Chapter One:

Hayley awoke with the felling that someone was watching her. She sat up in bed and was startled to find Klaus
sitting at the bed side chair fast asleep.
"Had he really stayed there all night." She thought as she pulled the blankets off of her and stood up, she felt
dizzy and was about to fall back on the bed when Klaus caught he by her hand and steadied her.
"Are you okay love?" He asked with a look of concern on his face.
Hayley pulled her hand free of his, "Its just nausea. What are you doing in my room?"
"You don't remember anything that happened last night do you?" Klaus asked her grabbing her hand again and
pulled her into him a and wrapped his hand around her waist.
"Should I" Hayley asked taking in their position and finding it awkward.
"You were attacked by a group of witches, after you were lead into a trap at a doctors office to find out
sex the baby is. Rebekkah nearly got there in time," He said through clenched teeth, "and then you were shot and
Rebekkah lost track of you. You could barley stand when we found you hours later."
Hayley tried to take in what he was say and everything came back in a wave of pain, as she grabbed her belly.
"The baby is fine, Sophie came over last night after we brought you home to check on it." Klaus assured her
placing his hand on her belly and kissed her forehead.
"He..." She trialed off.
Klaus looked down at her with wide eyes, "He... Its a boy."
She nodded and Klaus lifted her off the ground and into his arms, as he brought his lips to hers and placed her
down on the ground, Hayley was shocked at first but deepened the kiss until Elijah and Rebekkah stormed in.
"WE heard shouting..."Elijah trailed of as he saw Hayley and Klaus in their passionate embrace.
Hayley and Klaus pulled away from each other, but Klaus kept his hold on Hayley's waist, "A Boy, Its a boy" He
Said with a hint of happiness in his voice.
Rebekkah squealed and jumped for joy "A nephew for me to spoil..." She trailed of looking at Klaus and Hayley's
disapproving eyes, "With love of course what else would i mean."
No doubt she was already planning a shopping trip into town to buy the best the Mikealson money could by, and
that was the best.
"Come Rebekkah it looks as we interrupted a happy moment that I am sure Klaus wants to get back to." Elijah stated
ushering his sister out of the room and closing the door behind them.
Klaus turned his attention back to Hayley, who had her fingers to her lips, deep into thought.
"Who needs to think, if i am right here." Klaus said leaning in to kiss her again when she stopped him.
"No don't." Hayley said placing her hand on his chest.
"What's wrong?"
"This." she said pointing at the space between them, "This cant happen. You can play with other girls heart and
break them to pieces, but mine you can't, i dont want you being with me because i am carrying your miracle baby, and
then being thrown away as soon as something fresh comes to town." she when and opened the door "My heart isn't a play
toy Klaus."
Klaus opened his mouth to say something and then closed it, she was right.
"Please go." She said pointing out the door, Klaus obliged and headed out the door, as Hayley closed it behind
him and locked it.
It was going to be harder to prove his move and loyalty to her then he thought.