William was sitting by his sister's bedside. Layers formed on his forehead. He was still thinking about the incident at the beach. And what the demons said to him afterwards.

Flashback :

"It's impossible! How can she, who stayed abroad for ages has connection with such an old myth?"

The old myth that he was referring about was the same bridge that the Four Kings of Hell talked previously. The bridge that connected the two realms – Heaven and Hell. The bridge that said to be a catastrophic bridge.

"We don't know for sure if she's really the holder of the key." Dantalion tried to calm the situation down.

"No. That's not true." Camio interrupted. "The chant that she muttered about the seven keys that will unlock the bridge is more than enough as a proof."

Isaac looked back and forth between William and the demons. Then, he suddenly remembered something. "Iris-chan..."

"WHAT, ISAAC?!" William already cut him without hearing the rest.

"Eeeppp!" Isaac cowered in fear. He never see William this furious. "Iris-chan's name..."

Sytry's eyes widen when he realized what Isaac was trying to say. "Iris is a Goddess' name in Greek myth."

"Which means rainbow."

"And the seven keys she referred to were..."

"Seven-coloured rainbows?!" The three demons said in unison. "So, by finding the one who matched the attributes of each colour..."

End flashback

William sighed. He took Iris' hand in his. "Seriously, idiot. I don't know what should I do with you.

At the same time, all three candidates of Interim Ruler of Hell reported back to their respective Master.

"So, that's what it means." Astaroth looked amused. Who couldn've thought Dantalion could figure this out faster than her?

"What should we do?"

Astaroth pondered. "By this time, the other Kings should be informed too." She then looked at Dantalion while smiling. "What are you thinking?"

"Gathering the seven keys would unlock the bridge. If that's the case, isn't it better to just let things as they are?"

Astaroth sighed. "Maybe for us. But don't forget about Heaven's making their move on us. If they could attack once, they could attack us again. And this bridge is a golden chance."

"What would happen to her then?"

"Eh?" The King of Nephilims amused. "You care about the girl?"

"William does."

At the same in Heaven, Michael was busy with his chess. "Eh~ So, the Elector's sister is the key bearer?"

Kevin – no, Uriel – had a bad feeling about this. He might do not know much about the girl, but he DO know that his young master treasured her. If anything were to happen...

"Do you think we should perform ecstasy on her, Uriel?" Michael's smirk grew wider. He knew what Uriel was thinking and his fondness of William.

"She probably didn't even know of her status." Uriel added.

"Then, it's good for us. We could deceive her into coming her willingly."


"Are you disobeying me?!" Michael's aura suddenly became hostile and he kicked Uriel to the end of the room. "Now~ let's start our plan of obtaining her on our side."

Iris found herself in an all-white place. There's an endless horizon along with an endless sky. She looked around, trying to find something, anything. But, to no avail. Suddenly, she heared a dinstinct voice calling to her.


Who are you?

Goddess of Rainbow

Who is it?

You must not forget your duty

What duty?

You must not forget your duty

You must not forget your duty

You must not forget your duty

And the voice kept repeating the same sentences over and over again, and it slowly disappearing into thin air.

"Wait!" Iris found herself to be chasing after the voice. "Tell me what you mean! What duty are you saying?!"

"Iris! Iris!"

Iris finally woke up when she felt her body was shaked vigorusly. There, she met William's concern orbs.

"Thank goodness you're awake! Are you okay? Did you hurt anywhere? Oi...answer me!"

William's machine-gun questions left unasnwered. She couldn't process anything yet. Her dream still lingered.


William looked relief. "Don't scare me like that again!" He then took Iris in his arms.

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