Hello Lovelies! So this little two/three shot's been bouncing around for a while and I thought I'd give it a go! It's mainly from Combferre's third person POV, going through how he fell in love with the lovely Éponine! It's an expansion on the flashback from Amber Alert, moments I felt needed to be shared!

Hope you enjoy! Part II'll be up soon!

Part I: An Intro to Love

Combeferre didn't realize when it hit him. One moment he was a quiet fellow who much preferred a quiet evening nose deep in a well-worn novel, the next, his every thought revolved around this young woman who was everything he wasn't. She was loud and outgoing. She didn't think things through and she always spoke her mind, without letting some things go through an inner filter first. She was everything he wasn't and yet, he crashed head over heels with her, probably from the very first moment he saw her.

She sauntered (well, slipped at first.) into his life sophomore year of high school, trailing after Marius Pontmercy. Combeferre had no eyes for anyone except his friends, the newly forming Les Amis D'Abassie, the cause, and making sure none of the idiots he found himself taking care of most of the time didn't get into too much trouble. When Marius began to bring her to meetings, he didn't think much of her. Sure she was pretty, with her long chestnut hair the fell in waves and curls down her back, and her olive oil complexion, but other than that, he paid no attention to her. Besides, she was in love with Pontmercy, the blind fool who (in Combeferre's humble opinion.) saw her for no more than a loyal puppy. He watched in his own distaste as she dutifully brought Pontmercy to his beloved Cosette (who he honestly tried to dislike, for her sake at least, but the girl was far too nice… it killed him a little when she realized this too.)

Towards the end of their sophomore year, she began to change. It was April 15th when she came to a meeting alone. What transpired that night made him realized how deep he was.

Enjolras was getting ready to deliver his nightly speech when the bells chimed above the door. The group swiveled in their seats to see who had come in so close to their leader's speech. The boys were pleasantly surprised to see Marius's shadow come in without Marius. (All the Cosette talk was getting a little tiring) Enjolras however, was slightly peeved.

"I'm sorry mademoiselle, Marius isn't coming tonight." If he had been paying attention, he'd notice the nearly fatal mistake he had just made.

She tried to keep her top on after that comment. But something inside of her must've snapped (it was later they realized this was the night that Marius (the old fashioned bugger he is) went 'steady' with Cosette.)

"What, I can't come to a meeting on my own? Not smart enough to join you bourgeoisie in your quest to better society?" She hissed, glaring at the marble man. The light clink of coins could be heard coming from Bahorel, Grantaire, and Courfeyac's table.

For a moment, the marble man was silent. "I was implying no such thing mademoiselle, I simply don't believe your dedication to this cause when you're constantly trailing after Pontmercy." Strike two, which was apparently, was all she was going to take.

Stomping to where Enjolras was standing, she swiped Joly's coffee from his grip and proceeded to toss the steaming contents into the marble leader's face.

The café went silent.

"Listen hear Marble Man, I am nobody's shadow, I have a bloody name and I have a bloody opinion for your stinking cause! In fact, I'll wager I know more and have experienced more of your cause in one week that you have in all your rich boy years of life! So don't question or reprimand someone who comes into your meeting willing to correct your insensitivity and ignorance towards a 'people' you're trying to help! You can't get much done with a group of idiots who simply nod and drool at your every word Monsieur, you could get people killed that way. So, if you take time to pull the giant tree out of your ass and stepped off your glorified pedestal you'd realize I'm the best asset to come your way in a long time and probably ever again, so watch your self speaker boy." She finished, her face dangerously close to Enjolras's, who, for the first time in his life, had the decency to lose all color in his face.

No one breathed; they all watched this tiny ball of energy take down their resident God with his own weapon. Finally Grantaire broke the silence.

"My God, if one of you doesn't do it fast, I'm going to marry this girl!" He cried, rising to his feet, he swept her hand into his own and brought it to his lips.

"Ma Cherie, where has Pontmercy been keeping you?"

Unfortunately for Grantaire, that was the wrong thing to say. Soon his (very expensive) wine was dripping through his inky curls and his cheek was red with a slap.

"I'm no one's bloody shadow Gentlemen! If you lot decide to wake up, you know how to find me." With that she swept out of the café, but not before turning.

"By the way, since I'm guessing you lot forgot, name's Éponine."

Then she was gone, but Combeferre wouldn't lose her now.

