Chapter: The Crazy Ass Lanky Artsy Woman


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They were being wheel down a hallway with mercs surrounding them as guards just in case they make a run or somehow escape. Both Jack and Imam were handcuff, staring at either side of the hallway walls and staring at the tanks that held mercs inside them. The mercs in the tanks were wire up and were put in this sleep mode until they were called upon and release from the tank. It was like keeping the livestock safe and alive until use.

Nayla just lean her head back and rest the back of her head on Riddick's right shoulder. His turn his head to run his nose against her head and nuzzle his face in her hair, inhaling her scent.

"Have you ever seen anything like this before?" Imam asked, still staring around at the walls with the mercs in the tanks.

"Merc ships? Plenty." Riddick replied, pulling his face away from Nayla's head to take a look at the walls line up with the tanks.

"It is a plantation operation. A boat like this loads up at port, signs on as many men as it can hold, then goes out for months, sometimes years at a time. However long it takes to fill their stores." Imam explained, glancing around then looking in between Nayla and Riddick's face.

"Except a merchant rig's usually harvesting ore, maybe crops, not people." Riddick replied, his eyes narrowing behind his goggles.

"Captured bounties on one side, contracted manpower on the other." Imam pointed out.

Nayla was wondering how Imam, the holy man knew so much about all of this. Unless he had an interesting past with the law and converted over to being religious to change his ways.

"Just add heat." Jack lowly mumbles.

"You know for a holy man, you know a lot about all of this." Nayla pointed out and she felt Riddick nodding his head against the side of her head in agreement.

"I hear things." Imam instantly replied causing Riddick to smirk.

"Must be a special kind of desperate dick signs on to this." Riddick said.

This fat merc beside them growled and slammed the side of his gun on the side of Riddick's face, just missing Nayla's face. Nayla growled at the man, who glared at her but had the audacity to look her up and down. That made a low warning growl to escape from Riddick.

"Shut up!" The fat merc snapped, glaring at Riddick.

"You're the exception, of course. For you, it's life experience." Riddick lowly mutters, clearly not affected by the action of the merc's gun.

They soon came to a stop at the end of the hallway.

"So, what's the plan?" Jack lean forwards, asking Riddick and Nayla with this sly grin. Both Nayla and Riddick glance at Jack, not liking how the young twelve year old were thinking in a juvenile way. The two Furyans didn't want to see Jack take the road that they had taken.

"It's not like we haven't gotten out of worse. The way I see it, we can take these jerks when—HEY!" Jack yelled out the last part when a merc rest his hand on her shoulder and stared her down.

"This is where we get off, princess." The red hair skinny merc said.

"You too, preacher." Another merc put his hand on Imam's shoulder, saying.

"I will pray." Imam said, being led away.

"Not for me." Riddick replied just as Riddick and Nayla's loading dolly was push in the opposite direction of where Jack and Imam were going.

"Let's go!" A merc shoved Jack forwards.

"I won't leave without you, Nayla and Riddick! I'll find you two!" Jack was shouting as Riddick and Nayla were being led down a different hallway, having no clue what was going to happen to them.

Soon, they were push out of the dark hallway and onto this platform that had stairs to lead down it. Both Nayla and Riddick were release but had handcuffs on their wrist now. However the two of them were staring around at their surroundings.

"Set them down and leave. You two will meet Antonia now." Junner appeared behind a light blue marble pillar, commanding.

Riddick and Nayla walked down the stairs, feeling their eyes widen slowly at the room that they had just step into once they were off the stairs.

The room was all marble and had this eerie light blue to everything. However, Riddick and Nayla weren't staring at the colors, but rather the statues of the room. The statues were of people and they seem too real as if they were alive. On the ceiling was this chandelier that was letting off a light blue glow to the room. However, the chandelier had statues of various people, posing in different positions and had these pains looking expressions.

"This is a bit…weird." Nayla said, stepping closer to Riddick as she didn't like the feeling in the room. Riddick glance down at her, seeing Nayla becoming a bit uncomfortable by the room. This made the animal side to growl as he didn't like seeing his mate uncomfortable, thus, Riddick made sure to stick by her side.

They move towards Junner, who began to lead the two through the room, stopping for a second before a few statutes. They stopped before a statue that Junner stood a bit longer at. This made Riddick and Nayla curious of why Junner stood longer at this statue than the others.

The statue seems to emit this cold draft like ice. It was of a muscular man with his eyes widely open and held this angry look. The mouth was wide open as if they had been yelling. Nayla shut her eyes, feeling a pulse on the right side of her chest. Riddick felt something was up with Nayla causing him to glance at her and seeing the handprint on her chest give a pulsing glow.

