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"Tucker, I'm fucked." Danny said as he entered Tucker's room. Tucker looked up at him from his computer chair, one eyebrow raised.

"What happened?" Tucker asked, watching as Danny collapsed onto Tucker's bed.

"Sam's dad knows." Tucker cautiously got up, walking over to Danny.

"Knows what?"

"That I'm half ghost." Tucker looked at Danny for a good minute before practically jumping on him and choking him.

"Our worst enemy right now knows your secret!? It's a secret for a reason!" Danny pried Tucker's hands off his neck and sat up on the bed.

"I know! I don't know how he found out, I swear!" He sighed and leaned over, putting his head in his hands. His secret was the last thing he wanted Jeremy to find out about. He honestly didn't know how he found out about it. He must have put two and two together and made the comparisons from when Phantom made an appearance and took Sam from him that one time at scool.

"What did he say to you?" Tucker asked.

"That he was going to make my life a living hell if I didn't tell him where Sam was."

"And?" Danny looked up at him and stood up, his hands moving to rest on his head before they moved to his sides and balled into fists.

"There's no way I'm letting that bastard get to Sam. She's never going back to him again, not if I have anything to say about it." He moved to lean his forehead on one of the walls near the doors before turning round and leaning his back on it and crossing his arms. "Should I tell Sam?" Tucker raised an eyebrow as he wondered how blessed Danny was with stupidity.

"Dude, is that even a question? Of course you have to tell her!"

"No, just listen." Danny started, his hands raised up as if that would calm Tucker down. "She already is paranoid and has really bad anxiety. I don't want to add another situation on her plate."

"Danny," Tucker began, walking over to him, "I know that you want to protect Sam, but you have to tell her about her dad. She has a right to know and you know she's going to be mad when she finds out about it later." Danny sighed and crossed his arms, looking down at his feet. He knew that Tucker was right, but he still wanted to save Sam from the anxiety she would get from thinking about it. He swiped a hand down his face and threw his hands up in defeat.

"Fine. You win." He started to leave the room, but stopped in the doorway. "Any chance of you coming with me to help tell her?" Tucker shook his head with a smirk on his face, gripping the doorknob.

"Nah." He said, closing the door on Danny.

By the time that Danny got to Pam's house, he was getting anxiety himself. He never wanted to worry Sam in any way, and now he had to tell her that her dad was still after her and now threatening him. In the long run, he knew that Tucker was right and that Sam had to know. He didn't want her to be off guard anyway, so it was safer to tell her. He sighed and knocked on the door, swiping a hand through his hair as he heard footsteps approaching. The door swung open and he saw Pam standing there, smiling at him.

"Hello Danny," She said. Danny smiled.

"Hey Ms. Manson." He said as she let him in.

"Danny?" He heard Sam call from the living room. He walked in and Sam automatically stood up and hugged him when he was close enough while Pam walked in and sat in a near by chair.

"So, what are you guys up to?" He asked, sitting next to Sam on the couch.

"Me and Sam were talking about some things about her childhood." Pam said. Danny raised his eyebrows and looked over at Sam who was at ready to roll her eyes if she needed to.

"So bonding?" And there it was, the eye roll he knew was coming. He told her it wasn't as hard as she thought it would be; she was just too stubborn to believe it.

"If that's what you call it." She said, leaning back on the couch.

"I'm not intruding, am I?"

"No. Stay." Sam commanded, gripping the back of Danny's shirt, not wanting him to leave her alone while 'bonding' with her mother.

"Alright then. What are you guys talking about?"

"I wanted to know more about Jeremy." Pam started, causing Danny to look over at her. "He's changed since I've seen him. It's like he's a whole different person."

"Danny," Sam started, causing Danny to look over at her. She grabbed his hands and held her hands in his, placing them in her lap. "I never told you this, but... thanks for finding my mom. I'm glad that I'm able to get to know her, especially since I'm away from my dad now." Shit. Did this really have to happen now? She was going to be so paranoid once she finds out what Jeremy had told Danny. She finally felt safe after a long while and of course Jeremy had to ruin that. Despite the thoughts in his head, Danny smiled at her.

"That's great, Sam... Uh, can I talk to you for a minute?" He asked. She nodded at him and he stood up, leading them into the kitchen so Pam wouldn't be able to hear them.

"What's up?" Sam asked. Danny rubbed the back of his neck, his other hand in his pocket. He sighed as his shoulders drooped.

"Look... there's no easy way to tell you, so I'm just gonna say it. Your dad made bail and found me as I was walking home. He threatened me and said if I didn't tell him where you were, he would make my life hell. I think he was talking about my secret, which he knows about somehow. I didn't tell him where you were though, so please don't worry. You're safe." Sam's face twisted in shock and fear, and it killed Danny inside. All he wanted was to make her feel safe, and he couldn't do that unless he was with her at all times, which he couldn't do. She had Pam and had to be with her now.

"I'm not safe. I'll never be safe." Sam started.

"Sam, it's okay-"

"No, it's not." She interrupted, her eyes tearing. "He'll always be looking for me. He'll never leave me alone." She caved into his chest, wrapping her arms around him, the only thing now that made her feel safe. Danny held her while she cried, cringing at the sight for he had never witnessed her cry before.

Even when Jeremy wasn't here, he was still destroying her.

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