I know I know, I should work on my other stories, but I was bored in study hall, and this idea came to me. I hope it turns out well, but I don't know. ^^ For anyone who's wondering what Ailes Cassées means, it's French for Broken Wings.


Mimi walked down the hall, as she made her way towards the dining room. Her father was passed out on the couch, with bags of food and empty beer bottles surrounding him. Sighing, she picked up a bag off the kitchen table, and walked over to the couch, where her Dad laid. Kneeling down, she stretched her bruised hand out to grab one of the empty bottles. Before her hand could touch the bottle, the squeaking of the couch caught her attention, causing her to freeze. Turning her head, she nearly gasped but caught herself, as she saw her Dad staring at her. His beady eyes looked over her thin body with distaste. She couldn't move, just kneeled there, frozen, while her father slowly sat up.

"Bitch!" He exclaimed, slapping her face really hard, causing her to fall backwards, landing on her bottom, hard. "You were suppose to clean this up last night!" He growled as he stood up, staring down at her.

"B-Breakfast is ready." Her Mom called from the kitchen. Mimi watched her Dad walk off to the kitchen, scratching his butt on the way. As quick as she could, she began to fill the bag with the contents that littered the floor. Going outside, she placed the bag in the trash can, and was about to go back in, when she felt someone's eyes on her. Looking around, she noticed a boy about the same age as herself, watching her a few houses down the street. Feeling shy all of a sudden, she went back inside the house.

Her father was standing outside the kitchen, while her mother dressed him. "I'm going out with some guys, and they're going to spend the night here. You better have good food on the table when I get home or else I'll kill you." He growled, slapping her Mom before walking out the door. Mimi and her Mom stood there, listening till the sound of the car engine was far away.

"Ok, hurry up now Mimi, don't want to be late for school, now do you?" Her Mom smiled at her, as she walked over to the couch. Bending down, she pulled a few boxes out from underneath and then placed them on top of the couch. "I bought you a few things, I hope you like them." She continued, as she watched Mimi walked towards them, a smile on her face. Opening them up, Mimi's eyes filled with tears as she looked over the clothing. Her mom had bought her a pink t-shirt, a knee length jean skirt, and white sneakers.

"Oh thank you!" Mimi cried as she hugged her Mom tightly.

"You deserve so much more, Mi-chan," her mom said softly, while wiping a tear from her daughter's eye. "Some day, when I have enough money, you and I will go live with your Grandma." Her mom continued, a happy smile on her face.

"But Mom, Grandma lives in America, how will we get enough money for the both of us?" Mimi questioned, while getting dressed for school.

"Your Grandma is going to pay for you. Besides, I only need a few more hundred dollars. Now, let me make you a lunch for school." Her Mom called as she walked into the kitchen. Mimi picked up her faded pink bag full of books, and followed her Mom into the kitchen. As the food was packed into a bag, a honk from the school bus came from outside. Grabbing the lunch bag, Mimi kissed her Mom, and raced out the door, to only see the bus starting to pull away from the curb. Mimi ran, trying to catch up to it, but it just wouldn't slow down.

Giving up, Mimi sighed as she began to slow down to a walk. "At least it isn't..." she trailed off, as a clap of thunder interrupted her. "Raining." She finished, as fat drops of rain began to fall from the sky. "Things couldn't get any worse." She mumbled, as a car passed by, splattering mud on her.


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