"Enj, you'll be writing her an apology and personally inviting her to the next meeting." He commanded. Enjolras simply nodded, too afraid to think anything otherwise.

He didn't want to address it quite yet. Love, or at least affection, perhaps simply a crush? Well, whatever it was, it was growing and Combeferre was having trouble keeping it in. He was relieved when she came for the next meeting after the coffee incident, but this time, she was welcomed with open arms and Combeferre was struck once again that night, April 18th as the first time she laughed. Not that she hadn't laughed before, but whenever she was around Pontmercy, her laugh's were small, weak, this, at the expense of Courfeyac, was a rich sound that shook his very soul. He was losing his mind, but he couldn't just ask her out. What if he told her his affections and she laughed? What if she wasn't into him? What if she already had a boyfriend?

He knew something was wrong by the start of their senior year. She floated in and out of meetings. Her wardrobe choices were a little too warm for the mild Parisian fall, but she'd flinch away if anyone commented or teased to pull away a layer. Even her voice and her usual strength faltered.


If he weren't sitting right by her, longing to inhale her soothing cinnamon scent, he wouldn't have heard her. He was startled to see her so close yet so small.

"Yes Ponine?" He'd taken to calling her that once she started to call him Henri. It wasn't that he disliked his first name, on the contrary, he quite liked it, but he just didn't go by it. But hearing her use it, well, it put him on cloud nine.

"Can I ask you something?" She looked nervous, her hands fidgeting with each other, her eyes downcast to her shoes.

"Of course." He hated that she wasn't sure if she could. She hated how something was taking her confidence and he couldn't do anything to fix it.

"Can you help me get in to uni?" She whispered.

He was taken aback at first, it was certainly an odd question, one he wasn't expecting. Not that he didn't think she was going to apply, one year ago she was avid to Grantaire to get his art work up to par for schools, so why shouldn't she? He hesitated a moment too long.

"It's alright, I understand, I mean, it's an odd question, silly of me to ask, I'm sorry Combeferre." He winced.

"Ép," He cut her off, grabbing her wrist, keeping her from leaving. Stupidly, he didn't notice her wince.

"Of course I'll help you, you shouldn'tve been hesitant to ask. I'll always help you Ponine." Then, the most brilliant thing in his life happened; she threw her arms around his neck and squeezed herself to him.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you Henri!" Then she pressed her beautiful, full lips to his cheek and danced out of the café.

"Mon Ami," Bahorel, who'd been behind the counter through this whole ordeal.

"Ask her out before someone else does."

The school year went on, and where he met with her practically every day to help her with school and her application, his friends chided him. "Ferre, if you don't pluck up the balls to ask her out, I will!" Courfeyac often yelled, though he'd blush when he caught Jehan's eye, so he knew she was safe from the once famous peopleizer. But, that didn't mean she was safe from everything.

By March of their senior year, she was edgy. Letters were coming out soon and she wanted hers right away. When the day came he and the boys were sitting in the local coffee shop.

Combeferre looked up at the tingle of the bell to see Éponine walk in, her usual wiry gate dulled and her face slightly pale. In her hands was an envelope and Combeferre wagered he knew what was in it.

"You open it yet? Won't your folks wanna know?" Bahorel questioned, leaning forward to place all four-chair legs on the ground.

She gave a timid shake and her entrancing, warming, welcoming, soulful chocolate saucers met his.

"I wanted to be with you guys when I did it."

Courfeyac punched him in the arm, to which he shoved back. He breathed a sigh of relief when this went unnoticed by her.

"Well, give it a tear Ép, meetings about to start." Enjolras pushed, earning a smack from Grantaire.

Sitting next to Combeferre on the couch (very close), she held the letter out in front of her.

"What if it's not good?" She breathed. He took her hand and squeezed.

"We'll never know till we try." He assured. He grasped her shoulders as she tore the seal.

Silence followed.

"Well?" Jehan squeaked, his nails in his mouth, his eyes wide.

Éponine looked up, her face expressionless, then a smile split her features.

"I got into Uni."

It was probably the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

There was a long celebration that night, but once again he failed to make his move. Time continued and Éponine introduced a new member to the group, her baby brother Gavroche. It was April 15th; exactly two years from when she first stormed into his heart that he decided to do something.

It didn't come out of a romantic evening or a quiet night in the café. No, this moment was born out of pure terror and the realization that he may never see her breathing again.

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