Riddick looked back at the statue, leaning forwards to read the plaque that the man statue was standing upon.


Both Riddick and Nayla read the glowing plaque, seeing it said Killer of Men. FURYA.

That made Nayla to realize why her Wrath of Furyan handprint on her chest was pulsing. This statue was of her kind. Her eyes glace at Riddick then up at the statue. Nayla watched Riddick reach out and touch the tongue that was coming out of the statue's mouth. The tongue moved making Nayla to jump a bit as she wasn't expecting it and Riddick to take a half of step back.

"The hell—"Riddick said, not believing that the statue had done that.

"They are alive." Nayla whispers, staring away from the statue to look at the other statues in the room. The statues weren't made of marble; they were frozen in some sort of ice shit that she couldn't figure out what.

The glass door behind them open causing them to turn and see that lanky woman that Junner said was named Antonia to them earlier. However, hearing Riddick grunt and fall to his knees, Nayla instantly kneel down to him and sniff the air, smelling a hint of metallic smell. Her eyes swept over Riddick, seeing a prick of blood coming out of the back of his neck. Her eyes ran over to Junner, seeing a shot in his hand making her to know that he injected Riddick with something.

"All right. Now you have my attention." Riddick said, glaring down Junner before looking over to the woman. Nayla bumped her hip against Riddick shoulder making him to grunt a little and push himself up into a standing position beside her.

"A necessary precaution. You attempt anything uncivilized, killing me for instance; I detonate the explosive charge Junner's just implanted and sleep well tonight. Walk with me." The lanky woman Antonia held up the detonation controller to show Riddick then she turn for Riddick and Nayla to follow her.

"You're not putting us on a pedestal." Riddick said, not moving from his spot just yet.

"No. Of course not. You two are strictly for my private collection." Antonia said, eyeing the two of them with a grin.

"Not liking the sound of that." Nayla mumbles, moving a bit on her feet before moving forwards as Riddick began to walk forwards. She was leading them around the room of her 'collection' of statues.

"Hmm, okay. You go through all the trouble to catch these guys, and this is what you do with them."

"You're missing the point."

"What point? You a million U.D.'s standing around collectin' dust." Riddick pointed out causing the woman to glance back at them with her green eyes. Her left pointer finger was held up then she touches one of her statues with a caressing manner.

"Tell me about it." Nayla agrees with her mate, staring around the statues that were closely near them.

"You underestimate their value, Nayla and Riddick. They are priceless. Each, at one time, the most wanted man or woman in the known universe. The number of lives ended at the hands of those living and breathing in this room is incalculable." She explained, staring around with complete awe and excitement.

Nayla couldn't help it; she shook her head and stared down the weird ass woman that thinks these collections were art pieces.

"You're tapped in the head." Nayla blurted out causing Riddick to snort underneath his breath.

"This isn't what I call living." Riddick said, glancing at Antonia, who had lead them to the Furya statue man and grasping either side of his face. Now that Riddick and Nayla knew that these statues were living people, they knew this woman was very messed up in the head.

"Just the same, I assure you they are all very much alive. Each one sustained in a form of cryo so profound that seconds seem weeks and to blink an eye is a day's work. The brain, however, continues to function unimpeded. The mind continues to think and feel, swarming with whatever dark thoughts it's trapped alone with, as it will be for hundreds of years." Antonia explained, leading Riddick and Nayla through red curtains and into a hallway where so more human statues were on either side of them as they walked behind Antonia figure.

"So much more fitting a fate than dropping them off at the nearest slam. Here, they are appreciated for what they truly are, transformed into objects on par with their lives' work. And why? Because I gave them the audience they so desperately desired, the recognition they bought with the blood of others. I understood their actions, stripped free of moral convention. Don't you see? They're something greater now. Something more than they ever were before. Art." Antonia explained, stopping before this lounge chair that was surrounding by a few of the statues. She stared in between Riddick and Nayla with this craze looking smirk.

"Lady, your taste sucks." Riddick simply told her, disgust across his face for what she was doing to these people. Trapping them in this eternal hold and making them into statues for this woman's weird ass artsy pleasure.

"I expected as much…Junner." She turns to stare at Junner causing Riddick and Nayla to glance at the tall sunglasses man too. He pulled this control from out of nowhere and hit a button on it.

A groan of a machine made Riddick and Nayla to glance behind Antonia and the lounge chair to see the curtain was rising. Then two mercs appeared with their guns ready.

Nayla stepped forwards to stare into this arena and saw something that made her eyes to widen a bit.

"Ah shit." Nayla mutters.

"You see, Riddick, there's a fundamental difference between you and I."

