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"Hmm..." A long pause filled the living room of Twining Mansion. Her purple orbs were still staring at the William and the so-called demons repeatedly. "You're saying, this obnoxious brother of mine is the Elector chosen by the Hell's highest authority to choose the Hell's interim ruler while he's asleep?"

William was about to protest her usage of obnoxious word on him but the pointy-ears demon, also known as the Grand Duke of Hell, Dantalion, cut him off first. "Yes. You have it right."

"And the ikemen, oh wait, the ike-demon and the glasses-guy are also the candidates for successing the throne?"

Sytry and Camio half-nodded, mainly because Sytry was busy with Bafomet's cook and Camio…um…never mind him.

"I see. Well, whatever. Please take care of my impudence brother from here and onwards." Iris got up from her seat and bowed politely.


"Oh?" Iris straightened herself out. "Because you could be a pain in the ass. Isn't it obvious?"

William gritted his teeth. Iris' comments earned a few chuckles and laughs from the demons, including the black and white talking bats of Dantalion – Amon and Mamon.

"William. You have quite an interesting sister. I honestly thought we were dead when you saw us, but, this has turned into quite an event."

Iris plopped down. Her plan to come home and have a relaxed vacation after spending years at boarding school turned disastrous when she witnessed a battle between demons, who were charging with fires, thunders and whatsoever there were at each other.

And when they realized she was there, they stopped fighting. And suddenly the ruined scenery before her returned to normal.

"Anyways, Iris. What are you going to do now? Uncle had left after going bankrupt." William asked while rubbing his temple. If there's one thing/person he cherished more than his grades, it would be his sister, Iris Twining.

"I'm thinking about hunting him down and then burned him alive." Sytry almost choked to death hearing those deadly words from such an innocent and offhanded voice. "But, that seemed like a lot of work. Maybe I'll just stay here and I don't know – farm something to make money for your next semester's fee."

"Can you actually do that?" William's eyes sparkled brightly.

"Tch, Elector." Amon snickered. "You're going to make a girl work for you?"

"She's the one that offered!"


"But, as a gentleman, you should refuse and say 'It's fine, I'll do it myself' or something. Not the other way around."

Iris just laughed at William being made fun of by the demons. But, her laugh was stopped when Camio stated the worst possible outcome.

"She should come with us. If the demons or angels knew about her, it's not impossible for them to come after her to get William."

"She's a girl! How do you expect to smuggle her into a school full of boys?!"

"She could live with Camio." Dantalion pointed. "The Head Boy has an exclusive room for himself, right? As long as she could keep up with the conditions, she should be fine."

"You're telling me to leave my sister with a demon?!" William could feel his blood pressure going up.

"I don't really care, you know." Iris shrugged. "Here or there, there ain't any different for me."

William looked at his sister. It's true. Iris was sent abroad since she was three. And that's the last time he ever saw her. She didn't return for their parents' funeral. He never knew what their parents' intentions were but maybe for Iris, she's so used to living and doing everything alone that she barely cared about the world itself.

"It's true things would be dangerous if she was to live with Camio. He might try something on her." Sytry's words frightened William even more. "But if she stayed here, if the demons or angels attacked again, she's all by herself."

"What will you do now, William?"