Percy and his friends defeated the mighty titan, Kronos along with other foes six months ago. Ever since then, Annabeth, the daughter of Athena, has been distant to her boyfriend Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. He sees her hang out with her friends as much as she did with him before and now she seems to almost ignore him. Percy still wonders if they're still even dating.

One day, Clarisse and Selina were walking around the forest, arguing about a discussion from earlier. They were interrupted as they heard talking from afar. They hid behind trees and listened to the pair talking.

"Seth, we shouldn't be doing this. Percy could walk through anytime." The familiar voice said. Selina looked at Clarisse who was taking a peek at the pair and looked back at Selina and mouthed, "Annabeth."

Selina's eyes went big and continued listening. "It doesn't matter, Beth. He can go to Tartarus." The boy, Seth, said. Seth was from the Zeus's cabin and an ignorant boy. Selina discretely watched them. Seth was leaning on the tree with an arm above Annabeth, as her back was on the tree. The two were extremely close for Selina's taste as Seth's hand was on Annabeth's butt. Selina glanced at Clarisse and saw her videotaping everything. "Besides, you don't love him as much as you do with me." The blonde haired kid leaned in closer and kissed Annabeth on her lips. Clarisse's grip held on tighter on her camera as she watched the two makeout and confess their supposed love.

"Fine, but we have little time till we have to go back before Percy notices." She gave him a quick kiss. "Love you too, Seth." The two continued making out as Clarisse stopped recording there. She signaled to Selina to leave before the others do. The two quietly ran away until they were far away from the others.

"Oh I am going to kill her when she comes back." Clarisse growled. "Percy isn't my friend, but he doesn't deserve to be with that cheating son of a-" Selina leaned in and kissed her.

"Clarisse! Don't say that. Sure he doesn't deserve her, but just don't." Selina interrupted as she put a hand on the other girl's shoulder. "How did you have a camera anyway?" That made Clarisse smirk.

"You always have to be ready for something hilarious to happen." Clarisse said as she ruffled Selina's hair. "Come on, we have to go back for dinner."

The two walked inside the protected gate of Camp Half-Blood as did Annabeth beside them. Selina had to put an arm around Clarisse's for her to not do anything. She looked behind them and saw Seth not far from them. Selina growled at the sight of him, making Clarisse smirk at her actions. She kissed the side of Selina's head to calm her down [AN: I just felt that they should be together for some odd reason even if Selina's dead. Just go with it anyway, for she's alive in my story.]

"Hey guys, what's up?" Annabeth asked trying to secretly get Seth's wet kiss off her lips.

"Nothing." Selina growled quietly. "So what were you and Seth doing?" She could see Annabeth get stiff from the question.

"What do you mean?" Annabeth asked trying to sound innocent.

"You and Seth came from the same area. I was just asking." Selina said as she acted innocent as well.

"He was just showing me how to use a sword properly. It was too crowded inside." Annabeth lies.

"Oh, I'm sure he was teaching you something. You'll be taught a lesson soon." Clarisse thought. Selina knew what she was thinking and slapped her arm. Clarisse faked being hurt and Selina kissed her 'boo-boo'. Annabeth saw the interaction and felt guilty for what she was doing to Percy. The two used to be like that until Seth joined camp.

He was a blonde tall kid and was somewhat muscular. Seth met Annabeth when a mutual friend introduced him to her. Seth bothered her with flirting afterwards and a few weeks later, she gave into it and kissed him. He knew she was with Percy, but he didn't care since he was a demigod of Zeus, thinking it would give him power to do whatever he wanted. When she kissed him, that didn't stop them from seeing each other. When Percy was gone for many quests, the two would be together openly unlike now in secret. Some people knew about the two and either didn't care about the two, didn't know about Percy and Annabeth, or was just scared to harm Percy. After all, he gave up being a god and having immortality just to be with her.

She, of course, didn't know that. If she knew, she most likely wouldn't be with Seth and would be with Percy instead. Annabeth walked away to another direction and was stopped as Seth turned her around with a hard grip. "Where're you going, eh?" he asked with a rough voice. He pulled her closer and kissed her hard. She tried pushing him away, but his strong grip kept her from doing so. He pulled away from Annabeth and slapped her cheek, making it red. "Don't resist next time." Seth walked away after giving a kiss on her forehead.