"Yeah. You're a psychopath." Riddick was staring at Antonia still while Nayla was staring into the arena with shock eyes still. She didn't say anything yet until Riddick took a look for himself.

"You don't appreciate art. But I believe the reason for this is something very different than you or anyone else might think."

Nayla glance back and see Antonia resting her hands on either side of Riddick's face. Nayla growled and stepped forwards, but stopped as the mercs pointed their guns at her. This made her to pout, but kept glaring at the lanky tall ass woman.

"You're an artist." Riddick pulled his face away from her hand as she said this, not wanting her boney hands on his face. Plus, he heard Nayla growl and the mercs move their guns towards her.

"I've been called a lot of things in my day. That ain't one of 'em."

"You make art, Riddick, not analyze it. You shape it with your own hands, carve it from flesh and bone. But a man like you does not understand such a thing by being lectured. You must experience it." Antonia said, glancing at Junner and nodding her head.

The lights shut off and these red lights came on. Riddick stepped forwards to stand beside Nayla and his eyes came upon what she was looking at.

"Oh, shit."

"It's what I said." Nayla told him.

The two of them were looking down from their place on the platform and down about thirty feet. There was Imam and Jack standing on these balls, handcuffed and they had these collars around their neck with a chain attach to the back of it. The chains went up to the ceiling.

"They are balancing on the ball. One move and they will be hung, Riddick." Nayla lowly told him, instantly analyzing the situation that Jack and Imam were in. Riddick let out a low frustrated groan from underneath his breath.

"I said that I would find you two, didn't I?" Jack looked up at them with a sheepish grin.

"What do you want?" Riddick lowly said as he felt Junner and Antonia step closer up behind Riddick and Nayla.

"To watch you work. I spent the latter half of my life observing fantastic things…the work of terrible men, men such as yourself. But it's always after the fact when the moment of bloody creation is cold and passed. That changes now." Antonia said, pointing towards the other side of the room. With a beep of the remote that Junner had in hand, the doors to the other side of the arena slowly open up.

Nayla realize that Antonia had been referring to Riddick fighting and not her. Nayla felt Junner step up to her and pulled her back causing Riddick to growl, but stopped with a grunt as Mercs pointed their guns at him.

"I need to see it, Riddick. I need to see it with my own eyes as it happens." Antonia explained, laying on her side on the lounge couch and picking up her wine glass, taking a sip of it before looking up to see Riddick stepping over and staring down at her.

"I get outta there alive, you'll see it again this close." Riddick lean forwards, staring her down, but tilt his head back as Antonia put a shiv underneath his chin and running it along his jawline.

"Bitch better not think she can do whatever with him." Nayla mutters, but gasped out as Junner slapped her butt. She turns to kick him but stopped when he grabbed his sword gun.

"Cheater." Nayla whispers, turning to stare at Riddick.

"No, Riddick. I want your masterpiece. An artist is nothing without his instrument." Antonia threw the shiv away from Riddick making him to walk towards it and pick it up. Nayla felt herself move forwards thanks to Junner pushing her forwards. She noted that they came near Antonia and standing before Riddick.

Riddick didn't go amiss of how close Junner was to Nayla. In fact, he saw Junner brush his hand against Nayla's lower back. Riddick stared Junner down with an emotionless expression.

"When we meet again, I'm gonna bury this in your eye." Riddick said, staring down Junner before lifting his hand up to push his goggles up onto his forehead.

"Let him in." Antonia said to the mercs that stepped forwards towards Riddick to shove him in, but he kicked the fat merc from earlier down then he kicked another that came near him.

Nayla tripped the fat man merc as he tried to go at Riddick again causing the merc to stagger forwards. Riddick took the opportunity to use the fat merc as a landing pad into the arena. Riddick landed on top of the fat merc and then stood up from him and walked away.

Nayla moved away from Junner, glaring at both Antonia and him.

"Go ultraviolet." Antonia commanded Junner while bringing these night vision glasses up to her eyes. Like a good dog, Junner hit another button on the remote and the room went dark but ultraviolet lights came on.

Turning to look down at the arena, Nayla could see the outlines of Riddick, Jack and Imam in this silvery glow.

"You know, Nayla, you can sit with me."

"Nope." Nayla simply replied, not glancing back at the crazy woman.

This weird siren sound echo from the doors that were open earlier in the arena. Nayla looked forwards and see these weird color lights glowing. But when two glowing light figures came into the arena, Nayla could see these rope light tentacles coming from them. They looked like giant luminesce jellyfishes.

"This just keeps getting better and better." Nayla sarcastically said, her hands flexing and then clenching into tight fists.






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