went to past a large house with stone columns in the front, she found herself quickly hiding behind another building as the Necromonger Lord Marshal Zhylaw was stepping out of that stone column house.

The Necromonger Lord Marshal happened to be the one that had caught Aereon a few weeks back and asked her for a prophecy. She couldn't help but tell him about the Furyan race and how a male Furyan was going to be his downfall in the future. However, she didn't realize that Zhylaw would be destroying Furya for he didn't want to meet his downfall.

As the Lord Marshal vanished, the Elemental let the curiosity get the best of her and she found herself going into the house that the Lord came out of. Aereon started to roam around the house until she came upon a room where a freshly born infant with its umbilical cord wrapped around his neck was in a crib.

On the crib a name was engrave in the board.

The name Richard B. Riddick.

Staring at the infant, Aereon could see that the infant was still moving around and was trying to stay alive. Realization hit Aereon as she knew that this is the one. This is the male Furyan that was going to bring the downfall of the Lord Marshal in the future. Seeing the baby Furyan still alive, she knew that the baby must've be an Alpha as he was able to survive strangulation from his own cord.

Deciding to try to make up for her mistake of when she was force to tell the Lord Marshal about his downfall to a Furyan and he took it over the top to eliminate the Furyan race, Aereon stepped closer to the crib. She gently pulled the cord away from the male baby Furyan neck and picked him up in her other arm. Now, she has two Furyan babies in her arms. Thus, the prophecy of two Furyan baby living was complete.

Quickly, she vanished from the area and she begin to glide across the land again, escaping everything.


When she made it on the ship, it quickly took off in the direction of her home planet. She walked over to a cot where she had placed the two Furyan babies in. As Aereon was about to walk away, she paused when she took notice of something interesting.

The Furyan male baby named Richard B. Riddick was on his stomach with his head facing towards Nayla. He had managed to lift his left arm up and place his tiny hand on the side of Nayla's cheek since her head was turn towards him. Nayla eyes were on Riddick and Riddick appeared to let out a small coo towards Nayla, who coo right back.

"They are already making a connection. A bond is being made between them." The other Elemental that was presence on the ship has come up besides Aereon saying.

"It appears that they were destined to be with one another."

Years Gone By: …..

As time goes by, Aereon had dropped Riddick off at a couple's home before leaving to keep heading towards her home planet. She was only meant to help raise Nayla to a certain age. She couldn't handle two Furyan at the same time.

And the time went by, Nayla was quickly growing up in many areas throughout the years.

She has truly turned out to be the beauty that was to represent the beauty of the Furya race. At times, Aereon felt like Nayla was carrying the whole Furyan race within her.

At the age of sixteen, Nayla has told Aereon about this woman coming into her dreams by the name of Shirah and that the woman had placed a glowing hand on Nayla chest. After that dream, Nayla now has a glowing handprint on the right side of her chest, just above her breasts. The Furyan woman had ended up telling Nayla that the glowing handprint was known as the "Wrath of the Furyans." It was the suffering of all the Furyan that didn't escape the Necromonger attack on their planets.

As promise to Nayla's mother, Aereon has told Nayla about the Furyan race. She told Nayla of how Nayla was the Furya princess and that she has come from the strong bloodline of Alphas. That there will be a time when Nayla will be needed for a purpose in the near future.

At the age of twenty, Nayla found that it was her time to leave the Elemental planet. She was thankful for the Elementals for letting her live with them, even though most of the times, Nayla had been a stubborn individual, especially when the animal side was always present.

And when she took her leave, Nayla found herself exploring the systems.

She couldn't help but get into trouble a few times with the law. It wasn't her fault that men try to come on to her. But she has to admit that she could have gone easy on a few of them because some of them probably never want to come out of their homes ever again once she dealt with them.

Nayla had ended up being caught twice by mercs and was sent to slams. The first was Crematoria—which the escape wasn't fun, especially hiding underneath the floorboard of a ship the whole time—and the second slam was Slam City. It was fun there until she managed to escape by going through the ventilation system and stealing a merc ship.

When she turn twenty-five, Nayla disguised herself and she got onto a transporting ship known as Hunter-Gratzner. She was put into a container that supposed to put her under in cryo-sleep for the whole trip.

Though there was one problem.

Since she has the primitive side—the animal side—it stayed up. Her senses were still activate and highly functioning; thus, the trip was going to be a long one.

But she didn't realize that her thoughts were going to be horrific yet true.






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