Sure he was abusive sometimes, but he was a good guy once you got inside his shell. The only thing that was bad was that he had the same green eyes as Percy. It was a constant reminder of them still being together. Annabeth was to breakup with one of them and it wasn't going to be easy for either of them.

From afar, she could see Percy practicing his hand to hand combat with a fellow camper. Let's just say that the camper isn't doing well. She wondered what was causing him to be so rough on him. He grunted loud as he did a traditional back kick the boy. The boy groaned and fell on the floor.


A Few Minutes Earlier…

Percy was practicing with Riptide on the wooden dummy when Clarisse walked hand in hand with Selina. "Hey you love birds, what's up?" he said as he continued to slash on the dummy.

"We have something to show you, Percy." Clarisse said.

"Can it wait? I'm busy right now."

"It's about Annabeth." Selina said. Percy stabbed Riptide onto the dummy's straight arm.

"What about her? Is something wrong?" Percy asked worriedly.

"We have a video about something she did. Just watch it." Selina said as she handed him the video camera. He pressed play and watched it. As he got into the video more, water from the water fountains and the lake sprouted out and sprayed everywhere. "Percy!" she yelled as Clarisse wrapped her girlfriend closer in her arms. Percy stopped the water spreading and shoved the camera back to Clarisse. He took back Riptide and angrily swiped the dummy's head in a clean cut. No one had the strength to do that before and it scared Selina, making Clarisse hold her tighter.

"Let's go before anything else happens." Clarisse said as she and Selina fast walked away from Percy. He signaled a guy with body armor to come towards him and do hand to hand combat. The boy looked scared and raised his hands up in a defensive way. Percy punched the guy with hard punches that made his knuckles red. He finally got his arms out of the way and kicked him with a traditional back kick he learned from an old friend. The fighting made the boy tired and bruised through his armor that he laid down on the ground after he got kicked.

"Perce, what's going on?" Annabeth asked as she walked up to him. Percy's eyes were full of anger and sadness when she looked into them. She knew why as soon as she saw it. "Percy, you don't understand."

"Understand? UNDERSTAND?! YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH THAT DOUCHE!" he yelled as Seth was behind her.

"Why don't you just go piss in a bucket, alright Jackson?" Seth said.

"Seth, you don't know who you're dealing with…" Percy said through his teeth.

"Just shut up, Jackson. No one likes you anyway." Seth fired back.

"Seth!" Annabeth yelled.

"How long? How long has it been since you two have been together behind my back?!" Percy yelled getting close to the pair.

"We've been together after you defeated Kronos, a few months after you guys got together." Seth said with a smug smirk. "She never loved you; she's been with me more than you. I bet I could beat you at a fight."

"Oh yeah? Is that a challenge?" Percy said as he got in his face. He chuckled. "I could you into a pulp if I wanted to."

"Yeah, right." Seth said.

"You have no idea who you're about to fight. It's going hilarious seeing a demigod of Zeus being kicked by a son of Poseidon."

Seth visibly got angry and shoved Percy back away from him. That only made Percy angrier as he made a fast and hard right hook to Seth's jaw. Seth stumbled and held his jaw. He swings at Percy only to be tripped and covered with the mud on the ground.

"Are you done yet?" Percy said with a fake yawn. "This is boring."

Seth got up and swung again, making Percy sidestep and grabbed his arm for him to slam his elbow on Seth's. A loud cry came out of Seth as the pain hit his broken arm.

After that, Percy ran away, not knowing where to go. His first thought was to go back to New York where his mother lived with his step-dad Paul Blowfis (AN: it's pronounced as blowfish, if you didn't know already.)

"Percy, what are you doing here?" Sally said after she opened the door for her son to come in. "Shouldn't you be with everyone back in camp?"

"Annabeth cheated on me for months with some ignorant douche who thinks he's the best at everything." Percy said as he sat down on the small couch. Sally sat down as well next to her son. "I thought that we were perfect for each other, and then she goes and cheats on me the whole time we were dating."

"If she doesn't want to be with you, then she's missing out on what's perfect for her to be with. It's okay, Percy. If she was the best in your eyes, then you'll be with someone who's perfect for you. Things will get better, trust me." Sally said as she rubbed her hand on her son's back. "You can stay here for as long as you need. Just don't hide from the world or you'll miss out on what's great." She got up and got a pillow and blanket for him to sleep on the couch.

"Thanks mom, you're the best." Sally kissed her son's forehead and left to go back to sleep with Paul as Percy went to sleep as well.